I followed 100 beauty bloggers, but I still didn’t learn how to make up.

During lunch break and on the way to work, holding a mobile phone to brush a beauty video is a decompression time for contemporary urban beauties. Appreciate beautiful women with fragmented time, and learn beauty skills at the same time. It’s beautiful.

However, after watching so many videos, I still feel "I get it, but I don’t fully understand it".

It’s not that you haven’t learned, and don’t jump to conclusions that you are a crippled party. In fact, the key point is that the facial features distribution, skin condition and preparation work of both sides are different, resulting in different makeup effects.

This article answers the confusion when you watch the video "hand in your homework". Collect it and don’t let it eat ash!

The silky eyeliner in one go without any hesitation is the pursuit of every girl’s makeup. The flexible hands of beauty bloggers are as silky as eating chocolate, which makes people envy.

However, it is a layer-by-layer obstacle to the eyelid accumulation and swelling of the swollen eyelid.

The external eyeliner with swollen eyes often has a sense of seeing with laver patches.

In fact, the use of eyeliner to achieve painting techniques is difficult to master in a short time no matter what eye shape, and the combination of eyeliner glue pen and eye shadow is a faster combination.

In view of the fact that the eyelids "swallow" the outer eyeliner, we can simply change our thinking directly, focusing only on the inner eyeliner that can refresh us accurately, and the outer eyeliner that prolongs our eyes and enhances the exquisiteness of eye makeup.

The swelling and refreshing on the eyelids are no longer pinned on the rigid eyeliner, but on the eye shadow.

Even if it is a clean eyeliner, it can be seen from the comparison that eyeliner gel pen+eye shadow is more suitable for swollen eye bubbles and the eyes are much softer.

After the inner eyeliner is filled with eyeliner glue pen, the outer eyeliner is combined with eyeliner and eye shadow, and it can be pulled out straight along the eye shape. The small triangle at the end of the eye is super simple to operate with this oblique eyeliner brush, and the lines will be very smooth.

If you are worried that the eyeliner is easy to smudge makeup, you can consolidate it with eyeliner after the eyeliner glue pen is positioned, so that the lines will be smoother and cleaner.

The close distance between eyebrows and eyes is also a type of eyelid that is easy to "eat makeup", and visually it will appear that the atrium is longer, and it will often look older after makeup.

It can be improved by lowering the eye position and widening the distance between eyebrows and eyes. The method is also very simple and can be done in 4 steps.

STEP1. Subtract the eyebrows:

If you are born with thick eyebrows, you can try to thin them, or dilute them with light-colored eyebrow dye cream. Daily care, but also pay more attention to the lower edge of the eyebrows, try to compress the eyebrow width a little, and the distance between the eyebrows and eyes will naturally widen.

STEP2. Weaken the upper eyelid eye shadow:

"Transfer" the eye shadow smudge width of the upper eyelid to the lower eyelid, and make an inverted eye makeup. The main color of eye makeup only needs to appear in a small amount on the upper eyelid, as far as possible only beyond the position of eye pleats.

STEP3. Shorten the atrium with the blush at the moment:

If you are worried that the color is not enough after "canceling" the eye shadow, then use the blush at the moment to enhance the color, and at the same time, it also has the effect of decorating the atrium for too long. In the choice of blush color, try to be consistent with the tone of eye shadow and lipstick, so as not to make an abrupt transition.

STEP4. Give up the long curly eyelashes:

Although the "Sunflower" eyelashes are charming, they will further bring the eyebrows and eyes closer, create a sense of urgency, and the eyes will be fierce. The eyelash image extends forward and becomes longer, so it can be thick and slender from the side, and the upward curling of the front side should be avoided as far as possible.

Close distance between eyebrows and eyes can also coexist harmoniously with thick eyebrows and sun flower eyelashes, but the eyebrows need to have a certain curvature to avoid a sense of compactness. Sisters with relatively large facial features can try it, which is very mixed-race spice girl style.

The brightening of beauty bloggers’ eyes always exudes charming sparkle, which makes the exquisiteness of eye makeup go up to a higher level, and also makes the bridge of the nose more straight, which definitely has a bonus.

But in real life, some eyes look dirty when they are finished. In particular, the inner-wrapped corner of the eye is not only dirty, but also has the feeling of widening the eye distance.

Don’t be discouraged yet. It’s not a problem to use BlingBling eye shadow to highlight your eyes, but you need to find the right position. Rosé’ s makeup artist helped us find it.

Rosé eye brightening position

With the same idea of being close to the eyebrows and eyes and improving the length of the atrium, Rosé turned the eye makeup upside down, focused on the lower eyelid, brightened it from the original two sides of the mountain root to the lower eye, and extended it narrow and straight, which not only did not show dirty, but also enlarged the eyes conveniently.

In addition, Rosé hardly wears curly and thick false eyelashes, but tends to use a cluster effect, which will not delay the display of eyelash existence, and will not cover the eyelids too much to avoid further narrowing the eyebrow-eye distance. And her lower eyelashes share the same idea, so the lower eyelashes with presence are also a wonderful trick to shorten the atrium and enlarge the eyes.

In fact, many beauty bloggers pay attention to this point, but most people’s lower eyelashes are not thick and slender enough, so they use the freehand method to "make something out of nothing". Of course, not everyone is so ingenious.

Freehand eyelash rollover scene

When learning makeup, your hands are always the most unreliable. Instead of freehand, it is better to use a super convenient gadget-a single cluster of eyelashes. Don’t think about how difficult it is to stick a whole pair of false eyelashes. A single cluster of eyelashes is really much easier.

Single cluster of eyelashes dipped in glue, scraping off the remaining glue, and directly sticking their own eyelashes to complete the grafting. The effect is extremely natural, just like native.

In addition, the eyelash clip is still "lying flat", which is also a common situation of inner binocular shape. With local eyelash clip, it can be improved by multiple operations in different regions. After the clip is finished, apply the slim primer first, and then use the slim mascara with waterproof effect to avoid the thick one, so as not to be too thick and accelerate the eyelash to lie flat.

When wearing sunscreen, makeup lotion and liquid foundation, the skin on the eyebrows will also be "taken care of", but it is always forgotten when it comes to the makeup step.

When these liquid and cream products are mixed, they will also pile up in the eyebrows, which will make the eyebrows feel stuck. Therefore, it is also a key step to "grind the skin" at the eyebrows with powder makeup products.

Sisters who love oil and often take off makeup can try to avoid eyebrows when applying makeup products, switch to colored powder with sunscreen value, and brush lightly so that the skin around eyebrows does not have obvious color difference with other places. The thinner it is, the less chance of oil and makeup removal.

When you start to draw eyebrows, try not to learn the technique of picking out the clear hair flow from the brow, and start from the back of the eyebrow to outline the eyebrow shape first.

After that, use a small amount of eyebrow powder to transition to the front section, leaving the brow about the width of a fingernail, and then smudge the area that has been painted with eyebrow powder in the direction of the brow with a completely clean brush to create a natural transition.

Finally, comb the hair flow of eyebrows with eyebrow dye cream or transparent eyebrow glue.

The saddest thing about nose repair is that I’m satisfied with it when I finish it in front of the mirror. Finally, I feel like a tall building is rising from the ground, but when I go out to see people, I’m pointed out that it looks dirty, especially girls with wide noses are most often recruited.

Bloggers who follow the narrow nose shape will definitely roll over, so it is more useful to find a template of the same type as themselves.

The nose, which is very fleshy, will not have a straight effect with a straight shadow. We should change our minds and make efforts to reduce the volume and shape the outline of the nose.

STEP1. Cover first, then reshape:

Shadow position is also a key. First, the original black shadow of the nose wing is modified with concealer, so that a new shadow area can be reconstructed. Repairing the volume in the original shadow position will only further widen the nose.

Cr.mia is a fish.

STEP2. Accurate light and shadow position:

The oblique eye shadow brush is easy to use, and the angle and range can be more accurate, and the fluffy bristles can also avoid stiff repair.

High-light highlights should be careful not to draw too wide an area. Accurate and small-scale highlights can have a three-dimensional effect, concentrating and shrinking the nose shape that is too wide.

In addition, girls with fleshy noses try to avoid the bangs that will cover the eyebrows and the roots of the mountains. For a short and wide nose, bangs cover the longitudinal length that the nose lacks, which is one of the key points to weaken the width of the nose.

Joy, is there a bangs comparison?

In the absence of bangs, the five senses have room to stretch, and the nose shape will be longer, so naturally you won’t feel the nose is very wide.

In the era when information is very convenient to obtain, there are many opportunities to see more and learn more, but the application of what they have learned should be combined with the actual conditions. I hope all the sisters can explore a set of beauty-changing methods that suit them ~

* Some pictures are from the Internet.

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