Last year, you are better than this year, learn practical matching skills, and old clothes are more fashionable to wear.

Is there anything different between you last year and you this year? We are all on the way to becoming beautiful and becoming more and more confident. It is also last year’s clothes, which can also give birth to fashion sparks under careful collocation.

You were more fashionable last year than you are this year. Don’t blindly buy new clothes in winter. As long as we learn these practical matching tips, the old clothes will be more exotic when worn.

Just like this blogger, this year’s dress is obviously more progressive than last year’s. The way of washing blue denim jacket and overlapping white T-shirts is not fashionable enough, although it is lively and age-reducing.

This year’s clothes have become more fashionable and confident. Replace the white T-shirt with a short pink T-shirt, which is very refreshing with straight white pants. The matching of retro denim jackets is more playful and tall, and small people can wear it.

Cotton-padded jacket with quilted design, or down jacket, will not be so bloated visually. Last year, I directly used quilted cotton-padded jacket with tapered pants, which was neat and elegant, but my legs were not slender enough.

This year’s clothes are obviously a lot more foreign. It’s still the same piece of quilted straight jeans with high waist, which naturally raises the waistline. Casual and handsome is also very long-legged, and it is more friendly to the small figure.

Don’t always wear a lambswool coat with fur, and don’t always wear small black pants. This fur-and-fur coat is easy to wear a bloated feeling. We can wear wide-leg jeans with high waist, which is handsome and stylish.

A loose fur coat like this must be paired with drooping and neat trousers. High-waisted wide-leg jeans are cool. It is also very fashionable and coordinated with the fur coat.

The loose down jacket is also very warm when worn. Last year, you could wear loose down jackets with slim leggings. It is fashionable and warm to wear with platform shoes.

Loose down jacket, with strong fluffy style, is more generous to wear. Loose beige down jacket with thick-soled riding boots also adds a sense of fashion. Compared with the collocation of loafers, thick-soled boots are more fashionable and foreign.

A thicker fur coat looks a bit loose and more inclusive. A loose fur coat like this, with high-waisted straight pants, will make the legs look slimmer.

To be more fashionable, we can try a loose fur coat with a white T-shirt with a cartoon personality. Paired with high-waisted jeans, it will be more fashionable than small black pants. High-waisted jeans are more fashionable than small black pants.

Last year, the small coat of lambswool was still relatively low-key, and it was a bit temperamental to wear it directly with small black pants. This year’s wear has been improved in details and more fashionable.

Caramel-colored lambswool coat and high-waisted wide-leg pants with woolen fabric make your legs more straight. Loose high-waisted wide-leg pants, woolen fabrics are thicker, with thick-soled plush slippers, which are also very playful and age-reducing.

Short down jacket with slim black pants, although simple and generous, it is easy to expose the leg shape. If we want to try old clothes and wear new ones, we can wear them with high-waisted straight jeans.

The short down jacket, with a slightly loose white T-shirt and high-waisted straight jeans, has a clear layering and enriches the overall fashion. The short down jacket with high-waisted straight jeans also fully stretched the legs.

Wearing a black suit can also become more brilliant. We can try loose sweaters, and the matching with leg pants will be more casual and generous. The overall style will be a little bloated.

Wearing a black loose sweater will also show a sense of fashion. Like this kind of loose black sweater, with slightly tall waist pants, it is more fashionable to wear. Especially with the decoration of the belt, it raises the waistline and looks more exquisite and fashionable.


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