What do world internet conference, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and other "big coffees" talk about?

  The 4th world internet conference once again brought the world’s Internet "big coffees" together in Wuzhen, a beautiful water town. Digital economy, artificial intelligence, sharing economy, technological change … … What do the "big coffees" think about these hot topics on the Internet?

  Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba’s Board of Directors: In the face of new technologies, it is better to take responsibility than to worry.

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Meng Dingbo

  "It is better to take responsibility for cyberspace and the digital economy than to worry about it. In recent years, almost all over the world are worried about the new technology era and technology, worried that machines will take away job opportunities, worried that machines will control human beings, and worried that human beings will be destroyed in their greatest inventions. In fact, the new technology is not to make people unemployed, but to make people do more valuable things, to make people not repeat themselves, but to innovate, so that their work can further evolve. I believe that machines will make people’s work more dignified, valuable and creative. "

  Apple CEO Cook: Inject humanity into technology.

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Zheng Huansong

  "Many people are talking about the negative effects of artificial intelligence, but I am not worried that robots will think like people. I am worried about thinking like machines. Therefore, we must inject humanity into technology and our values into technology, which is also our commitment to family, community and each other. We need to make full use of this historical opportunity, we need to give technology its due value, we need to remain open, we need to be confident and creative, and we need to protect all people. We look forward to working with friends in China and partners around the world to ensure that these efforts and achievements we have made can be created all over the world. "

  Ma Huateng, Chairman of the Holding Board of Tencent: Being the Driver of New Technology

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Weng Xinyi

  "New technologies represented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data have begun to promote profound changes in all walks of life. In the face of a new round of technological and industrial revolution, enterprises in China used to play the role of followers of new technologies, but today we hope to become drivers and contributors of new technologies and develop together with global partners. Today, everyone, every enterprise or organization is closely linked through digital technology and is an integral part of the "cyberspace destiny community". At present, all kinds of new challenges in this "community of destiny" need to be explored by the government, industry partners and all walks of life to jointly build and govern. "

  Kelly Y Zhou, founder and CEO of Zhihu: May knowledge illuminate everyone.

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Zongzhi

  "The development of the Internet has made knowledge sharing extremely convenient, and it has also enabled all people to participate in knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing beyond the traditional elite concept will be the optimal solution to promote the sustainable development of society. A knowledge platform like Zhihu may become a new generation of knowledge infrastructure, where everyone can share their views in their professional fields and gain all kinds of knowledge. Knowledge is no longer far away, and it is no longer only mastered by a few people. This is not only measurable in commercial value, but also of great social value. May knowledge illuminate everyone and discover a bigger world together. "

  Liu Qiangdong, CEO of JD.COM: drones solve the last mile problem of rural logistics

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Zongzhi

  "Logistics leads to poorer, more remote and backward areas, but the value of industrial products that consumers have to pay is much higher than that of rich areas such as Beijing and Shanghai. At the same time, because of the high logistics cost, a large number of high-quality agricultural products can’t leave the village. After they come out, they arrive in Beijing and Shanghai, and the prices are too high for consumers to consume. It took us 10 years to establish a huge logistics network covering the whole country. We are still investing a lot of money in developing the latest logistics technology, the most important of which is the drone, which is to solve the problem of the last mile of rural logistics. "

  Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group: The digital economy represents the future

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Weng Xinyi

  "I don’t think the digital economy can be overstated, because it represents the future. It is precisely because of the development of digitalization and network that we can produce a large amount of data, and the empowerment of data through the network will bring intelligence to all walks of life. With the data collected from intelligent terminals, the computing power of new infrastructure, and the algorithm of continuous learning and improvement, we can perceive and recognize our world more accurately and make smarter judgments and decisions, thus making our lives more convenient and colorful, our work more accurate and efficient, and our society more harmonious and orderly. "

  Fu Sheng, CEO of Cheetah Mobile: AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps you live more easily.

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Weng Xinyi

  "AI, or super AI connections are everywhere. If you think of the car as our connection with tools and travel, in fact, AI is a connection between brain power and information. Today, AI can take different measures for everyone like God once imagined. A supercomputing entity grows naturally on a global scale. Everyone’s brain power, your own preferences, your own characteristics, your own habits, all your data can be helped by a super brain to help you live better and live more easily. "