In May, the sales volume of new energy reached a new high, and it was difficult for Xiaowei to get together.

A few days ago, new energy car companies and new forces released their sales data in May. From the data, BYD, Ai ‘an and Ideals continued to triumph, especially Ai ‘an and Ideals, which hit record highs. At the same time, the sales volume of Nezha, Zero Run and Krypton increased steadily compared with that of April, while Tucki and Weilai still failed to see improvement, and the gap between them and their ideals became wider and wider, so it was difficult for the former "Big Three" to get together.

BYD: 240,220 vehicles

Since the introduction of DM-i super-hybrid technology, BYD has ushered in a "rocket-riding" sales surge, and the growth momentum has almost always been doubled. Data show that BYD sold 240,220 vehicles in May, up 108.99% year-on-year, breaking the previous record of BYD selling 235,200 vehicles in December 2022, setting a monthly record high. Among them, the sales volume of passenger cars was 239,092, and the sales volume of and was 228,087. At the same time, Tengshi Automobile also handed over 11,005 vehicles in May, which exceeded 10,000 for three consecutive months, and the overall performance was good.

Ian: 45,003 vehicles

In the new energy market, Ai ‘an can be said to be the one who "made a fortune in silence". It hardly participated in the "saliva war", nor did it flaunt itself as the best model within 500,000 to 5 million yuan, and its outstanding market performance was "hard currency". In May, Ai ‘an delivered 45,003 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 114%, setting a record high. According to the previous annual sales target of 500,000 vehicles set by Aidan, the completion rate is 33.2% so far, and it needs to be further strengthened in the next seven months.

Ideal: 28,277 vehicles

The achievement of 25,681 vehicles in April has shocked many people. In May, LI delivered an even more amazing 28,277 vehicles, which once again set a new record for brand delivery in a single month, among which the ideal L7 delivered more than 10,000 vehicles for two consecutive months. I have to say, LI’s positioning is too precise. It doesn’t have the layout of power exchange like Weilai, nor does it have the smart driving assistance like Tucki. Instead, it focuses on the needs of home users, with luxurious space, comfortable ride, humanized details, and zero anxiety about fuel and electricity. In the peak season, the ideal is expected to achieve sales of 30,000 vehicles/month or even higher.

Nezha: 13,029 vehicles.

Like the ranking in April, Nezha Automobile still ranks behind BYD, Ai ‘an and Ideality, and in May, it slightly increased to 13,029 vehicles, of which 2,024 vehicles were sold overseas, and the overall performance was remarkable. From the market point of view, Nezha V, a subsidiary of Nezha Automobile, launched an activity with a total discount of 10,000 yuan, which stimulated product sales; At the same time, Nezha S enriched the entry-level models, and the new models improved the comprehensive cost performance of the products. However, compared with the high of 18,016 vehicles in October last year, there is still a certain gap, which also means that Nezha GT needs to continue to exert its strength, and 1,716 vehicles are far from enough.

Zero run: 12,058 vehicles

If we don’t calculate Tengshi separately, then Zero Run is the last new energy brand with a sales volume of over 10,000 in May. Among the 12,058 new cars sold, C11 delivered 7,100+and C series delivered 10,000+,accounting for more than 83%, which is the same as that in April. In other words, the main sales force of the brand has changed from the entry-level zero-run T03 to the middle and high-level zero-run C11, and it has become a stable trend, which shows that the pricing strategy and vehicle layout of the zero-run car have achieved results.

Extreme krypton: 8,678 vehicles

Compared with April, the achievement of 8,678 Krypton vehicles is only more than 500 vehicles, but this achievement is enough to win the title of luxury pure electric brand in China. In addition, Krypton X, which focuses on the young personalized market, will start large-scale delivery in June. Perhaps starting from June, Krypton X will return to the ranks of "10,000 clubs". As for 11,000, 13,000 or even 15,000, it depends on how much energy Krypton X has.

Tucki: 7506 vehicles.

From January to May, Xpeng Motors’s sales volume has been increasing, which is definitely a good phenomenon, but its growth rate is slightly mediocre in the market, and it has been hovering at the height of more than 7,000 vehicles for three months. According to the market feedback, Tucki P7i launched at the end of March, although its product strength has been upgraded to some extent, has not been translated into more actual sales. One of the main reasons is that many users think that its price is on the high side, and they can only expect that the following two new cars, Tucki G6 and new MPV Tucki X9, can help Tucki to make new breakthroughs in sales.

Deep blue: 7021 vehicles

Although compared with the 7,756 vehicles in April, there is a slight decrease from the previous month, there should be no pressure on the Deep Blue car, because the Deep Blue S7, which was booked by "520", gave a booking price of 169,900-239,900 yuan, even 2,000 yuan cheaper than the official price of Deep Blue SL03. Compared with the same model, Deep Blue S7 is sincere in price. Compared with the same model, Deep Blue S7 has certain advantages in performance, configuration, design and space. It is foreseeable that the official listing of Deep Blue S7 will have a positive impact on the sales of Deep Blue brand.

Weilai: 6,155 vehicles

Once the "Big Three" of the new forces, it is now difficult to get together again. Xpeng Motors is hovering around seven or eight thousand vehicles, but Weilai’s situation seems to be even worse. Since March, Weilai ET7 has failed to break through four digits for many months, Weilai ET5 has also dropped from more than 7,000 vehicles to 45,000 vehicles, and the sales of ES8 and EC7 are negligible, while the new ES6 has been replaced.

AITO boundary: 5629 vehicles

Thanks to Huawei’s empowerment, AITO Wenjie series completed the production of 100,000 vehicles in 15 months, becoming the fastest growing brand of new energy vehicles. However, since 2023, AITO’s pace seems to be a little slow. First, it may be affected by the "abuse of Huawei brand logo" incident in March. Second, in the face of more and more opponents, the competitiveness of M7 is somewhat weak, and the brand sales are almost supported only by M5. Perhaps, before the M9 goes on the market, the sales of AITO cars will remain at the level of 4,000-6,000 vehicles.

Lantu: 3,003 vehicles

Although there is a slight decline from April, the sales volume of Lantu Automobile itself is not large, and it is a good result to be able to stabilize at around 3,000 vehicles. In addition, Lantu Zhuiguang adjusted its selling price and rights in May, and may see a small increase after entering June.