Meizu X Lingke, joint debut, good gifts non-stop!

On August 8, 2023, the Meizu 20 PRO Lynk & Co Time series joint mobile phone was officially unveiled, and Lynk & Co 08 also opened pre-sale. In order to build momentum for new products, Meizu and Lynk & Co jointly launched a Lynk & Co Time series gift box worth 5588 yuan (limited to 1008 units). The owner of the Lynk & Co 08 EM-P Time Limited Edition can get the gift box by picking up the car. The gift box contains three products: the Meizu 20 PRO Lynk & Co Time series joint mobile phone (12GB + 512GB), the Lynk & Co Time series hourglass, and the Lynk & Co Time series mobile phone case.

At the same time, at 20:00 on August 8, Meizu Tmall 88 Member’s Day officially kicked off the event, superimposing a platform subsidy of 200 yuan, purchasing Meizu 20 series mobile phones to save 500 yuan, and the top 5 buyers can also enjoy a 50% discount. PANDAER designated interesting goods save 40 yuan for every 300 yuan.

The Meizu 20 series of mobile phones is a blockbuster new work of Meizu after two years of "no update", and once it was launched, it attracted a lot of attention and discussion. The series of mobile phones adhere to the brand’s "borderless" concept, which is vividly reflected in its appearance design. The Meizu 20 series uses a right-angled frame and a straight screen body, and the ultra-narrow frame brings the ultimate visual experience of the screen. In addition, there are ultra-luxurious hardware configurations, such as the Meizu 20 PRO Lynk & Co Time series joint mobile phone equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, with LPDDR5X and up to 512GB UFS4.0 fast flash memory combination, the iron blood three-piece set brings excellent performance.

At the same time, the Meizu 20 PRO Lynk & Co time series joint mobile phone also adopts the industry-exclusive ultra-delicate micro-flash process, which feels delicate; and is equipped with 6.81-inch 2K super-resolution AMOLED polar edge color borderless screen, HDR10 + ultra-dynamic display and 120Hz adaptive super-sense smart refresh rate, bringing a delicate and real, comfortable and smooth visual experience.

It is not only a smart flagship mobile phone launched by Meizu and Lynk & Co., but also the joint mobile phone of Meizu 20 PRO Lynk & Co. Time series is also an outstanding result of the in-depth cooperation between the two companies in the field of in-vehicle interconnection. The mobile phone is combined with the Meizu Flyme Auto smart cockpit operating system carried by Lynk & Co 08 to realize the sharing of capabilities in four aspects: computing power, data, hardware and ecology. This makes the interconnection between mobile phones and in-vehicle devices achieve a comprehensive upgrade of software and hardware, which greatly enhances the experience of using the smart cockpit.

In the field of intelligent vehicle systems, the cooperation between Meizu and Lynk & Co has revealed more possibilities for future development to the entire industry.