Please check the "Surfing Manual" of Quanzhou Edition for listening to the waves on the beach.

The persistent high temperature makes the beach in the evening the darling of summer. The reporter carefully arranged and presented you with a Quanzhou version of the "Surfing Manual"-going to the beach to listen to the sea and chase the waves.
Moon Bay
Take the children to the beach to surf in the evening.
Liujiang beach
Chongwu Qingshan Bay
Xiangzhi Fishing Port (Photo courtesy of Shishi Cultural Tourism Bureau)
Overlooking the sea from windmill island
Gold Coast (Photo courtesy of Shishi Cultural Tourism Bureau)
For children, a beach is a happy summer.
Quanzhou is rich in coastal resources, with a coastline of 541 kilometers, ranking fourth in the province. The coastline of the island is 117 kilometers long, ranking second in the province. On the long coastline, there are many beautiful bays, and any place is a beautiful blockbuster under the photographer’s lens.
In the past few days, the reporter has interviewed the cultural and tourism departments in Shishi, Jinjiang, Hui ‘an, Quangang and Taiwanese business districts, and compiled a "surf manual" for Quanzhou’s beautiful beaches. Limited by space, it is inevitable to miss it. If there is an opportunity, the reporter will introduce it to the citizens and friends one by one.
This summer, you might as well bring your family or call three or five friends, pick a favorite beach, stroll on the soft beach, blow the cool sea breeze, surf and laugh, and enjoy the pleasant seaside time. □ Reporter Huang Baoyang Intern You Yaoyao Text/Figure (except signature)
Taiwanese investment zone
Moon Bay
When the tide ebbs, Moon Bay looks like a bend and a half months, hence its name. Beautiful coastline, strange rocks, broad and gentle beaches, delicate and soft sand … have jointly cast a charming Moon Bay. In addition to the natural beach, you can also live in a cabin by the sea, taste delicious snacks, take a ride on speedboats and beach motorcycles, and experience the vigor and vitality of the sea.
Address: Beidi, Fushan Village, Zhangban Town, Taiwanese Investment Zone
Otaku island
Moon Bay is located on the north side of Otter Cave Island, but the beaches along the south dike of the island are little known. Otter Cave Island used to be an island, and access to the island can only be by boat. It was not until 1970 that two long seawalls crossed the sea that they were connected with the land. The south dike is very clean because there are few tourists, and the clear water makes people see the beach at a glance. This small island, which was a famous trading port in Quanzhou during the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, has a long history. There are many cultural and architectural relics on the island, as well as the most delicious seafood. It is a good place for summer vacation.
Address: Nandi, Fushan Village, Zhangban Town, Taiwanese Investment Zone
Quangang district
Huiyu island
As the only island administrative village in Quanzhou, this charming rural island hidden in the northernmost part of ancient Quanzhou can only be entered by boat. The natural barrier of the sea makes it particularly peaceful and peaceful. The beach is close to the dense forest. Because there are few people, the beach is clean and quiet, and everything keeps the original island flavor. There are places to eat seafood on the island, and the family can walk slowly on the island and enjoy themselves for a day.
Address: Huiyu Village, Nanpu Town, Quangang District
Five Caspian sea sands
Five Caspian Sea Sand is a natural beach around the bay, which is named because it is five miles long. On the beach, you can see distant oil tankers whistling, and you can also overlook Huiyu Island not far away. There are not many people coming to the beach here, and it is quiet. There are many seafood restaurants along the beach, as well as a unique restaurant on the boat. After having fun, you can come here to have a big seafood meal cooked by fishermen in an authentic way.
Address: Guocuo Village, Fengwei Town, Quangang District
Jinjiang city
Tangdong Village in jinjing town has a village history of more than 700 years, and more than 140 buildings, such as traditional ancient buildings in southern Fujian, Nanyang Fanzi Building and ancient foreign buildings with Chinese and Western architectural styles, have been preserved. It is a "traditional village in China". To the south of Tangdong Village, there is a unique and invincible sea-view sand dike in China, which is two kilometers long. A sand bank piled up by the sea and wind and sand, about 2 kilometers long, is like a jade belt stretching from the village to the sea, which is very magical.
Address: Tangdong Village, jinjing town, Jinjiang
Weitou Jinsha Bay and Moon Bay
Weitou is the beautiful fishing village closest to Dajinmen Island in mainland China, with two beaches, Jinsha Bay and Moon Bay, where the water quality is clear and the sand is clean. Due to seawater erosion, the rocks along the coastline have formed unique landscapes such as caves and stone pillars. Here, you can look at the Golden Gate Island, and you can enjoy the Gudu Sightseeing Fishing Port, Cape Geopark, Battlefield Cultural Square, Marine Aquaculture Sightseeing Area and so on.
Address: jinjing town, Jinjiang
Liujiang beach
In ancient times, Liujiang Village was closely related to Fuquan Port, one of the neighboring ancient Quanzhou ports, which was once a very prosperous place for commerce and trade. The coastline of Liujiang River stretches for several miles, including rocks with different shapes and golden beaches. At low tide, small crabs, small starfish, sea urchins, anemones and other creatures can be found on the beach, and children can be taken to a "treasure hunt". The scenery of Liujiang Village is mostly related to marine erosion rocks. The famous "Eight Scenes of Liujiang" contains stories and anecdotes, waiting for you to explore.
Address: Liujiang Village, jinjing town, Jinjiang
Nanjiang beach
Nanjiang Village is surrounded by the sea on three sides, with a long coastline and white and delicate beaches. It is also the largest abalone breeding base in China. After eating abalone, you can make an abalone wind chime with your own hands. The villagers said that five abalone shells can be used to make a string of wind chimes symbolizing "five blessings". There are also many red brick ancient buildings in the village, which have precipitated the taste of decades, so you can savor them carefully.
Address: Nanjiang Village, jinjing town, Jinjiang
Shizhen beach
Shizhen Village is adjacent to the Taiwan Province Strait in the east and backed by Weitou Peninsula. It has ten miles of sandy beaches and unique metamorphic rock landscape, and several huge windmills standing at the seaside of the village head have become the most unique "business cards" of Shizhen Village. The 2500-meter-long beach here is a rare beach with low tide, no silt and no rubble, and it is extremely clean. The coastal metamorphic rock in Shizhen is a rare typical profile of metamorphic migmatite in China, and it belongs to the national nature reserve together with the nearby Shenzhen-Shanghai submarine ancient forest site.
Address: Shizhen Village, jinjing town, Jinjiang
Dongshi Baisha Beach
Formerly known as "Bisha Township", it is nicknamed "Bisha" because its land is a vast expanse of white sand embankment that stretches for several miles, and it shines whenever the rising sun first shines. Baisha village is surrounded by the sea on three sides, and it is surrounded by the village on one side. It is shaped like a half moon, so it is called "Half Moon City". Baisha village not only has beautiful natural scenery, but also has historical and cultural relics such as Zheng Chenggong’s ancient battlefield site and Zhenjiang Palace.
Address: Baisha Village, dongshi town, Jinjiang
shishi city
Hongtawan Marine Park
Hongtawan Beach is about 1.5 kilometers away from the Gold Coast. It is a rare shallow beach in Fujian Province and a natural swimming summer resort. There are gorgeous sedimentary rocks, wonderful marine erosion landforms, rare cracked rocks, numerous fishing islands and clean seawater beaches. Whenever the wind is strong at the seaside, you can fly the kite against the wind and run on the beach at will. In the evening, people sit around the food stalls together, enjoying the sea breeze and tasting authentic seafood barbecue.
Address: Binhai East Road, shishi city
Gold Coast
Gold Coast is one of the "Eighteen Scenes of Quanzhou", which is a crescent-shaped bay with a yellow beach more than 500 meters long. It is very comfortable to walk barefoot on it like a cotton blanket. In the extension of the beach to the sea, there are many grotesque rocks, as well as the ocean world with the shape of a boat next to it, which are all children’s favorites. In the middle of the coastline, there stands a statue of Guanyin in the South China Sea, which is more than ten meters high and has become a symbol here.
Address: Shishi yongningzhen
Gufuwan Beach
The ancient floating bay is like a crescent moon, embedded in the northeast coast of Shishi, with a total length of about 6 kilometers. Standing on the wooden plank road in Gufuwan, you can get a close look at Dashan Island to the east and see the egrets wandering; To the north, you can overlook Liushengta and Shihu Port. Not far from the beach, it is the breeding ground of ancient floating laver, and you can see all kinds of small marine creatures and rare birds on the beach.
Address: Gufu Village, Xiangzhi Town, shishi city
Meilin port
Meilin Port, located at the southern tip of yongningzhen, has a fantastic sea view and is an excellent place to watch the sunset. Whether you stand on the shore of Meilin Port pier or on the dam, it will not affect you to enjoy the sunset scenery of Meilin Port. Seagulls, egrets, beaches, lighthouses and passing fishing boats together form a beautiful sunset picture.
Address: yongningzhen, shishi city.
Yongning Guanyinshan Beach
Guanyin Mountain, which is connected with the Gold Coast, is called by photographers as a place where there is no dead angle to shoot the sunrise and watch the sunset. Because it is located in the coastal sand dune zone, it has been impacted by tidal current for a long time, and the wind and sand have been blown up for a long time, accumulating into a natural white embankment. Next to the embankment, there is a Guanyin Mountain, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides and stands on the mountain. From a distance, it looks like a prostrate Guanyin, hence its name. This beach, with few people, fine sand, blue sea and beautiful scenery, can step on the beach, see strange rocks, explore caves, watch trenches and listen to the waves.
Address: Shadi Village, yongningzhen, shishi city
Huian county
Xisha Bay
Xisha Bay has the reputation of "the silver snake in Xisha". It is a good choice to come here to enjoy sunbathing, surfing in the wind and enjoying the afterglow of the sunset. Besides, in Xisha Bay, you can also feel colorful folk customs, including acrobatic performances, tea corridors, food streets, shopping streets, water parks, beach motorboats, etc. You can enjoy yourself.
Address: Chongwu Town, Hui ‘an County
Half Moon Bay is shaped like a crescent moon and is famous for "half moon sinking sand". The verdant forest belt, the flat beach and the stone carving "Fish Dragon Cave" on the shore have jointly constructed this place where beauty and fun coexist, and it is a holy place for taking pictures everywhere. Standing on the ancient city of Chongwu, you can have a panoramic view of the charming scenery of the whole Half Moon Bay. If you are lucky, you can also meet flocks of seagulls. Watching the waves surge at the junction of the sea and the sky makes people linger.
Address: North Shore of Chongwu Bay, Chongwu Town, Hui ‘an County
Qingshan Bay’s continuous golden sandy beach is 13 kilometers long, but there is no reef. Because the sea level here is open, the continental shelf is flat and the wind and waves are small, it is especially suitable for sports such as beach sports and water sports. You can choose to start a leisurely and comfortable mode or choose a thrilling challenge. The nearest Castle Peak Bay also has the "online celebrity Punching Place" in the sky. Beautiful photos can be taken from any angle of blue sky, white clouds and beaches.
Address: Xisha Bay, Huian County, near Chongwu.
Huinv Bay
Jingfeng Huinv Bay has a coastline of more than 14 kilometers, like a graceful girl, stretching all the way from Shangting Village to Hujie Village. This beautiful bay has a very broad and gentle beach, which can reach hundreds of meters at low tide. In addition to the beautiful bay and beach, there are many beautiful villages from north to south, and there are unique folk customs. You can often see Hui’ an women wearing "yellow hats, flower headscarves, blouses, wide trousers and silver waist chains" working at the seaside.
Address: Jingfeng Town, Hui ‘an County
Xiaozuo windmill island
The small "windmill island" is named after many windmills on the island. This is the earliest sunrise place in Quanzhou, where you can embrace the first ray of sunshine belonging to Quanzhou. If you go early, you can wait for the sunrise on the windmill island and witness the magnificent scene that the night sky is gradually turning white and the sun is slowly rising from the sea level. I believe it is a romantic beauty that you will never forget. There are also scenic spots such as Xiaoyan Art Museum and Huinv Forest Farm around, which can be visited in parallel.
Address: East Coast of Hui ‘an County
Ota island
Otsu Island is one of the top ten charming villages in Quanzhou. There is a half-moon bay in the village. The beach is half-moon-shaped, very soft and delicate, and there is no soil. Walking barefoot on the beach, your heart will be filled with softness instantly. Hui-nu culture is a famous business card of the island. Many people come to Otsu Island to experience the profound Hui-nu culture in addition to riding waves and chasing sand. The Hui-nu amorous feelings garden here is a good choice.
Address: Jinshanzai, Datun Village, Chongwu Town, Hui ‘an County
Source: Quanzhou Net

Sunshine Robber: Breaking the barriers of creation and shaping the new expression of the film with imagination

  Directed by Li Yu, supervised by Fang Li, and starring Mary and Song Jia, the movie "Sunshine Robber" will be released in May 1st. The film is adapted from Japanese writer Kotaro Isaka’s novel Sunshine Robber, which tells the legendary adventure story of four strange young people who form a "robber" group and bravely break into gangs to seize tigers. Their encounters, personalities, small emotions and great changes have enough details to pave the way. Their life direction and fate sigh have detailed context evolution. Individual endowments, social pulse and vision of the times are closely linked, telling the audience a city story of love and healing.

  Innovative imagination is the most prominent feature of film art. As director Li Yu said, "Fun and imagination are very important for movies, so I want to shoot a different one ‘ Fairy tale realism ’ 。” Movies should explore new themes, narrative structures, languages, styles, techniques and technologies to break the rigidity of the types and modes of commercial films. Among them, content innovation is the most fundamental innovation. An excellent film must first have substantial content and rich connotation, that is, profound literariness and humanism. For Li Yuhe Fang Li, the golden partner, The Robber in the Sunshine is a bold breakthrough in a new theme, which is more reflected in the projection and focus on the current society.

  In the film, Mary plays the role of Sunshine, a person who is uninhibited and careless on the surface, but has a deep shadow and insecurity in his heart. Mary said in an interview that she had a lot of resonance when she played the role of Sunshine. In the film, Sunshine used the so-called strong appearance to hide her inner fear, which was very similar to her experience of bringing happiness to others at work and sometimes being unable to solve her own pain. And many of us are not another "Mary"? We can bear all the wind and rain in front of people, and the people behind us may collapse instantly because of a slight touch. How can there be a quiet time, but everyone insists on it all the way, for the ideal, for the family, for love, and for all the worthwhile existence. This is the ukiyo-e painting of contemporary people’s life. No matter what we will face, the eternal thing is to believe in truth, goodness and beauty and love.

  Not every innovation will work, and some film innovations are difficult to be accepted by the audience because of the lack of vivid and profound characters, or the characterization is a low-level emotional consumption, which lacks the presentation of its spiritual realm. Fang Li’s earlier film "Birds at the Phoenix" jumped out of this creative pattern and successfully portrayed plump and vivid characters such as Jiao Sanye and Xiaotian Ming. Especially in Jiao Sanye, it reflects the persistence, farmers’ kindness, simplicity, shrewdness and limitations, and the dignity of being a teacher influenced by Confucian culture, all of which constitute a leading, distinctive and complex personality. The beauty of Fang Li’s latest producer, The Sunshine Robber, lies in putting the process of love and healing in the world on the screen through fairy-tale expression. In the movie, both Song Jia who lost his "daughter" and Mary, who is fond of heroic deeds, including villains, are people who need to be cured. Mary helped Song Jia find her daughter, and Song Jia also healed Mary’s unknown pain. Whether it was the "mother-daughter relationship" between Song Jia and the tiger Nana or the sisterhood between Mary and Song Jia, what really healed was the sincerity between each other.

  "I want to hold you so that you won’t get hurt. I want to watch you grow up. I want to stay with you for you until I love you." This is the core meaning of the film throughout. When the little Nana gently touches Xiaoxue’s hand, the warm and harmonious picture of people and animals, we can hear each other’s heartbeat through the screen. The deep entrustment left by Cici, the tiger’s mother, at her last glance is the loss of her daughter Nana and the sustenance of her love. Little Nana has never lost her mother, and Cici’s love is perfectly continued in Xiaoxue. In this way, "Sunshine Robber" cured every audience.

  At the end of the film, it is sunshine’s farewell to Xiaoxue and Nana. The sunshine sent their "mother and daughter" to the sun-shaped hot air balloon, and this short escape will soon come to an end. The sunshine can’t continue the fairy tale life with them, but the sun, which symbolizes the sunshine, will carry them to the distance. The companionship, care and preference in the whole movie are never like what the sun said: commitment is like debt, and it is all because of love. Freedom is the deepest yearning of sunshine, and loss will be her eternal gain. Dear friends, Xiaoxue, the sunshine says goodbye, so let’s start a romantic, warm, fantastic and humorous healing journey!

  Formal innovation is usually the iconic feature of movies. The core significance of form for works lies in conveying content and spirit with various aesthetic carriers, so the pursuit of form should be meaningful and unified with content and spiritual connotation. "The Robber of the Sunshine" is by no means a typed story. In the handling of the screenwriter and director, the pattern is bigger and the social empathy is bigger.

  The monologue in the film says, "Strange animals will be protected, but strange people will be excluded, but you should keep your strangeness, because strange people will always meet." In the film, Xiaoxue and Sunshine, Xiaoxue and Tiger Nana are harmonious but different from each other. The lies carried by Sunshine, Nana’s innocence, Xiaoxue’s dream, Liu’s magical infatuation, and Lin’s authentic reality … The screenwriter boldly uses color narration to tell the relationship between love and healing. Warm, cold and gray colors express three unique aesthetic and value demands. The villains represented by Liu Shenqi (Ceng Zhiwei) mostly use the cool colors of purple and dark red when they appear, which is in sharp contrast with the warm colors of yellow and pink presented by Sunshine and Xiaoxue. When it comes to everyone’s pain in the past, most of them use colors with extremely low saturation, such as gray and white, which are prominent in the distribution of screen colors and have a clear idea, making the whole story line more vivid, which is intended to tell the audience that there is no permanent gloom or permanent brilliance, and some.

  With its unique artistic aesthetics, the film "Sunshine Robber" makes the film and television works full of vitality and more touching aesthetic charm. The narrative technique and creative style adopted in the work are integrated with the fairy tales told in the work, which makes the audience feel strong emotional resonance and get a relaxed and comfortable audio-visual experience. In the unique narrative, the film pays more attention to delicate, euphemistic, affectionate and touching emotional rendering, human nature analysis and revealing the unique character of the characters. The vivid details that can be seen everywhere in the play not only allow the audience to see people, but also make the characters affectionate. I can’t help but feel that the original movie can still be shot like this? In the film, whether it is the "mother-daughter relationship" between Xiaoxue and Tiger Nana, or the sisterhood between Sunshine and Xiaoxue in thelma and louise, it is creating a positive and loving atmosphere. Such a scene in the film makes people feel that Liu’s magical pink powder will make people forget the past, and Nana, who has no intention of inhaling it, is no exception. Just when the sun was alone in the transport vehicle facing Nana, who was already "strange", everyone thought that the jump was fatal, but it was Nana’s long-lost coquetry. The plot reversal tells the audience an interesting truth, that love is the antidote not to be lost in the dreamland.

  Ba Jin once said: "Friendship in my past life is like a bright light, which shines through my soul and makes my existence a little bit glorious." In the film, Xiaoxue and the sunshine become the bright shadows in each other’s lives, one is the dreamy snow in winter, and the other is the hot light in summer. The interweaving between two people makes each other’s four seasons complete. This setting closely follows the present, stimulates empathy, and makes the public understand that even if life is indifferent and helpless, we must believe that there is always one person who can arouse all hopes and enthusiasm. "Sunshine Robber" tries to present and restore life truly and accurately by using the aesthetic way of film and television. Whether it’s a warm and happy pet-seeking office or a rippling sea, and the blue and breezy sky, and the playful pursuit of tiger Nana or even a leap at a critical juncture, it can be said that it has been carved with great care. In terms of artistic expression, this work’s creative attitude of pursuing quality products is also very worthy of recognition.

  In the general trend of genre creation and industrial production, it is the best choice to keep personal expression. As Fang Li, the film producer, said, "We especially want to share a film that is full of sunshine, happiness, fantasy and adventure, and romance with all our audiences." Based on this, we saw more of ourselves in "Sunshine Robber", and also let us see the love and healing that everyone is eager for in the real world.

Tang Chunxiao won the women’s team championship of Chinese billiards World Championships by beating Liu Xiazhi.

Qilu. com Lightning News December 15 thChina Jiangxi Shangrao Yushan 6th CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship ended the women’s final this afternoon. Tang Chunxiao, a famous player, defeated Liu Xiazhi 19-9, winning the women’s team championship of Chinese billiards World Championships for the first time in her career.
As a favourite to win the championship before the competition, Tang Chunxiao’s promotion process was not completely smooth. She was dragged into the deciding game by Zhang Muyan in the first stage of the promotion round. In the quarter-finals, she faced Fu Xiaofang, the champion of the 2017 tournament, and Tang Chunxiao was 8-10 behind, winning three consecutive games in a thrilling reversal. Meet Zhang Muyan again in the semi-final, and Tang Chunxiao won 13-9, welcoming his first World Championship final.
Liu Xiazhi faced neither Chen Yihan nor Xia Yuying in the double defeat stage. After entering the single defeat, she beat Russian player Pimenova in the quarter-finals, eliminated defending champion Chen Siming 11-9 in the quarter-finals, and completely defeated "Dark Horse" He Xinru in the semi-finals, which also made her debut in the final stage of the World Championships.
The final of women’s team adopts the system of 19 wins in 37 games, which is divided into two stages. In the first stage that ended yesterday, Tang Chunxiao made a dream start of 12-0 and took a huge lead of 14-4 after the end of 18 games. At the opening of the second stage, Liu Xiazhi chased two games in a row, while Tang Chunxiao grabbed the 21st game to stabilize his position after some chaos, then won two more games, 17-6 expanded his advantage, and finally 19-9 sealed the victory and won the first prize of 1 million.
At 14:00 on December 16th, the 6th CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship ushered in the last match day, and the men’s champion was born among Zhao Ruliang and Shen Shenyi.
Lightning journalist Wang Zhiqin reports from Yushan.

Young people who don’t want to celebrate the New Year, hide back to work.

This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account:Chief character view (id: sxrenwuguan), Author: Wei Wei, May, editor: Wei Wei, title map source: vision china.

Sometimes, bitterness and pleasure can be exchanged.

For example, a migrant worker in a first-tier city may hate his job at ordinary times, but on the good day of Chinese New Year, they will resolutely choose a fierce man to work, even in the form of voluntary overtime, to escape all kinds of troubles caused by it.

Some people lamented,The nine-day holiday, if you want to stay at home, is not too short but too long.

In Douban, the "Don’t Want to Go Home/Don’t Want to Celebrate the Festival" group, on the Lunar New Year’s Eve, some people laughed at themselves that the New Year’s Eve was "hmm", some people were exchanging information about the New Year’s Eve dinner that they would not go home, and some people temporarily returned their train tickets to go home.

Humans create urban civilization, and different urban cultures, in turn, shape individual life. In the name of "going home for the New Year", when people from different cities and occupations get together, young people who don’t want to celebrate the New Year hide in their jobs to find a comfortable area.

The following is their story.

Stay deep, work overtime and save money.

(Bai, working for 5 years)

I’m a buyer of an electronics company. On New Year’s Eve, I’m still "sticking to my post".

For example, I sorted out the materials of the report, looked at the data of my peers, and learned about the new policies of each platform in 2024.

Obviously, this is not a necessary job. On the 28th and 29th of the twelfth lunar month, after working at home with a computer for two days, I couldn’t find any work to continue.

Staying in Shenzhen to work overtime is an unplanned thing. Originally, I grabbed the train ticket back to my hometown of Henan.But on February 4th, I returned the high-speed rail ticket I had just "grabbed" because I had a big fight with my parents again because of my relationship.

In the eyes of my parents, my boyfriend and I are far from each other’s external conditions: for example, I am a graduate student who has returned from overseas, and he has not even finished junior high school. I am an urban hukou, and he is a rural hukou. Even he and I are both 169cm tall, which has become a critical dimension for my mother.

What makes them even more unacceptable is that my boyfriend and I are both unmarried. In our view, the law can not maintain love, but a system of human social structure.

Because of these things, my parents and I have had countless quarrels. Whenever I try to convince my mother that my boyfriend has a skill, although he has not received higher education, my mother will use the unreasonable killer: you are so powerful, why can’t you afford a house in Shenzhen!

I was so angry that I couldn’t refute it. The way to deal with it was to temporarily close the communication window until I had the financial ability to prove to my parents that I could live well.

Two days later, I sent a message to my family, telling them that they needed to stay in Shenzhen to work overtime because of work reasons and could not return to their hometown in Henan. A day later, my parents finally replied to me with only two simple words: OK.

"Don’t go back for the New Year, don’t give red envelopes to relatives and children, and save money." After receiving the reply from my parents, I patted my boyfriend on the shoulder to comfort him.

As a matter of fact, people of my age who stayed in my hometown are married and have children. They go home for the Spring Festival every year, and their main dates are friends who also work outside.

It is very difficult to confront the structure.But I still want to try. After "hiding" at work for three days, I decided to take advantage of the fact that the holiday was not over and go to a small town in Fujian by car with my boyfriend.

And work is not only the way of my confrontation, but also the outlet of my confrontation.

Take the initiative to work overtime to avoid socializing.

(Ber Ber, working for 1 year)

I am a new media editor. In the past, my life rule was that no one would really love work. But recently, my life has changed obviously:Questioning work, understanding work and embracing work.

Because of the nature of the industry, I have returned from Beijing to my hometown Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, one week before the 30 th anniversary. At first, I was dissatisfied with this arrangement: why do you have to work when you go home?

But soon, I realized that working from home is also a good thing for me: when my relatives come to my house to walk around, I can avoid appearing at the dinner table with others.

This should start with my special eating habits. As a Mongolian living in Inner Mongolia, I don’t eat pigs, cows, sheep or chickens.

This means that most of the dishes at dinner have no fate with me. It also means that from the moment I appear at the dinner table, no matter what they are saying, they will stop and watch me until I eat the first bite.

The same is true when I leave. They will stop talking and keep asking me, "Are you full?"

"I’m full." I can’t even look back at their eyes. Although I try my best to comfort myself that this is an expression of love from my loved ones, I still feel a lot of pressure on my body. As a deep social phobia, I don’t like being noticed, especially by more than two people, which will make me feel numb.

Fortunately, soon, I found a solution to the problem:Hide in the house under the pretext of working overtime to avoid appearing at dinner.

In this way, you can not be disturbed by anyone who comes to visit, from day to night. I will inevitably meet them when I go out to eat and go to the toilet occasionally, but I will try my best to speed up, especially when I go back, and pretend that I am busy with my work and need to go back to deal with it urgently.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m disturbed by no one and spend more time at workSometimes even after work, I will work overtime voluntarily because I don’t want to leave the room.My work efficiency is actually quite high, roughly estimated to be at least 1.5 times as high as before.

Every relative who asked me about my "whereabouts" almost lamented that it was not easy for me when she got my mother’s reply that she was at work and had to wait until New Year’s Eve, and then turned her eyes to other people present, trying to find the next object to pay attention to. Every time I hear the change of topic in the room, I will secretly breathe a sigh of relief: "I hid in the past."

As for how to face it after the New Year, I haven’t decided yet. However, the next excuse is brewing in my mind.

Double-row overtime with girlfriends.

(Yangliu, working for 4 years)

I am a supply chain manager of a FMCG company. I usually work in Shanghai and recently returned to my hometown Taiyuan.

On February 6th, my holiday started, but on February 9th, I took my laptop and found a coffee shop to start working overtime voluntarily.

Don’t get me wrong, my family relationship is harmonious, and my daily mother’s kindness and filial piety are just the details of life in Taiyuan, which makes me feel depressed.

For example, if I read a book at home and my relatives and friends who come to visit me see it, everyone will make a fuss about my love of learning, but in fact it’s just my way of life. Walking in the subway, passers-by move at a speed like walking, even with a hint of rust in the cold wind.

After a long time, I feel at a loss.

"The consumer world does not allow boredom to exist, and consumer culture is committed to eliminating it. According to the definition of consumer culture, a happy life is insulated from a boring life". One of the purposes of doing this is to maintain work ethics and let people abandon the pursuit of freedom.

In Work, Consumerism and the New Poor, the author Bowman once explained my mentality like this.

That’s true. But for now,Compared with the "boring life" in my hometown, I still prefer to find my own position at work.

It’s time to find some happiness through work.

By the way, before I went to the coffee shop to work overtime on February 9, I didn’t forget to bring my best friend who just came home from Beijing for the New Year.

From the moment I pushed the door into the coffee shop, my girlfriend and I smiled, because the people sitting inside were obviously people who "returned home" and then hid out to work overtime.

What everyone has in common is that there is a laptop in front of them, and there is an American cup or hand-made coffee in front of them, staring at the screen in front of them attentively. We quickly integrated, and this is the familiar life.

My best friend and I are high school classmates, and our school is a boarding school.Ten years ago, we went to the morning self-study after breakfast together. Ten years later, we continue to go to work in the coffee shop after breakfast together.

The deskmate next door also brought a little atmosphere to my "memory killing". She claimed to work in an investment bank in Shanghai, and when I checked the factory plan for 2024 against the data table, she was frowning and writing ppt.

In addition to working offline, I also share the happiness of "working overtime" with my friends who also stick to their posts, and blow rainbow farts to each other.

"Share the expression pack with me."

On the afternoon of February 9th, I shared a screenshot of the conversation urging my boss to join the work with a friend, and she replied to me quickly. Obviously, she needs the same expression pack to "drag" her boss out of her holiday life.

"We are people who want to be rich." On the evening of February 9, when my best friend and I finished our work, we fully affirmed each other’s future. Although to outsiders, we are more like the boss’s "dogs".

Perhaps this is the happiness of being a "good student".

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People who are changing and want to change the world are all there. Tiger sniffing APP

A number of domestic beauty brands listed companies exceeded expectations.

  Domestic beauty brands are on the rise, gradually occupying the market share of international cosmetics in China, which is expected to achieve a breakthrough from catching up to surpassing.

  Recently, A-share cosmetics listed companies have successively disclosed the 2023 performance forecast. Under the background of consumption recovery, many companies, including Freda, Marubi, Shuiyang and Kesi, expect net profit to increase year-on-year.

  The performance of subdivided tracks is beautiful

  Marubi, a veteran domestic beauty company, released a performance forecast saying that the company expects to achieve a net profit of 300 million yuan to 330 million yuan in 2023, an increase of 72% to 89% year-on-year; The net profit after deduction was 220 million yuan to 250 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 62% to 84%.

  The company said that it is actively promoting the transformation of online channels. Among them, the content e-commerce of Marumi brand represented by Tik Tok Aauto Quicker increased by over 100%, and the second brand PL Love Fire increased by over 100%. In addition, the company firmly divides channels and products, implements the strategy of "big mind and single product", optimizes product structure, and reduces costs and improves efficiency.

  The single product strategy and the promotion of online channels are the reasons why most domestic cosmetics listed companies achieved performance growth last year.

  According to the data of Youth Intelligence, in 2023, the growth rate of platform cosmetics sales in Tik Tok was 47%, and that in Aauto Quicker was 69.7%. This feature is also reflected in the performance forecasts of many companies.

  Shuiyang shares are expected to achieve a net profit of 280 million yuan to 320 million yuan in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 124% to 156%; The non-net profit deducted was 260 million yuan to 300 million yuan, up 169% to 210% year-on-year. The company owns its own brands: Effidan, Dashuidi and Royal Mud Workshop, and its agency brand business is also deeply bound with Johnson & Johnson.

  Shuiyang Co., Ltd. said that during the reporting period, the multi-level brand matrix system of the company’s own brands was further improved, brand assets continued to precipitate, the agency brand business entered a benign track, the overall business and product structure were further optimized, and the proportion of high-margin brands continued to rise.

  Freda is expected to achieve a net profit of 260 million yuan to 290 million yuan in 2023, an increase of 472% to 538% year-on-year; The non-net profit deducted was 116 million yuan to 146 million yuan, up 98% to 150% year-on-year.

  After divesting the real estate development business, Freda has continuously empowered its core business development by relying on the strength of scientific research and development and the advantages of multi-brand omni-channel development. The company said that during the reporting period, the cosmetics business continued to build a brand matrix, broaden sales channels and achieve sustained and steady growth.

  On the raw material side, Kesi, a leading sunscreen company, expects the net profit of returning to the mother in 2023 to be 720 million yuan to 760 million yuan, up 85.50% to 95.80% year-on-year.

  During the reporting period, with the steady improvement of the market position of KES and the continuous growth of the market demand for sunscreen products, as well as the improvement of the company’s overall capacity utilization rate and the rapid release of new product capacity represented by new sunscreen agents, it helped the company to improve its main business income and gross profit margin. According to reports, in the future, the company will also invest in the construction of "10,000 tons of sunscreen products in Malaysia" to expand market demand in Asia-Pacific, Europe and other regions.

  The medical and beauty sector also showed signs of recovery. Aimeike expects to achieve a net profit of 1.81 billion yuan to 1.9 billion yuan in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 43% to 50%; The non-net profit was 1.782 billion yuan to 1.872 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 49% to 56%.

  Aimeike said that the company actively pays attention to market changes, provides high-quality services for downstream medical and beauty institutions at the academic and operational ends, better meets the needs of beauty seekers and enhances the depth of cooperation with customers. At the same time, through the distribution model, we will further expand the number of institutions covered by the company’s products and enhance the breadth of cooperation with customers. The company continues to increase investment in research and development expenses and do a good job in the research and development of pipeline products.

  According to the performance forecast released by Jinbo Bio, the company’s net profit for returning to its mother in 2023 is expected to be 280 million yuan to 300 million yuan, up 156.47% year-on-year to 174.79%. The main reason for the increase in performance is that the company continues to increase R&D investment, actively develops new products and product upgrades, and strives to increase brand promotion and market development.

  Constructing core competitiveness with high quality

  Some people in the industry told reporters that scientific research is still the core issue. With the upgrading of consumer demand and the trend of rational consumption, cosmetics brands began to "roll" research and development, "roll" technology, "roll" ingredients and "roll" raw materials.

  High-quality domestic brands sold well last year, mainly because they gradually gained the trust and recognition of consumers in terms of quality and safety, and their market competitiveness was constantly enhanced. At the same time, consumers’ rational consumption awareness was enhanced, and domestic brands with high cost performance and good use experience became the preferred choice.

  In addition, the domestic beauty care brand has also broken the traditional operation mode and made bold innovations and attempts in marketing, attracting more young consumers. With the continuous improvement of the product strength and research and development strength of domestic beauty brands, its rising trend is expected to continue.

  Caixin Securities Research Report pointed out that in the long run, with the gradual recovery of consumption, domestic brands continue to consolidate their brand potential and adjust their marketing strategies in time. Domestic brands with solid R&D functions, strong marketing capabilities and multi-brand matrices are expected to rise further.

  It is worth noting that the market space for domestic beauty products to expand is still increasing. The report "Insight into the Development and Consumption of Cosmetics Market in China in 2023" shows that the market size of China’s cosmetics industry is about 516.9 billion yuan in 2023, up 6.4% year-on-year, and it is expected to increase to 579.1 billion yuan in 2025.

  Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Developing the Silver-haired Economy and Improving the Well-being of the Elderly. This is the first time that a special policy with the theme of silver-haired economy has been introduced at the national level, and it is also the first time to encourage the development of anti-aging products at the national level, which mentions promoting the research and development of cosmetic raw materials, formulation and production process design and development.

The most beautiful autumn scenery in Qingshan is about to go online! Don’t miss these beautiful scenery.

As the saying goes, the most beautiful thing in the world is clear autumn.

Cold autumn

Bleak but rich

Lonely but prosperous

Looks like a spear and shield.

But it is the ultimate interpretation of human beings.

At the beginning of October

Autumn in Qingshan came without warning.

The setting sun penetrates dimly.

Air temperature condenses osmanthus fragrance.

The breeze rippled the lake.

Even the people in the path

Have become elegant and gentle.

In Qingshan Park, although the autumn wind is wrapped in coolness, it also takes in all the osmanthus fragrance in the garden. For the reunion of this year, tourists under the tree lightly smell this refreshing fragrance, as if to keep this breath for a whole year.

It’s not just tourists who are immersed in the autumn atmosphere. Daijiahu Park is also amazed by its own flowers and trees. On the one hand, there is romantic and dreamy pink grass, and on the other hand, there is wild but savage Pennisetum, plus patches of yellowish already hanging on the treetops. This kind of come and go with every season’s seasonal limited beauty has to make people feel the magic of nature.

Sunflower sea+wind blowing fragrant rice, the autumn of Qingshan can also have the joy of "bumper harvest" On the roadside of Jianshe No.10 Road near Linjiang Avenue, sunflowers were planted in an open space of nearly 10,000 square meters. Sunflowers blossomed in the sun, and at first glance, they felt the smell of sunshine.

Unexpectedly, a large area of grain was planted next door to the sunflower, and the heavy ears of grain bent the branches in late autumn, as if telling pedestrians their joy. Walking in, a deep homesickness arises spontaneously, and this autumn harvest joy should be shared with everyone.

In addition, the golden autumn in October.

Of course, the trees are full of golden yellow and the layers of forests are completely dyed.

Every autumn leaf is a kind of scenery.

A big wave of the most beautiful scenery is about to go online.

Guide to leaf viewing in Castle PeakPlease collect it in advance.

Punch in one by one


Viewing place:Chaoyang Street, Friendship Avenue (Luojiagang Section of Sangong Road), Jianshe Sixth Road, and various parks.

△//Ginkgo biloba leaves like duck feet.

Ginkgo biloba, a specialty of China, has existed on the earth for 200 million years and is known as the giant panda in the plant kingdom. In ancient times, the working people called it duck’s feet. In the Song Dynasty, duck’s feet became a tribute, so it was changed to the current foreign name. Ginkgo biloba fruit can be eaten, but not greedy.


Viewing place:Jianshe No.10 Road, Suizhou Street, Gongye No.1 Road, Peace Park, Nangan Canal Garden and Daijiahu Park.

△//Have you ever picked the soapy fruit?

Li Shizhen recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica that "Sapindus mukoraiensis can be used to wash hair and whiten and remove spots", and Bawang shampoo has a special oil control fund for Sapindus mukoraiensis.


Viewing place:Daokouhu park

Cotinus coggygria (red leaves in Xiangshan) is highly sought after in autumn, and the misty pale pink flowers in early summer are also lovable, so it has a dreamy nickname, the smoke tree.


Viewing place:Construction of No.10 Road, Peace Park, Nangan Canal Garden, Daijiahu Park, Qingshan Park and Baiyu Park.

△//The white fruit on the branches of Sapium sebiferum makes the colorful leaves more fresh.

The leaves are diamond-shaped, and it is tallow. Sapium sebiferum with colorful leaves is a favorite of young artists, and it has been seen in the works of Lu You, Li Yu, Lu Xun and Yu Dafu.

Acer henryi

Viewing place:All parks

△//Acer henryi with leaves like chicken feet.

Acer henryi, the most common red leaf in Japan, was also used as a parenting tool by ancient Japanese parents to teach children to learn to count because its leaves have 5~9 tips.


Viewing place:Gongye Road, Sangong Road and various parks

△//The fruit on the Luan tree is like a lantern. Although it begins to wither, it still looks good.

Luan tree blooms yellow flowers in summer and bears red fruits in autumn. Although it is yellow now, it still looks good. In addition, besides lantern tree, it is also called black leaf tree, because the leaves of Luan tree and white cloth can be boiled together to dye the cloth black.

Chinese tulip tree

Viewing place:Peace Park, Castle Peak Park

△//The leaves are just like yellow jackets.

Flowers are large and beautiful, with golden leaves in autumn, like yellow jackets. They are precious street trees and garden ornamental trees, and can be shaded quickly after planting.

Have you made up your plan for viewing the green hills and leaves?

So many landscapes

Waiting for you by destiny.

Produced by: Qingshan District Media Center, Propaganda Department of CPC Qingshan District Committee


Hometown is also home! Construction workers of Universiade venues stay in Rong for the New Year’s feast to warm their stomachs and hearts.

Love Chengdu and welcome the Universiade! In August this year, the 31st Summer Universiade will be held in Chengdu. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the Red Star News Universiade Channel will be specially launched."Happy New Year, New Fashion of Universiade"A series of reports tell the stories of Chengdu citizens, college athletes, Universiade venue builders and Universiade volunteers and other people from all walks of life preparing for the Universiade, convey the ardent expectations of people from all walks of life to "love Chengdu and welcome the Universiade", and present the influence of the Universiade on the healthy sports lifestyle of Chengdu citizens …
This year is over tonight, and it will be urged next year and tomorrow. On New Year’s Eve, the construction sites of the Universiade venues are still in full swing. In response to the government’s initiative, many Universiade venues, including Donganhu Sports Park and Fenghuangshan Sports Park, have a large number of workers sticking to the front line of construction and production, and struggling to write a "Universiade chapter" for a happy and beautiful life.
Under the premise of strictly implementing the requirements for the prevention and control of epidemic normalization, everyone got together for the New Year’s Eve while ensuring the construction progress. The hot reunion dinner symbolizes everyone’s expectation for the New Year. The workers showed their talents at the scene of the group year, handwritten Spring Festival couplets, song and dance performances and a series of activities, so that they stuck to the front line and spent a "reunion and happiness year" together!
Write couplets to congratulate the Spring Festival.
Make dumplings to welcome the new year.
More than 50 workers and project managers have been busy since the early morning of New Year’s Eve in the construction site of China Construction Third Bureau in Donganhu Sports Park in Longquanyi District, Chengdu. The reporter of Red Star News Universiade Channel saw at the scene that all the workers were sitting around the canteen, including jiaozi, to welcome the New Year, except the frontline workers who were writing couplets on the construction site. According to Luo Shuang, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Dongan Lake Sports Park, there are 500 workers staying at work during the Spring Festival, of whom more than 300 are workers from other provinces and cities. "We organize everyone to have a reunion dinner at noon on New Year’s Eve, which is to hope that everyone can have a reunion, celebration and peaceful Spring Festival in Chengdu."
Junjie Chen
Chen Junjie, from Hubei Province, is a project safety officer. He has been stationed in the construction site of Donganhu Sports Park for more than a year, and he stayed in Chengdu for the holidays this year. Facing the camera, Chen Junjie said that he had gained a lot in this year: "From the time I first came to the construction site, it was basically in the infrastructure stage. Now, through the efforts of all the workers, we have built such a beautiful venue, and we are very proud and full of sense of accomplishment."
On New Year’s Eve, Chen Junjie wrote couplets and blessings for everyone, and every stroke devoted his expectation and blessing to the New Year. "Influenced by my father, I like to write calligraphy since I was a child, and calligraphy can be said to be my greatest hobby," Chen Junjie said. "In Chengdu for the New Year, the project is very lively. Although everyone has no time to go back to accompany their families, we have long been a family. Being able to happily welcome the arrival of the Year of the Ox together can also feel happiness and joy. "
Pack jiaozi together.
During the Spring Festival of the project, Luo Shuang told reporters: "At noon on New Year’s Eve, all the workers left behind in the project will come to pack jiaozi and let them eat hot Universiade dumplings. I hope everyone can feel the warmth of home in Chengdu and at the site of Universiade construction." CCTV News also broadcast live the group year activities at noon on New Year’s Eve of the Three Pavilions Project of Donganhu Sports Park of China Construction Third Bureau. Everyone also sent their sincere wishes to relatives and friends far away from home through the lens.
A sumptuous meal+a wonderful party
Chengdu feels at ease during the holidays.
In 2020, Chengdu will promote the construction of "three cities and three capitals" with high standards, and the strong and orderly preparations for the Universiade show the determination and fighting spirit of the land of abundance to create a world famous sports city. As one of the core venues of this year’s Chengdu Universiade, the ice basketball stadium of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park will host basketball games, when citizens and friends can enjoy the elegance of college athletes from all over the world in this "NBA-level" venue at home. During the Spring Festival, more than 1,000 workers will stay in Phoenix Mountain Sports Park to continue to ensure the construction progress of the project.
The relevant person in charge distributed condolences to workers.
On New Year’s Eve, as a time of family reunion, a sumptuous meal and a wonderful party are the standard for everyone. Although the opportunity to spend the holidays with family members was given up because of the left-behind project, the workers on the Phoenix Mountain Sports Park project of China Construction Eighth Bureau stayed with each other on New Year’s Eve, enjoyed a sumptuous meal and greeted the arrival of the zero-o-clock bell while watching the Spring Festival Evening. According to the person in charge of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park Project of China Construction Eighth Bureau, Chengdu and China Construction Eighth Bureau are very concerned about the workers. "Many condolence activities were organized years ago, and I hope all the workers and friends can have a safe and comfortable Spring Festival in Chengdu."
According to the overall strategic plan of the Municipal Party Committee to build "three cities and three capitals", Phoenix Mountain Sports Park will be built into a world-class venue with the ability to undertake top international events and top domestic leagues, and meet the multi-functional needs of youth professional training, sports exchanges, commercial performances, large-scale variety shows, etc., and develop into a top international event center, sports professional training center, sports cultural exchange center and sports industry development center. It can be said that this new sports park bears the dream of building Chengdu into a famous sports city, which will enrich the spiritual and cultural life of Chengdu citizens. The person in charge of Fenghuangshan Sports Park Project of China Construction Eighth Bureau told the reporter: "All our workers will also work overtime during the Spring Festival. On the premise of ensuring strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control requirements, we will strive to ensure the construction period and strive to contribute the greatest strength to the Chengdu Universiade!"
A sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner
Shi Dexiang is one of the builders of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park. On New Year’s Eve, she sat in front of the TV with other workers after a rich reunion dinner and watched the Spring Festival party in the New Year. "My favorite is Yun-peng Yue, and I usually listen to his cross talk to relax during the break. Although 2020 is busy in engineering, I am still full of expectations when I think of August 2021 when I can see the sun birds flying high in our Phoenix Mountain Sports Park! I hope I can come here again as an audience at that time. If I can see China athletes performing well here, it will be even better! "
Red Star Journalist He Pengnan Pei Han Photojournalist Zhang Zhi
Editor Li Jie
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How far are you from heatstroke in the collective sauna mode of Shanghainese today?

Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning signal of high temperature at 08: 20 on July 8, 2022: Due to the influence of subtropical high, the temperature in this city is rising rapidly at present. It is estimated that the highest temperature in this city will exceed 35℃ today. Please do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling.

Current temperature

High temperature warning

—— Pay attention to heatstroke during the hot summer—


Heatstroke is the thermal damage of the body caused by the accumulation of heat in the body when the individual exposed to the high temperature and high humidity environment (or the environment temperature is not high but there are heat dissipation obstacles) produces more heat than heat dissipation. The heat dissipation modes of the machine body include conduction, convection, radiation and evaporation. When the way of heat production and heat dissipation is balanced, the body temperature can be kept normal and stable; When heat production is greater than heat dissipation, the accumulation of heat in the body leads to the increase of core temperature and excessive sweat loss, which can lead to heatstroke. Core temperature change = body heat generation-(conduction heat dissipation+radiation heat dissipation+convection heat dissipation+evaporation heat dissipation) What kind of heat dissipation form the human body takes mainly depends on environmental conditions. Conduction, radiation and convection require a temperature difference between the skin and the environment. When the ambient temperature approaches or exceeds the skin temperature, evaporation is the only way to dissipate heat, and the amount of sweating increases obviously, which is prone to heatstroke. High humidity environment affects sweat evaporation and heat dissipation, which is also one of the reasons for heat accumulation in the body. When all four heat dissipation methods are affected, heatstroke is easy to occur.


Dear teammates, do you know anything about heatstroke?

Heatstroke is usually divided into premonitory heatstroke, mild heatstroke and severe heatstroke, among which severe heatstroke can be divided into heat spasm, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

According to the diagnostic criteria of heatstroke, it was graded from three aspects: core temperature, consciousness change and clinical manifestations.

Mild heatstroke: that is, threatened heatstroke in the previous definition. Only the above symptoms of heatstroke, normal or slightly increased core temperature (< 38℃), no new disturbance of consciousness, no organ damage.

Moderate heatstroke: heat exhaustion. There is decompensation of organ dysfunction, and it can not meet the diagnostic criteria of heat stroke. It is often characterized by manifestations of insufficient blood volume, such as cold and wet skin, pale face, obviously increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, oliguria, etc. You may have syncope, but you will regain consciousness within a few minutes without obvious neurological damage (GCS score = 15). Core body temperature increased (≥38℃, < 40℃).

Severe heatstroke: that is, heatstroke. After exposure to high temperature (high humidity) environment and/or strenuous exercise for a certain period of time, any of the following clinical manifestations appears, which cannot be explained by other reasons: ① central nervous system damage (such as coma, general convulsion, delirium, abnormal behavior, etc., GCS score ≤ 14); ② Core temperature ≥ 40℃; (3) multiple organ (≥2) dysfunction (liver, kidney, rhabdomyosis, gastrointestinal, circulatory and respiratory dysfunction, etc.); ④ Severe coagulation dysfunction or disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC).


How should we deal with heatstroke?

1. Immediately terminate the training;

2. Move to a ventilated and cool place to rest;

3. Help heatstroke comrades to take off their equipment and coats, fan and sprinkle water for him to promote heat dissipation;

4. Drink 500-1000ml; of light salt water;

5. In the wild, you can use the surrounding trees and terrain to shade the sun, use your own kettle to get water, and even help your teammates immerse themselves in the water to cool down (avoid immersing your head in the water to avoid respiratory obstruction);

6. When the symptoms of heatstroke are still not improved after rest and drinking water, you should immediately ask the health personnel for help.


How to effectively prevent heatstroke in summer training?

Before training: half an hour before training, 200 -500ml; of boiled water or mineral water can be taken orally;

Training: In case of high temperature weather, sweating more, thirst, less urine and dark urine, light salt water should be replenished in time. Especially when there is weakness, numbness of hands and feet, dizziness, muscle spasm of limbs, etc., normal saline should be added immediately, or water and pickles should be added;

After training: add brackish water, pickles and slightly salty soup in time.


"Hot acclimatization" training, find out.

Thermal acclimatization is a special training to adapt to high temperature and high humidity environment based on physical training, which should be carried out every year before entering summer (mid-April), especially when the local temperature suddenly rises.

The temperature of thermal acclimation environment should be higher than 30℃. If the temperature is not enough, local high temperature environment can be created by increasing clothes. Thermal acclimatization requires continuous training for 10-15 days, 1.5-2 hours a day, and the exercise time can be reached in several times, but each time it should not be less than 50 minutes.

Training can be carried out through various forms of aerobic exercise, such as long-distance running, basketball, football and other ball games, with or without load training, etc. Training must reach a certain intensity, such as heart rate reaching 130-150 beats/min, sweating, etc.

After heat acclimatization training, the body’s body temperature regulation and organ protection ability can be greatly enhanced.


Choose a scientific and reasonable training opportunity

Personal factors: Know your physical condition before training and do what you can. Especially for those who are not systematic in early training, have fever, diarrhea, stay up late, etc., we must scientifically allocate physical fitness and make a reasonable plan.

Environmental factors: evaluate the environment before training. The meteorological threshold of heatstroke is daily average temperature > 30℃ or relative humidity > 73%. When the conditions of temperature and humidity coexist or one of them increases obviously, the incidence of heatstroke increases. When the daily maximum temperature is ≥37℃, the number of people suffering from heatstroke increases sharply.

Training factors: When the environment is hot and humid, when the probability of heatstroke increases, the training intensity should be adjusted reasonably, and comfortable and breathable clothes should be worn during training, and the rest time should be arranged reasonably before and after training. When arranging training, we should pay attention to strengthening medical support, carrying heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs, oral rehydration salts, commonly used injections and drugs, and carrying ice packs, thermometers and pulse oximeters for monitoring.


Tips of "Cool" for heatstroke prevention and cooling in summer.

Heatstroke is very common in the training of fire fighting in summer. It looks like a minor illness, but it also hides a big hidden danger. You must not take it lightly. In addition to the series of related knowledge mentioned above, I have a little hint:

Teammates can’t simply drink a lot of mineral water or pure water after training, so they must pay attention to the supplement of electrolytes.

Because a lot of sweating will cause a lot of electrolyte loss, simple hydration will cause low potassium and sodium, which will cause weakness, numbness of hands and feet, and in severe cases, heat spasm, coma, and even cardiac arrest, so timely supplementation of light salt water is the best choice.

Original title: "Today’s Shanghainese collective" sauna "mode, how far are you from heatstroke? 》

It is planned to broaden the channels for using insurance funds: stocks, funds, real estate, etc.

  Perspective on the amendment of insurance law: broadening the channels for the use of insurance funds

  Xinhuanet Beijing, August 25th (Reporter Mao Xiaomei, Wu Jingjing) China’s current insurance law stipulates that the use of insurance funds is relatively narrow. However, in recent years, with the increasing scale of the insurance market, the rapid accumulation of insurance funds has become a bottleneck for the development of the insurance industry because of the narrow channels of application and the difficulty of maintaining and increasing value.

  Wu Dingfu, chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, explained the revised draft of the Insurance Law at the fourth meeting of the 11th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) on 25th, saying that the revised draft appropriately broadened the channels for the use of insurance funds, considering that the use of insurance funds should not only meet the needs of industry and economic development, but also take into account the principles of safety and stability. For example, the "buying and selling government bonds and financial bonds" stipulated in the current insurance law is revised to "buying and selling bonds, stocks, securities investment funds and other securities"; It is added that insurance funds can be invested in real estate.

  In order to prevent risks in the use of insurance funds, the revised draft also authorizes the State Council insurance regulatory agencies to formulate management measures for the use of insurance funds in the form of authorization clauses, including stipulating the specific proportion of funds invested by insurance companies in a specific project to their total funds.

  In fact, the investment of insurance funds in stocks and funds has already been broken through in practice. In recent years, according to the decision of the State Council and the actual needs of the development of the insurance industry, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) combined with the provisions of the current insurance law "other forms of capital utilization stipulated by the State Council", A series of regulations and normative documents, such as Interim Measures for the Administration of Insurance Companies Investing in Securities Investment Funds, Interim Measures for the Administration of Insurance Companies Investing in Corporate Bonds, Interim Provisions for the Administration of Insurance Asset Management Companies, Interim Measures for the Administration of Overseas Use of Insurance Foreign Exchange Funds, and Interim Measures for the Administration of Stock Investment of Insurance Institutional Investors, have been issued successively. While broadening the channels for the utilization of insurance funds and trying to innovate the organizational form of fund utilization, they have achieved a good balance between safety and efficiency and effectively prevented the risk of fund utilization. At present, insurance companies have become one of the most important institutional investors in the domestic capital market.

  "The revised draft of the Insurance Law is the new investment channel approved by the State Council in recent years." Yang Huabai, director of the regulatory department of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, told reporters.

  As for the insurance law’s plan to "open the gate" for the first time to invest in real estate with insurance funds, the relevant person of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission said that the scale of real estate investment is large and the term is long, which is more in line with the characteristics of insurance funds pursuing long-term, valuable and steady investment. Opening this channel can give play to the capital financing function of insurance, support the national economic construction, optimize the insurance asset structure and cultivate a new profit model for the insurance industry. In practice, some insurance companies have tried to invest in developing commercial real estate.

  Yang Huabai said that for the regulatory authorities, the implementation of any new investment policy must be based on effective prevention and control of risks. "Once the law allows investment in real estate, the CIRC will first limit the proportion of this investment in the company’s total funds in the future and formulate a specific method for real estate investment." Because the insurance industry’s investment in real estate is still unfamiliar and lacks professional experience, it is necessary to adhere to the system first and advance steadily.

  According to the announcement, there are more than 100 Chinese and foreign insurance companies in China, and the total assets of the insurance industry are about 3 trillion yuan. In 2007, the balance of insurance funds in China reached 2.7 trillion yuan, which was 10.5 times that of 2000.

  It is understood that in recent years, emerging insurance organizations such as cooperative insurance institutions and mutual insurance institutions have appeared in the insurance market. This revised draft adds provisions that insurance organizations in the form of mutual system and cooperative system shall be stipulated separately by laws and administrative regulations, and the provisions of this law shall apply to their insurance business activities. Thereby giving legal status to insurance organizations such as mutual system and cooperative system.

  It is also known that the quality of insurance companies directly relates to the interests of the vast number of policyholders, insured and beneficiaries. In order to improve the quality of insurance companies, in this revision, the insurance law intends to make stricter provisions on the conditions for the establishment of insurance companies, and will clearly state the qualifications of company executives.

  The revision of insurance law intends to improve the management of insurance intermediaries.

  Xinhuanet Beijing, August 25th (Reporter Wu Jingjing, Mao Xiaomei) With the development of the insurance market, some new types of insurance intermediary service institutions have emerged in China, such as insurance assessment institutions, which need to be regulated by law. The revised draft of the Insurance Law, which was deliberated at the fourth session of the 11th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) on 25th, further improved the management of insurance intermediaries.

  When explaining the revised draft, Wu Dingfu, chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, said that the provisions of the current insurance law on insurance intermediaries are relatively simple, and there are some gaps in both the subject and the code of conduct.

  According to reports, the revised draft clarifies that part-time insurance agency is an important form of insurance agency to solve the problem of unclear legal status of part-time insurance agency; It is clear that insurance assessment institutions are insurance intermediaries, and the registered capital, employees and business rules of their business scope are stipulated; Considering the characteristics of individual insurance agents, the revised draft deletes the provisions in the current insurance law that individual insurance agents should obtain insurance agency business licenses, handle industrial and commercial registration, obtain business licenses, deposit deposits or take out professional liability insurance, and only stipulates that individual insurance agents should meet the qualifications stipulated by the State Council insurance regulatory authorities and obtain qualification certificates; The legitimate business activities of individual insurance agents shall not be investigated and dealt with without a license.

  China revises insurance law to crack down on insurance violations

  Xinhuanet Beijing, August 25th (Reporter Wu Jingjing, Mao Xiaomei) China’s current insurance law is not perfect in terms of penalties for insurance violations, and there is a lack of penalties for some illegal acts, which makes illegal acts unable to get due sanctions. The revised draft of the Insurance Law, which was reviewed at the fourth session of the 11th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) on 25th, further clarified the legal responsibilities and cracked down on insurance violations.

  Wu Dingfu, chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, said that with the continuous development of the insurance market, on the one hand, it is necessary to provide corresponding penalties for some new insurance violations, and on the other hand, it is necessary to improve the penalties in the existing insurance law.

  The revised draft of the insurance law has increased the punishment for new illegal acts. New illegal acts mainly include illegal appointment of directors, supervisors and senior managers; Insurance companies and their staff make false claims by means of fictitious contracts to defraud insurance money or other illegitimate interests; Lease, lend, alter or transfer the business license; Insurance companies and their staff engage in related party transactions in violation of regulations, fail to disclose information in accordance with regulations, fabricate and spread false facts, etc., which damage the business reputation of competitors and disrupt the order of the insurance market; Insurance companies and their staff misappropriate and occupy insurance premiums and use insurance intermediaries to engage in illegal acts; Insurance intermediaries conceal important information related to insurance contracts, force, induce or restrict the insured to conclude insurance contracts by improper means, and fail to pay insurance money or take out professional liability insurance in accordance with regulations; Foreign insurance institutions set up representative offices in China without approval to engage in insurance business.

  The revised draft also increases the accountability of those responsible for illegal acts, and stipulates that insurance companies, insurance asset management companies and insurance intermediaries engage in illegal activities. In addition to punishing illegal institutions, insurance regulators can also take measures such as canceling their qualifications and implementing market bans for their directly responsible directors, supervisors and senior managers. Insurance salesmen, personal agents and employees of insurance intermediaries who violate the law can be warned, fined, their qualification certificates revoked and banned from the market.

  In view of the actual situation of various economic sectors investing in the insurance industry, in order to prevent investors from using insurance companies as financing tools, the revised draft draws lessons from the legislation of other countries and regions, and stipulates that if an insurance company’s assets are insufficient to pay off its debts due to its illegal operation, its directors, supervisors, general manager and deputy general manager responsible for deciding the business shall be jointly and severally liable to the company’s creditors.

  On the basis of the current insurance law, the revised draft increases the restrictions on the administrative behavior of insurance supervisors, and stipulates the corresponding legal responsibilities for the illegal acts of supervisors in approving institutions, approving insurance clauses and rates, conducting on-site inspections and taking compulsory measures.

  China revises insurance law and strengthens self-discipline management of insurance industry.

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 25th (Reporter Wu Jingjing, Mao Xiaomei) A chapter "Insurance Industry Association" was added to the revised draft of the Insurance Law, which was deliberated at the fourth session of the 11th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) on August 25th, and the legal status and main responsibilities of insurance industry associations were stipulated.

  "In order to promote the transformation of government management functions, improve insurance supervision methods and make effective use of supervision resources, we should give full play to the role of insurance industry associations as a self-regulatory organization." Wu Dingfu, chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, said. The revised draft stipulates that the insurance industry association is a self-regulatory organization of the insurance industry and a social group legal person. An insurance company shall join an insurance industry association. Insurance agents, insurance brokers and insurance assessment institutions may join insurance industry associations.

  The revised draft also stipulates the responsibilities that insurance industry associations should perform, including safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of members in accordance with the law and reflecting the suggestions and requirements of members to insurance supervision and management institutions; To mediate disputes between members, members and policyholders, insured and beneficiaries; Members who violate the articles of association of the insurance industry association and the self-discipline rules of the industry shall be given disciplinary sanctions in accordance with the regulations. (End)

  The amendment of insurance law intends to improve the market exit mechanism of insurance companies

  Xinhuanet Beijing, August 25th (Reporter Wu Jingjing, Mao Xiaomei) The revised draft of the Insurance Law, which was deliberated at the fourth session of the 11th the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) on the 25th, further improved the market withdrawal mechanism of insurance companies.

  The current insurance law has made some provisions on the cancellation and bankruptcy of insurance companies. In order to maintain the order of the insurance market and public interests, the revised draft, on the basis of the existing provisions, adds provisions that insurance companies have illegal operations, poor management or solvency lower than the standards set by the State Council insurance regulatory agencies. If the insurance company is not revoked, it will seriously endanger the order of the insurance market and damage the public interests. The insurance regulatory agency of the State Council will revoke it and organize a liquidation team in time to conduct liquidation according to law.

  According to the relevant provisions of the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law, the revised draft also provides for special matters concerning the bankruptcy of insurance companies, mainly including: stipulating that the State Council insurance regulatory agencies can apply to the people’s court for reorganization or bankruptcy liquidation of insurance companies; The order of debt settlement in bankruptcy liquidation of insurance companies is further clarified.

Editor: Meng Xu

Promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market (Rui Finance)

A few days ago, the relocated residents in Nantingfang Community, Changqing Street, Baohe District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, welcomed the resettlement houses, and they will start a new life in a modern community with complete facilities. According to reports, the community can accommodate 2533 sets of houses this time. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Junxi photo
Reasonably adjust the scope of purchase restriction, increase the amount of provident fund loans, optimize the use of existing real estate land, and revitalize the existing parking spaces of development projects … Since the beginning of this year, many places across the country have continuously optimized and adjusted the property market regulation policies to further support the rigid and improved housing demand and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.
With the long-term mechanism of real estate taking root and the stable operation of the real estate market, the positioning of "the house is for living, not for speculation" has further become a social consensus.
Downward trend needs attention.
The real estate industry is large in scale, long in chain and wide in scope, and plays a decisive role in the national economy. Since the beginning of this year, the national real estate market has been generally stable, but the downward trend also needs great attention. Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that from January to April this year, the national fixed asset investment (excluding farmers) was 15,354.4 billion yuan, up 6.8% year-on-year. Among them, investment in real estate development decreased by 2.7%. From January to April, the sales area of commercial housing nationwide was 397.68 million square meters, down 20.9% year-on-year.
Sheng Guoqing, chief statistician of the Urban Department of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that in April, among 70 large and medium-sized cities, the number of cities where the sales price of commercial housing decreased increased, and the sales price of commercial housing in first, second and third tier cities showed a downward trend on the whole and continued to decline year-on-year.
From the ring comparison, the sales price of commercial housing in first-tier cities increased slightly, while that in second-and third-tier cities decreased. In April, the sales price of new commercial housing in first-tier cities rose by 0.2% month-on-month, and the growth rate dropped by 0.1 percentage point from last month. The sales price of second-hand houses rose by 0.4% month-on-month, the same as last month. From a year-on-year perspective, the year-on-year increase or decrease in the sales price of commercial housing in first, second and third tier cities dropped or expanded. In April, among 70 large and medium-sized cities, the sales prices of newly-built commercial housing and second-hand housing decreased year-on-year, respectively, in 39 and 56 cities, increasing by 10 and 9 respectively from last month.
Relevant experts believe that from the year-on-year changes in house prices, the number of cities with falling house prices has an increasing trend, and the confidence of buyers has yet to be restored.
Since April, the property market regulation policies have been released in many places. Among them are Zhengzhou, Lanzhou, Fuzhou, Changsha, Nanjing, Suzhou and other large and medium-sized cities, as well as many third-and fourth-tier cities. Its control measures mainly focus on supporting rigid and improved housing demand and boosting housing consumption.
Liu Lin, a researcher at China Macroeconomic Research Institute, believes that while keeping the risk bottom line, all localities should make appropriate adjustments to the previous contractive control policies to better support the first set of rigid housing demand and reasonable improvement demand, and encourage new citizens, young people and other groups to make housing consumption.
Actively encourage self-occupation demand
Facing the new situation and new challenges, the central and local departments concerned have taken a series of concrete measures to support the first set of rigid demand for house purchase, reasonable demand for improvement, and demand for rental housing.
On May 15th, the People’s Bank of China and China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued relevant notices to adjust the differentiated housing credit policy. Among them, for households who purchase ordinary self-occupied housing by loans, the lower limit of the interest rate of the first set of commercial personal housing loans is adjusted to not less than the quoted interest rate of the loan market for the corresponding period minus 20 basis points. On May 20th, the People’s Bank of China authorized the National Inter-bank Funding Center to announce the quoted interest rate (LPR) of loans over five years, which was 4.45%, a decrease of 0.15% compared with the previous one, and it has been lowered again since January 20th this year.
In Shandong, Jinan Housing Provident Fund Center issued a policy. Since May 24, the standard for identifying the first suite has been adjusted from "the family of registered employees in this city has no housing and no housing loans (including provident fund loans and commercial loans)" to "the family of registered employees in this city has no housing in this city". At the same time, the down payment ratio of the first home loan for non-registered families in this city was adjusted from 60% to 30%.
In Jiangsu and Lianyungang, the latest measures were introduced to further optimize the payment mode of bid bond for operating land. On the basis of strictly implementing the supervision system of pre-sale funds of commercial housing, we will explore ways to guarantee and release a certain amount of funds for the construction and operation of real estate projects.
"Judging from the situation in most cities, the lower limit of the first home loan interest rate in May decreased by 35 basis points compared with April, and the lower limit of the second home loan interest rate decreased by 15 basis points. This change, superimposed on the optimization measures taken by various places due to urban policies, will help reduce the cost of buyers and promote the release of just-needed and improved housing demand. " RealData market analyst Liu Lijie said.
The bottom line of "housing and not speculating" is solid.
According to the data of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, China is still in the stage of rapid urbanization, with more than 11 million newly employed people in cities and towns every year, which brings a lot of new housing demand. At the same time, a large number of old houses built before 2000 are small in area, poor in quality and incomplete in supporting facilities, and the demand for residents to improve their living conditions is relatively strong. All these provide favorable conditions for the real estate market to stick to the principle of stability and achieve healthy development.
Zhao Xiuchi, a researcher at the Institute of Economic and Social Development of Megacities of Capital University of Economics and Business, pointed out in an interview with this reporter that the recent fine-tuning and optimization of the credit environment and real estate regulation and control policies is due to the city’s policy of supporting rigid and improved housing demand, which is a necessary move to keep the economy running in a reasonable range, and reflects the positioning that "houses are used for living, not for speculation".
"The optimization of real estate regulation and control policies should continue to adhere to the word’ stable’ and firmly hold the bottom line of’ housing and not speculating’ while meeting reasonable needs." Zhao Xiuchi believes that we should further improve the efficiency of land and housing use and accelerate the development of the housing rental market with the guidance of meeting reasonable and self-occupied housing demand and the balance between occupation and housing as the starting point.
In the view of Feng Jun, president of China Real Estate Association, local governments can’t break away from the orientation and direction of "housing and not speculating", and they can’t use real estate as a tool and means to stimulate the economy in the short term. In the future, the key is to continue to implement a long-term real estate mechanism, maintain the continuity and stability of regulatory policies, and enhance accuracy and coordination.