Sunshine Robber: Breaking the barriers of creation and shaping the new expression of the film with imagination

  Directed by Li Yu, supervised by Fang Li, and starring Mary and Song Jia, the movie "Sunshine Robber" will be released in May 1st. The film is adapted from Japanese writer Kotaro Isaka’s novel Sunshine Robber, which tells the legendary adventure story of four strange young people who form a "robber" group and bravely break into gangs to seize tigers. Their encounters, personalities, small emotions and great changes have enough details to pave the way. Their life direction and fate sigh have detailed context evolution. Individual endowments, social pulse and vision of the times are closely linked, telling the audience a city story of love and healing.

  Innovative imagination is the most prominent feature of film art. As director Li Yu said, "Fun and imagination are very important for movies, so I want to shoot a different one ‘ Fairy tale realism ’ 。” Movies should explore new themes, narrative structures, languages, styles, techniques and technologies to break the rigidity of the types and modes of commercial films. Among them, content innovation is the most fundamental innovation. An excellent film must first have substantial content and rich connotation, that is, profound literariness and humanism. For Li Yuhe Fang Li, the golden partner, The Robber in the Sunshine is a bold breakthrough in a new theme, which is more reflected in the projection and focus on the current society.

  In the film, Mary plays the role of Sunshine, a person who is uninhibited and careless on the surface, but has a deep shadow and insecurity in his heart. Mary said in an interview that she had a lot of resonance when she played the role of Sunshine. In the film, Sunshine used the so-called strong appearance to hide her inner fear, which was very similar to her experience of bringing happiness to others at work and sometimes being unable to solve her own pain. And many of us are not another "Mary"? We can bear all the wind and rain in front of people, and the people behind us may collapse instantly because of a slight touch. How can there be a quiet time, but everyone insists on it all the way, for the ideal, for the family, for love, and for all the worthwhile existence. This is the ukiyo-e painting of contemporary people’s life. No matter what we will face, the eternal thing is to believe in truth, goodness and beauty and love.

  Not every innovation will work, and some film innovations are difficult to be accepted by the audience because of the lack of vivid and profound characters, or the characterization is a low-level emotional consumption, which lacks the presentation of its spiritual realm. Fang Li’s earlier film "Birds at the Phoenix" jumped out of this creative pattern and successfully portrayed plump and vivid characters such as Jiao Sanye and Xiaotian Ming. Especially in Jiao Sanye, it reflects the persistence, farmers’ kindness, simplicity, shrewdness and limitations, and the dignity of being a teacher influenced by Confucian culture, all of which constitute a leading, distinctive and complex personality. The beauty of Fang Li’s latest producer, The Sunshine Robber, lies in putting the process of love and healing in the world on the screen through fairy-tale expression. In the movie, both Song Jia who lost his "daughter" and Mary, who is fond of heroic deeds, including villains, are people who need to be cured. Mary helped Song Jia find her daughter, and Song Jia also healed Mary’s unknown pain. Whether it was the "mother-daughter relationship" between Song Jia and the tiger Nana or the sisterhood between Mary and Song Jia, what really healed was the sincerity between each other.

  "I want to hold you so that you won’t get hurt. I want to watch you grow up. I want to stay with you for you until I love you." This is the core meaning of the film throughout. When the little Nana gently touches Xiaoxue’s hand, the warm and harmonious picture of people and animals, we can hear each other’s heartbeat through the screen. The deep entrustment left by Cici, the tiger’s mother, at her last glance is the loss of her daughter Nana and the sustenance of her love. Little Nana has never lost her mother, and Cici’s love is perfectly continued in Xiaoxue. In this way, "Sunshine Robber" cured every audience.

  At the end of the film, it is sunshine’s farewell to Xiaoxue and Nana. The sunshine sent their "mother and daughter" to the sun-shaped hot air balloon, and this short escape will soon come to an end. The sunshine can’t continue the fairy tale life with them, but the sun, which symbolizes the sunshine, will carry them to the distance. The companionship, care and preference in the whole movie are never like what the sun said: commitment is like debt, and it is all because of love. Freedom is the deepest yearning of sunshine, and loss will be her eternal gain. Dear friends, Xiaoxue, the sunshine says goodbye, so let’s start a romantic, warm, fantastic and humorous healing journey!

  Formal innovation is usually the iconic feature of movies. The core significance of form for works lies in conveying content and spirit with various aesthetic carriers, so the pursuit of form should be meaningful and unified with content and spiritual connotation. "The Robber of the Sunshine" is by no means a typed story. In the handling of the screenwriter and director, the pattern is bigger and the social empathy is bigger.

  The monologue in the film says, "Strange animals will be protected, but strange people will be excluded, but you should keep your strangeness, because strange people will always meet." In the film, Xiaoxue and Sunshine, Xiaoxue and Tiger Nana are harmonious but different from each other. The lies carried by Sunshine, Nana’s innocence, Xiaoxue’s dream, Liu’s magical infatuation, and Lin’s authentic reality … The screenwriter boldly uses color narration to tell the relationship between love and healing. Warm, cold and gray colors express three unique aesthetic and value demands. The villains represented by Liu Shenqi (Ceng Zhiwei) mostly use the cool colors of purple and dark red when they appear, which is in sharp contrast with the warm colors of yellow and pink presented by Sunshine and Xiaoxue. When it comes to everyone’s pain in the past, most of them use colors with extremely low saturation, such as gray and white, which are prominent in the distribution of screen colors and have a clear idea, making the whole story line more vivid, which is intended to tell the audience that there is no permanent gloom or permanent brilliance, and some.

  With its unique artistic aesthetics, the film "Sunshine Robber" makes the film and television works full of vitality and more touching aesthetic charm. The narrative technique and creative style adopted in the work are integrated with the fairy tales told in the work, which makes the audience feel strong emotional resonance and get a relaxed and comfortable audio-visual experience. In the unique narrative, the film pays more attention to delicate, euphemistic, affectionate and touching emotional rendering, human nature analysis and revealing the unique character of the characters. The vivid details that can be seen everywhere in the play not only allow the audience to see people, but also make the characters affectionate. I can’t help but feel that the original movie can still be shot like this? In the film, whether it is the "mother-daughter relationship" between Xiaoxue and Tiger Nana, or the sisterhood between Sunshine and Xiaoxue in thelma and louise, it is creating a positive and loving atmosphere. Such a scene in the film makes people feel that Liu’s magical pink powder will make people forget the past, and Nana, who has no intention of inhaling it, is no exception. Just when the sun was alone in the transport vehicle facing Nana, who was already "strange", everyone thought that the jump was fatal, but it was Nana’s long-lost coquetry. The plot reversal tells the audience an interesting truth, that love is the antidote not to be lost in the dreamland.

  Ba Jin once said: "Friendship in my past life is like a bright light, which shines through my soul and makes my existence a little bit glorious." In the film, Xiaoxue and the sunshine become the bright shadows in each other’s lives, one is the dreamy snow in winter, and the other is the hot light in summer. The interweaving between two people makes each other’s four seasons complete. This setting closely follows the present, stimulates empathy, and makes the public understand that even if life is indifferent and helpless, we must believe that there is always one person who can arouse all hopes and enthusiasm. "Sunshine Robber" tries to present and restore life truly and accurately by using the aesthetic way of film and television. Whether it’s a warm and happy pet-seeking office or a rippling sea, and the blue and breezy sky, and the playful pursuit of tiger Nana or even a leap at a critical juncture, it can be said that it has been carved with great care. In terms of artistic expression, this work’s creative attitude of pursuing quality products is also very worthy of recognition.

  In the general trend of genre creation and industrial production, it is the best choice to keep personal expression. As Fang Li, the film producer, said, "We especially want to share a film that is full of sunshine, happiness, fantasy and adventure, and romance with all our audiences." Based on this, we saw more of ourselves in "Sunshine Robber", and also let us see the love and healing that everyone is eager for in the real world.

What’s new about working | The peak of return trip has arrived! Is it absenteeism if you can’t get a ticket and go to work on time?

Original title: The return peak has arrived! Is it absenteeism if you can’t get a ticket and go to work on time?
Spring Festival travel rush’s return peak arrives.
February 16th is the seventh day of the first month, and there is still one day left in the Spring Festival holiday. Traveling, visiting relatives and working in various places are superimposed with a large number of returning passengers, and various localities and departments have taken various measures to cope with the arrival of the return peak.
On February 15th, the national railway plans to add 1284 passenger trains. The railway department actively coordinated and increased the connection of buses, subways, taxis and other urban transportation to smooth the "last mile" of passengers’ travel.
On February 15th, the turnover of highway personnel exceeded 280 million person-times, up 5.5% from the previous month. The public’s self-driving travel is at the peak, and the highway traffic continues to increase. 8: 00 am to 10: 00 am and 17: 00 am to 19: 00 am are the periods prone to congestion.
In addition, the daily charging capacity of new energy vehicles on expressways remains high, and there are many new energy vehicles charging queues. For high-flow stations with a large increase in charging demand than usual, the power security department also temporarily added mobile charging facilities.
This year, the passenger flow in Spring Festival travel rush and Hainan has greatly increased. In order to fully meet the return demand of passengers, the Civil Aviation Administration has taken various measures to fully protect passengers’ travel.
What should I do if I encounter these problems on my return trip?
On February 17th (the eighth day of the first month), "it is estimated that the peak of expressways will reach 65.2 million, which is about 1.75 times the average traffic volume of the road network during Spring Festival travel rush." Li Yang, vice minister of the Ministry of Transport, said.
Although all parties have increased their security, some passengers still can’t buy return tickets and plane tickets.
What should I do if I can’t rework on time because of the weather change and the failure to get tickets? Is an injury on the way back a work-related injury?
The answers to these questions about returning to work during the Spring Festival have come ↓
Question 1: What should I do if I can’t buy a return ticket and can’t get back to work on time?
Generally speaking, employees should have a psychological expectation of buying return tickets. If they can’t buy tickets for returning in time, it’s best to go through the formalities of asking for leave in advance, communicate with leaders more and strive for the understanding of the unit. The unit will generally take care of it in a special period.
Question 2: Will it be regarded as absenteeism if the train stops and so on, which leads to the failure to return on time?
If you have bought a return ticket, but you can’t return to work on time due to non-subjective reasons (such as weather, failure, etc.), it is unreasonable for the employer to take measures such as absenteeism.
After the transportation is delayed due to force majeure, airports, railway stations, passenger transport companies, etc. will generally issue letters of apology, or there will be a notice of delay in official website. Faced with this situation, workers can prove to the employer that they are not late for personal reasons, and the employer has no right to deduct the wages of workers as a punishment for being late, let alone dismiss employees for this reason.
Question 3: Is an accident on the way back a work-related injury?
The Regulations on Work-related Injury Insurance stipulates that anyone who is injured by a traffic accident or an urban rail transit, passenger ferry or train accident that is not his main responsibility on his way to and from work shall be recognized as a work-related injury.
In the actual cases that have happened, time, route and purpose are indispensable in the identification of "commuting". The return journey does not conform to the time and route factors, and the return route does not conform to the reasonable route to work. If an accident occurs, it will generally not be recognized as a work-related injury.
Please pay attention to the ticket scam!
Today is the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, and the wanderers returning home began to pack their bags and set foot on the road of return. Liars are also waiting for the opportunity to design various ticket buying scams for you. If you are eager to get a ticket, you must be vigilant and never fall into the trap of a liar.
Network police reminder
Booking air tickets and train tickets should go through official channels to avoid the disclosure of personal information. When you receive a call or text message that cancels the shift, needs to be changed or refunded, you must verify it through the official phone and App. Don’t click on unfamiliar links at will, let alone transfer money at will.
Cheating cheats
Cheating on behalf of robbing tickets
Fraudsters make fake ticket purchasing websites, telling ticket buyers that they have discounted prices or 100% tickets to "solicit customers", and then asking ticket buyers to complete important personal information such as bank card account number and password for reasons such as incomplete information after the other party is fooled, and then defrauding money.
Anti-fraud tips
To buy tickets, you must choose official ticketing websites such as 12306, and don’t blindly believe in other channels and so-called ticket grabbing artifacts, so as not to be deceived.
Fake customer service fraud
Fraudsters impersonate the official customer service to remind passengers by SMS that the ticket purchase is unsuccessful and they need to refund the ticket, with a refund link attached. When passengers click on the link, they need to enter personal information, bank card number and password according to the prompt, and then criminals wait for opportunities to cheat.
Anti-fraud tips
Don’t click on the unknown link. All ticket purchase information is subject to the official website of 12306 or the official mobile APP to check the ticket purchase situation. Never disclose your personal information to unknown people to avoid personal and property damage.
Malware fraud
The ticketing software is actually a plug-in. The technical threshold is low. Criminals disguise viruses and Trojans as ticketing software and spread them on social networks under the guise of "free" and "spike" to attract users to download and install. Once recruited, malware can secretly intercept users’ personal information, resulting in economic losses.
Anti-fraud tips
Friends can install anti-virus software on computers and mobile phones to intercept viruses and Trojans and test whether the website is a "phishing website".
Shanzhai ticketing website fraud
The criminals made a highly simulated Shanzhai 12306 website and defrauded it by phishing. These websites are very similar to the 12306 website in page layout and domain name. When the user "successfully purchased the ticket", the money was paid to the account set by the criminals, and the personal information of the user was also stolen.
Anti-fraud tips
The official ticketing website is also the only booking website designated by the railway department as www.12306.cn. Small partners must also download the "Railway 12306" mobile phone application software from the official website, not from the mobile phone forum or the unsafe electronic market.
False ticket fraud
The criminals lied that they were "scalpers" and had tickets to resell. But in fact, these so-called tickets are just "fake tickets" generated by criminals using illegal software like train ticket synthesizers, thus defrauding the victims of money. After the victim found out that he was fooled, the criminals had already "slipped away".
Anti-fraud tips
Don’t book or buy tickets by remittance to strangers’ accounts; Don’t entrust others to buy tickets or buy tickets from others; You can’t buy tickets in the hands of ticket sellers.
"Good people" buy tickets for free.
Criminals claim that they can buy tickets for free, ask ticket buyers to download the so-called ticketing software, and then illegally collect personal information and sell it on the grounds that information needs to be improved.
Anti-fraud tips
The software for grabbing tickets through unofficial channels is at risk of personal information leakage.
During the return trip, everyone should pay attention to the safety of personal property and be vigilant. If you find any violations similar to the above, please call the police in time.
Welcome to participate in the survey of job hunting and employment.
In order to deeply understand the job-seeking and employment situation of rural labor force after the Spring Festival and better provide job-seeking and employment services, the Chinese Academy of Labor and Social Security conducted an online questionnaire survey from February 14 to February 29, 2024 to collect relevant information.
Source: Workers Daily Client

A number of domestic beauty brands listed companies exceeded expectations.

  Domestic beauty brands are on the rise, gradually occupying the market share of international cosmetics in China, which is expected to achieve a breakthrough from catching up to surpassing.

  Recently, A-share cosmetics listed companies have successively disclosed the 2023 performance forecast. Under the background of consumption recovery, many companies, including Freda, Marubi, Shuiyang and Kesi, expect net profit to increase year-on-year.

  The performance of subdivided tracks is beautiful

  Marubi, a veteran domestic beauty company, released a performance forecast saying that the company expects to achieve a net profit of 300 million yuan to 330 million yuan in 2023, an increase of 72% to 89% year-on-year; The net profit after deduction was 220 million yuan to 250 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 62% to 84%.

  The company said that it is actively promoting the transformation of online channels. Among them, the content e-commerce of Marumi brand represented by Tik Tok Aauto Quicker increased by over 100%, and the second brand PL Love Fire increased by over 100%. In addition, the company firmly divides channels and products, implements the strategy of "big mind and single product", optimizes product structure, and reduces costs and improves efficiency.

  The single product strategy and the promotion of online channels are the reasons why most domestic cosmetics listed companies achieved performance growth last year.

  According to the data of Youth Intelligence, in 2023, the growth rate of platform cosmetics sales in Tik Tok was 47%, and that in Aauto Quicker was 69.7%. This feature is also reflected in the performance forecasts of many companies.

  Shuiyang shares are expected to achieve a net profit of 280 million yuan to 320 million yuan in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 124% to 156%; The non-net profit deducted was 260 million yuan to 300 million yuan, up 169% to 210% year-on-year. The company owns its own brands: Effidan, Dashuidi and Royal Mud Workshop, and its agency brand business is also deeply bound with Johnson & Johnson.

  Shuiyang Co., Ltd. said that during the reporting period, the multi-level brand matrix system of the company’s own brands was further improved, brand assets continued to precipitate, the agency brand business entered a benign track, the overall business and product structure were further optimized, and the proportion of high-margin brands continued to rise.

  Freda is expected to achieve a net profit of 260 million yuan to 290 million yuan in 2023, an increase of 472% to 538% year-on-year; The non-net profit deducted was 116 million yuan to 146 million yuan, up 98% to 150% year-on-year.

  After divesting the real estate development business, Freda has continuously empowered its core business development by relying on the strength of scientific research and development and the advantages of multi-brand omni-channel development. The company said that during the reporting period, the cosmetics business continued to build a brand matrix, broaden sales channels and achieve sustained and steady growth.

  On the raw material side, Kesi, a leading sunscreen company, expects the net profit of returning to the mother in 2023 to be 720 million yuan to 760 million yuan, up 85.50% to 95.80% year-on-year.

  During the reporting period, with the steady improvement of the market position of KES and the continuous growth of the market demand for sunscreen products, as well as the improvement of the company’s overall capacity utilization rate and the rapid release of new product capacity represented by new sunscreen agents, it helped the company to improve its main business income and gross profit margin. According to reports, in the future, the company will also invest in the construction of "10,000 tons of sunscreen products in Malaysia" to expand market demand in Asia-Pacific, Europe and other regions.

  The medical and beauty sector also showed signs of recovery. Aimeike expects to achieve a net profit of 1.81 billion yuan to 1.9 billion yuan in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 43% to 50%; The non-net profit was 1.782 billion yuan to 1.872 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 49% to 56%.

  Aimeike said that the company actively pays attention to market changes, provides high-quality services for downstream medical and beauty institutions at the academic and operational ends, better meets the needs of beauty seekers and enhances the depth of cooperation with customers. At the same time, through the distribution model, we will further expand the number of institutions covered by the company’s products and enhance the breadth of cooperation with customers. The company continues to increase investment in research and development expenses and do a good job in the research and development of pipeline products.

  According to the performance forecast released by Jinbo Bio, the company’s net profit for returning to its mother in 2023 is expected to be 280 million yuan to 300 million yuan, up 156.47% year-on-year to 174.79%. The main reason for the increase in performance is that the company continues to increase R&D investment, actively develops new products and product upgrades, and strives to increase brand promotion and market development.

  Constructing core competitiveness with high quality

  Some people in the industry told reporters that scientific research is still the core issue. With the upgrading of consumer demand and the trend of rational consumption, cosmetics brands began to "roll" research and development, "roll" technology, "roll" ingredients and "roll" raw materials.

  High-quality domestic brands sold well last year, mainly because they gradually gained the trust and recognition of consumers in terms of quality and safety, and their market competitiveness was constantly enhanced. At the same time, consumers’ rational consumption awareness was enhanced, and domestic brands with high cost performance and good use experience became the preferred choice.

  In addition, the domestic beauty care brand has also broken the traditional operation mode and made bold innovations and attempts in marketing, attracting more young consumers. With the continuous improvement of the product strength and research and development strength of domestic beauty brands, its rising trend is expected to continue.

  Caixin Securities Research Report pointed out that in the long run, with the gradual recovery of consumption, domestic brands continue to consolidate their brand potential and adjust their marketing strategies in time. Domestic brands with solid R&D functions, strong marketing capabilities and multi-brand matrices are expected to rise further.

  It is worth noting that the market space for domestic beauty products to expand is still increasing. The report "Insight into the Development and Consumption of Cosmetics Market in China in 2023" shows that the market size of China’s cosmetics industry is about 516.9 billion yuan in 2023, up 6.4% year-on-year, and it is expected to increase to 579.1 billion yuan in 2025.

  Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Developing the Silver-haired Economy and Improving the Well-being of the Elderly. This is the first time that a special policy with the theme of silver-haired economy has been introduced at the national level, and it is also the first time to encourage the development of anti-aging products at the national level, which mentions promoting the research and development of cosmetic raw materials, formulation and production process design and development.

Does it cost oil to turn on the warm air in winter?

In winter, many car owners will be concerned about whether turning on the warm air will increase the fuel consumption of the car. In fact, if used correctly, heating the car in winter won’t cost oil.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the cold air and warm air in the car are produced by two different systems. The cold air is cooled by the compressor, while the warm air is generated by the thermal cycle of the car itself. Therefore, when we turn on the warm air, we don’t need the compressor to work, so it won’t increase the fuel consumption.

However, some car owners may find that turning on the warm air when starting the car will lead to excessive engine load, thus increasing fuel consumption. This is because it takes some time for the engine oil to fully lubricate all parts of the engine when the car is just started. If the warm air is turned on at this time, the internal lubrication of the engine will be insufficient, and the friction resistance will increase, which will lead to excessive engine load and increase fuel consumption.

Therefore, the correct way is to wait for 3 to 5 minutes after the car starts, and then turn on the warm air after the engine water temperature rises. This can ensure that the engine is fully lubricated, reduce friction resistance, and thus reduce fuel consumption.

In short, as long as it is used correctly, turning on warm air in winter will not increase the fuel consumption of the car. Car owners can safely use warm air to keep the cab warm and comfortable.

This winter, come to Century Park and meet the bird spirits!

Century Park is one of the top ten bird-watching places in Shanghai, with more than 100 species of birds observed throughout the year. Although it is a gloomy winter, you can see many birds when you look closely.

Black-headed wax-billed finches come to Shanghai for winter every year, and this winter is a year with a large number. Many parks have records of black-headed wax-billed finches. Black-tailed wax-billed finches can be seen near Bird Island in Century Park. They have a taupe overall color scheme and a waxy yellow beak. Although they are only small songbirds with a body length of about 18 cm, they are full of vitality. Despite their small size, they are full of endurance, and they will always be vigilant even when resting in the wild.

At the beginning of the month, birdwatchers once saw an ordinary crake near Jingtian Lake in the park. Since then, news has spread like wildfire, and almost every day, people wait patiently in that area to see its face.

One day, a bird-watching enthusiast saw the ordinary crake slowly coming out of the gap between the reeds, stopped for a while, and then got into the dense reeds and disappeared.

Listening to the chirping of birds’ branches and watching them fly, Century Park has attracted many birdwatchers to watch and photograph birds in the park. Bird watching in Buddhism is not only a relaxing enjoyment, but also an unexpected gain and the joy of looking back suddenly.

Century Park is a place where birds are singing and flowers are fragrant. Because of its good ecological environment, it attracts all kinds of birds to settle down or spend the winter in Century Park every year. As more and more birds are willing to choose to rest in Century Park, birds and human beings live in harmony and become a beautiful landscape.

The 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games confirmed five new events, including squash and flag football.

Chao News Client Reporter Li Wenyao

On October 16th, at the 141st plenary session of the International Olympic Committee held in Mumbai, India, the IOC plenary session decided to adopt five new sports for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games: baseball and softball, cricket, flag football, squash and tennis.

Earlier, International Olympic Committee President Bach said: "The choice of these five new sports is in line with American sports culture, and will show the world the iconic sports of the United States and bring international sports to the United States."

Official website of the International Olympic Committee explained that gender equality, the utilization rate of existing venues and facilities, and the popularity of events in the United States and around the world were taken into account in the evaluation of new Olympic sports.

There are three out of five items.

Appeared in Hangzhou Asian Games.

Among the five newly added events, except stick tennis and flag football, the other three events are official events of the Hangzhou Asian Games, and the China team also won the silver medal in the women’s softball event of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Baseball and softball, cricket and stick tennis were once Olympic events. Among them, baseball and softball entered the Olympic Games from 1992 to 2008 and 2020, cricket appeared in the Olympic Games in 1900, and stick tennis was the event of the two Olympic Games in 1904 and 1908.

Although squash and flag football have never entered the Olympic Games before. But in the past two years, with the popularity of outdoor sports and the help of new media, it has become a new sport popular among young people after Frisbee, with a huge mass base.

Compared with the formal rugby, the waist flag rugby replaces the direct contact of the body by pulling the waist flag on the belt, which reduces the collision of the project itself, expands the audience of the sport, and makes teenagers and even girls happy.

Squash, which is known as the king of indoor sports, has entered college campuses and stadiums first. At present, there are about 30 squash courts in Hangzhou, including individual investment. These dozens of courts not only appear in national fitness facilities, but also can be seen in campuses and businesses, laying a good foundation for the public to understand squash.

Minority sports enter the Olympics.

Gain more attention

Compared with the other four events, stick tennis seems to be farther away from our lives. So what exactly is stick tennis?

Stick tennis, also known as net baseball, originated from the Indian tribes in North America, is a collective sport that uses the net pocket at the top of the bat to control the movement of small balls, and uses the lever principle to catch the balls in the net by throwing and scoring, and finally determines the outcome of the game by the score.

Does that sound familiar? Modern sports such as basketball and ice hockey, which originated in North America and are popular in the world, were actually invented with reference to stick tennis.

Stick tennis Source: vision china

In 1998, Beijing Sport University formally established the first male and female school team of stick tennis in China, and ten years later, it extended the sport to universities in Shanghai. At present, stick tennis is mainly carried out in universities, primary and secondary schools and sports training institutions in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, but there are no officially sponsored brand competitions in China because of the small number of participants.

These five events have officially become new events in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games. For baseball and cricket, they are an opportunity to return to the Olympic family. For stick tennis, flag football and squash, they have entered the public’s field of vision, attracting more people to be crazy, just like cricket in the Asian Games.

In addition, according to the suggestions of international individual sports organizations, the IOC Executive Board meeting also confirmed the sub-item setting of the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Compared with the Paris Olympic Games, there is only one change: the beach sprint of coastal rowing, which has gradually become popular in recent years, has replaced the men’s and women’s lightweight double sculls. This is also the first time that rowing beach sprint has joined the Olympic Games.

"Reprint please indicate the source"


In the first half of the year, credit bonds defaulted by nearly 100 billion yuan, ranking first in the real estate industry.

  The default situation of credit bonds continues unabated. According to Wind statistics, as of June 30, the default scale of credit bonds this year has reached 98.573 billion yuan, far exceeding the level of the same period last year. Among them, the overdue principal of bonds is 91.338 billion yuan and the overdue interest is 7.235 billion yuan.

  Insiders interviewed by reporters said that the deterioration of default data in the first half of this year was mainly due to the risk exposure of several major entities such as HNA Group and Huaxia Happiness, which can be said to be the result of the accumulation of default risks in the previous period. Looking forward to the second half of the year, the default situation may continue, and the credit differentiation will further intensify.

  At the same time, with the gradual normalization of bond market default, the redemption rate of bonds after default has also decreased year by year. Although private enterprises are still the main force of default, the scale of default of state-owned enterprises has increased rapidly. According to statistics, in the first half of 2021, the balance of default bonds of local state-owned enterprises totaled 36.411 billion yuan, accounting for 79% of the default amount of local state-owned enterprises’ bonds last year, which continued to impact the "belief in state-owned enterprises". Some analysts said that there have been two major trends in the default of credit bonds. First, state-owned enterprises with weak qualifications will become a breakthrough to break the just exchange; Second, the tail real estate company will accelerate the market clearing.

  The scale of credit debt default has expanded.

  Since the beginning of the year, credit bond defaults have occurred frequently. According to statistics, there were 13 new issuers who defaulted for the first time in the first half of the year, including 7 issuers in the first quarter and 6 issuers in the second quarter. However, this figure is down from 19 in the first half of 2020.

  According to the analysis of CICC’s collection team, in contrast, the cumulative number of issuers who defaulted in the first half of this year and in the two quarters showed a downward trend year-on-year. The decrease in the number of issuers who defaulted was related to the greater efforts of supervision and local governments to maintain stability, and repeatedly stated that they had zero tolerance for malicious "evasion of debts", actively guaranteed bond payment and restored market confidence.

  Although the number of new defaulting subjects has decreased, the scale of default has not decreased. According to the reporter’s statistics, as of June 30th, the number of defaults on credit bonds reached 120 this year, with a scale of 98.573 billion yuan, compared with 94 and 72.995 billion yuan in the same period last year. Among them, the overdue principal of bonds this year is 91.338 billion yuan, and the overdue interest is 7.235 billion yuan.

  "This is mainly due to the risk exposure of several major defaulting entities, such as HNA Group and Huaxia Happiness, which is the result of the accumulation of risks in the early stage." A director of fixed income of a fund company told reporters. For example, in the first half of the year, a number of issuers of Hainan Airlines were ruled by the court to accept bankruptcy and reorganization applications, and all the surviving bonds were deemed to be due to breach of contract, which in turn pushed up the number and amount of defaulted bonds in the first half of the year.

  Ming Ming, deputy director of CITIC Securities Research Institute, also told CBN: "The scale of default under the conventional caliber includes the subjects that have defaulted over the years. If their surviving bonds expire in the first half of 2021, they will also be included in this year’s default, resulting in large data. In particular, the defaults in the first half of this year included large bond entities such as Kangmei, Huaxia Happiness, Huaxin and Taihe, which led to a higher amount than the same period last year. "

  Mingming also said that considering the risk of default in the first half of this year, it is usually compared with the first default of enterprises. In the first half of this year, the new default was 8.65 billion yuan, which was lower than 13.38 billion yuan in the same period last year.

  Real estate default accounts for a large proportion

  From the perspective of industry distribution, in the first half of this year, bond defaults were mainly concentrated in comprehensive, real estate, air transport, construction and engineering industries. Among them, the default scale of the real estate industry was 19.192 billion yuan, ranking first. Some insiders predict that the market-oriented clearing will be accelerated in the future under the background that the real estate regulation is not relaxed.

  CICC’s collection team believes that this is because real estate development enterprises have the problems of large cash inflow and outflow, frequent policy regulation and tight refinancing as a whole, and naturally have the characteristics of high credit risk.

  In fact, since 2018, with the marginal tightening of real estate financing and the arrival of the peak of real estate corporate bonds maturity, the default of real estate bonds has gradually been exposed. Especially since May last year, local regulatory policies have been tightened again, and the continuous financing shortage has stretched the capital chain of some real estate industries.

  After the default of three real estate enterprises in the first half of this year, the institutions intensified their risk investigation on the real estate sector, and their attitudes tended to be cautious. "Some small and medium-sized housing enterprises have relatively high debt ratios, and the financing channels faced by the industry have narrowed, so they are prone to default." Macro analyst Zhou Maohua told reporters.

  It is also worth mentioning that on July 12, Sichuan 100 billion-level housing enterprise Blu-ray Development Co., Ltd. also defaulted. The announcement shows that as of the end of the due date, the issuer failed to raise the full repayment funds as agreed, and "19 Blu-ray MTN001" failed to repay the principal and interest in full on schedule, which constituted a material breach of contract.

  It is reported that the issuance scale of "19 Blu-ray MTN001" is 900 million yuan, with a term of 2 years. The interest rate of the bonds in this interest period is 7.5%, and the amount of principal and interest payable is 967.5 million yuan. The redemption date is July 11, 2021 (the actual redemption date is July 12, 2021).

  Looking forward to the future credit bond market, many people in the industry expressed optimism. The aforementioned fixed income director of the fund company told reporters that it is expected that the credit default situation will continue in the second half of the year. After all, the credit financing environment has not been relaxed, and the policy has been tightening the review of urban investment bonds and real estate bonds. The performance of the credit market will be more differentiated, and the sinking of qualifications will be more cautious.

  Zhou Maohua said that from the trend, domestic defaults will not rise sharply, mainly because the overall domestic monetary and credit environment remains reasonable and moderate, and accurately supports short-term weaknesses. At the same time, the economy and domestic demand are recovering steadily, the overall profit of enterprises tends to improve, and the market financing function is sound.

  "We should treat the domestic bond market default rationally. A certain amount of bond default will help to find the market price, force enterprises to operate steadily, reasonably debt, and continuously improve operating efficiency; It also helps the market mechanism to play its role and promote the efficiency of market resource allocation. " Zhou Maohua also mentioned.

  Decreasing the redemption rate of default bonds

  As the default of credit bonds tends to be normalized, there is also a phenomenon that the payment ratio of default bonds is also decreasing.

  According to the statistics of Zhongtai Securities, the proportion of the accumulated principal paid by default bonds to the accumulated balance of default bonds has dropped from 79.37% at the end of 2014 to 6.87% at the end of the first half of 2021; The proportion of fully paid bonds to default bonds decreased from 20% to 7.16%. This means that once the bond defaults, investors will face greater losses.

  Generally speaking, after the bond defaults, enterprises mainly have five ways to deal with the default, namely litigation arbitration, bankruptcy litigation, self-financing repayment, debt restructuring and collateral disposal/guarantor compensation. In general, self-raised funds, debt restructuring and bankruptcy litigation are three common disposal methods, among which debt restructuring and self-raised funds have shorter redemption period and higher recovery rate than bankruptcy restructuring.

  In addition, there are differences in default payment of different types of bonds. For example, from the perspective of the nature of enterprises, Zhongtai Securities analyzed that by the end of June 2021, 40 of the 135 private enterprises that had defaulted on bonds had partially or fully paid the defaulted bonds, with a redemption probability of 29.63%; However, local state-owned enterprises and central state-owned enterprises have higher redemption probabilities, which are 38.46% and 36.36% respectively.

  However, in recent years, with the substantial increase in the default scale of local state-owned enterprises and the successive default of bonds issued by some central enterprise groups, "the redemption ratio of local state-owned enterprises and central enterprises according to the amount of redemption and the number of fully redeemed bonds has been lower than that of private enterprises." Zhou Yue, chief analyst of Zhongtai Securities Solid Revenue, said.

  Specifically, in the first half of 2021, the cumulative redemption amount of local state-owned enterprises accounted for 5.03% of the bond default scale, compared with 13.95% at the end of 2018; The proportion of central enterprises is 4.20%, and it was 17.26% at the end of 2018. Zhou Yue further believes that at present, there are two tendentious problems in the default of credit bonds. First, weak state-owned enterprises will become a breakthrough to break the just-redeemed; Second, the tail real estate company will accelerate the market clearing.

Rugby sevens

Xinhua News Agency photo, Xi ‘an, September 16, 2021 (National Games) (1) Rugby Sevens-Men’s Group Match: Shaanxi Team Wins Shanxi Team On September 16, Shaanxi team player Liu Shuhao scored a touchdown in the game. On the same day, in the Group C competition of men’s rugby sevens in the 14th National Games held in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi defeated Shanxi 40-0. Xinhua News Agency reporter WU GANG photo
Xinhua News Agency photo, Xi ‘an, September 16, 2021 (National Games) (2) Rugby Sevens-Men’s Group Match: Shaanxi Team Wins Shanxi Team On September 16, Shaanxi team player Guo Jie (former) was blocked in the game. On the same day, in the Group C competition of men’s rugby sevens in the 14th National Games held in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi defeated Shanxi 40-0. Xinhua News Agency reporter WU GANG photo
Xinhua News Agency photo, Xi ‘an, September 16, 2021 (National Games) (3) Rugby Sevens-Men’s Group Match: Shaanxi Team Wins Shanxi Team On September 16, Shanxi team player Xu Kangbo (middle) was blocked in the game. On the same day, in the Group C competition of men’s rugby sevens in the 14th National Games held in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi defeated Shanxi 40-0. Xinhua News Agency reporter WU GANG photo
Xinhua News Agency photo, Xi ‘an, September 16, 2021 (National Games) (4) Rugby Sevens-Men’s Group Match: Shaanxi Team Wins Shanxi Team On September 16, Shaanxi team player Li Benshou (middle) broke through with the ball in the game. On the same day, in the Group C competition of men’s rugby sevens in the 14th National Games held in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi defeated Shanxi 40-0. Xinhua News Agency reporter WU GANG photo
Xinhua News Agency photo, Xi ‘an, September 16, 2021 (National Games) (5) Rugby Sevens-Men’s Group Match: Shaanxi Team Wins Shanxi Team On September 16, Shanxi team player Liu Haoxin (second from left) served in the game. On the same day, in the Group C competition of men’s rugby sevens in the 14th National Games held in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi defeated Shanxi 40-0. Xinhua News Agency reporter WU GANG photo
Xinhua News Agency photo, Xi ‘an, September 16, 2021 (National Games) (6) Rugby Sevens-Men’s Group Match: Shaanxi Team Wins Shanxi Team On September 16, Shaanxi team player Sun Zhihui (former) passed the ball in the game. On the same day, in the Group C competition of men’s rugby sevens in the 14th National Games held in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi defeated Shanxi 40-0. Xinhua News Agency reporter WU GANG photo
Xinhua News Agency photo, Xi ‘an, September 16, 2021 (National Games) (7) Rugby Sevens-Men’s Group Match: Shaanxi Team Wins Shanxi Team On September 16, Shanxi team player Du Baoshen (second from left) broke through with the ball. On the same day, in the Group C competition of men’s rugby sevens in the 14th National Games held in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi defeated Shanxi 40-0. Xinhua News Agency reporter WU GANG photo
Xinhua News Agency photo, Xi ‘an, September 16, 2021 (National Games) (8) Rugby Sevens-Men’s Group Match: Shaanxi Team Wins Shanxi Team On September 16, Shaanxi team player Guo Jie (bottom) fought for it. On the same day, in the Group C competition of men’s rugby sevens in the 14th National Games held in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi defeated Shanxi 40-0. Xinhua News Agency reporter WU GANG photo
Xinhua News Agency photo, Xi ‘an, September 16, 2021 (National Games) (9) Rugby Sevens-Men’s Group Match: Shaanxi Team Wins Shanxi Team On September 16, Shaanxi team player Lu Hao (bottom left) and Shanxi team player Du Baoshen both fell in the scramble. On the same day, in the Group C competition of men’s rugby sevens in the 14th National Games held in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi defeated Shanxi 40-0. Xinhua News Agency reporter WU GANG photo

Let’s see which "beauty politician" is the most beautiful. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu is on the list.

Luciana Leon

Mercedes arauz

Fujikawa Yuri



Jiang Yu

  British media reported on the 25th that 20 Minutos, Spain’s largest newspaper, voted online on its website and selected "the most beautiful female politician in the world". Luciana Leon, a young female parliamentarian from Peru, was ranked first for the time being. Other beautiful politicians on the list include US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Republican vice presidential candidate Palin, and China Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu is also on the list, ranking 37th.

  Peruvian beauty is known as "the eighth wonder"

  According to the report, 54 female politicians shortlisted for this vote came from 30 countries including Israel, Italy, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Finland.

  At present, the voting results show that Luciana Leon, a Peruvian congresswoman who is a lawyer, won about 24,000 votes and was temporarily elected as the "most beautiful female politician" in the world. The blond Leon is 30 years old and is now the youngest member of Congress in Peru. One voter described her as having an "angel face", and even worse, praised her beauty as "the eighth wonder of the world".

  In the second place, a female member of parliament from Peru, 47-year-old Mercedes Arauz, won about 15,000 votes. She is Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

  Two Chinese are on the list.

  On the Chinese side, there are two Penny Wong the list, namely, China Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu, ranked 37th, and Australian Minister of Climate Change and Water Resources Huang Yingxian, ranked 48th. Voters gave Jiang Yu an evaluation that she was beautiful and generous, and her manners were quite decent.

  Jiang Yu, 44, was born and raised in Beijing. She graduated from the Foreign Affairs College, the cradle of China diplomats, in 1986. She was proficient in English and worked in the Permanent Mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China to the United Nations. Since 2003, she has been a spokesperson for the Office of the Commissioner in. At the end of 2005, she was transferred back to the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing as a political counselor. In 2006, she became the deputy director and spokesperson of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  Hillary Clinton was shortlisted for the "oldest"

  Palin, a 44-year-old US vice presidential candidate, ranked 24th with 3,173 votes. The 61-year-old US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ranked 34th. She is the oldest female politician on the list. In addition, Tymoshenko, the Ukrainian Prime Minister whose beauty has long been recognized by the outside world and known as the "natural gas princess", ranked eighth. Royal, a French socialist who lost to Sarkozy in the presidential election, ranked 36th.

  The female parliamentarians on the German list are only 22 years old.

  The youngest female politician on the list is Julia Bunker, a 22-year-old female member of parliament from Germany. She was elected as a member of parliament at the age of 18 and is the youngest state member in Germany’s history. She holds high the banner of anti-Nazi, and is a high-profile political star in Germany recently. She ranks 22nd on the list.

  Fujikawa Yuri, known as the most beautiful Japanese parliamentarian, also made the list, ranking fifth. Fujikawa Yuri has a star-like face. Earlier, in order to promote the tourism industry in her hometown, she tried her best and even boldly launched a photo album to boost the local economy.

  None of the British female politicians was selected.

  Surprisingly, there are many young and beautiful female parliamentarians in Britain, and no one is selected for this list. This inevitably makes British journalists somewhat frustrated. In this regard, the British "Daily Mail" said: "British female politicians may not attract the attention of people in other countries in the world in terms of appearance, but they are also very eye-catching."

  A reporter from 20 Minutes said: "I don’t think British female politicians are famous for their beauty, but if you browse female politicians around the world, some of them are really attractive."

  According to him, hundreds of readers sent emails to the voting website to discuss their views, but none of them volunteered to add British female politicians to the voting list of the "Global Beauty Politicians List".

  Spain has five female politicians on the list, which is the country with the largest number of finalists, followed by the United States and Mexico with four people on the list.

  China Daily Yang Zong

Editor: Li Erqing

Messi’s eight golden balls will be dominated by enjoying football. Who will open a new chapter in world football in the future?

In the early morning of October 31, 36-year-old Messi won the Golden Globe Award in 2023, which was the eighth time in his career, setting a new record for the number of awards held by himself.

Messi’s 8-seat golden ball plus body according to IC photo

There is no doubt that Messi won this year’s Golden Globe Award. After all, the performance reference time of this Golden Globe Award is from August 2022 to July 2023, and FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is in the selection range. After leading Argentina to win the World Cup at the end of last year, Messi, who won the Golden Globe Award in the World Cup, was considered as the only winner of this year’s Golden Globe Award, not to mention that he also won the Ligue 1 and French Super Cup titles last season, and the Golden Globe Award was well deserved.

After Messi set a record of eight Golden Globe Awards, which is unprecedented and highly probable, there are two topics that the outside world is more concerned about-is this Messi’s last Golden Globe Award? Who is the next person to win the Golden Globe Award?

For the first question, Messi’s close friend Dosetti gave a positive answer on social media, saying:"The eighth and last one."Messi also said in an interview after winning the prize: "It’s incredible to win eight Golden Globes, and the rest of the time will enjoy the happiness brought by football with peace of mind." Indeed, for Messi, awards, honors and goals are no longer the goals pursued by the 36-year-old himself. He has written a legend in the history of football, and the name "Messi" has even become synonymous with football, inspiring countless young people to follow his example and bravely pursue their dreams.

For Messi, who entered the end of his career, the last player time should be to fully enjoy the game. It is for this reason that he chose to play in Miami International of the American Professional League, instead of going to Saudi Arabia for gold like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. It is precisely because he is far away from the international mainstream football field of vision that it is extremely difficult for Messi to win the Golden Globe Award again in the future, unless he can lead the Argentine team to successfully defend the title in the 2026 World Cup at the age of 39. It is extremely unlikely that Messi will win the Golden Globe Award again with the performance of the AFL-he is the first Mr. Golden Globe in the 27-year history of the AFL, but he won the Golden Globe Award this year but it has nothing to do with the AFL.

Beckham presented Messi with the 8 th Golden Globe Award according to IC photo.

There are many speculations about the next Golden Globe winner. In the top three of the Golden Globe Awards, Harland and Mbappé ranked behind Messi. In his acceptance speech, Messi also mentioned two competitors, saying, "Harland and Mbappé will win the Golden Globe in the future. As I said, Harland also deserves this prize. He won the Premier League and the Champions League, and he is also the top scorer. Today, this award may be yours in the future, and I believe you will win it in the next few years! "

Of course, we can’t forget the hot Real Madrid midfielder Bellingham recently. His superb performance in Real Madrid this season has made many people regard the 20-year-old English midfielder as the next Golden Globe winner. But on the whole, Mbappé should be the biggest candidate for the "new king" of football after Messi, and besides its own strength, there is also the bonus of the French team. Now, Mbappé’s biggest shortcoming is that Paris Saint-Germain has dragged down his club data. If Mbappé can join Real Madrid in the future, it should not be surprising that he will win the Golden Globe Award in the future with the help of Real Madrid and French teams and his personal ability.

2024 is the European Cup year, and next year’s Golden Globe Awards will definitely refer more to the players’ performance in the European Cup and the Champions League. From this point of view, both Bellingham and Mbappé have great opportunities. Harland’s biggest disadvantage is that the Norwegian team has already decided to miss the European Cup in 2024. Even if it kills all sides in the club competition, it can’t appear in the European Cup, which will make Harland lose a lot of points. In the past 2022/2023 season, Harland’s performance was outstanding. He won the Champions League, the Premier League and the FA Cup with Manchester City, personally won the European Golden Boot, the Champions League Golden Boot and the Premier League Golden Boot, and was elected as the best player and the best young player in the Premier League. However, due to Messi’s performance in the World Cup, he still beat Harland.

The national team is undoubtedly the biggest shortcoming of Harland’s future "king-sealing". The overall strength of the Norwegian team is limited, and it is difficult to achieve a historic breakthrough by relying on a few world-class players such as Harland and Ed. Therefore, the biggest possibility for Harland in the future is to hit the Golden Globe Award by virtue of its performance in the League and the Champions League in the "small football year" where there is neither the World Cup nor the European Cup.

With Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo away from the mainstream league, the "Mero era" has come to an end. Even after Messi won the World Cup and eight Golden Globes, even Cristiano Ronaldo is hard to stand side by side with him in historical positioning. Next, someone is bound to open a new chapter in world football. At that time, whether it is "brilliant" or "outstanding", it is worthy of fans’ expectation.

Red Star journalist Jison

Editor Ou Peng

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