The 15th China Scientists Forum was held in Beijing.

  Beijing, September 13 (Xinhua) The 15th China Scientists Forum was held in Beijing on September 12. This forum is held at the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, the 40th anniversary of the "scientific spring", and the historic intersection of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation in the world and the transformation of China’s development mode, which has far-reaching significance for implementing the innovation-driven development strategy. More than 900 scientists, science and technology managers, science and technology experts and entrepreneurs from all walks of life all over the country participated in the grand event, and exchanged ideas around the theme of "building a world science and technology power and scientific and technological innovation in the new era" to seek common development of scientific and technological innovation.

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  This conference is sponsored by China Technology Market Association, China High-tech Industrialization Research Association, China Productivity Promotion Center Association and Discovery Magazine, co-sponsored by Enterprise Management Innovation Institute of Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, especially co-sponsored by China Science and Technology System Reform Research Association, and supported by think tank of Beijing WORK- Beijing Wharf. Relevant leading comrades of the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, leaders of relevant ministries and commissions of the science and technology system and more than 10 academicians of the two academies attended the opening ceremony.

  China Scientists Forum was founded in 2002 and has been successfully held for 15 sessions. At the opening ceremony, the meeting was also attended by several founding sponsors of the China Scientists Forum — — Comrade Zhang Jing ‘an, Comrade Qi Rang, President of Discovery Magazine and Beijing WORK— Chen Gui, the founder of Beijing Wharf Think Tank, paid tribute to and awarded the "Special Contribution Award for Spreading the Scientific Spirit" to show their great contribution to promoting the development of China’s science and technology, spreading scientific ideas and carrying forward the scientific spirit by the China Scientists Forum, which was founded and successfully held for 15 sessions.

  Zhang Jing ‘an, Qi Jean, Chen Gui and other comrades were awarded the "Special Contribution Award for Spreading the Scientific Spirit".

  At the opening ceremony, Du Xiangwan, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, former vice-president of China Academy of Engineering and an expert in applied physics, Fan Daiming, former vice-president of China Academy of Engineering, academician of China Academy of Engineering and director of the national drug clinical trial institution, gave wonderful reports entitled "Four Signs of a Powerful Country in Science and Technology" and "Integrated Health Science" respectively. The reports of two famous scientists were professional and in-depth, and received enthusiastic response from the participating experts and guests. Luan Hongyan, vice president of Discovery Magazine, secretary general of China Scientists Forum and executive deputy director of Enterprise Management Innovation Institute of Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, presided over the opening ceremony of the conference.

Luan Hongyan presided over the opening ceremony of the conference.

  Academician Du Xiangwan gave a wonderful report entitled "Four Signs of a Powerful Country through Science and Technology"

  Academician Fan Daiming gave a wonderful report entitled "Integrated Health Science"

  Relying on the deep foundation of the forum for more than ten years and the purpose of pragmatic innovation, this forum combines multi-angle analysis and discussion, multi-dimensional cooperation and interaction, multi-dimensional integrated communication and multi-level charm achievement display to create an authoritative, comprehensive and professional conference content system. The two-day forum held more than 20 rich and practical special events, such as the Academician Forum, the Dialogue between Scientists, Economists and Entrepreneurs, the Forum for Chief Scientists and Investment and Financing, the TED Speech Creation Meeting on Science and Technology Innovation and Marketing, the Cooperation Matchmaking Fair, the First Week of China Scientists Forum, the Science and Technology Enterprise Bank, the Forum on Integrated Development Capital, the establishment of a demonstration base for science and technology services in emerging industries, and the establishment of an innovative think tank for chief scientists of enterprises. China Academy of Engineering, Fan Weicheng, Dean of Tsinghua University department of engineering physics Institute of Public Safety, China Academy of Engineering, Xu Li, Researcher of China Institute of Atomic Energy, Director of Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chen Shilin, Academician of Eurasian Academy of Sciences, Academician of China Academy of Sciences, Kuang Tingyun, Researcher of Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. More than 40 academicians and experts in various fields, and more than 100 technology entrepreneurs and chief experts gave special speeches. In order to give full play to the leading role of enterprise’s scientific and technological innovation and enhance its core technological innovation capability, we have carried out warm and constructive discussions and sharing on the general trend of world’s scientific and technological development and China’s scientific and technological innovation vision pattern, innovation capability, resource allocation, system policy and other substantive issues, so as to build consensus and gather talents.推进建设世界科技强国的伟大目标的顺利实现共谋共进。