What’s wrong with searching for the most correct woman’s play?

Even for the audience who don’t watch domestic dramas very much, it is estimated that ta can confidently say "I will do it" in the face of the question of who is the hot topic of Chinese dramas in the near future.

Because, Nothing But Thirty is so hot.

Not only is there a hot search for plots almost every day, but even supporting actors are fancy on the list.

In addition to doing a good job in marketing, Douban, which had soared to more than 8 points, almost put on the shining crown of "the light of national drama" for Nothing But Thirty.

However, as the plot entered the middle and late stage, Nothing But Thirty’s score suddenly dropped.

It makes people curious: What’s wrong with this hot search for the most correct woman play?

There are spoilers in this article.


In the explosive drama camp, there are always two emotional magic weapons-either hold back or be cool.

Nothing But Thirty, who can be widely discussed by the audience, is naturally an excellent model for practicing this rule.

The story is chosen in "30 years old", which is considered by most people as a time node to formally break away from naivety and move towards absolute maturity.

The first person in charge of "suppress" is an ordinary and ordinary luxury store counter sister Wang Manni.

She came to the big city with her dreams, and she was diligent and flexible in her work, but the goal of starting a family here is still out of reach.

The glitz dispersed, leaving me alone in the silent street, exhausted.


Wang Manni, who worked so hard, couldn’t even find a close person who could help her when she fainted. She had to listen to her parents’ phone calls to persuade her to go home day after day and learn how to remain firm and never waver when her family debunked the truth of life.



All kinds of life scenes in which men are silent and women are in tears are simply the portrayal of most "X drifts" in life, and they are really humbled.

Of course, if you are lucky, you may become a big city indigenous like Zhong Xiaoqin.

Even if she is married, she is still a little princess at home. She goes home for dinner anytime and anywhere, and works as a busy little clerk in a big company, and her work and life are both right.

However, she also has her own grievances.

The marriage with her husband Chen Yu, "You raise fish and I raise cats", is not as sweet as lovers, nor as close as family members. It is polite and exasperating to turn husband and wife into roommates alive.

Fortunately, the humbling of the first two is relieved here in Gu Jia, who is also the first character in the whole play to output "Shuang".

As a legendary "stay-at-home wife", Gu Jia is not Luo Zijun who was divorced regardless in My First Half of Life.

On the contrary, she has brains and means, and knows how to use interpersonal relationships to expand the territory of her husband Xu Huanshan’s fireworks career and push her family to a higher social class little by little.

However, Gu Jia is not a passive role for the sake of interests.

Some female employees are preparing to seduce the magic mountain. Gu Jia reminds the other party with an orange, and likes to mention the title of "green things on earth".

Faced with the fact that old customers sexually harassed in the name of orders, Gu Jia chose to refuse sternly, even if he didn’t make money, he would defend his dignity.


My son was put in a dark room by other parents in kindergarten, and Gu Jia, who was furious, directly solved it by force, and demonstrated what it meant to be a mother.


Good wife, good mother, going to the hall and going to the kitchen, Gu Jia, who blames all the way, makes the tyranny of the wicked and self-improvement "Gu Xue" rampant, and also helps Nothing But Thirty successfully unlock countless female topics, which is still hot.



In order to dispel the sense of suspension brought by the rich family, Nothing But Thirty also made some efforts.

For example, the details such as actresses going home to become plain, husband and wife washing and eating, etc., help the drama show a side that is in line with real life.

What highlights the flavor of "chicken feathers in one place" is the short story of parents that domestic dramas can’t be avoided for thousands of years-in the story of three women, there are all kinds of men.

First of all, it was Liang Zhengxian, the "sea king" that Wang Manni met.

Little transparent cabinet sister met a rich and idle bachelor on a romantic yacht. This kind of idol drama plot that others dare to watch and dare not think about happened to hit Wang Manni.

How can she not be carried away by love when she sees the luxuries that she can only see and can’t afford on weekdays?

It’s a pity that "Neptune" is only in love and not married, and it’s still going to have a "one south and one north" golden house.

Wang Manni’s line, from the "exquisite poverty" that everyone talked about, turned into a more fashionable department (art) in minutes, which personally shattered the vanity fantasy of countless girls meeting perfect true love.

Similarly, Zhong Xiaoqin, who lived step by step, began to experience more emotional entanglements than usual.

Behind the marriage of "He raises fish and I raise cats", it is always hidden that Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu never take the initiative to understand each other’s indifference and estrangement, and the bad news of the child’s fetal arrest has become the fuse for their separation.

So, Zhong Xiaoqin and his wife quietly went through the divorce procedure.

Being single this time not only unlocked Zhong Xiaoqin’s hot search for "super sweet brother and sister love", but also provided her with another perspective to observe her ex-husband. She began to compare and measure her old love and new love uncontrollably.

The most difficult person is the legendary omnipotent Gu Jia.

Although Gu Jia walks in the Jianghu with the title of "a green device on earth", it is inevitable that there will be some omissions in preventive measures.

In the past, Xu Huanshan, who listened to Gu Jia’s bidding, had an affair with Lin, the goddess of green tea who had just left campus, and became a daughter of love rat who was severely punished by netizens.

With the scenes of three heroines meeting people who are not suitable, the audience can’t help feeling that the only good man in the whole play is Xu Ziyan who is still in kindergarten.


Nothing But Thirty’s front foot put # Is a full-time wife an independent woman # on a hot search, and her back foot made the three heroines have a headache for men.

Isn’t it a little hasty to divide the position of good and evil simply by gender opposition?

A female drama inevitably needs male roles, but this does not mean that women’s problems must be created by men.

The most difficult thing is that after the fast pace and high output in the first half of the drama, with love rat’s daughter showing her true colors in succession, the domestic drama entered the dog blood stage with supporting roles.

Not only the joys and sorrows of the three women can’t escape from men, but they also filmed a large-scale derailment record, completely missing the chic of "thirty", leaving only water injection and procrastination.

Even if the screenwriter himself came out and returned, the rapidly declining score in a few days proved that the audience was the most sensitive quality inspector, and it was Nothing But Thirty’s irreversible fate to open higher and lower.

In less than a month’s broadcast time, from women with different personalities to men who are full of slag, Nothing But Thirty has set off countless discussions through diversified roles.

Undoubtedly, the communication effect of the series is the same at one time.

However, under the surface excitement that seems to cover many issues, the most common problem of Chinese opera-routines has always been hidden.

The counter sister in luxury stores often looks at people to order dishes and dishes, and she can know whether the other party has purchasing power at a glance at the customer’s clothes, while Wang Manni doesn’t pick customers, even if she is facing ordinary guests, she feels at home.

As a result, the heroine successfully unlocked millions of orders and established a good person.


This routine, for the screenwriter, this expected reversal of the plot really saves time and effort, but for the audience, it is estimated that it is more suitable to describe it as "aesthetic fatigue" in the barrage.

As the story comes to an end, only the nonstandard ending of refusing a happy ending can save Nothing But Thirty a little:

Some people accept love, some people wait for love, and some people create love.

Both inside and outside the drama are not perfect, but at least their existence makes more women believe-

A woman must have her freedom, and this freedom deserves everyone’s respect.

The picture in this article comes from the Internet.


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Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3′ s main creation appeared in new york Comic-Con pilot trailer exposure.

  Recently, the sci-fi action film War of the Planet of the Apes (Rise of the Planet of the Apes: The Ultimate Battle, Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3 for short) produced by 20th Century Flowserve Company held a press conference at the 2016 new york Comic-Con, with director matt reeves, starring andy serkis and producer Dylan Clark at the event. The film will be released in North America on July 14th, 2017, and it is expected to be introduced in China. This conference can be said to have made fans who like and pay attention to the Rise of the Planet of the Apes series addicted. The preview of Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3, the 7-minute movie clip and the behind-the-scenes tidbits were all exposed at the event. This unique style of forewarning reminds people to leave quickly through the mouth of Caesar, the gorilla. The war has already started, and people can’t help but look forward to the ultimate decisive battle between man and apes.

  The story of Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3 will take place in the second two years after The Rise of the Planet of the Apes: The Battle of Dawn. Director Reeves said: "This will be the largest one in the series. Caesar in the third film is no longer known to everyone. He is full of remorse for Koba’s death. " Andy serkis, who plays Caesar, also revealed important information: "Caesar’s empathy for human beings gradually disappeared, and he understood Koba better, and his psychology began to go dark."

  The film series Rise of the Planet of the Apes tells the story of a group of high-intelligence orangutans who have been tested by drugs against human beings. This series is one of the successful new films created by Fox Film Company in the 20th century in recent years. Rise of the Planet of the Apes in 2011 and The Rise of the Ape: The Battle of Dawn in 2014 grossed nearly $1.2 billion worldwide. The Rise of the Ape: The Battle of Dawn earned more than 700 million RMB when it was released in China in 2014, and the human nature revealed by the leading orangutan Caesar touched the hearts of many audiences. Rise of the Planet of the Apes’s breakthrough in motion capture technology has made the audience experience the most advanced special effects wonders. The two films in the series were nominated for the Best Visual Effect Award in the 84th and 87th Academy Awards respectively.

  As a well-known Hollywood film company, Fox has produced many blockbuster movies such as Avatar, Titanic, Life of Pi, Mars Rescue, Ace Agent: Secret Service College, X-Men series, Rise of the Planet of the Apes series and Ice Age series in the 20th century. In addition to Rise of the Planet of the Apes: The Ultimate Battle, there will also be many blockbuster movies worthy of attention and expectation in 2017, such as Logan (tentative translation of Wolverine 3: World War I), Kingsman: The Golden Circle (tentative translation of Ace Agent 2: The Golden Circle) and Alien: Covenant (tentative translation of Prometheus 2)

The movie Hot Search: Behind the "hot" is the "cold" data.

Original title: The movie Hot Search: Behind the "hot" is the "cold" data.

"Hot Search" is a very brave film, revealing some realities that were unknown, dare not say and no one said before. A cup of exquisite coffee, a fresh life, a bustling high-rise building and a cold rooftop, this contrast is too stinging. Moreover, it is rare for the director to give the audience a position of God’s perspective, that is, to jump out of the plane surrounded by public opinion or other people’s manipulation and to see the overall fermentation and trend of an event. It makes people feel wonderful and have some thoughts at the same time. Once upon a time, did I just be a member of that team?

The film tells the story that after Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of the media, published an explosive article, he unexpectedly received help from the parties and involved a series of unexpected events. Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of the media, penetrated the traffic password and created an explosive article to rush to the hot search, but indirectly boosted the female student of the "bully" to jump off the building. At this time, Chen Miao accidentally discovered the help information sent by a female student and involved a sexual assault case. He Yan, a partner of Chen Miao, and Peng Yue, a wealthy investor, were involved one after another. Public opinion has turned many times, what kind of interest chain is hidden behind the incident, and a public opinion war for the weak has started …

The film begins with cyber violence and reveals the story behind the frequent cyber violence in recent years. In this era when the media broke out, the truth of the matter is reversed every minute. The illusion of public opinion and the hot search list are behind the bloody and explicit truth, which makes people wonder how to choose justice in the Internet age. The network is rooted in life and has a far-reaching impact on life, even amplifying the dribs and drabs of life. Now the network world can no longer be described by virtual world, it is an enlarged version of the real world, and it has a layer of gauze more than the real world. The starting point of the film is very good, which lies in reminding, awakening and encouraging the conscience and goodwill of the society.

The whole film seems to focus on a story line of justice, using the shell of the current self-media and nesting it with an introduction of campus violence to show the dimension of "realism", but in fact, the film cleverly bypasses all issues that may cause stinging pain. Rather than focusing on the boundary of speech in the media era, this film focuses on the rabble to see how public opinion is induced and used again and again. All people give up thinking and become minions of traffic and topics under the guidance of the media, but this concern does not seem to be the main theme of the film, and the audience’s sense of justice is satisfied with the actions of the protagonist.

In the era of network information, there will be all kinds of information around us, and it is difficult to tell whether it is true or not, as well as active and passive cyber violence with guns and sticks in the information. As Deng, a student of Hunan Qifa Culture Media Co., Ltd., wrote in his commentary, this film is a realistic film that reflects cyber violence well. Moreover, it is said that it is based on a real-life event. If it is true, I can only say that the director dares to shoot. I really can’t imagine how to face it if I am in such a thing, but it also reminds us to express our views cautiously and restrained before facing an event that we don’t know the truth, instead of being mindless. Resist cyber violence and purify the network environment, starting from you and me.

The film focuses on the ethics of media and news reports and the ethics of media people. In today’s era, it is difficult to tell how much public opinion is being manipulated on the Internet, and how much traffic is behind whether the capital is pushing whether the traffic is the highest or the truth is the highest, whether the content is king or the capital is king, in repeated reversals and games. The movie plot seems to map every hot search that really happens on the Internet today. The hot search is not the hot search for defending justice, but the hot search for cyber violence, profit-seeking capital and carnival of the mob. Behind the hot search are actually cold data, indifferent individuals and neglected victims.

The director explained in a simple way how the media now use templated methods to manipulate public opinion to chase hot spots, and how ironic it is to quickly incite the mob’s emotions with just some eye-catching titles without moral bottom line. Isn’t this the case in the fast food era? Emotional venting is far more concerned than the truth. However, many people are eager for gold, and the bones are ruined. Words have no blade, killing is invisible! Therefore, together with the copywriters of Hunan Enterprise Culture, we should be a persistent self-media person, not seeking to be a Buddha who saves people, but seeking not to be a broker of public opinion, because the manipulator will also become a victim. Goodwill is more important than hot search. Truth or illusion? Holding the sword of justice has been secretly used. Before the next comment on social events, we can let the bullets fly a little longer.

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Musical Matilda: "Even if you are young, you can do great things"

Stills of Matilda

Three Matilda actors Song Jinyu Liu Wenhui photo

  West End of London’s original musical "Matilda" landed at Guangzhou Grand Theatre from August 8 to 14, with eight performances in a row. The day before yesterday, three "Matilda" actors Katie Harris, Sophia Boston and Morgan Santo appeared at the Guangzhou Grand Theatre in advance, shared their experiences in performing musicals and their feelings about their trip to China, and brought wonderful performance excerpts from the classic "Naughty".

  Natalie Gilhome, the resident director, introduced that the stage, music and arrangement of Matilda’s China tour are original. "We have toured the world countless times, and I am very happy to finally come to China. This is a rare play featuring a little girl, and we see how a little girl can become a better self. "

  Adapted from well-known children’s literature in Britain

  What kind of musical is Matilda? At the meeting, the three "Matilda" described the play with wit, independence and mystery respectively. Matilda, adapted from the novel of the same name by British writer roald dahl, tells the story of how Matilda, a little girl, deals with vulgar parents and principals, and works miracles with courage and wisdom to save herself and others around her.

  Roald dahl is a well-known children’s literature writer in Britain. He even beat J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, to the top in the "British favorite writer selection". The musical Matilda was hatched by the Royal Shakespeare Company. It is worth mentioning that among the two musicals hatched by the troupe, the other is the world-famous Les Miserables. The composer of Matilda is tim minchin, a musical genius, and the album Matilda brought him a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Musical Album in 2014.

  In 2011, "Matilda" was a great success after its premiere in West End of London, winning 7 laurence olivier awards awards and 5 Tony awards, which swept all the stage design awards in 2012. So far, it has won more than 86 musical awards, including 17 best musical awards.

  The three "Matilda" are small and powerful.

  There is a line in Matilda, "Even if you are young, you can do a lot", which is equally applicable to three young actors. Among the three "Matildas", Sophia and Morgan have played roles in musicals such as Madame Veron, and Katie is on the professional stage for the first time. Generally speaking, children’s actors often don’t dance properly because of their limited physical strength. However, the young actors in Matilda can not only complete many difficult movements, but also lose their singing skills.

  Talking about the feeling of playing Matilda, Morgan said: "The hardest thing is to keep a poker face without expression, because Matilda lives in a family without love." Sophia said: "The hardest thing is to get rid of yourself and become Matilda, because she is completely different from me in personality, expression and walking style."

  Besides Matilda, which roles do they want to try in the play? Sophia and Morgan chose Matilda’s soul mentor — — Miss Henny, Katie wants to play Matilda’s mother: "Mom often yells at Matilda, which is a very interesting role." (Yangcheng Evening News reporter Hu Guangxin intern He Yingdong)

Draft new regulations on the management of "self-driving cars": using self-driving cars to engage in business activities in closed scenes

  Cctv news: On August 8th, the Transport Services Department of the Ministry of Transport issued a notice for public consultation on the Guide to Transport Safety Services for Self-driving Vehicles (Trial) (draft for comments).

  The exposure draft pointed out that under the premise of ensuring transportation safety, self-driving cars are encouraged to engage in urban bus (electric) passenger transport business activities in closed bus rapid transit systems and other scenes, and self-driving cars are used to engage in taxi passenger transport business activities in scenes with simple traffic conditions and relatively controllable conditions, and self-driving cars are used to engage in road ordinary cargo transport business activities in scenes such as point-to-point trunk road transportation and relatively closed roads. Prudently use self-driving cars to engage in road passenger transport business activities. It is forbidden to use self-driving cars to engage in road transport of dangerous goods.

  Using self-driving cars to engage in urban bus (electric) passenger transport, taxi passenger transport, road general cargo transport and road passenger transport.operator(hereinafter referred to as transport operators) shall handle the registration of market entities in accordance with the law, and the business scope shall register the corresponding business categories. Engaged in taxi passenger transport, road general cargo transport, road passenger transport business should have the corresponding business categories of road transport business license qualifications. Those engaged in the operation of urban public buses (electric vehicles) shall meet the requirements of the state and local urban people’s governments on operating qualifications.

  Self-driving engaged in transportation businessautomobileIt shall comply with the requirements of the relevant national and transportation safety technical standards, register motor vehicles according to law, and obtain motor vehicle number plates and motor vehicle driving licenses. Self-driving cars engaged in taxi passenger transport, road general cargo transport and road passenger transport shall also obtain corresponding Network Booking Taxi Transport Certificate or Road Transport Certificate according to law. Self-driving cars engaged in urban bus (electric) passenger transport should also meet the relevant operational qualification requirements of the state and local city people’s governments.

  Conditional self-driving and highly self-driving cars engaged in transportation business shall be equipped withdriverFully self-driving cars engaged in transportation business should be equipped with remote drivers or security officers. Drivers and safety officers shall pass the training and examination organized by transport operators, master the instructions for the use of self-driving cars, be familiar with the risks of self-driving cars, and have the ability to deal with emergencies in an emergency. Drivers should also meet the regulations and requirements for the management of employees in the field of transportation and obtain corresponding qualification certificates.

The glory of the king server crashed; Apple Low-key Plus Meta Universe | Game Industry Weekly

Wen San competes for the nucleus.

1. The the glory of the king system collapsed and reached the top of Weibo Hot Search.

On September 4th, a topic "the glory of the king collapsed" rushed to Weibo for hot search. The glory of the king official response, some players in qualifying, the peak race into the abnormal problem, the problem is being dealt with emergency positioning.

Although the official did not explain the specific reasons for the server abnormality, recently, the most stringent "anti-addiction" notice in history has just been issued. The notice requires strict restrictions on the online game time of minors, and can only provide one-hour service to minors from 20: 00 to 21: 00 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays.

And "the glory of the king collapsed" is in the first weekend when major online game companies implement policies.

2. Apple’s first AR/VR chip exposure, low-key plus meta-universe.

On September 3rd, according to the exclusive report of The Information, Apple completed the research and development of chips such as System-on-Chip (SoC) last year, which has no built-in AI acceleration module. Apple chips have better performance than third-party SoC, including better wireless data transmission, compression, decompression and higher energy efficiency.

The report shows that SoC and two other Apple chips have reached what the semiconductor industry calls a milestone. The physical design of the chip has been completed and is ready for trial production. According to people familiar with the matter, TSMC is producing these three chips, and it is at least one year before mass production. This is a key stage in the development of this head display.

According to the previous news, its debut will be released as early as next year, but Apple may further postpone the release time.

3. Premier League Wolves acquired Chongqing QGhappy and entered the professional league in the glory of the king.

On September 5th, Fosun Sports, where the Premier League Wolves are located, officially announced the acquisition of the glory of the king Professional League (hereinafter referred to as KPL) club Chongqing QGhappy.

After the acquisition, Chongqing QGhappy will be renamed as Chongqing Wolves, and will continue to take Chongqing as the home of the team in the new season and fight with a brand-new attitude.

This announced that the Premier League Wolves officially entered KPL, and the Wolves became the first traditional football club to enter the world’s top mobile e-sports professional league.

4. South Korea’s "Partial Amendment to the Telecommunication Business Law" was passed, and Apple’s monopoly on commission has become a thing of the past.

The issue of Apple Store payment has been the focus of the industry in recent years, including the previous Epic vs Apple War.

On August 31, South Korea’s "Partial Amendment to the Telecommunication Business Law" was officially passed, and South Korea became the first country in the world to end the monopoly position of Apple and Google. According to the requirements of the Act, neither Google Play Store nor Apple AppStore can force developers to use the only payment system on the platform in the Korean market.

This means that developers will be able to use third-party payment, and the app store that has lasted for many years will be divided into 3: 7 models and take the lead in ending in the Korean market.

In addition, Japan, India and other countries have also indicated that they will further review the payment problem of Apple Store.

  • 2.1 Game list in domestic market

Chinese mainland market

Domestic market August 30, 2021 — On September 4th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, The Original God topped the list, and The Battle of the Golden Shovel temporarily occupied the third place in tencent games.

On August 31st, on the occasion of the first anniversary of "The Original God", Mihayou released a brand-new 2.1 version of "The Moon is under the sun". Including the new roles of "Thunder General, Coral Palace Heart Sea, and Jiutiao Luo", opening two new areas of "Qinglai Island and Haitang Island" and updating the fiend mission and legendary mission.

In addition, new weapons, fishing systems and new monsters have been put on the shelves.

Aside from the quality of products, The Original God has been successfully pushed out of the glory of the king on September 1st, and reached the top of the best-selling list of App Store games with its stable long-term content output, staged stacking of buff, and the amount of fluid absorbed by the first anniversary activities.

On the other hand, tencent games’s The Battle of the Golden Shovel has become the "third brother" of tencent games since it was launched on August 26th.

Recently, this work has been closely followed by the glory of the king and Peace Elite, and it has been firmly in Top5.

In terms of other products, Sanqi’s mutual entertainment "Douluo Mainland: Soul-to-Soul Match" and Netease’s game "Fantasy Westward Journey" performed steadily.

China Hong Kong market

China and Hongkong Market August 30, 2021 — On September 4th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, Ali’s games "The Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition", "The Original God" and "The Robbery of Heaven and Earth: The Return of the Dark City" topped the list.

As one of the heavyweight products of Ali Games, The Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition has been at the top of the local App Store game bestseller list since it landed in the Hong Kong market in January this year. In addition, the game was also a T1-level product in the strategy game market at that time.

Thanks to the first anniversary of the launch and version 2.1, the global release of Mihayou "The Original God" has also performed extremely well in the Hong Kong market this week. Temporarily remain in the best-selling list Top2.

In addition, Zi Long Games’ innovative placement of the RPG game "Robbery of Heaven and Earth: The Return of the Ghost Town" also topped the best-selling list of Hong Kong App Store games this week.

In addition to local products, the Marvel Comics IP adaptation MMORPG mobile game "Marvel Comics Future Revolution" launched by South Korea Netstone and Marvel Comics has also performed well in the Hong Kong market since it was launched on August 24. Japanese manufacturers’ products such as Zhilong Lost City, Baokemeng Master EX, Dragon Ball Z, and Football Teenager gathered in the Top10 of the best-selling list of App Store games in Hong Kong.

China Taiwan Province market

China Taiwan Province Market August 30, 2021 — On September 4th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, The Original God and Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition topped the list.

Similar to the Hong Kong market, Ali’s game "The Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition", Mikhail’s game "The Original God" and Zi Long’s game "The Robbery of Heaven and Earth: The Return of the Ghost Town" all performed well in the best-selling list of the App Store in Taiwan Province this week.

Sanqi Mutual Entertainment’s "Douluo Mainland: Soul-to-Soul Duel" is stable in the best-selling list Top5 this week. As far as performance is concerned, this work is a relatively successful mobile game adapted from Douluo Mainland IP on the market at present.

In addition, the company’s "Doomsday" and "Call me a big shopkeeper" two products, which mainly go to sea, also entered the Top10 of the App Store game list this week.

  • 2.2 List of Games in Major Overseas Markets

American market

American market August 30, 2021 — On September 4 th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, "The Original God" dominated the list.

Quality+global theme, coupled with the continuous and stable long-term content output, gives Mihayou the confidence to reach different cultural regions. Since September 1, the game has been on the best-selling list of App Store games in the United States for three consecutive days.

In addition, the only domestic game that entered the Top10 list this week is tencent games’s Call of Duty Mobile Games.

Japanese market

Japanese market August 30, 2021 — On September 4 th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, "Horse Racing Mother" topped the list.

In terms of domestic games going to sea in Japan, Mihayou’s Original God, music element Idol Dream Sacrifice, Netease’s game Wild Action and Fifth Personality entered the Top10 of the best-selling list.

Korean market

Korean market August 30, 2021 — On September 4th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, Odin: The Rise of Varhala still topped the list.

In terms of domestic South Korean games, Mihayou’s "The Original God" and Ali’s game "The History of the Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition" are on the Top2 of the best-selling list.

In addition, tencent games’s PUBG Mobile and Lilith’s Awakening of the Nations entered the Top10 list.

Indian market

Indian market August 30, 2021 — On September 4th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, PUBG MOBILE India Edition, SEA《Free Fire and tencent games’s Call of Duty Mobile Games launched a fierce competition around "India is the first brother to eat chicken mobile games".

Only from this week’s performance, the top two products ranked Top1 in the best-selling list, and basically remained within Top3. In contrast, the advantages of tencent games’s Call of Duty Mobile Games are not obvious. During the period, it ranked Top2 and dropped out of the Top10 list.

In fact, this is quite different from the performance of PUBG MOBILE India Edition. To some extent, in the same category, the products that enter the market first will definitely have the advantages of user base and usage habits.

Even if PUBG MOBILE India Edition has the support of "invisible hand", it is difficult to "cover the sky with one hand".

Data-Eye data shows that casual games occupy all the positions of Top10 in the buying list from August 30th to September 5th.

Compared with last week, although Beijing Zhanxin Power "Paradise 233" is still at the top of the buying list, the amount of materials released this week has dropped by 50% to 31,413 groups, compared with 68,993 groups in the same period last week.

In addition, from the perspective of product types, most products in the Top10 list are "leisure+online earning" types.

Since the State Press and Publication Administration released the game version number on July 22nd, no new version number information has been published recently.

According to competitive statistics, as of September 5, 2021, a total of 755 game version numbers were issued. Among them, there are 679 domestic game versions and 76 imported game versions.

Specifically, Tencent, Netease, ByteDance and Aauto Quicker were issued with version numbers in 2021, which were 13, 11, 2 and 3 respectively.

It is worth mentioning that on September 3, the State Council issued a notice on several measures to promote the reform and innovation of trade and investment facilitation in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, in which Article 16, "Piloting the territorial management of online games", pointed out that the Central Propaganda Department will be responsible for promoting the online game audit pilot work in the location of the eligible Pilot Free Trade Zone.

In fact, the idea of "launching a pilot project of territorial management of online games" has been put forward many times this year. For example, on April 8, the Ministry of Commerce of the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Opinions on Several Special Measures to Support the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and Relax Market Access, and on April 21, the Ministry of Commerce issued the Overall Plan for the Comprehensive Pilot of Expanding and Opening up the Service Industry in Hainan Province, all of which advocated Hainan to deepen the pilot work of reviewing the content of local online games.

In addition, on April 21st, in the notice of the Ministry of Commerce on printing and distributing the "Overall Plan for the Comprehensive Pilot Project of Expanding and Opening up the Service Industry in Chongqing", it also mentioned "supporting Chongqing to actively create conditions to apply for the pilot project of reviewing the content of local online games".

Since 2018, the version number policy has been tightened in an all-round way, and the version number has been extremely strict. Hainan and Chongqing are expected to become new network audit pilots, and may be improved.

It must be pointed out that considering the recent "uninsured" incidents, Jinghe believes that the increase in pilot projects does not mean that the approval will be relaxed, or even stricter. For example, no new version number was issued in August 2021, which also explained some problems. 

Unresured correlation:

August 30th: The three-day and three-hour insurance policy was issued.
The State Press and Publication Administration issued the Notice on Further Strict Management to Effectively Prevent Minors from Indulging in Online Games. The contents of the notice are roughly divided into three parts: for game companies, the requirements for real-name registration and login of online game user accounts are strictly implemented; Strictly control the duration of providing game services to minors (only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays at 20: 20:00— 21:00)。

August 31st: Children’s game community should also be limited to 3 hours.

A number of official accounts of Baiao Family Interactive, the developer of Olastar and Obi Island mobile games and page games, announced that the anti-addiction system of mobile games and page games will be adjusted on September 1, and will only provide one-hour game service to minors from 20: 00 to 21: 00 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, and will not provide game service to users who are not registered and logged in by their real names in any form.

September 1st: Some e-sports events announced restrictions on the age of contestants.

The State Press and Publication Administration recently issued the Notice on Further Strict Management to Effectively Prevent Minors from Indulging in Online Games. Subsequently, some e-sports officials announced that they had begun to limit the age of the contestants. Among them, the PEL Peace Elite Professional League announced that it will carry out compliance work on the age of the contestants; KPL the glory of the king Professional League has made it clear that KPL and K-A players must be at least 18 years old before they can participate.

September 2nd: Hearthstone prohibits underage certified professional players.

Recently, the State Press and Publication Administration issued the Notice on Further Strict Management to Effectively Prevent Minors from Indulging in Online Games to solve the problem of minors’ overuse or even indulging in online games. Subsequently, major manufacturers have expressed their views, and now Netease has decided to prohibit minors from being certified as professional e-sports players of Hearthstone Legend.

September 4th: "the glory of the king" collapsed, ranking first in the hot search.

"the glory of the king collapsed" topped the hot search list in Weibo. Although the official did not explain the specific reasons for the server abnormality, recently, the most stringent "anti-addiction" notice in history has just been issued, demanding that the online game time of minors be strictly limited, and only one hour service can be provided to minors from 20: 00 to 21: 00 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. This is the first weekend for major online game companies to implement policies.

Industry trends: 

August 30th: The producer of "Rulong" is expected to join Netease.

According to Bloomberg News, Netease is in the final negotiations to poach the names of the producers of "Like a Dragon" series from Sega. According to people familiar with the matter, after Ming Yue changed jobs to Netease, he will set up his own team and develop new games. The two sides have not yet signed a final contract, and his responsibilities have not yet been finalized. Nobuyoshi Kuniyama is a famous game producer in the Japanese game industry, and the total sales volume of his series of "Rulong" games has exceeded 14 million.

August 31st: South Korea legislates to end Apple’s channel monopoly.

In the plenary vote of the National Assembly of Korea, the Partial Amendment to the Telecommunication Business Law was passed with 180 votes in favor, 0 votes against and 8 abstentions. Korea became the first country in the world to end the monopoly position of Apple and Google.

According to the requirements of the Act, neither Google Play Store nor Apple AppStore can force developers to use the only payment system on the platform in the Korean market. This means that developers will be able to use third-party payment, and the app store that has lasted for many years will be divided into 3: 7 models and take the lead in ending in the Korean market.

August 31: Netstone establishes Yuan Universe Company.

Netmarble F&C, a subsidiary of South Korean mobile game giant Netmarble, said on the 31st that its wholly-owned subsidiary "Metaverse Entertainment" was formally established. According to reports, "Metauniverse Entertainment" will devote itself to developing a virtual reality platform and operating virtual idols. The masterpieces of mobile games launched by Netstone in recent two years mainly include Seven Sins: The Battle of Light and Darkness and Sword Spirit Revolution.

August 31st: Robles invested 90 million dollars to expand.

The developer of Robles is planning to expand the company. In the latest quarterly financial report of Robles, the company plans to expand its headquarters in san mateo, California, with an expansion area of 123,000 square feet. The expansion project will cost about $90 million and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

August 31st: iQiyi launches VR All-in-One Adventure 3.

Iqiyi Adventure VR held an online new product release show with the theme of "Good Games, Free Play", and officially released its fun and beautiful new generation flagship VR masterpiece — — Adventure 3. The first 30 high-quality games are all open to the first owner for free, and the total value of the games exceeds 1700 yuan.

September 1st: The father of PUBG set up an independent game studio.

Brendan Greene, the creator of "Survival of the Jedi", announced that he has left Krafton, the parent company of Blue Hole. As the founder of Survival of the Jedi, PlayerUnknown in the full name of this book (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds Player Unknown) is his screen name.

September 2: Lilith card new tour exposure.

Lilith officially announced that "Shenjue" has already made reservations on platforms such as bilibili and TapTap, and expressed the hope to present a brand-new popular fantasy IP for players through "Shenjue". "Shenjue" is an RPG mobile game developed by Lilith with the theme of urban mythology. In addition to combining urban and mythical themes, the game also incorporates the elements of trend and electronic sound, which is unique in terms of picture and music.

September 2nd: Hatsune Miku Mobile Games will be released in the morning and evening.

Hatsune Miku genuine authorized mobile game "World Plan Colorful Stage! Specially invited: Hatsune Miku (hereinafter referred to as "World Plan") officially announced that Lightyear, a subsidiary of ByteDance, will be responsible for the distribution in Asia except Japan.

September 2: Apple opens third-party payment for audio and video applications.

According to reports, Apple will allow third-party developers to connect their software to external websites, so that users can buy their paid services, which has solved the long-standing controversy surrounding the Apple App Store. These include audio and video, reading and other applications, and game applications are not among them for the time being.

September 3: Apple’s first AR/VR chip is exposed.

According to the exclusive report of The Information, Apple completed the research and development of chips such as System on Chip (SoC) last year, which has no built-in AI acceleration module. Apple chips have better performance than third-party SoC, including better wireless data transmission, compression, decompression and higher energy efficiency.

September 3: India or review Apple Store payment issues.

After South Korea, India’s antitrust authorities are also eyeing App Store’s in-app payment problem, that is, forcing developers to use their in-app purchase system. The Indian Competition Commission will review the case in the next few weeks and may order a wider investigation or deal with it in general.

September 3rd: JD.COM banned 87 console games.

JD.COM’s announcement of banning the sale of games has been widely circulated. There are as many as 87 games in the announcement, most of which are console games, among which there are many famous masterpieces such as Call of Duty series and Collection! Animal Forest Friends Association, FIFA19, etc.

September 3rd: Layabox wholly acquired FairyGUI, the largest third-party editor.
Recently, Layabox, the company owned by LayaAir engine, has completed the wholly-owned acquisition of Huagu Software. In the future, FairyGUI will still maintain independent operation and version maintenance. Gu Zhu (Xiao Yingtang), the founder of Huagu Software, joined Layabox and became the head of Layabox Guangzhou Branch, mainly responsible for the design and development of LayaAir engine 3.0 IDE. LayaAir engine, owned by the acquirer Layabox, accounts for 90% of the 3D engine of small game platform with its mature and leading 3D technology advantages.

Financial report dynamics:

August 30th: The revenue of Sanqi Entertainment H1 is 7.5 billion yuan.

Sanqi Entertainment released its financial report for the first half of 2021. The financial report shows that H1 Sanqi Entertainment achieved revenue of 7.539 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5.63%; The total profit was 1.006 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 49.51%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 854 million yuan, down 49.77% from the same period of last year. Among them, the company’s mobile game business revenue was 7.067 billion yuan, down 4.65% year-on-year.

August 30th: Google App Store earned $11.2 billion in 2019.

South Korea may ban Google and Apple from charging software developers commissions for in-app purchases, the first such containment measure in a major economy, which may damage the lucrative revenue sources of technology giants, Reuters reported. According to the report, the Legislative and Judicial Committee of South Korea’s Parliament is expected to approve an amendment to the Telecommunication Business Law known as the "Anti-Google Law" on Tuesday, prohibiting application store operators with dominant market positions from using certain payment systems.

August 30th: century huatong H1 game revenue is 6.2 billion yuan.

Century huatong released its financial report for the first half of 2021. The financial report shows that H1 century huatong achieved revenue of 7.31 billion yuan, down 5.9% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 2.45 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 52.88%. Among them, the proportion of Internet game revenue has reached 85.15%. During the reporting period, the company’s game business achieved operating income of 6.228 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 35.51% in three years.

August 31st: Netease game H1 revenue of 14.5 billion.

Netease announced its financial report for the second quarter of 2021. According to the financial report data, Netease Q2′ s total revenue was 20.52 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.9%. The net profit attributable to shareholders of the company was 3.54 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 21.9%; Under non-GAAP, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the company was 4.23 billion yuan. In terms of game business, Netease’s total game revenue in this quarter increased by 5% year-on-year to 14.53 billion yuan.

E-sports dynamics:

September 2nd: EDG won the LPL Summer Championship.

The 2021 LPL Summer Finals was held in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center. EDG defeated FPX by 3:1 to win the Summer Finals, and finally successfully won the Silver Dragon Cup, and will compete in the 2021 League of Legends Global Finals S11 as the No.1 seed of LPL.

September 3rd: RNG Zero Letter WE entered S11.

In the first round of qualifiers in LPL Division of League of Legends Global Finals in 2021, RNG team defeated rival WE with a score of 3-0 and obtained the third seed qualification leading to the global finals.

September 5th: Premier League Wolves acquire Chongqing QGhappy.

Fosun Sports, where the Premier League Wolves are located, officially announced the acquisition of the glory of the king Professional League (hereinafter referred to as KPL) club Chongqing QGhappy. After the acquisition, Chongqing QGhappy will be renamed as Chongqing Wolves, and will continue to take Chongqing as the home of the team in the new season and fight with a brand-new attitude. This announced that the Premier League Wolves officially entered KPL, and the Wolves became the first traditional football club to enter the world’s top mobile e-sports professional league.

Start a new tour next week (9.6-9.12):

According to the statistics of hot money network, the only big factory game to be launched next week is Netease game Harry Potter: Magic Awakening.

This work is an RPG mobile game authorized by the original Harry Potter, developed and distributed by Netease Games.

In the game, the player plays a freshman in the School of Wizardry, enters Hogwarts College to study, and starts a mysterious adventure with other partners. Although the picture of the game is 3D, through the combination of filters, rendering and light and shadow, the whole picture has a retro picture book effect, which is very compatible with the magical theme of Harry Potter.

At present, Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens has more than 10 million reservations in official website, and the TapTap score is 7.1.

Chen Yingming, a 95-year-old master of aviation painting, died, and the drawing error never exceeded 5%

  Chen Yingming hand-painted the Ten Fighters

  Young Chen Yingming

  I have been reading aviation knowledge magazines since middle school, and I have been reading Chen Lao’s paintings and articles. I visited Chen Lao several years ago because of the story of a China pilot. After several visits, it was rare to have a good conversation with Chen Lao in his hometown Cantonese. I am grateful to know him and learn a lot.

  — — Hong Kong director Chen Jiashang told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter about his contacts with Chen Lao on the Internet.

  Teacher Chen Yingming pioneered aviation painting for a generation, inspiring countless people’s aviation dreams — — Including me. Deeply cherish the memory of teacher Chen Yingming.

  — — Dai Xiaopeng, a model airplane man in Beijing

  I recall that my teacher and I talked about aviation allusions all night, made coffee, went to KFC, looked through historical files at our desks and doodled airplanes … … Still vivid, unforgettable. What a fatherly teacher left me was the truth of being a man and the method of studying. Have a good trip, teacher!

  — — Jiangdong, Shanghai aviation history expert and model maker.

  A pen, depicting the waves in the sky.

  A pair of hands, so that the precision aircraft can be seen.

  A volume of history tells the history of aviation in China for a hundred years.

  Years are advancing with the times, and the hero is dying. At the age of 95, Chen Yingming, a model airplane master, left his lifelong career on the 14th and returned to the blue sky he yearned for most.

  The master of aviation art was an early participant in the construction of aviation industry in New China. He was well known as an expert in aviation history, an aviation painter and a model airplane designer. Until the moment he left, he never stopped searching for the aviation history of China.

  Fighters, bombers and transport planes & HELIP; … Various planes in different periods in the history of aviation development are vivid in Chen Yingming’s works. His aviation paintings, accompanied by the growth of a generation, exist in the form of a "textbook", which makes many young people look to the sky.

  Chengdu Business Daily reporter Huan Xiaohuai

  Netizen remembers

  Inspired by his paintings

  A group of people joined the aviation industry.

  At 5: 05 on April 14th, Chen Yingming passed away and said goodbye to Chengdu, where he lived for most of his life. His son Chen Dabo wanted to follow the wishes of the old man and keep everything simple, but the news spread like wildfire, and Chen Lao students, aviation enthusiasts and aviation history researchers from all over the world forwarded and cherished it.

  A military fan netizen told the reporter that he and many friends grew up watching Chen Lao’s plane diagram. "His spread of aviation knowledge in China has influenced a group of people to join the aviation industry.".

  Chen Yingming has a large number of admirers, and even Hong Kong director Chen Jiashang visited Chen Yingming’s home in Chengdu several times. In 2016, he published Aviation Knowledge and a recent photo of Chen Lao in Weibo, and mentioned that "this is my favorite magazine when I was young, and I regard all kinds of illustrations in it as treasures. Talk to him (Chen Lao) about the history of China Air Force, and have fun. ". On January 24 this year, he once again took a photo with Chen Lao and wished the elderly a happy Spring Festival. Last night, after learning the news of the old man’s death, he sent Weibo to express his condolences. "Teacher, go well." It is understood that Chen Jiashang is going to shoot a film about the air combat against Japan, hoping that Chen Lao can help improve the script and provide advice and guidance.

  At the end of life

  Give the manuscript to the students

  Tell them to continue their research.

  Chen Dabo, the only son of Chen Yingming, is 67 years old. He told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter that at the end of last year, the old man had surgery for bladder stones, and later he had a lung infection. After leaving the hospital, he didn’t eat much, and his life was difficult to take care of himself. Chen Dabo proposed to send the elderly to a maintenance center with medical functions, but it was difficult for the elderly to give up a room full of information in their small house, which was integrated into their lifelong efforts.

  It was not until March that the old man promised to go to the maintenance center. In the last period of his life, the old man also instructed the students to sort out the manuscripts and materials at home. Zhong Yihui is Chen Yingming’s most trusted student. "His memory is super strong. Even if his words are unclear, he has a clear memory of some anti-Japanese war history and air combat figures."

  Before his death, Chen Yingming gave some information to Zhong Yihui, asking him to "further sort it out and make good use of it". Zhong Yihui mentioned that Chen Lao’s unfinished business is to let more people participate in aviation research and propaganda, let more people be willing to engage in aircraft design and manufacturing, and let our aviation equipment and aviation industry truly take the lead in the world.

  For Chen Dabo, it is a pity that his father did not leave himself a model plane and an aerial painting. Chen Yingming once entrusted his grandson to donate dozens of aerial paintings to Tsinghua University, but only left his son a manuscript and some handwritten music scores.

  His pursuit

  Insisting on staying in Chengdu has his youth and career here.

  Participate in the preparation of a flying factory.

  Set up an airplane model room

  Chen Yingming was originally from Guangdong, and his grandfather was an overseas Chinese in Vietnam. In February 1923, Chen Yingming was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. At the age of seven, the French held an industrial exhibition in Hanoi, and Chen Yingming devoted his eyes to the three biplanes in the exhibition hall. This "encounter" made him obsessed with describing airplanes and making model airplanes, which formed an indissoluble bond with the aviation industry and became his lifelong pursuit.

  In 1949, Chen Yingming came to Guangzhou and later joined civil aviation. In 1952, Chen Yingming was transferred to Taiyuan Civil Aviation Repair Factory and participated in the production of the first self-designed airplane model engine "5138" in New China.

  In 1956, Chen Yingming was transferred to the preparatory office of Chengdu New Factory of the Ministry of Aviation to prepare for Chengdu Aircraft Factory (now China Aviation Industry Chengfei Company). In 1958, after Chengfei Factory was officially launched, he set out to set up an "aircraft model room". Here, he trained the second and third generation model makers of Chengfei Factory. Later, Chen Lao was transferred to Qingjiang Instrument Factory (now China Aviation Industry Chengdu Kaitian Electronics Co., Ltd.). According to his students’ memories, during this period, Chen Yingming also participated in the successful design and production of the first aerometer pitot tube, the second aerometer magnetic compass and the third aerometer altimeter in New China.

  Zhong Yihui mentioned that many relatives of Chen Yingming are overseas, and some relatives asked him to live overseas, but he insisted on staying in Chengdu. "There is his youth here, a career he loves, and he is used to life in Chengdu." Chen Dabo explained.

  It takes 17 years

  Compile the history of aircraft in China.

  After retirement, Chen Yingming still likes to stay in the study, collecting and sorting out information. He once spent 17 years working with other domestic scholars to compile the first history of aircraft development in China’s aviation for a hundred years. Downturn to version 02

  He is good at blowing, pulling and playing, and will make coffee for every visitor.

  His life

  Chen Dabo did not inherit his father’s career, but his choice was also influenced by his father. Before retiring, Chen Dabo was engaged in music teaching in Sichuan Conservatory of Music. At the age of six, Chen Dabo learned to play the violin with his father and went to the factory to perform. "I play the violin and he plays the guitar." Chen Dabo recalled that his father had an art troupe in the factory that year. He was good at trumpet, violin and cello.

  In leisure time, the old people like to sit down and drink coffee and eat western food, which is influenced by their early life. Chen Yingming’s second apartment in Chengdu has received many aviation enthusiasts. "As long as you go to the elderly, the elderly will give visitors a cup of coffee." Zhong Yihui said, "He likes to communicate and share with young people."

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse … More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, April 17th (Reporter Zhao Jiantong, Li Chunyu, Xu Dongyuan) Spring is as deep as the sea, and with the rapid temperature rise, people are enthusiastic about horse racing. According to incomplete statistics, only on the weekend of April 15th and 16th, there were more than 30 road races all over the country, and the races in Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai became hot topics on social platforms.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter observed that this spring marathon showed a comprehensive return trend, and emerging events blossomed everywhere with outstanding characteristics. Judging from the surge in the number of applicants in some competitions, the horse racing fever even exceeded three years ago. Taking running as the medium, all localities have integrated the enthusiasm of national fitness with the vitality of urban development, and set up platforms such as sports consumption festivals, tourism festivals and expositions that are compatible with marathons, showing local cultural landscapes, beautiful ecological environment and meticulous public services.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Wuhan Marathon passed the Yellow Crane Tower. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhizun photo

  Running has become a way of life.

  In 2019, there were more than 300 marathons certified by China Athletics Association, and in 2023, only 133 events were registered in the first half of the year. Judging from the number of events, the marathon craze has basically returned to the level before the epidemic.

  The return of the number of races gives the horse racers more choices. Wang Lin, head of Beijing Fangshan Running Group, said: "There are marathons almost every weekend in China, and runners even have to make multiple-choice questions according to their own schedule!"

  The craze for horse racing among the whole people has risen again, and running has become a way of life for more and more people. According to the official data of Shanghai Half Marathon, the number of applicants reached 78,922 in 2023, which is more than the sum of the number of applicants in 2019 and 2021.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  "This year’s Beijing Half Horse, I felt a lot of people when I started. There were about 200 people running in our group. Everyone enjoyed the game and enjoyed sports." Wang Lin said.

  In addition to the number of participants, citizens from all over the world are also paying more attention to the marathon. In Wuhan on the early morning of the 16th, the cheers hardly stopped among the crowded crowd watching the marathon. The mother runner pushing a stroller, the uncle who came to watch the game with Regan Noodles, and the primary school students holding math test papers while cheering have become hot anecdotes in Wuhan.

  Yu Meng, 64, has been running for nearly 10 years. After the semi-Marseille in Shanghai, he said: "There are few people on the side of the road. Up to now, everyone will cheer for those who take part in the marathon. Our healthy life is getting better and better."

  Events have their own characteristics, and the experience of participating in the competition has improved.

  According to industry insiders, nowadays, national marathons are everywhere, and most of the events have distinct grades and characteristics, and they are becoming more and more mature in improving the experience and ensuring the safety of the events. At the beginning of planning and preparation, many events often publicize the biggest characteristics of the current event to attract more runners to punch in.

  Beijing Half Horse, which shows the charm of "Double Olympic City", is committed to telling the world the sports story of "Double Olympic City" this year. Competitors pass through the National Swimming Center, the National Gymnasium and other "double Olympic venues", and at the end of the competition, the "Snowflake" torch platform of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the nearby "Bird’s Nest" complement each other.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Beijing Half Marathon finished shooting medals after the race. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Zhongyu photo

  The theme of the 2023 Wuhan Marathon is "The Return of Heroes", which reproduces the classic track of "One City, Two Rivers, Three Towns, Four Bridges and Five Lakes" in previous events, adjusts the starting mode, optimizes the participation experience, introduces the "Chinese Racing Plan" and "Famous School Team Challenge" to help China athletes improve their competitive level, and 7,000 volunteers from 19 universities in Wuhan enthusiastically maintain the reputation of "zero bad reviews" in running laps.

  Not only in "super cities", but also in some prefecture-level cities and even county towns, they have begun to create characteristic and high-quality marathon events. The new route of "Yangma" has turned into a punch line to experience Yangzhou cuisine, and "Fireworks in Yangzhou in March" has become a popular choice for domestic runners. The Dao Jiang Half Marathon in jianye district, Nanjing has created a "natural" smart track formed by closed-loop dikes, which can also be used by citizens for all-weather, self-help and intelligent running. Forest Marathon is held in Xianfeng County, Hubei Province, and runners from all over the country can enjoy the local customs in the "natural oxygen bar".

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the runners were in the 2023 Yangzhou Jian Zhen Half Marathon. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Ren Fei)

  "A marathon knows a city", and more and more regions regard marathon as an important carrier to enhance the image and influence of the city.

  Behind the road running craze, the sports industry is full of vitality

  Why is road running so hot? Where should the domestic marathon develop in the future?

  According to industry experts, the return of marathon craze is the natural release of the demand for exercise and fitness after the epidemic, and the underlying reason is that the concept of healthy living has taken root with the joint efforts of all sectors of society. Under the guidance of the national strategy of national fitness, local governments use the platform of competition to promote cities, thus releasing policy dividends; The experience of competition operators is getting richer and richer, which makes the sense of experience and satisfaction of participating in the competition gradually improve; With the development of national economy, the concept of participating in physical exercise has deepened, and participating in road running events has become the spontaneous demand of Chinese people; With the development of social media such as friends circle, Weibo and Xiaohongshu, the social attribute of road running activities has been further enhanced, and the participation of various groups has been enhanced.

  According to the calculation of China Athletics Association, by 2025, the number of domestic road races and related sports events is expected to increase to 2,500, and the number of people participating in the Volkswagen Marathon will increase to 10 million.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Wuhan Marathon passed the East Lake Greenway in Wuhan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cheng Minshe

  In the face of such a broad development space of road running, the development prospects of related event services, sports training, tourism and catering, and sporting goods manufacturing are very impressive. According to media statistics, among the top 100 runners in this year’s Wuhan Marathon, more than half of them wear Xtep running shoes, leading the way in "fault"; Among the "breaking three" people in Malaysia, the proportion of wearing domestic running shoes is more than 70%. It seems that the phenomenon that Nike and Adidas running shoes once filled the track in Malaysia will be ended.

  At the same time, some experts said that although some domestic events are not inferior to the world Grand Slam events such as London Marathon and Boston Marathon in many aspects such as track design and service ability, there is still room for further improvement in terms of brand building. Many start-up events are greedy for perfection, pursuing the scale of the event regardless of the carrying capacity of urban management and the sustainability of the operation model.

  Therefore, in order to maintain the popularity of marathon and broaden the development space of the whole road running industry, we must further standardize the development of road running events and guide the marathon culture to truly take root and grow healthily and sustainably.

[Editor in charge:


12 people bet on 9 people for public office! An exclusive investigation on "Yunnan Yongsheng public officials were demoted for gambling"

       CCTV News:Recently, a news that six teachers in Yongsheng County, Lijiang, Yunnan Province were demoted for playing mahjong during the winter vacation aroused public concern. Some people questioned that playing mahjong should be dealt with, especially during the winter vacation. Is this too harsh on teachers? In addition, how to define entertainment or gambling? In this regard, the "Rule of Law Online" reporter rushed to the local area to interview the relevant parties exclusively.

       According to Deng Chaobin, director of Yongbei Police Station of Yongsheng County Public Security Bureau who handled this case, on the afternoon of February 16, 2019, the police station received an alarm and some people gathered for gambling.

       Deng Chaobin, director of Yongbei Police Station of Yongsheng County Public Security Bureau, said: "On the afternoon of February 16th, we received an anonymous report from the masses, that is to say, in this family at No.43 Huancheng East Road in our jurisdiction, some people gathered to gamble, so after receiving this report from the masses that day, our police station immediately organized the police to rush to this reported place."

       According to the police, the reported location is located on the fourth floor of a residential building. The picture of the law enforcement recorder shows that when the police rushed to the scene and asked the people in the room to open the door, no one came to open the door. From the window of the corridor, it can be clearly seen that two men in the room jumped out of the window on the fourth floor to escape, while others hurriedly fled in the room.


       Deng Chaobin: "When we arrived at the scene, we found that there was a mahjong table in each of the three rooms, and they were all playing mahjong." Subsequently, the police conducted a survey on the scene, and they found that the amount of gambling funds at each table was not small.

       Deng Chaobin: "In general, three tables of mahjong add up to 28,800 yuan, so the gambling money collected from three tables of mahjong is more than 12,000, the second table is more than 9,000, and the third table is more than 6,900. That’s right."


       Subsequently, the police took the people in the house to the police station for further investigation. Subsequently, the police found through investigation that this is not a simple entertainment activity between friends. Because some people who gamble know each other, and some are the first time to join in gambling.

       The police found that Zhang, the owner of this apartment on the fourth floor, usually attracts some friends to play mahjong at home and collects some fees from them. At the same time, the police found that among the 12 gamblers, nine were public officials, six of whom were teachers.


       Deng Chaobin: "After the seizure on the same day, the words in the process of inquiry also reflected that some had won or lost thousands of dollars, some had almost lost all of them, and some had won thousands of dollars. That’s right. According to our local salary standard, that is to say, the monthly salary of these public officials is several thousand dollars. It can be said that according to the gambling money seized that day, it can be said that almost one month’s salary is taken with you to participate in this gambling. Then some of them are nearly half of their wages, so their per capita gambling money on that day far exceeds our minimum standard of illegal gambling in all parts of the country. This is the case. "

       Nine public officials participated in gambling and seized 28,800 gambling funds.

       Twelve people gamble and nine are public officials. How to punish them? According to the local police, 28,800 gambling funds were seized on the spot, which did not meet the criteria for criminal offences. Therefore, they made penalties according to the Law on Public Security Administration Punishment.

       Article 70 of the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on Public Security Administration Punishment stipulates that those who provide conditions for gambling for the purpose of making profits, or who participate in gambling with a large amount of money, shall be detained for less than five days or fined less than 500 yuan; If the circumstances are serious, they shall be detained for not less than 10 days but not more than 15 days, and be fined not less than 500 yuan but not more than 3,000 yuan.

       Then, how to identify the gambling capital? According to the local police, they mainly refer to the Guiding Opinions on Discretion Standards for Handling Gambling Illegal Cases published by the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department in January 2019, and comprehensively consider the identification standards across the country. In this guidance, Article 4 stipulates that "those who participate in gambling with a large amount of money" as stipulated in Article 70 of the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on Public Security Administration Punishment refers to a gambling administrative case in which the per capita gambling amount is less than 2,000 yuan in 200 yuan.

       Deng Chaobin: "So from a national perspective, it is between 200 and 500. Then, judging from the gambling money collected from three tables of mahjong that day, each table far exceeds this range, and it has reached at least 1,700 yuan, and the smallest table has reached more than 1,700."


       Which situation is "serious"? The Ministry of Public Security issued guidance.

       At the same time, the police introduced that according to the "Guiding Opinions on the Discretion of Public Security Organs to Punish Some Violations of Public Security Management" issued by the Ministry of Public Security in June 2018, Article 78, paragraph 3, stipulates that the participation of state staff in gambling belongs to "serious circumstances".

       Deng Chaobin: "This is the guidance of our Ministry of Public Security. As the actual situation of cracking down on gambling crimes in the whole country, that is to say, every public official also represents his own official status. Then what you are doing represents the image of this unit and has a different impact on society. If these public officials participate in gambling, it means that it is clearly stipulated that the circumstances are serious according to the guidance, so the punishment range means that they should be punished for more than 10 days."

       According to the police, according to these laws and regulations and the specific circumstances of the case, they finally made a punishment decision.

       Deng Chaobin: "Then, in view of the situation of the day and the whole case, all the gambling personnel with nine public officials actively cooperated with our public security organs to investigate and realized their mistakes. Then, taking these situations into consideration as appropriate, 12 gambling personnel, including these nine public officials, were finally sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days and fined 500 yuan. Zhang, who provided conditions for gambling, was detained for 15 days and fined 3,000 yuan."

       Subsequently, according to the handling mechanism of the public security organs, these nine public officials were handed over to the discipline inspection and supervision department for further handling.

       Deng Chaobin: "Because our public security organs have a case-handling cooperation mechanism with the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Supervisory Committee, that is to say, once it is found that a public official in this country or party member has violated relevant laws and regulations and been seized by various departments, law enforcement departments and law enforcement case-handling departments, we must hand over the relevant clues to the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision. According to this mechanism, if we are required to complete this case, we will submit the relevant clues to the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision in time, and

       Nine people were detained on the 10 th and then handed over to the county commission for discipline inspection.

       Then, how did these nine public officials who participated in gambling get demoted or otherwise punished? In this regard, we interviewed the local Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Education Bureau.

       He Wenjin, deputy secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Yongsheng County: "After they (the public security organs) informed us, we also organized personnel to analyze it, because we had to analyze the specific case, and then we found that these nine public officials had three identities."


       According to the staff of the Disciplinary Committee of Yongsheng County, Lijiang City, after the public security organs handed over nine public officials to the Disciplinary Committee, they found that these nine public officials had three different identities. He Wenjin: "One is a civil servant, the other is a people’s teacher, and the other is an employee of an enterprise. Therefore, we have diverted its clues to different places according to the cadre management authority. The civil servants involved, that is, the county cadres, are handled by our Commission for Discipline Inspection, and then six teachers are involved. According to the cadre management authority, all of them are non-Party, so we have to hand them over to our Education Bureau for handling."

       Three public officials, two of whom are also party member. Therefore, the local discipline inspection departments have different results in dealing with them. He Wenjin: "Two civil servants, both of whom are department-level cadres, so we have to go through our procedures for filing a case, so we will deal with party member in accordance with the disciplinary regulations of the Communist Party of China (CPC), so we have given them a serious warning and this punishment. There is another civil servant. He is also a county-level cadre and a department-level cadre, but he is not party member. He is a non-party. Therefore, we will follow the regulations on the punishment of public servants, that is, civil servants in administrative organs. The regulations on which it is based are different. Therefore, according to that regulation, he was punished with administrative demerits. "

       At the same time, Yongsheng County Education Bureau also received clues from the public security department and the discipline inspection department.

       Director of Yongsheng County Education Bureau and Genjie: "We strictly follow the specific provisions in the Provisional Regulations on the Punishment of Staff in this institution, so Article 21 stipulates that the punishment should be given to lower the post level in the following circumstances. Then one of the following circumstances in Article 21 includes this gambling participant, who participates in gambling, and clearly stipulates that the punishment should be given to lower the post level."


       Subsequently, the local education bureau made a decision to lower the post level of six teachers involved. And the principals of the three schools to which these six teachers belong were given the accountability treatment of canceling the qualification of appraising the first year and reporting it to the county.

       Director of Education Bureau of Yongsheng County and Genjie: "As a teacher, the profession is special. We must face our next generation, train our next generation, and run a satisfactory education for the people. As a teacher, it will definitely have a greater impact than public officials in other units. It’s not that this is the way to deal with it this time. Before that, we also found that we would never tolerate it together. This is what we have always insisted on in strengthening the construction of the times. "

       The public official involved said that he thought it was entertainment at the beginning.

       Why do these public officials take part in gambling? We also contacted several public officials involved in the case. According to them, they thought it was entertainment at ordinary times, but they didn’t expect to be involved in gambling.

       The parties said that they met to play mahjong after shopping that day, and then they met to play mahjong at Zhang’s house. According to the parties, it is not the first time that they came to Zhang’s house to play mahjong, and they will give Zhang some fees every time they go. Regarding their participation in gambling, several parties said that they always thought it was daily entertainment and didn’t realize that they had violated the law.

       Although several parties said that they didn’t think they were gambling, they also revealed in their words that if they lost, they would actually have an impact on their lives, which has deviated from the original intention of entertainment. After the incident, several parties felt very regretful.

       Expert Interpretation: How to Define Gambling and Entertainment

       Seeing this, people who may love playing mahjong will have such questions: "Do I usually play mahjong as entertainment or gambling?" If you want to play mahjong reasonably and legally, you must know where the legal boundaries between entertainment and gambling are. Next, we will ask legal experts to interpret it.

       Zhu Wei, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said that regarding gambling, we should look at it separately. Firstly, the criminal law stipulates that there is gambling crime, which is generally for profit according to this business model. Secondly, there is a gathering plot, and there are certain standards for lottery. The provisions of this standard vary from place to place. If the other piece does not rise to the crime of gambling as stipulated in the criminal law, then there is an administrative punishment on gambling in the Administrative Punishment Law. According to its nature, it mainly depends on the circumstances, including whether he has this kind of business, including how big the lottery is after opening a casino, and it depends on the number of people he gathers.


       Regarding whether it constitutes a gambling crime, the Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Laws in Handling Gambling Criminal Cases has made more detailed provisions. Among them, Article 1 stipulates that for the purpose of making profits, one of the following circumstances belongs to "gathering gambling" as stipulated in Article 303 of the Criminal Law: (1) organizing more than three people to gamble, and the total amount of tapped profits has reached more than 5,000 yuan; (2) Organizing more than three people to gamble, and the amount of gambling funds has reached more than 50,000 yuan; (3) Organizing more than 3 people to gamble, and the total number of gamblers has reached more than 20; (four) organizing more than 10 People’s Republic of China (PRC) citizens to gamble abroad, and collecting kickbacks and referral fees from them.

       As for whether it constitutes gambling in the Law on Public Security Administration Punishment, Professor Zhu Wei introduced that different regions have different standards for the amount of gambling funds because of different conditions such as economic development. By consulting the discretion standards of local public security organs, it was found that the lowest gambling funds included in the punishment were 200 yuan. The difference is that Shandong and Henan are defined as "per capita gambling amount", while Hebei and Jiangxi are defined as "individual gambling funds". The bottom line of punishment for personal gambling in Beijing and Liaoning is 300 yuan and 500 yuan respectively. Zhejiang divides the bottom line of individual gambling funds from 200 yuan to 500 yuan, "the specific amount is determined by the municipal public security organs according to the local law enforcement practice". Guangdong has also issued relevant discretionary standards by various cities. For example, the bottom line of punishment for personal gambling in Shenzhen is 500 yuan, and the bottom line of punishment in Qingyuan City is expressed as: "Personal gambling is dissatisfied with 500 yuan, the winning or losing amount is dissatisfied with 200 yuan or the highest single bet is dissatisfied with 50 yuan." At the same time, other provinces have their own regulations.

       Zhu Wei, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said that the lottery is constantly increasing, but the standard of gambling is constantly decreasing. It has a stricter standard. If this standard is lowered too low, people will feel that the boundary between entertainment and illegality is not easy to grasp. So many people have a chilling effect, and everyone is afraid to get together to play mahjong, which is problematic. However, this ceiling is too high, and if the law enforcement standards in many places are too loose, you will find that gambling is an addictive behavior. Many people who like gambling in novels or in real life are called gambler. Why is it called gambler? It is because of an addictive behavior. So sometimes in order to increase the punishment, as an example, several cases may be sentenced, which has a great influence in the local area, just to cut off this gambling atmosphere and let gambler know that the law has such provisions and dare not do such acts. So it has such an effect of warning society.

       What is the boundary between entertainment and gambling? Professor Zhu Wei believes that the difference between entertainment and gambling lies in whether it is for profit subjectively.

       Zhu Wei, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said, then the core lies in profitability. How do you assess these profitability? I think the criteria for determining this in daily judicial practice are different. It depends on whether you are friends, know each other well, and have known each other for more than ten years. We have been friends since childhood, and playing mahjong together, which is frequent, should not be recognized as profitability. Some people are friends, some are not friends, and everyone is gathered for the purpose of playing mahjong and gambling. At this time, it is very likely that you are presumed to be profitable in practice. The last point depends on whether he has regular behavior. For example, someone is reporting that this family often plays mahjong at night, many people make noise together, and often open such gambling halls. Moreover, neighbors have said that these people often have parties in this house, and everyone starts and ends at what time. With this police record and alarm record, it can be inferred that he has certain business and daily behavior, which is different from playing mahjong once or twice at home.

       The "two highs" clearly stipulate that public officials are "aggravated"

       At the same time, the Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Laws in Handling Gambling Criminal Cases also clearly stipulates aggravating circumstances, including those who have the status of national staff, organizing national staff to gamble abroad, organizing minors to participate in gambling, or opening casinos to attract minors to participate in gambling. Professor Zhu Wei introduced that public officials involved in gambling in this case are aggravated offenders.


       Zhu Wei, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said that on the one hand, the reason for doing this is to set an example for the people, and more importantly, to avoid this hidden bribery. Because there are a lot of such bribes given to you through mahjong and gambling, if you want to bribe, you may not need to give money directly. It is no problem to have a meal and play mahjong, and you will lose tens of thousands of dollars directly and a lot of money to you. The parties are well aware of this, so the legislation fully took this into account and made a full article from the perspective of aggravated crimes, so you seem to be innocent. However, from the perspective of a whole society, it is very necessary to make such a provision for aggravated offenders, and this cut cannot be opened. Once it is opened, it will be entertainment, so it is good to give gifts to teachers, civil servants and play mahjong. Several people can easily make money with him. So this cut is linked to bribery again.

       So for ordinary people, how to grasp the boundary between gambling and entertainment?

       Zhu Wei, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said: "I think for ordinary people, there are several points to pay attention to. Since the first point is entertainment, you should not hold the mentality of winning money. The so-called lottery should not be too high. The second is whether you know these people. I think this is also a standard. Relatives and friends are entertainment. If you don’t know this person at all, is this entertainment? This is definitely not entertainment. The third point depends on how many people there are. For example, after entering a room, there are many tables of mahjong there, which is gambling in groups. “

The film channel will broadcast jacques perrin’s representative works such as Paradise Cinema.

Special feature of 1905 film network According to foreign media reports, a famous French actor, director and producer died on April 21st local time at the age of 80.

Jacques perrin is a legend of French films.

As an actor, at the age of 25, he won the Golden Lion Award for Best Actor at Venice Film Festival with the film "Half a Man".

Stills of Half a Man

As a producer, his works have been nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for many times.

Based on the real assassination

Let behan be nominated for the Oscar as a producer for the first time

As a director, his nature documentaries and other epic works, which started shooting in 1980s, made him a documentary master in the hearts of global audiences, and also earned him the reputation as a French national treasure director.

To many people, jacques perrin’s artistic life seems to be open.He was born in France in 1941. Because his father was the stage supervisor and his mother was an actor, he lived in the theater since he was a child. Started in movie master at the age of six.Marcel CarnéGuest role in "Gate of the Night".

"Night Gate" screen

At the age of 20, he was admitted to the National Paris Institute of Advanced Theatre Arts and received professional training. In 1960, he took the leading role in the film of the famous Italian film director Valerio Surini, and made his mark in the film industry.

Stills of suitcase girl

In 1966, with his outstanding performance in Half a Man, he won the Golden Lion Award for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival, becoming one of the youngest film emperors in film history and the Prince Charming in the eyes of thousands of girls in Europe.

cooperate with

Today, people can’t take their eyes off him. However, at this time, jacques perrin has a broader ideal: to find broader freedom in movies.

In the days surrounded by flowers and applause, jacques perrin never stopped reflecting, just like his creative attitude. Because behind the open life, he also experienced the loss that outsiders can’t imagine.

In 1970, at the age of 29, jacques perrin gradually retired from the background and tried to be a producer. The number of films was amazing. Up to now, we are familiar with many French films, such as Children of Lumiere, Long Engagement and Perfume. You can not only find his figure in these films, but also find his name in the list of titles and producers.

Play the role of adult Pierre in Spring of Cowboy Class.

But he also experienced many box office fiasco. Especially in 1976, because of heavy debts, he was once forced to interrupt his production work.

Stills of "The Desert of Tatars"

It was Giuseppe tornado who made his name appear on the Oscar shortlist for best foreign language film in 1988. He played Duo Duo as an adult.

There are many middle-aged people in Paradise Cinema.

When many young people leave their hometown, they bid farewell to Alfredo. This grandpa’s line has made many people cry.

"Whatever you want to do in the end, love it!"

This seems to be the rule that jacques perrin abided by all his life. In 1989, the production of "Monkey Family" made him really shift his focus to the theme of natural ecology, which also marked the rise of animal movies in France.

Since 1994, jacques perrin has successively released the trilogy of "Heaven, Earth and Man": "Migrating Birds", with migratory birds, insects and mountain people as the main characters, which has aroused widespread concern.

Working photos of Migrating Birds

During most of his life devoted to nature documentaries, he flew over five continents with pilots and scientists for Migrating Birds, and crossed the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The Himalayas and the Sahara Desert were also their stops. I also lost everything for "The Ocean".

Work photos of Ocean

The documentary "Ocean", which took a team of 400 people seven years and cost 75 million dollars, is the most expensive documentary in history. The film has shot more than 100 marine creatures, which not only shows the law of natural selection, but also tells the life of harmonious coexistence among marine creatures. Different from the common nature documentary, it records the vivid images of marine life that are little known and have strong feelings.

Jacques perrin has been preparing for Ocean for more than two years and filming for more than four years. He has designed the most advanced instruments to see the ocean with the vision of fish. He raised money while filming, and even had to resort to corporate sponsorship from all over the world to seek the support of publishers, film organizations and charities from all over the world. Later, the film overspent 9 million euros, which later became a huge debt on him.

In the end, The Ocean not only won the best documentary in César Awards, but also became the highest-grossing documentary in history.

Jacques perrin’s shooting technique of natural and ecological documentary has reached a fantastic level by the time of this film. He vividly reproduces the nature of the universe from three aspects: three-dimensional shooting of space, synchronization of sound and picture, and impersonal objective recording, bringing the audience into the natural ecology and immersing them in the movie dream.

In the dream, flocks of birds fly by us, and they will be deeply stared at by the cute sea lions.

"If the earth one day, only ourselves. Is there anything sadder than this? Our film is not the kind that always has a sequel, or we hope that the audience can experience the beauty of nature in the cinema! "

In 2015, jacques perrin was included as a member of the French Oceanographic Association, and worked closely with the world ecologists as a French eco-filmmaker, using the power of movies to awaken human beings’ attention to the earth’s ecological problems.

In China, the documentary directed by jacques perrin is the most familiar foreign documentary film, especially regarded as one of the compulsory courses of aesthetic education by family audiences. His Spring of Cowboy Class and Paradise Cinema have also influenced a generation of China filmmakers.

In memory of the French filmmaker familiar to the audience in China, the film channel will be held at:

At 8:50 on April 23, the documentary "Ocean" directed by jacques perrin was broadcast;

At 22:20 on April 25th, the classic movie Paradise Cinema starring jacques perrin was broadcast.

On April 30th, at 17:20 pm, World Movie Journey will launch a special program in memory of jacques perrin, so stay tuned!