Young people who don’t want to celebrate the New Year, hide back to work.

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Sometimes, bitterness and pleasure can be exchanged.

For example, a migrant worker in a first-tier city may hate his job at ordinary times, but on the good day of Chinese New Year, they will resolutely choose a fierce man to work, even in the form of voluntary overtime, to escape all kinds of troubles caused by it.

Some people lamented,The nine-day holiday, if you want to stay at home, is not too short but too long.

In Douban, the "Don’t Want to Go Home/Don’t Want to Celebrate the Festival" group, on the Lunar New Year’s Eve, some people laughed at themselves that the New Year’s Eve was "hmm", some people were exchanging information about the New Year’s Eve dinner that they would not go home, and some people temporarily returned their train tickets to go home.

Humans create urban civilization, and different urban cultures, in turn, shape individual life. In the name of "going home for the New Year", when people from different cities and occupations get together, young people who don’t want to celebrate the New Year hide in their jobs to find a comfortable area.

The following is their story.

Stay deep, work overtime and save money.

(Bai, working for 5 years)

I’m a buyer of an electronics company. On New Year’s Eve, I’m still "sticking to my post".

For example, I sorted out the materials of the report, looked at the data of my peers, and learned about the new policies of each platform in 2024.

Obviously, this is not a necessary job. On the 28th and 29th of the twelfth lunar month, after working at home with a computer for two days, I couldn’t find any work to continue.

Staying in Shenzhen to work overtime is an unplanned thing. Originally, I grabbed the train ticket back to my hometown of Henan.But on February 4th, I returned the high-speed rail ticket I had just "grabbed" because I had a big fight with my parents again because of my relationship.

In the eyes of my parents, my boyfriend and I are far from each other’s external conditions: for example, I am a graduate student who has returned from overseas, and he has not even finished junior high school. I am an urban hukou, and he is a rural hukou. Even he and I are both 169cm tall, which has become a critical dimension for my mother.

What makes them even more unacceptable is that my boyfriend and I are both unmarried. In our view, the law can not maintain love, but a system of human social structure.

Because of these things, my parents and I have had countless quarrels. Whenever I try to convince my mother that my boyfriend has a skill, although he has not received higher education, my mother will use the unreasonable killer: you are so powerful, why can’t you afford a house in Shenzhen!

I was so angry that I couldn’t refute it. The way to deal with it was to temporarily close the communication window until I had the financial ability to prove to my parents that I could live well.

Two days later, I sent a message to my family, telling them that they needed to stay in Shenzhen to work overtime because of work reasons and could not return to their hometown in Henan. A day later, my parents finally replied to me with only two simple words: OK.

"Don’t go back for the New Year, don’t give red envelopes to relatives and children, and save money." After receiving the reply from my parents, I patted my boyfriend on the shoulder to comfort him.

As a matter of fact, people of my age who stayed in my hometown are married and have children. They go home for the Spring Festival every year, and their main dates are friends who also work outside.

It is very difficult to confront the structure.But I still want to try. After "hiding" at work for three days, I decided to take advantage of the fact that the holiday was not over and go to a small town in Fujian by car with my boyfriend.

And work is not only the way of my confrontation, but also the outlet of my confrontation.

Take the initiative to work overtime to avoid socializing.

(Ber Ber, working for 1 year)

I am a new media editor. In the past, my life rule was that no one would really love work. But recently, my life has changed obviously:Questioning work, understanding work and embracing work.

Because of the nature of the industry, I have returned from Beijing to my hometown Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, one week before the 30 th anniversary. At first, I was dissatisfied with this arrangement: why do you have to work when you go home?

But soon, I realized that working from home is also a good thing for me: when my relatives come to my house to walk around, I can avoid appearing at the dinner table with others.

This should start with my special eating habits. As a Mongolian living in Inner Mongolia, I don’t eat pigs, cows, sheep or chickens.

This means that most of the dishes at dinner have no fate with me. It also means that from the moment I appear at the dinner table, no matter what they are saying, they will stop and watch me until I eat the first bite.

The same is true when I leave. They will stop talking and keep asking me, "Are you full?"

"I’m full." I can’t even look back at their eyes. Although I try my best to comfort myself that this is an expression of love from my loved ones, I still feel a lot of pressure on my body. As a deep social phobia, I don’t like being noticed, especially by more than two people, which will make me feel numb.

Fortunately, soon, I found a solution to the problem:Hide in the house under the pretext of working overtime to avoid appearing at dinner.

In this way, you can not be disturbed by anyone who comes to visit, from day to night. I will inevitably meet them when I go out to eat and go to the toilet occasionally, but I will try my best to speed up, especially when I go back, and pretend that I am busy with my work and need to go back to deal with it urgently.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m disturbed by no one and spend more time at workSometimes even after work, I will work overtime voluntarily because I don’t want to leave the room.My work efficiency is actually quite high, roughly estimated to be at least 1.5 times as high as before.

Every relative who asked me about my "whereabouts" almost lamented that it was not easy for me when she got my mother’s reply that she was at work and had to wait until New Year’s Eve, and then turned her eyes to other people present, trying to find the next object to pay attention to. Every time I hear the change of topic in the room, I will secretly breathe a sigh of relief: "I hid in the past."

As for how to face it after the New Year, I haven’t decided yet. However, the next excuse is brewing in my mind.

Double-row overtime with girlfriends.

(Yangliu, working for 4 years)

I am a supply chain manager of a FMCG company. I usually work in Shanghai and recently returned to my hometown Taiyuan.

On February 6th, my holiday started, but on February 9th, I took my laptop and found a coffee shop to start working overtime voluntarily.

Don’t get me wrong, my family relationship is harmonious, and my daily mother’s kindness and filial piety are just the details of life in Taiyuan, which makes me feel depressed.

For example, if I read a book at home and my relatives and friends who come to visit me see it, everyone will make a fuss about my love of learning, but in fact it’s just my way of life. Walking in the subway, passers-by move at a speed like walking, even with a hint of rust in the cold wind.

After a long time, I feel at a loss.

"The consumer world does not allow boredom to exist, and consumer culture is committed to eliminating it. According to the definition of consumer culture, a happy life is insulated from a boring life". One of the purposes of doing this is to maintain work ethics and let people abandon the pursuit of freedom.

In Work, Consumerism and the New Poor, the author Bowman once explained my mentality like this.

That’s true. But for now,Compared with the "boring life" in my hometown, I still prefer to find my own position at work.

It’s time to find some happiness through work.

By the way, before I went to the coffee shop to work overtime on February 9, I didn’t forget to bring my best friend who just came home from Beijing for the New Year.

From the moment I pushed the door into the coffee shop, my girlfriend and I smiled, because the people sitting inside were obviously people who "returned home" and then hid out to work overtime.

What everyone has in common is that there is a laptop in front of them, and there is an American cup or hand-made coffee in front of them, staring at the screen in front of them attentively. We quickly integrated, and this is the familiar life.

My best friend and I are high school classmates, and our school is a boarding school.Ten years ago, we went to the morning self-study after breakfast together. Ten years later, we continue to go to work in the coffee shop after breakfast together.

The deskmate next door also brought a little atmosphere to my "memory killing". She claimed to work in an investment bank in Shanghai, and when I checked the factory plan for 2024 against the data table, she was frowning and writing ppt.

In addition to working offline, I also share the happiness of "working overtime" with my friends who also stick to their posts, and blow rainbow farts to each other.

"Share the expression pack with me."

On the afternoon of February 9th, I shared a screenshot of the conversation urging my boss to join the work with a friend, and she replied to me quickly. Obviously, she needs the same expression pack to "drag" her boss out of her holiday life.

"We are people who want to be rich." On the evening of February 9, when my best friend and I finished our work, we fully affirmed each other’s future. Although to outsiders, we are more like the boss’s "dogs".

Perhaps this is the happiness of being a "good student".

This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account:Chief character view (id: sxrenwuguan), Author: Wei Wei May

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