2023 Shanghai Nightlife Festival kicks off, and 100 nightlife places are waiting for you.

On the evening of June 3rd, the launching ceremony of "2023 Shanghai Nightlife Festival" co-sponsored by the Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, the Municipal Sports Bureau and the Huangpu District Government was held in BFC Bund Financial Center. Vice Mayor Huayuan and Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Government Zhang Xiong attended the event.
Night life festival scene. The pictures in this article are all 100 nightlife places released by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce this year. Good places for waterfront nightlife include 35 characteristic landmarks along the coast of "One River and One River", such as Shiboyuan, BFC Bund Financial Center, Putuo 88 Tribe, Suhewan Vientiane World and Fengchao on the West Bank. A good place for nightlife in Chaoliu District includes 35 characteristic commercial district landmarks such as Zhangyuan-Maoming North Road Time-limited Pedestrian Street, Daxue Road Time-limited Pedestrian Street, Panlong Tiandi, Hengshan Square, Jinchao Lane 8 and Wupintian. Good nightlife places in the neighborhood include Yangpu Youmai Life Plaza, Chongming Haishanghua Island, Bailian Century Nightclub and a number of 15-minute convenient living circle landmarks, which provide citizens with more choices for night consumption. In addition, the "Shanghai Trend Nightlife Guide" was released to provide consumers with diversified and accurate consumption strategies.
Night life festival scene. In order to promote the high-quality development of night economy, Huangpu District is taking the lead in building the "Shanghai Night Economy Fine Governance Demonstration Zone". Nine departments of Huangpu District, including commerce, public security and greening, jointly issued the "Implementation Plan on Promoting Night Economy Development in Huangpu District", focusing on planning guidance, market drive, standard docking and system innovation, and improving the management system and operation mechanism. The Council of Huangpu District Night Economy Development Community formulated the Action Guidelines for Further Promoting the High-quality Development of Night Economy in Huangpu District. In the near future, Huangpu District will also issue the "Pilot Guidelines for Exterior Placement" to improve the level of refined and intelligent urban governance and provide strong support for the sustainable development of the night economy.Meituan released the "24-hour Shanghai" night consumption vitality guide for the first time, and launched a number of night trend consumption destinations with the characteristics of trendy gameplay, niche unique experience and 24-hour business around the four sections of night food, night entertainment, night exercise and night reading. According to the data of Meituan, night service consumption generally shows the characteristics of strong overall consumption recovery momentum, great potential for late-night consumption and active development of new formats. From January to May this year, the scale of online consumer orders for night service in Shanghai increased by nearly 40% compared with 2021. After 22 o’clock in Shanghai, the night life service consumption accounts for 22% of the late-night consumption period. Nanjing West Road-Jing ‘an Temple, Nanjing East Road-People’s Square, Disney, Lujiazui-Yaohan and Wujiaochang-Daxue Road are the top five business districts in Shanghai’s night life service consumption scale index. Shanghai’s nighttime consumer goods are diverse and rich, involving 10 categories such as catering, leisure and entertainment, sports and fitness, and new formats such as gymnasiums and study rooms, which are open 24 hours a day, are booming.
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