What is fashion? Fashion in my eyes is not equal to fashion.

Take to the streets and meet girls with heavy makeup from time to time. Some people say it’s affectation, others say it’s fashion. When I turn on the TV, I often "meet" with long-haired men. Some people say that it is ostentatious, while others say that it is fashionable. Some people are obsessed with internet cafes all day, some people say that it is a waste of youth, and some people say that it is really fashionable. Overnight, the wind of "fashion" blew all over the streets of society. I don’t know when, it quietly ran into our campus, attracting countless boys and girls to chase the "fashion" footsteps.

Some students think that fashion is the latest fashion. Some students think it is fashion when they see the "cool hairstyles" that movie stars do at will on TV. Some students regard drinking and smoking as fashion; Some students regard cliques as fashion; Some students even regard violating discipline as fashion, regardless of school rules. In fact, they simply don’t understand the true meaning of "fashion", and their practices just trample on and defile the beautiful word "fashion".

What is fashion? Fashion in my eyes is not the same as fashion. "Time" is fashion. Does "Shang" mean "noble"? Fashion, can we understand it as a popular and good atmosphere and habit at that time? In this case, we should treat popular things in two ways, and never follow blindly. The pursuit of fashion is not necessarily right. If "baldness" really became popular, wouldn’t all the streets become monks and nuns? If everyone really dances "street dance", wouldn’t the street become a "dance floor", and how can the traffic be smooth?

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