Andy Lau’s "Crowd" exposes a special short film, and the heart-to-heart interpretation is well received

1905 movie network news Produced and directed by the director, Andy Lau, and starring in the absurd comedy movie is currently in hot release. On the first day of the film’s release, it won many audience praise and high scores on various platforms. It also rose in the ratings of Zhihu and Hupu double platforms.Whether it is the warm emotional core, the humorous plot or the wonderful interpretation of the powerful actors in the film, the audience is full of praise, and it is called "the film that cannot be missed during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox".

"Life is changed, life is changed." Recently, the film released a special short film "Flip Over", which combined with the New Year’s atmosphere to send everyone a witty and humorous "poisonous chicken soup" style blessing, encouraging every unknown generation to turn over the Year of the Ox, change their way of life, and turn the world around.

The rating is eye-catching! The praise is rave! 

"There is also warmth in laughter, and the viewing process is like a spiritual spa"

Cat’s Eye rating is 9.1, Taojiao’s rating is 9.0, Zhihu’s rating is 9.2, Douban’s rating is 7.6, and Weibo’s big V recommendation rating is 90%. The movie "Crowd" was released one day, and it has already received praise and recognition from many audiences, and they have expressed their viewing feelings one after another. This is a movie related to you and me. Everyone can see themselves in the movie and experience the emotions that hit the bottom of their hearts. Someone commented "This is about the loss and awakening of life. After laughing, you can feel the warmth of the movie."

More netizens admitted that "the localized interpretation makes people feel more cordial, and the warm emotion touches people’s hearts." More movie fans said that "it is like the soul has experienced a spa and experienced a rare movie viewing experience." Everyone felt healing from the screen and harvested warmth from the performance. Audiences also expressed their love for the movie on various platforms with adjectives such as "must see during the Spring Festival", "worth second brushing", "no urine points throughout the process" and "advanced performance details".

Created by director Rao Xiaozhi, the film "Crowd" is a Spring Festival hit. It tells the story of the top killer Zhou Quan (Andy Lau) and the lonely group actor Chen Xiaomeng (Xiao Yang) switching identities in an accident. The killer re-examines love and life in the process of falling to the bottom; the group reinvents the story of life in the process of impersonating the killer.

In addition to the emotional core of "warm heart", the unique presentation of the film also refreshes the audience. Many audiences expressed their deep impression of the stage elements in the film. The viewing process is like "play within a play", "advanced classical music makes people intoxicated", and the film’s original production and ingenuity have captured the hearts of many audiences. In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, "Crowd", which is like a warm current of joy, is worthy of being included in your viewing list!

Good luck! Bad luck!

"Watch’Crowd Surge ‘return to the furnace during the Spring Festival and remake it, change the way you live"

In the "Turning Over" special short film released by "Crowd", the demonic style brings the audience the first bowl of "chicken soup" of the new year – the passage of time and the turning of bad luck. Even if you live in a messy rental house, Zhou Quan can arrange the room in an orderly manner and find your own spring; in the moment of loneliness and disappointment, you can’t give up yourself like Chen Xiaomeng, there will always be a beam of light to illuminate your progress.

Achievement is just an ordinary migrant worker, but also live an active life. I believe that the god of fate will favor you who are diligent; what should I do if my wallet becomes empty and my pocket bottoms out? Of course, I can’t be discouraged, it is also possible to get rich overnight. Facing the situation of life and adjusting my mentality is the way to turn the page. The ridicule caused by the exchange of life between the two in the film is ironic, and the story of boiling blood is full of excitement, which is not to be missed.

Also released alongside the special short film is a double poster of Andy Lau’s "acting" version. In the movie "Crowd", the top "killer" Zhou Quan (Andy Lau, played) and the down-and-out group actor Chen Xiaomeng (Xiao Yang, played) start a journey of exchanging lives. The poster follows their identity transformation, presenting the plot direction of "drama is like life, all rely on acting".

The film’s star, Zhou Quan (played by Andy Lau), is dressed in a tuxedo of street performance. It is very curious whether this is his living capital that took root in the bottom after losing his memory, or his diverse experiences of a decent life. It is also worth pondering whether the stack of documents raised in his hand is the real proof of his rich life or the tool of his crime in the rivers and lakes.

The other star of the film, Chen Xiaomeng (played by Xiao Yang), is clutching the objects related to his own destiny, holding a shiny pistol in his left hand and a rough sling in his right hand. How will the pistol and the sling affect his life? How can a frustrated life turn things around? How does a dashing life fall from the sky? And whether the flying keys in the poster are inextricably linked to their journey of changing identities.

On the road to playing others, the two leading actors have experienced some interesting plot episodes and experienced some heart-piercing moments. I believe that walking into the cinema will provide the answer.

The annual spring breeze blows from the east, and the garden is full of spring

"Carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit and recast the glory of Dongfeng." Chairperson Jiang Zemin’s inscription for Dongfeng people inspired all the cadres and workers of Dongfeng Truck Company to work together and work hard, and achieved the most brilliant results in history. In 2002, the company produced and sold 158,000 cars, achieved sales revenue of 20 billion yuan, and created profits of 1.50 billion yuan. Both operating quality and profitability reached the highest level in Dongfeng’s history. In 2003, the company targeted to sell 160,000 cars, and medium-sized car sales continued to maintain the first market share. Sales revenue was 22 billion yuan, and profits were 1.60 billion yuan. Dongfeng commercial vehicles have entered the second golden age of rapid development in history. The restructuring plan of the strong alliance between Dongfeng and Nissan will surely inject strong impetus into the development of Dongfeng commercial vehicles.

Deepening reform, pioneering and innovation

The predecessor of Dongfeng Truck Company was the main part of Dongfeng Motor Company’s production of commercial vehicles. Since its establishment in 1966, it has made great contributions to the country, especially in the 1980s to the mid-1990s after the reform and opening up. With a series of advanced reform practices, it has become a leading enterprise in the automotive industry in our country. However, in the mid-to-late 1990s, due to the constraints of the system and mechanism, the development of the enterprise fell into a trough, and the cumulative loss exceeded 500 million yuan in 1998. At the most difficult time for the company, the Party Central Committee was very concerned about the revitalization and development of Dongfeng. In late May 1999, Comrade Jiang Zemin, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, visited Dongfeng Company and pointed out the direction for the future development of Dongfeng Company. At that time, Miao Wei, the new general manager of Dongfeng Company, issued a "military order": to turn Dongfeng Company into a profit within three years and contribute to the reform and development of state-owned enterprises.

So Dongfeng Company underwent a "major surgery" – the main body of the company was adjusted into three levels. The first level was the group company of the decision-making body, which was mainly responsible for strategic planning, asset management, production and operation, and macro-control. The second level was the production and operation entity that bears specific profit or cost responsibilities. According to the business process and region, Dongfeng Company reorganized more than 30 professional factories, more than 10 joint ventures and holding subsidiaries under its original subordinates into several major plates such as the truck company, the parts division, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., Shenlong Automobile Company, and the southern business division. The third level is the basic unit of production and operation that also bears specific profit or cost responsibilities, mainly including the professional production plants directly under the original headquarters. The truck company came into being.

The newly established truck company is under great pressure, with many difficulties, people’s minds change, and everything needs to be prosperous. So, what makes all truck people face difficulties and challenges, so that the company suddenly comes like an "east wind" overnight, thousands of trees and pear blossoms, and thus enters the track of rapid development?

This is a set of very convincing data in the reform process of Dongfeng Truck Company: in 1999, it turned losses into profits of 360 million yuan; in 2000, it made a profit of 250 million yuan; in 2001, it made a profit of 900 million yuan; in 2002, it made a profit of 1.50 billion yuan. This is the company since its establishment, adhering to the policy of "market-oriented, marketing as a breakthrough, service as the center, and taking the road of quality and efficiency". It has based itself on the market with high-quality products, adapted to the market with flexible marketing, accelerated product development, optimized production and sales structure, and increased the proportion of "double high" production and sales with high-tech content and high added value represented by heavy-duty vehicles and special vehicles. All employees have worked hard and made great achievements. Data show that the company’s various businesses have created the highest level in history, and various commercial vehicles are in short supply across the board. Compared with the same industry in the country, Dongfeng Truck Company has the highest output, the highest sales volume and the best operating performance.

These outstanding achievements are mainly due to the company’s deepening of reform and the establishment of a manufacturing, marketing and management system in line with the market. It can capture market opportunities first, make accurate decisions, attack quickly and win successfully. In the words of Yang Shaojie, general manager of the truck company: "Our truck company thoroughly understands the practical significance of the adjustment of our country’s road transportation structure, and keenly captures the business opportunities emerging in the adjustment of the transportation structure, so that the company can do a good job of serving transportation enterprises and individuals, and usher in the peak of its own development."

Optimize the mechanism and strengthen management

At the beginning of the establishment of the truck company, the new leadership team took office immediately. Reintegrate the internal institutions, get rid of the chronic diseases that hinder the development of the enterprise, take decisive measures, lead the reform to a deeper level, and thoroughly carry out a "big change".

The company first started by rationalizing the relationship, changing the system, optimizing the mechanism, and strengthening management. It successively established a financial management committee, a product working committee, and a preparation committee, and reorganized a heavy-duty vehicle factory, a special-purpose vehicle company, a telecommunications company, and Dongfeng Bus Chassis Co., Ltd. The original automobile transportation department suffered losses for many years. Through reform, it replanned its business direction and changed its name to a heavy-duty vehicle factory. It became the main position for the R & D and production of heavy-duty vehicles, off-road vehicles, and overseas vehicle assembly, special vehicles, and special chassis of Dongfeng Truck Company. After the reform, the auxiliary functional area of business was transformed into a professional factory directly facing the market. The fourth multi-variety and flexible assembly line of Dongfeng Company was built, and the capacity was increased by more than 20 times. It took only more than a year to turn losses into profits. The reform turned a loss-making enterprise into a "special force" with large profits and the company’s new product development and market rapid response.

The system is the carrier, and the mechanism is the soul. The truck company has achieved tasks in place, responsibilities in place, and management assessment in place by implementing measures such as cadre system reform and post evaluation work. The company has also made breakthroughs in the reform of salary distribution, employee management, and cadre management. The average salary of employees has increased by 25%. The company continues to adhere to the principle of "three rigidities" centered on financial management and budget management, give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of all units, and encourage them to base themselves on the market, operate flexibly, and seek greater efficiency growth points. Now the company’s more than 30 units have indicators, and everyone is under pressure.

Market-oriented reform, all the market has the final say. Units that do not meet the profit targets set by the company will not receive full wages, and units and individuals who exceed the profit targets will be rewarded. The reform forced all units to go to the market one after another, face the user directly, and everyone picks up the heavy burden, and everyone has indicators. The new management system clarified responsibilities and rights, transforming Dongfeng Truck Company from a slow-to-respond "aircraft carrier" to a flexible and combat-effective "joint fleet".

Product development to win quickly

The market is changing rapidly, business opportunities are fleeting, and products are the top priority among all factors. Today’s market competition is no longer the concept of "big fish eat small fish", but "fast fish eat slow fish". If you can’t establish a fast-changing production, development and marketing system, it is difficult for enterprises to win in the fierce market competition. In order to become a fast-changing "fast fish", the truck company has changed the previous "serial" to "parallel" management mode from market forecast and information feedback to R & D trial production and production organization, and vigorously promoted "synchronous engineering", so that information feedback, process design, production organization, planning finance, quality inspection and other functional areas of business form a joint force, harmonious resonance, shorten the new product development cycle and production organization time, optimize the management system, and improve work efficiency. The company has strengthened macro-control and micromanagement, established a flexible production system that adapts to market changes, established a perfect production and sales regular meeting balance system, changed the passive adjustment of the work plan to the predictive active adjustment of the early decision-making, and flexible manufacturing system has formed a benign value chain for the company’s decision-making, research and development, production, sales and service.

In terms of new product development, vigorously adjust the product structure and increase the intensity of new product development. This made Dongfeng commercial vehicles quickly attack the city and seize the ground, not only regained a large number of lost ground, but also occupied some new markets. For the flat-head gasoline vehicles that are not well sold in the market, resolutely stop production or reduce production. For products with large market demand, not only should we increase production, but also improve and innovate in configuration and technology to make them more mature and better meet the needs of the market and users. The company focuses on "Tianlong" products and forms a series of products from 240 horsepower, 270 horsepower to 300 horsepower to improve the core competitiveness of Dongfeng commercial vehicles. Adhere to the guiding ideology of cultivating core competitiveness with core products, and use the global commercial vehicle technology platform to comprehensively improve the technical content of Dongfeng products. This year, more than 30 models in 16 series of heavy, medium, light and military models have been developed, and new product sales have reached more than 90%. The success rate of new products on the market is 100%. New products are launched every month, and there are market hotspots in Zhou and Zhou. Dongfeng’s new generation of heavy-duty flat-head semi-trailer tractors represented by "Dongfeng Tianlong", "Dongfeng *******" EQ5075 series cars meet the high-end medium-sized van of Europe III emission regulations, "Dongfeng Iron Armor" EQ2050 series cars meet the tactical indicators of the third generation of light off-road vehicles in the army. New vehicles such as high-mobility light off-road vehicles, "Dongfeng Hercules" EQ3260G series engineering vehicles, and "Dongfeng Urban Wind Shadow" EQ6111RC series ultra-low-floor buses have beautiful appearance, luxurious interior, first-class configuration, high technical content, and set comfort Safety, environmental protection, with a world-class technical level, fully reflects the comprehensive strength of Dongfeng Motor Company’s research, development and manufacturing. The continuous launch of new products has brought fresh blood to the Dongfeng Motor family.

Base on the market and adapt quickly

Sun Tzu’s Art of War says "know yourself and know your enemy, and win a hundred battles". Only by understanding the market can you defeat your opponents. Yang Shaojie, general manager of the company, and Zhou Qiang, secretary of the Party Committee, often lead scientific research, production, and marketing personnel to conduct market surveys all over the country. They keenly found that, on the one hand, our country’s entry into the WTO will inevitably have an impact on the truck market, and the personalized needs of customers have also put forward higher requirements for production enterprises. On the other hand, the country has implemented a proactive fiscal policy, and the development of the western region has been in full swing, which will provide development opportunities for truck companies to expand their broad market space.

"Can Dongfeng trucks meet the ever-changing needs of users? How many new markets has Dongfeng trucks opened up? Which models of Dongfeng trucks are the most popular? What is the marketing and service network of Dongfeng trucks? How can Dongfeng trucks let users buy with confidence and use them with peace of mind? How can Dongfeng truck company go to the international market?" All of this is always haunting the hearts of the company’s management and ordinary employees.

For example, the same truck, the northwest market of China, needs models with good stability and large load capacity; the southeast coastal market needs models that are convenient, flexible and adaptable, indicating that the variant demand of China’s truck market is accelerating. The same truck, Henan needs a flat-head car, Hebei needs a long-head car, Shanxi needs a flat-head and a long-head, indicating that the Chinese truck market is further segmented. The same truck, in the past, users’ eyes were fixed on the multi-pull fast-running models, but now they not only need to pull more and run faster models, but also drive and ride comfortably, which shows that the demand level of China’s truck market is improving. As the same truck, some areas need to be used for coal pulling, some areas need to be used for long-distance transportation, some areas need to be used for engineering construction, and some areas need to be used for port transportation, which shows that the multi-demand trend of China’s truck market is obvious. In response to the variant needs of the market, the company has fought a war of differentiation, implementing differentiation in product design, production, marketing and service, further segmenting the market, and formulating different marketing strategies according to different regions and different consumption levels.

Change static marketing to dynamic marketing, change "business" to "business", everything from the user’s perspective, to a single sales behavior that only promotes products, to an integrated production, supply and marketing behavior that understands customer needs and serves customer needs. A Dongfeng truck sales company in the west organized personnel to promote products to key western development projects such as the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and Chaer Salt Lake, and drove cars to the construction site, where production and sales met directly. More than 100 Dongfeng trucks were quickly sold to key construction sites.

Implement "a la carte" marketing, tailor-made cars for customers, as long as customers need, the company will satisfy them immediately. "Customer orders, I will fry." In just over 20 days, more than 5,000 colorful and unique trucks were delivered to users.

There is a demand in the market, and the company must act immediately. For the special needs of the domestic truck market, such as the construction of highway concrete mixer trucks and special fire trucks, the company has not been involved in the past, but has now been listed as an urgent project for research and development, and has launched technical research. In order to adapt to the transformation of the truck market from low consumption to low and high consumption, the company has set up a project to develop high-tech, high-value-added trucks with excellent performance configuration, stable and comfortable operation.

People-oriented is very popular

In the company’s reform and development, the truck company places people first, perfects the system, optimizes the mechanism, closely integrates ideological and political work with production and operation, fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of employees, and gives full play to the enthusiasm of employees to participate in production and management. The majority of cadres and employees participate in the whole process of production and operation of the enterprise with a sense of ownership, and at the same time enjoy the fruitful results of the company’s reform and development and production and operation.

The company has reformed a new salary distribution system, and the new basic salary system is closer to the market. The company has fully established a mechanism of "enterprise distribution depends on efficiency, and employees’ income depends on contribution". According to job responsibilities, technical requirements, labor intensity, work efficiency, work performance, economic benefits and other indicators, the income level is determined, and the grades are boldly opened. There is no cap, so that those who can do more and do more can get more and earn more, so that those who do not work and do less can not "mix" days. In addition, completely break the original boundaries between the identity of workers and cadres. All on-the-job personnel are employees of the company, and they are divided into managers, technicians, production personnel, and service personnel according to the nature of their positions. No matter the cadres and workers, they must compete for jobs; those who cannot compete for jobs will be sent to the company’s re-employment service center for training. In the enterprise, a competition mechanism of "the capable go up and the mediocre go down" has been formed.

The reform will inevitably touch the interests of some people. Within the company, the implementation of a clear reward and punishment assessment system, the implementation of heavy rewards for individuals and units who complete tasks well, and the deduction of funds, warnings, exemptions or demotions for those who fail to complete tasks make every unit leader and employee try their best to do a good job in the enterprise. In the technical department of the company’s frame factory and forging plant, the minister’s income is not as good as that of the vice minister, the vice minister is not as good as the technical staff, and the technical staff is not as good as some front-line technical workers, which is no longer news. This was impossible in the past. In the engine factory, skilled workers with excellent work can enjoy the same monthly bonus of 550 yuan as technicians, which has long been rumored to be a good idea. In addition, the company also set aside 5 million yuan to reward personnel with special contributions, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of employees. At present, the floating part of the company’s employee income has accounted for 70%, and the income difference between employees can reach 5 to 6 times.

The reform has led to the rapid development of the company, which has brought rich profits to the employees, as well as enthusiasm for work and dedication to the factory. The company is serious about financial discipline and has increased its efforts to reduce costs. The procurement and coordination department takes centralized procurement and the assembly responsibility system as the main line, comparing quality and price procurement, and adopting a healthy competition mechanism. In order to save energy and reduce consumption, some branch and workshop workers changed their working habits during the day and chose to work at night with favorable electricity prices; in order to control costs, workers have gradually developed many good professional habits, such as "changing labor insurance supplies according to the piece", "picking up leftovers anytime and anywhere", etc. In order to reduce expenses, more and more workers have begun to pay attention to the operation process of the purchase and sales link, actively exercise their right to know and supervise, and the company has formed a good atmosphere in which everyone has to calculate an account, everyone reduces costs, and refuses to waste. According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, the company has created hundreds of millions of dollars in economic benefits in terms of cost savings alone.

With the strategic goal of "building a learning type and building the first brand of commercial vehicles in China", Dongfeng Truck Company has greatly promoted the learning style throughout the company, formed an atmosphere of learning for all employees, and improved the quality of employees. Enable enterprise employees to update their concepts, change roles, and think from a different perspective, and truly regard users as "gods" and "parents of food and clothing". Firmly establish the concept of "market first, user first, and service first". Focus on the development of third-generation commercial vehicles. From the development trend of commercial vehicles, products will further develop in the direction of large tonnage, high horsepower, high reliability, safety, and environmental protection. Electronic technology, information technology, satellite remote sensing technology, humanized design, and a large number of applications of new materials and new processes have made commercial vehicles develop with each passing day. With their own wisdom and hard work, Dongfeng people have finally developed a leading domestic, international and advanced Dongfeng series of commercial vehicles.

After joining the WTO, in the face of crises and challenges, the leadership team led by General Manager Yang Shaojie, Party Secretary Zhou Qiang, and Deputy General Manager Hu Jianguo is leading all the company’s employees to integrate into the tide of the world’s automobile industry with a new concept and positive attitude. They will learn from others’ strengths and embrace them, speed up the introduction of foreign advanced technology and management experience in various ways, and narrow the distance with the world’s trucks in as short a time as possible, so that the east wind blows China and goes to the world.

With the advanced technology, superior configuration and superior performance of Dongfeng’s third-generation commercial vehicle – "Dongfeng Tianlong" tractor – officially put into trial mass production on the assembly line, Dongfeng Truck Company has entered a period of rapid development through science and technology, scientific management and lean management. This marks that Dongfeng Truck Company has the ability to combine its own characteristics, introduce, absorb and digest international advanced technologies, and independently research, develop, produce and sell high-end and advanced heavy trucks that meet the characteristics of Chinese roads. This also shows that after three years of reform and development, Dongfeng Truck Company has entered a new fast lane of development.


Comprehensive development acceleration, Xiang’an District signed 33 projects and reached a total investment of 51.80 billion yuan

The rapidly developing Xiang’an is thriving, attracting many entrepreneurs and investors. Photo by reporter Huang Rong

Municipal facilities are improving day by day. Photo by reporter Wang Huoyan

A number of large projects and good projects have been signed, and they are about to land in Xiang’an, injecting new momentum into the economic and social development of the region. Lin Muyang, photo

In TPV’s production workshop, staff are debugging equipment. Lin Muyang, photo

The construction and development of major new cities in Xiang’an is in full swing. The picture shows the construction site of the new sports center. Photo by reporter Wang Huoyan

Yesterday afternoon, the 22nd China International Investment and Trade Fair Xiang’an District Signing Conference was grandly held, this fair Xiang’an District signed 33 projects on site, reaching a total investment of 51.80 billion yuan.

The projects signed this time cover electronic equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, finance, retail, construction, digital economy application services, food manufacturing and processing, marine equipment, biomedicine and other industries. With the addition of these large and good projects, the industrial development of Xiang’an will be fully supplemented, the industrial strength will be further strengthened, the structure will be further optimized, and new impetus will be injected into the economic and social development of the region, which will strongly promote the construction of the "Five Xiang’an".

To seize the beach in Xiang’an is to seize the opportunity, and to invest in Xiang’an is to invest in the future. In the 19 years since the establishment of the district, Xiang’an District has become the main battlefield and main battlefield of Xiamen’s "cross-island development". It has also become the most dynamic and promising investment hotspot. Just last week, at the 2nd China Urban High-Quality Development and International Cooperation Conference, Xiang’an District was named "Top 10 Urban Areas for High-Quality Development in 2022".

The signing of the new project is a new starting point for Xiang’an’s development journey. Xiang’an looks forward to working with all entrepreneurs and friends to seize the commanding heights and win great opportunities in promoting all-round high-quality development, ride the wind and waves together, and make great strides towards the strategic positioning of high-quality benchmark, high-value model, modern frontier, and international hub.

New project landing Boost the "acceleration" of new city construction

Among the projects signed this time, there are two heavyweight projects located in the Aviation New Town. The Xiamen Airlines Industrial Airport Industrial Park project will be based on the aviation maintenance industry, integrating finance, enterprise acceleration, investment promotion, and R & D to build a fourth-generation industrial park with aviation maintenance and manufacturing bases and aviation innovation industry service bases as the core; the Taikoo Xiang’an New Airport Maintenance Base project in the new city, the total investment of the project is 2 billion yuan, and the total construction area is expected to be about 277,000 square meters.

At the same time, there are also three major projects signed and landed in the eastern sports exhibition new city area. Among them, Tianma Technology, a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization and a national technology innovation demonstration enterprise, plans to establish a subsidiary, and use it as the main investment body to invest in the construction and operation headquarters in the eastern sports exhibition area; Luyan Pharmaceutical, the largest pharmaceutical distribution enterprise in the province, and Blue Star Group, a pioneer in the local mask industry, are preparing to invest in the construction of office headquarters in the area; and Middle East Infrastructure Technology Group Co., Ltd. plans to register and establish a wholly-owned subsidiary to build a new infrastructure project management, electric power, design, municipal road engineering construction, decorative curtain wall and other indoor and outdoor design and construction, intelligent housing construction, fire protection, landscaping and other engineering services.

Within the jurisdiction of Xiang’an, new cities such as the southern new city of Xiang’an, the eastern sports exhibition new city, the aviation new city, and the Tongxiang high-tech city have accelerated their rise, building a new "skeleton" for the future urban development. The signing of these new projects will help the construction of the new city run out of "acceleration" again in the future.

Focusing on key industrial chain groups, precise and strong chains complement and extend the chain

Xiang’an, which is an industrial zone and a strong area, has now become an important advanced manufacturing base in the city. There are multiple industrial parks in the jurisdiction, such as Torch (Xiang’an) Industrial Zone, Tongxiang High-tech City (Xiang’an Area), Xiang’an Industrial Concentration Zone (Xiangbei, Yinlu, Shitou and other industrial zones), and Digital Economy Industrial Park, which have formed four key industrial chain groups such as flat panel display, semiconductor and integrated circuits, machinery and equipment, new materials and new energy – of which flat panel display, semiconductor and integrated circuits account for "half of the country" in the city. The reporter noticed that many of the projects signed this time have carried out precise "strong chain replenishment and chain extension" around key industrial chain groups.

National high-tech enterprise Huilian Electronics will set up a new wholly-owned subsidiary in Xiang’an, with a new annual output of 1,000 tons of cemented carbide bar production line, an annual output of 10 million numerical control blade production line, an annual output of 100 million PCB tool production line, bar blade tool general and special equipment production line, various coating centers and tool cleaning lines, as well as administrative headquarters and scientific research experimental testing rooms; National Technologically Advanced Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Shenzhen Alixin is preparing to land on the optical products project, engaged in video product accessories and automotive interior parts manufacturing, for the whole region flat panel display and new energy industry chain strong chain; Huagong Chaomo (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. plans to build a chip packaging base, Xiamen Xiamen Xiamen Xiamen Technology The company plans to establish a production base for audio-visual display products.

From Hangzhou, Xieneng Technology Company is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and operation of new energy battery management technology. The company will establish a battery cascade utilization recycling and crushing project in Xiang’an to support the coordinated development of new energy industrial clusters. Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Company is preparing to establish a project company in Xiang’an, mainly engaged in the introduction, service and training of new energy talents, injecting endless vitality into the development of new energy in the whole region and even the city.

In terms of new materials, MIIT specializes in special new "little giants", and the national and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises Yunji Technology plan to establish the southeast headquarters of OLED luminescent materials in Xiang’an, integrating the research and development and production of new OLED materials.

The fund leverages social capital and empowers development

In the first half of this year, Xiang’an District Fund investment report card shows: investment in CICC, China Resources and other 8 industrial sub-funds, with 600 million yuan district-level financial funds to pry 14.50 billion yuan of social capital, funds prying rate of 25 times, the multiplier effect is significant; 22 projects (including independent investment), has reached 900 million yuan.

In recent years, Xiang’an District has unswervingly played the role of the platform of the District’s guidance fund "to drive investment promotion through funds", and simultaneously explored the investment promotion model of direct investment by funds – in this context, the financial-related projects in the contracted projects have a more obvious role in driving the development of Xiang’an District.

In the big data digital economy development fund project, big data fund of funds belongs to the provincial state investment assets, as the first provincial industrial investment fund in Xiamen, will set up a digital economy development fund in Xiang’an District, including but not limited to fund of funds 1 (scale 2 billion yuan), several sub-funds, etc. The total size of the parent and sub-fund cluster is expected to exceed 12 billion yuan.

In the Far East Horizon strategic cooperation project, The Far East Horizon Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of the central enterprise Sinochem Group, will cooperate with Xiang’an District and Xiamen Torch Group on financial leasing projects and other businesses to provide funding and financing plan support for Torch Tongxiang High-tech Zone, which is conducive to leveraging the late project of the park.

New industries continue to develop All-round economic and social development

At present, Xiang’an is making great efforts to develop a new generation of information technology, biomedicine and health, marine economy and other emerging industries, and actively integrates into the construction of Xiamen Science City, Xiamen National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, BRICS Innovation Base and Southwest Fujian Coordinated Development Zone – a closer look at the many projects signed this time shows that Xiang’an is actively expanding and entering more and more tracks, so that economic and social development can be extended to more fields.

On the track of digital economy and application services, Unigroup plans to establish a Fujian smart business regional headquarters in Xiang’an District, focusing on digital city, industrial cloud, industrial Internet, industrial brain, smart education, smart park, government and enterprise digital transformation and other sections; Tongtu Zhiying will take Xiang’an as the headquarters, establish a cross-factory textile industry alliance, and create a new industry model for sharing textile factory production capacity resources; Kyushu Yuanqi plans to build a Southeast regional business headquarters centered on Xiang’an, mainly to carry out digital content services, corporate image event planning, conference services, exhibition and display services, etc.

The Ministry of Commerce’s supply chain innovation and application demonstration enterprise and China’s top 50 logistics enterprises, Cross-sea Logistics, plans to build a logistics warehouse in Xiang’an to provide logistics supply chain services for large manufacturing enterprises, which will help Xiang’an to further develop the smart logistics supply chain. Focusing on high-end marine equipment, Xinnuo Beidou Aviation Information Technology (Xiamen) Company plans to invest in the construction of a production base to develop and produce high-end marine equipment, Beidou communication and navigation equipment, and high-end equipment for ships’ intelligent cockpits.

In terms of science and technology research and development, Professor Feng Yongjian from Xiamen University plans to set up a project company in Xiang’an, focusing on the development of MEMS sensors, microelectronic MEMS integrated chips, semiconductor sensing materials and other products and market; in terms of biomedical health, Nanjing Joy, the largest disinfection and sterilization service provider in the country, plans to set up a radiation processing base for disinfection products and related health Products Research & Development and production.

In addition, the China Chemical Construction Project, the China Railway Construction Port and Shipping Bureau Construction Project and the Lyster Photovoltaic Project will enable Xiang’an to gain greater assistance in the future development and construction; the Xtep E-commerce Cloud Center Project will build a brand business operations complex integrating retail experience centers, various mid-to-high-end fashion sports halls, global headquarters and business reception centers, which will help to enhance Xiang’an’s retail industry; the Kelly Wei Food Project and the Xinguoyuan Oil Project are the strengthening of the traditional food production and processing industry. (Reporter, Shao Lingfeng, Correspondent, Ye Xiaofei, Lan Yu)

Huawei and Changan join forces to build Bosch in the era of smart cars.


Changan Automobile and Huawei signed the Memorandum of Investment Cooperation. Huawei plans to set up a company (hereinafter referred to as the target company) engaged in R&D, design, production, sales and service of automotive intelligent systems and components solutions. Changan and its related parties plan to invest to acquire the equity of the target company (the proportion is not more than 40%) and carry out strategic cooperation.

Peace view:

Huawei’s smart car core technology will operate independently based on the principle of marketization to realize equity diversification.

The business scope of the target company established by Huawei includes intelligent driving solutions for automobiles, intelligent cockpit for automobiles, intelligent digital platform for automobiles, intelligent Che Yun, AR-HUD and intelligent lights, etc. Huawei will inject relevant technologies, assets and personnel dedicated to the business scope of the target company into the target company. The company operates independently based on the principle of marketization, and adopts a market-oriented management system and salary incentive framework.

In principle, the components and solutions within the business scope are provided by the target company for vehicle customers. In principle, Huawei does not engage in businesses that compete with the business scope of the target company. In the future, the target company will gradually open its equity to investors such as existing strategic partner car companies and car companies with strategic value, and become a company with diversified equity. In addition to Changan, Huawei’s existing strategic partner car companies include Cyrus, Chery, Jianghuai and BAIC. From the perspective of business scope, the target company is basically equivalent to the independent operation of Huawei BU Division.

Huawei will operate its loss-making business independently.

Judging from the operating results announced by Huawei in the first half of 2023, the revenue of BU business, as the fifth largest sector, is 1 billion yuan, accounting for about 0.3% of its total revenue, and it is the only sector that Huawei is losing money at present. According to Huawei’s annual report, by the end of 2022, the research and development team of Car BU had reached 7,000 people, with a cumulative investment of 3 billion US dollars. According to the previous plan, Huawei BU will achieve profitability in 2025, but it is difficult to achieve this goal at present. This time, Huawei will operate the smart car business independently and introduce car companies as investors, which will reduce the drag of the smart car business on Huawei’s profitability.

Huawei has not changed its mind, and it is further away from Bosch in the era of smart cars.

Previously, some car companies were in conflict with Huawei’s cooperation model and worried about losing their "soul". This time, Huawei will independently market the smart car business and realize equity diversification, which can alleviate the doubts of car companies to some extent. Huawei’s technological leadership in the field of smart cars is clear, but we don’t think that the completely self-developed intelligent technology by car companies is the best option. Since the second half of 2023, Huawei’s deeply empowered models have been increasing, such as Zhijie M7, Aouita 12, Zhijie S7 (in cooperation with Chery) and Wenjie M9 (in cooperation with Cyrus), and Huawei’s presence in the automobile industry has been increasing. The willingness of other car companies to cooperate with Huawei is stronger than before. We expect that more car companies will dispel the concern of "transferring their souls" in the future and choose to embrace Huawei’s smart car technology.

The target company has great development potential, and its revenue scale will reach 100 billion in the long run.

Relying on Huawei’s leading intelligent solutions, the target company has become an industry leader in automotive intelligent systems and component solutions based in China, facing the world and serving the industry. In the short term, the annual sales volume of supporting models of the target company set up by Huawei is expected to reach about 1 million units.

In the long run, if the passenger car market in China reaches 30 million units, the target company accounts for 25%, and the bicycle supporting price is 20,000 yuan, the corresponding annual operating income will reach 150 billion yuan, and if the net profit rate is 15%-20%, the corresponding net profit will be about 22.5 billion-30 billion yuan. The target company has the potential to grow into a domestic head supplier of smart car software and hardware solutions, and has the business potential of 100 billion yuan revenue scale and 10 billion yuan net profit scale.

Chang ‘an has a good foundation for in-depth cooperation with Huawei, and there is great room for further strong alliance.

Aouita is a high-end brand of Huawei, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and Huawei. With the combination of avant-garde styling design and Huawei’s leading intelligent technology, the brand influence has gradually expanded. In addition, Changan Automobile has also announced that its brand will cooperate with Huawei in the field of automobile intelligence, especially in the field of smart driving.

We believe that Changan Automobile has made some mistakes in the investment in smart car technology, and we should pay close attention to the definition of vehicle products, provide flexible smart car solutions for consumers, and rapidly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Changan Qiyuan, Deep Blue, Aouita and other brands. In addition, Changan Automobile is the first car company to invest in the target company, and it is expected to enjoy the benefits of the future valuation improvement of the target company to the greatest extent.

The feature of Huawei’s smart car selection is that Huawei is deeply involved in product definition and channel sales, and the target company will serve the entire automobile industry.

Huawei is deeply involved in the product definition and channel marketing of smart car selection, and enjoys relevant benefits. The target company established by Huawei this time will face the whole world and serve the whole automobile industry. We believe that the ultimate success of automobile enterprises depends on the improvement of vehicle production and sales scale and brand premium, so the core competitiveness of automobile enterprises such as product definition, channel efficiency and supply chain stability are indispensable. The comprehensive ability of car companies has a great influence on the effectiveness of future cooperation.

Author of this article:Wang Dean, Wang and Hai, source: Ping An Securities, original title: "Huawei and Changan join forces to create" Bosch "in the era of smart cars"

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Risk warning and exemption clause
The market is risky and investment needs to be cautious. This paper does not constitute personal investment advice, nor does it take into account the special investment objectives, financial situation or needs of individual users. Users should consider whether any opinions, viewpoints or conclusions in this article are in line with their specific situation. Invest accordingly at your own risk.

Hua Shao Yiyi leads Zhejiang Satellite TV’s famous mouth in many fields and does not forget to host it.

Hosting by Hua Shao will always be my main business.

??? As the first brother of Zhejiang Satellite TV, Hua Shao not only hosts ace programs such as The Voice of China and China Dream Show, but also works as a producer himself this year, presenting programs such as Ace Mission Impossible and Hua Shaoai Reading. In addition, Hua Shao is developing in an all-round way by writing songs, making records, making movies and performing stage plays.

??? Speaking of my progress in the past five years, Hua Shaoshao said that the biggest change is that I will be a little more calm when I am busy. "Five years ago, I was more nervous and more anxious. At that time, I just had "I love to remember lyrics", and I made some achievements, but I felt insecure. I was anxious when the ratings fluctuated a little. At that time, I was eager to prove myself. Now I am more calm. "

??? When talking about being a producer and doing programs, Hua said less, "I am a host and a presenter of collective wisdom. I especially want to know the thoughts of every member of the team, so that this wisdom can be better reflected in my presiding. It is complementary to each other. I have great respect for those who act well and guide, or guide well and act well. I hope to make a breakthrough in this area in the next five years. " In addition to hosting, Hua Shao gradually emerged in the performance industry. At the end of the year, the film "He Has No Two Wives" starring him will be released, and the stage play "Never Pay the Bill" will also be held on a national tour at the end of December.

??? No matter how many categories he is involved in, Hua said that his main business is hosting. "I think these attempts are very helpful for my hosting work. Just like a good voice, it is necessary to understand the categories of singers and music, so that when communicating with students, they will not be ridiculous and generous because of their lack of knowledge. "

Yi Yi’s natural affinity with the stage

??? At the age of 17, she entered the ground channel of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, and officially joined Zhejiang Satellite TV in 2010. Yiyi hosted programs such as I Love to Remember Lyrics, Chinese Stars Jump, Big Brands Meet Good Voices, and Good Voices of War. She said that she has a natural affinity with the stage.

??? Yi Yi said frankly that I was very scared when I first joined Zhejiang Satellite TV to host "I love to remember lyrics". There are too many aura of success on this platform, and I have a lot of glory. "I didn’t expect to be the host, and I was very scared when the opportunity came." Now that three years have passed, Yi Yi said that the sense of awe is still there. "It’s just that the fear has faded, and it has become a down-to-earth effort, and every step is firm and can’t be complacent."

??? Yi Yi began to learn Latin dance at the age of 12, and her dancing skills made her feel at home in hosting dance programs such as "More Jumping and More Beautiful", so she was awarded the title of "the best variety host who can dance". Yi Yi, a versatile woman, made her debut in the costume drama Phoenix Peony this year. Yiyi revealed that an idol drama will be started soon. She plays opposite Tian Liang. "I play an rhythmic gymnast, who is very energetic and can’t beat me. It is very similar to my personal growth. This is why I took this drama."

??? After hosting for so many years, Yi Yi said that the most fulfilling thing was hosting the China Television Audience Festival of Zhejiang Radio and Television last year. "Our group’s activities, such a big stage, I really enjoy this feeling and am very grateful for the power behind the stage. I have a natural affinity with the stage, and I am never too nervous to speak. This is my proudest place. I love the stage! "

Shen Tao News Anchor Transformation Emotional Mentor

??? Shen Tao is known as the "emotional tutor" of Zhejiang Satellite TV. He helps young men and women make friends and make blind dates in different programs. At first, he was a news anchor. His transformation is related to Xia Chen ‘an, director of Zhejiang Satellite TV. When he was still on the ground channel, Shen Tao hosted an internal get-together, which was recognized by Xia Chen An as suitable for hosting variety shows.

??? Shen Tao’s transformation was very successful. From Love Lianliankan to Turning to Meet TA, the image of "emotional mentor" was deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Shen Tao said: "What we convey is the positive energy of marriage and love values." What attracts Shen Tao most about the team of Zhejiang Satellite TV is that a group of young people do something with a goal. "In the Chinese blue team, we know which direction to go." Shen Tao said.

??? Shen Tao hopes that people who watch his programs can know what kind of people they are and what kind of people they need to find, and apply this knowledge to their lives. This is the success of the program for him.

Yali can only meet beauty if she has a good heart.

??? Yali joined Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue in early 2013, and changed from a news anchor to a variety show host, achieving a gorgeous turn. The excellent hostess in her mind should have the characteristics of calmness, atmosphere, wisdom and warmth. "I hope to grow up as soon as possible through my own efforts and the opportunities given by the channel." "China Dream Show" is an inspirational program that spreads truth, goodness and beauty and is full of positive energy. The concept conveyed by this program deeply infected Yali and made her realize that "if you have a good heart, you will definitely meet a good one."

??? In "Turning and Meeting TA" with Shen Tao, they interacted well. The program is launched in the form of talk show. Although there is a hand card, it depends more on the live performance of the host. Yali is glad that she met this opportunity to show the delicate characteristics of the hostess and let the audience know more about herself. Her self-evaluation is "because of grounding gas, she has confidence."

??? During the period of China Blue, Yali strongly felt the importance of the platform for the host. "The potential needs a good platform to support it, so that the host can be more confident to break through and create himself."

Chen Huan is the only "yuppie" host.

??? As a host, Chen Huan is a bit too fashionable. There is a slight image gap between his external image and the two columns "Chinese Dream Show" and "The First Time in Life" he presided over. If your knowledge of him only stays at the first impression, you may think that he is more suitable to create a fashion brand. In fact, he does have a personal brand. In addition to design, he also dabbled in stage plays and published books.

???? Chen Huan said with a smile that he was the host who went abroad the most in the channel, and was touched by the light of recording the program. Chen Huan had the opportunity to sit in the front row of Broadway and watch the stage play. The wonderful performance of Broadway gave him the impulse to create his own stage play. He stayed up all night that night and wrote the script of "Yuppie Talk Show" with Light Hotel’s post-it notes. At present, he has toured 14 times all over the country and donated all the box office income of 130,000 yuan.

???? Chen Huan’s image orientation is yuppie, and his books and stage plays are labeled as "yuppie", so the host image is rare on the screen at present. Chen Huan wants to be unique and show his personality. "China Blue was also suspected at the beginning of its implementation, but it was made. I know myself best and know what suits me, so I must persist until I succeed. "

The price is millions, look forward to U7 real car exposure! Headlights are exaggerated in design, with a maximum power of 960kW.

A few days ago, a group of photos of real cars looking up at U7 were exposed on the Internet. In the image, we can see that the side of the new car is very stretched and the rear of the car is full, which looks very imposing overall. The new car is positioned as a large car, which has been declared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is equipped with "Easy Sifang" technology. The motor power of the four wheels is 240kW/240kW/240kW/240kW, totaling 960kW, which is about 1305Ps. According to the previous news, I hope U7 has opened the reservation, and the price may be in the million level.

In terms of design, Wangwang U7 adopts the language of Wangwang brand "dimension door". The oversized C-shaped headlights and daytime running lights on the front face look vigorous and powerful, just like two huge eyes. With the penetrating air intake below, it looks more imposing as a whole.

Looking up at U7, the side lines look sharp and slender. The front end of the front door adopts a design similar to the shark fin shape, combined with the hidden door handle, which makes the whole look simple and sporty. The wheel hub of the vehicle adopts a forged five-star shape, and a large area of petal styles are available. The rear fender obviously protrudes from the body, which has a good sense of aerodynamics and design.

The rear of the car is relatively simple as a whole. The whole system comes standard with a foldable electric tail, and there are large-size penetrating taillights, with the logo embedded in the middle, and a diffuser under the rear of the car, which has a good overall sense of movement.

In the spy photos before, we saw that looking up at U7 basically continued the style of looking up at U8. The LCD screen was vertical, which was similar to looking up at U8. In addition, it was equipped with a large LCD instrument and a passenger entertainment screen.

In the key power part, the new car will be equipped with "Easy Sifang" four-motor technology. The maximum power of four-wheel motors is 240kW/240kW/240kW/240kW, totaling 960kW, or about 1305 HP. As a brand-looking model, it is expected that the Yunqi body control system will not be absent. The comprehensive endurance of the new car is expected to exceed 1000 kilometers. We will continue to pay attention to more news about the new car.

The General Administration of Market Supervision imposed administrative penalties on unfair price behaviors of five community group buying enterprises.

  CCTV News:Some sell goods below the purchase cost through huge subsidies, "dumping at low prices"; Some mark false original prices and discounts when selling goods, and lie about price reduction to trick consumers into buying. To this end, the General Administration of Market Supervision imposed administrative penalties on unfair price behaviors of five community group-buying enterprises, including Orange Heart Optimization, Buy More Vegetables, Meituan Optimization, Shihui Group and Food Enjoyment Club, and five enterprises were fined, with a total fine of 6.5 million yuan. In this regard, on the morning of March 3, the General Administration of Market Supervision made an administrative penalty on the unfair price behavior of five community group buying enterprises.

  Question 1: Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision imposed administrative penalties on five community group buying enterprises according to law. What are the main considerations?

  In recent years, the status of Internet economy in China’s national economy and society has been significantly improved, and it has become an important engine to promote economic development and an important starting point to improve people’s livelihood. It has played a positive role in coping with the impact of epidemic situation, improving shopping experience and improving supply chain structure. However, with the large-scale entry of major Internet platform enterprises into the community group buying market, problems such as irregular order and illegal operation have become increasingly apparent, which has aroused great concern from all walks of life.

  First, improper means are used to squeeze the offline community economic market, which is easy to cause disorder and affect social stability. Internet platform enterprises use the advantages of capital and traffic to enter "community group buying" and compete for the market at a price lower than the cost, which will have an impact on offline community economic models such as small vendors and community convenience stores and bring obvious negative effects. Second, large Internet platform enterprises have an unfair competition tendency of "burning money to grab the market and raising prices after monopoly", which is easy to damage consumers’ rights and interests. In the short term, consumers can really get short-term benefits at a lower price when the relevant enterprises implement the "subsidy" strategy in the early stage of competition. However, after occupying the market, related enterprises are likely to raise prices substantially to obtain high monopoly profits, seriously damaging the interests of consumers. Third, unfair price behavior disrupts the market price order. Community group buying platforms generally have problems such as huge subsidies, selling goods below the cost price, and some community group buying platforms use price fraud to deceive consumers. The above acts seriously infringe upon the legitimate interests of other operators and consumers, damage the market environment of fair competition and undermine the normal market price order.

  The products and services provided by community group buying are mainly "rice bags" and "vegetable baskets". The rising prices of these basic livelihood commodities are likely to lead to economic and social turmoil. The Central Economic Work Conference made it clear that the disorderly expansion of capital should be prevented. The General Administration of Market Supervision resolutely implemented the deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference, took effective measures to strengthen the supervision of the community group buying market, responded to social concerns in a timely manner, and standardized corporate behavior. Monitor the price behavior of community group buying enterprises and conduct investigations according to law. It has been found that there are unfair price behaviors such as low-price dumping and price fraud in community group buying enterprises such as Orange Heart Youxuan (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meituan Youxuan Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Qiwei Delicious Technology Co., Ltd.

  Question 2: Please brief us on the basic situation of these five cases?

  The companies punished this time are: Orange Heart Optimization (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Orange Heart Optimization), Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Buy more food), Shenzhen Meituan Optimization Technology Co., Ltd. (Meituan Optimization), Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd. (Shihui Group) and Wuhan Seven Kinds of Delicious Technology Co., Ltd. (Food Enjoyment). The above five enterprises occupy a large share in the community group buying market, and the basic situation of the case is as follows.

  First, through huge subsidies, there is a "low-price dumping" behavior of selling goods below the purchase cost. In order to seize the market, four community group buying enterprises, such as Orange Heart Youxuan (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meituan Youxuan Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd., took advantage of the capital and adopted subsidies in the form of direct drop and coupons, resulting in the sales price of a large number of goods being lower than the purchase cost. If the costs of operation, warehousing and logistics are included, the actual sales revenue is much lower than the cost of goods, which disrupts the normal production and operation order and damages the legitimate rights and interests of other operators. The above acts violate the relevant provisions of Article 14 of the Price Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC), and constitute dumping at a low price.

  The second is to use price fraud to trick consumers into trading with them. Five companies, including Orange Heart Optimization (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meituan Optimization Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Qiwei Delicious Technology Co., Ltd., used false original prices, discounts, and lied about price reduction to trick consumers into buying goods; There are price violations such as not clearly indicating the meaning of the price comparison line. The above-mentioned behaviors belong to the behaviors mentioned in Article 7 of the Provisions on Prohibiting Price Fraud and Article 21 of the Interim Provisions on Regulating Promotion Behavior, which violates the relevant provisions of Article 14 of the Price Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and constitutes price fraud.

  Judging from the investigation, the illegal facts in five cases are very clear. During the investigation, we extracted the commodity pages, relevant financial data and service agreements related to price behavior according to law, carefully combed and analyzed the relevant materials, and repeatedly accounted for the amount of subsidies. At the same time, we also solicited the opinions of relevant parties according to the specific circumstances of the case. The survey shows that the facts of unfair price behaviors of five enterprises are clear and the evidence is conclusive. The General Administration of Market Supervision decided to impose a total fine of 6.5 million yuan on five enterprises, including Orange Heart Optimization (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meituan Optimization Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Qiwei Delicious Technology Co., Ltd., for low-price dumping and price fraud.

  Question 3: We noticed that the above-mentioned enterprises were fined. What factors were mainly considered?

  When the General Administration of Market Supervision made the decision on administrative punishment, it mainly considered the following aspects. First, illegal activities have a greater impact on the normal market competition order. The above-mentioned enterprises sell goods below cost, with a wide range of subsidies, frequent subsidies and large subsidies, and their business volume has exploded, which has a great impact on the normal business activities of farmers’ markets, bazaars and small traders. Second, the social harmful consequences of illegal acts are more serious. The above-mentioned enterprises have great influence in the industry, with a huge number of users and huge market influence. The impact of their illegal activities is rapidly amplified by the scale effect and network effect of the Internet, with wide coverage and serious harmful consequences. Third, the circumstances of the illegal act are relatively bad. After the administrative guidance meeting of the General Administration of Market Supervision to standardize the order of community group buying, although the amount of subsidies for the above-mentioned enterprises has been reduced, it has not been comprehensively rectified. Therefore, the General Administration of Market Supervision decided to impose a fine within the scope prescribed by law in the hope of investigating a number of cases, standardizing an industry and purifying a field.

  Question 4: What other work has the General Administration of Market Supervision done to strengthen the supervision of community group buying, and what are the specific considerations for the next step?

  On December 22, 2020, the General Administration of Market Supervision and the Ministry of Commerce organized an administrative guidance meeting to regulate the order of community group buying. The meeting affirmed the positive significance of the economic development of the Internet platform, and seriously pointed out the outstanding problems such as low-price dumping and price fraud in community group buying. It is emphasized that Internet platform enterprises should strictly regulate the business behavior of community group buying, and strictly abide by the prohibition of low-price dumping and price fraud; Do not engage in acts of unfair competition such as commercial confusion, false propaganda and commercial slander; Do not use the advantages of data to "kill" and harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers; Do not use technical means to damage the order of competition and hinder the normal operation of other market players.

  In the middle and late December of 2020, the General Administration of Market Supervision directly investigated five community group buying enterprises. On March 3, 2021, the General Administration of Market Supervision publicly fined the above-mentioned community group-buying enterprises for unfair price behaviors such as low-price dumping and price fraud, which effectively shocked the illegal enterprises and effectively promoted their rectification.

  In the next step, the General Administration of Market Supervision will actively respond to social concerns, strengthen investigation and study, judge and grasp the market dynamics of community group buying, innovate supervision methods, strengthen law enforcement and case handling, standardize the market order of community group buying according to law, effectively safeguard the legitimate interests of other operators and the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and create a fair and orderly market environment.

What’s wrong with searching for the most correct woman’s play?

Even for the audience who don’t watch domestic dramas very much, it is estimated that ta can confidently say "I will do it" in the face of the question of who is the hot topic of Chinese dramas in the near future.

Because, Nothing But Thirty is so hot.

Not only is there a hot search for plots almost every day, but even supporting actors are fancy on the list.

In addition to doing a good job in marketing, Douban, which had soared to more than 8 points, almost put on the shining crown of "the light of national drama" for Nothing But Thirty.

However, as the plot entered the middle and late stage, Nothing But Thirty’s score suddenly dropped.

It makes people curious: What’s wrong with this hot search for the most correct woman play?

There are spoilers in this article.


In the explosive drama camp, there are always two emotional magic weapons-either hold back or be cool.

Nothing But Thirty, who can be widely discussed by the audience, is naturally an excellent model for practicing this rule.

The story is chosen in "30 years old", which is considered by most people as a time node to formally break away from naivety and move towards absolute maturity.

The first person in charge of "suppress" is an ordinary and ordinary luxury store counter sister Wang Manni.

She came to the big city with her dreams, and she was diligent and flexible in her work, but the goal of starting a family here is still out of reach.

The glitz dispersed, leaving me alone in the silent street, exhausted.


Wang Manni, who worked so hard, couldn’t even find a close person who could help her when she fainted. She had to listen to her parents’ phone calls to persuade her to go home day after day and learn how to remain firm and never waver when her family debunked the truth of life.



All kinds of life scenes in which men are silent and women are in tears are simply the portrayal of most "X drifts" in life, and they are really humbled.

Of course, if you are lucky, you may become a big city indigenous like Zhong Xiaoqin.

Even if she is married, she is still a little princess at home. She goes home for dinner anytime and anywhere, and works as a busy little clerk in a big company, and her work and life are both right.

However, she also has her own grievances.

The marriage with her husband Chen Yu, "You raise fish and I raise cats", is not as sweet as lovers, nor as close as family members. It is polite and exasperating to turn husband and wife into roommates alive.

Fortunately, the humbling of the first two is relieved here in Gu Jia, who is also the first character in the whole play to output "Shuang".

As a legendary "stay-at-home wife", Gu Jia is not Luo Zijun who was divorced regardless in My First Half of Life.

On the contrary, she has brains and means, and knows how to use interpersonal relationships to expand the territory of her husband Xu Huanshan’s fireworks career and push her family to a higher social class little by little.

However, Gu Jia is not a passive role for the sake of interests.

Some female employees are preparing to seduce the magic mountain. Gu Jia reminds the other party with an orange, and likes to mention the title of "green things on earth".

Faced with the fact that old customers sexually harassed in the name of orders, Gu Jia chose to refuse sternly, even if he didn’t make money, he would defend his dignity.


My son was put in a dark room by other parents in kindergarten, and Gu Jia, who was furious, directly solved it by force, and demonstrated what it meant to be a mother.


Good wife, good mother, going to the hall and going to the kitchen, Gu Jia, who blames all the way, makes the tyranny of the wicked and self-improvement "Gu Xue" rampant, and also helps Nothing But Thirty successfully unlock countless female topics, which is still hot.



In order to dispel the sense of suspension brought by the rich family, Nothing But Thirty also made some efforts.

For example, the details such as actresses going home to become plain, husband and wife washing and eating, etc., help the drama show a side that is in line with real life.

What highlights the flavor of "chicken feathers in one place" is the short story of parents that domestic dramas can’t be avoided for thousands of years-in the story of three women, there are all kinds of men.

First of all, it was Liang Zhengxian, the "sea king" that Wang Manni met.

Little transparent cabinet sister met a rich and idle bachelor on a romantic yacht. This kind of idol drama plot that others dare to watch and dare not think about happened to hit Wang Manni.

How can she not be carried away by love when she sees the luxuries that she can only see and can’t afford on weekdays?

It’s a pity that "Neptune" is only in love and not married, and it’s still going to have a "one south and one north" golden house.

Wang Manni’s line, from the "exquisite poverty" that everyone talked about, turned into a more fashionable department (art) in minutes, which personally shattered the vanity fantasy of countless girls meeting perfect true love.

Similarly, Zhong Xiaoqin, who lived step by step, began to experience more emotional entanglements than usual.

Behind the marriage of "He raises fish and I raise cats", it is always hidden that Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu never take the initiative to understand each other’s indifference and estrangement, and the bad news of the child’s fetal arrest has become the fuse for their separation.

So, Zhong Xiaoqin and his wife quietly went through the divorce procedure.

Being single this time not only unlocked Zhong Xiaoqin’s hot search for "super sweet brother and sister love", but also provided her with another perspective to observe her ex-husband. She began to compare and measure her old love and new love uncontrollably.

The most difficult person is the legendary omnipotent Gu Jia.

Although Gu Jia walks in the Jianghu with the title of "a green device on earth", it is inevitable that there will be some omissions in preventive measures.

In the past, Xu Huanshan, who listened to Gu Jia’s bidding, had an affair with Lin, the goddess of green tea who had just left campus, and became a daughter of love rat who was severely punished by netizens.

With the scenes of three heroines meeting people who are not suitable, the audience can’t help feeling that the only good man in the whole play is Xu Ziyan who is still in kindergarten.


Nothing But Thirty’s front foot put # Is a full-time wife an independent woman # on a hot search, and her back foot made the three heroines have a headache for men.

Isn’t it a little hasty to divide the position of good and evil simply by gender opposition?

A female drama inevitably needs male roles, but this does not mean that women’s problems must be created by men.

The most difficult thing is that after the fast pace and high output in the first half of the drama, with love rat’s daughter showing her true colors in succession, the domestic drama entered the dog blood stage with supporting roles.

Not only the joys and sorrows of the three women can’t escape from men, but they also filmed a large-scale derailment record, completely missing the chic of "thirty", leaving only water injection and procrastination.

Even if the screenwriter himself came out and returned, the rapidly declining score in a few days proved that the audience was the most sensitive quality inspector, and it was Nothing But Thirty’s irreversible fate to open higher and lower.

In less than a month’s broadcast time, from women with different personalities to men who are full of slag, Nothing But Thirty has set off countless discussions through diversified roles.

Undoubtedly, the communication effect of the series is the same at one time.

However, under the surface excitement that seems to cover many issues, the most common problem of Chinese opera-routines has always been hidden.

The counter sister in luxury stores often looks at people to order dishes and dishes, and she can know whether the other party has purchasing power at a glance at the customer’s clothes, while Wang Manni doesn’t pick customers, even if she is facing ordinary guests, she feels at home.

As a result, the heroine successfully unlocked millions of orders and established a good person.


This routine, for the screenwriter, this expected reversal of the plot really saves time and effort, but for the audience, it is estimated that it is more suitable to describe it as "aesthetic fatigue" in the barrage.

As the story comes to an end, only the nonstandard ending of refusing a happy ending can save Nothing But Thirty a little:

Some people accept love, some people wait for love, and some people create love.

Both inside and outside the drama are not perfect, but at least their existence makes more women believe-

A woman must have her freedom, and this freedom deserves everyone’s respect.

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Draft new regulations on the management of "self-driving cars": using self-driving cars to engage in business activities in closed scenes

  Cctv news: On August 8th, the Transport Services Department of the Ministry of Transport issued a notice for public consultation on the Guide to Transport Safety Services for Self-driving Vehicles (Trial) (draft for comments).

  The exposure draft pointed out that under the premise of ensuring transportation safety, self-driving cars are encouraged to engage in urban bus (electric) passenger transport business activities in closed bus rapid transit systems and other scenes, and self-driving cars are used to engage in taxi passenger transport business activities in scenes with simple traffic conditions and relatively controllable conditions, and self-driving cars are used to engage in road ordinary cargo transport business activities in scenes such as point-to-point trunk road transportation and relatively closed roads. Prudently use self-driving cars to engage in road passenger transport business activities. It is forbidden to use self-driving cars to engage in road transport of dangerous goods.

  Using self-driving cars to engage in urban bus (electric) passenger transport, taxi passenger transport, road general cargo transport and road passenger transport.operator(hereinafter referred to as transport operators) shall handle the registration of market entities in accordance with the law, and the business scope shall register the corresponding business categories. Engaged in taxi passenger transport, road general cargo transport, road passenger transport business should have the corresponding business categories of road transport business license qualifications. Those engaged in the operation of urban public buses (electric vehicles) shall meet the requirements of the state and local urban people’s governments on operating qualifications.

  Self-driving engaged in transportation businessautomobileIt shall comply with the requirements of the relevant national and transportation safety technical standards, register motor vehicles according to law, and obtain motor vehicle number plates and motor vehicle driving licenses. Self-driving cars engaged in taxi passenger transport, road general cargo transport and road passenger transport shall also obtain corresponding Network Booking Taxi Transport Certificate or Road Transport Certificate according to law. Self-driving cars engaged in urban bus (electric) passenger transport should also meet the relevant operational qualification requirements of the state and local city people’s governments.

  Conditional self-driving and highly self-driving cars engaged in transportation business shall be equipped withdriverFully self-driving cars engaged in transportation business should be equipped with remote drivers or security officers. Drivers and safety officers shall pass the training and examination organized by transport operators, master the instructions for the use of self-driving cars, be familiar with the risks of self-driving cars, and have the ability to deal with emergencies in an emergency. Drivers should also meet the regulations and requirements for the management of employees in the field of transportation and obtain corresponding qualification certificates.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse … More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, April 17th (Reporter Zhao Jiantong, Li Chunyu, Xu Dongyuan) Spring is as deep as the sea, and with the rapid temperature rise, people are enthusiastic about horse racing. According to incomplete statistics, only on the weekend of April 15th and 16th, there were more than 30 road races all over the country, and the races in Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai became hot topics on social platforms.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter observed that this spring marathon showed a comprehensive return trend, and emerging events blossomed everywhere with outstanding characteristics. Judging from the surge in the number of applicants in some competitions, the horse racing fever even exceeded three years ago. Taking running as the medium, all localities have integrated the enthusiasm of national fitness with the vitality of urban development, and set up platforms such as sports consumption festivals, tourism festivals and expositions that are compatible with marathons, showing local cultural landscapes, beautiful ecological environment and meticulous public services.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Wuhan Marathon passed the Yellow Crane Tower. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhizun photo

  Running has become a way of life.

  In 2019, there were more than 300 marathons certified by China Athletics Association, and in 2023, only 133 events were registered in the first half of the year. Judging from the number of events, the marathon craze has basically returned to the level before the epidemic.

  The return of the number of races gives the horse racers more choices. Wang Lin, head of Beijing Fangshan Running Group, said: "There are marathons almost every weekend in China, and runners even have to make multiple-choice questions according to their own schedule!"

  The craze for horse racing among the whole people has risen again, and running has become a way of life for more and more people. According to the official data of Shanghai Half Marathon, the number of applicants reached 78,922 in 2023, which is more than the sum of the number of applicants in 2019 and 2021.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  "This year’s Beijing Half Horse, I felt a lot of people when I started. There were about 200 people running in our group. Everyone enjoyed the game and enjoyed sports." Wang Lin said.

  In addition to the number of participants, citizens from all over the world are also paying more attention to the marathon. In Wuhan on the early morning of the 16th, the cheers hardly stopped among the crowded crowd watching the marathon. The mother runner pushing a stroller, the uncle who came to watch the game with Regan Noodles, and the primary school students holding math test papers while cheering have become hot anecdotes in Wuhan.

  Yu Meng, 64, has been running for nearly 10 years. After the semi-Marseille in Shanghai, he said: "There are few people on the side of the road. Up to now, everyone will cheer for those who take part in the marathon. Our healthy life is getting better and better."

  Events have their own characteristics, and the experience of participating in the competition has improved.

  According to industry insiders, nowadays, national marathons are everywhere, and most of the events have distinct grades and characteristics, and they are becoming more and more mature in improving the experience and ensuring the safety of the events. At the beginning of planning and preparation, many events often publicize the biggest characteristics of the current event to attract more runners to punch in.

  Beijing Half Horse, which shows the charm of "Double Olympic City", is committed to telling the world the sports story of "Double Olympic City" this year. Competitors pass through the National Swimming Center, the National Gymnasium and other "double Olympic venues", and at the end of the competition, the "Snowflake" torch platform of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the nearby "Bird’s Nest" complement each other.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Beijing Half Marathon finished shooting medals after the race. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Zhongyu photo

  The theme of the 2023 Wuhan Marathon is "The Return of Heroes", which reproduces the classic track of "One City, Two Rivers, Three Towns, Four Bridges and Five Lakes" in previous events, adjusts the starting mode, optimizes the participation experience, introduces the "Chinese Racing Plan" and "Famous School Team Challenge" to help China athletes improve their competitive level, and 7,000 volunteers from 19 universities in Wuhan enthusiastically maintain the reputation of "zero bad reviews" in running laps.

  Not only in "super cities", but also in some prefecture-level cities and even county towns, they have begun to create characteristic and high-quality marathon events. The new route of "Yangma" has turned into a punch line to experience Yangzhou cuisine, and "Fireworks in Yangzhou in March" has become a popular choice for domestic runners. The Dao Jiang Half Marathon in jianye district, Nanjing has created a "natural" smart track formed by closed-loop dikes, which can also be used by citizens for all-weather, self-help and intelligent running. Forest Marathon is held in Xianfeng County, Hubei Province, and runners from all over the country can enjoy the local customs in the "natural oxygen bar".

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the runners were in the 2023 Yangzhou Jian Zhen Half Marathon. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Ren Fei)

  "A marathon knows a city", and more and more regions regard marathon as an important carrier to enhance the image and influence of the city.

  Behind the road running craze, the sports industry is full of vitality

  Why is road running so hot? Where should the domestic marathon develop in the future?

  According to industry experts, the return of marathon craze is the natural release of the demand for exercise and fitness after the epidemic, and the underlying reason is that the concept of healthy living has taken root with the joint efforts of all sectors of society. Under the guidance of the national strategy of national fitness, local governments use the platform of competition to promote cities, thus releasing policy dividends; The experience of competition operators is getting richer and richer, which makes the sense of experience and satisfaction of participating in the competition gradually improve; With the development of national economy, the concept of participating in physical exercise has deepened, and participating in road running events has become the spontaneous demand of Chinese people; With the development of social media such as friends circle, Weibo and Xiaohongshu, the social attribute of road running activities has been further enhanced, and the participation of various groups has been enhanced.

  According to the calculation of China Athletics Association, by 2025, the number of domestic road races and related sports events is expected to increase to 2,500, and the number of people participating in the Volkswagen Marathon will increase to 10 million.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Wuhan Marathon passed the East Lake Greenway in Wuhan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cheng Minshe

  In the face of such a broad development space of road running, the development prospects of related event services, sports training, tourism and catering, and sporting goods manufacturing are very impressive. According to media statistics, among the top 100 runners in this year’s Wuhan Marathon, more than half of them wear Xtep running shoes, leading the way in "fault"; Among the "breaking three" people in Malaysia, the proportion of wearing domestic running shoes is more than 70%. It seems that the phenomenon that Nike and Adidas running shoes once filled the track in Malaysia will be ended.

  At the same time, some experts said that although some domestic events are not inferior to the world Grand Slam events such as London Marathon and Boston Marathon in many aspects such as track design and service ability, there is still room for further improvement in terms of brand building. Many start-up events are greedy for perfection, pursuing the scale of the event regardless of the carrying capacity of urban management and the sustainability of the operation model.

  Therefore, in order to maintain the popularity of marathon and broaden the development space of the whole road running industry, we must further standardize the development of road running events and guide the marathon culture to truly take root and grow healthily and sustainably.

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