The film channel will broadcast jacques perrin’s representative works such as Paradise Cinema.

Special feature of 1905 film network According to foreign media reports, a famous French actor, director and producer died on April 21st local time at the age of 80.

Jacques perrin is a legend of French films.

As an actor, at the age of 25, he won the Golden Lion Award for Best Actor at Venice Film Festival with the film "Half a Man".

Stills of Half a Man

As a producer, his works have been nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for many times.

Based on the real assassination

Let behan be nominated for the Oscar as a producer for the first time

As a director, his nature documentaries and other epic works, which started shooting in 1980s, made him a documentary master in the hearts of global audiences, and also earned him the reputation as a French national treasure director.

To many people, jacques perrin’s artistic life seems to be open.He was born in France in 1941. Because his father was the stage supervisor and his mother was an actor, he lived in the theater since he was a child. Started in movie master at the age of six.Marcel CarnéGuest role in "Gate of the Night".

"Night Gate" screen

At the age of 20, he was admitted to the National Paris Institute of Advanced Theatre Arts and received professional training. In 1960, he took the leading role in the film of the famous Italian film director Valerio Surini, and made his mark in the film industry.

Stills of suitcase girl

In 1966, with his outstanding performance in Half a Man, he won the Golden Lion Award for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival, becoming one of the youngest film emperors in film history and the Prince Charming in the eyes of thousands of girls in Europe.

cooperate with

Today, people can’t take their eyes off him. However, at this time, jacques perrin has a broader ideal: to find broader freedom in movies.

In the days surrounded by flowers and applause, jacques perrin never stopped reflecting, just like his creative attitude. Because behind the open life, he also experienced the loss that outsiders can’t imagine.

In 1970, at the age of 29, jacques perrin gradually retired from the background and tried to be a producer. The number of films was amazing. Up to now, we are familiar with many French films, such as Children of Lumiere, Long Engagement and Perfume. You can not only find his figure in these films, but also find his name in the list of titles and producers.

Play the role of adult Pierre in Spring of Cowboy Class.

But he also experienced many box office fiasco. Especially in 1976, because of heavy debts, he was once forced to interrupt his production work.

Stills of "The Desert of Tatars"

It was Giuseppe tornado who made his name appear on the Oscar shortlist for best foreign language film in 1988. He played Duo Duo as an adult.

There are many middle-aged people in Paradise Cinema.

When many young people leave their hometown, they bid farewell to Alfredo. This grandpa’s line has made many people cry.

"Whatever you want to do in the end, love it!"

This seems to be the rule that jacques perrin abided by all his life. In 1989, the production of "Monkey Family" made him really shift his focus to the theme of natural ecology, which also marked the rise of animal movies in France.

Since 1994, jacques perrin has successively released the trilogy of "Heaven, Earth and Man": "Migrating Birds", with migratory birds, insects and mountain people as the main characters, which has aroused widespread concern.

Working photos of Migrating Birds

During most of his life devoted to nature documentaries, he flew over five continents with pilots and scientists for Migrating Birds, and crossed the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The Himalayas and the Sahara Desert were also their stops. I also lost everything for "The Ocean".

Work photos of Ocean

The documentary "Ocean", which took a team of 400 people seven years and cost 75 million dollars, is the most expensive documentary in history. The film has shot more than 100 marine creatures, which not only shows the law of natural selection, but also tells the life of harmonious coexistence among marine creatures. Different from the common nature documentary, it records the vivid images of marine life that are little known and have strong feelings.

Jacques perrin has been preparing for Ocean for more than two years and filming for more than four years. He has designed the most advanced instruments to see the ocean with the vision of fish. He raised money while filming, and even had to resort to corporate sponsorship from all over the world to seek the support of publishers, film organizations and charities from all over the world. Later, the film overspent 9 million euros, which later became a huge debt on him.

In the end, The Ocean not only won the best documentary in César Awards, but also became the highest-grossing documentary in history.

Jacques perrin’s shooting technique of natural and ecological documentary has reached a fantastic level by the time of this film. He vividly reproduces the nature of the universe from three aspects: three-dimensional shooting of space, synchronization of sound and picture, and impersonal objective recording, bringing the audience into the natural ecology and immersing them in the movie dream.

In the dream, flocks of birds fly by us, and they will be deeply stared at by the cute sea lions.

"If the earth one day, only ourselves. Is there anything sadder than this? Our film is not the kind that always has a sequel, or we hope that the audience can experience the beauty of nature in the cinema! "

In 2015, jacques perrin was included as a member of the French Oceanographic Association, and worked closely with the world ecologists as a French eco-filmmaker, using the power of movies to awaken human beings’ attention to the earth’s ecological problems.

In China, the documentary directed by jacques perrin is the most familiar foreign documentary film, especially regarded as one of the compulsory courses of aesthetic education by family audiences. His Spring of Cowboy Class and Paradise Cinema have also influenced a generation of China filmmakers.

In memory of the French filmmaker familiar to the audience in China, the film channel will be held at:

At 8:50 on April 23, the documentary "Ocean" directed by jacques perrin was broadcast;

At 22:20 on April 25th, the classic movie Paradise Cinema starring jacques perrin was broadcast.

On April 30th, at 17:20 pm, World Movie Journey will launch a special program in memory of jacques perrin, so stay tuned!