These Qingzhou authentic nourishing foods will give you a full-fledged autumn!

The weather cooled down when you were not careful.
Summer seems to be yesterday.
The feeling of crisp autumn is beginning to be obvious.
Summer is over in Qiu Lai, and the cool wind drops to.
It’s a good time to keep fit.
At this time, it is most appropriate to supplement.
Have some delicious food in your arms
Only then can you feel satisfied?
You can’t miss these Qingzhou authentic nourishing foods!
Miaozi whole lamb
Originated in the Qing Dynasty, it has been explored and innovated by chefs. No matter the characteristics of dishes or cooking skills, the whole lamb banquet has its own style. A bowl of mutton soup is definitely a good cure for autumn!
Muslim sauce beef
At the turn of summer and autumn, eating beef can tonify the middle energizer, nourish the spleen and stomach, and has the effects of strengthening bones and muscles, resolving phlegm and calming wind, quenching thirst and saliva, and enhancing immunity. There are many old-fashioned Muslim sauce beef shops near Dongguan Street in Qingzhou. The products are mellow, not greasy, fragrant and palatable, with a long aftertaste. The traditional production technology is followed, and the food is salty and moderate, crisp and refreshing, which is an ideal delicacy on people’s table.
Jiahe donkey meat
Jiahe in Qingzhou City is famous for producing donkey meat by traditional techniques. Like Yao donkey meat, spiced donkey meat was first produced in the early Ming Dynasty, and was used as a special palace banquet in the early Qing Dynasty, and gained a good reputation throughout the country in the later period. The finished donkey meat is ruddy in color, thin but not firewood, rotten but not loose, fragrant and tender in meat, far from having the health care functions of invigorating qi and tonifying deficiency, and enjoys the reputation of "dragon meat in the sky and donkey meat on the ground".
Jihe tofu
Tofu is a tonic, heat-clearing and health-preserving food, which can tonify the middle energizer and qi, clear away heat and moisten dryness, promote fluid production and quench thirst, and clean the stomach. After beginning of autumn, the summer heat gradually faded, and the weather turned cold. Eating tofu can nourish yin and moisten dryness, with many effects. Jihe Tofu in Huanglou Street is made of selected soybeans and carefully produced by traditional techniques. It has been passed down from generation to generation and still thrives. Because of the pure and pollution-free water source of Jihe River and the ancient production technology, Jihe tofu is soft, tender and delicious, and it is famous for its miles and eight townships.
Qingzhou peach
Qingzhou peach, the fruit is spherical or oblate, the top of the fruit is flat and round, the top is slightly convex to one side, slightly concave at the top, and it is native to the mountainous area of Qingzhou City, Shandong Province. Because of seedling propagation, it has great variation and can be divided into early-maturing peaches, middle-maturing peaches, late-maturing peaches, extra-late-maturing peaches and Qingzhou Guangtao peaches. After ripe, it is juicy, sweet and slightly light in flavor, and has a fibrous feeling when eating.
Muslim cakes
The ancient city of Qingzhou has a long history and splendid culture. For thousands of years, Han, Hui, Manchu and other ethnic groups have jointly written its dazzling local culture. After years of precipitation, the rich food culture of the Hui nationality has formed many delicious and unique foods, among which the Muslim cakes refined in strict accordance with the religious habits of the Hui nationality and the traditional handmade crafts are important representatives.
Misandao (honey food)
Walnut cake
Square crisp
Sesame slices
green bean cake
birthday peach (offered as a birthday present)
Fried sugar
Baked cake
The cake is homophonic "seeking height", hoping for height means auspiciousness. This is a necessary food for Hui people’s families in Qingzhou on holidays and festivals, and it is also the most characteristic food in Qingzhou. In autumn, eat a cake, not to mention how sweet it is!
Shortbread is named after a special pastry. Grease-baked crisp with good lard, mixed with appropriate amount of steamed flour, adding appropriate amount of pepper and cinnamon when oiling, after oiling, picking out the fried pepper and cinnamon, and then mixing with flour to form a flame. The burnt skin is made of sesame oil and flour, wrapped in a furnace and baked with slow fire. It is characterized by crisp skin, and it is fragrant but not greasy.
Xuan cake is a special food of the Hui people in Qingzhou, which has a history of hundreds of years. It is made of refined wheat flour and hard flour with very little water content. When the flour is choked, it is rolled with wooden poles and kneaded into a shape. Then it has the characteristics of crisp and hard skin when eaten, strong wheat flavor inside, strong chewiness and good storage at room temperature for several months.
Dear foodies ~ Come to Qingzhou in late summer and early autumn!

The mother of "Yueqing Lost Boy" told more details and took her children to the park to play after the incident.

  CCTV News:At the beginning of December 2018, a news that "Wenzhou Yueqing boy lost contact after school" spread all over the network. After four days and five nights of city search and rescue, it was finally proved to be a farce planned by the boy’s mother, and public opinion was in an uproar. On April 29, 2019, this case was heard in Yueqing, Zhejiang.

  Judge Gu Ruohuai: "The criminal trial court of Yueqing People’s Court in Zhejiang Province is now in session and the defendant is called to court."

  Defendant Chen Mou, a native of Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, is 34 years old. The public prosecution agency accused Chen Mou of planning and creating a false alarm about her son’s loss in order to test whether her husband cared about her son, which spread on the information network and other media, seriously disrupting social order.

  Defendant Chen Mou.: "I would like to ask forgiveness from all walks of life. I am willing to bear the punishment of the law and pay for my mistakes."

  Why did you hide your son and lie about his disappearance in the first place?

  More than five months ago, searching for you, who had screened in the news, on the website and in the circle of friends, actually made use of the public’s goodwill to create a lie. Chen Mou, who is in the center of public opinion, why did he hide his son in the first place? And how did the "lost" boy, who was concerned by the whole network, spend the days of disappearance?

  Chen Mou is a housewife. In early 2018, her husband went to Shanghai to do aquatic products business, and Chen Mou took a son and a daughter and rented a residential house in Hongqiao Town, Yueqing City. Since Chen Mou’s husband’s sister works in other places, she asked Chen Mou to look after her daughter. Besides taking care of three children, Chen Mou will go to her mother-in-law’s shop to help her in the rest of the time.

  Defendant Chen Mou.My son is eleven years old. He goes to primary school, and then my sister-in-law goes to school in Hongqiao. My little daughter has to go to training because of her poor situation. She has that autism. Although she is six years old, her intelligence is less than two years old. "

  Chen Mou said that a few days before the incident, two little things about children stimulated her.

  Defendant Chen Mou.: "Because my daughter just threw the money off the balcony that day, I found that the change in my son’s mobile phone was spent by my classmates that night. I told his father and my mother-in-law, but they thought it was because of my incompetence."

  The money that my daughter threw was originally the payment of 9,000 yuan that Chen Mou’s mother-in-law wanted to transfer to others, but she only got back more than 3,000 yuan in the end. In the evening, Chen Mou found out angrily that his son used his mobile phone to buy things for other students. She called her husband and wanted him to educate his son who was not sensible, but she got a complaint.

  Defendant Chen Mou.: "Because my son is a little afraid of his father, I said that although I don’t have much money, I said that you should educate him, and then he was very angry, meaning that you threw away the money again, and then my son couldn’t bring it to you well. Anyway, he has been criticizing me."

  Although Chen Mou and her husband have been married for more than ten years, she said that the relationship between husband and wife has already appeared cracks.

  Defendant Chen Mou.: "From the beginning to 2015, we were really noisy all the time. Later, when we came to 2016 and 2017, my mind might be a little more on my daughter, because the situation was getting worse and worse at that time."

  Chen Mou said that her husband’s attitude made her angry, and the mistakes made by the two children became a new trigger to stimulate her. Chen Mou gradually came up with the idea of hiding his son to test her husband.

  Defendant Chen Mou.I thought about it for so many years that night, and I thought about enduring it again and again for so many years, because I went to see that woman when his father came back last month, and then the more I thought about it, the more angry I became, and I thought, I also thought that I would be angry with him and make him nervous.

  On the morning of November 30, 2018, Chen Mou sent his son to school, telling him not to go home after school and playing a hide-and-seek game with his parents. And promised to give him a reward when the game was over.

  Defendant Chen Mou.: "I followed him like this. He didn’t think about it carefully. He didn’t ask my mother how to find it, or how to find it specifically. He never delved into these problems. Then I said that I would reward you with a mobile phone or a computer. My son was very happy to think that he didn’t have to go to cram school on weekends."

  Chen Mou’s plan went smoothly. It was Friday, and the boy Xiaohao went to the car to hide after school as agreed. It’s a four-wheeled battery car, which Chen Mou usually drives to take the children to and from school.

  Defendant Chen Mou.: "that battery, but its size is similar to that of QQ, and its size is similar to a car like this." The car used to be parked there, and then I thought it was not very close to where I lived, and then I could say that I could see it at any time. "

  The police who went to report the case immediately launched an investigation

  Chen Mou put the prepared water and food in the car and told his son not to get off. After thinking that he had arranged his son properly, Chen Mou came to the nearby police station to report the case. The police on duty heard that the child was lost and immediately helped to inquire about video surveillance.

  Fang Feipeng, a policeman of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Yueqing Public Security Bureau, is a squadron of serious crimes.: "When she called the police at that time, she went to the Hongqiao police station to report that the child was lost. Then it seemed that it was a bit urgent to pass her tone of voice."

  Chen Mou told the police at that time that before the incident, she criticized her son for spending money indiscriminately, and confiscated his mobile phone, which might make him unwilling to go home after school. The police seized the monitoring record and found such a picture: at 17: 28 pm on November 30, the boy Xiaohao got on a bus heading for Hongqiao Town with a black bag on his back after school, got off the bus about 20 minutes later, got on a red tricycle and left the station. The police asked Chen Mou that this route was an ordinary route for Xiao Hao to learn to go home. Unusually, Xiao Hao got off the tricycle and walked alone, then he lost track.

  Fang Feipeng, a policeman of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Yueqing Public Security Bureau, is a squadron of serious crimes.: "It is generally impossible for such a big child to be abducted by someone specially. One of our analyses is that we may hide ourselves from another. For example, if a child has an accident, there will be an accident. At that time, these two speculations. "

  According to the disappearance of Xiaohao under surveillance, the police expanded the scope of search and never found any clues. At that time, everyone did not expect that Xiaohao was hidden in that unremarkable battery car. In the early morning of December 1st, Chen Mou’s husband rushed back to Yueqing from Shanghai.

  Defendant Chen Mou.: "The first thing he said when he came back was to scold me first, which means that you only took two children at home, which means that you didn’t bring them to work to make money. Just say that you didn’t bring them. Anyway, this sentence is the most talked about. The more he said this, the less I might want to tell him."

  Dissatisfied with her husband’s attitude and continuing to hide the truth.

  Chen Mou was not relieved by her husband’s attitude, and Chen Mou decided not to tell him the truth. On the same day, Xiao Hao spent his first night in the car. Chen Mou said that she almost didn’t sleep that night and went to the car for many times to confirm her son’s condition.

  Defendant Chen Mou.: "If I wasn’t at the police station, I would have stayed there. I didn’t say I would stay for a long time, but the number of times was more, because you can stop by when you go out."

  On the morning of December 1, Chen Mou drove his son to a park about 3 kilometers away to play in order to let him exercise. Chen Mou said that at that time, his son told her that he had heard someone calling his name.

  Defendant Chen Mou.: "I said, did you come out? He said I didn’t. Then I said, then don’t get off the bus. He said, Oh. He is such a simple one, and he didn’t say anything, because he is with me and his trust in me is very strong. "

  To appease his son, Chen Mou parked his car in a remote place near the park and returned to the police station by tricycle. At this time, Chen Mou’s so-called "test" of her husband is still going on.

  Defendant Chen Mou.: "What I want to say is to be angry with him for a while, and then only for a while. How can he be angry? Look at him like that, but you said he was not in a hurry and a little worried, but he didn’t show it."

  The police launched a major police handling mechanism.

  At this time, however, no one knows where Xiaohao is except the mother. In order to find the child early, the police suggested that Chen Mou send his son’s photo and missing information to the public welfare tracing organization in Yueqing. Soon, the news spread in the local area.

  Yueqing police also launched a major police handling mechanism, set up a task force, visited relevant road sections, and investigated surrounding Internet cafes, hotels, rental houses and other places, and never found anything.

  Suspected boy fell into the water, private rescue organizations went to support.

  After all the circumstances were ruled out, the police suspected that the missing boy might fall into the water. Wenzhou, Yueqing, a number of private rescue agencies, water professional rescue teams also went to support.

  Fang Feipeng, a policeman of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Yueqing Public Security Bureau, is a squadron of serious crimes.: "There are more than 100 people in the back of their office, and everyone is asked to come back to work overtime every day. The police force dispatched every day is at least about 200 people. Our Wenzhou detachment criminal investigation detachment sent experts to come over, and then some search and rescue dogs from Wenzhou special police also came over. Folk search and rescue dogs also came, and search and rescue teams also came. I know four or five."

  Chen Qingwei, Captain of Yueqing Blue Sky Rescue Team: "At that time, we all had twenty-five or six members. One of us searched with a hook, and the other used a big fishing net to pull the net for investigation. This area is quite large. Basically, it has been pulled under the river, and it has not been found. "

  Print 1500 copies of searching for you’s large-scale postings.

  Chen Mou still hasn’t revealed the truth to anyone. On Sunday, December 2nd, the morning after the boy’s "disappearance", Chen Mou contacted a printing factory and printed 1,500 copies of searching for you, which was widely posted in Hongqiao Town. In Xiaohao’s school, teachers and classmates’ parents also helped Chen Mou to come up with ideas in the class group and organized themselves to look for them.

  Defendant Chen Mou.: "I just started thinking that it was Saturday and Sunday, and I just didn’t have class. The initial idea was like this, but it became more and more serious later. There are many strangers calling to help you with your ideas and asking if this is true or not. I also said that it is true. "

  Things got out of control and even encountered fraudulent phone calls.

   Chen Mou found that things were getting out of control. She keeps receiving phone calls and text messages from strangers, but also has to deal with relatives and friends who are anxious to find someone and rescue teams who provide enthusiastic help. Her 6-year-old daughter suddenly has a high fever at home, and she also has to take time to check her son’s condition.

  That night, Chen Mou received a threatening phone call, claiming that Xiao Hao was in his hand, in order to demand money. Although it turned out to be a false alarm, this fraudulent phone call finally made Chen Mou realize that his son’s situation was not safe. On December 3, she drove her son away for the second time and hid him in her hometown house.

  Defendant Chen Mou.: "Because Xiaohao’s grandparents live there, I said that you were here, and I hoped that his grandparents would find out, but I told my son that if my grandparents found you, you would say that you hid it yourself, not that your mother hid you."

  The news that the hiding place was lost spread nationwide.

  Xiao Hao, a boy, has spent three nights and two days in the car. On December 3, Chen Mou hid his son in a house in his hometown, hoping that the old man living next door would hear something. However, contrary to expectations, not only did no one find his son’s movements, but with more media reprinting reports, the news that "Yueqing boy lost contact" spread all over the country.

  Defendant Chen Mou."You don’t know who to talk to, or who to talk to, so who can forgive you for your stupid behavior, which made you afraid to talk later."

  Reward 500,000 yuan for her husband to release searching for you.

  Concealed by Chen Mou, on December 4th, Chen Mou’s husband posted a reward of 200,000 yuan for searching for you in his circle of friends. In order to attract more people’s attention, a few hours later, he raised the reward to 500,000 yuan.

  Use a new mobile phone on the day when suspicious details are found.

  In addition to looking for people, the police are also repeatedly investigating the situation before Xiaohao disappeared. On Monday, December 4, the police investigated in Xiaohao’s school and found that Xiaohao had a new mobile phone with him on the day of his loss. However, Chen Mou said earlier that her son’s mobile phone had been confiscated by her, so where did this new mobile phone come from? Further investigation revealed that on November 29th, the day before the crime, Chen Mou registered to buy a new mobile phone card. Chen Mou’s action aroused the suspicion of the police.

  Fang Feipeng, a policeman of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Yueqing Public Security Bureau, is a squadron of serious crimes.We just talked to her. We told her something we had and gave her the number, so she knew she couldn’t escape.

  In front of the evidence, Chen Mou finally told the truth. At 10 o’clock on the evening of December 4, the police found Xiaohao, a boy who had been missing for many days, in his hometown in Chen Mou.

  Fang Feipeng, a policeman of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Yueqing Public Security Bureau, is a squadron of serious crimes.: "Everything in the room was bought by his mother and Chen Mou. He didn’t go to school and rested all day, and his mental state was OK."

  Deliberately creating false alarms has aroused public concern.

  At two o’clock in the morning on December 5th, Yueqing police issued a notice saying that "the missing boy in Yueqing has been found, and the police have confirmed his personal safety and basic health … … This incident of losing contact is a false alarm deliberately created by a family member of the boy. " Once the news was released, it immediately aroused great public concern. "Everyone is very happy that the child is safe, but they wasted countless police forces and resources, joked with their lives, and failed everyone in society who was worried about him."

  On December 14th, 2018, Chen Mou, the mother of "Lost Boy", was arrested. On February 25th, 2019, Yueqing People’s Procuratorate prosecuted Chen Mou for fabricating and intentionally spreading false information.

  A large number of proofs were given by the public prosecution agency around the alleged crimes.

  On April 29, 2019, the case was heard in the Yueqing People’s Court in public, and the public prosecution agency presented a lot of evidence in court around Chen Mou’s alleged charges.

  The public prosecution agency proved that in order to search for and rescue the missing boy, Yueqing public security organs dispatched more than 600 police officers, and Hongqiao Town Government and other departments and a number of non-profit organizations participated in the search. From December 1st to December 5th, 2018, "Wenzhou 11-year-old boy lost contact" was read 210 million times on Sina Weibo, ranking first in hot search.

  In court, the defendant Chen Mou acknowledged the criminal facts accused by the public prosecution agency. At the same time, the defender pointed out that Chen Mou’s false alarm was not to vent his dissatisfaction with the society or the public, but the emotional collapse caused by Chen Mou’s betrayal of all his energy to his family for a long time. I hope the court will consider Chen Mou’s family situation and give Chen Mou a suspended sentence.

  Defender He Yubei: "What is Chen Mou living? There is no stopping life. Every morning from Monday to Saturday morning, I send my son to school, then send my sister-in-law’s daughter to school, and then come back to take care of my daughter with autism. This daughter is six years old and has no independent ability to express her language. Her behavior is manifested in mania and self-harm. Chen Mou needs to invest 24 hours. "

  In this regard, the public prosecution agency believes that the defendant Chen Mou’s difficult life background and frustrated emotional experience cannot be the reason for her to escape legal sanctions.

  public prosecutor: "At the same time, we should also see that since the occurrence of this case, it may lead to a kind of value orientation for the whole society. And we are just such a case. Through this case, we convey a concept to the society, that is, it doesn’t matter if you help others. But if someone dares to use his kindness to achieve his personal goals, we will severely punish him with the law. "

  Damage to social integrity does not apply probation.

  The collegiate bench held that in order to test her husband’s feelings, Chen Mou made up a false alarm about her son’s disappearance and carried it out. In the process, he actively sought help from all walks of life in order to forge an illusion, knowing that the situation was getting worse, but he still let it go. Chen Mou’s behavior was premeditated rather than improvising. However, her crime is serious and does not meet the conditions for probation.

  Judge Chen XiaojiaoWe think that Chen Mou neglected the mental health of an underage child because of his own selfish interests, and at the same time consumed everyone’s kindness, which destroyed the integrity of this society and everyone’s goodwill. The impact is also relatively bad. Therefore, we believe that this criminal plot is still more serious. "

  On the morning of April 29th, the court ruled that the defendant Chen Mou was guilty of fabricating and intentionally spreading false information and sentenced to one year and three months’ imprisonment.

  Judge Gu Ruohuai"No matter what the individual’s situation or circumstances are, any behavior that breaks through the behavior boundary and bottom line and loses social interests will be punished. It is also based on this that the defendant takes responsibility for his behavior at the expense of freedom in court today. Through the referee, the behavior boundary is clarified and the social value orientation is led, so that the society can respect and respect the law, maintain the behavior boundary and bottom line, and finally effectively safeguard the overall interests of society. I hope that today’s trial will alert those who commit risks by themselves."

  The son transferred to his daughter for rehabilitation treatment.

  At present, Chen Mou’s son has transferred to another school, while her daughter is undergoing rehabilitation treatment in Shanghai, and is looked after by her father and grandmother. Yueqing Women’s Federation said that they will continue to pay attention to the situation of Chen Mou’s family and provide help to underage children and Chen Mou after serving his sentence if necessary.

  Li Xiqin, part-time vice chairman of Yueqing Women’s Federation: "More importantly, there are two children in her family. How can we care? After all, her eldest son is a victim in this incident, so I think the child is under great psychological pressure. Then as our social organization, we should be involved in psychological counseling for children in the future. "

  This case that affects the public’s nerves has finally settled. Chen Mou’s behavior of using his son to test her husband’s feelings seems unreasonable to many people, but in real life, there are still many families who are troubled by such problems, but Chen Mou has chosen an extreme way to deal with them, and the reasons are worth analyzing.

  Bin Yuan, a professor at Beijing Normal University Law School.: "In combination with some of her personal circumstances and conditions, including her own family conditions and her own economic conditions, when she is generally in this state, she may have some narrow understandings."

  Experts believe that in addition to the lack of understanding of the illegality and consequences of the behavior, Chen Mou’s long-term negative emotions in marriage and family have influenced Chen Mou’s choices to some extent.

  Bin Yuan, a professor at Beijing Normal University Law School.: "In terms of the choice of crime, emotion is a very important force. For example, if there is some pessimism or sadness, it may be diffuse, which will penetrate into our behavior, including the choice of criminal behavior. She may tend to choose those illegal behaviors, or some negative evaluation behaviors. "

  In this case, Chen Mou chose the solution of false alarm, which violated the provisions in Article 291 of the Criminal Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC):

  Whoever fabricates false dangers, epidemic situations, disasters and police situations and spreads them on information networks or other media, or knowingly and deliberately spreads them on information networks or other media, thus seriously disrupting social order, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance; If serious consequences are caused, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years.

  Different from ordinary online rumors, dangerous situations, epidemic situations, disasters and police situations all involve social public interests. In this incident, Chen Mou’s behavior has been negatively evaluated, which is more due to her waste of police resources and public resources, and her deception and fooling of public love.

  Bin Yuan, a professor at Beijing Normal University Law School.: "Because for social public resources, in fact, many people think that it seems to have nothing to do with themselves, and it seems that I will use this thing without others./Many people want to gain the attention of the society by reporting false alarms or spreading some other information, and use it to form a kind of media or public opinion. Pressure to achieve a certain appeal. But in fact, it will inevitably waste social public resources. "

  In this case, the impact of Chen Mou’s behavior on social integrity cannot be measured in the short term. Experts believe that the court’s decision can bring a certain calming effect to the public and protect the public’s love from a legal perspective.

  Bin Yuan, a professor at Beijing Normal University Law School.: "But now everyone is more concerned about the abuse of love. We may think it is a moral problem more, but in fact, with the improvement of our laws, many of them have actually entered the protection of our laws. We also hope that through the application and future improvement of our laws, including the criminal law, we can make some efforts and contributions to the construction and maintenance of this social order. "

Tang Chunxiao won the women’s team championship of Chinese billiards World Championships by beating Liu Xiazhi.

Qilu. com Lightning News December 15 thChina Jiangxi Shangrao Yushan 6th CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship ended the women’s final this afternoon. Tang Chunxiao, a famous player, defeated Liu Xiazhi 19-9, winning the women’s team championship of Chinese billiards World Championships for the first time in her career.
As a favourite to win the championship before the competition, Tang Chunxiao’s promotion process was not completely smooth. She was dragged into the deciding game by Zhang Muyan in the first stage of the promotion round. In the quarter-finals, she faced Fu Xiaofang, the champion of the 2017 tournament, and Tang Chunxiao was 8-10 behind, winning three consecutive games in a thrilling reversal. Meet Zhang Muyan again in the semi-final, and Tang Chunxiao won 13-9, welcoming his first World Championship final.
Liu Xiazhi faced neither Chen Yihan nor Xia Yuying in the double defeat stage. After entering the single defeat, she beat Russian player Pimenova in the quarter-finals, eliminated defending champion Chen Siming 11-9 in the quarter-finals, and completely defeated "Dark Horse" He Xinru in the semi-finals, which also made her debut in the final stage of the World Championships.
The final of women’s team adopts the system of 19 wins in 37 games, which is divided into two stages. In the first stage that ended yesterday, Tang Chunxiao made a dream start of 12-0 and took a huge lead of 14-4 after the end of 18 games. At the opening of the second stage, Liu Xiazhi chased two games in a row, while Tang Chunxiao grabbed the 21st game to stabilize his position after some chaos, then won two more games, 17-6 expanded his advantage, and finally 19-9 sealed the victory and won the first prize of 1 million.
At 14:00 on December 16th, the 6th CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship ushered in the last match day, and the men’s champion was born among Zhao Ruliang and Shen Shenyi.
Lightning journalist Wang Zhiqin reports from Yushan.

Young people who don’t want to celebrate the New Year, hide back to work.

This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account:Chief character view (id: sxrenwuguan), Author: Wei Wei, May, editor: Wei Wei, title map source: vision china.

Sometimes, bitterness and pleasure can be exchanged.

For example, a migrant worker in a first-tier city may hate his job at ordinary times, but on the good day of Chinese New Year, they will resolutely choose a fierce man to work, even in the form of voluntary overtime, to escape all kinds of troubles caused by it.

Some people lamented,The nine-day holiday, if you want to stay at home, is not too short but too long.

In Douban, the "Don’t Want to Go Home/Don’t Want to Celebrate the Festival" group, on the Lunar New Year’s Eve, some people laughed at themselves that the New Year’s Eve was "hmm", some people were exchanging information about the New Year’s Eve dinner that they would not go home, and some people temporarily returned their train tickets to go home.

Humans create urban civilization, and different urban cultures, in turn, shape individual life. In the name of "going home for the New Year", when people from different cities and occupations get together, young people who don’t want to celebrate the New Year hide in their jobs to find a comfortable area.

The following is their story.

Stay deep, work overtime and save money.

(Bai, working for 5 years)

I’m a buyer of an electronics company. On New Year’s Eve, I’m still "sticking to my post".

For example, I sorted out the materials of the report, looked at the data of my peers, and learned about the new policies of each platform in 2024.

Obviously, this is not a necessary job. On the 28th and 29th of the twelfth lunar month, after working at home with a computer for two days, I couldn’t find any work to continue.

Staying in Shenzhen to work overtime is an unplanned thing. Originally, I grabbed the train ticket back to my hometown of Henan.But on February 4th, I returned the high-speed rail ticket I had just "grabbed" because I had a big fight with my parents again because of my relationship.

In the eyes of my parents, my boyfriend and I are far from each other’s external conditions: for example, I am a graduate student who has returned from overseas, and he has not even finished junior high school. I am an urban hukou, and he is a rural hukou. Even he and I are both 169cm tall, which has become a critical dimension for my mother.

What makes them even more unacceptable is that my boyfriend and I are both unmarried. In our view, the law can not maintain love, but a system of human social structure.

Because of these things, my parents and I have had countless quarrels. Whenever I try to convince my mother that my boyfriend has a skill, although he has not received higher education, my mother will use the unreasonable killer: you are so powerful, why can’t you afford a house in Shenzhen!

I was so angry that I couldn’t refute it. The way to deal with it was to temporarily close the communication window until I had the financial ability to prove to my parents that I could live well.

Two days later, I sent a message to my family, telling them that they needed to stay in Shenzhen to work overtime because of work reasons and could not return to their hometown in Henan. A day later, my parents finally replied to me with only two simple words: OK.

"Don’t go back for the New Year, don’t give red envelopes to relatives and children, and save money." After receiving the reply from my parents, I patted my boyfriend on the shoulder to comfort him.

As a matter of fact, people of my age who stayed in my hometown are married and have children. They go home for the Spring Festival every year, and their main dates are friends who also work outside.

It is very difficult to confront the structure.But I still want to try. After "hiding" at work for three days, I decided to take advantage of the fact that the holiday was not over and go to a small town in Fujian by car with my boyfriend.

And work is not only the way of my confrontation, but also the outlet of my confrontation.

Take the initiative to work overtime to avoid socializing.

(Ber Ber, working for 1 year)

I am a new media editor. In the past, my life rule was that no one would really love work. But recently, my life has changed obviously:Questioning work, understanding work and embracing work.

Because of the nature of the industry, I have returned from Beijing to my hometown Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, one week before the 30 th anniversary. At first, I was dissatisfied with this arrangement: why do you have to work when you go home?

But soon, I realized that working from home is also a good thing for me: when my relatives come to my house to walk around, I can avoid appearing at the dinner table with others.

This should start with my special eating habits. As a Mongolian living in Inner Mongolia, I don’t eat pigs, cows, sheep or chickens.

This means that most of the dishes at dinner have no fate with me. It also means that from the moment I appear at the dinner table, no matter what they are saying, they will stop and watch me until I eat the first bite.

The same is true when I leave. They will stop talking and keep asking me, "Are you full?"

"I’m full." I can’t even look back at their eyes. Although I try my best to comfort myself that this is an expression of love from my loved ones, I still feel a lot of pressure on my body. As a deep social phobia, I don’t like being noticed, especially by more than two people, which will make me feel numb.

Fortunately, soon, I found a solution to the problem:Hide in the house under the pretext of working overtime to avoid appearing at dinner.

In this way, you can not be disturbed by anyone who comes to visit, from day to night. I will inevitably meet them when I go out to eat and go to the toilet occasionally, but I will try my best to speed up, especially when I go back, and pretend that I am busy with my work and need to go back to deal with it urgently.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m disturbed by no one and spend more time at workSometimes even after work, I will work overtime voluntarily because I don’t want to leave the room.My work efficiency is actually quite high, roughly estimated to be at least 1.5 times as high as before.

Every relative who asked me about my "whereabouts" almost lamented that it was not easy for me when she got my mother’s reply that she was at work and had to wait until New Year’s Eve, and then turned her eyes to other people present, trying to find the next object to pay attention to. Every time I hear the change of topic in the room, I will secretly breathe a sigh of relief: "I hid in the past."

As for how to face it after the New Year, I haven’t decided yet. However, the next excuse is brewing in my mind.

Double-row overtime with girlfriends.

(Yangliu, working for 4 years)

I am a supply chain manager of a FMCG company. I usually work in Shanghai and recently returned to my hometown Taiyuan.

On February 6th, my holiday started, but on February 9th, I took my laptop and found a coffee shop to start working overtime voluntarily.

Don’t get me wrong, my family relationship is harmonious, and my daily mother’s kindness and filial piety are just the details of life in Taiyuan, which makes me feel depressed.

For example, if I read a book at home and my relatives and friends who come to visit me see it, everyone will make a fuss about my love of learning, but in fact it’s just my way of life. Walking in the subway, passers-by move at a speed like walking, even with a hint of rust in the cold wind.

After a long time, I feel at a loss.

"The consumer world does not allow boredom to exist, and consumer culture is committed to eliminating it. According to the definition of consumer culture, a happy life is insulated from a boring life". One of the purposes of doing this is to maintain work ethics and let people abandon the pursuit of freedom.

In Work, Consumerism and the New Poor, the author Bowman once explained my mentality like this.

That’s true. But for now,Compared with the "boring life" in my hometown, I still prefer to find my own position at work.

It’s time to find some happiness through work.

By the way, before I went to the coffee shop to work overtime on February 9, I didn’t forget to bring my best friend who just came home from Beijing for the New Year.

From the moment I pushed the door into the coffee shop, my girlfriend and I smiled, because the people sitting inside were obviously people who "returned home" and then hid out to work overtime.

What everyone has in common is that there is a laptop in front of them, and there is an American cup or hand-made coffee in front of them, staring at the screen in front of them attentively. We quickly integrated, and this is the familiar life.

My best friend and I are high school classmates, and our school is a boarding school.Ten years ago, we went to the morning self-study after breakfast together. Ten years later, we continue to go to work in the coffee shop after breakfast together.

The deskmate next door also brought a little atmosphere to my "memory killing". She claimed to work in an investment bank in Shanghai, and when I checked the factory plan for 2024 against the data table, she was frowning and writing ppt.

In addition to working offline, I also share the happiness of "working overtime" with my friends who also stick to their posts, and blow rainbow farts to each other.

"Share the expression pack with me."

On the afternoon of February 9th, I shared a screenshot of the conversation urging my boss to join the work with a friend, and she replied to me quickly. Obviously, she needs the same expression pack to "drag" her boss out of her holiday life.

"We are people who want to be rich." On the evening of February 9, when my best friend and I finished our work, we fully affirmed each other’s future. Although to outsiders, we are more like the boss’s "dogs".

Perhaps this is the happiness of being a "good student".

This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account:Chief character view (id: sxrenwuguan), Author: Wei Wei May

This content is the author’s independent opinion and does not represent the tiger sniffing position. It may not be reproduced without permission. Please contact hezuo@huxiu.com for authorization.

People who are changing and want to change the world are all there. Tiger sniffing APP

The most beautiful autumn scenery in Qingshan is about to go online! Don’t miss these beautiful scenery.

As the saying goes, the most beautiful thing in the world is clear autumn.

Cold autumn

Bleak but rich

Lonely but prosperous

Looks like a spear and shield.

But it is the ultimate interpretation of human beings.

At the beginning of October

Autumn in Qingshan came without warning.

The setting sun penetrates dimly.

Air temperature condenses osmanthus fragrance.

The breeze rippled the lake.

Even the people in the path

Have become elegant and gentle.

In Qingshan Park, although the autumn wind is wrapped in coolness, it also takes in all the osmanthus fragrance in the garden. For the reunion of this year, tourists under the tree lightly smell this refreshing fragrance, as if to keep this breath for a whole year.

It’s not just tourists who are immersed in the autumn atmosphere. Daijiahu Park is also amazed by its own flowers and trees. On the one hand, there is romantic and dreamy pink grass, and on the other hand, there is wild but savage Pennisetum, plus patches of yellowish already hanging on the treetops. This kind of come and go with every season’s seasonal limited beauty has to make people feel the magic of nature.

Sunflower sea+wind blowing fragrant rice, the autumn of Qingshan can also have the joy of "bumper harvest" On the roadside of Jianshe No.10 Road near Linjiang Avenue, sunflowers were planted in an open space of nearly 10,000 square meters. Sunflowers blossomed in the sun, and at first glance, they felt the smell of sunshine.

Unexpectedly, a large area of grain was planted next door to the sunflower, and the heavy ears of grain bent the branches in late autumn, as if telling pedestrians their joy. Walking in, a deep homesickness arises spontaneously, and this autumn harvest joy should be shared with everyone.

In addition, the golden autumn in October.

Of course, the trees are full of golden yellow and the layers of forests are completely dyed.

Every autumn leaf is a kind of scenery.

A big wave of the most beautiful scenery is about to go online.

Guide to leaf viewing in Castle PeakPlease collect it in advance.

Punch in one by one


Viewing place:Chaoyang Street, Friendship Avenue (Luojiagang Section of Sangong Road), Jianshe Sixth Road, and various parks.

△//Ginkgo biloba leaves like duck feet.

Ginkgo biloba, a specialty of China, has existed on the earth for 200 million years and is known as the giant panda in the plant kingdom. In ancient times, the working people called it duck’s feet. In the Song Dynasty, duck’s feet became a tribute, so it was changed to the current foreign name. Ginkgo biloba fruit can be eaten, but not greedy.


Viewing place:Jianshe No.10 Road, Suizhou Street, Gongye No.1 Road, Peace Park, Nangan Canal Garden and Daijiahu Park.

△//Have you ever picked the soapy fruit?

Li Shizhen recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica that "Sapindus mukoraiensis can be used to wash hair and whiten and remove spots", and Bawang shampoo has a special oil control fund for Sapindus mukoraiensis.


Viewing place:Daokouhu park

Cotinus coggygria (red leaves in Xiangshan) is highly sought after in autumn, and the misty pale pink flowers in early summer are also lovable, so it has a dreamy nickname, the smoke tree.


Viewing place:Construction of No.10 Road, Peace Park, Nangan Canal Garden, Daijiahu Park, Qingshan Park and Baiyu Park.

△//The white fruit on the branches of Sapium sebiferum makes the colorful leaves more fresh.

The leaves are diamond-shaped, and it is tallow. Sapium sebiferum with colorful leaves is a favorite of young artists, and it has been seen in the works of Lu You, Li Yu, Lu Xun and Yu Dafu.

Acer henryi

Viewing place:All parks

△//Acer henryi with leaves like chicken feet.

Acer henryi, the most common red leaf in Japan, was also used as a parenting tool by ancient Japanese parents to teach children to learn to count because its leaves have 5~9 tips.


Viewing place:Gongye Road, Sangong Road and various parks

△//The fruit on the Luan tree is like a lantern. Although it begins to wither, it still looks good.

Luan tree blooms yellow flowers in summer and bears red fruits in autumn. Although it is yellow now, it still looks good. In addition, besides lantern tree, it is also called black leaf tree, because the leaves of Luan tree and white cloth can be boiled together to dye the cloth black.

Chinese tulip tree

Viewing place:Peace Park, Castle Peak Park

△//The leaves are just like yellow jackets.

Flowers are large and beautiful, with golden leaves in autumn, like yellow jackets. They are precious street trees and garden ornamental trees, and can be shaded quickly after planting.

Have you made up your plan for viewing the green hills and leaves?

So many landscapes

Waiting for you by destiny.

Produced by: Qingshan District Media Center, Propaganda Department of CPC Qingshan District Committee


Those who sign up for the judicial examination in 2019 from the 5th will be banned for life.

  Beijing, June 5 (Leng Yuyang) According to the announcement of the 2019 National Unified Legal Professional Qualification Examination issued by the Ministry of Justice, online registration for the objective examination of this year’s judicial examination will be opened from today to June 20. The examination time for objective questions is August 31 and September 1 this year.

  Data Map: On September 22, 2018, the national unified legal professional qualification examination was opened. China News Service reporter An Yuan photo

  Registration for the 2019 Judicial Examination starts today.

  In May this year, the Ministry of Justice issued the announcement of the 2019 national unified legal professional qualification examination. The online registration time for the objective examination is from June 5 to June 20, and the examination time is August 31 and September 1; The online registration confirmation time for subjective examination is from September 7 to 11, and the examination time is October 13.

  In terms of registration conditions, the announcement stipulates that applicants should have a bachelor’s degree or above in law in full-time colleges and universities, a bachelor’s degree or above in illegal courses in full-time colleges and universities, and a master’s degree or above in law, and a bachelor’s degree or above in illegal courses in full-time colleges and universities, and have obtained corresponding degrees and engaged in legal work for three years.

  In addition, according to the announcement, before the implementation of the Measures for the Implementation of the National Unified Legal Vocational Qualification Examination, graduates with bachelor’s degree or above in law major in institutions of higher learning who have obtained student status (examination record) or corresponding qualifications, or graduates with bachelor’s degree or above in illegal major in institutions of higher learning and have legal professional knowledge, can sign up for the National Unified Legal Vocational Qualification Examination.

  At the same time, the announcement also made it clear that full-time undergraduate graduates (including junior college graduates) from ordinary institutions of higher learning and military academies in 2020 and recent master graduates applying for the same academic qualifications can sign up for the 2019 national unified legal professional qualification examination.

  How to take the 2019 judicial examination?

  — — Objective questions are divided into two batches of exams.

  The announcement is clear. In 2019, the national unified legal professional qualification examination will be computerized, and the objective examination will be closed-book and computerized. The subjective examination is mainly computerized. If it is really difficult for the examinees to use the computer examination, they can apply for a paper-and-pencil examination when they confirm their registration for the subjective examination. The use of minority languages to participate in the examination, the subjective examination of the implementation of paper and pencil examination.

  In terms of examination time, according to the announcement, in 2019, the objective examination of the national unified legal professional qualification examination was conducted in batches. The judicial administrative organ at the place of registration determines the examination batch of candidates according to the number of seats in each examination area and the number of applicants, which is divided into two batches on August 31st and September 1st, and the candidates take one of the batch examinations. In addition, the subjective test time is October 13th.

  In terms of proposition, the national unified legal professional qualification examination implements the national unified proposition. The "2019 National Unified Legal Professional Qualification Examination Outline" formulated and published by the Ministry of Justice is the basis for the proposition.

  Specifically, this year’s judicial examination objective test has two volumes. It is divided into test paper 1 and test paper 2. Each test paper has 100 questions, with a score of 150 points, including 50 single-choice questions, 1 point for each question, 50 multiple-choice questions and indefinite multiple-choice questions, with 2 points for each question. The total score of the two test papers is 300 points.

  Among them, the first objective test paper will examine Socialism with Chinese characteristics’s theory of rule of law, jurisprudence, constitution, China’s legal history, international law, judicial system and legal professional ethics, criminal law, criminal procedure law, administrative law and administrative procedure law; The examination contents of the second paper include civil law, intellectual property law, commercial law, economic law, environmental resources law, labor and social security law, private international law, international economic law and civil procedure law (including arbitration system).

  The subjective examination is a volume, including case analysis questions, legal document questions, essay questions and other questions, with a score of 180. Specific examination subjects are: Socialism with Chinese characteristics’s theory of rule of law, jurisprudence, constitution, criminal law, criminal procedure law, civil law, commercial law, civil procedure law (including arbitration system), administrative law and administrative procedure law, judicial system and legal professional ethics.

  Data Map: On September 22, 2018, the national unified legal professional qualification examination was opened. China News Service reporter An Yuan photo

  Strict examination discipline

  — — Substitutes will be banned for life.

  In terms of examination discipline, according to the "Measures for Handling Disciplinary Actions in the National Unified Legal Professional Qualification Examination" promulgated by the Ministry of Justice in September 2018, if serious cheating behaviors such as organizing cheating, illegally obtaining test questions, and taking exams are implemented, their test scores in that year will be invalid and they will not be allowed to apply again for the exam for life.

  Specifically, the registration of people who do not have the conditions for examination registration by concealing personal information or false promises is invalid; Those who fraudulently apply for registration by providing forged or altered academic degree certificates and certificates, legal work experience, identity and household registration information, or obtain registration qualifications by bribery, coercion or other improper means may not apply for registration again within 2 years.

  In addition, after the exam begins, candidates are found to be carrying equipment with the function of sending or receiving information, plagiarizing, viewing and eavesdropping on the text, audio-visual materials related to the exam content illegally brought into the examination room, transmitting the answer information by means of discussion, gesture, etc., plagiarizing other people’s answers or agreeing or assisting others to plagiarize answers. Their exam results in that year are invalid and they may not apply for the exam again within 2 years.

  For candidates who have serious cheating, the handling method is clear, and their test scores in that year are invalid and they cannot apply again for life.

  These acts include: forging, altering or stealing other people’s resident identity cards, household registration books, admission tickets and other supporting materials to take the exam; Invading the computerized examination system illegally or illegally obtaining, deleting, modifying or adding the data of the examination information system; Organizing cheating, or providing cheating equipment, programs or other help for others to organize cheating; Illegally obtaining test questions and answers or illegally selling or providing test questions and answers to others; Take the exam instead of others or let others take the exam instead of themselves.

Hometown is also home! Construction workers of Universiade venues stay in Rong for the New Year’s feast to warm their stomachs and hearts.

Love Chengdu and welcome the Universiade! In August this year, the 31st Summer Universiade will be held in Chengdu. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the Red Star News Universiade Channel will be specially launched."Happy New Year, New Fashion of Universiade"A series of reports tell the stories of Chengdu citizens, college athletes, Universiade venue builders and Universiade volunteers and other people from all walks of life preparing for the Universiade, convey the ardent expectations of people from all walks of life to "love Chengdu and welcome the Universiade", and present the influence of the Universiade on the healthy sports lifestyle of Chengdu citizens …
This year is over tonight, and it will be urged next year and tomorrow. On New Year’s Eve, the construction sites of the Universiade venues are still in full swing. In response to the government’s initiative, many Universiade venues, including Donganhu Sports Park and Fenghuangshan Sports Park, have a large number of workers sticking to the front line of construction and production, and struggling to write a "Universiade chapter" for a happy and beautiful life.
Under the premise of strictly implementing the requirements for the prevention and control of epidemic normalization, everyone got together for the New Year’s Eve while ensuring the construction progress. The hot reunion dinner symbolizes everyone’s expectation for the New Year. The workers showed their talents at the scene of the group year, handwritten Spring Festival couplets, song and dance performances and a series of activities, so that they stuck to the front line and spent a "reunion and happiness year" together!
Write couplets to congratulate the Spring Festival.
Make dumplings to welcome the new year.
More than 50 workers and project managers have been busy since the early morning of New Year’s Eve in the construction site of China Construction Third Bureau in Donganhu Sports Park in Longquanyi District, Chengdu. The reporter of Red Star News Universiade Channel saw at the scene that all the workers were sitting around the canteen, including jiaozi, to welcome the New Year, except the frontline workers who were writing couplets on the construction site. According to Luo Shuang, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Dongan Lake Sports Park, there are 500 workers staying at work during the Spring Festival, of whom more than 300 are workers from other provinces and cities. "We organize everyone to have a reunion dinner at noon on New Year’s Eve, which is to hope that everyone can have a reunion, celebration and peaceful Spring Festival in Chengdu."
Junjie Chen
Chen Junjie, from Hubei Province, is a project safety officer. He has been stationed in the construction site of Donganhu Sports Park for more than a year, and he stayed in Chengdu for the holidays this year. Facing the camera, Chen Junjie said that he had gained a lot in this year: "From the time I first came to the construction site, it was basically in the infrastructure stage. Now, through the efforts of all the workers, we have built such a beautiful venue, and we are very proud and full of sense of accomplishment."
On New Year’s Eve, Chen Junjie wrote couplets and blessings for everyone, and every stroke devoted his expectation and blessing to the New Year. "Influenced by my father, I like to write calligraphy since I was a child, and calligraphy can be said to be my greatest hobby," Chen Junjie said. "In Chengdu for the New Year, the project is very lively. Although everyone has no time to go back to accompany their families, we have long been a family. Being able to happily welcome the arrival of the Year of the Ox together can also feel happiness and joy. "
Pack jiaozi together.
During the Spring Festival of the project, Luo Shuang told reporters: "At noon on New Year’s Eve, all the workers left behind in the project will come to pack jiaozi and let them eat hot Universiade dumplings. I hope everyone can feel the warmth of home in Chengdu and at the site of Universiade construction." CCTV News also broadcast live the group year activities at noon on New Year’s Eve of the Three Pavilions Project of Donganhu Sports Park of China Construction Third Bureau. Everyone also sent their sincere wishes to relatives and friends far away from home through the lens.
A sumptuous meal+a wonderful party
Chengdu feels at ease during the holidays.
In 2020, Chengdu will promote the construction of "three cities and three capitals" with high standards, and the strong and orderly preparations for the Universiade show the determination and fighting spirit of the land of abundance to create a world famous sports city. As one of the core venues of this year’s Chengdu Universiade, the ice basketball stadium of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park will host basketball games, when citizens and friends can enjoy the elegance of college athletes from all over the world in this "NBA-level" venue at home. During the Spring Festival, more than 1,000 workers will stay in Phoenix Mountain Sports Park to continue to ensure the construction progress of the project.
The relevant person in charge distributed condolences to workers.
On New Year’s Eve, as a time of family reunion, a sumptuous meal and a wonderful party are the standard for everyone. Although the opportunity to spend the holidays with family members was given up because of the left-behind project, the workers on the Phoenix Mountain Sports Park project of China Construction Eighth Bureau stayed with each other on New Year’s Eve, enjoyed a sumptuous meal and greeted the arrival of the zero-o-clock bell while watching the Spring Festival Evening. According to the person in charge of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park Project of China Construction Eighth Bureau, Chengdu and China Construction Eighth Bureau are very concerned about the workers. "Many condolence activities were organized years ago, and I hope all the workers and friends can have a safe and comfortable Spring Festival in Chengdu."
According to the overall strategic plan of the Municipal Party Committee to build "three cities and three capitals", Phoenix Mountain Sports Park will be built into a world-class venue with the ability to undertake top international events and top domestic leagues, and meet the multi-functional needs of youth professional training, sports exchanges, commercial performances, large-scale variety shows, etc., and develop into a top international event center, sports professional training center, sports cultural exchange center and sports industry development center. It can be said that this new sports park bears the dream of building Chengdu into a famous sports city, which will enrich the spiritual and cultural life of Chengdu citizens. The person in charge of Fenghuangshan Sports Park Project of China Construction Eighth Bureau told the reporter: "All our workers will also work overtime during the Spring Festival. On the premise of ensuring strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control requirements, we will strive to ensure the construction period and strive to contribute the greatest strength to the Chengdu Universiade!"
A sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner
Shi Dexiang is one of the builders of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park. On New Year’s Eve, she sat in front of the TV with other workers after a rich reunion dinner and watched the Spring Festival party in the New Year. "My favorite is Yun-peng Yue, and I usually listen to his cross talk to relax during the break. Although 2020 is busy in engineering, I am still full of expectations when I think of August 2021 when I can see the sun birds flying high in our Phoenix Mountain Sports Park! I hope I can come here again as an audience at that time. If I can see China athletes performing well here, it will be even better! "
Red Star Journalist He Pengnan Pei Han Photojournalist Zhang Zhi
Editor Li Jie
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Does it cost oil to turn on the warm air in winter?

In winter, many car owners will be concerned about whether turning on the warm air will increase the fuel consumption of the car. In fact, if used correctly, heating the car in winter won’t cost oil.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the cold air and warm air in the car are produced by two different systems. The cold air is cooled by the compressor, while the warm air is generated by the thermal cycle of the car itself. Therefore, when we turn on the warm air, we don’t need the compressor to work, so it won’t increase the fuel consumption.

However, some car owners may find that turning on the warm air when starting the car will lead to excessive engine load, thus increasing fuel consumption. This is because it takes some time for the engine oil to fully lubricate all parts of the engine when the car is just started. If the warm air is turned on at this time, the internal lubrication of the engine will be insufficient, and the friction resistance will increase, which will lead to excessive engine load and increase fuel consumption.

Therefore, the correct way is to wait for 3 to 5 minutes after the car starts, and then turn on the warm air after the engine water temperature rises. This can ensure that the engine is fully lubricated, reduce friction resistance, and thus reduce fuel consumption.

In short, as long as it is used correctly, turning on warm air in winter will not increase the fuel consumption of the car. Car owners can safely use warm air to keep the cab warm and comfortable.

Promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market (Rui Finance)

A few days ago, the relocated residents in Nantingfang Community, Changqing Street, Baohe District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, welcomed the resettlement houses, and they will start a new life in a modern community with complete facilities. According to reports, the community can accommodate 2533 sets of houses this time. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Junxi photo
Reasonably adjust the scope of purchase restriction, increase the amount of provident fund loans, optimize the use of existing real estate land, and revitalize the existing parking spaces of development projects … Since the beginning of this year, many places across the country have continuously optimized and adjusted the property market regulation policies to further support the rigid and improved housing demand and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.
With the long-term mechanism of real estate taking root and the stable operation of the real estate market, the positioning of "the house is for living, not for speculation" has further become a social consensus.
Downward trend needs attention.
The real estate industry is large in scale, long in chain and wide in scope, and plays a decisive role in the national economy. Since the beginning of this year, the national real estate market has been generally stable, but the downward trend also needs great attention. Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that from January to April this year, the national fixed asset investment (excluding farmers) was 15,354.4 billion yuan, up 6.8% year-on-year. Among them, investment in real estate development decreased by 2.7%. From January to April, the sales area of commercial housing nationwide was 397.68 million square meters, down 20.9% year-on-year.
Sheng Guoqing, chief statistician of the Urban Department of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that in April, among 70 large and medium-sized cities, the number of cities where the sales price of commercial housing decreased increased, and the sales price of commercial housing in first, second and third tier cities showed a downward trend on the whole and continued to decline year-on-year.
From the ring comparison, the sales price of commercial housing in first-tier cities increased slightly, while that in second-and third-tier cities decreased. In April, the sales price of new commercial housing in first-tier cities rose by 0.2% month-on-month, and the growth rate dropped by 0.1 percentage point from last month. The sales price of second-hand houses rose by 0.4% month-on-month, the same as last month. From a year-on-year perspective, the year-on-year increase or decrease in the sales price of commercial housing in first, second and third tier cities dropped or expanded. In April, among 70 large and medium-sized cities, the sales prices of newly-built commercial housing and second-hand housing decreased year-on-year, respectively, in 39 and 56 cities, increasing by 10 and 9 respectively from last month.
Relevant experts believe that from the year-on-year changes in house prices, the number of cities with falling house prices has an increasing trend, and the confidence of buyers has yet to be restored.
Since April, the property market regulation policies have been released in many places. Among them are Zhengzhou, Lanzhou, Fuzhou, Changsha, Nanjing, Suzhou and other large and medium-sized cities, as well as many third-and fourth-tier cities. Its control measures mainly focus on supporting rigid and improved housing demand and boosting housing consumption.
Liu Lin, a researcher at China Macroeconomic Research Institute, believes that while keeping the risk bottom line, all localities should make appropriate adjustments to the previous contractive control policies to better support the first set of rigid housing demand and reasonable improvement demand, and encourage new citizens, young people and other groups to make housing consumption.
Actively encourage self-occupation demand
Facing the new situation and new challenges, the central and local departments concerned have taken a series of concrete measures to support the first set of rigid demand for house purchase, reasonable demand for improvement, and demand for rental housing.
On May 15th, the People’s Bank of China and China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued relevant notices to adjust the differentiated housing credit policy. Among them, for households who purchase ordinary self-occupied housing by loans, the lower limit of the interest rate of the first set of commercial personal housing loans is adjusted to not less than the quoted interest rate of the loan market for the corresponding period minus 20 basis points. On May 20th, the People’s Bank of China authorized the National Inter-bank Funding Center to announce the quoted interest rate (LPR) of loans over five years, which was 4.45%, a decrease of 0.15% compared with the previous one, and it has been lowered again since January 20th this year.
In Shandong, Jinan Housing Provident Fund Center issued a policy. Since May 24, the standard for identifying the first suite has been adjusted from "the family of registered employees in this city has no housing and no housing loans (including provident fund loans and commercial loans)" to "the family of registered employees in this city has no housing in this city". At the same time, the down payment ratio of the first home loan for non-registered families in this city was adjusted from 60% to 30%.
In Jiangsu and Lianyungang, the latest measures were introduced to further optimize the payment mode of bid bond for operating land. On the basis of strictly implementing the supervision system of pre-sale funds of commercial housing, we will explore ways to guarantee and release a certain amount of funds for the construction and operation of real estate projects.
"Judging from the situation in most cities, the lower limit of the first home loan interest rate in May decreased by 35 basis points compared with April, and the lower limit of the second home loan interest rate decreased by 15 basis points. This change, superimposed on the optimization measures taken by various places due to urban policies, will help reduce the cost of buyers and promote the release of just-needed and improved housing demand. " RealData market analyst Liu Lijie said.
The bottom line of "housing and not speculating" is solid.
According to the data of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, China is still in the stage of rapid urbanization, with more than 11 million newly employed people in cities and towns every year, which brings a lot of new housing demand. At the same time, a large number of old houses built before 2000 are small in area, poor in quality and incomplete in supporting facilities, and the demand for residents to improve their living conditions is relatively strong. All these provide favorable conditions for the real estate market to stick to the principle of stability and achieve healthy development.
Zhao Xiuchi, a researcher at the Institute of Economic and Social Development of Megacities of Capital University of Economics and Business, pointed out in an interview with this reporter that the recent fine-tuning and optimization of the credit environment and real estate regulation and control policies is due to the city’s policy of supporting rigid and improved housing demand, which is a necessary move to keep the economy running in a reasonable range, and reflects the positioning that "houses are used for living, not for speculation".
"The optimization of real estate regulation and control policies should continue to adhere to the word’ stable’ and firmly hold the bottom line of’ housing and not speculating’ while meeting reasonable needs." Zhao Xiuchi believes that we should further improve the efficiency of land and housing use and accelerate the development of the housing rental market with the guidance of meeting reasonable and self-occupied housing demand and the balance between occupation and housing as the starting point.
In the view of Feng Jun, president of China Real Estate Association, local governments can’t break away from the orientation and direction of "housing and not speculating", and they can’t use real estate as a tool and means to stimulate the economy in the short term. In the future, the key is to continue to implement a long-term real estate mechanism, maintain the continuity and stability of regulatory policies, and enhance accuracy and coordination.

In the first half of the year, credit bonds defaulted by nearly 100 billion yuan, ranking first in the real estate industry.

  The default situation of credit bonds continues unabated. According to Wind statistics, as of June 30, the default scale of credit bonds this year has reached 98.573 billion yuan, far exceeding the level of the same period last year. Among them, the overdue principal of bonds is 91.338 billion yuan and the overdue interest is 7.235 billion yuan.

  Insiders interviewed by reporters said that the deterioration of default data in the first half of this year was mainly due to the risk exposure of several major entities such as HNA Group and Huaxia Happiness, which can be said to be the result of the accumulation of default risks in the previous period. Looking forward to the second half of the year, the default situation may continue, and the credit differentiation will further intensify.

  At the same time, with the gradual normalization of bond market default, the redemption rate of bonds after default has also decreased year by year. Although private enterprises are still the main force of default, the scale of default of state-owned enterprises has increased rapidly. According to statistics, in the first half of 2021, the balance of default bonds of local state-owned enterprises totaled 36.411 billion yuan, accounting for 79% of the default amount of local state-owned enterprises’ bonds last year, which continued to impact the "belief in state-owned enterprises". Some analysts said that there have been two major trends in the default of credit bonds. First, state-owned enterprises with weak qualifications will become a breakthrough to break the just exchange; Second, the tail real estate company will accelerate the market clearing.

  The scale of credit debt default has expanded.

  Since the beginning of the year, credit bond defaults have occurred frequently. According to statistics, there were 13 new issuers who defaulted for the first time in the first half of the year, including 7 issuers in the first quarter and 6 issuers in the second quarter. However, this figure is down from 19 in the first half of 2020.

  According to the analysis of CICC’s collection team, in contrast, the cumulative number of issuers who defaulted in the first half of this year and in the two quarters showed a downward trend year-on-year. The decrease in the number of issuers who defaulted was related to the greater efforts of supervision and local governments to maintain stability, and repeatedly stated that they had zero tolerance for malicious "evasion of debts", actively guaranteed bond payment and restored market confidence.

  Although the number of new defaulting subjects has decreased, the scale of default has not decreased. According to the reporter’s statistics, as of June 30th, the number of defaults on credit bonds reached 120 this year, with a scale of 98.573 billion yuan, compared with 94 and 72.995 billion yuan in the same period last year. Among them, the overdue principal of bonds this year is 91.338 billion yuan, and the overdue interest is 7.235 billion yuan.

  "This is mainly due to the risk exposure of several major defaulting entities, such as HNA Group and Huaxia Happiness, which is the result of the accumulation of risks in the early stage." A director of fixed income of a fund company told reporters. For example, in the first half of the year, a number of issuers of Hainan Airlines were ruled by the court to accept bankruptcy and reorganization applications, and all the surviving bonds were deemed to be due to breach of contract, which in turn pushed up the number and amount of defaulted bonds in the first half of the year.

  Ming Ming, deputy director of CITIC Securities Research Institute, also told CBN: "The scale of default under the conventional caliber includes the subjects that have defaulted over the years. If their surviving bonds expire in the first half of 2021, they will also be included in this year’s default, resulting in large data. In particular, the defaults in the first half of this year included large bond entities such as Kangmei, Huaxia Happiness, Huaxin and Taihe, which led to a higher amount than the same period last year. "

  Mingming also said that considering the risk of default in the first half of this year, it is usually compared with the first default of enterprises. In the first half of this year, the new default was 8.65 billion yuan, which was lower than 13.38 billion yuan in the same period last year.

  Real estate default accounts for a large proportion

  From the perspective of industry distribution, in the first half of this year, bond defaults were mainly concentrated in comprehensive, real estate, air transport, construction and engineering industries. Among them, the default scale of the real estate industry was 19.192 billion yuan, ranking first. Some insiders predict that the market-oriented clearing will be accelerated in the future under the background that the real estate regulation is not relaxed.

  CICC’s collection team believes that this is because real estate development enterprises have the problems of large cash inflow and outflow, frequent policy regulation and tight refinancing as a whole, and naturally have the characteristics of high credit risk.

  In fact, since 2018, with the marginal tightening of real estate financing and the arrival of the peak of real estate corporate bonds maturity, the default of real estate bonds has gradually been exposed. Especially since May last year, local regulatory policies have been tightened again, and the continuous financing shortage has stretched the capital chain of some real estate industries.

  After the default of three real estate enterprises in the first half of this year, the institutions intensified their risk investigation on the real estate sector, and their attitudes tended to be cautious. "Some small and medium-sized housing enterprises have relatively high debt ratios, and the financing channels faced by the industry have narrowed, so they are prone to default." Macro analyst Zhou Maohua told reporters.

  It is also worth mentioning that on July 12, Sichuan 100 billion-level housing enterprise Blu-ray Development Co., Ltd. also defaulted. The announcement shows that as of the end of the due date, the issuer failed to raise the full repayment funds as agreed, and "19 Blu-ray MTN001" failed to repay the principal and interest in full on schedule, which constituted a material breach of contract.

  It is reported that the issuance scale of "19 Blu-ray MTN001" is 900 million yuan, with a term of 2 years. The interest rate of the bonds in this interest period is 7.5%, and the amount of principal and interest payable is 967.5 million yuan. The redemption date is July 11, 2021 (the actual redemption date is July 12, 2021).

  Looking forward to the future credit bond market, many people in the industry expressed optimism. The aforementioned fixed income director of the fund company told reporters that it is expected that the credit default situation will continue in the second half of the year. After all, the credit financing environment has not been relaxed, and the policy has been tightening the review of urban investment bonds and real estate bonds. The performance of the credit market will be more differentiated, and the sinking of qualifications will be more cautious.

  Zhou Maohua said that from the trend, domestic defaults will not rise sharply, mainly because the overall domestic monetary and credit environment remains reasonable and moderate, and accurately supports short-term weaknesses. At the same time, the economy and domestic demand are recovering steadily, the overall profit of enterprises tends to improve, and the market financing function is sound.

  "We should treat the domestic bond market default rationally. A certain amount of bond default will help to find the market price, force enterprises to operate steadily, reasonably debt, and continuously improve operating efficiency; It also helps the market mechanism to play its role and promote the efficiency of market resource allocation. " Zhou Maohua also mentioned.

  Decreasing the redemption rate of default bonds

  As the default of credit bonds tends to be normalized, there is also a phenomenon that the payment ratio of default bonds is also decreasing.

  According to the statistics of Zhongtai Securities, the proportion of the accumulated principal paid by default bonds to the accumulated balance of default bonds has dropped from 79.37% at the end of 2014 to 6.87% at the end of the first half of 2021; The proportion of fully paid bonds to default bonds decreased from 20% to 7.16%. This means that once the bond defaults, investors will face greater losses.

  Generally speaking, after the bond defaults, enterprises mainly have five ways to deal with the default, namely litigation arbitration, bankruptcy litigation, self-financing repayment, debt restructuring and collateral disposal/guarantor compensation. In general, self-raised funds, debt restructuring and bankruptcy litigation are three common disposal methods, among which debt restructuring and self-raised funds have shorter redemption period and higher recovery rate than bankruptcy restructuring.

  In addition, there are differences in default payment of different types of bonds. For example, from the perspective of the nature of enterprises, Zhongtai Securities analyzed that by the end of June 2021, 40 of the 135 private enterprises that had defaulted on bonds had partially or fully paid the defaulted bonds, with a redemption probability of 29.63%; However, local state-owned enterprises and central state-owned enterprises have higher redemption probabilities, which are 38.46% and 36.36% respectively.

  However, in recent years, with the substantial increase in the default scale of local state-owned enterprises and the successive default of bonds issued by some central enterprise groups, "the redemption ratio of local state-owned enterprises and central enterprises according to the amount of redemption and the number of fully redeemed bonds has been lower than that of private enterprises." Zhou Yue, chief analyst of Zhongtai Securities Solid Revenue, said.

  Specifically, in the first half of 2021, the cumulative redemption amount of local state-owned enterprises accounted for 5.03% of the bond default scale, compared with 13.95% at the end of 2018; The proportion of central enterprises is 4.20%, and it was 17.26% at the end of 2018. Zhou Yue further believes that at present, there are two tendentious problems in the default of credit bonds. First, weak state-owned enterprises will become a breakthrough to break the just-redeemed; Second, the tail real estate company will accelerate the market clearing.