9 major beauty trends in 2021

Source: VOGUE fashion network

A new starting point, why not start with the "head"? How about a dream bangs? Or jump out of the comfort zone, bid farewell to taupe hair color, and try blue and orange?

Whether you want to be more photogenic during video calls or just want to dress up at home, you should try the latest beauty techniques. No inspiration? It’s on us! From exaggerated eye makeup to Hollywood star-like glamour lip makeup, the following are the most worthwhile beauty hairstyle trends in spring and summer of 2021 this season [1].

1. A large area of colorful eye makeup

Be happy! The difficult year has passed, so it’s time to celebrate. Let’s write off the gloom in 2020 with carefully painted color eye shadow. You can refer to the green and lavender on Halpern[3] and Gareth Pugh show, the pink of Tom Ford[4], the yellow and turquoise of Chromat are all good choices.

2. orange is in power

Pantone announced "extreme gray" and "bright yellow" as the annual fashion colors in 2021 [5], but the vibrant orange is also worthy of praise. Versace’s orange lip makeup, Dries Van Noten’s orange hair clips, and Louis Vuitton’s light peach color, all major show shows obviously favor orange. And Burberry’s subtle sunset hue comes from Isamaya Ffrench[6], and she also launched a bright orange lipstick in cooperation with Byredo at the end of last year.

3. Bold lip makeup

In times of war or depression, beauty products often sell well, especially lipsticks. To tell the truth, bold lip color can make you feel better, even if you wear a mask [7]. And the mask may also give people a sneaky sense of excitement. This season, you may wish to apply the classic big red lips like Hollywood actresses with exquisite cat eye makeup. You can refer to the model makeup of Dolce & Gabbana and Vivienne Westwood, and you can also make your lips more sexy and charming with luster, as demonstrated by Max Mara and Molly Goddard[8].

4. Blue mood

Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, let’s embrace the blue. The electric blue eye shadow of Cornejo and Bethany Williams[9], the indigo eyelash of Charlotte Knowles[10], the ice blue lip color of Bora Aksu, and the sea blue eye shadow of Tomo Koizumi all prove that the "Excitement" effect [11] is still hot in the spring and summer of 2021.

5. Exquisite hair accessories

It’s natural to decorate spring with flowers, but this year, brands have come up with new ideas. Rodarte and Maison Margiela[12]’ s models have a bunch of light flowers on their heads, and the fairy is fluttering. Other brands have similar ingenuity, such as Dolce & Gabbana’s flower headscarf, Giambattista Valli’s bow, and Chanel’s elegant mesh. Simone Rocha and Acne use pearls and crystals to create a different style.

6. bangs that enhance temperament

If you’ve been thinking about cutting your bangs, now is the time. If you have no feelings for bangs, let’s convince you. Look at the goddesses Jane Birkin, Jean Shrimpton, Brigitte Bardot-nothing is more fashionable than an iconic bangs. Liu Hai is the most prominent hairstyle trend in the spring and summer show in 2021. You can refer to Hermès’s French bangs; Balenciaga and Valentino’s witch-style ultra-short bangs (the classic hairstyle of the protagonist in "Abandoning Soldiers in the Rear Wing" [14]); And the long bangs of MM6, Prada and Paco Rabanne.

7. Glossy skin

The epidemic is still spreading, and the vaccine [15] has just been launched, and health has never been more concerned than now. Plain face, glossy skin, light nude makeup and translucent makeup have become the mainstream. Let’s learn from Marni model Paloma Elsesser, Etro model Anna Ewers, and girls from Victoria Beckham, Supriya Lele[16], Burberry and Rodarte to show their healthy and beautiful side in the new year. Strengthen skin care and nourish the whole body skin. In 2021, the beauty [17] emanating from the inside out is the most precious.

8. Exaggerated eye makeup

Wearing masks and masks has become the new normal, so it is no wonder that eyes will become the key area for fashionistas to express themselves. Black eye makeup is the general trend this year. Pay attention to the decadent smoky makeup on the shows of Batsheva, Alice+Olivia, Dior and Giambattista Valli, and the exaggerated cat eye makeup of Cleopatra Valentino [18]. If you want to be a little low-key, you can refer to the smoky gray matte eye shadow created by Lucia Pica[19] for Chanel and Rosetta Getty.

9. DIY personalized haircolour

During the blockade, many people chose to dye their hair at home and try colorful hair colors. This trend will continue until 2021 [20], but this year is even more exaggerated and extreme. Please refer to Gareth Pugh’s lime green head, Valentino’s long layered mint hair, Christian Cowan’s neon mohicans head and Matty Bovan’s peach straight hair.