Recommended for moving bricks in December: If you want to play gold for a long time, look at these 5 games and don’t need to. …

The price is stable and a single person can move it, but you don’t have to change games for 0 krypton.

In fact, moving bricks in the game is a game that collects all kinds of equipment and props and generates virtual benefits after selling them day by day. Here are some brick-moving games that are relatively stable at the end of 2023.

The first "Asked". In the game, the daily stable gold withdrawal point is to bet the dart, which can be bet three times a week, with 10 million yuan at a time, and the income of one week is 30 million game coins. The second is brushing, which is a very important part. Because there is nothing to brush after finishing the darts and daily tasks, you can only brush the road all the time. It takes several hours a day, and the income of one day is 15 million game coins, and the total income of one week is 100 million game coins.

The second Tianya Mingyue Knife. Moving bricks is mainly to get money and silver, and the methods are simple:

→ The first is the escort dart, the mighty dart and the world dart. The world dart is once a week, and more money is given.

→ The second is to make a copy, in which you can type unbound things and then sell them in the trading bank stalls.

But the most profitable thing is to bet on darts, which can be said to be the most stable in vice industry. Even if you are not an escort, you can join other teams to bet on darts, and you can also get rich rewards.

In addition to darts, you can make money by seizing and digging treasures. Players who want to seize are a bit of a test of combat effectiveness. After all, if they have no strength, they can’t accept others. Whether it’s treasure digging or arrest, it’s very suitable for single players to brush. Treasure digging can get some precious items and props, which can be consigned and sold at auction houses to get profits.

The third "The Legend of the Three Kingdoms". The basic tactics are three occupations, the boss plays with soldiers, and the petty bourgeoisie plays with wizards and Taoist priests. Contact customer service in the game to send gold sponsorship and king sponsorship, free unlocking, automatic recycling and picking up, which is necessary for playing gold party.

When you first enter the game, you should do the main task first, and improve your combat power first. The game can recover the gold ingot by hanging up and blaming, and then find the player who lacks the gold ingot directly. The income is also good. If you have equipment, you can open more, and the efficiency of playing gold will be greatly improved.

In addition to this method, there is another method, that is, reward exchange activities. You don’t need to find players all over the world to meet the corresponding requirements in the reward. You can find customer service to directly exchange rice, and exchange as much as you can. There is no handling fee and no threshold, which is a relatively simple method of moving bricks. Beginners can operate, and there are dozens of lucky days, depending on their proficiency.

The fourth "Hero of Interpretation of Eritrea". The game can be opened three times directly, without assistance to avoid titles, with small memory and less occupation, and there is no pressure for any assembly machine of about 2000 to open three times. When the task is linked, only one number will pick up the task, and the other two will pick up the task simultaneously, so try to wait until the three numbers line up and pick up the number together, so there is no need to buy other messy plug-ins. Ghost catching, drawing and treasure digging are all automatically hung up, and friends can be added near the free trade of goods.

The demand of the new tour boss is large, and there are many second-hand dealers who receive goods. When the world has goods in hand, someone will look for you.

The fifth "Magic Field Tour". This should be an old game. The main methods are playing experience ball, selling magic stones, brushing workshop baby to sell magic stones and thunder baby to sell magic stones, running businesses to make money, changing souls to sell magic stones and so on. These are all more effective. According to the above method, if you open more accounts, you can use your experience to sell them first, and get the first batch of bonuses to get a four-star baby pig. This experienced bonus remembers that the team brush will also have experience bonus, and the copy will earn a lot but you have to invest a lot in the early stage.

These are the five games that I recommend today that can make rice steadily at the end of December. If you want to watch other different brick-moving games, you can praise them and support them later, and I wish you a happy game and a win-win situation! See you in the next game video!