Tan Benhong, Aouita: I hope everyone can experience more and feel the performance of Huawei Smart Drive on different models.

On November 10th, Aouita 12, a brand-new model in Aouita, was officially launched. The price range of the new car is 300,800-400,800 yuan, and it is expected to be delivered in early December.

After Aouita 12 went public, Shell Finance reporter interviewed Tan Benhong, Chairman of Aouita Science and Technology. In view of the cooperation between Aouita and Huawei, the follow-up product layout and sales planning, Tan Benhong gave his thoughts.

Tan Benhong Map/Enterprise official website

The estimated sales volume in 2023 is 35,000 vehicles, and it will maintain long-term cooperation with Huawei and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.

Beijing News Shell Finance:What are your expectations for sales this year and next year? Will the user groups of Aouita 12 and 11 overlap?

Tan Benhong:It is estimated that the actual sales of 30,000 to 35,000 vehicles will be completed this year. The sales target given by the board of directors in 2024 must be a double-digit (10,000 units), and we must sprint. Because we sold 3,800 Aouita 11 vehicles last month, judging from the current performance, we are still confident. Earlier, we were worried that there would be a crowd of users between Aouita 11 and 12. Judging from the available data, we think Aouita 11 and 12 are ok.

This is because we took this into consideration at the beginning of product design. The high-pressure platform, intelligent driving and HarmonyOS cockpit of the two cars are relatively close, but they are quite different in shape, function and configuration.

Beijing News Shell Finance:Huawei has many partners. What are the leading points or differences in Aouita? Where is the core competitiveness?

Tan Benhong:I hope everyone can experience our products. Let’s look back at the mobile phone market for 10 years or more. At the earliest, everyone was Android, but many brands were produced on Android.

Huawei was originally based on Android, and later it had its own HarmonyOS. Huawei, vivo, Xiaomi and OPP are very different in product experience. We still have to have a worthy price when positioning our products.

At the same time, Aouita competes in the market based on the strategic cooperation of Changan Automobile, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and Huawei. The development of each enterprise or brand should be based on certain strategic coordination and resources. I personally think that Aouita’s CHN platform is our own core competitiveness. This is why we can go on steadily and steadily, do our own brand well and have the technical capabilities of three companies at the same time.

I think strategic coordination, strategic cooperation and mutual understanding are also core competitiveness.

Two new cars will be launched in 2024, with 500 channel contacts.

Beijing News Shell Finance:What are Aouita’s product plans for 2024?

Tan Benhong:We also have two models with code numbers 15 and 16, and these two products are all CHN models. Maybe I will meet you at the Beijing Auto Show next year.

Beijing News Shell Finance:What are your plans and thoughts on sales and channels?

Tan Benhong:Personally, I don’t think there is a perfect practice for new energy vehicles and high-end electric vehicles in the sales sector, and everyone is exploring. Direct marketing recruits people by itself, and he relies on others. Aouita’s current development mode is to operate directly and operate separately. We have a part of our own sales team, and we are also relying on many investors of Changan Automobile Group’s brands, including Changan, Ford and Mazda, to participate in the channel expansion in Aouita.

It is estimated that 350 layouts will be completed by the end of the year, and there will be about 500 contacts by next year. The pace of our development is not greedy, and it will certainly not work without it. I think the marketing rhythm should match the goal of its own development stage.

Beijing News Shell Finance Reporter Bai Haotian Zhang Bing Editor and Proofreader Zhai Yongjun

LI released its 2022 financial report: the gross profit margin dropped to 19.4%, and the loss increased by 2.6 times.

On February 27th, LI released its financial report for the fourth quarter and the whole year of 2022.

Data show that in the fourth quarter of last year, LI achieved revenue of 17.65 billion yuan, and the annual revenue of 45.29 billion yuan, up 67.7% year-on-year, but the operating loss in the same period was as high as 3.65 billion yuan, up 259.3% year-on-year.About every LI sold, the net loss is 27,000 yuan..

At the same time, the gross profit margin rose to 20.2% in the fourth quarter of 2022, butThe annual gross profit margin dropped to 19.4%.In 2021, the gross profit margin was 21.3%, down 1.9 percentage points year-on-year.

In 2022, the company’s operating expenses and R&D expenses were 12.45 billion yuan and 6.78 billion yuan respectively, up by 83.6% and 106.3% year-on-year, and other expenses related to employee management were 5.67 billion yuan, up by 62.2% year-on-year.

By the end of 2021, the number of employees in LI was 11,900, and by the end of 2022, this number had increased to 19,300, with a year-on-year increase of 62.2%.

However, as of the end of the fourth quarter of last year, the ideal book cash flow was still as high as 58.45 billion yuan. For the company, there is not much pressure on future R&D and management expenditures.

It generally takes a long period of loss for new forces to build cars. Even Tesla only turned losses into profits in 2020, and its annual gross profit margin during 2012-2022 experienced repeated fluctuations.

From 7.3% in 2012 to the peak of 27.6% in 2014, it then fell all the way until it stabilized and rebounded in 2020, and remained above 21% for three consecutive years.The gross profit margin in 2022 was 25.6%.

Therefore, the increase in operating losses is not a problem in the short term. It depends on whether the brand can shorten the time of profit through product layout. For capital, long-term interests can be considered, but patience is limited.

For LI, in 2022, it stopped production in Li ONE decisively, introduced L9, L8 and L7 in reverse order, and broke through the 20,000-vehicle mark in December, which also proved the correctness of its product strategy.

If the previous ideal was only individual combat, then the next step was the wolf tactics, and it didn’t give itself too many price barriers, unlike Wei Lai’s rigid high-end work, butThrough the iteration of new products, it gradually penetrated into the market space of 200,000-300,000 yuan..

Why should BYD break through the price bottom line at all costs? The purpose is to take the volume, and then share the total cost based on the general volume, and finally achieve the goal of quick turnover and small profits.

Ideally, to reduce the loss, it is difficult to rely solely on high-end products, and the real volume is concentrated in the range of 150,000-300,000 yuan.

Li Xiang, CEO of LI, once said that it is not a dream to sell 30,000 vehicles a month if the L7 Air version is delivered.

In January of this year, Ideality became the only car company with monthly sales exceeding 10,000 with 15,141 vehicles. The sales of L9 and L8 were hot, and the L7 was scheduled to be optimistic. This is also the reason why Li wants to have the confidence to achieve monthly sales of 30,000 in the future.

Ideally, the analysis of the product array is more accurate, such as the L9 (459,800 yuan) with the highest price, which is aimed at potential customers with sufficient budget and BBA. They hope to experience the fun completely different from the traditional high-end fuel vehicles, and at the same time, the six-seat layout meets the needs of Chinese family travel scenes.

The guide price of L8 is 339.8-399.8 thousand yuan, which is a reduced version of L9, and it is also six seats, but the price has dropped by 60-12 thousand yuan to meet those groups who want to buy L9 but have insufficient budget.

L7 focuses on five luxury SUV markets, with a guide price of 31.98-37.98 million yuan, which is cheaper than L8, making up for the gaps in five markets and directly grabbing customers from Audi Q5L and Mercedes-Benz GLC. This kind of consumers don’t care about six, which is more pragmatic and has limited budget.

But from that ideal background display,LI car owners used the smart big screen for more than 6 hours/week during parking.It also reflects from one side that people who choose LI have a high demand for entertainment functions of new energy vehicles, which is becoming a breakthrough to help new forces rapidly expand their market share.

In addition, the new forces also have great advantages in intelligence. They can rely on large-capacity batteries to achieve rich car experience, which traditional fuel vehicles can’t do at all.

In 2023, for the new forces, the cost of power batteries is expected to be greatly reduced. For example, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited has launched a half-price cooperation idea for large customers, and LI will be one of the cooperative car companies.

With the improvement of product structure and the initial effect of function optimization, the expenditure on R&D will also decrease in the future. LI is waiting for the mass production of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, and the car system experience will be promoted by leaps and bounds.

Full text summary:Under the background of frequent negative news and employees blowing their own dirty linen, it seems that LI’s counter-attack road has not encountered much resistance, and the market of high-end intelligent new energy vehicles is still a blue ocean, which is also the basis for many new forces to dare to burn money. However, this year’s new energy market will usher in a cruel price war. Fortunately, it has not yet reached the high-end market. For new forces, adhering to the product concept of high scarcity and exclusiveness may be the key to avoiding strangulation.

AITO asks M5 EV to release a small art, which makes the car voice interaction more temperature.

On September 6th, 2022, at the autumn conference of Mate50 series and new products in the whole scene held by Huawei, the new pure electric vehicle AITO Wenjie M5 EV, which was deeply empowered by Huawei, was officially released. Thanks to the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, the intelligent level, endurance and comprehensive performance of the M5 EV have evolved in an all-round way, aiming to bring consumers the ultimate carefree smart travel experience. As a part of the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, Xiaoyi has also been upgraded again, bringing a new and more humanized voice interaction experience to car owners with continuous technological innovation and functional optimization.

Intimate service will be upgraded, and car xiaoyi will be a travel assistant who knows you better.

Traditional voice assistants often need users to send voice instructions in one direction before they can provide services. Xiaoyi, the intelligent assistant of AITO’s M5 EV, can not only actively provide services through wisdom perception, but also add five functions, from reminding to start the power-saving mode, charging reminder, charging station inquiry and screening to easy navigation and getting off at complex locations, providing car owners with all-round intimate services such as getting on, driving and getting off, making travel smarter and more enjoyable.

Super power saving mode reminderIn view of the emergency that may occur during driving, Xiaoyi has added the function of "Super Power Saving Mode Reminder", which is the first in the industry. Specifically, when the vehicle is in a low battery, Xiaoyi will take the initiative to broadcast "The battery is low, do you want to turn on the super power-saving mode?"; After the user agrees to turn it on, it will voice again to remind that "the torque and maximum speed of the vehicle will be limited after turning on the super power-saving mode. Are you sure to turn it on?" After getting the second confirmation from the user, Xiaoyi will switch the vehicle to the super power-saving mode to help the owner drive with peace of mind.

Voice charging serviceWhen you want to charge the car but can’t find a suitable charging station, the user can wake up Xiaoyi by voice to quickly query and filter. After the voice wakes up Xiaoyi, the user can say "Filter Fast Charge/Slow Charge", and Xiaoyi will filter out the list of nearby fast charge/slow charge charging stations according to the voice instruction, and the user can go directly to the charging station he wants to go according to the planned route of Xiaoyi. The whole process of inquiry and screening needs no hands-on, and the voice control skill is easily realized, which greatly improves the driving convenience.

Intelligent voice charging reminderFor users who often charge their cars in a fixed period of time, Xiaoyi can intelligently learn and remember the user’s habits, and when the user does not charge the car according to his habits, he will take the initiative to remind "I suggest you charge according to your charging habits" and respond quickly and actively; When the temperature drop may affect the car’s power, Xiaoyi will also perceive and broadcast the weather information in time to remind users to charge in advance-"The temperature will be low tomorrow, so it is recommended to charge today".

Easy navigation in commonly used complex placeswhenWhen the frequented places are too complicated and navigation is troublesome, clever and capable small arts can also help. It can select the destination information and plan the route to the destination according to the user’s historical preference-that is, after the user has visited a complex location for three times, Xiaoyi can directly locate the specific location when the user navigates to this address next time, avoiding the search for complex locations and easily improving the travel efficiency.

Xiaoyi reminded meAlways forget to bring the necessary items after getting off the bus. In order to avoid running back and forth in a hurry, the user can set the get-off reminder for Xiaoyi voice in advance. For example, when you get on the bus, you say "Xiao Yi Xiao Yi, remind me to take an umbrella in the trunk when you get off the bus". When you judge that the user gets off the bus according to the behavior intelligence such as hanging the P file and opening the door, Xiao Yi will remind you in time: Please remember to take an umbrella in the trunk.

In addition to these intimate functions, the car-mounted Xiaoyi can accurately judge and respond to voice commands from the main driver, the co-driver and the rear row through "four-tone zone recognition", communicate with the owner more smoothly and naturally through "full-duplex continuous dialogue", and operate the text, buttons and function options of the car interface at any time through "full-interface visual speaking". The smarter you use Xiaoyi, it is expected that through continuous function upgrade, it will bring users a more humanized car voice service experience and redefine the new way of smart travel.

Disclaimer: This article is reprinted by our website, aiming to provide readers with more news information. The contents involved do not constitute investment and consumption suggestions, and are for readers’ reference only.

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Exposure of M9 real car map: brand-new design+multiple power options.

According to the exposure of the latest issue of the new car declaration catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the real car map of the M9 large SUV has aroused widespread concern. It is reported that the car is expected to be officially unveiled in the fourth quarter of this year, and the pre-sale price range is between 500,000 and 600,000 yuan.

According to the news, the M9 will be produced in an exclusive factory, and equipped with Queen’s co-driver, rear wheel steering and digital headlights. However, these news have not been officially confirmed by AITO, and the specific situation needs to wait for the official release.

As can be seen from the declaration drawing, Wenjie M9 adopts a brand-new family design language, with a rounded front face, and the headlight group and the taillight group all adopt a through-going light strip design. The front grille has a trapezoidal shape, the roof position is also equipped with a laser radar, and there is a camera at the front fender. It is expected that the car will support a high-level driver assistance function.

The side lines of the M9 are smooth, and the door handles are hidden, which increases the sense of science and technology of the whole vehicle. The pure electric version provides the choice of two-color body. According to different configurations, it provides two specifications of 21-inch rims, which are 265/45 R21 and 285/45 R21 in tyre size respectively. In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 5230/1999/1800 mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3110 mm.

In terms of power, M9 provides two sets of power systems. The pure electric version adopts double motor layout, with the maximum power of the front motor of 160 kW and the maximum power of the rear motor of 230 kW. The extended-range hybrid version is equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 112kW, and the motor parameters are the same as those of the pure electric version. Both power systems are equipped with ternary lithium batteries, but the specific capacity and cruising range are not clear.

In terms of intelligent functions, the M9 will be equipped with HarmonyOS 4.0 cockpit system and Huawei ADS advanced autopilot assistance system. The co-pilot in the car will be equipped with a separate screen, and laser projection equipment will be provided in the back row.

The boy rewarded the female anchor for 70 days. The 1.58 million live broadcast platform refused to refund.

CCTV News:Minors are immature, and their cognitive ability and self-control ability are low. It is precisely because of this feature that they are not only tricked into participating in pornographic live broadcasts, but also become blind rewards for various live broadcasts. In the process of live broadcast, the anchor often uses induced words to urge the audience to send gifts. For the audience with high reward, the anchor will praise them or perform for them specially, and many minors are immersed in it. Recently, Tianjin No.3 Intermediate People’s Court tried such a case. In 70 days, the minor Xiao Liu rewarded all 1.58 million yuan to an anchor.

In this case, Xiao Liu, a minor, dropped out of school at home in the second day of junior high school. His parents asked him to collect money at his own vegetable wholesale booth and was busy making a living. Parents rarely asked about their children’s situation. There was basically nothing to do at night, and he was quickly attracted by a female anchor on a webcast platform, rewarding, thanking, performing alone, and rewarding more. After many interactions, Xiao Liu was addicted to it. Basically, the food collected during the day would be rewarded at night, sometimes as much as 20,000 to 30,000 yuan per night, until it was discovered by his parents more than two months later.

Immediately, Xiao Liu’s parents contacted the live broadcast platform several times to explain the situation, hoping to refund the reward of 1.58 million yuan. After being rejected, Xiao Liu’s family took the live broadcast platform to court.

Tian Lei, Judge of Tianjin No.3 Intermediate People’s Court:In fact, network companies should have supervision before, during and after the event. Because the background big data is widely used, we can see the behavior of each user’s reward, some of its laws, time periods and amounts. In this way, we can find the scenes in which minors are mixed.

In the end, after mediation by the court, the live broadcast platform returned 1.58 million yuan to Xiao Liu’s family in full.

The Supreme People’s Court makes it clear that if a minor participates in online paid games or "rewards" on the live webcast platform without the consent of his guardian, and the guardian requests the Internet service provider to return the money, the people’s court shall support it.

Seven departments, including the National Network Information Office and the Office of the National Working Group for Combating Pornography, also jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Standardized Management of Webcast, which requires that the Webcast platform should strictly prohibit the provision of network anchor account registration service for minors under the age of 16, and should not accept the recharge and reward of minors without the consent of their guardians. At the same time, it is clear that if minors use adult accounts to reward, they must be refunded according to regulations after verification.

Gao Qingyun, Deputy Director of the Office of the National Working Group for Combating Pornography and Illegal Publications:In order to promote the effectiveness of network seedling protection, the next step is to prevent minors from being addicted to the Internet, urge major Internet platforms to implement the youth model, focus on the network application fields that minors often contact, such as online games, live broadcasts, short videos, online social platforms, online animations, etc., and carry out special rectification to clean up bad information more effectively and purify the network environment.

The well-known anchor was reprimanded for disturbing the people late at night, and the female neighbor rushed into his house! I respond

According to the city express, late last night,Chen Ze, a well-known game anchor, clashed with his neighbors during the live broadcast. The neighbors loudly reprimanded Chen Ze for disturbing the people every day, and then rushed into his home.

Subsequently, Chen Ze Weibo’s account @ Mushroom Mushroom did not send a message to respond to disturbing people:



At five o’clock in the morning, Chen Ze replied to the netizen: Don’t talk nonsense, it’s better to have more public figures than less … …


Early this morning, related topic words rushed to the top of hot search.


In this regard, someNetizen saidUnderstand the neighbors, now the house is not sound-proof, and the live broadcast really disturbs the people.


Zhang Cheng 0227: Actually, the anchor is really disturbing the people. Now the house is not soundproof, and the live broadcast is just at night. Everyone will collapse when they go to work during the day and live next door at night. You can change the time, or change the room like the video said. Neighbors can do this probably because negotiations have been ineffective for a long time. What’s more, he is a big anchor.

Sleepy or don’t want to sleep: I understand this neighbor too well. I can also hear a man broadcast live every night, and it is noisy at 11 o’clock every night until the early morning.

Line draft: Noise disturbing people deserves to be scolded! These anchors are so loud when they are broadcast live. Can you stand it if it were you?

I really don’t want to cut my hair: you can’t do whatever you want just because you are online celebrity, but you still have to respect the routine of ordinary people!

Fat man Wen Na: The sound insulation in the building is really bad now, and neighbors are excusable for being too noisy.

Some netizens also said,We can’t just say that the live broadcast disturbs the people, and it’s not right for neighbors to break into houses privately. I hope both sides can solve it peacefully.

Xiao Qingmei 9213: However, it seems bad for that neighbor to break into a house … …

Eat a chestnut in Tian Tian _ Tian Jiarui’s handsome version: It’s not right to disturb the people, and the other side has problems. I hope both sides can solve it peacefully.

I don’t know whose child it is: first of all, we should check whether his voice is loud in the recent live broadcast, let the police decide whether it is disturbing the people, and then deal with the problem of neighbors breaking into houses.


Original title: The well-known anchor was reprimanded late at night, and the female neighbor rushed into his house! I respond

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It is related to the prevention and control of Zhengzhou epidemic. This night conference responded to ten hot spots.

  On the evening of November 6th, Zhengzhou held the 34th press conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic (the ninth in 2022), which was released around the recent prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic in Zhengzhou and answered questions from reporters.

  At the press conference, many concerns about the current epidemic situation in Zhengzhou, the implementation of the "one size fits all" policy for rectification and implementation, and the situation of Foxconn Park were answered one by one.

  The new cases are mainly concentrated in the risk groups in key areas.

  According to Li Huifang, deputy secretary-general of Zhengzhou Municipal Government, on November 3, there were 21 new confirmed cases and 136 asymptomatic infected people in Zhengzhou. On the 4th, there were 9 new confirmed cases and 105 asymptomatic infected people in the city. On the 5th, there were 15 new confirmed cases and 168 asymptomatic infected people in the city.

  Li Huifang said that at present, the new cases are mainly concentrated in the risk groups in key areas, while all the hospitalized patients are in stable condition.

  Isolation rooms will be reserved by rebuilding public rental housing and requisitioning talent apartments.

  Li Huifang said that in accordance with the requirements of the national and provincial prevention and control programs, Zhengzhou will fully reserve isolated rooms by rebuilding public rental housing, requisitioning talent apartments and signing agreements with hotels; Expand medical treatment beds through new construction, renovation and requisition, and actively respond to the large-scale epidemic that may occur this winter and next spring on the basis of meeting the needs of this round of epidemic.

  In addition, Li Huifang further introduced that the management of centralized isolation points and designated hospitals will be comprehensively strengthened, Chinese medicine will participate in the whole process, and psychological counseling will be carried out in a timely manner, so as to improve the service guarantee ability and meet individual needs as much as possible.

  The whole community will not be sealed because of the indiscriminate ignition of individual epidemics.

  It was mentioned at the press conference that in accordance with the work requirements of "putting the tube in the middle, clearing it in the middle" and "preventing living and opening it", Zhengzhou City has refined the control area into three categories: high-risk areas and risk units, medium-risk areas and risk communities, and temporary control areas for preventing spillover, and further refined the risk areas to communities, communities and buildings, and made it clear that the communities with less than two new infected people and in the same unit will only be sealed and controlled, not because of the fact that.

  At the same time, the conference mentioned that with the change of epidemic situation and the timely and dynamic adjustment of epidemic situation, the main urban area (eight districts in the city) is being unsealed in an orderly manner, and the number of unsealed communities today has increased by 41 compared with yesterday.

  Can individual epidemic-free communities still implement prevention and control measures? Lixing has been requested to rectify.

  Li Huifang pointed out that, on the whole, at present, most areas can "solve all the problems", but there are still a few communities that implement policies across the board and simplify them. For example, epidemic-free communities in individual temporary control zones for preventing spillage still cannot implement prevention and control measures. In this regard, the municipal inspection team has asked for rectification, and those who are not in place will be seriously dealt with.

  Establish and improve the mechanism of transportation dispatching, allocation and admission, and increase the allocation of transportation vehicles for critically ill patients.

  Li Huifang mentioned that Zhengzhou strengthened the overall planning of the whole city, and each district sorted out the basic information of patients separately, and made targeted transshipment plans. According to the use of medical resources, Zhengzhou City Command established and improved the mechanism of transportation dispatch and allocation, and added transport vehicles for severe patients to ensure that patients with basic diseases, the elderly, young children and pregnant women can be transported and treated in time.

  Zhengzhou: The epidemic situation has stabilized and improved, and it is currently in a critical period and a critical period.

  The press conference mentioned that Zhengzhou, as a national central city, a populous city and a transportation hub, has always faced the dual risks of external epidemic import and local epidemic spread. Affected by multiple unfavorable factors in the early stage, this round of epidemic in Zhengzhou has become the epidemic with the widest scope, the largest number of people involved and the longest duration since the outbreak of Xinguan pneumonia.

  In addition, the conference also mentioned that the epidemic situation in Zhengzhou has stabilized and improved, and it is currently in a critical period and a critical period.

  24-hour nucleic acid detection service is provided in general hospitals above the second level in the city.

  Fang Ziqin, deputy director of Zhengzhou Medical Security Bureau, said that in order to better serve the general public, the synchronous matching between the unsealed area and the opening of nucleic acid testing houses has been strengthened. At present, more than 3,000 sampling houses have been opened in Zhengzhou, and after the subsequent communities are unsealed, the nucleic acid testing sampling houses will be opened as soon as possible to provide nucleic acid testing services.

  Fang Ziqin also mentioned that at present, 24-hour nucleic acid testing services are provided in general hospitals above the second level in the city. If citizens miss the centralized testing time in the sampling house, they can go to the above hospitals for testing.

  Care actions for the elderly, children and pregnant women will be carried out to meet the medical needs of special groups.

  The press conference said that in the next step, Zhengzhou will focus on three things:

  The first is to form a team. On the basis of establishing and perfecting the Yang-chasing mechanism, we will speed up the establishment of an "expert+special class" emergency commando team with complete equipment, rapid response and standing in a normal state. Once the epidemic is ignited, the whole chain will carry out all the work of "collecting, sending, inspecting, verifying, reporting and transferring", so as to circle the risk people, block the transmission chain and protect the majority in the first time.

  The second is to establish two platforms. That is, establish a institutionalized command platform and improve the three working mechanisms of "daily consultation and judgment, regular fixed-point scheduling and one-click direct disposal"; Establish a platform for overall allocation of resources, take demand as the guide, and automatically allocate, dispatch and distribute various resources such as manpower, materials, epidemic prevention and medicine across regions, so as to form a good situation of rapid response, integration of resources and joint efforts to overcome difficulties, and effectively grasp the initiative of epidemic prevention.

  The third is to carry out four actions. Carry out special actions to sweep buildings and streets for three consecutive days, focusing on solving the remaining problems such as social clearing, risk investigation of unsealed communities, and environmental disinfection; Carry out special actions to standardize the management of isolated places, strengthen medical treatment, strictly prevent and control infection, enrich spiritual and cultural life, and improve the level of service guarantee; Carry out caring actions for the elderly, children and pregnant women to effectively solve the medical needs of special people outside the isolation place; We will carry out the creation of epidemic-free communities, epidemic-free organs and epidemic-free units, and support the overall stability of the city’s epidemic prevention with small units without epidemic.

  Zhengzhou Foxconn: Providing comprehensive services and guarantees to employees in five aspects.

  In response to the recent demands of employees and social concerns, the airport area has conducted in-depth communication with Foxconn, and on November 2, it issued the "15 Measures for Employees’ Care in Foxconn Science Park", which provides comprehensive services and guarantees for employees from five aspects: life support, epidemic prevention safety, environmental disinfection, humanistic care and employee rights and interests.

  First, in terms of ensuring the supply of employees’ lives

  First, select high-quality catering service providers, overcome difficulties such as supply and transportation, optimize processing, loading and unloading, transportation and distribution, and deliver three meals a day to 11 apartment communities in the IT community on time to ensure sufficient supply of hot meals and hot water for employees.

  The second is to improve the standard and quality of food. There are steamed buns, milk, eggs and fruits for breakfast, with balanced nutrition; Lunch and dinner are two meats and one vegetable, with fruit for lunch and yogurt for dinner; Every day, the menu is different, and a large number of servings are enough, so you can eat well. At the same time, the market supervision department sent 11 food quality supervisors to each community to be responsible for the quality control of three meals. As of November 6, 202,500 meals have been prepared.

  Second, in terms of ensuring epidemic prevention and health and safety of employees

  First, distribute epidemic prevention love packages to protect the health and safety of employees, and urgently purchase 1 million N95 protective masks, 100,000 bottles of alcohol spray and 2 million alcohol disinfection wipes, which will be distributed in an orderly manner through Foxconn and the IT community to build a personal epidemic prevention barrier for employees.

  Second, according to the living distribution of Foxconn employees, medical offices were set up in 11 apartment communities to facilitate employees to seek medical treatment nearby; For those who really need to be hospitalized, they will be transferred to designated hospitals for treatment at the first time.

  The third is to set up 100 sampling points for nucleic acid detection in 11 apartment communities in the IT community, and provide free nucleic acid sampling services for employees.

  Fourth, the original dormitory staff should be relocated reasonably, and after the dormitory is finally destroyed, it should be renovated and renovated, and the living facilities should be replaced to improve the living environment of the staff.

  Third, in strengthening environmental disinfection and garbage removal

  First, organize 400 elite troops to carry out comprehensive disinfection of 10 factories, 9 restaurants, 11 apartment blocks and public areas under the guidance of provincial and municipal disease control experts.

  Second, on the basis of the original property management personnel, 680 cleaning personnel will be added to clean and remove the garbage in the park to ensure that the domestic garbage is cleared twice a day.

  Fourth, in strengthening employees’ psychological counseling and humanistic care,

  First, provide psychological counseling services, open a 24-hour psychological counseling hotline, and take the initiative to pay a return visit every day; Open online mental health courses to relieve employees’ psychological pressure.

  The second is to unblock the channels of employees’ appeals and open a 7*24-hour care hotline to ensure that it can be opened at any time and provide corresponding services and guarantees to solve employees’ appeals and difficulties in time.

  Five, in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees according to law.

  First, fully respect employees’ willingness to stay or stay, and work with Foxconn to produce the WeChat applet of "Questionnaire on Employees’ Willingness to Return Home", which conforms to the current epidemic prevention policy and organizes employees to return home safely and orderly. For employees who voluntarily declare to stay in the port area for isolation, the government will give each person a daily living allowance in 300 yuan, which will be paid on a daily basis.

  The second is to urge enterprises to honor relevant incentive policies in time for employees who are willing to return to their posts after the isolation.

  Third, for those who really need to return home immediately due to special circumstances, timely arrange vehicles for "point-to-point" safe transshipment and incorporate them into local closed-loop management according to epidemic prevention and control policies.

  Dining places in low-risk areas are forbidden to eat in class, and only take-away service is provided.

  With regard to the orderly opening of service places in medium-risk areas, risk communities, temporary spill prevention control areas and low-risk areas, the press conference introduced that in accordance with the working idea of "resolutely controlling the management and orderly releasing the release", the prevention and control measures were adjusted and optimized according to the times and the situation, and the service places were opened in an orderly manner.

  Among them, low-risk areas advocate minimizing going out, not gathering, and not getting together. In low-risk areas, supermarkets, pharmacies, medical institutions, barbershops, delicatessens, bakeries, clothing stores and other places related to people’s lives, under the premise of strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures such as appointment, peak shifting, flow restriction, wearing masks, temperature measurement and code scanning inspection, will resume normal operations after cleaning, disinfection and ventilation.

  Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, office buildings, banks, service halls and other business places will resume normal production and operation order on the premise of strictly implementing prevention and control measures such as appointment, peak shifting, flow restriction, wearing masks, temperature measurement and code scanning inspection.

  Dining places are forbidden to eat in the hall, and only take-away service is provided (non-contact delivery to the door of the community). Schools, kindergartens and off-campus training institutions start online teaching. Pension service institutions, welfare institutions, prisons and boarding schools strictly implement closed-loop management. Aggregation activities are not held in principle.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3′ s main creation appeared in new york Comic-Con pilot trailer exposure.

  Recently, the sci-fi action film War of the Planet of the Apes (Rise of the Planet of the Apes: The Ultimate Battle, Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3 for short) produced by 20th Century Flowserve Company held a press conference at the 2016 new york Comic-Con, with director matt reeves, starring andy serkis and producer Dylan Clark at the event. The film will be released in North America on July 14th, 2017, and it is expected to be introduced in China. This conference can be said to have made fans who like and pay attention to the Rise of the Planet of the Apes series addicted. The preview of Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3, the 7-minute movie clip and the behind-the-scenes tidbits were all exposed at the event. This unique style of forewarning reminds people to leave quickly through the mouth of Caesar, the gorilla. The war has already started, and people can’t help but look forward to the ultimate decisive battle between man and apes.

  The story of Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3 will take place in the second two years after The Rise of the Planet of the Apes: The Battle of Dawn. Director Reeves said: "This will be the largest one in the series. Caesar in the third film is no longer known to everyone. He is full of remorse for Koba’s death. " Andy serkis, who plays Caesar, also revealed important information: "Caesar’s empathy for human beings gradually disappeared, and he understood Koba better, and his psychology began to go dark."

  The film series Rise of the Planet of the Apes tells the story of a group of high-intelligence orangutans who have been tested by drugs against human beings. This series is one of the successful new films created by Fox Film Company in the 20th century in recent years. Rise of the Planet of the Apes in 2011 and The Rise of the Ape: The Battle of Dawn in 2014 grossed nearly $1.2 billion worldwide. The Rise of the Ape: The Battle of Dawn earned more than 700 million RMB when it was released in China in 2014, and the human nature revealed by the leading orangutan Caesar touched the hearts of many audiences. Rise of the Planet of the Apes’s breakthrough in motion capture technology has made the audience experience the most advanced special effects wonders. The two films in the series were nominated for the Best Visual Effect Award in the 84th and 87th Academy Awards respectively.

  As a well-known Hollywood film company, Fox has produced many blockbuster movies such as Avatar, Titanic, Life of Pi, Mars Rescue, Ace Agent: Secret Service College, X-Men series, Rise of the Planet of the Apes series and Ice Age series in the 20th century. In addition to Rise of the Planet of the Apes: The Ultimate Battle, there will also be many blockbuster movies worthy of attention and expectation in 2017, such as Logan (tentative translation of Wolverine 3: World War I), Kingsman: The Golden Circle (tentative translation of Ace Agent 2: The Golden Circle) and Alien: Covenant (tentative translation of Prometheus 2)

The film channel will broadcast jacques perrin’s representative works such as Paradise Cinema.

Special feature of 1905 film network According to foreign media reports, a famous French actor, director and producer died on April 21st local time at the age of 80.

Jacques perrin is a legend of French films.

As an actor, at the age of 25, he won the Golden Lion Award for Best Actor at Venice Film Festival with the film "Half a Man".

Stills of Half a Man

As a producer, his works have been nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film for many times.

Based on the real assassination

Let behan be nominated for the Oscar as a producer for the first time

As a director, his nature documentaries and other epic works, which started shooting in 1980s, made him a documentary master in the hearts of global audiences, and also earned him the reputation as a French national treasure director.

To many people, jacques perrin’s artistic life seems to be open.He was born in France in 1941. Because his father was the stage supervisor and his mother was an actor, he lived in the theater since he was a child. Started in movie master at the age of six.Marcel CarnéGuest role in "Gate of the Night".

"Night Gate" screen

At the age of 20, he was admitted to the National Paris Institute of Advanced Theatre Arts and received professional training. In 1960, he took the leading role in the film of the famous Italian film director Valerio Surini, and made his mark in the film industry.

Stills of suitcase girl

In 1966, with his outstanding performance in Half a Man, he won the Golden Lion Award for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival, becoming one of the youngest film emperors in film history and the Prince Charming in the eyes of thousands of girls in Europe.

cooperate with

Today, people can’t take their eyes off him. However, at this time, jacques perrin has a broader ideal: to find broader freedom in movies.

In the days surrounded by flowers and applause, jacques perrin never stopped reflecting, just like his creative attitude. Because behind the open life, he also experienced the loss that outsiders can’t imagine.

In 1970, at the age of 29, jacques perrin gradually retired from the background and tried to be a producer. The number of films was amazing. Up to now, we are familiar with many French films, such as Children of Lumiere, Long Engagement and Perfume. You can not only find his figure in these films, but also find his name in the list of titles and producers.

Play the role of adult Pierre in Spring of Cowboy Class.

But he also experienced many box office fiasco. Especially in 1976, because of heavy debts, he was once forced to interrupt his production work.

Stills of "The Desert of Tatars"

It was Giuseppe tornado who made his name appear on the Oscar shortlist for best foreign language film in 1988. He played Duo Duo as an adult.

There are many middle-aged people in Paradise Cinema.

When many young people leave their hometown, they bid farewell to Alfredo. This grandpa’s line has made many people cry.

"Whatever you want to do in the end, love it!"

This seems to be the rule that jacques perrin abided by all his life. In 1989, the production of "Monkey Family" made him really shift his focus to the theme of natural ecology, which also marked the rise of animal movies in France.

Since 1994, jacques perrin has successively released the trilogy of "Heaven, Earth and Man": "Migrating Birds", with migratory birds, insects and mountain people as the main characters, which has aroused widespread concern.

Working photos of Migrating Birds

During most of his life devoted to nature documentaries, he flew over five continents with pilots and scientists for Migrating Birds, and crossed the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The Himalayas and the Sahara Desert were also their stops. I also lost everything for "The Ocean".

Work photos of Ocean

The documentary "Ocean", which took a team of 400 people seven years and cost 75 million dollars, is the most expensive documentary in history. The film has shot more than 100 marine creatures, which not only shows the law of natural selection, but also tells the life of harmonious coexistence among marine creatures. Different from the common nature documentary, it records the vivid images of marine life that are little known and have strong feelings.

Jacques perrin has been preparing for Ocean for more than two years and filming for more than four years. He has designed the most advanced instruments to see the ocean with the vision of fish. He raised money while filming, and even had to resort to corporate sponsorship from all over the world to seek the support of publishers, film organizations and charities from all over the world. Later, the film overspent 9 million euros, which later became a huge debt on him.

In the end, The Ocean not only won the best documentary in César Awards, but also became the highest-grossing documentary in history.

Jacques perrin’s shooting technique of natural and ecological documentary has reached a fantastic level by the time of this film. He vividly reproduces the nature of the universe from three aspects: three-dimensional shooting of space, synchronization of sound and picture, and impersonal objective recording, bringing the audience into the natural ecology and immersing them in the movie dream.

In the dream, flocks of birds fly by us, and they will be deeply stared at by the cute sea lions.

"If the earth one day, only ourselves. Is there anything sadder than this? Our film is not the kind that always has a sequel, or we hope that the audience can experience the beauty of nature in the cinema! "

In 2015, jacques perrin was included as a member of the French Oceanographic Association, and worked closely with the world ecologists as a French eco-filmmaker, using the power of movies to awaken human beings’ attention to the earth’s ecological problems.

In China, the documentary directed by jacques perrin is the most familiar foreign documentary film, especially regarded as one of the compulsory courses of aesthetic education by family audiences. His Spring of Cowboy Class and Paradise Cinema have also influenced a generation of China filmmakers.

In memory of the French filmmaker familiar to the audience in China, the film channel will be held at:

At 8:50 on April 23, the documentary "Ocean" directed by jacques perrin was broadcast;

At 22:20 on April 25th, the classic movie Paradise Cinema starring jacques perrin was broadcast.

On April 30th, at 17:20 pm, World Movie Journey will launch a special program in memory of jacques perrin, so stay tuned!

Media criticism of China football has caused fans to laugh at it. It is a hot topic that you can’t miss at 7 am.

Recently, there has been a "AFC Champions League" in China football circle, and the Super League team won all the matches in this round, which made China football fans shine at the moment. However, at this exciting moment, some people began to worry about the goal of domestic players, which made people feel a little surprised. Among them, Ran Xiongfei’s comments caused great controversy. He said that the team’s victory in three games was a shot in the arm, and it was completely nonsense to worry that domestic players scored less goals. What he seems to want to express is that in a team, everyone should contribute to the victory, not worry about who scores the goal. Of course, some fans don’t agree with this view. They think that if foreign aid always occupies the forefront of the scorer list, the room for improvement of local players will be limited.

However, is this idea too narrow? As a team, victory is the most important thing, and everyone should strive for it. In addition, we must not forget that local players also need time to grow up, and they need to improve their strength through youth training. Nowadays, the adult players have been finalized, but we can improve the overall level of football in China by cultivating young players. If we only pay attention to the immediate results and ignore the future development, then China football may never catch up with other countries. Therefore, let’s put aside our worries about the number of goals scored and take practical actions for the development of football in China.

Let us believe that as long as everyone tries their best, China football will surely usher in a more brilliant future.

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