It is related to the prevention and control of Zhengzhou epidemic. This night conference responded to ten hot spots.

  On the evening of November 6th, Zhengzhou held the 34th press conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic (the ninth in 2022), which was released around the recent prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic in Zhengzhou and answered questions from reporters.

  At the press conference, many concerns about the current epidemic situation in Zhengzhou, the implementation of the "one size fits all" policy for rectification and implementation, and the situation of Foxconn Park were answered one by one.

  The new cases are mainly concentrated in the risk groups in key areas.

  According to Li Huifang, deputy secretary-general of Zhengzhou Municipal Government, on November 3, there were 21 new confirmed cases and 136 asymptomatic infected people in Zhengzhou. On the 4th, there were 9 new confirmed cases and 105 asymptomatic infected people in the city. On the 5th, there were 15 new confirmed cases and 168 asymptomatic infected people in the city.

  Li Huifang said that at present, the new cases are mainly concentrated in the risk groups in key areas, while all the hospitalized patients are in stable condition.

  Isolation rooms will be reserved by rebuilding public rental housing and requisitioning talent apartments.

  Li Huifang said that in accordance with the requirements of the national and provincial prevention and control programs, Zhengzhou will fully reserve isolated rooms by rebuilding public rental housing, requisitioning talent apartments and signing agreements with hotels; Expand medical treatment beds through new construction, renovation and requisition, and actively respond to the large-scale epidemic that may occur this winter and next spring on the basis of meeting the needs of this round of epidemic.

  In addition, Li Huifang further introduced that the management of centralized isolation points and designated hospitals will be comprehensively strengthened, Chinese medicine will participate in the whole process, and psychological counseling will be carried out in a timely manner, so as to improve the service guarantee ability and meet individual needs as much as possible.

  The whole community will not be sealed because of the indiscriminate ignition of individual epidemics.

  It was mentioned at the press conference that in accordance with the work requirements of "putting the tube in the middle, clearing it in the middle" and "preventing living and opening it", Zhengzhou City has refined the control area into three categories: high-risk areas and risk units, medium-risk areas and risk communities, and temporary control areas for preventing spillover, and further refined the risk areas to communities, communities and buildings, and made it clear that the communities with less than two new infected people and in the same unit will only be sealed and controlled, not because of the fact that.

  At the same time, the conference mentioned that with the change of epidemic situation and the timely and dynamic adjustment of epidemic situation, the main urban area (eight districts in the city) is being unsealed in an orderly manner, and the number of unsealed communities today has increased by 41 compared with yesterday.

  Can individual epidemic-free communities still implement prevention and control measures? Lixing has been requested to rectify.

  Li Huifang pointed out that, on the whole, at present, most areas can "solve all the problems", but there are still a few communities that implement policies across the board and simplify them. For example, epidemic-free communities in individual temporary control zones for preventing spillage still cannot implement prevention and control measures. In this regard, the municipal inspection team has asked for rectification, and those who are not in place will be seriously dealt with.

  Establish and improve the mechanism of transportation dispatching, allocation and admission, and increase the allocation of transportation vehicles for critically ill patients.

  Li Huifang mentioned that Zhengzhou strengthened the overall planning of the whole city, and each district sorted out the basic information of patients separately, and made targeted transshipment plans. According to the use of medical resources, Zhengzhou City Command established and improved the mechanism of transportation dispatch and allocation, and added transport vehicles for severe patients to ensure that patients with basic diseases, the elderly, young children and pregnant women can be transported and treated in time.

  Zhengzhou: The epidemic situation has stabilized and improved, and it is currently in a critical period and a critical period.

  The press conference mentioned that Zhengzhou, as a national central city, a populous city and a transportation hub, has always faced the dual risks of external epidemic import and local epidemic spread. Affected by multiple unfavorable factors in the early stage, this round of epidemic in Zhengzhou has become the epidemic with the widest scope, the largest number of people involved and the longest duration since the outbreak of Xinguan pneumonia.

  In addition, the conference also mentioned that the epidemic situation in Zhengzhou has stabilized and improved, and it is currently in a critical period and a critical period.

  24-hour nucleic acid detection service is provided in general hospitals above the second level in the city.

  Fang Ziqin, deputy director of Zhengzhou Medical Security Bureau, said that in order to better serve the general public, the synchronous matching between the unsealed area and the opening of nucleic acid testing houses has been strengthened. At present, more than 3,000 sampling houses have been opened in Zhengzhou, and after the subsequent communities are unsealed, the nucleic acid testing sampling houses will be opened as soon as possible to provide nucleic acid testing services.

  Fang Ziqin also mentioned that at present, 24-hour nucleic acid testing services are provided in general hospitals above the second level in the city. If citizens miss the centralized testing time in the sampling house, they can go to the above hospitals for testing.

  Care actions for the elderly, children and pregnant women will be carried out to meet the medical needs of special groups.

  The press conference said that in the next step, Zhengzhou will focus on three things:

  The first is to form a team. On the basis of establishing and perfecting the Yang-chasing mechanism, we will speed up the establishment of an "expert+special class" emergency commando team with complete equipment, rapid response and standing in a normal state. Once the epidemic is ignited, the whole chain will carry out all the work of "collecting, sending, inspecting, verifying, reporting and transferring", so as to circle the risk people, block the transmission chain and protect the majority in the first time.

  The second is to establish two platforms. That is, establish a institutionalized command platform and improve the three working mechanisms of "daily consultation and judgment, regular fixed-point scheduling and one-click direct disposal"; Establish a platform for overall allocation of resources, take demand as the guide, and automatically allocate, dispatch and distribute various resources such as manpower, materials, epidemic prevention and medicine across regions, so as to form a good situation of rapid response, integration of resources and joint efforts to overcome difficulties, and effectively grasp the initiative of epidemic prevention.

  The third is to carry out four actions. Carry out special actions to sweep buildings and streets for three consecutive days, focusing on solving the remaining problems such as social clearing, risk investigation of unsealed communities, and environmental disinfection; Carry out special actions to standardize the management of isolated places, strengthen medical treatment, strictly prevent and control infection, enrich spiritual and cultural life, and improve the level of service guarantee; Carry out caring actions for the elderly, children and pregnant women to effectively solve the medical needs of special people outside the isolation place; We will carry out the creation of epidemic-free communities, epidemic-free organs and epidemic-free units, and support the overall stability of the city’s epidemic prevention with small units without epidemic.

  Zhengzhou Foxconn: Providing comprehensive services and guarantees to employees in five aspects.

  In response to the recent demands of employees and social concerns, the airport area has conducted in-depth communication with Foxconn, and on November 2, it issued the "15 Measures for Employees’ Care in Foxconn Science Park", which provides comprehensive services and guarantees for employees from five aspects: life support, epidemic prevention safety, environmental disinfection, humanistic care and employee rights and interests.

  First, in terms of ensuring the supply of employees’ lives

  First, select high-quality catering service providers, overcome difficulties such as supply and transportation, optimize processing, loading and unloading, transportation and distribution, and deliver three meals a day to 11 apartment communities in the IT community on time to ensure sufficient supply of hot meals and hot water for employees.

  The second is to improve the standard and quality of food. There are steamed buns, milk, eggs and fruits for breakfast, with balanced nutrition; Lunch and dinner are two meats and one vegetable, with fruit for lunch and yogurt for dinner; Every day, the menu is different, and a large number of servings are enough, so you can eat well. At the same time, the market supervision department sent 11 food quality supervisors to each community to be responsible for the quality control of three meals. As of November 6, 202,500 meals have been prepared.

  Second, in terms of ensuring epidemic prevention and health and safety of employees

  First, distribute epidemic prevention love packages to protect the health and safety of employees, and urgently purchase 1 million N95 protective masks, 100,000 bottles of alcohol spray and 2 million alcohol disinfection wipes, which will be distributed in an orderly manner through Foxconn and the IT community to build a personal epidemic prevention barrier for employees.

  Second, according to the living distribution of Foxconn employees, medical offices were set up in 11 apartment communities to facilitate employees to seek medical treatment nearby; For those who really need to be hospitalized, they will be transferred to designated hospitals for treatment at the first time.

  The third is to set up 100 sampling points for nucleic acid detection in 11 apartment communities in the IT community, and provide free nucleic acid sampling services for employees.

  Fourth, the original dormitory staff should be relocated reasonably, and after the dormitory is finally destroyed, it should be renovated and renovated, and the living facilities should be replaced to improve the living environment of the staff.

  Third, in strengthening environmental disinfection and garbage removal

  First, organize 400 elite troops to carry out comprehensive disinfection of 10 factories, 9 restaurants, 11 apartment blocks and public areas under the guidance of provincial and municipal disease control experts.

  Second, on the basis of the original property management personnel, 680 cleaning personnel will be added to clean and remove the garbage in the park to ensure that the domestic garbage is cleared twice a day.

  Fourth, in strengthening employees’ psychological counseling and humanistic care,

  First, provide psychological counseling services, open a 24-hour psychological counseling hotline, and take the initiative to pay a return visit every day; Open online mental health courses to relieve employees’ psychological pressure.

  The second is to unblock the channels of employees’ appeals and open a 7*24-hour care hotline to ensure that it can be opened at any time and provide corresponding services and guarantees to solve employees’ appeals and difficulties in time.

  Five, in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees according to law.

  First, fully respect employees’ willingness to stay or stay, and work with Foxconn to produce the WeChat applet of "Questionnaire on Employees’ Willingness to Return Home", which conforms to the current epidemic prevention policy and organizes employees to return home safely and orderly. For employees who voluntarily declare to stay in the port area for isolation, the government will give each person a daily living allowance in 300 yuan, which will be paid on a daily basis.

  The second is to urge enterprises to honor relevant incentive policies in time for employees who are willing to return to their posts after the isolation.

  Third, for those who really need to return home immediately due to special circumstances, timely arrange vehicles for "point-to-point" safe transshipment and incorporate them into local closed-loop management according to epidemic prevention and control policies.

  Dining places in low-risk areas are forbidden to eat in class, and only take-away service is provided.

  With regard to the orderly opening of service places in medium-risk areas, risk communities, temporary spill prevention control areas and low-risk areas, the press conference introduced that in accordance with the working idea of "resolutely controlling the management and orderly releasing the release", the prevention and control measures were adjusted and optimized according to the times and the situation, and the service places were opened in an orderly manner.

  Among them, low-risk areas advocate minimizing going out, not gathering, and not getting together. In low-risk areas, supermarkets, pharmacies, medical institutions, barbershops, delicatessens, bakeries, clothing stores and other places related to people’s lives, under the premise of strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures such as appointment, peak shifting, flow restriction, wearing masks, temperature measurement and code scanning inspection, will resume normal operations after cleaning, disinfection and ventilation.

  Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, office buildings, banks, service halls and other business places will resume normal production and operation order on the premise of strictly implementing prevention and control measures such as appointment, peak shifting, flow restriction, wearing masks, temperature measurement and code scanning inspection.

  Dining places are forbidden to eat in the hall, and only take-away service is provided (non-contact delivery to the door of the community). Schools, kindergartens and off-campus training institutions start online teaching. Pension service institutions, welfare institutions, prisons and boarding schools strictly implement closed-loop management. Aggregation activities are not held in principle.