From New Year’s Eve to the eighth day of the first month, Shanghai landscape lighting will start holiday mode.

  The banks of Huangpu River are full of splendor, which has always been a beautiful business card of Shanghai. At the press conference of 2024 Shanghai Spring Festival series activities, Zhu Xinjun, deputy director of Shanghai Greening and City Appearance Bureau, introduced that during the Spring Festival, Shanghai will continue to create a festive and peaceful holiday atmosphere with landscape lighting.

  The lighting time of landscape lighting will be extended appropriately. From February 9 (Friday) to February 17 (Saturday) this year, the city’s landscape lighting will start the holiday mode. In the core areas such as the Bund, the North Bund and the Little Lujiazui area, along the Suzhou Creek, in the municipal business district, in important areas such as "one ring and two elevated roads (inner ring elevated road elevated road and north-south elevated road)", and in important single buildings (structures) such as nanpu bridge, the lighting time is appropriately extended.

  Create a festive and warm night scene effect, and use colored light and dynamic light to display colorful and colorful night scene effects in the core areas, important areas and important single buildings (structures) of this city; The main media facades along the Huangpu River, such as the Port Building and the Aurora Building, will broadcast the publicity videos of the Spring Festival theme in cycles. At the same time, temporary landscape lighting will be set up around the waterfront public space, parks and public squares of "one river and one river" to support the orderly display of light and shadow works of art in important business districts and landmark buildings. For example, Xuhui District organized the Spring Festival theme light and shadow show in Xujiahui business circle, Huangpu District in Guanglu Building along Suzhou River, and Jing ‘an District in Nanjing West Road business circle. Specific arrangements can pay attention to the official information released by the greening and city appearance departments of each district.

  Outdoor advertisements set off the festive atmosphere. More than 260 temporary outdoor advertisements in municipal business districts and regional commercial centers such as Nanjing East Road, Huaihai Road, Nanjing West Road, Xujiahui and North Bund will highlight the theme of the Year of the Dragon and promote the traditional culture of China through the "Year of the Year" element. In addition, traditional festival decorations such as national flags, lanterns and Chinese knots will be hung on the streets of the city to create an atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

  It should be reminded that during the Spring Festival, the city does not organize the Huangpu River theme light and shadow show, so citizens and tourists are requested to make reasonable arrangements for travel.

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At 10: 00 on July 28, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue an orange rainstorm warning.

  Cctv newsThe Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue an orange rainstorm warning at 10: 00 on July 28th.

  It is estimated that there will be heavy rains in parts of Fujian, eastern Jiangxi, eastern and southern Zhejiang, central and southern Anhui, southern Hebei, most of Shandong, central and northern Henan, eastern Gansu, central Shaanxi, northern Hubei, western and southern Yunnan, among which there will be heavy rains in parts of southern Anhui, northwestern Jiangxi, central and southern Zhejiang and most of Fujian, and in southeastern Fujian. Some of the above areas are accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall (the maximum hourly rainfall is 30 ~ 60 mm, and the local area can exceed 80 mm), and there are strong convective weather such as thunderstorms and strong winds.

  Defense guide:

  1, the government and relevant departments in accordance with their duties to do a good job in emergency work against heavy rain;

  2. Cut off the dangerous outdoor power supply and suspend outdoor work;

  3. Units in danger zones shall suspend classes or business, and take special measures to protect the safety of students, children and other working personnel who have arrived at school;

  4, do a good job in urban and farmland drainage, pay attention to prevent possible disasters such as flash floods, landslides and mudslides.

"Mobile Cinema": "Crowdfunding" nightlife of truck drivers’ community

The scene of the first open-air movie.

The scene of the first open-air movie.

During the day, Tang Jiashun was busy taking orders to pull goods.

  "It’s so boring, I can only bow my head and play with my mobile phone every night … …”

  "Is there any activity to attend?"

  "Or — — Let’s watch movies together? "

  … …

  A group of truck drivers in Chengdu hit it off, each with a pack of cigarettes, and distributed red envelopes directly in the group, and soon collected the money for the projector. They planned to run a "mobile cinema" to relieve the boring life.

  By the way, Tang Jia is a member of this group of truck drivers. He actively responded to this "call". He is a step-by-step drip truck driver during the day and a small vendor who uses trucks to pull vegetables and sell vegetables at night. Now, he has another identity with other drivers — — Film projectionist. He said: "For me, the van is not only a tool to make money, but also a family."

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star Journalist Ma Tianshuai Liu Chengmeng Respondents Photo courtesy

  "Slash middle-aged" truck driver: driving a truck during the day and selling vegetables and showing movies at night.

  Scenario 1

  During the day, Tang Jiashun’s truck is the "guy" who takes orders to pull goods, and it is used to help his wife transport vegetables in the evening. At some time in a week, it will be used to show open-air movies.

  Accompanied by the vibration of the mobile phone and a "drip" sound, Tang Jiashun shook his body and received signals in his mind at the same time — — Here comes the order.

  Every morning at seven o’clock, Tang Jiashun will get up on time, pack up and get ready to go out. If he is lucky, he can receive an order reminder from the platform before he leaves home. Under normal circumstances, he will drive a truck to a convenient place outside. When he is unlucky, it is possible to come to the list at ten o’clock.

  According to the prompt of the system, Tang Jiashun saw the place where he wanted to pick up and deliver goods, and then set off for a day’s work. Pick up the goods and send them safely to the receiving address. On average, this process will be carried out two or three times a day, that is, two or three orders. Chongzhou, Dujiangyan, Wenjiang … … As long as it is within the scope of Chengdu, it is a list that Tang Jiashun can take, so it will probably run for one or two hundred kilometers every day.

  "Dealing with goods is much easier than dealing with people!" Before running the truck, Tang Jiashun also ran through the express train and hitchhiking. Facing all kinds of passengers, he obviously felt that running the truck was more suitable for him. "He is only responsible for pulling the goods, not unloading the goods. If the receiving boss doesn’t use the imperative tone and asks us to help, we will usually help."

  After work in the evening, Tang Jia obeyed the truck driver and turned into a "small vendor in the vegetable market". When there were many dishes, he would help his wife to pull the vegetable truck to the vegetable market and sell it together.

  "Run trucks during the day and sell vegetables at night, so that the income can be about 10,000, and a pair of children have been raised." Tang Jiashun told the reporter of Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star: "I can say that I have been dealing with the steering wheel since I was a child. Now I use it to pick up goods by day and transport vegetables at night. My life has settled down, and now I can occasionally use it to show movies."

  Everyone has a pack of cigarettes and money to organize a "mobile cinema"

  Scene 2

  Wei Jiapei, the driver of Didi Freight Transport, saw someone holding a concert with the truck as a stage on the Internet. Inspired by this, he thought of organizing an "open-air cinema", and his proposal was quickly received by the truck drivers.

  Tang Jiashun’s unchanging life has changed a little because of the discussion among the truck drivers. The drivers are going to run a "mobile cinema" to relieve the boring life. He is already lively and soon joined this novel and strange action.

  The name of the drip freight driver who put forward the idea of a truck "cinema" is Wei Jiapei, a native of Bazhong, Sichuan. Master Wei has been a freight driver for a long time, and he thinks that freight masters pull goods during the day to make money. At night, life is quite boring and there is no entertainment. Some time ago, he saw the news on the Internet that a truck master used the truck as a stage to hold a concert, which inspired him.

  Wei Jiapei’s idea was echoed in the group of truck drivers, and everyone agreed to crowdfunding to buy projectors. For this reason, a group of "open-air movies were specially pulled up", and Tang Jiashun quickly issued crowdfunding funds in the group, wanting to contribute to the mobile cinema.

  "In the end, there were more than a dozen masters crowdfunding. A pack of cigarettes cost tens of dollars per person, and second-hand projectors and curtains were found in the market." At about 7: 00 p.m. on September 8, all the masters living in Xindu District arrived, and everyone chose "Duantou Road" near Xindu District People’s Hospital as the first movie venue. Tang Jiashun explained that choosing a road like "Broken Road", which is impassable in front of construction, will not affect traffic and the terrain is still empty.

  Plan to put it once a week to make the truck stop more like a home.

  Scenario 3

  The night was completely dark, and a group of people sat around the curtain. They seem to have returned to childhood, and their friends are sitting on a small bench, chattering and waiting … …

  Several trucks are side by side, and the flatbed car leans against each other. It is convenient and comfortable to sit directly at the rear of the flatbed car with drinks. During the equipment installation process, the masters also wrote a film arrangement table with films such as "Sorry", "Crazy Stone", My People,My Country, Operation Red Sea and so on which the masters voted.

  "Wonderful clips will be presented immediately. Come on, brothers, what do you want to see? There are all kinds of movies tomorrow!" In addition to drivers and family members, passers-by also stopped and watched the movie at random. Tang Jiashun made a video and shouted. He planned to send the video to the group and shouted more drivers to watch it.

  The night was completely dark, and the film began. The masters sat around the curtain together and experienced a different atmosphere in the cinema. The masters get together to watch movies, and a comment in Sichuan dialect pops up from time to time, which makes them seem to have returned to their childhood memories, sitting on a small bench with their childhood friends, chattering and waiting to watch a rare film.

  Until the end of the film, everyone was still discussing. Tang Jiashun said: "We plan to show it at least once a week. Depending on the specific situation, the location is uncertain every time, so it is a mobile cinema, hoping to add some fun to the driver’s boring life."

  In addition to pulling goods and selling vegetables, for Tang Jiashun, trucks are not only a tool to make money, but also a family member. Although the life of driving trucks is a bit boring, I love this job very much.

Things related to life: archaeology, food, and fireworks.

Fireworks in the bones of the documentary program "Things Related to Life" ep01

Tik Tok Life Service produced Figure jointly presented.

There are many key words about the commonness of China people, and "Food is the most important thing for the people" always ranks among the top. Even when we shout "Only food and love can live up to our expectations", "food" even precedes "love".

With the development of the times, shop-visiting people use the lens to show a variety of unique delicacies and lifestyles, soothe people’s hearts, and link foreign land and hometown, present and past, reality and dreams.

"Things Related to Life" was produced by Tik Tok Life Service and jointly presented by Figure. Liu Yiwei, a traditional media person, was invited to pay a return visit to explore the story of a shop-spotter who discovered shops and shopkeepers in a hidden corner of the city, and to show the influence and change of this new professional group on the life in the neighborhood.

Through the wonderful collision of the three, it brings out different life stories and shows the fireworks and warm blood in the world.

In the first episode, Liu Yiwei flashed Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, looking for "Fireworks in the Bones".

"Lonely Gourmet" more suitable for China baby’s physique "

Who would have thought that, as a former food program "Top Stream", Liu Yiwei and this episode visited the protagonist and the food detective Bo advocated Liangren with a little formality at first sight.

As a "novice" who started publishing short videos in late July this year, Zhang Liangren’s appearance seems to have no connection with the words "gourmet shop": thin figure, gray temples, cap, black half-rimmed glasses and pedant style-if it must be described metaphorically, he is more like the director of the high school guidance office in the stereotype.

Zhang Liangren, 54 years old, is indeed a teacher by profession, and he is not an ordinary teacher. He is a professor and doctoral supervisor in the Department of Archaeology and Cultural Relics of the School of History of Nanjing University. He has been engaged in archaeological study and work for 36 years. He once presided over the excavation of the Heishui National Site in Zhangye, Gansu Province, and now he is presiding over the Sino-Russian and Sino-Iranian cooperative archaeological projects. "Together, the countries visited and excavated can circle the earth."

My previous working life was extremely simple, and Professor Zhang summed it up with these key words: "teaching", "research" and "students". Now, the personal signature he wrote for his short video account @ Professor Zhang Liangren reveals a kind of playfulness that keeps pace with the times: "A food blogger who can’t archaeology is not a good professor."

Professor Zhang said with a smile that he is not a foodie. "If I score between 1 and 10, I will give myself 6 points.". However, looking through his short video account, jinghua baozi stuffed bun, boiled chicken, crispy duck with mashed taro, glutinous rice eight-treasure duck, Dongpo meat, duck blood vermicelli, firewood wonton … just look at the title, and all kinds of delicious food will come to my face.

Click on the video, and you will find that "spiritual food" is also extremely rich: try a crispy duck with taro, which is extended to the court menu of Emperor Guangxu; Ordering a cage of soup buns, he can trace the long history of the steamer for nearly 7000 years; Picking up a mouthful of duck blood vermicelli soup, he "regrets" that vermicelli soup has a history of only a few decades, but the conversation turned to prove that "the tradition of eating waterfowl in Jiangsu began 2,500 years ago" with a can of duck eggs unearthed from the mound tomb in Jurong, Jiangsu …

A few years ago, the knowledge of unpopular history, combined with Professor Zhang’s "cooking techniques", became vivid, lovely and more pyrotechnic, and quickly became numerous among young people. It is no wonder that he can be called "Lonely Gourmet" by netizens.

"People are curious and want to know where they come from and where they are going, so everyone likes to go to museums, sites and cultural relics. Archaeology is not only a key to open the historical truth, but also an entrance to explore the development law of human society. Zhang Liangren said, "Through modern food, we can introduce the historical knowledge and archaeological knowledge behind various eating habits and tell what the audience doesn’t know. This is our advantage. Academic problems should be related to the concerns of ordinary people. We are rich in knowledge, but we can’t monopolize it. 」

In fact, a lot of "high-cold" knowledge is not cold, but it is the lack of connection with the general public that makes it "unattainable." Compared with monotonous words and complicated tables, with the help of short video images of life to spread knowledge and spread the seeds of knowledge in the most interesting way, the audience can finally satisfy their wish of "being educated in a generous home" in a lively and relaxed atmosphere through one screen.

The gold content of knowledge brings great flow.

Professor Zhang made no secret that the idea of making a short video was to spread knowledge to the public on the one hand, and the original intention was to "expand the popularity", let more people know the value of archaeology and support archaeological research in more ways.

He has thought of many ways, but they can’t really solve the problem. Until last year, Zhang Liangren accidentally turned to a monograph "Diet in China Culture" in the 1970s-the editor-in-chief of this book, Professor Zhang Guangzhi, is a famous archaeologist and anthropologist in China and also a mentor of Zhang Liangren’s mentor.

From the pre-Qin Dynasty to the Han, Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, this book has made a panoramic display and interpretation of China’s food culture: how the characteristics of agricultural society affect the evolution of food in this land, and how Confucian moral concepts and social organization methods determine China people’s cooking and dining habits …

The origin of his legacy has opened a new world for Zhang Liangren: a thousand years can also be seen between a meal and a ladle of drink. Taking food as the starting point, he decided to try to make videos from the media.

"I know archaeology, but I don’t know new media. Writing papers is my job, but I’m not very good at writing scripts, so I’m looking for a professional video creation team to cooperate. Before shooting, the team will first step on the spot, choose the appropriate protagonist-food, and then look for information and write scripts. After the script is written, Professor Zhang will first review the professional historical knowledge involved, and then proceed with the shooting. Finally, the team will edit, modify and polish it later.

Although the image in the video is humorous and friendly, Zhang Liangren waves his hand and laughs at himself. He is an "old pedant". It is a big problem to introduce food to the camera at once.

"How long did you shoot for the first time? "Chat, Liu Yiwei asked curiously.

"The video we shot for the first time has not been sent yet. "Professor Zhang’s partner and head of the video team, Mr. Dai, said," It’s equivalent to a waste. 」

Professor Zhang Liangren visited the video shooting scene of the store.

"In a way, I shouldn’t make videos. Professor Zhang added, "I can’t speak in front of the camera, and my expression is very stiff. So I practiced Putonghua, enunciated words and practiced various skills … It took me two months to get used to it. 」

Nowadays, although he is still a little green and cramped, he can look straight into the camera, clearly tell the history behind the food, and even make some funny expressions and actions to interact with the audience off the screen. "I want to know the preferences of ordinary people, choose how to talk to them, and present the state in front of the camera. This is a huge change for me. Until now, I am still learning. 」

With his "unique skills", Zhang Liangren has gained 76,000 fans and 526,000 likes in just over four months after he entered the short video platform, which is also a minor celebrity in social media.

However, compared with the rapidly increasing traffic figures, what makes him more happy is that more and more questions related to archaeology and history are seen in messages or private letters, "more people are interested in our archaeology"; It is the video of exploring the store that really brings gain to the store.

"It is helpful to the growth of our store’s turnover and popularity. "The boss of the soup dumpling shop where Professor Zhang recorded the video of visiting the shop said in a mouthful of Nanjing Mandarin," After Professor Zhang came, the Internet publicity was too strong. Now is the age of young people, and it will be great if they forward it on their mobile phones. Moreover, the video can continue to spread and accumulate over time. 」

"Where did the fireworks gas come from? 」

"What are the criteria for choosing a topic? "Liu Yiwei has a new question.

The answer given by the team seems quite simple: combining with what Professor Zhang can say, it can be grafted with archaeology. "We hope that the spread of knowledge will sink a little and make knowledge more pyrotechnic."

For China people, delicious food is not only a thing to eat, but also has a soothing effect. "Sometimes, what we eat is not food, but a habit and a kind of homesickness. "Cai Lan once wrote in the article.

Many times, what we remember is a connection, a connection with our family. As a teenage customer in the aforementioned soup bag shop said, "My grandmother used to make soup bags, and since her death, she hasn’t eaten that kind of (taste) … it smells like home here. 」

"In the book, I often talk about the smoke curling up, and that’s fireworks. Professor Zhang added. Walking into the small shops in the city, the favorite places of ordinary people, and the places where they eat and drink in their daily lives, the fireworks are there, and "by the way, they are also responsible for eating it."

China has been an acquaintance society for thousands of years. Once, "We have neighbors, we have relatives and friends, and we walk around and associate with each other", Liu Yiwei lamented, "From the point of view of exploring shops, we want to eat a good food. In the past, we could only ask acquaintances for information, but now we just need to turn on our mobile phones and look at your acquaintances in social media".

When you are in the urban forest made of reinforced concrete, you are overwhelmed by trivial matters and anxious life. Fortunately, people like Professor Zhang Liangren, behind the screen, talk about celebrities, worldly affairs, customs and people’s livelihood with the calmness precipitated by thousands of years of history, and take you back to appreciate the daily beauty of "nearby" life and "pursue your own fireworks".

This is a special gift in the video age.

Documentary program "Things Related to Life", produced by Tik Tok Life Service and jointly presented by Figure, has been online since December 18th. From the perspective of Liu Yiwei, a senior food program host, it explores the story that Daren discovered shops and vendors in the hidden corner of the city, and shows the influence and change of this new professional group on "nearby" life. Three different life stories show the fireworks and warm blood in the world.

Director | Wan Xiaozhang

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Editor | Xu Jing

Produced by | |FigureVideo

- END -

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A Book of the Day | Women’s Thoughts

Women’s thoughts

Author: [Japan] Ueno Chizuko

Translator: Lu Weiwei

Version: Zhejiang University Press

September 2022

Recommended index:★★★★Presenter: Qing Qingzi

In recent years, many works by Chihiro Ueno have been translated and published. During this period, there are two books, one is "Starting from Limit" and the other is "Women’s Thought" to be recommended today. Although the styles of the two books are different, after reading them, we will realize that both books are dialogues. The former is a dialogue between Ueno and Suzuki liang zi about their own confusion, while the latter is a dialogue between Ueno and her predecessors who influenced and forged her and their works.

The Thought of Women is divided into two parts. In the first part, the works of five Japanese female thinkers are selected, namely Morizaki Kazuji, Shimuli Daozi, Tanaka Zhongjin, Taeko Tomioka and Shuitian Zongzi. The second part introduces and guides five western thinkers who are more familiar to readers: michel foucault, edward said, Eve Kosovski Segivik, Joan wallach Scott and Judith Butler.

Among these thinkers, Ueno Chizuko has repeatedly expressed the important influence of Morizaki and Jiang on her. In the recommendation of Miss Tangxing written by Morizaki and Kawasaki published in June this year, Ueno once wrote: "I want to find a language that only belongs to women when women tell their experiences. What struck me was Morizaki’s words … How much influence did this man have on me? It is too difficult to estimate. " The same words also appeared in Women’s Mind: "I selected the books that I have read and gained strength from, which constitute my blood and flesh, and interpreted them … In other words, this book is my understanding and my’ creation’."

It is worth mentioning that in the dialogue between Ueno Chizuko and these thinkers, their influence on Japanese sociology, feminist/gender studies and women’s liberation movement was also introduced. Language and thought, of course, are not created out of thin air. Ueno took over the language and thought of her predecessors, and now we have taken over the book from her.

Author/Wang Qing

Editor/Li Yongbo Gong Zhaohua

Proofreading/Wang Xin

Last year, you are better than this year, learn practical matching skills, and old clothes are more fashionable to wear.

Is there anything different between you last year and you this year? We are all on the way to becoming beautiful and becoming more and more confident. It is also last year’s clothes, which can also give birth to fashion sparks under careful collocation.

You were more fashionable last year than you are this year. Don’t blindly buy new clothes in winter. As long as we learn these practical matching tips, the old clothes will be more exotic when worn.

Just like this blogger, this year’s dress is obviously more progressive than last year’s. The way of washing blue denim jacket and overlapping white T-shirts is not fashionable enough, although it is lively and age-reducing.

This year’s clothes have become more fashionable and confident. Replace the white T-shirt with a short pink T-shirt, which is very refreshing with straight white pants. The matching of retro denim jackets is more playful and tall, and small people can wear it.

Cotton-padded jacket with quilted design, or down jacket, will not be so bloated visually. Last year, I directly used quilted cotton-padded jacket with tapered pants, which was neat and elegant, but my legs were not slender enough.

This year’s clothes are obviously a lot more foreign. It’s still the same piece of quilted straight jeans with high waist, which naturally raises the waistline. Casual and handsome is also very long-legged, and it is more friendly to the small figure.

Don’t always wear a lambswool coat with fur, and don’t always wear small black pants. This fur-and-fur coat is easy to wear a bloated feeling. We can wear wide-leg jeans with high waist, which is handsome and stylish.

A loose fur coat like this must be paired with drooping and neat trousers. High-waisted wide-leg jeans are cool. It is also very fashionable and coordinated with the fur coat.

The loose down jacket is also very warm when worn. Last year, you could wear loose down jackets with slim leggings. It is fashionable and warm to wear with platform shoes.

Loose down jacket, with strong fluffy style, is more generous to wear. Loose beige down jacket with thick-soled riding boots also adds a sense of fashion. Compared with the collocation of loafers, thick-soled boots are more fashionable and foreign.

A thicker fur coat looks a bit loose and more inclusive. A loose fur coat like this, with high-waisted straight pants, will make the legs look slimmer.

To be more fashionable, we can try a loose fur coat with a white T-shirt with a cartoon personality. Paired with high-waisted jeans, it will be more fashionable than small black pants. High-waisted jeans are more fashionable than small black pants.

Last year, the small coat of lambswool was still relatively low-key, and it was a bit temperamental to wear it directly with small black pants. This year’s wear has been improved in details and more fashionable.

Caramel-colored lambswool coat and high-waisted wide-leg pants with woolen fabric make your legs more straight. Loose high-waisted wide-leg pants, woolen fabrics are thicker, with thick-soled plush slippers, which are also very playful and age-reducing.

Short down jacket with slim black pants, although simple and generous, it is easy to expose the leg shape. If we want to try old clothes and wear new ones, we can wear them with high-waisted straight jeans.

The short down jacket, with a slightly loose white T-shirt and high-waisted straight jeans, has a clear layering and enriches the overall fashion. The short down jacket with high-waisted straight jeans also fully stretched the legs.

Wearing a black suit can also become more brilliant. We can try loose sweaters, and the matching with leg pants will be more casual and generous. The overall style will be a little bloated.

Wearing a black loose sweater will also show a sense of fashion. Like this kind of loose black sweater, with slightly tall waist pants, it is more fashionable to wear. Especially with the decoration of the belt, it raises the waistline and looks more exquisite and fashionable.


Original text, picture source network, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete.

Hangzhou Asian Games | National Table Tennis "Dominates" the Dark Horse in the Olympic Games, making a historical breakthrough.

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, October 3rd (Reporter Tian Guangyu, Liu Jinhui, Niu Mengtong) On October 2nd, the table tennis competition of Hangzhou Asian Games ended in the gymnasium of Gongshu Canal Sports Park in Hangzhou, and Guoping won six gold medals outside the women’s doubles event. Although it failed to win the gold medal in two consecutive Asian Games, table tennis still showed its strong dominance in five Olympic events. In addition to the traditional strong teams of China, Japan and South Korea, Iran, India, Thailand and other teams also performed brilliantly in this tournament, making a historic breakthrough, and the Asian table tennis world is thriving.

On September 26th, members of China team who won the men’s table tennis team in Hangzhou Asian Games celebrated on the podium. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

Compared with table tennis in Paris Olympic Games, there is no doubles in the team competition of Hangzhou Asian Games, and men’s and women’s doubles are separate events. As the "senior high school entrance examination" for preparing for the Paris Olympics, Guoping’s performance in the five events of men’s and women’s groups, men’s and women’s singles and mixed doubles is particularly important.

The men’s and women’s teams in China played the triumphant song all the way from the group stage, and all reached the summit with five 3-0 matches, achieving eight consecutive championships and five consecutive championships in the Asian Games respectively. In terms of singles, Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin, the top two players in the world, won the men’s singles competition and joined the finals. Sun Yingsha beat Hayata Hina, the Japanese main player, in the women’s singles final, and kept winning 11 games against her opponent. In the mixed doubles event surrounded by strong enemies, China joined forces in the final, and Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha defended the Asian Games after defending the World Table Tennis Championships in Durban.

On September 26th, China team members who won the women’s table tennis team in Hangzhou Asian Games celebrated on the podium. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Peng photo

In two non-Olympic events, Guoping showed a happy and a worried performance. Fan Zhendong/Wang Chuqin showed great technical strength in the men’s doubles final, and won the championship by beating the Korean group Zhang Yuzhen/Lin Zhongxun in just 32 minutes. Sun Yingsha/Manyu Wang and Chen Meng/Wang Yidi, both women’s doubles teams, stopped in the quarter-finals, and China missed the medal in this event.

Although the loss in women’s doubles was unexpected, it also sounded the alarm for national table tennis, but it had little impact on the situation of the Paris Olympic Games. In the Olympic table tennis team competition, each team has only three players and adopts the best-of-five system, including four singles and one doubles. Because there are far more singles than doubles, doubles are usually paired by two singles players. Among the opponents who beat the women’s doubles in table tennis, the Japanese combination Miyo Muhara/Miyo Zhang is still young, and it is not known whether they can play the main role in singles in the strong Japanese women’s team in the short term, while the doubles strength of the Indian combination Sutil Ta/Aisika mainly comes from the "strange board" cooperation, and their singles ability is not enough to pose a threat.

In addition to the gold medal, the excellent performance of many national table tennis players in the intensive schedule is also worthy of recognition. Wang Chuqin and Sun Yingsha, who are also four events, started the "Devil’s Race" after the team competition, and played 10 games each in three days from September 28th to 30th. In the end, Wang Chuqin became the "four gold kings", and Sun Yingsha also won three gold medals, which proved that the two "post-00 s" were worthy of great responsibilities in the national table tennis team.

On October 2nd, Wang Chuqin celebrated his victory after the game. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

When talking about the concurrent experience, Sun Yingsha said: "Because the events I participate in are different, it is very important to change my energy during the day. For example, my position in mixed doubles and women’s doubles is different, which requires mental adjustment and strain."

In this Asian Games, Japan and South Korea are still the strongest opponents of table tennis.

The Japanese women’s team, which was composed entirely of "post-00 generation", played well, and staged a peak confrontation with the China women’s team in the team final, playing what Ma Lin, the head coach of the national table tennis women’s team, thought was "the most intense match in recent times". Hayata Hina, the number one Japanese women’s singles, was in a hot state. She defeated the second seed Wang Yidi of China 4-3 in the semi-final and lost to Sun Yingsha to win the silver medal in the final. 19-year-old Miyo Muhara and 15-year-old Benmei Zhang, together with this young partner, beat China’s Sun Yingsha/Manyu Wang in the women’s doubles quarter-final and finally won the bronze medal in the women’s doubles. There is no doubt that this young Japanese women’s team will be the strongest opponent of China women’s team in the future.

On October 1st, Hayata Hina was in the competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

Although there is no doubt about the strength of the Japanese men’s team, it seems that they have won the "quarter-finals" and "Iran team" in this competition. The men’s team was unexpectedly eliminated by Iran in the quarter-finals, while the only remaining Panasonic Daxing/and Chuan Ruiji lost to Iranian brothers Aramian/Aramian in the men’s doubles quarter-finals. Zhang Benzhihe, who had high hopes, first lost to China’s Lin Gaoyuan/Wang Yidi in the mixed doubles quarter-final with Hayata Hina, and then suffered a cramp in the men’s singles quarter-final, which was reversed. In the end, the Japanese men’s team ended the journey of the Asian Games.

In recent years, the Korean team has been deeply involved in doubles events and gained a lot in this Asian Games. Tian Zhixi/Shen Yubin won the gold medal in women’s doubles, Zhang Yuzhen/Lin Zhongxun won the silver medal in men’s doubles, and Lin Zhongxun/Shen Yubin and Zhang Yuzhen/Tian Zhixi won two bronze medals in mixed doubles for South Korea. Although the South Korean team, which is weak in singles, seems to be lame, it is expected to make a breakthrough in doubles and make a difference in the Paris Olympic Games.

In addition, some "non-traditional strong teams" have sprung up in this Asian Games and made historic breakthroughs. Aramian and Aramian, brothers, won the first bronze medal in men’s doubles in the Asian Games for Iran. The Iranian men’s team led by them eliminated the Japanese team and won the bronze medal in the men’s team again after 65 years. Indian women’s doubles Sutil Tower/Aisika won the first bronze medal of Indian women’s doubles in the Asian Games. The bronze medal of the Thai women’s team also created the history of table tennis in Thailand.

On September 26th, Iran, the third runner-up of men’s table tennis team in Hangzhou Asian Games, was on the podium. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xushe

Petra Sorin, president of ITTF, said: "The table tennis competition in the Asian Games reflects the vigorous development of this sport in Asia. Table tennis is attracting more audiences with its energetic and exciting charm. "

The table tennis competition in Hangzhou Asian Games is not only a venue for table tennis players from various countries (regions) to compete for gold and silver, but also a stage for achieving legendary stories. Malone, the "four-dynasty veteran" of the Table Tennis Asian Games, made a full appearance in the team competition, and "sealed the opponent" five times. After the game, the sentence "This should be my last Asian Games" was a breakthrough. Iranian player Aramian and his teammates created Iranian table tennis history twice. He overcame the difficulties brought by hand diseases and the story of practicing backhand skills was moving …

After the Asian Games, Asian table tennis athletes have looked to Paris, expecting to fly their dreams in the Olympic Games and write a new history of Asian table tennis.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

I followed 100 beauty bloggers, but I still didn’t learn how to make up.

During lunch break and on the way to work, holding a mobile phone to brush a beauty video is a decompression time for contemporary urban beauties. Appreciate beautiful women with fragmented time, and learn beauty skills at the same time. It’s beautiful.

However, after watching so many videos, I still feel "I get it, but I don’t fully understand it".

It’s not that you haven’t learned, and don’t jump to conclusions that you are a crippled party. In fact, the key point is that the facial features distribution, skin condition and preparation work of both sides are different, resulting in different makeup effects.

This article answers the confusion when you watch the video "hand in your homework". Collect it and don’t let it eat ash!

The silky eyeliner in one go without any hesitation is the pursuit of every girl’s makeup. The flexible hands of beauty bloggers are as silky as eating chocolate, which makes people envy.

However, it is a layer-by-layer obstacle to the eyelid accumulation and swelling of the swollen eyelid.

The external eyeliner with swollen eyes often has a sense of seeing with laver patches.

In fact, the use of eyeliner to achieve painting techniques is difficult to master in a short time no matter what eye shape, and the combination of eyeliner glue pen and eye shadow is a faster combination.

In view of the fact that the eyelids "swallow" the outer eyeliner, we can simply change our thinking directly, focusing only on the inner eyeliner that can refresh us accurately, and the outer eyeliner that prolongs our eyes and enhances the exquisiteness of eye makeup.

The swelling and refreshing on the eyelids are no longer pinned on the rigid eyeliner, but on the eye shadow.

Even if it is a clean eyeliner, it can be seen from the comparison that eyeliner gel pen+eye shadow is more suitable for swollen eye bubbles and the eyes are much softer.

After the inner eyeliner is filled with eyeliner glue pen, the outer eyeliner is combined with eyeliner and eye shadow, and it can be pulled out straight along the eye shape. The small triangle at the end of the eye is super simple to operate with this oblique eyeliner brush, and the lines will be very smooth.

If you are worried that the eyeliner is easy to smudge makeup, you can consolidate it with eyeliner after the eyeliner glue pen is positioned, so that the lines will be smoother and cleaner.

The close distance between eyebrows and eyes is also a type of eyelid that is easy to "eat makeup", and visually it will appear that the atrium is longer, and it will often look older after makeup.

It can be improved by lowering the eye position and widening the distance between eyebrows and eyes. The method is also very simple and can be done in 4 steps.

STEP1. Subtract the eyebrows:

If you are born with thick eyebrows, you can try to thin them, or dilute them with light-colored eyebrow dye cream. Daily care, but also pay more attention to the lower edge of the eyebrows, try to compress the eyebrow width a little, and the distance between the eyebrows and eyes will naturally widen.

STEP2. Weaken the upper eyelid eye shadow:

"Transfer" the eye shadow smudge width of the upper eyelid to the lower eyelid, and make an inverted eye makeup. The main color of eye makeup only needs to appear in a small amount on the upper eyelid, as far as possible only beyond the position of eye pleats.

STEP3. Shorten the atrium with the blush at the moment:

If you are worried that the color is not enough after "canceling" the eye shadow, then use the blush at the moment to enhance the color, and at the same time, it also has the effect of decorating the atrium for too long. In the choice of blush color, try to be consistent with the tone of eye shadow and lipstick, so as not to make an abrupt transition.

STEP4. Give up the long curly eyelashes:

Although the "Sunflower" eyelashes are charming, they will further bring the eyebrows and eyes closer, create a sense of urgency, and the eyes will be fierce. The eyelash image extends forward and becomes longer, so it can be thick and slender from the side, and the upward curling of the front side should be avoided as far as possible.

Close distance between eyebrows and eyes can also coexist harmoniously with thick eyebrows and sun flower eyelashes, but the eyebrows need to have a certain curvature to avoid a sense of compactness. Sisters with relatively large facial features can try it, which is very mixed-race spice girl style.

The brightening of beauty bloggers’ eyes always exudes charming sparkle, which makes the exquisiteness of eye makeup go up to a higher level, and also makes the bridge of the nose more straight, which definitely has a bonus.

But in real life, some eyes look dirty when they are finished. In particular, the inner-wrapped corner of the eye is not only dirty, but also has the feeling of widening the eye distance.

Don’t be discouraged yet. It’s not a problem to use BlingBling eye shadow to highlight your eyes, but you need to find the right position. Rosé’ s makeup artist helped us find it.

Rosé eye brightening position

With the same idea of being close to the eyebrows and eyes and improving the length of the atrium, Rosé turned the eye makeup upside down, focused on the lower eyelid, brightened it from the original two sides of the mountain root to the lower eye, and extended it narrow and straight, which not only did not show dirty, but also enlarged the eyes conveniently.

In addition, Rosé hardly wears curly and thick false eyelashes, but tends to use a cluster effect, which will not delay the display of eyelash existence, and will not cover the eyelids too much to avoid further narrowing the eyebrow-eye distance. And her lower eyelashes share the same idea, so the lower eyelashes with presence are also a wonderful trick to shorten the atrium and enlarge the eyes.

In fact, many beauty bloggers pay attention to this point, but most people’s lower eyelashes are not thick and slender enough, so they use the freehand method to "make something out of nothing". Of course, not everyone is so ingenious.

Freehand eyelash rollover scene

When learning makeup, your hands are always the most unreliable. Instead of freehand, it is better to use a super convenient gadget-a single cluster of eyelashes. Don’t think about how difficult it is to stick a whole pair of false eyelashes. A single cluster of eyelashes is really much easier.

Single cluster of eyelashes dipped in glue, scraping off the remaining glue, and directly sticking their own eyelashes to complete the grafting. The effect is extremely natural, just like native.

In addition, the eyelash clip is still "lying flat", which is also a common situation of inner binocular shape. With local eyelash clip, it can be improved by multiple operations in different regions. After the clip is finished, apply the slim primer first, and then use the slim mascara with waterproof effect to avoid the thick one, so as not to be too thick and accelerate the eyelash to lie flat.

When wearing sunscreen, makeup lotion and liquid foundation, the skin on the eyebrows will also be "taken care of", but it is always forgotten when it comes to the makeup step.

When these liquid and cream products are mixed, they will also pile up in the eyebrows, which will make the eyebrows feel stuck. Therefore, it is also a key step to "grind the skin" at the eyebrows with powder makeup products.

Sisters who love oil and often take off makeup can try to avoid eyebrows when applying makeup products, switch to colored powder with sunscreen value, and brush lightly so that the skin around eyebrows does not have obvious color difference with other places. The thinner it is, the less chance of oil and makeup removal.

When you start to draw eyebrows, try not to learn the technique of picking out the clear hair flow from the brow, and start from the back of the eyebrow to outline the eyebrow shape first.

After that, use a small amount of eyebrow powder to transition to the front section, leaving the brow about the width of a fingernail, and then smudge the area that has been painted with eyebrow powder in the direction of the brow with a completely clean brush to create a natural transition.

Finally, comb the hair flow of eyebrows with eyebrow dye cream or transparent eyebrow glue.

The saddest thing about nose repair is that I’m satisfied with it when I finish it in front of the mirror. Finally, I feel like a tall building is rising from the ground, but when I go out to see people, I’m pointed out that it looks dirty, especially girls with wide noses are most often recruited.

Bloggers who follow the narrow nose shape will definitely roll over, so it is more useful to find a template of the same type as themselves.

The nose, which is very fleshy, will not have a straight effect with a straight shadow. We should change our minds and make efforts to reduce the volume and shape the outline of the nose.

STEP1. Cover first, then reshape:

Shadow position is also a key. First, the original black shadow of the nose wing is modified with concealer, so that a new shadow area can be reconstructed. Repairing the volume in the original shadow position will only further widen the nose.

Cr.mia is a fish.

STEP2. Accurate light and shadow position:

The oblique eye shadow brush is easy to use, and the angle and range can be more accurate, and the fluffy bristles can also avoid stiff repair.

High-light highlights should be careful not to draw too wide an area. Accurate and small-scale highlights can have a three-dimensional effect, concentrating and shrinking the nose shape that is too wide.

In addition, girls with fleshy noses try to avoid the bangs that will cover the eyebrows and the roots of the mountains. For a short and wide nose, bangs cover the longitudinal length that the nose lacks, which is one of the key points to weaken the width of the nose.

Joy, is there a bangs comparison?

In the absence of bangs, the five senses have room to stretch, and the nose shape will be longer, so naturally you won’t feel the nose is very wide.

In the era when information is very convenient to obtain, there are many opportunities to see more and learn more, but the application of what they have learned should be combined with the actual conditions. I hope all the sisters can explore a set of beauty-changing methods that suit them ~

* Some pictures are from the Internet.

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Medical treatment, medical insurance and medicine should be combined to build a whole course management system.

Source: [People’s Daily Health Client]

"Before a new drug and a new technology of treatment enter medical insurance, it often needs a process. In this case, part of it can be commercial insurance to solve the cost problem." On March 13th, Peng Mingqiang, vice president of China-Japan Friendship Hospital and executive vice president of China Rehabilitation Medical Association, said in the People’s Daily Health Client’s "Two-Session Health Policy" that with the continuous deepening of medical reform, medical care, medical insurance and medicine need to be combined to provide quality medical services for more patients.

In the "Government Work Report" of the NPC and CPPCC, it is emphasized that it is necessary to improve the medical and health service capacity, further promote the "Healthy China Action", deepen the reform of the medical and health system, and provide the basic medical and health system to the whole people as a public product, so as to further alleviate the problems of difficulty and expensive medical treatment for the masses. It is very important to construct the whole course management mode through Internet medical treatment and straighten out the relationship among the three service scenarios of "medical treatment, medicine and insurance" for improving patients’ medical experience and solving the problem of medical treatment.

Internet medical care helps the whole course management.

Peng Mingqiang said that Internet medical care is an important part of the medical system reform and an important starting point for implementing graded diagnosis and treatment. In recent years, the state has issued a series of policies and documents to encourage and support the development of Internet medical care and the construction of Internet hospitals in China. It is intended to promote the integration of Internet medical care and medical services, and build a medical model that integrates pre-hospital, in-hospital, post-hospital, online and offline, so that informationization can walk more and ordinary people can run less errands.

"Internet medical care is more for patients with chronic diseases and patients who need rehabilitation management. Informatization can provide patients with convenient, fast and efficient medical services. Patients can make appointments at home, doctors can diagnose online, and patients can take medicine offline. For patients, they can get good medical services at home. Telemedicine is more about communication between medical institutions and medical institutions, which can enable remote areas to obtain high-quality medical services and improve the level of medical services at the grassroots level through remote consultation and guidance. " Peng Mingqiang said.

In Peng Mingqiang’s view, Internet medical care has made the medical system more complete. With the reform of the medical system, some problems existing in Internet medical care will gradually be solved.

Promote the deep integration of medical, pharmaceutical and insurance services.

Peng Mingqiang said that medical treatment is inseparable from medicine, and medicine is a very important aspect in the treatment of diseases. With the development of innovative drugs, many incurable diseases have the hope of radical cure. For hospitals, it is also hoped that drugs will be more and more accurate, the treatment effect for patients will be better and better, and patients can use and afford them, so that drug treatment can better serve patients.

"In the traditional sense, many people may think that the most important function for pharmaceutical companies is to produce and develop drugs, and finally provide drugs to medical institutions, but in fact, the scene of pharmaceutical companies is also undergoing tremendous changes. For a company, it is not enough to focus only on drugs. It is necessary to take patients as the center and bring more care to patients. " Bian Xin, president of Roche Pharmaceuticals China, said that from the perspective of pharmaceutical companies, it is always the core value to constantly develop the best drugs. At the same time, drugs should be used by patients in the end, and pharmaceutical companies should also cooperate with medical institutions, payers and other partners in various fields, so that we can work together to create a linkage scenario of various services such as medical care, drugs and insurance in the future.

Peng Xuan, CEO of Center Huibao, said that the development of Internet medical care, the improvement of medical technology and the emergence of innovative drugs have brought more treatment possibilities to patients, giving patients more choices when facing diseases. At this time, it is very important to have enough ability to pay for medical expenses. As the connecting layer between basic medical insurance and commercial insurance, inclusive commercial health insurance can solve the problems of multi-payment and innovative drug payment more effectively, and it is an important part of the national multi-level medical security system.

He Tao, Chairman and CEO of Center Science and Technology Group, said that at present, Center Science and Technology has three sections: medical technology, drugs and insurance services, which constitute the main scene of patient’s whole course management. In the medical treatment scenario, Center Science and Technology and about 170 3A hospitals jointly build and operate Internet hospitals, and carry out full course management from online to offline, from pre-diagnosis, during-diagnosis to post-diagnosis.

How to manage the whole course effectively? He Tao said that the first thing is to think about where to start management, and the second is how to manage effectively. So first of all, Center Technology reaches users and provides services in three scenarios: medical treatment, medicine and insurance. Then there is how to carry out effective management, including three "initiatives". The first is "active screening". Based on the goal that prevention is greater than treatment advocated by the state at present, we work with medical institutions such as disease control and public hospitals to actively screen patients’ inspection reports and find out the disease stage in which patients are located.

The second is "active management", which labels and structures the test reports of patients at different stages and actively intervenes in people in need; The third is "active inquiry" or active return visit, especially for some patients who have left the hospital, to return to their medication effect, data changes in test reports, follow-up reminders, etc. It is actually complicated and cumbersome to do these three initiatives, because it includes pre-diagnosis, in-diagnosis and after-diagnosis. Now the center of the circle processes the data through some technical means, and then makes the service more efficient with the help of AI and big data.

In the medication scene, Center Science and Technology and excellent enterprises such as Roche jointly promote online and offline pharmacy management to meet patients’ medication needs and follow-up management of treatment effects. He Tao said that in terms of insurance services, the treatment of diseases and the use of drugs are inseparable from payment and affordability. Therefore, Circle Center Huibao, a subsidiary of Circle Center Technology, has joined hands with medical insurance and insurance companies to promote the construction of a multi-level medical security system based on basic medical insurance, supplemented by commercial insurance such as Huimin Insurance and specialist insurance, and jointly help reduce the treatment burden of patients.

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This article comes from People’s Daily Health Client and only represents the author’s point of view. The national party media information public platform provides information dissemination and dissemination services.


Returning to home after three years, Lei Wu leads the way in the harbor.

Reporter Cheng Shan reports. The slogan "Welcome home" was put up in the brand-new "White Jade Bowl" stands in Pudong. In the second round of the Super League in 2023, after a lapse of 1237 days, the Shanghai Harbour Team finally returned to its real home, beating Shenzhen 3-2, which only satisfied the harbour from the result.

SAIC Pudong Football Stadium was completed as early as 2021, but due to various factors, it has never hosted the Super League competition. As the first professional football field built in strict accordance with FIFA standards in China, the most surprising thing about this venue is that the first row of spectators is only 8.5 meters away from the stadium. Although the overall capacity of 33,765 fixed seats is not large, due to the excellent experience of watching the game and the limited number of people entering the stadium, it is still hard to get a ticket for the first home stadium of the new season in the harbor. On the opening day, it was basically "seconds". Many players’ families want tickets, but they can’t find them.

Although this is the first time that the Harbour Team has played a Super League match at SAIC Pudong Football Stadium, the team members already know the situation of the venue very well because the team has already played many warm-up matches here before. On the day before the game, coach Javier did not arrange the pre-game adaptation training in Pudong football field, but still chose to train in the club’s base in Century Park football field.

After defeating the defending champion Wuhan Sanzhen in the first round away, the goal of the seaport returning to Shanghai is more clear. "We must make a good start for the first time. We have no excuse to lose." Facing the Shenzhen team with young players as the team, the task given by the top management of the seaport before the game is very clear. Coach Javier has always said that he can’t wait to lead the players to make their debut at the new home. "This ball marks that football has returned to the normal track and is a very good thing for our team and fans. We look forward to playing in front of the fans and hope that everyone will play a wonderful level and finally achieve a good result. "

The Shenzhen team, which was plagued by unpaid wages, passed the admission at the last minute, but they were impressive in the first round of the season, defeating Qingdao Manatee 2-1, and even the powerful seaport dared not take it lightly. In the starting lineup, Haigang sent three foreign AIDS PK Shenzhen single foreign aid, Pingke, Oscar and Vargas started, and Achim Peng played in the starting lineup.

Although there is a big disparity in personnel strength, the Shenzhen team continued its good state in the first game. In the first half, Jiang Guangtai scored a goal in front of the harbor, which was also the first goal of the Super League in the new stadium. At half-time, the harbor was obviously superior to the opponent. However, in the second half, Jiang Guangtai was sent off for blocking Archimpen’s single-knife foul. Although Pinko’s next goal stabilized the morale of the army, the harbor was obviously in decline due to the ten-man battle. Shenzhen team Jiang Zhipeng scored a corner kick directly, and before the end of the second half, he assisted Archimpen to equalize the score in the away game.

For the first home draw, the seaport naturally couldn’t accept it. Javier changed into Li Ang, Wei Zhen, Li Shuai, Maiti River and paulinho. It was paulinho who sent an assist to Lei Wu in the 87th minute, and the latter made a quick forward attack and finally fixed the score at 3-2.

A game with great disparity in strength satisfied the seaport, and the process also made the fans on the scene feast their eyes. After the game, Jiang Zhipeng, a Shenzhen player, said frankly, "Even if the other team was missing one person, we still looked a little passive, and it was still a pity that the corner details were not handled well." For him, who played for the East Asian Football Club at the beginning of his career, he still has a lot of thanks to the Shanghai fans. After the game, Jiang Zhipeng not only thanked the Shenzhen fans who came from afar, but also bowed to the harbour fans and got a lot of praise.

At the last moment, Lei Wu, the hero, received the biggest cheers. In the stands of the major fan associations in the harbor, the red ocean that has not been seen for a long time was rendered. "This home atmosphere is great!" Lei Wu went to the sidelines to celebrate the victory with his teammates and fans. Compared with the previous home, the interaction here was closer. "I am very happy and enjoy it. Behind the goal are our fans. At this distance, when facing them, everyone will be very motivated."

Javier, the harbor coach, also thought that the game was rather ups and downs. "We created some troubles for ourselves, and most of the time we played with 10 people." Javier said, "The final result is satisfactory, but I feel that my heart can’t stand it."

It is worth mentioning that in the face of the difficulties in the scene, Javier was very frank. "I will take on all the problems in the game, and I am very happy that the team has not given up. Finally, I want to express my gratitude to the fans, who have played an important role in our winning game. We know that we need to give more excellent performance to the fans, and we will focus on the next game. "

This game is also the second consecutive start of the new aid Pingke, and he scored the first goal after joining the harbor. Regarding his performance, Javier said: "My evaluation of him is positive, he is slowly adapting, and his state will definitely get better and better with the deepening of the league. Pinko is a very good person and a very professional player. "

After winning this victory, Haigang is currently leading the Super League standings (tied with Yatai and leading Shenhua in goal difference). However, it is still worrying whether they can sit firmly in the top spot in the Super League. Next week, the harbor will experience a difficult week of doubles, in which they will go to the away game to challenge Cangzhou Lions on 26th, and then they will return to the home game to start the same city derby with Xinshenhua.