Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse … More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, April 17th (Reporter Zhao Jiantong, Li Chunyu, Xu Dongyuan) Spring is as deep as the sea, and with the rapid temperature rise, people are enthusiastic about horse racing. According to incomplete statistics, only on the weekend of April 15th and 16th, there were more than 30 road races all over the country, and the races in Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai became hot topics on social platforms.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter observed that this spring marathon showed a comprehensive return trend, and emerging events blossomed everywhere with outstanding characteristics. Judging from the surge in the number of applicants in some competitions, the horse racing fever even exceeded three years ago. Taking running as the medium, all localities have integrated the enthusiasm of national fitness with the vitality of urban development, and set up platforms such as sports consumption festivals, tourism festivals and expositions that are compatible with marathons, showing local cultural landscapes, beautiful ecological environment and meticulous public services.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Wuhan Marathon passed the Yellow Crane Tower. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhizun photo

  Running has become a way of life.

  In 2019, there were more than 300 marathons certified by China Athletics Association, and in 2023, only 133 events were registered in the first half of the year. Judging from the number of events, the marathon craze has basically returned to the level before the epidemic.

  The return of the number of races gives the horse racers more choices. Wang Lin, head of Beijing Fangshan Running Group, said: "There are marathons almost every weekend in China, and runners even have to make multiple-choice questions according to their own schedule!"

  The craze for horse racing among the whole people has risen again, and running has become a way of life for more and more people. According to the official data of Shanghai Half Marathon, the number of applicants reached 78,922 in 2023, which is more than the sum of the number of applicants in 2019 and 2021.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  "This year’s Beijing Half Horse, I felt a lot of people when I started. There were about 200 people running in our group. Everyone enjoyed the game and enjoyed sports." Wang Lin said.

  In addition to the number of participants, citizens from all over the world are also paying more attention to the marathon. In Wuhan on the early morning of the 16th, the cheers hardly stopped among the crowded crowd watching the marathon. The mother runner pushing a stroller, the uncle who came to watch the game with Regan Noodles, and the primary school students holding math test papers while cheering have become hot anecdotes in Wuhan.

  Yu Meng, 64, has been running for nearly 10 years. After the semi-Marseille in Shanghai, he said: "There are few people on the side of the road. Up to now, everyone will cheer for those who take part in the marathon. Our healthy life is getting better and better."

  Events have their own characteristics, and the experience of participating in the competition has improved.

  According to industry insiders, nowadays, national marathons are everywhere, and most of the events have distinct grades and characteristics, and they are becoming more and more mature in improving the experience and ensuring the safety of the events. At the beginning of planning and preparation, many events often publicize the biggest characteristics of the current event to attract more runners to punch in.

  Beijing Half Horse, which shows the charm of "Double Olympic City", is committed to telling the world the sports story of "Double Olympic City" this year. Competitors pass through the National Swimming Center, the National Gymnasium and other "double Olympic venues", and at the end of the competition, the "Snowflake" torch platform of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the nearby "Bird’s Nest" complement each other.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Beijing Half Marathon finished shooting medals after the race. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Zhongyu photo

  The theme of the 2023 Wuhan Marathon is "The Return of Heroes", which reproduces the classic track of "One City, Two Rivers, Three Towns, Four Bridges and Five Lakes" in previous events, adjusts the starting mode, optimizes the participation experience, introduces the "Chinese Racing Plan" and "Famous School Team Challenge" to help China athletes improve their competitive level, and 7,000 volunteers from 19 universities in Wuhan enthusiastically maintain the reputation of "zero bad reviews" in running laps.

  Not only in "super cities", but also in some prefecture-level cities and even county towns, they have begun to create characteristic and high-quality marathon events. The new route of "Yangma" has turned into a punch line to experience Yangzhou cuisine, and "Fireworks in Yangzhou in March" has become a popular choice for domestic runners. The Dao Jiang Half Marathon in jianye district, Nanjing has created a "natural" smart track formed by closed-loop dikes, which can also be used by citizens for all-weather, self-help and intelligent running. Forest Marathon is held in Xianfeng County, Hubei Province, and runners from all over the country can enjoy the local customs in the "natural oxygen bar".

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the runners were in the 2023 Yangzhou Jian Zhen Half Marathon. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Ren Fei)

  "A marathon knows a city", and more and more regions regard marathon as an important carrier to enhance the image and influence of the city.

  Behind the road running craze, the sports industry is full of vitality

  Why is road running so hot? Where should the domestic marathon develop in the future?

  According to industry experts, the return of marathon craze is the natural release of the demand for exercise and fitness after the epidemic, and the underlying reason is that the concept of healthy living has taken root with the joint efforts of all sectors of society. Under the guidance of the national strategy of national fitness, local governments use the platform of competition to promote cities, thus releasing policy dividends; The experience of competition operators is getting richer and richer, which makes the sense of experience and satisfaction of participating in the competition gradually improve; With the development of national economy, the concept of participating in physical exercise has deepened, and participating in road running events has become the spontaneous demand of Chinese people; With the development of social media such as friends circle, Weibo and Xiaohongshu, the social attribute of road running activities has been further enhanced, and the participation of various groups has been enhanced.

  According to the calculation of China Athletics Association, by 2025, the number of domestic road races and related sports events is expected to increase to 2,500, and the number of people participating in the Volkswagen Marathon will increase to 10 million.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Wuhan Marathon passed the East Lake Greenway in Wuhan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cheng Minshe

  In the face of such a broad development space of road running, the development prospects of related event services, sports training, tourism and catering, and sporting goods manufacturing are very impressive. According to media statistics, among the top 100 runners in this year’s Wuhan Marathon, more than half of them wear Xtep running shoes, leading the way in "fault"; Among the "breaking three" people in Malaysia, the proportion of wearing domestic running shoes is more than 70%. It seems that the phenomenon that Nike and Adidas running shoes once filled the track in Malaysia will be ended.

  At the same time, some experts said that although some domestic events are not inferior to the world Grand Slam events such as London Marathon and Boston Marathon in many aspects such as track design and service ability, there is still room for further improvement in terms of brand building. Many start-up events are greedy for perfection, pursuing the scale of the event regardless of the carrying capacity of urban management and the sustainability of the operation model.

  Therefore, in order to maintain the popularity of marathon and broaden the development space of the whole road running industry, we must further standardize the development of road running events and guide the marathon culture to truly take root and grow healthily and sustainably.

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12 people bet on 9 people for public office! An exclusive investigation on "Yunnan Yongsheng public officials were demoted for gambling"

       CCTV News:Recently, a news that six teachers in Yongsheng County, Lijiang, Yunnan Province were demoted for playing mahjong during the winter vacation aroused public concern. Some people questioned that playing mahjong should be dealt with, especially during the winter vacation. Is this too harsh on teachers? In addition, how to define entertainment or gambling? In this regard, the "Rule of Law Online" reporter rushed to the local area to interview the relevant parties exclusively.

       According to Deng Chaobin, director of Yongbei Police Station of Yongsheng County Public Security Bureau who handled this case, on the afternoon of February 16, 2019, the police station received an alarm and some people gathered for gambling.

       Deng Chaobin, director of Yongbei Police Station of Yongsheng County Public Security Bureau, said: "On the afternoon of February 16th, we received an anonymous report from the masses, that is to say, in this family at No.43 Huancheng East Road in our jurisdiction, some people gathered to gamble, so after receiving this report from the masses that day, our police station immediately organized the police to rush to this reported place."

       According to the police, the reported location is located on the fourth floor of a residential building. The picture of the law enforcement recorder shows that when the police rushed to the scene and asked the people in the room to open the door, no one came to open the door. From the window of the corridor, it can be clearly seen that two men in the room jumped out of the window on the fourth floor to escape, while others hurriedly fled in the room.


       Deng Chaobin: "When we arrived at the scene, we found that there was a mahjong table in each of the three rooms, and they were all playing mahjong." Subsequently, the police conducted a survey on the scene, and they found that the amount of gambling funds at each table was not small.

       Deng Chaobin: "In general, three tables of mahjong add up to 28,800 yuan, so the gambling money collected from three tables of mahjong is more than 12,000, the second table is more than 9,000, and the third table is more than 6,900. That’s right."


       Subsequently, the police took the people in the house to the police station for further investigation. Subsequently, the police found through investigation that this is not a simple entertainment activity between friends. Because some people who gamble know each other, and some are the first time to join in gambling.

       The police found that Zhang, the owner of this apartment on the fourth floor, usually attracts some friends to play mahjong at home and collects some fees from them. At the same time, the police found that among the 12 gamblers, nine were public officials, six of whom were teachers.


       Deng Chaobin: "After the seizure on the same day, the words in the process of inquiry also reflected that some had won or lost thousands of dollars, some had almost lost all of them, and some had won thousands of dollars. That’s right. According to our local salary standard, that is to say, the monthly salary of these public officials is several thousand dollars. It can be said that according to the gambling money seized that day, it can be said that almost one month’s salary is taken with you to participate in this gambling. Then some of them are nearly half of their wages, so their per capita gambling money on that day far exceeds our minimum standard of illegal gambling in all parts of the country. This is the case. "

       Nine public officials participated in gambling and seized 28,800 gambling funds.

       Twelve people gamble and nine are public officials. How to punish them? According to the local police, 28,800 gambling funds were seized on the spot, which did not meet the criteria for criminal offences. Therefore, they made penalties according to the Law on Public Security Administration Punishment.

       Article 70 of the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on Public Security Administration Punishment stipulates that those who provide conditions for gambling for the purpose of making profits, or who participate in gambling with a large amount of money, shall be detained for less than five days or fined less than 500 yuan; If the circumstances are serious, they shall be detained for not less than 10 days but not more than 15 days, and be fined not less than 500 yuan but not more than 3,000 yuan.

       Then, how to identify the gambling capital? According to the local police, they mainly refer to the Guiding Opinions on Discretion Standards for Handling Gambling Illegal Cases published by the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department in January 2019, and comprehensively consider the identification standards across the country. In this guidance, Article 4 stipulates that "those who participate in gambling with a large amount of money" as stipulated in Article 70 of the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on Public Security Administration Punishment refers to a gambling administrative case in which the per capita gambling amount is less than 2,000 yuan in 200 yuan.

       Deng Chaobin: "So from a national perspective, it is between 200 and 500. Then, judging from the gambling money collected from three tables of mahjong that day, each table far exceeds this range, and it has reached at least 1,700 yuan, and the smallest table has reached more than 1,700."


       Which situation is "serious"? The Ministry of Public Security issued guidance.

       At the same time, the police introduced that according to the "Guiding Opinions on the Discretion of Public Security Organs to Punish Some Violations of Public Security Management" issued by the Ministry of Public Security in June 2018, Article 78, paragraph 3, stipulates that the participation of state staff in gambling belongs to "serious circumstances".

       Deng Chaobin: "This is the guidance of our Ministry of Public Security. As the actual situation of cracking down on gambling crimes in the whole country, that is to say, every public official also represents his own official status. Then what you are doing represents the image of this unit and has a different impact on society. If these public officials participate in gambling, it means that it is clearly stipulated that the circumstances are serious according to the guidance, so the punishment range means that they should be punished for more than 10 days."

       According to the police, according to these laws and regulations and the specific circumstances of the case, they finally made a punishment decision.

       Deng Chaobin: "Then, in view of the situation of the day and the whole case, all the gambling personnel with nine public officials actively cooperated with our public security organs to investigate and realized their mistakes. Then, taking these situations into consideration as appropriate, 12 gambling personnel, including these nine public officials, were finally sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days and fined 500 yuan. Zhang, who provided conditions for gambling, was detained for 15 days and fined 3,000 yuan."

       Subsequently, according to the handling mechanism of the public security organs, these nine public officials were handed over to the discipline inspection and supervision department for further handling.

       Deng Chaobin: "Because our public security organs have a case-handling cooperation mechanism with the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Supervisory Committee, that is to say, once it is found that a public official in this country or party member has violated relevant laws and regulations and been seized by various departments, law enforcement departments and law enforcement case-handling departments, we must hand over the relevant clues to the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision. According to this mechanism, if we are required to complete this case, we will submit the relevant clues to the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision in time, and

       Nine people were detained on the 10 th and then handed over to the county commission for discipline inspection.

       Then, how did these nine public officials who participated in gambling get demoted or otherwise punished? In this regard, we interviewed the local Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Education Bureau.

       He Wenjin, deputy secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Yongsheng County: "After they (the public security organs) informed us, we also organized personnel to analyze it, because we had to analyze the specific case, and then we found that these nine public officials had three identities."


       According to the staff of the Disciplinary Committee of Yongsheng County, Lijiang City, after the public security organs handed over nine public officials to the Disciplinary Committee, they found that these nine public officials had three different identities. He Wenjin: "One is a civil servant, the other is a people’s teacher, and the other is an employee of an enterprise. Therefore, we have diverted its clues to different places according to the cadre management authority. The civil servants involved, that is, the county cadres, are handled by our Commission for Discipline Inspection, and then six teachers are involved. According to the cadre management authority, all of them are non-Party, so we have to hand them over to our Education Bureau for handling."

       Three public officials, two of whom are also party member. Therefore, the local discipline inspection departments have different results in dealing with them. He Wenjin: "Two civil servants, both of whom are department-level cadres, so we have to go through our procedures for filing a case, so we will deal with party member in accordance with the disciplinary regulations of the Communist Party of China (CPC), so we have given them a serious warning and this punishment. There is another civil servant. He is also a county-level cadre and a department-level cadre, but he is not party member. He is a non-party. Therefore, we will follow the regulations on the punishment of public servants, that is, civil servants in administrative organs. The regulations on which it is based are different. Therefore, according to that regulation, he was punished with administrative demerits. "

       At the same time, Yongsheng County Education Bureau also received clues from the public security department and the discipline inspection department.

       Director of Yongsheng County Education Bureau and Genjie: "We strictly follow the specific provisions in the Provisional Regulations on the Punishment of Staff in this institution, so Article 21 stipulates that the punishment should be given to lower the post level in the following circumstances. Then one of the following circumstances in Article 21 includes this gambling participant, who participates in gambling, and clearly stipulates that the punishment should be given to lower the post level."


       Subsequently, the local education bureau made a decision to lower the post level of six teachers involved. And the principals of the three schools to which these six teachers belong were given the accountability treatment of canceling the qualification of appraising the first year and reporting it to the county.

       Director of Education Bureau of Yongsheng County and Genjie: "As a teacher, the profession is special. We must face our next generation, train our next generation, and run a satisfactory education for the people. As a teacher, it will definitely have a greater impact than public officials in other units. It’s not that this is the way to deal with it this time. Before that, we also found that we would never tolerate it together. This is what we have always insisted on in strengthening the construction of the times. "

       The public official involved said that he thought it was entertainment at the beginning.

       Why do these public officials take part in gambling? We also contacted several public officials involved in the case. According to them, they thought it was entertainment at ordinary times, but they didn’t expect to be involved in gambling.

       The parties said that they met to play mahjong after shopping that day, and then they met to play mahjong at Zhang’s house. According to the parties, it is not the first time that they came to Zhang’s house to play mahjong, and they will give Zhang some fees every time they go. Regarding their participation in gambling, several parties said that they always thought it was daily entertainment and didn’t realize that they had violated the law.

       Although several parties said that they didn’t think they were gambling, they also revealed in their words that if they lost, they would actually have an impact on their lives, which has deviated from the original intention of entertainment. After the incident, several parties felt very regretful.

       Expert Interpretation: How to Define Gambling and Entertainment

       Seeing this, people who may love playing mahjong will have such questions: "Do I usually play mahjong as entertainment or gambling?" If you want to play mahjong reasonably and legally, you must know where the legal boundaries between entertainment and gambling are. Next, we will ask legal experts to interpret it.

       Zhu Wei, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said that regarding gambling, we should look at it separately. Firstly, the criminal law stipulates that there is gambling crime, which is generally for profit according to this business model. Secondly, there is a gathering plot, and there are certain standards for lottery. The provisions of this standard vary from place to place. If the other piece does not rise to the crime of gambling as stipulated in the criminal law, then there is an administrative punishment on gambling in the Administrative Punishment Law. According to its nature, it mainly depends on the circumstances, including whether he has this kind of business, including how big the lottery is after opening a casino, and it depends on the number of people he gathers.


       Regarding whether it constitutes a gambling crime, the Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Laws in Handling Gambling Criminal Cases has made more detailed provisions. Among them, Article 1 stipulates that for the purpose of making profits, one of the following circumstances belongs to "gathering gambling" as stipulated in Article 303 of the Criminal Law: (1) organizing more than three people to gamble, and the total amount of tapped profits has reached more than 5,000 yuan; (2) Organizing more than three people to gamble, and the amount of gambling funds has reached more than 50,000 yuan; (3) Organizing more than 3 people to gamble, and the total number of gamblers has reached more than 20; (four) organizing more than 10 People’s Republic of China (PRC) citizens to gamble abroad, and collecting kickbacks and referral fees from them.

       As for whether it constitutes gambling in the Law on Public Security Administration Punishment, Professor Zhu Wei introduced that different regions have different standards for the amount of gambling funds because of different conditions such as economic development. By consulting the discretion standards of local public security organs, it was found that the lowest gambling funds included in the punishment were 200 yuan. The difference is that Shandong and Henan are defined as "per capita gambling amount", while Hebei and Jiangxi are defined as "individual gambling funds". The bottom line of punishment for personal gambling in Beijing and Liaoning is 300 yuan and 500 yuan respectively. Zhejiang divides the bottom line of individual gambling funds from 200 yuan to 500 yuan, "the specific amount is determined by the municipal public security organs according to the local law enforcement practice". Guangdong has also issued relevant discretionary standards by various cities. For example, the bottom line of punishment for personal gambling in Shenzhen is 500 yuan, and the bottom line of punishment in Qingyuan City is expressed as: "Personal gambling is dissatisfied with 500 yuan, the winning or losing amount is dissatisfied with 200 yuan or the highest single bet is dissatisfied with 50 yuan." At the same time, other provinces have their own regulations.

       Zhu Wei, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said that the lottery is constantly increasing, but the standard of gambling is constantly decreasing. It has a stricter standard. If this standard is lowered too low, people will feel that the boundary between entertainment and illegality is not easy to grasp. So many people have a chilling effect, and everyone is afraid to get together to play mahjong, which is problematic. However, this ceiling is too high, and if the law enforcement standards in many places are too loose, you will find that gambling is an addictive behavior. Many people who like gambling in novels or in real life are called gambler. Why is it called gambler? It is because of an addictive behavior. So sometimes in order to increase the punishment, as an example, several cases may be sentenced, which has a great influence in the local area, just to cut off this gambling atmosphere and let gambler know that the law has such provisions and dare not do such acts. So it has such an effect of warning society.

       What is the boundary between entertainment and gambling? Professor Zhu Wei believes that the difference between entertainment and gambling lies in whether it is for profit subjectively.

       Zhu Wei, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said, then the core lies in profitability. How do you assess these profitability? I think the criteria for determining this in daily judicial practice are different. It depends on whether you are friends, know each other well, and have known each other for more than ten years. We have been friends since childhood, and playing mahjong together, which is frequent, should not be recognized as profitability. Some people are friends, some are not friends, and everyone is gathered for the purpose of playing mahjong and gambling. At this time, it is very likely that you are presumed to be profitable in practice. The last point depends on whether he has regular behavior. For example, someone is reporting that this family often plays mahjong at night, many people make noise together, and often open such gambling halls. Moreover, neighbors have said that these people often have parties in this house, and everyone starts and ends at what time. With this police record and alarm record, it can be inferred that he has certain business and daily behavior, which is different from playing mahjong once or twice at home.

       The "two highs" clearly stipulate that public officials are "aggravated"

       At the same time, the Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Laws in Handling Gambling Criminal Cases also clearly stipulates aggravating circumstances, including those who have the status of national staff, organizing national staff to gamble abroad, organizing minors to participate in gambling, or opening casinos to attract minors to participate in gambling. Professor Zhu Wei introduced that public officials involved in gambling in this case are aggravated offenders.


       Zhu Wei, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said that on the one hand, the reason for doing this is to set an example for the people, and more importantly, to avoid this hidden bribery. Because there are a lot of such bribes given to you through mahjong and gambling, if you want to bribe, you may not need to give money directly. It is no problem to have a meal and play mahjong, and you will lose tens of thousands of dollars directly and a lot of money to you. The parties are well aware of this, so the legislation fully took this into account and made a full article from the perspective of aggravated crimes, so you seem to be innocent. However, from the perspective of a whole society, it is very necessary to make such a provision for aggravated offenders, and this cut cannot be opened. Once it is opened, it will be entertainment, so it is good to give gifts to teachers, civil servants and play mahjong. Several people can easily make money with him. So this cut is linked to bribery again.

       So for ordinary people, how to grasp the boundary between gambling and entertainment?

       Zhu Wei, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said: "I think for ordinary people, there are several points to pay attention to. Since the first point is entertainment, you should not hold the mentality of winning money. The so-called lottery should not be too high. The second is whether you know these people. I think this is also a standard. Relatives and friends are entertainment. If you don’t know this person at all, is this entertainment? This is definitely not entertainment. The third point depends on how many people there are. For example, after entering a room, there are many tables of mahjong there, which is gambling in groups. “

Hua Fu Securities: The folding screen terminal is developing rapidly, and the screen and hinge market scale are expected to fully benefit.

Zhitong Finance APP learned that Hua Fu Securities released a research report saying that according to IDC data, the shipment of folding screen smartphones in China in the third quarter increased by 90% year on year. It is noteworthy that Huawei still maintains a market share of 31.7% and continues to be "far ahead" in the folding screen mobile phone market in China. As the best-selling model in Q3, Glory MagicV2 effectively helped Glory gain a market share of 15.1% in the first three quarters. Hua Fu Securities believes that the performance improvement of folding screen terminals is related to the technological progress of two key components-screen and hinge. As differentiated components in folding screen mobile phones, their market scale is expected to fully benefit with the sales growth of folding screens.

Suggest to pay attention to the target:

Technical aspects of cover material:It is suggested to pay attention to the domestic technical progress of core raw materials and their processing technology.Kaisheng Technology (600552.SH), Changxin Technology (300088.SZ), Ruihuatai (688323.SH), etc.

Structural parts:It is suggested to pay attention to the continuous iteration of related materials and their supporting processing technologies.Furong Technology (603327.SH), Dongmu Co., Ltd. (600114.SH), Jingyan Technology (300709.SZ), Tonglian Precision (688210.SH), Golden Sun (300606.SZ), Yuhuan CNC (002903.SZ), etc.

Folding screen terminals are developing rapidly, and Huawei’s glory is outstanding.

According to DSCC data, in Q3 of 2023, the global shipment of folding screen smartphones increased by 16% year-on-year. Among the mobile phone brand manufacturers, Samsung still ranks first in the global market, but its shipments have declined year-on-year, while most domestic brands have maintained a growth trend. As for the China market, according to IDC data, its year-on-year growth rate reached 90% in the third quarter. It is noteworthy that Huawei still maintains a market share of 31.7% and continues to be "far ahead" in the folding screen mobile phone market in China. As the best-selling model in Q3, Glory MagicV2 effectively helped Glory gain a market share of 15.1% in the first three quarters. With the development of folding technology, in addition to the mobile phone market, many well-known brand manufacturers have also begun to lay out folding products in the tablet and notebook market, striving to create unprecedented new high-end products.

The fuselage is thin and light, and the price is close to the people

According to the user feedback of folding mobile phones, the thin grip is the primary factor that affects the user experience. At the same time, in order to enhance the market competitiveness of folding screen mobile phones, brand manufacturers are constantly optimizing their cost structure. According to the data of iResearch, from 2021 to Q3 of 2023, the average body thickness of the main horizontal folding screen mobile phones in the market decreased from 15.1mm to 11.1mm, and the average weight decreased from 289.2g to 252.4g, among which Glory V.
Purse mobile phone takes the lead in bringing the folding screen mobile phone into the "millimeter era" with its body thickness of 8.6 mm.

In terms of the selling price of the whole machine, from 2020 to Q3 in 2023, the average selling price of the mobile phone with horizontal folding screen decreased from 14,032 yuan to 9,942 yuan, and the average selling price of the mobile phone with vertical folding screen decreased from 8,294 yuan to 6,766 yuan, with an overall decrease of nearly 30%, while glory V.
The price of Purse dropped to 5,999 yuan, which greatly reduced the migration cost for users in flagship machine to switch folding screen phones.

Differentiated components continue to iterate, and the sales scale is expected to fully benefit.

The performance improvement of folding screen terminal is related to the technical progress of two key components-screen and hinge.On the screen,With the progress of materials and production technology, UTG and CPI have become commercialized cover solutions. Among them, UTG cover material has development potential in the small and medium-sized folding screen market, while CPI can better exert its fist on the large and medium-sized folding screen.In terms of hinges,After several iterations, its performance is evolving in the direction of more natural folding and shallower crease. At the same time, with the participation of titanium alloy materials, the overall weight of the hinge has been optimized to some extent. Whether it is screen cover or hinge, as differentiated components in folding screen mobile phones, its market scale is expected to fully benefit with the sales growth of folding screens.

Risk warning:The technical iteration of folding screen mobile phone industry chain is less than expected, and the consumer electronics boom is less than expected.

What do world internet conference, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and other "big coffees" talk about?

  The 4th world internet conference once again brought the world’s Internet "big coffees" together in Wuzhen, a beautiful water town. Digital economy, artificial intelligence, sharing economy, technological change … … What do the "big coffees" think about these hot topics on the Internet?

  Ma Yun, Chairman of Alibaba’s Board of Directors: In the face of new technologies, it is better to take responsibility than to worry.

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Meng Dingbo

  "It is better to take responsibility for cyberspace and the digital economy than to worry about it. In recent years, almost all over the world are worried about the new technology era and technology, worried that machines will take away job opportunities, worried that machines will control human beings, and worried that human beings will be destroyed in their greatest inventions. In fact, the new technology is not to make people unemployed, but to make people do more valuable things, to make people not repeat themselves, but to innovate, so that their work can further evolve. I believe that machines will make people’s work more dignified, valuable and creative. "

  Apple CEO Cook: Inject humanity into technology.

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Zheng Huansong

  "Many people are talking about the negative effects of artificial intelligence, but I am not worried that robots will think like people. I am worried about thinking like machines. Therefore, we must inject humanity into technology and our values into technology, which is also our commitment to family, community and each other. We need to make full use of this historical opportunity, we need to give technology its due value, we need to remain open, we need to be confident and creative, and we need to protect all people. We look forward to working with friends in China and partners around the world to ensure that these efforts and achievements we have made can be created all over the world. "

  Ma Huateng, Chairman of the Holding Board of Tencent: Being the Driver of New Technology

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Weng Xinyi

  "New technologies represented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data have begun to promote profound changes in all walks of life. In the face of a new round of technological and industrial revolution, enterprises in China used to play the role of followers of new technologies, but today we hope to become drivers and contributors of new technologies and develop together with global partners. Today, everyone, every enterprise or organization is closely linked through digital technology and is an integral part of the "cyberspace destiny community". At present, all kinds of new challenges in this "community of destiny" need to be explored by the government, industry partners and all walks of life to jointly build and govern. "

  Kelly Y Zhou, founder and CEO of Zhihu: May knowledge illuminate everyone.

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Zongzhi

  "The development of the Internet has made knowledge sharing extremely convenient, and it has also enabled all people to participate in knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing beyond the traditional elite concept will be the optimal solution to promote the sustainable development of society. A knowledge platform like Zhihu may become a new generation of knowledge infrastructure, where everyone can share their views in their professional fields and gain all kinds of knowledge. Knowledge is no longer far away, and it is no longer only mastered by a few people. This is not only measurable in commercial value, but also of great social value. May knowledge illuminate everyone and discover a bigger world together. "

  Liu Qiangdong, CEO of JD.COM: drones solve the last mile problem of rural logistics

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Zongzhi

  "Logistics leads to poorer, more remote and backward areas, but the value of industrial products that consumers have to pay is much higher than that of rich areas such as Beijing and Shanghai. At the same time, because of the high logistics cost, a large number of high-quality agricultural products can’t leave the village. After they come out, they arrive in Beijing and Shanghai, and the prices are too high for consumers to consume. It took us 10 years to establish a huge logistics network covering the whole country. We are still investing a lot of money in developing the latest logistics technology, the most important of which is the drone, which is to solve the problem of the last mile of rural logistics. "

  Yang Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group: The digital economy represents the future

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Weng Xinyi

  "I don’t think the digital economy can be overstated, because it represents the future. It is precisely because of the development of digitalization and network that we can produce a large amount of data, and the empowerment of data through the network will bring intelligence to all walks of life. With the data collected from intelligent terminals, the computing power of new infrastructure, and the algorithm of continuous learning and improvement, we can perceive and recognize our world more accurately and make smarter judgments and decisions, thus making our lives more convenient and colorful, our work more accurate and efficient, and our society more harmonious and orderly. "

  Fu Sheng, CEO of Cheetah Mobile: AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps you live more easily.

  Photography/Xinhua News Agency reporter Weng Xinyi

  "AI, or super AI connections are everywhere. If you think of the car as our connection with tools and travel, in fact, AI is a connection between brain power and information. Today, AI can take different measures for everyone like God once imagined. A supercomputing entity grows naturally on a global scale. Everyone’s brain power, your own preferences, your own characteristics, your own habits, all your data can be helped by a super brain to help you live better and live more easily. "

Li Keqiang cultivates "double innovation ecosystem": China is becoming a global "maker paradise"

  Giving up a high-paying job in San Francisco and starting a business in Shenzhen, China, Canadian Lawrence’s choice won the support of many friends around him.

  "They are very envious when they know that I am coming to China, because they think that China has the most imaginative market at present." Lawrence said, "The atmosphere of entrepreneurial innovation in China is very strong, and you have unlimited possibilities to achieve what you want to do."

  In fact, more and more overseas "makers" choose to come to China just like Lawrence, and what attracts them is the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" advocated by Premier China.

  Go to China to start a business! ",the British" Financial Times "website that noticed this phenomenon reported on this topic. "Economist" magazine also said: "Shanzhai merchants are gone, and innovators are coming!" Taking Shenzhen as an example, the report points out that it is attracting all kinds of entrepreneurs around the world who are trying to make new products in new ways. Invention and innovation are transforming the whole Pearl River Delta into an advanced manufacturing cluster.

  Chen Siyu, Commercial Officer of the Swedish Consulate General in Shanghai, said that Sweden is a "country of innovation", and there are about 20,000 start-ups with a total population of 10 million. However, in recent years, Swedish entrepreneurs have come to China one after another, because most of them have to rely on their own development to start their own businesses in Sweden. In China, the government has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources to support entrepreneurial innovation, and with a relatively complete industrial chain in all walks of life, it is called "maker’s paradise".

  "internet plus" faces the whole world, and foreigners find new opportunities in China.

  "China is vigorously promoting ‘ Internet plus & rsquo; This is itself global. " On June 28th, Premier Li Keqiang’s statement during the dialogue and exchange with the representatives of international business circles attending the Davos Forum in the summer of 2017 was regarded as a "strong signal" released to foreign businessmen.

  China’s booming "internet plus" and consumption upgrading have already made more and more foreigners see the business opportunities of starting new businesses. And China’s superior "double innovation" environment is making their entrepreneurial dream come true.

  German Alberton founded Zanado Company in China, which not only provided online travel booking service, but also opened an offline VR experience store, bringing travelers a 360-degree virtual travel experience. Alberton said that China people are willing to "try early", while it may take 10 years for the United States and Europe to accept these.

  Lan Jili, founder of Vitas, a game and entertainment production company, believes that the China government is very friendly to entrepreneurs, and "we have the opportunity to bring new technologies into China". Jared, founder of R2Games, said: "In the era of mobile Internet, it is safe to say that China is ahead of Americans in this area. For a global Internet company, the opportunity is now in China. It won’t happen anywhere else, it can only happen here. "

  It takes two years in the United States and only half a year in China. China is the first choice for hardware entrepreneurship.

  The Economist also found that China is rewriting another rule, that is, embracing open innovation. Taking Shenzhen as an example, the report points out that China’s open innovators are not secretive, but are committed to providing solutions for the public. Analysts pointed out that the "double-innovation ecosystem" formed by the integration of China’s policy support and complete industrial chain is unmatched by many other countries.

  The world’s thinnest folding full-color touch screen produced by Rouyu Technology Co., Ltd. needs a lot of "integrated innovation" and "maker" ecosystems from early research to finished products. Bill Liu, the founder of the company, said that when he set out to establish Rouyu, it was clear that the company had to establish itself in Shenzhen to be successful.

  Jenny Lee, an investor in the hardware industry and a partner of GGV capital (GGV), said that in Shenzhen, it takes only half a year for a hardware startup to turn a concept into a product, which usually takes two years in the United States. When Revols, a Canadian "maker", tried to develop economical customized headphones in Montreal, he found that things there were slow and expensive. After he moved the company to Shenzhen, he quickly made a prototype and the product has been put into production.

  "China’s already blazing pace of innovation is still accelerating!" The Economist said. Many multinational companies have set up "observation posts" in China to pay close attention to the latest trends here. Shenzhen, China has become one of the global innovation centers of intelligent manufacturing, and is favored by all kinds of "makers".

  Scientific research results can land, and scientists bring "black technology"

  Many foreign "makers" said that overseas, many "black technologies" are only academic achievements, but coming to China, which is full of possibilities, can make it a reality.

  Professor Wusi Kaelte, an academician of the European Academy of Sciences, believes that China’s government and industry are actively promoting the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, and starting a business in China is the best opportunity for its research results to land. The scientist in the field of artificial intelligence set up the Institute of Know Infinite Artificial Intelligence in Beijing in May this year, and cooperated with JD.COM, BOE and other enterprises to help China enterprises build an innovative ecosystem in the fields of AI visual recognition and translation.

  Liu Huijun, dean of the School of Electronic Engineering of the Korean Academy of Sciences, also settled in Dongguan with the whole team. Its "black technology" AI-AR smart glasses will be mass-produced locally, which can realize remote precision maintenance of automobiles and airplanes. As long as the staff wear this kind of smart glasses, they can see the maintenance scene and remotely maintain it. In the process, they can also see the analysis of the fault made by AI behind the glasses.

  In the article calling for starting a business in China, the Financial Times website wrote that overseas entrepreneurs who have successfully started a business in China have pointed out a new path for young people who are interested in starting a business.

  As Premier Li Keqiang said: "Our entrepreneurial innovation is open. We should sum up experience and attract enterprises from more countries to come with capital, technology and talents, so as to achieve a win-win situation in cooperation." (Beijing News special correspondent Mu Yi)

70 years of experience, 70 years of quality | Celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Kouzi Wine Industry!

  Chongqing morning post reporter Liu Bo reports.

  Is natural mineral water really natural and pollution-free? The more expensive the mineral water, the better the quality? Recently, chongqing morning post, together with Consumer Report magazine, sent 12 kinds of packaged drinking water of 10 brands to an authoritative third-party testing agency for inspection.

  Among them, there are 7 kinds of natural mineral water including Nongfu Spring, Kunlun Mountain, 5100 Tibet Glacier, Jingtian Baisui Mountain, Uni-President alkaqua, France perrier, Danone Yili, 4 kinds of infant water including Nongfu Spring, Jurassic, Bay Blue and Santa Anna, and one kind of natural water of Nongfu Spring.

  We will tell you that the quality of mineral water is not directly proportional to the selling price by comparing the results of N1 index, TOC, total phosphorus, sodium, taste index and total number of colonies.

  Evaluation report 1 is pollution-free.

  The water in 1.5 yuan is better than that in 27 yuan.

  In many people’s minds, the sign of good water is "natural and pollution-free". Therefore, we first determined the N1 index, total phosphorus and total organic carbon (TOC) of 12 kinds of packaged drinking water. According to WHO regulations, the sum of the ratio of nitrate measured value to standard value and the ratio of nitrite measured value to standard value in water should be less than or equal to 1.

  "A large number of data surveys have found that the total amount of nitrate nitrogen in natural high-quality mineral water and natural mountain spring water in nature is less than 0.5." Professor Li Fuxing, Director of Beijing Public Health Drinking Water Research Institute, introduced.

  "So we take 0.5 as the critical value of’ good water’. We named this formula N1 index. " Li Fuxing said that the conversion formula of N1 index is N1= nitrate measured value/standard value+nitrite measured value/standard value. The greater the value of N1, the more seriously the water quality of the water source is polluted.

  The results showed that the N1 index of 12 kinds of packaged drinking water was below 0.5, which met the requirements of WHO for good water. In addition, no total phosphorus and total organic carbon were detected in all the packaged drinking water, indicating that the water source was less polluted.

  The N1 index of Bay Blue natural mineral water from New Zealand was only 0.021, while the N1 index of Jurassic natural mineral water reached 0.376.

  The N1 index of Danone Yili’s drinking natural mineral water source, which is only sold in 1.5 yuan, ranks second, which is more pollution-free than perrier natural mineral water sold in 27 yuan.

  Evaluation Report 2 Taste

  Water with the right mineral content is really "a little sweet"

  The slogan "Nongfu Spring is a little sweet" has made many people begin to notice the taste of packaged drinking water. However, there are no relevant standards and quantitative tools for evaluating the taste of packaged drinking water.

  After investigating and analyzing the mineral components in tap water and drinks in the world and Japan, the scholars of Osaka University in Japan think that the taste index is closely related to five components: calcium, potassium, silica, magnesium and sulfate, and put forward a formula for evaluating the taste of drinking water: the taste index oi = (Ca2++K++SiO2)/(Mg2++SO4 2-) ≥ 2.

  According to the formula, the taste of water is positively correlated with the taste index. The higher the value, the sweeter the water is, and "2" is the critical value of taste.

  "The higher the content of calcium ions, the thicker the taste of water. A proper amount of potassium ions can make water sweeter, and silica is also conducive to improving the taste of water. Too high content of magnesium ions and sulfate will make water bitter and astringent. Only when the contents of these five ions are in a relatively balanced range will the water become sweet, thick and delicious. " Zhao Feihong, director of the Drinking Water Professional Committee of Beijing Health Protection Association, explained.

  According to the formula of taste index, we measured the taste of 12 kinds of packaged drinking water. The taste index of 9 kinds of water is higher than 2, and the best taste is Danone Yili drinking natural mineral water and Jingtian Baisuishan natural mineral water, with the taste indexes of 16.35 and 14.07 respectively.

  The taste index of Jurassic natural mineral water (infant water) was 0.31, and that of 5100 Tibetan glaciers was 1.43, which did not meet the minimum recommended index of taste index.

  Evaluation Report 3 Sodium Content

  Three kinds of water should not be drunk by special people for a long time.

  Scientific research shows that excessive salt intake is easy to cause diseases such as hypertension, myocardial infarction and cancer. The main component of salt is sodium chloride, so controlling salt intake is actually controlling sodium intake.

  "For special people, such as infants, the elderly, hypertensive patients, and people with low immunity, the sodium content in drinking water should not exceed 20mg/L. Only water with sodium content below 20 mg/L can be called low-sodium water." Professor Li Fuxing, director of Beijing Public Health Drinking Water Research Institute, said.

  After testing, the sodium content of 9 of the 12 kinds of packaged drinking water sent for inspection is lower than 20mg/L, of which the sodium content of natural mineral water of Bay Blue is only 1.32 mg/L..

  The sodium content of Jurassic, 5100 Tibet Glacier and Kunlun Mountain mineral water was higher than 20mg/L, among which the sodium content of Jurassic drinking natural mineral water reached 154 mg/L. For special people, if they drink it regularly, it will have a certain impact on their health.

  Evaluation report 4 Total number of colonies

  Is infant water a concept?

  In recent years, water under the banner of "mother and baby water" and "baby water" has quietly become popular in the market. However, in China, there is no relevant standard for such new concept aquatic products. Judging from the current market situation, the concept of "sterility" is the mainstay of most infant water. So, is "sterility" reliable?

  We specially sent four kinds of infant water, including Nongfu Spring drinking natural water (suitable for infants), Italian Santa Ana baby mineral water, Bay Blue natural mineral water and Jurassic drinking natural mineral water, and compared two kinds of packaged drinking water of Nongfu Spring within the brand.

  In fact, there are no restrictions on the total number of colonies in the existing national drinking water standards GB 8537-2008 Drinking Natural Mineral Water and GB19298-2014 Packaging Drinking Water. The only requirement for the total number of colonies is GB5749-2006 Hygienic Standard for Drinking Water, with a limit of 100cfu/ml.

  According to the test results, the total number of colonies in Santa Ana baby mineral water in Italy is less than 1cfu/ml. The total number of colonies in Bay Blue and Jurassic reached 176cfu/ml and 1900cfu/ml respectively.

  Interestingly, compared with the products in Nongfu Spring brand, the total number of colonies in natural water and natural water specially marked for infants and young children is less than 1cfu/ml. In other words, before Nongfu Spring introduced the concept of "aseptic" infant water, the products had been "aseptic".

State Administration of Radio, Film and Television: China’s game market earns nearly 100 billion yuan in half a year, 4 times the total box office of movies.

        CCTV News:The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television recently released a report on China’s game industry in the first half of this year. The report shows that in the first half of this year, the actual sales revenue of China’s game market reached 99.78 billion yuan, up 26.7% year-on-year, nearly four times the total box office of China’s film industry in the first half of this year.

        The rise of mobile games occupies half of the country.

        According to the statistics of the industry report released by the General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, the number of game users in China has exceeded 500 million in the first half of this year. With the further development of mobile internet technology, the number of users of client games and web games has declined, and the number of mobile game users has increased by 7.5%, reaching 435 million. Correspondingly, the sales revenue of the mobile game market in the first half of this year has reached 56.1 billion, which doubled year-on-year.

In the first half of the year, the sales revenue of the mobile game market reached 56.1 billion, which doubled year on year.

In the first half of the year, the sales revenue of the mobile game market reached 56.1 billion, which doubled year on year.

        Paying attention to independent research and development, and laying out long-term mobile games has become the main strategy of game enterprises. Taking military games as an example, at present, domestic self-developed game products, including Battleship Hunter, world of tanks, World Military, etc., have firmly attracted 80 million fans and become typical representatives in the vertical segmentation field of domestic games.

        In addition, the report also shows that with the continuous expansion of the market scale of China’s game industry, the degree of concentration of the game industry is getting higher and higher, and enterprises are also expanding and integrating from simple game development to cultural pan-entertainment industries such as internet, movies and television. For example, there are more than 700 games on the mobile game platform of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, with more than 580 million players on the page game platform and more than 65 million overseas registered users. With the help of the user resources and market operation of online games, mobile games and overseas business platforms, the industrial chain of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment Pan-Entertainment has also been continuously expanded, and the development of pan-entertainment such as film and television, show and animation has been achieved.

        Cultural confidence, strong export of original games

        According to the data of the semi-annual report of the game industry, in the first half of this year, the overseas market income of China’s independent research and development of online games was 3.99 billion US dollars, about 26.7 billion yuan, up 57.7% year-on-year. The independent research and development of game products with China elements became the main growth driving force for accelerating the expansion of overseas markets. 

More and more game companies pay more attention to the research and development of products with China cultural symbols.

Game companies pay more attention to research and development of connotative products with China cultural symbols.

        Excavating traditional culture, implementing the boutique strategy and taking the best-selling and long-selling route have become the main means and goals for powerful enterprises to expand overseas markets. More and more game companies pay more attention to the research and development of products with China cultural symbols. Statistics of gamma data, professional analysis data from the game industry, are adapted from Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, such as The Legend of the Condor Heroes and The Legend of the Dragon Slayer, and Zhu Xian, which is adapted from the story of Shan Hai Jing, have received good market response in overseas markets and maintained an average annual growth rate of 20%.

        When the game goes overseas, not only the story should be beautiful, but also the channels should be accessible. Powerful enterprises have begun to set up R&D centers overseas. With the help of six R&D centers established in Shanghai, Singapore, Germany and other places, more than ten domestic game products, such as Legendary World, legend of mir and Dragon Valley, have entered more than 100 countries and regions. Some games have more than 1 million online users at the same time, and the number of active users of Legendary World has been among the top ten in the world for many years. 

        E-sports market revenue of 36 billion, an increase of more than 40%.

        The game industry report released by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television also shows that from January to June this year, the actual sales revenue of the e-sports game market reached 36 billion yuan, up 43.2% year-on-year, accounting for nearly 40% of the total game industry revenue.

In the first half of the year, more than 100 large and medium-sized e-sports events were held in China.

In the first half of the year, more than 100 large and medium-sized e-sports events were held in China.

        According to the report data of the game industry in the first half of the year, at present, the global users of Knife Tower 2 exceed 100 million, while the players in China account for 12.6%. E-sports has not only loyal players, but also loyal audiences. According to the report, 35% of the audience in China spend six hours a week watching professional e-sports competitions, just like watching sports events. In the first half of the year, more than 100 large and medium-sized e-sports events were held in China. It is estimated that the total prize money for this year will exceed 64 million US dollars, about 430 million yuan. In 2010, the scale of China’s e-sports market was only 4.41 billion yuan, which increased tenfold in six years. China’s e-sports is gradually changing from a follower of the world’s e-sports to a leader and leader.

Easy and casual esports games are favored by players.

Easy and casual esports games are favored by players.

        In addition, in the e-sports market, in addition to highly antagonistic game products, some relaxed and casual e-sports games are also favored by players. A game called "Ball Fight" is loved by all age groups because of its various operating modes and strong interactivity. It has more than 300 million users worldwide and has become a light e-sports game with the largest number of players in the world.

        Industry experts believe that China’s e-sports industry has grown rapidly and benefited from the optimization of the industrial environment. Last year, the General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television organized the "China Original Game Boutique Publishing Project"; The Ministry of Culture also issued a document to support the creation of regional, national and even international game entertainment competitions; In addition, the Ministry of Education listed "E-sports and Management" as one of the 13 supplementary majors in colleges and universities in 2017. 

        Experts pointed out that China’s game industry still needs innovative ways to train talents to accelerate its development and achieve stability. We can find and train talents through various ways such as joint recommendation and training by enterprises and colleges, and competition selection and training.

Super League star Sai Xinfeng missed a penalty, and the northern team won the southern team 16-15.

  Netease Sports News: This afternoon, the 2007 Super League North-South Star Tournament was held in Shanghai Jinshan District Stadium. In the end, Rooney scored four goals, Zou Yougen, Vicente and Yang Lin contributed to the South Team, while Tao Wei of the North Team scored twice, goals from Qu Bo, Li Jinyu, Diego, Elvis and Zhao Junzhe sealed the score at 7-7. In the penalty shootout, Xin Feng missed the penalty, and the northern team beat the southern team 9-8 (with a total score of 16-15) to win.



  This is the fourth time that the China Football Professional League has hosted the Star Tournament. In 1994 and 1995, the North-South Star Tournament was held at the beginning of League A, but since then, this grand ceremony of China football was interrupted. Until last season, the Football Association held the first all-star match in the history of the Super League in Jinan. This year is the second all-star match of the Super League, and the powerful northern team is even more shining. At the same time, various awards of this year’s league will be awarded today.

  Before the competition, the China Football Association and sponsors held a donation ceremony to the Soong Ching Ling Foundation of China, and donated 800,000 yuan to the latter. The game was kicked off by the southern team, and the northern team scored in the first minute. Li Jinyu broke through on the right to the bottom line and returned to the middle road. Tao Wei pushed the ball on the restricted area and the ball went straight to the dead corner, 1-0. Later, the Southern team quickly equalized the score. Wang Yun passed the ball directly to the front of the door. Zou Yougen’s shot was blocked by the defender. Vicente got the ball and shot it single-handedly. The ball was pounced by Li Leilei. Rooney, who was outflanked, succeeded in pushing the empty net, and the score became 1-1. In the 8th minute, the score was rewritten again. Roman Abramovich got the chance to go to the bottom on the left, and one foot crossed to the middle. Rooney easily scored with his heel and the score became 2-1. Later, the northern team quickly equalized the score. The defender of the southern team made a mistake in passing and catching the ball. Qu Bo got the ball and made a long shot in front of the restricted area. The ball rolled into the net again and the score became 2-2.

  The pace of the game didn’t go fast, but the players seemed very relaxed on the court. In the 14th minute, the northern team organized an attack in the frontcourt, and Du Zhenyu suddenly shot a cold shot outside the restricted area, and the ball hit the far post and popped up, almost scoring again. Because it is raining in Shanghai, the field is slippery, which affects the mutual communication and cooperation between the players. In the 21st minute, the Southern Team expanded the score again. Zou Yougen passed the ball to the front of the goal from the left in the restricted area. Rooney didn’t get greedy and continued to pass the ball back to the former. Zou Yougen scored a goal from a small angle and the score became 3-2. Then the northern team immediately equalized the score, and the middle team members directly hit behind them. Zhao Junzhe headed back to the middle in the restricted area, and Li Jinyu volleyed the goal with his right foot. In the 29th minute, Roman Abramovich succeeded in offside and passed Li Leilei. Rooney received the ball and deliberately stayed in front of the door for a period of time before pushing the far corner. The score became 4-3. Then the northern team immediately returned the favor, and the curve wave broke through on the right and passed to the door, and the goalkeeper struggled to save the ball.

  The backward northern team stepped up their offensive. In the 34th minute, Du Zhenyu stopped the ball in front of the restricted area, and volley and the goalkeeper punched the ball. This shot was very wonderful. Two minutes later, the Southern team expanded its lead, and Wang Yun passed the ball to Li Yan at the bottom line on the right. The latter’s heavy bombardment caused Li Leilei to save the ball and Vicente easily made up the shot, and the score was rewritten to 5-3. In the 41st minute, the southern team organized an attack in the frontcourt, and Li Yan’s shot in front of the restricted area was higher than the crossbar. In the 43rd minute, the northern team got a chance on the left, and Zhikov made a high-quality cross to the goal. Unfortunately, Qu Bo’s header was slightly higher than the crossbar.

  In the 50 th minute, the southern team made a long pass in the backcourt and Rooney quickly inserted it. The goalkeeper took the lead in clearing the ball. In the 54th minute, the northern team pulled back a point, and Elvis left the left unguarded, easily leveled the ball to the middle, and Diego succeeded in shooting from the far corner, and the score was rewritten to 5-4. Later, the southern team returned the favor. Wang Yun passed the ball to the middle of the road on the right. Rooney’s powerful long-range shot missed the goal, followed by Zhang Ye’s loss of the ball in the backcourt. Elvis’s shot in front of the restricted area caused the goalkeeper to get rid of the ball, but the second shot quickly hugged it. In the 57th minute, the southern team played a series of subtle cooperation. Rooney stopped the ball in the back of the chest and volleyed across the door. Wang Yun passed the ball again in the restricted area, and Yang Lin, who was inserted later, pushed the goal and the score became 6-4. Then the northern team also scored a goal immediately. Elvis successfully shot the far corner on the left side of the restricted area, and the score became 6-5. In the 63rd minute, Rooney put on a solo performance, dribbling the ball from the left side to the restricted area and hitting the side net.

  As the game went on, the scene was a little dull. In the 68th minute, Elvis passed in front of the restricted area, and then he shot with his long foot. The ball was saved by the goalkeeper, and Dong Wang’s supplementary shot hit the defender out of the bottom line. Then the northern team seized the opportunity. Tao Wei faced the defense in front of the restricted area and dodged the empty shot. The ball entered the door against the far post, and the score became 6-6. In the 74th minute, the northern team made a quick counterattack. Wang Yun made a wonderful pass from the front of the restricted area to the back point, and Yang Lin’s header was first cleared. In the 78th minute, the Southern team expanded the score again. Sun Xiang made an assist from the left and made a cross to the frontcourt. Rooney grabbed a header in front of the door and the score became 7-6. Then Rooney once again showed his football talent, and an imaginative shot almost broke the door again. In the 82nd minute, the Northern Team equalized the score, and Tao Wei returned to the middle from the left. Zhao Junzhe took the ball with two steps and shot with his right foot. The ball crossed the goalkeeper and fell into the net, and the score became 7-7.

  In the penalty shootout, Diego first volleyed the goal, and Sun Xiang’s powerful long-range shot equalized the score for the South Team. In the second round of penalty, Tao Wei deceived the goalkeeper and sent the ball into the net. Wang Yun’s very tricky shot made the goalkeeper helpless. In the third round, Zhang Yaokun scored a goal and Lu Feng equalized for the southern team; In the fourth round, Dong Wang took the lead in sending the ball into the goal, and Rooney also easily broke the goal; In the fifth round, Du Zhenyu made a strong long-range goal, and Ma Cheng’s shot deceived the goalkeeper. In the sixth round, Zhao Junzhe’s shot hit the crossbar and bounced into the net, and Li Weifeng also broke the door of Zong Lei. In the seventh round, Elvis’ shot was successful, and Zhang Ye also successfully scored a penalty. In the eighth round, Zhang Shuai hit a penalty kick and Yang Lin also broke the goal. In the ninth round, Hao Junmin took the lead in penalty, and Xin Feng’s shot was higher than the crossbar. In the end, the northern team beat the southern team 9-8 on penalty.

  Southern Team’s appearance lineup (4-4-2): 18-Song Zhenyu (46’1- Shengjiong Qiu); 3- Li Weifeng, 6- Li Yan (41’14- Ma Cheng), 5- Dewey (40’4- Sun Xiang), 13- Emerson; 11- Abu (40’2- Xinfeng), 8- Zheng Bin (46’7- Lu Feng), 9- Zou Yougen (46’12- Zhangye), 15- Wang Yun; 10- Vicente (46’16- Yang Lin), 17- Rooney

  Northern Team’s appearance lineup (4-4-2): 1-Li Leilei (46’18- Zong Lei); 2- Cao Yang (46’7- Hao Junmin), 3- Ka barreiro (46’5- Zhang Yaokun), 4- Xu Yunlong (46’13- kelvin wong), 12- Zhang Shuai; 15- Zhikov (46’6- Dong Wang), 8- Tao Wei, 9- Zhao Junzhe, 14- Du Zhenyu; 10- Li Jinyu (46’16- Diego), 11- Qubo (46’17- Elvis)

Editor: Shuo Yang

It became the number one hot spot after class overnight. How long can Tenghahe last?

Reporter Han Bing reports Going out at home in the League Cup is not a big deal, but losing more than 3 goals at home in a row, the worst record of losing at home in 61 years, is a key node that may push Tenghahe’s fate from quantitative change to qualitative change. Although Manchester United did not consider changing coaches when talking to the media, the act of making a statement itself has already made the outside world smell dangerous.

The 0-3 defeat against Newcastle United activated a series of dazzling shame records: half of the top 10 home games of the season were lost, the worst since the 1930/31 season; Lost 8 of the first 15 games, the worst since the 1962/63 season; There is also the highest loss rate (53%) in 90 years, which is not counting the previous 12 records of losing, conceding and losing in a row. The patience with Tenghahe is constantly consumed in this ever-increasing shame record, and the distance is getting closer and closer to being completely exhausted …

After the game, Tenghahe continued to complete the familiar "reversal" at the press conference, but his odds after class jumped to the second place in the Premier League within 24 hours after the game (odds of 3), second only to Sheffield United coach Hejin Barton (odds of 5/3) who scored only 1 point in 10 rounds. Chelsea coach Pochettino, who burns more money, has fewer events and fewer points, ranks fifth (odds are 17), which is much safer than Tenghah. In the early morning of Beijing time, just after Manchester United officially made a statement that it was not considered to change coaches, Tenghahe’s odds of class dismissal rose to the top of the Premier League (11/10), surpassing Hutchinson Barton (5/4), and Pochettino was even safer (20)! Overnight, Tenghahe entered the "extremely dangerous" zone from the "safe" position.

Since ancient times, there have been few gifts in the snow, and there have never been many people who have fallen into the rain. Tenghahe stressed that last season’s Carling Cup proved that he could turn the tide, but media such as Manchester Evening News and celebrities such as Neville made it clear that the Dutch coach had lost the support of the dressing room and it was only a matter of time before class was over. This season’s scandal-ridden dressing room of the Red Devils, after the turmoil of Sancho and Anthony, now players have completely lost confidence in Tenghahe himself. As early as after the Manchester derby, the British media revealed that players questioned Tenghahe’s tactics, including letting Lindelov, who is not good at wingers, play left-back, and Anthony, who is better at wingers, was not the first choice.

Tenghahe’s tough approach has also attracted the disgust of most players. Punishing Sancho is an example. After the Manchester derby, Tenghahe forced Manchester United players to stay to witness the celebration of Manchester City players and fans, canceled the original holiday and added extra homework, which was considered as disrespect for the players. The extra homework is to let the players watch the video edited by the coaching staff for themselves, which points out the mistakes made by the players. This kind of practice, like punishing primary school students, makes the stars feel "humiliated". The first person who didn’t buy it was Rachford. On the night after the derby, the Manchester United winger held a party in the nightclub until 3: 30 in the morning. At least for now, Tenghahe hasn’t given him a ticket.

Neville’s hint on the social media account is almost explicit: "We have seen such a situation before, we know how it ends, and we have had enough." Former Tottenham midfielder O ‘Hara also stressed: Manchester United is in chaos from top to bottom, the players don’t care about winning or losing, and the coach has lost the support of the players. This is similar to Neville’s definition of Tenghahe and Manchester United. Neville emphasized that both rivals of Manchester United have professional sports departments, but Manchester United doesn’t even have Sports director. In addition, after driving away Cristiano Ronaldo last year, Manchester United announced that it would consider new strategic choices, but there is still no clear direction today, which also makes Manchester United players feel insecure.

Tenghahe’s fate has changed from how to turn things around to when to finish class. The British media began to calculate the cost (15 million pounds) of firing Tenghahe for Manchester United. After Ferguson retired, this figure tied for the highest among the fired coaches. However, it has just been announced that last season’s revenue was as high as 640 million pounds, which is completely affordable for Manchester United, which set a new record for Premier League clubs. In addition, the media has even listed a succession candidate list for Manchester United: emeri of Aston Villa, Eddie Howe of Newcastle United, De Zerbi of Brighton, as well as the laid-off Zidane and the hot Bayer Leverkusen coach Alonso.

Different from last season, Manchester United’s dressing room is not only separated from Germany, but also the injury crisis has not improved. Casemiro’s new injury continues to weaken Manchester United’s already unbearable defensive end. Tenghahe wants to be what he calls a "fighter" and unite with the players to fight together, but he must first fully implement his tactics through the players-unfortunately, this is also the most difficult thing to do at present.

In order to save the situation, the British media revealed that Tenghahe would have a one-on-one conversation with Manchester United players to understand the situation and eliminate barriers. However, there is not much time left for Tenghahe, and the international competition day in November may be his last chance to breathe. At the end of November, Manchester United will play Galatasaray, Newcastle United, Chelsea and Bayern at home, and then Liverpool. How long can Tenghah last? It’s a good prize-winning quiz.

The maximum flow rate is 2180 cubic meters per second! Overwarning floods occurred in 84 rivers in 15 provinces in China.

  Cctv newsIn the past few days, many places in China have suffered from heavy rainfall. Floods exceeding the police occurred in 84 rivers in 15 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in the northwest, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, Jiangnan and Southwest China. The emergency management department said that although some local disasters are serious, on the whole, all major rivers are in a controllable state.

  Ningxia: The No.1 flood of the Yellow River in 2020 entered Ningxia.

  Since June, affected by the rainfall in the source area, the inflow of water in the upper reaches of the Yellow River has continued to increase. On the morning of 21st, the No.1 flood of the Yellow River arrived in Ningxia, two days earlier than in previous years. The maximum flow rate is 2180 cubic meters per second. Ningxia Emergency Management Headquarters has issued flood prevention notices to cities and counties (districts) along the Yellow River.

  Sichuan: Super-historical flood occurred in Marcand, Aba Prefecture.

  Affected by several days of heavy rainfall, the Suomo River in Barkam City, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province experienced a super-historical flood yesterday (23rd). As of 11: 00 last night, the flood level was 2,580.34m, with a flow of 494m3/s, the over-alarm level was 0.73m, and the over-guaranteed level was 0.21m. The heavy rainfall also caused many natural disasters such as mudslides and mountain collapses in Marcand of National Highway 317, and some sections were flooded.

  Chongqing Qijiang: The electricity consumption of more than 14,000 households crossing the flood peak is affected.

  On the 22nd, the biggest flood peak since the flood season of the Qijiang River passed through the urban area of the Qijiang River, and many places along the Qijiang River were affected. The power facilities in the flooded area were threatened, and the electricity consumption of 14,056 households was affected. The local power department launched a comprehensive investigation and management of the safety hazards of the affected users and resumed power supply. As of press time, 10026 users have been restored to power supply.

  Anhui: A dam burst in Dongpei River due to continuous rainstorm.

  Dongpi River, located in Anhui Province, is one of the main tributaries of Huaihe River, and it is also the flood discharge channel of three large reservoirs: Foziling, Mozitan and Bailianya. The heavy rainfall in the past few days and the increased flood discharge of the three upstream reservoirs have caused the water level of the Dongpei River to rise. On the morning of the 23rd, a dam on the east bank of the Dongpei River burst nearly 10 meters. The local water conservancy department has joined hands with Qingshan Township Government in Yu ‘an District, where the production dam is located, to stop and repair the breach.

  Huaihua, Hunan Province: Class III emergency response to flood control was launched to urgently transfer more than 60,000 people.

  In Huaihua City, Hunan Province, more than 700,000 people in Hongjiang District, Jingzhou County and Yuanling County were affected by heavy rain, and 63,217 people were urgently transferred. 125 houses were damaged, and Huaihua City started flood control level III emergency response. Due to the timely storage, the four major rivers in Hunan — — The water level of each branch in Yuanling section of Yuanshui River is stable.

  Yingshan, Hubei: The secretary of the village branch was washed away by the flood during the rescue.

  At noon on June 21st, Liu Shuicun, secretary of the Party branch of Poernao Village, Wenquan Town, yingshan county, Hubei Province, was washed away by the flood during the emergency rescue. Yingshan county firefighting, public security and professional rescue teams are conducting search and rescue.

  Jiang Hongsheng, Deputy Squadron Leader of Yingshan Squadron of Huanggang Blue Sky Rescue TeamAccording to our experience, we analyzed the scene of the accident. We mobilized two search and rescue boats, two sonar, 14 search and rescue team members, and other neighboring units to participate in the joint rescue. At present, the search and rescue area has reached 18,000 square meters, which is underwater. We are going to expand the search area.