The movie Hot Search: Behind the "hot" is the "cold" data.

Original title: The movie Hot Search: Behind the "hot" is the "cold" data.

"Hot Search" is a very brave film, revealing some realities that were unknown, dare not say and no one said before. A cup of exquisite coffee, a fresh life, a bustling high-rise building and a cold rooftop, this contrast is too stinging. Moreover, it is rare for the director to give the audience a position of God’s perspective, that is, to jump out of the plane surrounded by public opinion or other people’s manipulation and to see the overall fermentation and trend of an event. It makes people feel wonderful and have some thoughts at the same time. Once upon a time, did I just be a member of that team?

The film tells the story that after Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of the media, published an explosive article, he unexpectedly received help from the parties and involved a series of unexpected events. Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of the media, penetrated the traffic password and created an explosive article to rush to the hot search, but indirectly boosted the female student of the "bully" to jump off the building. At this time, Chen Miao accidentally discovered the help information sent by a female student and involved a sexual assault case. He Yan, a partner of Chen Miao, and Peng Yue, a wealthy investor, were involved one after another. Public opinion has turned many times, what kind of interest chain is hidden behind the incident, and a public opinion war for the weak has started …

The film begins with cyber violence and reveals the story behind the frequent cyber violence in recent years. In this era when the media broke out, the truth of the matter is reversed every minute. The illusion of public opinion and the hot search list are behind the bloody and explicit truth, which makes people wonder how to choose justice in the Internet age. The network is rooted in life and has a far-reaching impact on life, even amplifying the dribs and drabs of life. Now the network world can no longer be described by virtual world, it is an enlarged version of the real world, and it has a layer of gauze more than the real world. The starting point of the film is very good, which lies in reminding, awakening and encouraging the conscience and goodwill of the society.

The whole film seems to focus on a story line of justice, using the shell of the current self-media and nesting it with an introduction of campus violence to show the dimension of "realism", but in fact, the film cleverly bypasses all issues that may cause stinging pain. Rather than focusing on the boundary of speech in the media era, this film focuses on the rabble to see how public opinion is induced and used again and again. All people give up thinking and become minions of traffic and topics under the guidance of the media, but this concern does not seem to be the main theme of the film, and the audience’s sense of justice is satisfied with the actions of the protagonist.

In the era of network information, there will be all kinds of information around us, and it is difficult to tell whether it is true or not, as well as active and passive cyber violence with guns and sticks in the information. As Deng, a student of Hunan Qifa Culture Media Co., Ltd., wrote in his commentary, this film is a realistic film that reflects cyber violence well. Moreover, it is said that it is based on a real-life event. If it is true, I can only say that the director dares to shoot. I really can’t imagine how to face it if I am in such a thing, but it also reminds us to express our views cautiously and restrained before facing an event that we don’t know the truth, instead of being mindless. Resist cyber violence and purify the network environment, starting from you and me.

The film focuses on the ethics of media and news reports and the ethics of media people. In today’s era, it is difficult to tell how much public opinion is being manipulated on the Internet, and how much traffic is behind whether the capital is pushing whether the traffic is the highest or the truth is the highest, whether the content is king or the capital is king, in repeated reversals and games. The movie plot seems to map every hot search that really happens on the Internet today. The hot search is not the hot search for defending justice, but the hot search for cyber violence, profit-seeking capital and carnival of the mob. Behind the hot search are actually cold data, indifferent individuals and neglected victims.

The director explained in a simple way how the media now use templated methods to manipulate public opinion to chase hot spots, and how ironic it is to quickly incite the mob’s emotions with just some eye-catching titles without moral bottom line. Isn’t this the case in the fast food era? Emotional venting is far more concerned than the truth. However, many people are eager for gold, and the bones are ruined. Words have no blade, killing is invisible! Therefore, together with the copywriters of Hunan Enterprise Culture, we should be a persistent self-media person, not seeking to be a Buddha who saves people, but seeking not to be a broker of public opinion, because the manipulator will also become a victim. Goodwill is more important than hot search. Truth or illusion? Holding the sword of justice has been secretly used. Before the next comment on social events, we can let the bullets fly a little longer.

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