Crazy for 50 hours! On-the-spot report of Liaoning Lingyuan escaping criminals, many witnesses restore thrilling moments.

       CCTV News:At about 3: 50am on October 4th, Chloe Wang and Zhang Guilin escaped from Lingyuan No.3 Prison of Liaoning Provincial Prison Administration. At about 13: 00pm on October 6th, two criminals were arrested in Taitoushan Town, Pingquan City, Hebei Province. So, how did the two criminals escape, and how did the police open tight encirclement to bring the two escaped criminals to justice?

       After the escape case occurred, Lingyuan No.3 Prison issued an investigation report on October 4th. According to the circular, Chloe Wang, an escaped criminal, was sentenced to death with a two-year suspension of execution by the Higher People’s Court of Liaoning Province for kidnapping. On December 28, 2017, he was reduced to life imprisonment, and on December 22, 2016, he was transferred to Lingyuan No.3 Prison to serve his sentence. Zhang Guilin, an escaped criminal, was sentenced to life imprisonment by Wenzhou Intermediate People’s Court for robbery. On June 12, 2014, he was transferred to Lingyuan No.3 Prison to serve his sentence.



       [List seven contents, official disclosure of escape details]

       As for the details about the escape of two criminals, the Liaoning Provincial Prison Administration published an article entitled "Notice of Liaoning Provincial Prison Administration on the details of the escape of criminals in Lingyuan No.3 Prison" in official website on October 8. The notice was in the form of a question and answer, listing seven items.

       1. Did the escaped criminals escape from the gate through the access card?

       The criminals used the noise of Lingyuan Iron and Steel Company as a cover to pry open the doors and windows of the interview room and escape.

       Second, how did the criminal get the police uniform?

       The criminal stole a police uniform worn by prison administrators, with armbands, no warning signs and epaulettes.

       3. Does the fugitive have a mobile phone?

       The escaped prisoner has no mobile phone, but MP4 in his hand.

       4. Did the criminal Zhang Guilin escape twice before?

       Zhang Guilin, a criminal, tried to escape twice before being transferred to prison, and both of them were given heavier punishment according to law.

       5. Does the criminal have any cash?

       After entering the interview room, the criminal pried open the desk of the staff and stole some cash.

       6. Has the accountability mechanism been initiated?

       At present, the warden, the general manager and two deputy wardens have been dismissed, and the relevant authorities have intervened in the investigation of the directly responsible personnel. We will seriously pursue the responsibility according to the law and regulations and will never tolerate it.

       7. Did the criminal commit a crime after he escaped?

       After the two criminals escaped, they have been kept in the mountains, and there have been no crimes such as theft and robbery.

       [Crazy 50 hours, both arrested and restored the arrest process]

       After the two criminals escaped, the police immediately launched a large-scale search. Escaped from about 3: 50 am on October 4 to about 13: 00 pm on October 6. In the past 50 hours, how did the local public security police quickly arrest him? After the two criminals arrived at the case, CCTV reporters interviewed the relevant police handling the case and visited some witnesses for the first time, which restored this thrilling more than 50 hours.

       Fan Junyang, director of the Public Security Bureau of lingyuan city, Liaoning Province, said: "Our police should have received an alarm from the prison at 8: 00 am on October 4th, less than 9: 00 am. Say two felons in custody, one is Chloe Wang and the other is Zhang Guilin. They are at large and have escaped from prison. " After receiving the alarm, the public security organs in lingyuan city immediately called the police to carry out the investigation.


       Fan Junyang, director of the Public Security Bureau of lingyuan city, Liaoning Province, said: "Our first reaction was to mobilize the police. After collecting all the videos around the prison, we learned about their escape route, analyzed the time of their escape from this route and the distance within the time after their escape, and set up various posts. For example, we are on the necessary roads near Lingyuan No.3 prison, and we have set up posts on all the necessary roads. In addition, around the prison and around lingyuan city, you can get out of Lingyuan and set up posts in an emergency. "

       At about 12 noon, the police received a report from the masses that two fugitives appeared in Shi Hu Gou Village, Shiyang, Songzhangzi Town, lingyuan city, 20 kilometers away from the Third Prison. The monitoring installed in the canteen recorded the whole process of the two people buying things.

       Witness Master Xu: "At about 11: 30 noon, the tall man came in first, and then I was there. He said he wanted to buy something, and he came over. I said what you want to buy, and he said I’ll buy two boxes of cigarettes first, and then I’ll buy some drinks and mineral water after I finish. He said he had everything to eat, and I said there was bread … …” Master Xu recalled that while the taller man was shopping, another thin man entered the store.


       Witness Master Xu: "The second one was thirsty when he came in. Look at that. Drink another bottle of mineral water. But let’s be honest, it’s quite thirsty. After buying, there are villagers and shoppers, all of whom are here. After leaving, they are left. After they are settled, they are all cash. He went out after finishing the account, and I watched them go outside when they went out. "

       Through monitoring, the police found that the two men under surveillance were the fugitives Chloe Wang and Zhang Guilin they wanted to arrest. Then, where will the two fugitives go after buying things from the canteen? The police immediately organized police forces to conduct a carpet search around Shi Hu Gou Village, Shiyang, but found nothing. It’s getting dark and the search is still going on.


       The weather in Liaoning is getting cold after autumn, especially after night. Because the villages where the two fugitives were found were mostly surrounded by mountain woodlands and there were many paths, it was very difficult to catch them.

       Gu Tuanwei, deputy detachment leader of Chaoyang detachment of Liaoning Armed Police Corps: "Because the wind is relatively strong, the sense of smell of police dogs is not very sensitive, and the mountains are relatively high. The highest peak reaches more than 700 meters. When the drone rises, plus the forest is dense and the grass is deep, there are many disadvantages to drone detection."


       In addition to the unfavorable external environment for search, there is another problem before the police. Fan Junyang, director of the Public Security Bureau of lingyuan city, Liaoning Province, said: "If according to our routine, there is no funds, and the main purpose of criminals is to escape from Lingyuan and leave this trouble spot to a safe place, then he needs funds. They don’t have their ID cards with them, so they want to commit crimes, rob or steal. This is the most urgent thing for our public security organs. "

       At this time, it has been more than twenty hours since the two criminals escaped from the third prison, and no one knows where the two criminals will eventually flee. As Shiyang Shi Hu Gou Village is located at the junction of Liaoning and Hebei provinces, it is very likely that the two criminals will flee Liaoning and enter Hebei. The police decided to immediately issue a regional police cooperation investigation letter to inform the two escapees in Lingyuan No.3 Prison. The Hebei Provincial Public Security Department, Chengde Municipal Bureau and Pingquan Municipal Bureau, which received the regional police cooperation investigation letter, also immediately started the cooperation mechanism, and dispatched public security police and armed police officers and soldiers to conduct simultaneous raids from Hebei, forming a two-sided attack situation.

       Fan Junyang, director of the Public Security Bureau of lingyuan city, Liaoning Province, said: "That night, the director of the (Liaoning) Provincial Public Security Bureau led a team from the Command Hall and set up a headquarters here to mobilize all the police forces in various cities, including the armed police, police, public security police and judicial police, including the people. At this time, nearly 7,000 people were mobilized, including the police. "

       On the morning of October 5, the police received another report from the masses that one of the fugitives, Chloe Wang, appeared in a canteen in Fangshen Village, Yushu Linzi Town, Pingquan City, Hebei Province at about 18: 35 pm on October 4. The owner of the canteen also told reporters about the scene at that time.


       Shopkeeper: "When he came in, he started to say that he wanted to buy beer and buy cans of beer. He said to buy four, and then he suggested buying six, six for a dozen. Then he bought six. Then he said, is there anything with canned fish and meat? I said no. He picked out some intestines, water, milk and the like. " The police immediately organized police forces to conduct a search centered on Fangshen Village.

       Fan Junyang, director of the Public Security Bureau of lingyuan city, Liaoning Province, said: "Around Pingquan, there are four towns in Pingquan, and Fiona Fang is 250 square kilometers, which is surrounded and blocked. These two criminals, after they went out to buy things at night, went up the mountain. Now the mountain is very dense. At the same time, they set up checkpoints and took the action of clearing the mountain. Statistically, more than 3,000 people were organized and the armed police participated in the encirclement and suppression of the mountain. Nothing was found. "

       [The official car rolled over and two auxiliary police officers died unfortunately]

       No one would have thought that the bad news came at this time. In the process of organizing the police to carry out the arrest task, the Public Security Bureau of Pingquan City, Hebei Province, an official vehicle was damaged and four auxiliary police officers were injured because the road surface bumped and rolled over. Two of the auxiliary police officers, Wang Dongyu and Xu Yuelong, died after being rescued by the hospital.



       [Report again at the critical moment when the search is fruitless]

       The lives of the two auxiliary police officers were fixed at this moment forever. They wore badges on their heads and paid their young lives to keep one side safe. But at this moment, criminals Chloe Wang and Zhang Guilin are still at large. With the fruitless search around Fangshen Village, the arrest work returned to the original point. At this time, the police once again received a report from the masses that one of the fugitives once again appeared in a canteen in Sanjiazi Town, lingyuan city. According to the store advocate, the old lady said that at 8 o’clock in the morning on October 6, she was cleaning in the store. At this moment, a man came in.

       The small shop advocated the old lady: "When he came in, he said he wanted to wash his hands, so I poured him water to wash his face and hands there, and then he came here." He said I was wondering if there was anything to eat. I bought some, and I said there was no delicious chicken leg. He said my aunt would bring this for me, so I put it here for him. I wanted 20, and then I ordered that, four bottles of mineral water, four bottles of milk, four bottles of eight-treasure porridge, and two bags of egg yolk pie. He said he repaired cars and didn’t eat for a day. He said I was too hungry, and the four of us all said so.

       When leaving, the old man’s son happened to come back and had a face-to-face meeting with the man. Mr. Wang found out that the man was a fugitive. Mr. Wang immediately called the police. The police confirmed that the man Mr. Wang met was one of the two fugitives, Chloe Wang. At this time, the police once again received an alarm from the masses that the fugitive Chloe Wang appeared near the high-speed rail viaduct not far from the canteen.

       Witness Mr. Li: "At that time, my wife and I were picking corn in that area. When I looked up, I saw a person carrying a yellow bag coming down. After I came down, I saw that it was not our local person. I thought it was the staff of the high-speed rail at first, and then I looked at him on the opposite side. He looked around." Feeling suspicious, Mr. Li quietly followed. "I walked around in front of him. We walked in front of him. I saw him. After seeing him, I thought that this person was not our local. I could know him locally, just about our age. Later, he went to the mountains in the west. Later, I thought that this was definitely not our local, even if it was a suspicious person. Later, I called the police."

       Soon, the police who searched nearby rushed to the scene. After identification, this person is the fugitive Chloe Wang. Due to many road forks, the police and mass soldiers who arrived in advance launched a search in multiple ways.


       Wang Huidong, the captain of the anti-drug brigade of lingyuan city Public Security Bureau: "From Taitou Mountain in Hebei Province, after the mountain ridge passed, to the mouth of the cooking pot, we didn’t find it after arriving at the mouth of the ditch. We waited there for a while without finding it." At this time, the police who were guarding here found that a man came out of the ravine not far away.

       Wang Huidong, the captain of the anti-drug brigade of lingyuan city Public Security Bureau: "At that time, I was sure that when I came down from the mountain, I didn’t find anyone on the mountain. At that time, I felt very suspicious, so I went to meet him, and I went with my captain. When he went to trace it, he felt that it was wrong, turned his head and ran away. We chased after it and chased it to a gully. He jumped into the ditch and we couldn’t find him." When Wang Huidong and his colleagues tried to find the man, the man appeared on the opposite side of the ditch and was walking down the hill. The police immediately chased him up and mobilized the people on the spot to assist in the pursuit.


       Wang Huidong, captain of the anti-drug brigade of lingyuan city Public Security Bureau, said, "I said these two men are fugitives, please help the police catch them. At this time, all the people were dispatched, and there were bicycles on the road in the greenhouse. At this time, Huludao and Jinzhou and our Fan Bureau took a team and also rushed to the scene to surround him in the cornfield, and our Fan Bureau arrested him. " It was confirmed that this man was Chloe Wang. At this point, the subsequent police officers quickly searched and arrested the second fugitive Zhang Guilin not far away.


       [Expert Interpretation: How to Sentence the Crime of Escaping]

       What did the escape of two criminals, Chloe Wang and Zhang Guilin, constitute? What kind of punishment should I receive? Let’s listen to the expert’s interpretation.

       Professor Ruan Qilin of China University of Political Science and Law believes that according to the details of the case now announced, criminals Chloe Wang and Zhang Guilin are suspected of escaping the crime. Article 316th of the Criminal Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) stipulates that the crime of escape refers to the act of a criminal, a defendant or a criminal suspect who is detained according to law, escaping from the prison and leaving the prison. Then, if two criminals are suspected of escaping from the crime, what kind of punishment will they receive?

       Professor Ruan Qilin said that the crime of escape is lightly punished in law and will generally be combined with the original punishment.