Tan Benhong, Aouita: I hope everyone can experience more and feel the performance of Huawei Smart Drive on different models.

On November 10th, Aouita 12, a brand-new model in Aouita, was officially launched. The price range of the new car is 300,800-400,800 yuan, and it is expected to be delivered in early December.

After Aouita 12 went public, Shell Finance reporter interviewed Tan Benhong, Chairman of Aouita Science and Technology. In view of the cooperation between Aouita and Huawei, the follow-up product layout and sales planning, Tan Benhong gave his thoughts.

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The estimated sales volume in 2023 is 35,000 vehicles, and it will maintain long-term cooperation with Huawei and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.

Beijing News Shell Finance:What are your expectations for sales this year and next year? Will the user groups of Aouita 12 and 11 overlap?

Tan Benhong:It is estimated that the actual sales of 30,000 to 35,000 vehicles will be completed this year. The sales target given by the board of directors in 2024 must be a double-digit (10,000 units), and we must sprint. Because we sold 3,800 Aouita 11 vehicles last month, judging from the current performance, we are still confident. Earlier, we were worried that there would be a crowd of users between Aouita 11 and 12. Judging from the available data, we think Aouita 11 and 12 are ok.

This is because we took this into consideration at the beginning of product design. The high-pressure platform, intelligent driving and HarmonyOS cockpit of the two cars are relatively close, but they are quite different in shape, function and configuration.

Beijing News Shell Finance:Huawei has many partners. What are the leading points or differences in Aouita? Where is the core competitiveness?

Tan Benhong:I hope everyone can experience our products. Let’s look back at the mobile phone market for 10 years or more. At the earliest, everyone was Android, but many brands were produced on Android.

Huawei was originally based on Android, and later it had its own HarmonyOS. Huawei, vivo, Xiaomi and OPP are very different in product experience. We still have to have a worthy price when positioning our products.

At the same time, Aouita competes in the market based on the strategic cooperation of Changan Automobile, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and Huawei. The development of each enterprise or brand should be based on certain strategic coordination and resources. I personally think that Aouita’s CHN platform is our own core competitiveness. This is why we can go on steadily and steadily, do our own brand well and have the technical capabilities of three companies at the same time.

I think strategic coordination, strategic cooperation and mutual understanding are also core competitiveness.

Two new cars will be launched in 2024, with 500 channel contacts.

Beijing News Shell Finance:What are Aouita’s product plans for 2024?

Tan Benhong:We also have two models with code numbers 15 and 16, and these two products are all CHN models. Maybe I will meet you at the Beijing Auto Show next year.

Beijing News Shell Finance:What are your plans and thoughts on sales and channels?

Tan Benhong:Personally, I don’t think there is a perfect practice for new energy vehicles and high-end electric vehicles in the sales sector, and everyone is exploring. Direct marketing recruits people by itself, and he relies on others. Aouita’s current development mode is to operate directly and operate separately. We have a part of our own sales team, and we are also relying on many investors of Changan Automobile Group’s brands, including Changan, Ford and Mazda, to participate in the channel expansion in Aouita.

It is estimated that 350 layouts will be completed by the end of the year, and there will be about 500 contacts by next year. The pace of our development is not greedy, and it will certainly not work without it. I think the marketing rhythm should match the goal of its own development stage.

Beijing News Shell Finance Reporter Bai Haotian Zhang Bing Editor and Proofreader Zhai Yongjun