Comprehensive development acceleration, Xiang’an District signed 33 projects and reached a total investment of 51.80 billion yuan

The rapidly developing Xiang’an is thriving, attracting many entrepreneurs and investors. Photo by reporter Huang Rong

Municipal facilities are improving day by day. Photo by reporter Wang Huoyan

A number of large projects and good projects have been signed, and they are about to land in Xiang’an, injecting new momentum into the economic and social development of the region. Lin Muyang, photo

In TPV’s production workshop, staff are debugging equipment. Lin Muyang, photo

The construction and development of major new cities in Xiang’an is in full swing. The picture shows the construction site of the new sports center. Photo by reporter Wang Huoyan

Yesterday afternoon, the 22nd China International Investment and Trade Fair Xiang’an District Signing Conference was grandly held, this fair Xiang’an District signed 33 projects on site, reaching a total investment of 51.80 billion yuan.

The projects signed this time cover electronic equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, finance, retail, construction, digital economy application services, food manufacturing and processing, marine equipment, biomedicine and other industries. With the addition of these large and good projects, the industrial development of Xiang’an will be fully supplemented, the industrial strength will be further strengthened, the structure will be further optimized, and new impetus will be injected into the economic and social development of the region, which will strongly promote the construction of the "Five Xiang’an".

To seize the beach in Xiang’an is to seize the opportunity, and to invest in Xiang’an is to invest in the future. In the 19 years since the establishment of the district, Xiang’an District has become the main battlefield and main battlefield of Xiamen’s "cross-island development". It has also become the most dynamic and promising investment hotspot. Just last week, at the 2nd China Urban High-Quality Development and International Cooperation Conference, Xiang’an District was named "Top 10 Urban Areas for High-Quality Development in 2022".

The signing of the new project is a new starting point for Xiang’an’s development journey. Xiang’an looks forward to working with all entrepreneurs and friends to seize the commanding heights and win great opportunities in promoting all-round high-quality development, ride the wind and waves together, and make great strides towards the strategic positioning of high-quality benchmark, high-value model, modern frontier, and international hub.

New project landing Boost the "acceleration" of new city construction

Among the projects signed this time, there are two heavyweight projects located in the Aviation New Town. The Xiamen Airlines Industrial Airport Industrial Park project will be based on the aviation maintenance industry, integrating finance, enterprise acceleration, investment promotion, and R & D to build a fourth-generation industrial park with aviation maintenance and manufacturing bases and aviation innovation industry service bases as the core; the Taikoo Xiang’an New Airport Maintenance Base project in the new city, the total investment of the project is 2 billion yuan, and the total construction area is expected to be about 277,000 square meters.

At the same time, there are also three major projects signed and landed in the eastern sports exhibition new city area. Among them, Tianma Technology, a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization and a national technology innovation demonstration enterprise, plans to establish a subsidiary, and use it as the main investment body to invest in the construction and operation headquarters in the eastern sports exhibition area; Luyan Pharmaceutical, the largest pharmaceutical distribution enterprise in the province, and Blue Star Group, a pioneer in the local mask industry, are preparing to invest in the construction of office headquarters in the area; and Middle East Infrastructure Technology Group Co., Ltd. plans to register and establish a wholly-owned subsidiary to build a new infrastructure project management, electric power, design, municipal road engineering construction, decorative curtain wall and other indoor and outdoor design and construction, intelligent housing construction, fire protection, landscaping and other engineering services.

Within the jurisdiction of Xiang’an, new cities such as the southern new city of Xiang’an, the eastern sports exhibition new city, the aviation new city, and the Tongxiang high-tech city have accelerated their rise, building a new "skeleton" for the future urban development. The signing of these new projects will help the construction of the new city run out of "acceleration" again in the future.

Focusing on key industrial chain groups, precise and strong chains complement and extend the chain

Xiang’an, which is an industrial zone and a strong area, has now become an important advanced manufacturing base in the city. There are multiple industrial parks in the jurisdiction, such as Torch (Xiang’an) Industrial Zone, Tongxiang High-tech City (Xiang’an Area), Xiang’an Industrial Concentration Zone (Xiangbei, Yinlu, Shitou and other industrial zones), and Digital Economy Industrial Park, which have formed four key industrial chain groups such as flat panel display, semiconductor and integrated circuits, machinery and equipment, new materials and new energy – of which flat panel display, semiconductor and integrated circuits account for "half of the country" in the city. The reporter noticed that many of the projects signed this time have carried out precise "strong chain replenishment and chain extension" around key industrial chain groups.

National high-tech enterprise Huilian Electronics will set up a new wholly-owned subsidiary in Xiang’an, with a new annual output of 1,000 tons of cemented carbide bar production line, an annual output of 10 million numerical control blade production line, an annual output of 100 million PCB tool production line, bar blade tool general and special equipment production line, various coating centers and tool cleaning lines, as well as administrative headquarters and scientific research experimental testing rooms; National Technologically Advanced Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Shenzhen Alixin is preparing to land on the optical products project, engaged in video product accessories and automotive interior parts manufacturing, for the whole region flat panel display and new energy industry chain strong chain; Huagong Chaomo (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. plans to build a chip packaging base, Xiamen Xiamen Xiamen Xiamen Technology The company plans to establish a production base for audio-visual display products.

From Hangzhou, Xieneng Technology Company is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and operation of new energy battery management technology. The company will establish a battery cascade utilization recycling and crushing project in Xiang’an to support the coordinated development of new energy industrial clusters. Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Company is preparing to establish a project company in Xiang’an, mainly engaged in the introduction, service and training of new energy talents, injecting endless vitality into the development of new energy in the whole region and even the city.

In terms of new materials, MIIT specializes in special new "little giants", and the national and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises Yunji Technology plan to establish the southeast headquarters of OLED luminescent materials in Xiang’an, integrating the research and development and production of new OLED materials.

The fund leverages social capital and empowers development

In the first half of this year, Xiang’an District Fund investment report card shows: investment in CICC, China Resources and other 8 industrial sub-funds, with 600 million yuan district-level financial funds to pry 14.50 billion yuan of social capital, funds prying rate of 25 times, the multiplier effect is significant; 22 projects (including independent investment), has reached 900 million yuan.

In recent years, Xiang’an District has unswervingly played the role of the platform of the District’s guidance fund "to drive investment promotion through funds", and simultaneously explored the investment promotion model of direct investment by funds – in this context, the financial-related projects in the contracted projects have a more obvious role in driving the development of Xiang’an District.

In the big data digital economy development fund project, big data fund of funds belongs to the provincial state investment assets, as the first provincial industrial investment fund in Xiamen, will set up a digital economy development fund in Xiang’an District, including but not limited to fund of funds 1 (scale 2 billion yuan), several sub-funds, etc. The total size of the parent and sub-fund cluster is expected to exceed 12 billion yuan.

In the Far East Horizon strategic cooperation project, The Far East Horizon Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of the central enterprise Sinochem Group, will cooperate with Xiang’an District and Xiamen Torch Group on financial leasing projects and other businesses to provide funding and financing plan support for Torch Tongxiang High-tech Zone, which is conducive to leveraging the late project of the park.

New industries continue to develop All-round economic and social development

At present, Xiang’an is making great efforts to develop a new generation of information technology, biomedicine and health, marine economy and other emerging industries, and actively integrates into the construction of Xiamen Science City, Xiamen National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, BRICS Innovation Base and Southwest Fujian Coordinated Development Zone – a closer look at the many projects signed this time shows that Xiang’an is actively expanding and entering more and more tracks, so that economic and social development can be extended to more fields.

On the track of digital economy and application services, Unigroup plans to establish a Fujian smart business regional headquarters in Xiang’an District, focusing on digital city, industrial cloud, industrial Internet, industrial brain, smart education, smart park, government and enterprise digital transformation and other sections; Tongtu Zhiying will take Xiang’an as the headquarters, establish a cross-factory textile industry alliance, and create a new industry model for sharing textile factory production capacity resources; Kyushu Yuanqi plans to build a Southeast regional business headquarters centered on Xiang’an, mainly to carry out digital content services, corporate image event planning, conference services, exhibition and display services, etc.

The Ministry of Commerce’s supply chain innovation and application demonstration enterprise and China’s top 50 logistics enterprises, Cross-sea Logistics, plans to build a logistics warehouse in Xiang’an to provide logistics supply chain services for large manufacturing enterprises, which will help Xiang’an to further develop the smart logistics supply chain. Focusing on high-end marine equipment, Xinnuo Beidou Aviation Information Technology (Xiamen) Company plans to invest in the construction of a production base to develop and produce high-end marine equipment, Beidou communication and navigation equipment, and high-end equipment for ships’ intelligent cockpits.

In terms of science and technology research and development, Professor Feng Yongjian from Xiamen University plans to set up a project company in Xiang’an, focusing on the development of MEMS sensors, microelectronic MEMS integrated chips, semiconductor sensing materials and other products and market; in terms of biomedical health, Nanjing Joy, the largest disinfection and sterilization service provider in the country, plans to set up a radiation processing base for disinfection products and related health Products Research & Development and production.

In addition, the China Chemical Construction Project, the China Railway Construction Port and Shipping Bureau Construction Project and the Lyster Photovoltaic Project will enable Xiang’an to gain greater assistance in the future development and construction; the Xtep E-commerce Cloud Center Project will build a brand business operations complex integrating retail experience centers, various mid-to-high-end fashion sports halls, global headquarters and business reception centers, which will help to enhance Xiang’an’s retail industry; the Kelly Wei Food Project and the Xinguoyuan Oil Project are the strengthening of the traditional food production and processing industry. (Reporter, Shao Lingfeng, Correspondent, Ye Xiaofei, Lan Yu)