Andy Lau’s "Crowd" exposes a special short film, and the heart-to-heart interpretation is well received

1905 movie network news Produced and directed by the director, Andy Lau, and starring in the absurd comedy movie is currently in hot release. On the first day of the film’s release, it won many audience praise and high scores on various platforms. It also rose in the ratings of Zhihu and Hupu double platforms.Whether it is the warm emotional core, the humorous plot or the wonderful interpretation of the powerful actors in the film, the audience is full of praise, and it is called "the film that cannot be missed during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox".

"Life is changed, life is changed." Recently, the film released a special short film "Flip Over", which combined with the New Year’s atmosphere to send everyone a witty and humorous "poisonous chicken soup" style blessing, encouraging every unknown generation to turn over the Year of the Ox, change their way of life, and turn the world around.

The rating is eye-catching! The praise is rave! 

"There is also warmth in laughter, and the viewing process is like a spiritual spa"

Cat’s Eye rating is 9.1, Taojiao’s rating is 9.0, Zhihu’s rating is 9.2, Douban’s rating is 7.6, and Weibo’s big V recommendation rating is 90%. The movie "Crowd" was released one day, and it has already received praise and recognition from many audiences, and they have expressed their viewing feelings one after another. This is a movie related to you and me. Everyone can see themselves in the movie and experience the emotions that hit the bottom of their hearts. Someone commented "This is about the loss and awakening of life. After laughing, you can feel the warmth of the movie."

More netizens admitted that "the localized interpretation makes people feel more cordial, and the warm emotion touches people’s hearts." More movie fans said that "it is like the soul has experienced a spa and experienced a rare movie viewing experience." Everyone felt healing from the screen and harvested warmth from the performance. Audiences also expressed their love for the movie on various platforms with adjectives such as "must see during the Spring Festival", "worth second brushing", "no urine points throughout the process" and "advanced performance details".

Created by director Rao Xiaozhi, the film "Crowd" is a Spring Festival hit. It tells the story of the top killer Zhou Quan (Andy Lau) and the lonely group actor Chen Xiaomeng (Xiao Yang) switching identities in an accident. The killer re-examines love and life in the process of falling to the bottom; the group reinvents the story of life in the process of impersonating the killer.

In addition to the emotional core of "warm heart", the unique presentation of the film also refreshes the audience. Many audiences expressed their deep impression of the stage elements in the film. The viewing process is like "play within a play", "advanced classical music makes people intoxicated", and the film’s original production and ingenuity have captured the hearts of many audiences. In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, "Crowd", which is like a warm current of joy, is worthy of being included in your viewing list!

Good luck! Bad luck!

"Watch’Crowd Surge ‘return to the furnace during the Spring Festival and remake it, change the way you live"

In the "Turning Over" special short film released by "Crowd", the demonic style brings the audience the first bowl of "chicken soup" of the new year – the passage of time and the turning of bad luck. Even if you live in a messy rental house, Zhou Quan can arrange the room in an orderly manner and find your own spring; in the moment of loneliness and disappointment, you can’t give up yourself like Chen Xiaomeng, there will always be a beam of light to illuminate your progress.

Achievement is just an ordinary migrant worker, but also live an active life. I believe that the god of fate will favor you who are diligent; what should I do if my wallet becomes empty and my pocket bottoms out? Of course, I can’t be discouraged, it is also possible to get rich overnight. Facing the situation of life and adjusting my mentality is the way to turn the page. The ridicule caused by the exchange of life between the two in the film is ironic, and the story of boiling blood is full of excitement, which is not to be missed.

Also released alongside the special short film is a double poster of Andy Lau’s "acting" version. In the movie "Crowd", the top "killer" Zhou Quan (Andy Lau, played) and the down-and-out group actor Chen Xiaomeng (Xiao Yang, played) start a journey of exchanging lives. The poster follows their identity transformation, presenting the plot direction of "drama is like life, all rely on acting".

The film’s star, Zhou Quan (played by Andy Lau), is dressed in a tuxedo of street performance. It is very curious whether this is his living capital that took root in the bottom after losing his memory, or his diverse experiences of a decent life. It is also worth pondering whether the stack of documents raised in his hand is the real proof of his rich life or the tool of his crime in the rivers and lakes.

The other star of the film, Chen Xiaomeng (played by Xiao Yang), is clutching the objects related to his own destiny, holding a shiny pistol in his left hand and a rough sling in his right hand. How will the pistol and the sling affect his life? How can a frustrated life turn things around? How does a dashing life fall from the sky? And whether the flying keys in the poster are inextricably linked to their journey of changing identities.

On the road to playing others, the two leading actors have experienced some interesting plot episodes and experienced some heart-piercing moments. I believe that walking into the cinema will provide the answer.