Hua Shao Yiyi leads Zhejiang Satellite TV’s famous mouth in many fields and does not forget to host it.

Hosting by Hua Shao will always be my main business.

??? As the first brother of Zhejiang Satellite TV, Hua Shao not only hosts ace programs such as The Voice of China and China Dream Show, but also works as a producer himself this year, presenting programs such as Ace Mission Impossible and Hua Shaoai Reading. In addition, Hua Shao is developing in an all-round way by writing songs, making records, making movies and performing stage plays.

??? Speaking of my progress in the past five years, Hua Shaoshao said that the biggest change is that I will be a little more calm when I am busy. "Five years ago, I was more nervous and more anxious. At that time, I just had "I love to remember lyrics", and I made some achievements, but I felt insecure. I was anxious when the ratings fluctuated a little. At that time, I was eager to prove myself. Now I am more calm. "

??? When talking about being a producer and doing programs, Hua said less, "I am a host and a presenter of collective wisdom. I especially want to know the thoughts of every member of the team, so that this wisdom can be better reflected in my presiding. It is complementary to each other. I have great respect for those who act well and guide, or guide well and act well. I hope to make a breakthrough in this area in the next five years. " In addition to hosting, Hua Shao gradually emerged in the performance industry. At the end of the year, the film "He Has No Two Wives" starring him will be released, and the stage play "Never Pay the Bill" will also be held on a national tour at the end of December.

??? No matter how many categories he is involved in, Hua said that his main business is hosting. "I think these attempts are very helpful for my hosting work. Just like a good voice, it is necessary to understand the categories of singers and music, so that when communicating with students, they will not be ridiculous and generous because of their lack of knowledge. "

Yi Yi’s natural affinity with the stage

??? At the age of 17, she entered the ground channel of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, and officially joined Zhejiang Satellite TV in 2010. Yiyi hosted programs such as I Love to Remember Lyrics, Chinese Stars Jump, Big Brands Meet Good Voices, and Good Voices of War. She said that she has a natural affinity with the stage.

??? Yi Yi said frankly that I was very scared when I first joined Zhejiang Satellite TV to host "I love to remember lyrics". There are too many aura of success on this platform, and I have a lot of glory. "I didn’t expect to be the host, and I was very scared when the opportunity came." Now that three years have passed, Yi Yi said that the sense of awe is still there. "It’s just that the fear has faded, and it has become a down-to-earth effort, and every step is firm and can’t be complacent."

??? Yi Yi began to learn Latin dance at the age of 12, and her dancing skills made her feel at home in hosting dance programs such as "More Jumping and More Beautiful", so she was awarded the title of "the best variety host who can dance". Yi Yi, a versatile woman, made her debut in the costume drama Phoenix Peony this year. Yiyi revealed that an idol drama will be started soon. She plays opposite Tian Liang. "I play an rhythmic gymnast, who is very energetic and can’t beat me. It is very similar to my personal growth. This is why I took this drama."

??? After hosting for so many years, Yi Yi said that the most fulfilling thing was hosting the China Television Audience Festival of Zhejiang Radio and Television last year. "Our group’s activities, such a big stage, I really enjoy this feeling and am very grateful for the power behind the stage. I have a natural affinity with the stage, and I am never too nervous to speak. This is my proudest place. I love the stage! "

Shen Tao News Anchor Transformation Emotional Mentor

??? Shen Tao is known as the "emotional tutor" of Zhejiang Satellite TV. He helps young men and women make friends and make blind dates in different programs. At first, he was a news anchor. His transformation is related to Xia Chen ‘an, director of Zhejiang Satellite TV. When he was still on the ground channel, Shen Tao hosted an internal get-together, which was recognized by Xia Chen An as suitable for hosting variety shows.

??? Shen Tao’s transformation was very successful. From Love Lianliankan to Turning to Meet TA, the image of "emotional mentor" was deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Shen Tao said: "What we convey is the positive energy of marriage and love values." What attracts Shen Tao most about the team of Zhejiang Satellite TV is that a group of young people do something with a goal. "In the Chinese blue team, we know which direction to go." Shen Tao said.

??? Shen Tao hopes that people who watch his programs can know what kind of people they are and what kind of people they need to find, and apply this knowledge to their lives. This is the success of the program for him.

Yali can only meet beauty if she has a good heart.

??? Yali joined Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue in early 2013, and changed from a news anchor to a variety show host, achieving a gorgeous turn. The excellent hostess in her mind should have the characteristics of calmness, atmosphere, wisdom and warmth. "I hope to grow up as soon as possible through my own efforts and the opportunities given by the channel." "China Dream Show" is an inspirational program that spreads truth, goodness and beauty and is full of positive energy. The concept conveyed by this program deeply infected Yali and made her realize that "if you have a good heart, you will definitely meet a good one."

??? In "Turning and Meeting TA" with Shen Tao, they interacted well. The program is launched in the form of talk show. Although there is a hand card, it depends more on the live performance of the host. Yali is glad that she met this opportunity to show the delicate characteristics of the hostess and let the audience know more about herself. Her self-evaluation is "because of grounding gas, she has confidence."

??? During the period of China Blue, Yali strongly felt the importance of the platform for the host. "The potential needs a good platform to support it, so that the host can be more confident to break through and create himself."

Chen Huan is the only "yuppie" host.

??? As a host, Chen Huan is a bit too fashionable. There is a slight image gap between his external image and the two columns "Chinese Dream Show" and "The First Time in Life" he presided over. If your knowledge of him only stays at the first impression, you may think that he is more suitable to create a fashion brand. In fact, he does have a personal brand. In addition to design, he also dabbled in stage plays and published books.

???? Chen Huan said with a smile that he was the host who went abroad the most in the channel, and was touched by the light of recording the program. Chen Huan had the opportunity to sit in the front row of Broadway and watch the stage play. The wonderful performance of Broadway gave him the impulse to create his own stage play. He stayed up all night that night and wrote the script of "Yuppie Talk Show" with Light Hotel’s post-it notes. At present, he has toured 14 times all over the country and donated all the box office income of 130,000 yuan.

???? Chen Huan’s image orientation is yuppie, and his books and stage plays are labeled as "yuppie", so the host image is rare on the screen at present. Chen Huan wants to be unique and show his personality. "China Blue was also suspected at the beginning of its implementation, but it was made. I know myself best and know what suits me, so I must persist until I succeed. "