What’s new about working | The peak of return trip has arrived! Is it absenteeism if you can’t get a ticket and go to work on time?

Original title: The return peak has arrived! Is it absenteeism if you can’t get a ticket and go to work on time?
Spring Festival travel rush’s return peak arrives.
February 16th is the seventh day of the first month, and there is still one day left in the Spring Festival holiday. Traveling, visiting relatives and working in various places are superimposed with a large number of returning passengers, and various localities and departments have taken various measures to cope with the arrival of the return peak.
On February 15th, the national railway plans to add 1284 passenger trains. The railway department actively coordinated and increased the connection of buses, subways, taxis and other urban transportation to smooth the "last mile" of passengers’ travel.
On February 15th, the turnover of highway personnel exceeded 280 million person-times, up 5.5% from the previous month. The public’s self-driving travel is at the peak, and the highway traffic continues to increase. 8: 00 am to 10: 00 am and 17: 00 am to 19: 00 am are the periods prone to congestion.
In addition, the daily charging capacity of new energy vehicles on expressways remains high, and there are many new energy vehicles charging queues. For high-flow stations with a large increase in charging demand than usual, the power security department also temporarily added mobile charging facilities.
This year, the passenger flow in Spring Festival travel rush and Hainan has greatly increased. In order to fully meet the return demand of passengers, the Civil Aviation Administration has taken various measures to fully protect passengers’ travel.
What should I do if I encounter these problems on my return trip?
On February 17th (the eighth day of the first month), "it is estimated that the peak of expressways will reach 65.2 million, which is about 1.75 times the average traffic volume of the road network during Spring Festival travel rush." Li Yang, vice minister of the Ministry of Transport, said.
Although all parties have increased their security, some passengers still can’t buy return tickets and plane tickets.
What should I do if I can’t rework on time because of the weather change and the failure to get tickets? Is an injury on the way back a work-related injury?
The answers to these questions about returning to work during the Spring Festival have come ↓
Question 1: What should I do if I can’t buy a return ticket and can’t get back to work on time?
Generally speaking, employees should have a psychological expectation of buying return tickets. If they can’t buy tickets for returning in time, it’s best to go through the formalities of asking for leave in advance, communicate with leaders more and strive for the understanding of the unit. The unit will generally take care of it in a special period.
Question 2: Will it be regarded as absenteeism if the train stops and so on, which leads to the failure to return on time?
If you have bought a return ticket, but you can’t return to work on time due to non-subjective reasons (such as weather, failure, etc.), it is unreasonable for the employer to take measures such as absenteeism.
After the transportation is delayed due to force majeure, airports, railway stations, passenger transport companies, etc. will generally issue letters of apology, or there will be a notice of delay in official website. Faced with this situation, workers can prove to the employer that they are not late for personal reasons, and the employer has no right to deduct the wages of workers as a punishment for being late, let alone dismiss employees for this reason.
Question 3: Is an accident on the way back a work-related injury?
The Regulations on Work-related Injury Insurance stipulates that anyone who is injured by a traffic accident or an urban rail transit, passenger ferry or train accident that is not his main responsibility on his way to and from work shall be recognized as a work-related injury.
In the actual cases that have happened, time, route and purpose are indispensable in the identification of "commuting". The return journey does not conform to the time and route factors, and the return route does not conform to the reasonable route to work. If an accident occurs, it will generally not be recognized as a work-related injury.
Please pay attention to the ticket scam!
Today is the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, and the wanderers returning home began to pack their bags and set foot on the road of return. Liars are also waiting for the opportunity to design various ticket buying scams for you. If you are eager to get a ticket, you must be vigilant and never fall into the trap of a liar.
Network police reminder
Booking air tickets and train tickets should go through official channels to avoid the disclosure of personal information. When you receive a call or text message that cancels the shift, needs to be changed or refunded, you must verify it through the official phone and App. Don’t click on unfamiliar links at will, let alone transfer money at will.
Cheating cheats
Cheating on behalf of robbing tickets
Fraudsters make fake ticket purchasing websites, telling ticket buyers that they have discounted prices or 100% tickets to "solicit customers", and then asking ticket buyers to complete important personal information such as bank card account number and password for reasons such as incomplete information after the other party is fooled, and then defrauding money.
Anti-fraud tips
To buy tickets, you must choose official ticketing websites such as 12306, and don’t blindly believe in other channels and so-called ticket grabbing artifacts, so as not to be deceived.
Fake customer service fraud
Fraudsters impersonate the official customer service to remind passengers by SMS that the ticket purchase is unsuccessful and they need to refund the ticket, with a refund link attached. When passengers click on the link, they need to enter personal information, bank card number and password according to the prompt, and then criminals wait for opportunities to cheat.
Anti-fraud tips
Don’t click on the unknown link. All ticket purchase information is subject to the official website of 12306 or the official mobile APP to check the ticket purchase situation. Never disclose your personal information to unknown people to avoid personal and property damage.
Malware fraud
The ticketing software is actually a plug-in. The technical threshold is low. Criminals disguise viruses and Trojans as ticketing software and spread them on social networks under the guise of "free" and "spike" to attract users to download and install. Once recruited, malware can secretly intercept users’ personal information, resulting in economic losses.
Anti-fraud tips
Friends can install anti-virus software on computers and mobile phones to intercept viruses and Trojans and test whether the website is a "phishing website".
Shanzhai ticketing website fraud
The criminals made a highly simulated Shanzhai 12306 website and defrauded it by phishing. These websites are very similar to the 12306 website in page layout and domain name. When the user "successfully purchased the ticket", the money was paid to the account set by the criminals, and the personal information of the user was also stolen.
Anti-fraud tips
The official ticketing website is also the only booking website designated by the railway department as www.12306.cn. Small partners must also download the "Railway 12306" mobile phone application software from the official website, not from the mobile phone forum or the unsafe electronic market.
False ticket fraud
The criminals lied that they were "scalpers" and had tickets to resell. But in fact, these so-called tickets are just "fake tickets" generated by criminals using illegal software like train ticket synthesizers, thus defrauding the victims of money. After the victim found out that he was fooled, the criminals had already "slipped away".
Anti-fraud tips
Don’t book or buy tickets by remittance to strangers’ accounts; Don’t entrust others to buy tickets or buy tickets from others; You can’t buy tickets in the hands of ticket sellers.
"Good people" buy tickets for free.
Criminals claim that they can buy tickets for free, ask ticket buyers to download the so-called ticketing software, and then illegally collect personal information and sell it on the grounds that information needs to be improved.
Anti-fraud tips
The software for grabbing tickets through unofficial channels is at risk of personal information leakage.
During the return trip, everyone should pay attention to the safety of personal property and be vigilant. If you find any violations similar to the above, please call the police in time.
Welcome to participate in the survey of job hunting and employment.
In order to deeply understand the job-seeking and employment situation of rural labor force after the Spring Festival and better provide job-seeking and employment services, the Chinese Academy of Labor and Social Security conducted an online questionnaire survey from February 14 to February 29, 2024 to collect relevant information.
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