The maximum shared power bank is 10 yuan per hour, which has gone "crazy".

Recently, the shared power bank has been named "assassin" and rushed into the hot search. It used to charge 50 cents per hour, but now it charges 4 yuan or even 10 yuan per hour. The shared power bank that can be seen everywhere in life has become the focus of public opinion due to the price increase. Many netizens complain that "this is to encourage everyone to buy their own power bank".

A few years ago, under the name of "sharing economy", shared power banks were favored by capital. In just 10 days, the amount of financing reached 300 million yuan, and more than 20 institutions entered the market. At that time, smartphones were fully functional, power consumption was getting faster and faster, and charging had become a high-frequency demand. With the trend of "sharing economy", shared power banks quickly entered the market. According to public data, as early as 2020, the number of users of shared power banks was close to 300 million.

At present, the shared power bank market is showing a concentration of leading companies. In 2021, Monster Charging will go public, Street Power Search will merge, and Xiaodian will also sprint to IPO, forming a pattern of "three power and one beast". However, under the epidemic, the shared power bank companies that focus on offline scenes are actually under certain pressure. The competition at the channel end is increasingly fierce, and the battle for points is intensifying.

According to a third-party report, based on the operating income of shared power banks to calculate the market size, it is expected that the average annual compound growth rate will reach 20.8% in the next five years. In the case of better prospects, prices have risen, but losses have increased. Services have been complained by users, and shared power bank companies still cannot find business growth. The current situation is very embarrassing.

Charge up to 10 yuan for 1 hour

"I am a big user of electricity," a shared power bank user from Beijing told China News Weekly. Due to the frequent need to participate in business activities, he has become accustomed to borrowing shared power banks when his mobile phone is out of power, but recently the price after being used has "stung": "It takes less than half an hour to charge 4 yuan."

In addition to questioning the recent increase in the price of shared power banks, the above users also found more details. When he checked past usage orders, he found that a shared power bank using small electricity once took 2 hours and 5 minutes and charged 12 yuan. However, the charging standard is 4 yuan per hour, and it will be returned free within 3 minutes. Less than 1 hour is calculated as 1 hour.

"This means that I charged 4 yuan more for an extra 5 minutes, is that reasonable?" the user questioned.

According to public research, among the users of shared power banks, business people, young women, car users, game users and video users use shared power banks more frequently. These people often become a loyal paying client base because of the long use of mobile phones, the inconvenience of carrying their own power banks and the low price sensitivity. However, recently these users with low price sensitivity also feel that they can’t afford to share power banks.

Previously, according to media reports, in many cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing, the price of shared power banks has risen to about 4 yuan per hour, and some popular scenic spots have reached as high as 7 or 8 yuan per hour. Reporters visited and found that in major business districts in Beijing, the charging standards for shared power banks vary. Shopping malls, bustling tourist attractions and streets in the core business district often charge more, generally 4 yuan to 6 yuan per hour. At individual points, the price is higher, reaching 10 yuan per hour, such as in some scenic spots and high-end sales offices.

In fact, different shared power banks may have different prices and charging standards in the same place. Looking at the Mini Programs of various power bank manufacturers, taking the area near a core business district in Beijing as an example, most monster charging charges 2 yuan every half hour, and it is free to return within 3 minutes. Less than half an hour is calculated as half an hour; most small electricity charges 1.5 yuan or 2 yuan every half hour, and it is free to return within 3 minutes. But the difference is that in some places, less than 30 minutes is calculated as 30 minutes, and in some places, less than 1 hour is calculated as 1 hour, and the difference between these two places is often only a few hundred meters.

A staff member of the shared power bank revealed to China News Weekly that there has been no uniform price for the shared power bank, and the price of each point is different, because there are direct sales points and agent points in the middle, and different people and merchants negotiate the price, and the final price will be different. "Many times, the company’s control over the price is not so strong, and the room for human manipulation is relatively large," the staff member stressed.

Shi Songpo, vice-president of Rock Capital, pointed out that "in the early days, the price of power banks was mostly charged 1 yuan per hour, but now it is mostly concentrated at 3 to 4 yuan per hour. This kind of price increase is not an isolated case in the sharing economy industry, and the price of shared bicycles is also rising. At present, there is no unified pricing rule in the industry, especially in the case of the increasing proportion of the agency model, the price control of power bank manufacturers has actually become weaker. The phenomenon of random pricing by agents and point merchants is relatively common, and there is often chaos of different prices for the same brand on the same floor."

Why become an "assassin"?

Around 2017, it was in the period of perfect development of smart phone functions and the prevalence of various large-screen applications. At that time, people used mobile phones for an average of 1.86 hours a day, but the power problem of mobile phones has not been solved. Shared power banks have become a trend, and players from all walks of life have poured into the industry, occupying major shopping malls, stations and other traffic-intensive places. Capital has also entered the market, and the amount of financing has reached 300 million in just 10 days.

Within a year, the leading companies announced profits one after another: Caller first announced a break-even, and then Street Power and Small Power announced profits respectively. The financial data of Monster Charging showed that the net profit in 2019 and 2020 reached 166 million and 75.40 million yuan, respectively. In 2021, Monster Charging was listed in the United States, demonstrating the business model of sharing power banks. In 2021, the industry concentration was further enhanced, and Small Power Technology submitted a prospectus to seek listing; Street Power and Soo Power merged into Bamboo Mang Technology, forming a pattern of three "small bamboo beasts" competing.

According to a public report, in the first half of 2022, the number of devices, transaction volume, and order volume in the shared power bank industry increased compared with 2021, with CR4 (the top 4 share concentration in the industry) exceeding 90%. In fact, the price of shared power banks has increased several times in the past few years. In the second half of 2019, the price of shared power banks increased to 2 yuan per hour. In the second half of 2020, the average charging standard of major platforms increased to 3 yuan, and this year it reached 4 yuan per hour.

Shi Songpo said that in the sharing economy, the price increase of shared power banks is still relatively fast, and the primary factor for collective price increases is that the industry reshuffle period of low-price drainage has passed, and the tail players have been cleared and entered the oligopoly stage. These companies originally pursued market share, but now turn to profit.

"In fact, the price of the shared power bank is not expensive, such as taking the bus and subway, it is normal to spend a few dollars for five minutes, but the shared power bank has caused so much controversy, or there is a problem with the service." Zhang Yi, CEO of iiMedia Consulting, stressed that if the quality can be improved, it does not matter if the price is a little more expensive.

In the media report, a user rented a shared power bank from a hospital in Kunming, Yunnan, but when he returned it, he found that the warehouse was full and could not be returned, and there was no return point nearby. The user didn’t know what to do for a while. In addition, there are two models of shared power banks displayed in the Mini Program. These two models do not support mutual return. The user asked the customer service about this situation, and the customer service asked to return it by mail and asked the user to bear the cost. The user expressed dissatisfaction, and the company that owns the power search did not give a solution.

Previously, the regulatory authorities conducted a survey on the pain points of shared power bank services, and the survey showed that billing was not stopped after return, renting was easy to return, difficult to return, and the price logo was not significant, and the charges were unreasonable. On the Black Cat complaint platform, there were as many as 70,000 complaints about incoming calls, 25,000 complaints about small electricity, and 15,000 complaints about monster charging, including malicious deductions, failure to return, and false propaganda.

A picture circulating on the Internet shows that a user has purchased more than 40 shared power banks in the past two years. Generally, shared power banks have a "buy-out" mechanism, which stipulates that if they are not returned for a long time (about 7 days) after charging, the full deposit of 99 yuan will be deducted. Many users who borrowed the power bank and forgot to return it often "lost" 99 yuan to take the shared power bank home.

"Recently, shared power banks have been controversial, and the core problem is that the price has risen to a certain extent, but the product service and quality have generally shown a downward trend, and the price and service are far from consumers’ expectations." Zhang Yi told China News Weekly that the most widely criticized power bank is the slow charging speed, so it is not high in terms of consumer satisfaction.

The dilemma of a single profit model

In the past two years, affected by the epidemic, the business of sharing power banks is not easy to do.

According to the financial report data, Monster Charging’s revenue reached 1.427 billion yuan in the first half of this year, and 1.819 billion yuan in the same period last year, a significant decline year-on-year. In fact, Monster Charging has experienced a year-on-year decline in revenue for three consecutive quarters. In the fourth quarter of 2021, Quarter 1 of 2022 and the second quarter of 2022, revenue declined by 9.7%, 13% and 29% respectively.

In terms of profit, in the first half of the year, the monster charging loss reached 280 million yuan, while in the monster charging profit in 2019 and 2020, the net profit added up to 242 million yuan. At present, the monster charging has lost money for four consecutive quarters, and the loss is expanding.

According to the financial report, the entrance fee and commission paid by Monster Charging to merchants have increased year by year. In 2019, this expenditure accounted for 48.2% of the revenue of the power bank, and in 2021 this data reached 61.1%. Shi Songpo believes that the reason for raising prices and pursuing profits is not only because of the increase in market concentration and oligopoly, but also because of the single profit model of shared power banks, serious losses and fierce competition.

"We can see that companies such as Monster Charging are paying more and more commissions to third parties. This is because of the compromises that manufacturers have to make during the winter under the pandemic. Under the situation that the industry’s profits are further under pressure, high-quality points are the focus of the efforts of shared power bank companies. The intensification of competition for high-quality points has led to the increase in the cost of distribution venues, and both the entrance fee and the commission are increasing, further boosting the price of power banks."

The above-mentioned sharing power bank staff pointed out that the business of sharing power banks is "cannibalism", and the increase in the frequency of renting power banks will increase the income, so the point is very important. The demand for renting in crowded places is relatively large, so the price of these places will be higher. If it is a direct operation, it is very expensive to raise a very large ground team. Therefore, this year, companies such as Monster Charging have turned to agency operations. In this case, they mainly rely on renting machines to make money, but this has led to the result that the pricing power is controlled by the agent.

Zhang Yi said, "In recent years, shared power bank companies have encountered great pressure to lose money, mainly due to the competition for channels. Everyone is overdrawing prices and profits, and stimulating channels through third-party commissions, entering a vicious circle."

According to public data, it is expected that by 2025, the market size of shared power banks will reach 27.80 billion yuan, and users will break through 700 million. Zhang Yi believes that the current mobile end point intelligence is getting higher and higher, the demand for electricity consumption is also increasing, and the battery life problem has not been fundamentally solved, so there is still room for the future development of shared power banks. He also stressed that only by improving products and services can we win the favor of consumers.

At present, Zhumang Technology is developing new businesses such as shared charging stations for motorcycles and smart retail containers. Monster Charging has also relied on millions of power banks to incubate the Baijiu brand through private domain traffic. Xiaodian also revealed in its prospectus that it wants to enter the short video field.

"Shared power banks have actually become large-scale, and the popularity of first- and second-tier cities is already very high. However, under the cold winter, the problem of profitability is prominent, and even if it expands, it will not increase profits." Shi Songpo said that now companies are looking for different profit models, trying to bring new increments, but whether it can really solve the single profit model still needs time to verify.

What exactly is the Galaxy OS of Boyue X?

Nowadays, the car as a second living space can no longer meet the needs of young people only by relying on the three basic parts. It is smarter and more entertaining to capture the hearts of young people. Today we will talk about this Sanhao SUV, which is the best-selling SUV under its umbrella.

Five years ago, a sentence of "Hello, Boyue" ushered in the era of Chinese cars leading the world in intelligence. Now, Boyue X is listed, up the ante on the three good qualities of good-looking, easy-to-open and smart, inheriting the foundation of the Boyue family, injecting the new soul of X with "Flux energy surging, Relax enjoying freedom, Outfox outsmarting the future", and becoming a Chinese style intelligent SUV.

Powerful chip guarantees fast and smooth response, and AI voice is full of fun

One of the highlights of Boyue X this time is the Galaxy OS intelligent control center jointly built by Yikatong Technology, Geely and Baidu. This car-machine system adopts a new design method in voice interaction. It not only has new technology inside, but also is very user-friendly, once again defining the new standard of the 4.0 era of automotive intelligent digital cockpit. Geely Galaxy OS adopts a new generation of E02 high-performance digital cockpit computing power platform, 12nm process, 6G random access memory, 64G storage memory, and 8-core CPU, which makes the whole vehicle faster, the system response is faster, and the application switching is smoother. In addition, as the first mass-produced model of Baidu’s independently developed Honghu chip, Boyue X is equipped with Baidu Honghu intelligent voice computing platform and Mobileye EQ4 intelligent driving computing platform. The powerful chip integrated in multiple domains allows Boyue X intelligent cockpit hardware level to exceed the same level, greatly improving the wake-up speed, making the interaction experience smoother, just like a real-time conversation with friends.

This time, the AI real voice on Boyue X can record the voice of your closest relatives as a real voice package. At the same time, you can customize Q & A, talk and interact with relatives and friends in the car, and the boring driving becomes full of fun. It can be seen that the wake-up control can be directly read on the screen, reducing manual operation, and escorting the safety of you and your family.

All-dimensional interaction is intelligent and convenient, and the intimate cockpit atmosphere is full

The new intelligent AI interactive cockpit of Boyue X helps you bid farewell to the cold machine, and the whole vehicle brings a more considerate and warm driving experience. From the perspective of atmosphere, Boyue X directly fills the standard. The 72-color light-sensing interactive ambient lights equipped with the high-end version can link driving, sound and music, and 12 BOSE sound like a moving music hall, bringing palace-level sound effects.

There are also meters, cars, and HUD three-screen linkage, content display seamless connection, support for navigation three-finger sliding screen, instrument full-screen display navigation, so that drivers do not miss every intersection; 540 ° panoramic image with chassis perspective, smart non-sensory mobile phone digital key and mobile APP remote control, directly beyond the same level, shoulder-to-shoulder luxury. It is worth mentioning that the Boyue X is also equipped with a visual L2 + level intelligent driving assistance system, which can follow the car, recognize the road, avoid danger, remind, actively stop, actively follow, and automatically turn corners. At the same time, there are corresponding animations on the instrument for cars, cars, trucks, and pedestrians, which display the following distance in real time. Intelligent driving assistance is more visual, allowing drivers to understand the vehicle conditions and road conditions, and add a safety guarantee for themselves and their families.

Open ecosystem is fully covered to meet the entertainment needs of the younger generation of users

When it comes to Boyue X, the most interesting thing for young people is to launch Tencent TAI3.0, Huawei Hi-car and other ecological applications on Boyue X in conjunction with Tencent, Huawei and other first-tier manufacturers. The car covers music, video, navigation, life, games, WeChat, Douyin, smart home and other applications, so that social and entertainment can be seamlessly connected in travel and daily life, and truly drive with eyes and hands, and communicate with mouth and ears. In-car WeChat voice calls and location sharing can be realized synchronously; Huawei Hi-car is automatically connected to the Internet, automatically flows and switches between the car and mobile phones, and collaborates across screens, which is very convenient. When relaxing in the car, listen to music, brush Douyin, and watch videos. Who can resist such a pleasant experience?

Over the past five years, the Boyue family has won the trust of super 1.36 million users with the three good qualities of "good-looking, easy-to-drive and smart". From the pioneering "Hello Boyue" voice interaction in the industry to the full adoption of car-grade chip hardware, Boyue has been leading the intelligent development trend of China’s smart cars. Not only top-selling in the domestic market, it has occupied the top three SUV sales in China for many years, but also sells well in 25 countries and regions such as Russia/Philippines/Malaysia in Europe, Asia and America. It is one of the fastest models to break through the 1 million in the entire SUV market.

In the future, Boyue will continue to listen to the voice of users, guided by user requests, and continue to innovate and break through to cover a larger market to meet the different needs of young users in the new era. Boyue will use its strength to face the future market, take everyone to continue to travel south and north, and move towards the distance together with the same original intention.

Andy Lau’s "Crowd" exposes a special short film, and the heart-to-heart interpretation is well received

1905 movie network news Produced and directed by the director, Andy Lau, and starring in the absurd comedy movie is currently in hot release. On the first day of the film’s release, it won many audience praise and high scores on various platforms. It also rose in the ratings of Zhihu and Hupu double platforms.Whether it is the warm emotional core, the humorous plot or the wonderful interpretation of the powerful actors in the film, the audience is full of praise, and it is called "the film that cannot be missed during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox".

"Life is changed, life is changed." Recently, the film released a special short film "Flip Over", which combined with the New Year’s atmosphere to send everyone a witty and humorous "poisonous chicken soup" style blessing, encouraging every unknown generation to turn over the Year of the Ox, change their way of life, and turn the world around.

The rating is eye-catching! The praise is rave! 

"There is also warmth in laughter, and the viewing process is like a spiritual spa"

Cat’s Eye rating is 9.1, Taojiao’s rating is 9.0, Zhihu’s rating is 9.2, Douban’s rating is 7.6, and Weibo’s big V recommendation rating is 90%. The movie "Crowd" was released one day, and it has already received praise and recognition from many audiences, and they have expressed their viewing feelings one after another. This is a movie related to you and me. Everyone can see themselves in the movie and experience the emotions that hit the bottom of their hearts. Someone commented "This is about the loss and awakening of life. After laughing, you can feel the warmth of the movie."

More netizens admitted that "the localized interpretation makes people feel more cordial, and the warm emotion touches people’s hearts." More movie fans said that "it is like the soul has experienced a spa and experienced a rare movie viewing experience." Everyone felt healing from the screen and harvested warmth from the performance. Audiences also expressed their love for the movie on various platforms with adjectives such as "must see during the Spring Festival", "worth second brushing", "no urine points throughout the process" and "advanced performance details".

Created by director Rao Xiaozhi, the film "Crowd" is a Spring Festival hit. It tells the story of the top killer Zhou Quan (Andy Lau) and the lonely group actor Chen Xiaomeng (Xiao Yang) switching identities in an accident. The killer re-examines love and life in the process of falling to the bottom; the group reinvents the story of life in the process of impersonating the killer.

In addition to the emotional core of "warm heart", the unique presentation of the film also refreshes the audience. Many audiences expressed their deep impression of the stage elements in the film. The viewing process is like "play within a play", "advanced classical music makes people intoxicated", and the film’s original production and ingenuity have captured the hearts of many audiences. In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, "Crowd", which is like a warm current of joy, is worthy of being included in your viewing list!

Good luck! Bad luck!

"Watch’Crowd Surge ‘return to the furnace during the Spring Festival and remake it, change the way you live"

In the "Turning Over" special short film released by "Crowd", the demonic style brings the audience the first bowl of "chicken soup" of the new year – the passage of time and the turning of bad luck. Even if you live in a messy rental house, Zhou Quan can arrange the room in an orderly manner and find your own spring; in the moment of loneliness and disappointment, you can’t give up yourself like Chen Xiaomeng, there will always be a beam of light to illuminate your progress.

Achievement is just an ordinary migrant worker, but also live an active life. I believe that the god of fate will favor you who are diligent; what should I do if my wallet becomes empty and my pocket bottoms out? Of course, I can’t be discouraged, it is also possible to get rich overnight. Facing the situation of life and adjusting my mentality is the way to turn the page. The ridicule caused by the exchange of life between the two in the film is ironic, and the story of boiling blood is full of excitement, which is not to be missed.

Also released alongside the special short film is a double poster of Andy Lau’s "acting" version. In the movie "Crowd", the top "killer" Zhou Quan (Andy Lau, played) and the down-and-out group actor Chen Xiaomeng (Xiao Yang, played) start a journey of exchanging lives. The poster follows their identity transformation, presenting the plot direction of "drama is like life, all rely on acting".

The film’s star, Zhou Quan (played by Andy Lau), is dressed in a tuxedo of street performance. It is very curious whether this is his living capital that took root in the bottom after losing his memory, or his diverse experiences of a decent life. It is also worth pondering whether the stack of documents raised in his hand is the real proof of his rich life or the tool of his crime in the rivers and lakes.

The other star of the film, Chen Xiaomeng (played by Xiao Yang), is clutching the objects related to his own destiny, holding a shiny pistol in his left hand and a rough sling in his right hand. How will the pistol and the sling affect his life? How can a frustrated life turn things around? How does a dashing life fall from the sky? And whether the flying keys in the poster are inextricably linked to their journey of changing identities.

On the road to playing others, the two leading actors have experienced some interesting plot episodes and experienced some heart-piercing moments. I believe that walking into the cinema will provide the answer.

The 2024 Spring Festival file lineup is strong! Zhang Yimou, Jia Ling, Liu Dehua, Shen Teng gather together

1905 movie network news With the announcement of the movie "Article 20" on the first day of the New Year in 2024, the Spring Festival film lineup has gradually formed, with diverse themes, rich content and a strong lineup.

So far, six films have been released on the first day of the Spring Festival this year, namely "Article 20".

Directed by Zhang Yimou, "Article 20" has a strong lineup, starring,,, Liu Yaowen,,, etc. This is also Zhang Yimou’s third attack on the Spring Festival. The previous two Spring Festival films have accumulated box office 600 million, accumulated box office 4.544 billion and won the 2023 mainland box office championship.

The film uses realistic themes and the perspective of small people as incisions to show the axiomatic human feelings behind Article 20 of the Criminal Law on "justifiable defense". In a light and humorous way, it tells the story of Han Ming and others risking everything and relying on their own efforts to return a statement of fairness and justice.

"Hot and Hot" is self-directed and self-starred. This is also Jia Ling’s return as a director after a lapse of three years. It will also be her first official appearance in front of the audience after more than a year of silence. In order to appear in the film, she lost 50 kilograms of weight and became a boxer, which made the audience look forward to it.

"Flying Life 2" is written and directed by the screenwriter, starring,,, and starring. The film continues the characters and backgrounds that were released 5 years ago. The down-and-out driver Zhang Chi played by Shen Teng has been reduced to a driving school coach. Under the sponsorship of the car factory manager played, he once again organized a group to go to the last Bayinbrook Rally.

"Mr. Red Carpet," directed and starring, is the first time Ning Hao and Andy Lau have worked together as directors and actors since their relationship in 2006, 17 years later. The film tells the story of a Hong Kong superstar played by Andy Lau and a director played by Ning Hao in order to win a coveted award. Collaborating on rural themes, the film sets off a series of ironic farce.

"Let’s Shake the Sun Together" is the final chapter of the "Life Trilogy" directed by the director. It stars and tells the story of two young people who are seriously ill but have different personalities. Because of the "Relay of Life" agreement, they accidentally embark on a healing journey full of love and strength.

"Bear Haunt · Reverse Time and Space" is still stable output, the new one will focus on time and space travel, bald head strong in order to save Xiong Da, Xiong Er, opened a wonderful time and space adventure.

Meizu X Lingke, joint debut, good gifts non-stop!

On August 8, 2023, the Meizu 20 PRO Lynk & Co Time series joint mobile phone was officially unveiled, and Lynk & Co 08 also opened pre-sale. In order to build momentum for new products, Meizu and Lynk & Co jointly launched a Lynk & Co Time series gift box worth 5588 yuan (limited to 1008 units). The owner of the Lynk & Co 08 EM-P Time Limited Edition can get the gift box by picking up the car. The gift box contains three products: the Meizu 20 PRO Lynk & Co Time series joint mobile phone (12GB + 512GB), the Lynk & Co Time series hourglass, and the Lynk & Co Time series mobile phone case.

At the same time, at 20:00 on August 8, Meizu Tmall 88 Member’s Day officially kicked off the event, superimposing a platform subsidy of 200 yuan, purchasing Meizu 20 series mobile phones to save 500 yuan, and the top 5 buyers can also enjoy a 50% discount. PANDAER designated interesting goods save 40 yuan for every 300 yuan.

The Meizu 20 series of mobile phones is a blockbuster new work of Meizu after two years of "no update", and once it was launched, it attracted a lot of attention and discussion. The series of mobile phones adhere to the brand’s "borderless" concept, which is vividly reflected in its appearance design. The Meizu 20 series uses a right-angled frame and a straight screen body, and the ultra-narrow frame brings the ultimate visual experience of the screen. In addition, there are ultra-luxurious hardware configurations, such as the Meizu 20 PRO Lynk & Co Time series joint mobile phone equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, with LPDDR5X and up to 512GB UFS4.0 fast flash memory combination, the iron blood three-piece set brings excellent performance.

At the same time, the Meizu 20 PRO Lynk & Co time series joint mobile phone also adopts the industry-exclusive ultra-delicate micro-flash process, which feels delicate; and is equipped with 6.81-inch 2K super-resolution AMOLED polar edge color borderless screen, HDR10 + ultra-dynamic display and 120Hz adaptive super-sense smart refresh rate, bringing a delicate and real, comfortable and smooth visual experience.

It is not only a smart flagship mobile phone launched by Meizu and Lynk & Co., but also the joint mobile phone of Meizu 20 PRO Lynk & Co. Time series is also an outstanding result of the in-depth cooperation between the two companies in the field of in-vehicle interconnection. The mobile phone is combined with the Meizu Flyme Auto smart cockpit operating system carried by Lynk & Co 08 to realize the sharing of capabilities in four aspects: computing power, data, hardware and ecology. This makes the interconnection between mobile phones and in-vehicle devices achieve a comprehensive upgrade of software and hardware, which greatly enhances the experience of using the smart cockpit.

In the field of intelligent vehicle systems, the cooperation between Meizu and Lynk & Co has revealed more possibilities for future development to the entire industry.