San Diego Comic-Con Science: Your beloved Raytheon Loki has been here!

The annual San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner.

Special feature of 1905 film network  The annual San Diego Comic Con is coming again! This year’s comic-con is still full of stars, crouching tiger, hidden dragon, famous directors such as Spielberg, and superheroes such as Justice League, Raytheon and Panther are also gearing up. Game of Thrones, which has been on the altar all the year round, can’t be underestimated as well as rising star westworld. For a time, the eyes of fans all over the world turned to this beautiful coastal city.

Speaking of the impressive activities of Comic-Con, what Xiaobian first thought of was the one that surprised fans in 2013.

On July 20th, 2013, Hall H of the San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center (the main venue of the comic exhibition) was packed. The staff introduced the post-production to the fans, but the scene suddenly went into darkness and the microphone suddenly lost its sound. This scene made people think that there was an accident.

Suddenly, a thunderous voice resounded through the hall: "Man, look at how low you have fallen!"? Gathered in the dark, like wild animals! " After saying his word, a "lightning" threw a cold white light out of thin air. "Shake Sen" Tom Hiddleston stood proudly on the stage in the gorgeous armor of the evil god Loki, scanning the audience coldly, and the excited screams of the fans almost overturned the roof.

"Shake the Sen" into the play

Later, "Shake the Sen" continued to set a good example, giving people the illusion of watching Shakespeare’s stage plays.From Asgard, the fairy palace, the proud little public performance sometimes called on the audience: "Call my name and be loyal to me!" " Sometimes put your index finger on your lips to signal that everyone is quiet, control the rhythm strongly, and the gas field is breathtaking.

"Shake the Sen" gas field is breathtaking.

In this way, Loki "swept" Hall H with lightning speed/storm. Although "Shake Sen" is very attractive, the glittering logo behind him is equally eye-catching. Non-fans and fans can’t help asking: What kind of grand event is San Diego Comic Con? (Xiaobian won’t tell you, this is the real wonderful conference 23333)

Although San Diego Comic-Con always comes as scheduled, not everyone knows its ins and outs.Let’s review its "past lives" together ~


Origin & Things You May Not Know


"International Comic-Con: San Diego", referred to as SDCC, usually lasts for 4 days (Thursday to Sunday) and is held in summer.San Diego is located in the southwest corner of California, USA.Known for its warm climate and numerous beaches, it is known as the "best city in America" and the economic center of the San Diego-Tijuana metropolitan area.The current comic-con event has become a diversified comprehensive event, the scope is not limited to comics, and works from different fields have entered one after another, and the publicity and promotion conferences of all parties are fierce, but it was not the case at first.

"Quanyou" is a creative exhibition.


The first San Diego Comic-Con was held in 1970, when it was founded by a group of comic fans such as Schell Doff and Richard Alf. Schell Doff initiated the Detroit Comic-Con in the 1960s (one of the first veterans of comic-Con). He moved to San Diego in the 1970s and prepared a one-day mini-exhibition on March 21st, hoping to take this opportunity to organize large-scale exhibitions in the future. Perhaps he never thought that San Diego Comic Con would become the focus of the world in the future.

9 comic book fun tips


1. After the initial mini-exhibition, the first San Diego Comic-Con, which lasted for three days from August 1 to August 3, 1970, attracted 300 people (another 100 people were written by foreign media). Although it seems sparsely populated now, considering the cultural environment at that time, this figure has demonstrated the attraction of Comic-Con to the public.

The El Coste Hotel, one of the local landmarks, was once the main venue for the exhibition.


2. Comic-Con once set up the University of California, San Diego, San Diego Golden Hall, El Coste Hotel, etc. As the venue, in 1991, the main venue was moved to the San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center. In recent years, libraries, theaters, children’s parks, etc. will also undertake some activities.

The San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center is integrated with the beautiful scenery, and the dome has a sense of design.

3. The full name of Comic Con — — The name "International Comic-Con: San Diego" was first formed in 1995. Before that, the Title of Comic-Con was changed several times. In 1970, it was called "Golden State Comic-Con", in 1972 it was called San Diego West Coast Comic-Con, and in 1973 it was a concise San Diego Comic-Con. Every year, there will be a preview field the day before the official opening (Wednesday night) to provide participants with an "exhibition catalogue", which is actually to let them know about the main activities, exhibitors and guests. The preview activity is only open for 3 hours (6 -9 pm), so this night is also called "warm-up night".

The first San Diego Comic Con was actually called "Golden State Comic Con"

San Diego West Coast Comic Con, a former name, is also cool.


4. Los Angeles is close to San Diego. Guess what the Hollywood team first entered the San Diego Comic Con to promote? Of course, the American people are obsessed with it now! Charles Liebencott, the director of the film’s announcement, put slides on the stage, but the scene was deserted, and only a handful of people participated in the exhibition, in sharp contrast to today’s sea of people.

Hollywood actually came to comic exhibition as early as the 1970s.

Hollywood film giants are in Los Angeles (marked in purple), which is close to San Diego (marked in red).

5. The last day of San Diego Comic-Con is "Children’s Day". In addition to film-related publicity, there are also some activities open to families. Children aged 12 and under can enter for free (provided that parents need to buy tickets).

The children are very engaged in playing.

6. In 2015, the number of exhibitors in San Diego Comic-Con reached an astonishing 160,000! In 45 years, the influence of comic exhibition is not the same as that of that year.

Every comic season, San Diego is crowded.


7. Every year, San Diego Comic-Con will hold a "masquerade ball", and encourage exhibitors who are creative and outstanding in costume matching to show themselves boldly. The winner of the "masquerade ball" will win 1000 dollars and a commemorative medal. In 2015, a group with the theme of "haunted house" stood out.

They swept the San Diego Comic-Con masquerade in 2015 and won many awards.


8. The "masquerade ball" is not the only place where you can play Cosplay. Fans in the exhibition hall usually take the route of "evil spirit madness" and dress up as their favorite characters.

The fans had a great time in the comic exhibition.

The Big Bang TheoryThe otaku in the movie once incarnated as "Justice League", and Pan Xiaohua looked unhappy.


9. When you open the San Diego Comic-Con official website, you can often see a cute toucan. Designer Rick Gilley originally thought of using this strange and precious large bird as the signboard of the exhibition, but according to him, he just wanted to paint animals dressed as human beings, and then the toucan became a symbol of the exhibition. According to official website, this bird retired gloriously in 1995, but until today, its sense of existence is still very strong.

This cute little bird often appears in official website today.

Rare design manuscripts in early years

Designer’s colored logo data map

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