For the first time, the M9 supports smart dessert, and the audio experience of Huawei music space is upgraded.

On December 26th, 2023, Huawei held a press conference on M9 and Huawei’s whole winter scene in Shenzhen. As the full-size flagship SUV of the leading generation of science and technology, the M9 supports the smart dessert spot for the first time, and intelligently senses the passenger position based on the industry-leading sound field matching algorithm. Listening to high-definition space audio songs through Huawei music in the cabin can adaptively adjust the listening area, so that users in each seat can enjoy a complete immersive listening experience and bring a heavy upgrade to the cabin space audio experience.

In April, 2023, Huawei Music realized the first boarding of high-definition space audio on the M5 version of the intelligent driving platform. Based on the Audio Vivid audio coding and decoding standard, it presented richer sound details in the intelligent cockpit, and made the sound linger around the users in all directions through virtual reconstruction of the spherical space. At the same time, under the deep integration and adjustment with HUAWEI SOUND, it brought the HarmonyOS cockpit users an immersive space audio listening experience with the main driver in the music center.

At the M9 conference released this time, HUAWEI SOUND created four dessert spots (main driver’s seat, boss’s seat, whole car and front row) through the Danish chief tuner, and all the positions were individually adjusted by Andhadhun. Combined with Huawei’s unique sound field matching algorithm and HarmonyOS 4, it can adaptively identify the position of boarding passengers and obtain tuning parameters efficiently, thus providing each passenger with the best listening dessert spot for spatial audio. At the same time, four sky channels will be added in the cockpit to form a 7.1.4-channel configuration. Through the industry-leading 25-unit professional-grade audio and the star-ring diffuser located in the center console, a wider and more uniform sound field will be brought, ensuring that passengers in any position in the car can experience music with a more sense of space, mobility and presence, and creating a special spatial audio listening sound field for each seat, so that users can sit in C position no matter where they sit.

Since the launch of the Space Audio Zone in 2022, Huawei Music has reached content cooperation with dozens of well-known record companies and labels at home and abroad, such as Taihe Music, Modern Sky, Sony Select, Street Sound and 2L, and has many popular singers’ space audio songs, including pop, classical, national style, jazz, rap, environmental sound and soundtrack of film and television dramas, as well as music based on. Open Huawei Music APP and click the "Space Audio" icon on the home page, and you can enter the special area to feel the wonderful charm of different types of songs given by space audio.

At present, Huawei Music has provided high-definition spatial audio content services for some models of Huawei mobile phones and tablets, as well as all models of AITO. In the future, it will continue to expand the content of terminal equipment and music library, so that listeners have more convenience and choice space to experience the enjoyment of "sound".