Musical Matilda: "Even if you are young, you can do great things"

Stills of Matilda

Three Matilda actors Song Jinyu Liu Wenhui photo

  West End of London’s original musical "Matilda" landed at Guangzhou Grand Theatre from August 8 to 14, with eight performances in a row. The day before yesterday, three "Matilda" actors Katie Harris, Sophia Boston and Morgan Santo appeared at the Guangzhou Grand Theatre in advance, shared their experiences in performing musicals and their feelings about their trip to China, and brought wonderful performance excerpts from the classic "Naughty".

  Natalie Gilhome, the resident director, introduced that the stage, music and arrangement of Matilda’s China tour are original. "We have toured the world countless times, and I am very happy to finally come to China. This is a rare play featuring a little girl, and we see how a little girl can become a better self. "

  Adapted from well-known children’s literature in Britain

  What kind of musical is Matilda? At the meeting, the three "Matilda" described the play with wit, independence and mystery respectively. Matilda, adapted from the novel of the same name by British writer roald dahl, tells the story of how Matilda, a little girl, deals with vulgar parents and principals, and works miracles with courage and wisdom to save herself and others around her.

  Roald dahl is a well-known children’s literature writer in Britain. He even beat J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, to the top in the "British favorite writer selection". The musical Matilda was hatched by the Royal Shakespeare Company. It is worth mentioning that among the two musicals hatched by the troupe, the other is the world-famous Les Miserables. The composer of Matilda is tim minchin, a musical genius, and the album Matilda brought him a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Musical Album in 2014.

  In 2011, "Matilda" was a great success after its premiere in West End of London, winning 7 laurence olivier awards awards and 5 Tony awards, which swept all the stage design awards in 2012. So far, it has won more than 86 musical awards, including 17 best musical awards.

  The three "Matilda" are small and powerful.

  There is a line in Matilda, "Even if you are young, you can do a lot", which is equally applicable to three young actors. Among the three "Matildas", Sophia and Morgan have played roles in musicals such as Madame Veron, and Katie is on the professional stage for the first time. Generally speaking, children’s actors often don’t dance properly because of their limited physical strength. However, the young actors in Matilda can not only complete many difficult movements, but also lose their singing skills.

  Talking about the feeling of playing Matilda, Morgan said: "The hardest thing is to keep a poker face without expression, because Matilda lives in a family without love." Sophia said: "The hardest thing is to get rid of yourself and become Matilda, because she is completely different from me in personality, expression and walking style."

  Besides Matilda, which roles do they want to try in the play? Sophia and Morgan chose Matilda’s soul mentor — — Miss Henny, Katie wants to play Matilda’s mother: "Mom often yells at Matilda, which is a very interesting role." (Yangcheng Evening News reporter Hu Guangxin intern He Yingdong)