"Mobile Cinema": "Crowdfunding" nightlife of truck drivers’ community

The scene of the first open-air movie.

The scene of the first open-air movie.

During the day, Tang Jiashun was busy taking orders to pull goods.

  "It’s so boring, I can only bow my head and play with my mobile phone every night … …”

  "Is there any activity to attend?"

  "Or — — Let’s watch movies together? "

  … …

  A group of truck drivers in Chengdu hit it off, each with a pack of cigarettes, and distributed red envelopes directly in the group, and soon collected the money for the projector. They planned to run a "mobile cinema" to relieve the boring life.

  By the way, Tang Jia is a member of this group of truck drivers. He actively responded to this "call". He is a step-by-step drip truck driver during the day and a small vendor who uses trucks to pull vegetables and sell vegetables at night. Now, he has another identity with other drivers — — Film projectionist. He said: "For me, the van is not only a tool to make money, but also a family."

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star Journalist Ma Tianshuai Liu Chengmeng Respondents Photo courtesy

  "Slash middle-aged" truck driver: driving a truck during the day and selling vegetables and showing movies at night.

  Scenario 1

  During the day, Tang Jiashun’s truck is the "guy" who takes orders to pull goods, and it is used to help his wife transport vegetables in the evening. At some time in a week, it will be used to show open-air movies.

  Accompanied by the vibration of the mobile phone and a "drip" sound, Tang Jiashun shook his body and received signals in his mind at the same time — — Here comes the order.

  Every morning at seven o’clock, Tang Jiashun will get up on time, pack up and get ready to go out. If he is lucky, he can receive an order reminder from the platform before he leaves home. Under normal circumstances, he will drive a truck to a convenient place outside. When he is unlucky, it is possible to come to the list at ten o’clock.

  According to the prompt of the system, Tang Jiashun saw the place where he wanted to pick up and deliver goods, and then set off for a day’s work. Pick up the goods and send them safely to the receiving address. On average, this process will be carried out two or three times a day, that is, two or three orders. Chongzhou, Dujiangyan, Wenjiang … … As long as it is within the scope of Chengdu, it is a list that Tang Jiashun can take, so it will probably run for one or two hundred kilometers every day.

  "Dealing with goods is much easier than dealing with people!" Before running the truck, Tang Jiashun also ran through the express train and hitchhiking. Facing all kinds of passengers, he obviously felt that running the truck was more suitable for him. "He is only responsible for pulling the goods, not unloading the goods. If the receiving boss doesn’t use the imperative tone and asks us to help, we will usually help."

  After work in the evening, Tang Jia obeyed the truck driver and turned into a "small vendor in the vegetable market". When there were many dishes, he would help his wife to pull the vegetable truck to the vegetable market and sell it together.

  "Run trucks during the day and sell vegetables at night, so that the income can be about 10,000, and a pair of children have been raised." Tang Jiashun told the reporter of Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star: "I can say that I have been dealing with the steering wheel since I was a child. Now I use it to pick up goods by day and transport vegetables at night. My life has settled down, and now I can occasionally use it to show movies."

  Everyone has a pack of cigarettes and money to organize a "mobile cinema"

  Scene 2

  Wei Jiapei, the driver of Didi Freight Transport, saw someone holding a concert with the truck as a stage on the Internet. Inspired by this, he thought of organizing an "open-air cinema", and his proposal was quickly received by the truck drivers.

  Tang Jiashun’s unchanging life has changed a little because of the discussion among the truck drivers. The drivers are going to run a "mobile cinema" to relieve the boring life. He is already lively and soon joined this novel and strange action.

  The name of the drip freight driver who put forward the idea of a truck "cinema" is Wei Jiapei, a native of Bazhong, Sichuan. Master Wei has been a freight driver for a long time, and he thinks that freight masters pull goods during the day to make money. At night, life is quite boring and there is no entertainment. Some time ago, he saw the news on the Internet that a truck master used the truck as a stage to hold a concert, which inspired him.

  Wei Jiapei’s idea was echoed in the group of truck drivers, and everyone agreed to crowdfunding to buy projectors. For this reason, a group of "open-air movies were specially pulled up", and Tang Jiashun quickly issued crowdfunding funds in the group, wanting to contribute to the mobile cinema.

  "In the end, there were more than a dozen masters crowdfunding. A pack of cigarettes cost tens of dollars per person, and second-hand projectors and curtains were found in the market." At about 7: 00 p.m. on September 8, all the masters living in Xindu District arrived, and everyone chose "Duantou Road" near Xindu District People’s Hospital as the first movie venue. Tang Jiashun explained that choosing a road like "Broken Road", which is impassable in front of construction, will not affect traffic and the terrain is still empty.

  Plan to put it once a week to make the truck stop more like a home.

  Scenario 3

  The night was completely dark, and a group of people sat around the curtain. They seem to have returned to childhood, and their friends are sitting on a small bench, chattering and waiting … …

  Several trucks are side by side, and the flatbed car leans against each other. It is convenient and comfortable to sit directly at the rear of the flatbed car with drinks. During the equipment installation process, the masters also wrote a film arrangement table with films such as "Sorry", "Crazy Stone", My People,My Country, Operation Red Sea and so on which the masters voted.

  "Wonderful clips will be presented immediately. Come on, brothers, what do you want to see? There are all kinds of movies tomorrow!" In addition to drivers and family members, passers-by also stopped and watched the movie at random. Tang Jiashun made a video and shouted. He planned to send the video to the group and shouted more drivers to watch it.

  The night was completely dark, and the film began. The masters sat around the curtain together and experienced a different atmosphere in the cinema. The masters get together to watch movies, and a comment in Sichuan dialect pops up from time to time, which makes them seem to have returned to their childhood memories, sitting on a small bench with their childhood friends, chattering and waiting to watch a rare film.

  Until the end of the film, everyone was still discussing. Tang Jiashun said: "We plan to show it at least once a week. Depending on the specific situation, the location is uncertain every time, so it is a mobile cinema, hoping to add some fun to the driver’s boring life."

  In addition to pulling goods and selling vegetables, for Tang Jiashun, trucks are not only a tool to make money, but also a family member. Although the life of driving trucks is a bit boring, I love this job very much.