Chen Yingming, a 95-year-old master of aviation painting, died, and the drawing error never exceeded 5%

  Chen Yingming hand-painted the Ten Fighters

  Young Chen Yingming

  I have been reading aviation knowledge magazines since middle school, and I have been reading Chen Lao’s paintings and articles. I visited Chen Lao several years ago because of the story of a China pilot. After several visits, it was rare to have a good conversation with Chen Lao in his hometown Cantonese. I am grateful to know him and learn a lot.

  — — Hong Kong director Chen Jiashang told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter about his contacts with Chen Lao on the Internet.

  Teacher Chen Yingming pioneered aviation painting for a generation, inspiring countless people’s aviation dreams — — Including me. Deeply cherish the memory of teacher Chen Yingming.

  — — Dai Xiaopeng, a model airplane man in Beijing

  I recall that my teacher and I talked about aviation allusions all night, made coffee, went to KFC, looked through historical files at our desks and doodled airplanes … … Still vivid, unforgettable. What a fatherly teacher left me was the truth of being a man and the method of studying. Have a good trip, teacher!

  — — Jiangdong, Shanghai aviation history expert and model maker.

  A pen, depicting the waves in the sky.

  A pair of hands, so that the precision aircraft can be seen.

  A volume of history tells the history of aviation in China for a hundred years.

  Years are advancing with the times, and the hero is dying. At the age of 95, Chen Yingming, a model airplane master, left his lifelong career on the 14th and returned to the blue sky he yearned for most.

  The master of aviation art was an early participant in the construction of aviation industry in New China. He was well known as an expert in aviation history, an aviation painter and a model airplane designer. Until the moment he left, he never stopped searching for the aviation history of China.

  Fighters, bombers and transport planes & HELIP; … Various planes in different periods in the history of aviation development are vivid in Chen Yingming’s works. His aviation paintings, accompanied by the growth of a generation, exist in the form of a "textbook", which makes many young people look to the sky.

  Chengdu Business Daily reporter Huan Xiaohuai

  Netizen remembers

  Inspired by his paintings

  A group of people joined the aviation industry.

  At 5: 05 on April 14th, Chen Yingming passed away and said goodbye to Chengdu, where he lived for most of his life. His son Chen Dabo wanted to follow the wishes of the old man and keep everything simple, but the news spread like wildfire, and Chen Lao students, aviation enthusiasts and aviation history researchers from all over the world forwarded and cherished it.

  A military fan netizen told the reporter that he and many friends grew up watching Chen Lao’s plane diagram. "His spread of aviation knowledge in China has influenced a group of people to join the aviation industry.".

  Chen Yingming has a large number of admirers, and even Hong Kong director Chen Jiashang visited Chen Yingming’s home in Chengdu several times. In 2016, he published Aviation Knowledge and a recent photo of Chen Lao in Weibo, and mentioned that "this is my favorite magazine when I was young, and I regard all kinds of illustrations in it as treasures. Talk to him (Chen Lao) about the history of China Air Force, and have fun. ". On January 24 this year, he once again took a photo with Chen Lao and wished the elderly a happy Spring Festival. Last night, after learning the news of the old man’s death, he sent Weibo to express his condolences. "Teacher, go well." It is understood that Chen Jiashang is going to shoot a film about the air combat against Japan, hoping that Chen Lao can help improve the script and provide advice and guidance.

  At the end of life

  Give the manuscript to the students

  Tell them to continue their research.

  Chen Dabo, the only son of Chen Yingming, is 67 years old. He told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter that at the end of last year, the old man had surgery for bladder stones, and later he had a lung infection. After leaving the hospital, he didn’t eat much, and his life was difficult to take care of himself. Chen Dabo proposed to send the elderly to a maintenance center with medical functions, but it was difficult for the elderly to give up a room full of information in their small house, which was integrated into their lifelong efforts.

  It was not until March that the old man promised to go to the maintenance center. In the last period of his life, the old man also instructed the students to sort out the manuscripts and materials at home. Zhong Yihui is Chen Yingming’s most trusted student. "His memory is super strong. Even if his words are unclear, he has a clear memory of some anti-Japanese war history and air combat figures."

  Before his death, Chen Yingming gave some information to Zhong Yihui, asking him to "further sort it out and make good use of it". Zhong Yihui mentioned that Chen Lao’s unfinished business is to let more people participate in aviation research and propaganda, let more people be willing to engage in aircraft design and manufacturing, and let our aviation equipment and aviation industry truly take the lead in the world.

  For Chen Dabo, it is a pity that his father did not leave himself a model plane and an aerial painting. Chen Yingming once entrusted his grandson to donate dozens of aerial paintings to Tsinghua University, but only left his son a manuscript and some handwritten music scores.

  His pursuit

  Insisting on staying in Chengdu has his youth and career here.

  Participate in the preparation of a flying factory.

  Set up an airplane model room

  Chen Yingming was originally from Guangdong, and his grandfather was an overseas Chinese in Vietnam. In February 1923, Chen Yingming was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. At the age of seven, the French held an industrial exhibition in Hanoi, and Chen Yingming devoted his eyes to the three biplanes in the exhibition hall. This "encounter" made him obsessed with describing airplanes and making model airplanes, which formed an indissoluble bond with the aviation industry and became his lifelong pursuit.

  In 1949, Chen Yingming came to Guangzhou and later joined civil aviation. In 1952, Chen Yingming was transferred to Taiyuan Civil Aviation Repair Factory and participated in the production of the first self-designed airplane model engine "5138" in New China.

  In 1956, Chen Yingming was transferred to the preparatory office of Chengdu New Factory of the Ministry of Aviation to prepare for Chengdu Aircraft Factory (now China Aviation Industry Chengfei Company). In 1958, after Chengfei Factory was officially launched, he set out to set up an "aircraft model room". Here, he trained the second and third generation model makers of Chengfei Factory. Later, Chen Lao was transferred to Qingjiang Instrument Factory (now China Aviation Industry Chengdu Kaitian Electronics Co., Ltd.). According to his students’ memories, during this period, Chen Yingming also participated in the successful design and production of the first aerometer pitot tube, the second aerometer magnetic compass and the third aerometer altimeter in New China.

  Zhong Yihui mentioned that many relatives of Chen Yingming are overseas, and some relatives asked him to live overseas, but he insisted on staying in Chengdu. "There is his youth here, a career he loves, and he is used to life in Chengdu." Chen Dabo explained.

  It takes 17 years

  Compile the history of aircraft in China.

  After retirement, Chen Yingming still likes to stay in the study, collecting and sorting out information. He once spent 17 years working with other domestic scholars to compile the first history of aircraft development in China’s aviation for a hundred years. Downturn to version 02

  He is good at blowing, pulling and playing, and will make coffee for every visitor.

  His life

  Chen Dabo did not inherit his father’s career, but his choice was also influenced by his father. Before retiring, Chen Dabo was engaged in music teaching in Sichuan Conservatory of Music. At the age of six, Chen Dabo learned to play the violin with his father and went to the factory to perform. "I play the violin and he plays the guitar." Chen Dabo recalled that his father had an art troupe in the factory that year. He was good at trumpet, violin and cello.

  In leisure time, the old people like to sit down and drink coffee and eat western food, which is influenced by their early life. Chen Yingming’s second apartment in Chengdu has received many aviation enthusiasts. "As long as you go to the elderly, the elderly will give visitors a cup of coffee." Zhong Yihui said, "He likes to communicate and share with young people."