Yu Chengdong stepped down as CEO

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The position of CEO did disappear, but he was promoted to chairman.

On September 21, the first financial news, Huawei officially issued a document, and adjusted the position of the automobile industry.

Jin Yuzhi, president of Huawei’s optical product line, took over the post of CEO of smart car solution BU from Yu Chengdong, and Yu Chengdong became the chairman of BU.

Huawei official website introduced that it has not been adjusted yet.

Ask the world about the new car launch in the future, and you can still hear "far ahead".

Huawei’s mobile phone returns, and Yu Chengdong needs to redo time management.

Regarding this operation, a senior industry insider said, "With the return of Huawei mobile phones, Yu Chengdong can focus more on mobile phones. 」

In the past few years, Huawei’s mobile phone sales have fallen sharply due to sanctions. To this end, Yu Chengdong took over the BU and promoted the smart car selection mode, hoping to make up for the lost mobile phone revenue by selling cars.

However, in the first half of this year, the situation ushered in a turning point, and many new machines such as P60 series and Mate X3 series helped Huawei’s mobile phones rise against the trend.

According to data released by IDC, in the domestic market in the second quarter, Huawei’s mobile phone shipments increased by 76.1% year-on-year, the fastest growth rate among all manufacturers, and tied for fifth place with Xiaomi’s mobile phone with a market share of 13.0%, up 5.7 percentage points over the same period last year.

And its momentum in the second half of the year will be even stronger.

On August 29th and September 8th, Huawei directly launched three models in official website: Mate 60 Pro/Pro+ and Mate X5. All three models are hard to find, which also makes the sales of Huawei mobile phones to a higher level.

According to the authoritative market research organization of the supply chain, in the 36th week of this year (9.4-9.10), Huawei mobile phones won the second place in the smart phone market in China with a market share of 17%, only 17.2% higher than the first, and 0.2% behind.

It is estimated that in the 37th week (9.11-9.17), Huawei is expected to achieve the first market share in sales volume.

At the same time, according to Caijing. com, many people close to Huawei confirmed that Huawei has launched a comprehensive plan to return to the global mobile phone market, with the domestic market first and the overseas market later.

On September 14th, Huawei held an overseas conference in Barcelona, bringing a variety of flagship products to the European market. After that, Huawei will continue to hold press conferences in China, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Re-attacking cities overseas requires a leader who can fight "tough battles", and Yu Chengdong is the best candidate.

In February this year, Yu Chengdong mentioned in an interview with the media that he spent his holiday time and evening time on car business besides working during the day. "Now my personal energy investment is relatively large, and I may spend 40% of my time in AITO."

Obviously, with the return of Huawei mobile phones, Yu Chengdong needs to do time management again. The outgoing car BU CEO was appointed as the chairman and put more energy into the mobile phone.

Yu Chengdong’s successor, the first show or the M9 conference in the world.

Yu Chengdong BU CEO was succeeded by Jin Yuzhi, president of Huawei Optical Product Line.

Huawei optical product line, also known as Huawei optical transmission and access product line, has jurisdiction over optical transmission, optical access, optical applications and other fields. Mainly to provide customers with high-value, high-reliability assisted driving, light display and light technology production solutions.

Prior to this, the intersection of optical product line and car BU was Huawei’s newly established intelligent car optical service in recent years, including AR HUD, intelligent car lights and light field screens.

Among them, Huawei’s AR HUD has been mass-produced on Feifan R7; Huawei’s smart car lights, light field screens and other products are expected to be carried on the follow-up models selected by Huawei, such as Wenjie M9.

If there are no accidents, the upcoming M9 will be Jin Yuzhi’s first show after taking office. I wonder if he will shout "Far ahead" ~

With the above changes, the current management structure of Che BU includes:

Huawei Terminal BG CEO, Chairman of Smart Car Solution BU, Yu Chengdong

President of Huawei Optical Product Line, BU CEO of Smart Car Solution, Jin Yuzhi

Huawei Smart Car Solution BU CSO, Wang Jun

President of Huawei’s intelligent driving solution product line and general manager of intelligent driving field, Li Wenguang


For Jin Yuzhi, Huawei Car BU CEO is a very challenging position.

Since its establishment, the business unit has invested more than 3 billion US dollars (about 20.6 billion yuan) in research and development, but its revenue in 2022 was only 2.1 billion yuan, and in the first half of 2023 it was only 1 billion yuan, making it the only loss-making business of Huawei.

At present, Huawei BU has three business models, one is to sell standardized auto parts; The second is the Huawei Inside mode (HI mode) that provides full-stack smart car solutions; The third is to deeply participate in product and vehicle design, as well as the intelligent car selection mode that provides sales network channels.

HI mode and intelligent car selection mode are not developing smoothly.

The monthly sales of Changan Aouita and Beiqi Polar Fox, which adopt HI mode, are hovering around one or two thousand units, far less than expected. Guangzhou automobile directly gave up the HI mode.

The intellectual car selection model was very strong when it first came out last year, and its delivery volume exceeded 10,000 for four consecutive months, becoming the biggest dark horse of the new forces. However, this year, the situation has turned sharply, and there is no good news that the monthly delivery volume has exceeded 10,000.

Last week, the redesigned M7 went on the market, which ushered in a big sale through "upgrade+price reduction". Before we could celebrate, this week’s redesigned G9 in Tucki came and stole many users.

The good news is that Jin Yuzhi and Huawei BU have more intersections with the auto parts model, and the development in this direction is relatively good.

Huawei’s annual report last year showed that by the end of 2022, it had shipped nearly 2 million sets of components, including intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, intelligent electric, intelligent Che Yun, millimeter-wave radar, camera, gateway, lidar, computing platform, AR HUD, T-Box and other products and solutions.

In recent days, it has been reported through the grapevine that Huawei and BYD signed a cooperation agreement to provide Kirin car chips for each other. If it is true, it will be a big business.

Yu Chengdong has publicly stated that Huawei BU will be profitable in 2025.

We will wait and see what kind of plan Jin Yuzhi will come up with in the face of the goals set by the leaders before.

The General Administration of Market Supervision imposed administrative penalties on unfair price behaviors of five community group buying enterprises.

  CCTV News:Some sell goods below the purchase cost through huge subsidies, "dumping at low prices"; Some mark false original prices and discounts when selling goods, and lie about price reduction to trick consumers into buying. To this end, the General Administration of Market Supervision imposed administrative penalties on unfair price behaviors of five community group-buying enterprises, including Orange Heart Optimization, Buy More Vegetables, Meituan Optimization, Shihui Group and Food Enjoyment Club, and five enterprises were fined, with a total fine of 6.5 million yuan. In this regard, on the morning of March 3, the General Administration of Market Supervision made an administrative penalty on the unfair price behavior of five community group buying enterprises.

  Question 1: Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision imposed administrative penalties on five community group buying enterprises according to law. What are the main considerations?

  In recent years, the status of Internet economy in China’s national economy and society has been significantly improved, and it has become an important engine to promote economic development and an important starting point to improve people’s livelihood. It has played a positive role in coping with the impact of epidemic situation, improving shopping experience and improving supply chain structure. However, with the large-scale entry of major Internet platform enterprises into the community group buying market, problems such as irregular order and illegal operation have become increasingly apparent, which has aroused great concern from all walks of life.

  First, improper means are used to squeeze the offline community economic market, which is easy to cause disorder and affect social stability. Internet platform enterprises use the advantages of capital and traffic to enter "community group buying" and compete for the market at a price lower than the cost, which will have an impact on offline community economic models such as small vendors and community convenience stores and bring obvious negative effects. Second, large Internet platform enterprises have an unfair competition tendency of "burning money to grab the market and raising prices after monopoly", which is easy to damage consumers’ rights and interests. In the short term, consumers can really get short-term benefits at a lower price when the relevant enterprises implement the "subsidy" strategy in the early stage of competition. However, after occupying the market, related enterprises are likely to raise prices substantially to obtain high monopoly profits, seriously damaging the interests of consumers. Third, unfair price behavior disrupts the market price order. Community group buying platforms generally have problems such as huge subsidies, selling goods below the cost price, and some community group buying platforms use price fraud to deceive consumers. The above acts seriously infringe upon the legitimate interests of other operators and consumers, damage the market environment of fair competition and undermine the normal market price order.

  The products and services provided by community group buying are mainly "rice bags" and "vegetable baskets". The rising prices of these basic livelihood commodities are likely to lead to economic and social turmoil. The Central Economic Work Conference made it clear that the disorderly expansion of capital should be prevented. The General Administration of Market Supervision resolutely implemented the deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference, took effective measures to strengthen the supervision of the community group buying market, responded to social concerns in a timely manner, and standardized corporate behavior. Monitor the price behavior of community group buying enterprises and conduct investigations according to law. It has been found that there are unfair price behaviors such as low-price dumping and price fraud in community group buying enterprises such as Orange Heart Youxuan (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meituan Youxuan Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Qiwei Delicious Technology Co., Ltd.

  Question 2: Please brief us on the basic situation of these five cases?

  The companies punished this time are: Orange Heart Optimization (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Orange Heart Optimization), Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Buy more food), Shenzhen Meituan Optimization Technology Co., Ltd. (Meituan Optimization), Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd. (Shihui Group) and Wuhan Seven Kinds of Delicious Technology Co., Ltd. (Food Enjoyment). The above five enterprises occupy a large share in the community group buying market, and the basic situation of the case is as follows.

  First, through huge subsidies, there is a "low-price dumping" behavior of selling goods below the purchase cost. In order to seize the market, four community group buying enterprises, such as Orange Heart Youxuan (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meituan Youxuan Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd., took advantage of the capital and adopted subsidies in the form of direct drop and coupons, resulting in the sales price of a large number of goods being lower than the purchase cost. If the costs of operation, warehousing and logistics are included, the actual sales revenue is much lower than the cost of goods, which disrupts the normal production and operation order and damages the legitimate rights and interests of other operators. The above acts violate the relevant provisions of Article 14 of the Price Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC), and constitute dumping at a low price.

  The second is to use price fraud to trick consumers into trading with them. Five companies, including Orange Heart Optimization (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meituan Optimization Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Qiwei Delicious Technology Co., Ltd., used false original prices, discounts, and lied about price reduction to trick consumers into buying goods; There are price violations such as not clearly indicating the meaning of the price comparison line. The above-mentioned behaviors belong to the behaviors mentioned in Article 7 of the Provisions on Prohibiting Price Fraud and Article 21 of the Interim Provisions on Regulating Promotion Behavior, which violates the relevant provisions of Article 14 of the Price Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and constitutes price fraud.

  Judging from the investigation, the illegal facts in five cases are very clear. During the investigation, we extracted the commodity pages, relevant financial data and service agreements related to price behavior according to law, carefully combed and analyzed the relevant materials, and repeatedly accounted for the amount of subsidies. At the same time, we also solicited the opinions of relevant parties according to the specific circumstances of the case. The survey shows that the facts of unfair price behaviors of five enterprises are clear and the evidence is conclusive. The General Administration of Market Supervision decided to impose a total fine of 6.5 million yuan on five enterprises, including Orange Heart Optimization (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meituan Optimization Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Qiwei Delicious Technology Co., Ltd., for low-price dumping and price fraud.

  Question 3: We noticed that the above-mentioned enterprises were fined. What factors were mainly considered?

  When the General Administration of Market Supervision made the decision on administrative punishment, it mainly considered the following aspects. First, illegal activities have a greater impact on the normal market competition order. The above-mentioned enterprises sell goods below cost, with a wide range of subsidies, frequent subsidies and large subsidies, and their business volume has exploded, which has a great impact on the normal business activities of farmers’ markets, bazaars and small traders. Second, the social harmful consequences of illegal acts are more serious. The above-mentioned enterprises have great influence in the industry, with a huge number of users and huge market influence. The impact of their illegal activities is rapidly amplified by the scale effect and network effect of the Internet, with wide coverage and serious harmful consequences. Third, the circumstances of the illegal act are relatively bad. After the administrative guidance meeting of the General Administration of Market Supervision to standardize the order of community group buying, although the amount of subsidies for the above-mentioned enterprises has been reduced, it has not been comprehensively rectified. Therefore, the General Administration of Market Supervision decided to impose a fine within the scope prescribed by law in the hope of investigating a number of cases, standardizing an industry and purifying a field.

  Question 4: What other work has the General Administration of Market Supervision done to strengthen the supervision of community group buying, and what are the specific considerations for the next step?

  On December 22, 2020, the General Administration of Market Supervision and the Ministry of Commerce organized an administrative guidance meeting to regulate the order of community group buying. The meeting affirmed the positive significance of the economic development of the Internet platform, and seriously pointed out the outstanding problems such as low-price dumping and price fraud in community group buying. It is emphasized that Internet platform enterprises should strictly regulate the business behavior of community group buying, and strictly abide by the prohibition of low-price dumping and price fraud; Do not engage in acts of unfair competition such as commercial confusion, false propaganda and commercial slander; Do not use the advantages of data to "kill" and harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers; Do not use technical means to damage the order of competition and hinder the normal operation of other market players.

  In the middle and late December of 2020, the General Administration of Market Supervision directly investigated five community group buying enterprises. On March 3, 2021, the General Administration of Market Supervision publicly fined the above-mentioned community group-buying enterprises for unfair price behaviors such as low-price dumping and price fraud, which effectively shocked the illegal enterprises and effectively promoted their rectification.

  In the next step, the General Administration of Market Supervision will actively respond to social concerns, strengthen investigation and study, judge and grasp the market dynamics of community group buying, innovate supervision methods, strengthen law enforcement and case handling, standardize the market order of community group buying according to law, effectively safeguard the legitimate interests of other operators and the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and create a fair and orderly market environment.

The well-known anchor was reprimanded for disturbing the people late at night, and the female neighbor rushed into his house! I respond

According to the city express, late last night,Chen Ze, a well-known game anchor, clashed with his neighbors during the live broadcast. The neighbors loudly reprimanded Chen Ze for disturbing the people every day, and then rushed into his home.

Subsequently, Chen Ze Weibo’s account @ Mushroom Mushroom did not send a message to respond to disturbing people:



At five o’clock in the morning, Chen Ze replied to the netizen: Don’t talk nonsense, it’s better to have more public figures than less … …


Early this morning, related topic words rushed to the top of hot search.


In this regard, someNetizen saidUnderstand the neighbors, now the house is not sound-proof, and the live broadcast really disturbs the people.


Zhang Cheng 0227: Actually, the anchor is really disturbing the people. Now the house is not soundproof, and the live broadcast is just at night. Everyone will collapse when they go to work during the day and live next door at night. You can change the time, or change the room like the video said. Neighbors can do this probably because negotiations have been ineffective for a long time. What’s more, he is a big anchor.

Sleepy or don’t want to sleep: I understand this neighbor too well. I can also hear a man broadcast live every night, and it is noisy at 11 o’clock every night until the early morning.

Line draft: Noise disturbing people deserves to be scolded! These anchors are so loud when they are broadcast live. Can you stand it if it were you?

I really don’t want to cut my hair: you can’t do whatever you want just because you are online celebrity, but you still have to respect the routine of ordinary people!

Fat man Wen Na: The sound insulation in the building is really bad now, and neighbors are excusable for being too noisy.

Some netizens also said,We can’t just say that the live broadcast disturbs the people, and it’s not right for neighbors to break into houses privately. I hope both sides can solve it peacefully.

Xiao Qingmei 9213: However, it seems bad for that neighbor to break into a house … …

Eat a chestnut in Tian Tian _ Tian Jiarui’s handsome version: It’s not right to disturb the people, and the other side has problems. I hope both sides can solve it peacefully.

I don’t know whose child it is: first of all, we should check whether his voice is loud in the recent live broadcast, let the police decide whether it is disturbing the people, and then deal with the problem of neighbors breaking into houses.


Original title: The well-known anchor was reprimanded late at night, and the female neighbor rushed into his house! I respond

Editor: Yang Hong Editor: Wu Zhonglan Audit: Feng Fei

Using Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker and other fraud cases, the police frequently reminded the public to be vigilant

  Nowadays, audio-visual websites such as "Tik Tok", "Aauto Quicker", "Volcano" and "Watermelon Video" have sprung up rapidly, attracting a large number of netizens to participate in the interaction, and many criminals are also involved in it, frequently making moves. Recently, our province has also received many cases of fraud using the above-mentioned audio-visual websites. In this regard, Jiangsu police reminded the public that this kind of fraud has a large audience, wide spread and strong confusion. Netizens should raise their awareness of prevention and protect the safety of personal property.

  Correspondent Changgong New Yangzi Evening News/Yangyan reporter Yu Yingjie

  Using video

  These three types of fraud cases are frequent.

  Changzhou police made a special analysis of fraud cases on audio-visual websites and found that the following three categories of fraud cases are more prominent.

  A, birthday celebration, lovelorn red envelope rebate category

  [Case 1] Liu fell in love with Tik Tok and added a WeChat friend through Tik Tok. On September 9, he saw this friend in a circle of friends who was engaged in red envelope cashback activities, so he chatted with him. The other party said that there was a fan feedback activity with red envelopes, which was "transfer to 50 yuan and return to 55 yuan and other grades, and each person can play for up to three times". Liu believed it, transferred 4950 yuan to the other party through WeChat, and later found that he was cheated.

  [Case 2] On August 27th, Qin met and joined a QQ group of online celebrity’s birthday red envelope party through Tik Tok. When he saw a man nicknamed "Brother", he claimed that 300 yuan could get a rebate of 3,888 yuan for sending red envelopes, so he added the other person’s WeChat as a friend and sent red envelopes through WeChat, and was cheated by 1000 yuan.

  [Case 3] On August 24th, Wei met a netizen from Tik Tok and added the other person’s WeChat. The other person said in the WeChat circle of friends that "he was dumped and got a breakup fee of 1 million yuan. If someone sent 200 to 10,000 yuan, he would return it 10 times". Then Wei transferred 888 yuan to the other person through WeChat, and later found that he was blacked out by the other party.

  B. Fake products sold in Wechat business

  [Case 1] On September 6th, Gongmou saw a online celebrity blogger recommend cosmetics worth 198 yuan in Tik Tok. Gongmou believed that WeChat transferred 1188 yuan and was cheated.

  [Case 2] On August 29th, Xu met a netizen through Tik Tok and added the other party’s WeChat. The other party said that he would get a chance to roll the dice if he bought a slimming product of 298 yuan. According to the request of the other party, Xu transferred a total of 5,000 yuan through WeChat, but did not receive the product and found that he was cheated.

  [Case 3] On August 17th, when Meng used Tik Tok, he saw a message that there was a low-priced mobile phone for sale, so he added the other party as a WeChat friend. The other party said that Apple X, OPPO and other mobile phones only cost 198 yuan, and Meng paid 198 yuan through WeChat. The other party said that it was necessary to go through customs, pay customs duties, etc., and Meng made a total transfer to 800 yuan through WeChat payment. Later, the other party also asked for a transfer, and Meng realized that he had been cheated.

  C, praise fans, buy and sell Tik Tok accounts.

  [Case 1] On August 28th, the swindler said that he could help people to brush the praises on Tik Tok. After contacting him, Miao believed it, and provided his own WeChat payment verification code according to the request of the other party. As a result, he found that 6700 yuan in his WeChat was transferred away by the other party.

  [Case 2] One day in July, Zhu bought a Tik Tok account for 10,000 yuan on the virtual asset trading service platform of "YuZhao.com". At the beginning of September, the seller contacted Zhu and said that someone wanted to buy the Tik Tok and invested 16,000 yuan. After discussion between the two parties on September 5th, Zhu agreed to sell Tik Tok’s account to the other party. Subsequently, the other party successfully tied the mobile phone number to the Tik Tok account, but the other party did not transfer 16,000 yuan to Zhu, but deleted Zhu’s WeChat.

  Like to follow suit

  Young people who are inexperienced are easy to be recruited.

  After analyzing the above-mentioned cases, Changzhou police found that most of the targets targeted by criminal suspects are young people who are inexperienced, have poor preventive ability, like novelty and like to follow suit.

  In terms of the modus operandi of these fraud cases, criminals take advantage of the victim’s curiosity and greed, and constantly attract fans through the newly popular "Tik Tok", "Aauto Quicker" and "Watermelon Video" apps, asking the deceived to pay by scanning the QR code, issuing red envelopes, transferring money, etc. Once the money is defrauded, the victim will be blacked out immediately.

  Police tips

  Don’t trust marketing videos

  At present, short online videos are very popular among netizens, and the number of video views is tens of thousands. However, due to the short video time, vague background and fragmentary information, some lawless elements also blend in and take the opportunity to commit fraud.

  The police reminded the majority of netizens to improve their awareness of self-prevention, not to trust videos with marketing, money and other properties on short video platforms such as "Tik Tok" and "Aauto Quicker", and not to transfer money and remittances to the other party easily. If you find that you have been cheated, you should call the police immediately.

San Diego Comic-Con Science: Your beloved Raytheon Loki has been here!

The annual San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner.

Special feature of 1905 film network  The annual San Diego Comic Con is coming again! This year’s comic-con is still full of stars, crouching tiger, hidden dragon, famous directors such as Spielberg, and superheroes such as Justice League, Raytheon and Panther are also gearing up. Game of Thrones, which has been on the altar all the year round, can’t be underestimated as well as rising star westworld. For a time, the eyes of fans all over the world turned to this beautiful coastal city.

Speaking of the impressive activities of Comic-Con, what Xiaobian first thought of was the one that surprised fans in 2013.

On July 20th, 2013, Hall H of the San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center (the main venue of the comic exhibition) was packed. The staff introduced the post-production to the fans, but the scene suddenly went into darkness and the microphone suddenly lost its sound. This scene made people think that there was an accident.

Suddenly, a thunderous voice resounded through the hall: "Man, look at how low you have fallen!"? Gathered in the dark, like wild animals! " After saying his word, a "lightning" threw a cold white light out of thin air. "Shake Sen" Tom Hiddleston stood proudly on the stage in the gorgeous armor of the evil god Loki, scanning the audience coldly, and the excited screams of the fans almost overturned the roof.

"Shake the Sen" into the play

Later, "Shake the Sen" continued to set a good example, giving people the illusion of watching Shakespeare’s stage plays.From Asgard, the fairy palace, the proud little public performance sometimes called on the audience: "Call my name and be loyal to me!" " Sometimes put your index finger on your lips to signal that everyone is quiet, control the rhythm strongly, and the gas field is breathtaking.

"Shake the Sen" gas field is breathtaking.

In this way, Loki "swept" Hall H with lightning speed/storm. Although "Shake Sen" is very attractive, the glittering logo behind him is equally eye-catching. Non-fans and fans can’t help asking: What kind of grand event is San Diego Comic Con? (Xiaobian won’t tell you, this is the real wonderful conference 23333)

Although San Diego Comic-Con always comes as scheduled, not everyone knows its ins and outs.Let’s review its "past lives" together ~


Origin & Things You May Not Know


"International Comic-Con: San Diego", referred to as SDCC, usually lasts for 4 days (Thursday to Sunday) and is held in summer.San Diego is located in the southwest corner of California, USA.Known for its warm climate and numerous beaches, it is known as the "best city in America" and the economic center of the San Diego-Tijuana metropolitan area.The current comic-con event has become a diversified comprehensive event, the scope is not limited to comics, and works from different fields have entered one after another, and the publicity and promotion conferences of all parties are fierce, but it was not the case at first.

"Quanyou" is a creative exhibition.


The first San Diego Comic-Con was held in 1970, when it was founded by a group of comic fans such as Schell Doff and Richard Alf. Schell Doff initiated the Detroit Comic-Con in the 1960s (one of the first veterans of comic-Con). He moved to San Diego in the 1970s and prepared a one-day mini-exhibition on March 21st, hoping to take this opportunity to organize large-scale exhibitions in the future. Perhaps he never thought that San Diego Comic Con would become the focus of the world in the future.

9 comic book fun tips


1. After the initial mini-exhibition, the first San Diego Comic-Con, which lasted for three days from August 1 to August 3, 1970, attracted 300 people (another 100 people were written by foreign media). Although it seems sparsely populated now, considering the cultural environment at that time, this figure has demonstrated the attraction of Comic-Con to the public.

The El Coste Hotel, one of the local landmarks, was once the main venue for the exhibition.


2. Comic-Con once set up the University of California, San Diego, San Diego Golden Hall, El Coste Hotel, etc. As the venue, in 1991, the main venue was moved to the San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center. In recent years, libraries, theaters, children’s parks, etc. will also undertake some activities.

The San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center is integrated with the beautiful scenery, and the dome has a sense of design.

3. The full name of Comic Con — — The name "International Comic-Con: San Diego" was first formed in 1995. Before that, the Title of Comic-Con was changed several times. In 1970, it was called "Golden State Comic-Con", in 1972 it was called San Diego West Coast Comic-Con, and in 1973 it was a concise San Diego Comic-Con. Every year, there will be a preview field the day before the official opening (Wednesday night) to provide participants with an "exhibition catalogue", which is actually to let them know about the main activities, exhibitors and guests. The preview activity is only open for 3 hours (6 -9 pm), so this night is also called "warm-up night".

The first San Diego Comic Con was actually called "Golden State Comic Con"

San Diego West Coast Comic Con, a former name, is also cool.


4. Los Angeles is close to San Diego. Guess what the Hollywood team first entered the San Diego Comic Con to promote? Of course, the American people are obsessed with it now! Charles Liebencott, the director of the film’s announcement, put slides on the stage, but the scene was deserted, and only a handful of people participated in the exhibition, in sharp contrast to today’s sea of people.

Hollywood actually came to comic exhibition as early as the 1970s.

Hollywood film giants are in Los Angeles (marked in purple), which is close to San Diego (marked in red).

5. The last day of San Diego Comic-Con is "Children’s Day". In addition to film-related publicity, there are also some activities open to families. Children aged 12 and under can enter for free (provided that parents need to buy tickets).

The children are very engaged in playing.

6. In 2015, the number of exhibitors in San Diego Comic-Con reached an astonishing 160,000! In 45 years, the influence of comic exhibition is not the same as that of that year.

Every comic season, San Diego is crowded.


7. Every year, San Diego Comic-Con will hold a "masquerade ball", and encourage exhibitors who are creative and outstanding in costume matching to show themselves boldly. The winner of the "masquerade ball" will win 1000 dollars and a commemorative medal. In 2015, a group with the theme of "haunted house" stood out.

They swept the San Diego Comic-Con masquerade in 2015 and won many awards.


8. The "masquerade ball" is not the only place where you can play Cosplay. Fans in the exhibition hall usually take the route of "evil spirit madness" and dress up as their favorite characters.

The fans had a great time in the comic exhibition.

The Big Bang TheoryThe otaku in the movie once incarnated as "Justice League", and Pan Xiaohua looked unhappy.


9. When you open the San Diego Comic-Con official website, you can often see a cute toucan. Designer Rick Gilley originally thought of using this strange and precious large bird as the signboard of the exhibition, but according to him, he just wanted to paint animals dressed as human beings, and then the toucan became a symbol of the exhibition. According to official website, this bird retired gloriously in 1995, but until today, its sense of existence is still very strong.

This cute little bird often appears in official website today.

Rare design manuscripts in early years

Designer’s colored logo data map

Next page:How did San Diego Comic-Con, a paradise for pop culture, rise?

The new rules came in April! Everything is important!

  CCTV News:From April 1st, a batch of new laws and regulations will be formally implemented. Including the reduction of value-added tax rate in some industries; Entry-exit documents are "nationwide"; Relevant persons in charge of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens should have meals with students; The implementation of the new national standard for electric bicycles.

  The value-added tax has been lowered, and the prices of automobiles and gasoline have begun to decrease.

  According to the "Announcement on Deepening the Policies of VAT Reform", from April 1st, some industries will be taxed at 13% instead of 16%, mainly involving manufacturing and other industries. Items subject to the 10% tax rate will be taxed at the 9% tax rate, mainly involving transportation, postal services, construction, real estate, basic telecommunications services and agricultural products. At present, many car companies have lowered their prices in advance. From 0: 00 on April 1st, the maximum retail price of gasoline and diesel in China was reduced by 225 yuan and 200 yuan respectively.

  Ordinary passports, passes to and from Hong Kong and Macao, and passes to and from Taiwan are all available nationwide.

  From April 1st, the entry and exit documents of the People’s Republic of China, such as ordinary passports, passes to and from Hong Kong and Macao, and passes to and from Taiwan, will be handled nationwide. Mainland residents can apply for the above-mentioned entry and exit documents at any entry and exit management window in the country, and the application procedures are the same as their household registration.

  Relevant persons in charge of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens should have meals with students.

  The Ministry of Education, the State Administration of Market Supervision and National Health Commission jointly issued the Regulations on the Management of Food Safety and Nutrition Health in Schools, which will be implemented from April 1st. It is required that primary and secondary schools and kindergartens should establish a centralized meal accompanying system, and each meal should be shared by the relevant person in charge of the school and the students, and the accompanying meal records should be made to find and solve the problems existing in the centralized meal process in time.

  The new national standard for electric bicycles was implemented on April 15th.

  The new national standard has improved the safety performance of electric bicycles in an all-round way, from the original mandatory provisions to full-text mandatory provisions, adding technical indicators such as tamper resistance, fire resistance, flame retardant performance and charger protection, and adjusting and improving technical indicators such as speed limit, vehicle quality and pedaling ability.

  According to the requirements of the new national standard, the maximum design speed of electric bicycles should not exceed 25 kilometers per hour and should not be modified. When speeding, the system should continue to give a prompt sound. Compared with the old national standard of electric bicycle, the motor power is adjusted from 240W to 400W, and the vehicle mass (including battery) is adjusted from 40kg to 55kg. The pedal riding function is mandatory, and the unique vehicle code is required to be permanently marked at the inseparable part of the frame body.

  Implementation of the new version of the management performance assessment method for the heads of central enterprises

  The revised "Measures for Evaluating the Operating Performance of Responsible Persons of Central Enterprises" will come into effect on April 1st. Under the principle of quality first and benefit first, the new assessment method highlights the assessment and guidance of scientific and technological innovation, encourages enterprises to increase R&D investment, and regards R&D investment as profit. Highlight positive incentive assessment and strengthen "performance rise, salary rise, performance drop and salary drop".

  The Emergency Regulations on Production Safety Accidents came into effect in April.

  The Emergency Regulations on Production Safety Accidents will come into effect on April 1st. The regulations put forward institutional measures for the construction mode, mode and requirements of emergency rescue teams, especially in the construction of hazardous enterprises, and the measures are more rigid. After the team is completed, it should be equipped with necessary equipment and equipment, and the team members should be trained and have corresponding emergency rescue capabilities to ensure that they can play their due role in the accident rescue process.

It is related to the prevention and control of Zhengzhou epidemic. This night conference responded to ten hot spots.

  On the evening of November 6th, Zhengzhou held the 34th press conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic (the ninth in 2022), which was released around the recent prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic in Zhengzhou and answered questions from reporters.

  At the press conference, many concerns about the current epidemic situation in Zhengzhou, the implementation of the "one size fits all" policy for rectification and implementation, and the situation of Foxconn Park were answered one by one.

  The new cases are mainly concentrated in the risk groups in key areas.

  According to Li Huifang, deputy secretary-general of Zhengzhou Municipal Government, on November 3, there were 21 new confirmed cases and 136 asymptomatic infected people in Zhengzhou. On the 4th, there were 9 new confirmed cases and 105 asymptomatic infected people in the city. On the 5th, there were 15 new confirmed cases and 168 asymptomatic infected people in the city.

  Li Huifang said that at present, the new cases are mainly concentrated in the risk groups in key areas, while all the hospitalized patients are in stable condition.

  Isolation rooms will be reserved by rebuilding public rental housing and requisitioning talent apartments.

  Li Huifang said that in accordance with the requirements of the national and provincial prevention and control programs, Zhengzhou will fully reserve isolated rooms by rebuilding public rental housing, requisitioning talent apartments and signing agreements with hotels; Expand medical treatment beds through new construction, renovation and requisition, and actively respond to the large-scale epidemic that may occur this winter and next spring on the basis of meeting the needs of this round of epidemic.

  In addition, Li Huifang further introduced that the management of centralized isolation points and designated hospitals will be comprehensively strengthened, Chinese medicine will participate in the whole process, and psychological counseling will be carried out in a timely manner, so as to improve the service guarantee ability and meet individual needs as much as possible.

  The whole community will not be sealed because of the indiscriminate ignition of individual epidemics.

  It was mentioned at the press conference that in accordance with the work requirements of "putting the tube in the middle, clearing it in the middle" and "preventing living and opening it", Zhengzhou City has refined the control area into three categories: high-risk areas and risk units, medium-risk areas and risk communities, and temporary control areas for preventing spillover, and further refined the risk areas to communities, communities and buildings, and made it clear that the communities with less than two new infected people and in the same unit will only be sealed and controlled, not because of the fact that.

  At the same time, the conference mentioned that with the change of epidemic situation and the timely and dynamic adjustment of epidemic situation, the main urban area (eight districts in the city) is being unsealed in an orderly manner, and the number of unsealed communities today has increased by 41 compared with yesterday.

  Can individual epidemic-free communities still implement prevention and control measures? Lixing has been requested to rectify.

  Li Huifang pointed out that, on the whole, at present, most areas can "solve all the problems", but there are still a few communities that implement policies across the board and simplify them. For example, epidemic-free communities in individual temporary control zones for preventing spillage still cannot implement prevention and control measures. In this regard, the municipal inspection team has asked for rectification, and those who are not in place will be seriously dealt with.

  Establish and improve the mechanism of transportation dispatching, allocation and admission, and increase the allocation of transportation vehicles for critically ill patients.

  Li Huifang mentioned that Zhengzhou strengthened the overall planning of the whole city, and each district sorted out the basic information of patients separately, and made targeted transshipment plans. According to the use of medical resources, Zhengzhou City Command established and improved the mechanism of transportation dispatch and allocation, and added transport vehicles for severe patients to ensure that patients with basic diseases, the elderly, young children and pregnant women can be transported and treated in time.

  Zhengzhou: The epidemic situation has stabilized and improved, and it is currently in a critical period and a critical period.

  The press conference mentioned that Zhengzhou, as a national central city, a populous city and a transportation hub, has always faced the dual risks of external epidemic import and local epidemic spread. Affected by multiple unfavorable factors in the early stage, this round of epidemic in Zhengzhou has become the epidemic with the widest scope, the largest number of people involved and the longest duration since the outbreak of Xinguan pneumonia.

  In addition, the conference also mentioned that the epidemic situation in Zhengzhou has stabilized and improved, and it is currently in a critical period and a critical period.

  24-hour nucleic acid detection service is provided in general hospitals above the second level in the city.

  Fang Ziqin, deputy director of Zhengzhou Medical Security Bureau, said that in order to better serve the general public, the synchronous matching between the unsealed area and the opening of nucleic acid testing houses has been strengthened. At present, more than 3,000 sampling houses have been opened in Zhengzhou, and after the subsequent communities are unsealed, the nucleic acid testing sampling houses will be opened as soon as possible to provide nucleic acid testing services.

  Fang Ziqin also mentioned that at present, 24-hour nucleic acid testing services are provided in general hospitals above the second level in the city. If citizens miss the centralized testing time in the sampling house, they can go to the above hospitals for testing.

  Care actions for the elderly, children and pregnant women will be carried out to meet the medical needs of special groups.

  The press conference said that in the next step, Zhengzhou will focus on three things:

  The first is to form a team. On the basis of establishing and perfecting the Yang-chasing mechanism, we will speed up the establishment of an "expert+special class" emergency commando team with complete equipment, rapid response and standing in a normal state. Once the epidemic is ignited, the whole chain will carry out all the work of "collecting, sending, inspecting, verifying, reporting and transferring", so as to circle the risk people, block the transmission chain and protect the majority in the first time.

  The second is to establish two platforms. That is, establish a institutionalized command platform and improve the three working mechanisms of "daily consultation and judgment, regular fixed-point scheduling and one-click direct disposal"; Establish a platform for overall allocation of resources, take demand as the guide, and automatically allocate, dispatch and distribute various resources such as manpower, materials, epidemic prevention and medicine across regions, so as to form a good situation of rapid response, integration of resources and joint efforts to overcome difficulties, and effectively grasp the initiative of epidemic prevention.

  The third is to carry out four actions. Carry out special actions to sweep buildings and streets for three consecutive days, focusing on solving the remaining problems such as social clearing, risk investigation of unsealed communities, and environmental disinfection; Carry out special actions to standardize the management of isolated places, strengthen medical treatment, strictly prevent and control infection, enrich spiritual and cultural life, and improve the level of service guarantee; Carry out caring actions for the elderly, children and pregnant women to effectively solve the medical needs of special people outside the isolation place; We will carry out the creation of epidemic-free communities, epidemic-free organs and epidemic-free units, and support the overall stability of the city’s epidemic prevention with small units without epidemic.

  Zhengzhou Foxconn: Providing comprehensive services and guarantees to employees in five aspects.

  In response to the recent demands of employees and social concerns, the airport area has conducted in-depth communication with Foxconn, and on November 2, it issued the "15 Measures for Employees’ Care in Foxconn Science Park", which provides comprehensive services and guarantees for employees from five aspects: life support, epidemic prevention safety, environmental disinfection, humanistic care and employee rights and interests.

  First, in terms of ensuring the supply of employees’ lives

  First, select high-quality catering service providers, overcome difficulties such as supply and transportation, optimize processing, loading and unloading, transportation and distribution, and deliver three meals a day to 11 apartment communities in the IT community on time to ensure sufficient supply of hot meals and hot water for employees.

  The second is to improve the standard and quality of food. There are steamed buns, milk, eggs and fruits for breakfast, with balanced nutrition; Lunch and dinner are two meats and one vegetable, with fruit for lunch and yogurt for dinner; Every day, the menu is different, and a large number of servings are enough, so you can eat well. At the same time, the market supervision department sent 11 food quality supervisors to each community to be responsible for the quality control of three meals. As of November 6, 202,500 meals have been prepared.

  Second, in terms of ensuring epidemic prevention and health and safety of employees

  First, distribute epidemic prevention love packages to protect the health and safety of employees, and urgently purchase 1 million N95 protective masks, 100,000 bottles of alcohol spray and 2 million alcohol disinfection wipes, which will be distributed in an orderly manner through Foxconn and the IT community to build a personal epidemic prevention barrier for employees.

  Second, according to the living distribution of Foxconn employees, medical offices were set up in 11 apartment communities to facilitate employees to seek medical treatment nearby; For those who really need to be hospitalized, they will be transferred to designated hospitals for treatment at the first time.

  The third is to set up 100 sampling points for nucleic acid detection in 11 apartment communities in the IT community, and provide free nucleic acid sampling services for employees.

  Fourth, the original dormitory staff should be relocated reasonably, and after the dormitory is finally destroyed, it should be renovated and renovated, and the living facilities should be replaced to improve the living environment of the staff.

  Third, in strengthening environmental disinfection and garbage removal

  First, organize 400 elite troops to carry out comprehensive disinfection of 10 factories, 9 restaurants, 11 apartment blocks and public areas under the guidance of provincial and municipal disease control experts.

  Second, on the basis of the original property management personnel, 680 cleaning personnel will be added to clean and remove the garbage in the park to ensure that the domestic garbage is cleared twice a day.

  Fourth, in strengthening employees’ psychological counseling and humanistic care,

  First, provide psychological counseling services, open a 24-hour psychological counseling hotline, and take the initiative to pay a return visit every day; Open online mental health courses to relieve employees’ psychological pressure.

  The second is to unblock the channels of employees’ appeals and open a 7*24-hour care hotline to ensure that it can be opened at any time and provide corresponding services and guarantees to solve employees’ appeals and difficulties in time.

  Five, in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees according to law.

  First, fully respect employees’ willingness to stay or stay, and work with Foxconn to produce the WeChat applet of "Questionnaire on Employees’ Willingness to Return Home", which conforms to the current epidemic prevention policy and organizes employees to return home safely and orderly. For employees who voluntarily declare to stay in the port area for isolation, the government will give each person a daily living allowance in 300 yuan, which will be paid on a daily basis.

  The second is to urge enterprises to honor relevant incentive policies in time for employees who are willing to return to their posts after the isolation.

  Third, for those who really need to return home immediately due to special circumstances, timely arrange vehicles for "point-to-point" safe transshipment and incorporate them into local closed-loop management according to epidemic prevention and control policies.

  Dining places in low-risk areas are forbidden to eat in class, and only take-away service is provided.

  With regard to the orderly opening of service places in medium-risk areas, risk communities, temporary spill prevention control areas and low-risk areas, the press conference introduced that in accordance with the working idea of "resolutely controlling the management and orderly releasing the release", the prevention and control measures were adjusted and optimized according to the times and the situation, and the service places were opened in an orderly manner.

  Among them, low-risk areas advocate minimizing going out, not gathering, and not getting together. In low-risk areas, supermarkets, pharmacies, medical institutions, barbershops, delicatessens, bakeries, clothing stores and other places related to people’s lives, under the premise of strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures such as appointment, peak shifting, flow restriction, wearing masks, temperature measurement and code scanning inspection, will resume normal operations after cleaning, disinfection and ventilation.

  Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, office buildings, banks, service halls and other business places will resume normal production and operation order on the premise of strictly implementing prevention and control measures such as appointment, peak shifting, flow restriction, wearing masks, temperature measurement and code scanning inspection.

  Dining places are forbidden to eat in the hall, and only take-away service is provided (non-contact delivery to the door of the community). Schools, kindergartens and off-campus training institutions start online teaching. Pension service institutions, welfare institutions, prisons and boarding schools strictly implement closed-loop management. Aggregation activities are not held in principle.

What’s wrong with searching for the most correct woman’s play?

Even for the audience who don’t watch domestic dramas very much, it is estimated that ta can confidently say "I will do it" in the face of the question of who is the hot topic of Chinese dramas in the near future.

Because, Nothing But Thirty is so hot.

Not only is there a hot search for plots almost every day, but even supporting actors are fancy on the list.

In addition to doing a good job in marketing, Douban, which had soared to more than 8 points, almost put on the shining crown of "the light of national drama" for Nothing But Thirty.

However, as the plot entered the middle and late stage, Nothing But Thirty’s score suddenly dropped.

It makes people curious: What’s wrong with this hot search for the most correct woman play?

There are spoilers in this article.


In the explosive drama camp, there are always two emotional magic weapons-either hold back or be cool.

Nothing But Thirty, who can be widely discussed by the audience, is naturally an excellent model for practicing this rule.

The story is chosen in "30 years old", which is considered by most people as a time node to formally break away from naivety and move towards absolute maturity.

The first person in charge of "suppress" is an ordinary and ordinary luxury store counter sister Wang Manni.

She came to the big city with her dreams, and she was diligent and flexible in her work, but the goal of starting a family here is still out of reach.

The glitz dispersed, leaving me alone in the silent street, exhausted.


Wang Manni, who worked so hard, couldn’t even find a close person who could help her when she fainted. She had to listen to her parents’ phone calls to persuade her to go home day after day and learn how to remain firm and never waver when her family debunked the truth of life.



All kinds of life scenes in which men are silent and women are in tears are simply the portrayal of most "X drifts" in life, and they are really humbled.

Of course, if you are lucky, you may become a big city indigenous like Zhong Xiaoqin.

Even if she is married, she is still a little princess at home. She goes home for dinner anytime and anywhere, and works as a busy little clerk in a big company, and her work and life are both right.

However, she also has her own grievances.

The marriage with her husband Chen Yu, "You raise fish and I raise cats", is not as sweet as lovers, nor as close as family members. It is polite and exasperating to turn husband and wife into roommates alive.

Fortunately, the humbling of the first two is relieved here in Gu Jia, who is also the first character in the whole play to output "Shuang".

As a legendary "stay-at-home wife", Gu Jia is not Luo Zijun who was divorced regardless in My First Half of Life.

On the contrary, she has brains and means, and knows how to use interpersonal relationships to expand the territory of her husband Xu Huanshan’s fireworks career and push her family to a higher social class little by little.

However, Gu Jia is not a passive role for the sake of interests.

Some female employees are preparing to seduce the magic mountain. Gu Jia reminds the other party with an orange, and likes to mention the title of "green things on earth".

Faced with the fact that old customers sexually harassed in the name of orders, Gu Jia chose to refuse sternly, even if he didn’t make money, he would defend his dignity.


My son was put in a dark room by other parents in kindergarten, and Gu Jia, who was furious, directly solved it by force, and demonstrated what it meant to be a mother.


Good wife, good mother, going to the hall and going to the kitchen, Gu Jia, who blames all the way, makes the tyranny of the wicked and self-improvement "Gu Xue" rampant, and also helps Nothing But Thirty successfully unlock countless female topics, which is still hot.



In order to dispel the sense of suspension brought by the rich family, Nothing But Thirty also made some efforts.

For example, the details such as actresses going home to become plain, husband and wife washing and eating, etc., help the drama show a side that is in line with real life.

What highlights the flavor of "chicken feathers in one place" is the short story of parents that domestic dramas can’t be avoided for thousands of years-in the story of three women, there are all kinds of men.

First of all, it was Liang Zhengxian, the "sea king" that Wang Manni met.

Little transparent cabinet sister met a rich and idle bachelor on a romantic yacht. This kind of idol drama plot that others dare to watch and dare not think about happened to hit Wang Manni.

How can she not be carried away by love when she sees the luxuries that she can only see and can’t afford on weekdays?

It’s a pity that "Neptune" is only in love and not married, and it’s still going to have a "one south and one north" golden house.

Wang Manni’s line, from the "exquisite poverty" that everyone talked about, turned into a more fashionable department (art) in minutes, which personally shattered the vanity fantasy of countless girls meeting perfect true love.

Similarly, Zhong Xiaoqin, who lived step by step, began to experience more emotional entanglements than usual.

Behind the marriage of "He raises fish and I raise cats", it is always hidden that Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu never take the initiative to understand each other’s indifference and estrangement, and the bad news of the child’s fetal arrest has become the fuse for their separation.

So, Zhong Xiaoqin and his wife quietly went through the divorce procedure.

Being single this time not only unlocked Zhong Xiaoqin’s hot search for "super sweet brother and sister love", but also provided her with another perspective to observe her ex-husband. She began to compare and measure her old love and new love uncontrollably.

The most difficult person is the legendary omnipotent Gu Jia.

Although Gu Jia walks in the Jianghu with the title of "a green device on earth", it is inevitable that there will be some omissions in preventive measures.

In the past, Xu Huanshan, who listened to Gu Jia’s bidding, had an affair with Lin, the goddess of green tea who had just left campus, and became a daughter of love rat who was severely punished by netizens.

With the scenes of three heroines meeting people who are not suitable, the audience can’t help feeling that the only good man in the whole play is Xu Ziyan who is still in kindergarten.


Nothing But Thirty’s front foot put # Is a full-time wife an independent woman # on a hot search, and her back foot made the three heroines have a headache for men.

Isn’t it a little hasty to divide the position of good and evil simply by gender opposition?

A female drama inevitably needs male roles, but this does not mean that women’s problems must be created by men.

The most difficult thing is that after the fast pace and high output in the first half of the drama, with love rat’s daughter showing her true colors in succession, the domestic drama entered the dog blood stage with supporting roles.

Not only the joys and sorrows of the three women can’t escape from men, but they also filmed a large-scale derailment record, completely missing the chic of "thirty", leaving only water injection and procrastination.

Even if the screenwriter himself came out and returned, the rapidly declining score in a few days proved that the audience was the most sensitive quality inspector, and it was Nothing But Thirty’s irreversible fate to open higher and lower.

In less than a month’s broadcast time, from women with different personalities to men who are full of slag, Nothing But Thirty has set off countless discussions through diversified roles.

Undoubtedly, the communication effect of the series is the same at one time.

However, under the surface excitement that seems to cover many issues, the most common problem of Chinese opera-routines has always been hidden.

The counter sister in luxury stores often looks at people to order dishes and dishes, and she can know whether the other party has purchasing power at a glance at the customer’s clothes, while Wang Manni doesn’t pick customers, even if she is facing ordinary guests, she feels at home.

As a result, the heroine successfully unlocked millions of orders and established a good person.


This routine, for the screenwriter, this expected reversal of the plot really saves time and effort, but for the audience, it is estimated that it is more suitable to describe it as "aesthetic fatigue" in the barrage.

As the story comes to an end, only the nonstandard ending of refusing a happy ending can save Nothing But Thirty a little:

Some people accept love, some people wait for love, and some people create love.

Both inside and outside the drama are not perfect, but at least their existence makes more women believe-

A woman must have her freedom, and this freedom deserves everyone’s respect.

The picture in this article comes from the Internet.


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Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3′ s main creation appeared in new york Comic-Con pilot trailer exposure.

  Recently, the sci-fi action film War of the Planet of the Apes (Rise of the Planet of the Apes: The Ultimate Battle, Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3 for short) produced by 20th Century Flowserve Company held a press conference at the 2016 new york Comic-Con, with director matt reeves, starring andy serkis and producer Dylan Clark at the event. The film will be released in North America on July 14th, 2017, and it is expected to be introduced in China. This conference can be said to have made fans who like and pay attention to the Rise of the Planet of the Apes series addicted. The preview of Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3, the 7-minute movie clip and the behind-the-scenes tidbits were all exposed at the event. This unique style of forewarning reminds people to leave quickly through the mouth of Caesar, the gorilla. The war has already started, and people can’t help but look forward to the ultimate decisive battle between man and apes.

  The story of Rise of the Planet of the Apes 3 will take place in the second two years after The Rise of the Planet of the Apes: The Battle of Dawn. Director Reeves said: "This will be the largest one in the series. Caesar in the third film is no longer known to everyone. He is full of remorse for Koba’s death. " Andy serkis, who plays Caesar, also revealed important information: "Caesar’s empathy for human beings gradually disappeared, and he understood Koba better, and his psychology began to go dark."

  The film series Rise of the Planet of the Apes tells the story of a group of high-intelligence orangutans who have been tested by drugs against human beings. This series is one of the successful new films created by Fox Film Company in the 20th century in recent years. Rise of the Planet of the Apes in 2011 and The Rise of the Ape: The Battle of Dawn in 2014 grossed nearly $1.2 billion worldwide. The Rise of the Ape: The Battle of Dawn earned more than 700 million RMB when it was released in China in 2014, and the human nature revealed by the leading orangutan Caesar touched the hearts of many audiences. Rise of the Planet of the Apes’s breakthrough in motion capture technology has made the audience experience the most advanced special effects wonders. The two films in the series were nominated for the Best Visual Effect Award in the 84th and 87th Academy Awards respectively.

  As a well-known Hollywood film company, Fox has produced many blockbuster movies such as Avatar, Titanic, Life of Pi, Mars Rescue, Ace Agent: Secret Service College, X-Men series, Rise of the Planet of the Apes series and Ice Age series in the 20th century. In addition to Rise of the Planet of the Apes: The Ultimate Battle, there will also be many blockbuster movies worthy of attention and expectation in 2017, such as Logan (tentative translation of Wolverine 3: World War I), Kingsman: The Golden Circle (tentative translation of Ace Agent 2: The Golden Circle) and Alien: Covenant (tentative translation of Prometheus 2)

Musical Matilda: "Even if you are young, you can do great things"

Stills of Matilda

Three Matilda actors Song Jinyu Liu Wenhui photo

  West End of London’s original musical "Matilda" landed at Guangzhou Grand Theatre from August 8 to 14, with eight performances in a row. The day before yesterday, three "Matilda" actors Katie Harris, Sophia Boston and Morgan Santo appeared at the Guangzhou Grand Theatre in advance, shared their experiences in performing musicals and their feelings about their trip to China, and brought wonderful performance excerpts from the classic "Naughty".

  Natalie Gilhome, the resident director, introduced that the stage, music and arrangement of Matilda’s China tour are original. "We have toured the world countless times, and I am very happy to finally come to China. This is a rare play featuring a little girl, and we see how a little girl can become a better self. "

  Adapted from well-known children’s literature in Britain

  What kind of musical is Matilda? At the meeting, the three "Matilda" described the play with wit, independence and mystery respectively. Matilda, adapted from the novel of the same name by British writer roald dahl, tells the story of how Matilda, a little girl, deals with vulgar parents and principals, and works miracles with courage and wisdom to save herself and others around her.

  Roald dahl is a well-known children’s literature writer in Britain. He even beat J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, to the top in the "British favorite writer selection". The musical Matilda was hatched by the Royal Shakespeare Company. It is worth mentioning that among the two musicals hatched by the troupe, the other is the world-famous Les Miserables. The composer of Matilda is tim minchin, a musical genius, and the album Matilda brought him a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Musical Album in 2014.

  In 2011, "Matilda" was a great success after its premiere in West End of London, winning 7 laurence olivier awards awards and 5 Tony awards, which swept all the stage design awards in 2012. So far, it has won more than 86 musical awards, including 17 best musical awards.

  The three "Matilda" are small and powerful.

  There is a line in Matilda, "Even if you are young, you can do a lot", which is equally applicable to three young actors. Among the three "Matildas", Sophia and Morgan have played roles in musicals such as Madame Veron, and Katie is on the professional stage for the first time. Generally speaking, children’s actors often don’t dance properly because of their limited physical strength. However, the young actors in Matilda can not only complete many difficult movements, but also lose their singing skills.

  Talking about the feeling of playing Matilda, Morgan said: "The hardest thing is to keep a poker face without expression, because Matilda lives in a family without love." Sophia said: "The hardest thing is to get rid of yourself and become Matilda, because she is completely different from me in personality, expression and walking style."

  Besides Matilda, which roles do they want to try in the play? Sophia and Morgan chose Matilda’s soul mentor — — Miss Henny, Katie wants to play Matilda’s mother: "Mom often yells at Matilda, which is a very interesting role." (Yangcheng Evening News reporter Hu Guangxin intern He Yingdong)