The safe operation of NOA, a technology truck, exceeds 50 million kilometers, and the intelligent driving of trucks has entered the stage of large-scale commercialization.

On August 29th, 2023, Macheng Technology held the second Macheng Technology Day with the theme of "Run the truck NOA", and shared the innovative practice that Macheng truck NOA (navigation-assisted driving) took the lead in breaking through 50 million kilometers and operating safely without accidents, deeply interpreted the new generation core technology of Macheng truck NOA, and cooperated with Shentong Express and Shentong Express on the spot. Intelligent driving of trucks has entered the stage of large-scale commercialization.

Ma Zheren, founder and CEO of Won Che Technology, said, "Won Che truck NOA has been operating safely for more than 50 million kilometers with zero accidents. Since the end of 2021, Hunche Technology and its OEM partners have successfully mass-produced smart heavy trucks, and Hunche truck NOA has successfully covered the national high-speed trunk lines. Its value of safety, labor saving, labor saving and fuel saving has been widely recognized by head logistics customers, and it has realized the large-scale commercial operation of smart heavy trucks. This is the common achievement of the close cooperation of the truck autonomous driving industry, and has formed a leading position in the world. Through the platform of Suiche Science and Technology Day, we share and discuss the technological innovation and application practice of truck autonomous driving with industrial partners to jointly promote the accelerated development of the industry. "

Ma Zheren, founder and CEO of Yuche Technology

Wei Bingwu, director of Shanghai SME Development Service Center, was invited to attend the meeting. He said that Hunche Technology is one of the key unicorn enterprises in Shanghai, and congratulated Hunche on his achievements in autonomous driving technology and products. The city service center will rely on the "Shanghai Enterprise Service Cloud" as the platform carrier, actively link resources, further do a good job in unicorn cultivation, and empower enterprises in the critical period of growth.


NOA, a winning truck, travels safely over 50 million kilometers, and the commercial value of autonomous driving has been verified on a large scale.

Mache Technology has cooperated with more than 100 shippers and carrier fleets to carry out normalized intelligent heavy truck operation services, with a commercial operation mileage of over 50 million kilometers, covering more than 340 trunk high-speed operation lines in seven core economic zones across the country, with a cumulative shipment of nearly 50,000 times, all of which were completed by a single driver. In the normal commercial operation of intelligent driving heavy trucks for more than 600 days, the automatic driving mileage accounts for more than 90%, which continuously creates significant value for logistics customers in terms of safety, manpower saving, labor saving and fuel saving.

Ayushun, Executive Vice President of Mache Technology

  • Security:On Science and Technology Day, Pacific Insurance and Hunche Technology jointly released the industry’s first complete annual smart driving heavy truck insurance data report, which compared the safety performance and accident data of smart driving heavy trucks and traditional heavy trucks in detail. Compared with manual driving, intelligent driving can be reduced by more than 75% in core indicators such as pre-collision warning, lane departure warning and sudden deceleration.
  • Save people:NOA, a winning truck, changes the driver from the previous pure manual driving mode to a simple and relaxed safety officer mode, which greatly reduces the work intensity and driving fatigue. Through safe and sustainable single driving, the ratio of people to vehicles has been significantly reduced in various trunk logistics subdivision scenarios such as express delivery, contract logistics, LTL and vehicle-specific lines, and the labor cost can be saved by 20%~50%.
  • Save effort:Hunche Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology’s aerospace human factors engineering team introduced aerospace human factors research into truck autonomous driving. After 134 trips of transportation tasks and nearly 120,000 kilometers of drivers’ physical fatigue and psychological fatigue index tests, the results show that compared with traditional truck drivers, the physical fatigue of intelligent truck drivers who use NOA, a well-won truck, decreases by about 35%, and the psychological fatigue decreases by about 11%. This test provides industry norms and standards for human factors research of intelligent truck driving, and fills the gap in the industry. The two sides pioneered a research method for testing the physiological and psychological fatigue indicators of smart truck drivers. The signals of physiological and psychological indicators such as EMG and ECG were collected through wearable skin and ECG modules, and a multi-modal biomathematics model of driving fatigue based on three dimensions of physical load, alertness and cognitive load was constructed.
  • Fuel saving:According to NOA commercial operation data of Hunche truck, the fuel saving performance of Hunche intelligent heavy truck is better than the customer’s fuel consumption assessment standard in the core freight flow direction of East China, South China, North China and Central China, and the average fuel saving per 100 kilometers can reach 1-3 liters, which is 3%-7% compared with excellent human drivers. Among them, 30% of the normal operation lines can achieve 7%-10% fuel consumption reduction.

NOA, a winning truck, leads the level of truck automatic driving technology. Its national expressway availability rate is 100%, and the commercial operation coverage rate of expressways has reached 70%. It also overcomes the problems of continuous bends, long downhill, continuous tunnels and lack of RTK positioning signals, and realizes safe and reliable traffic on complex roads. The original fuel-saving algorithm (FEAD) of Hunche Technology has completely surpassed the predictive cruise algorithm (PCC), and achieved lateral control, traffic flow response, global speed planning, and more accurate calculation of load and rolling resistance coefficient, which significantly improved the fuel-saving effect. Aiming at the limitation of heavy truck data transmission, NOA creatively realized the enhanced shadow mode of combining end and cloud, directly purified driving data at the vehicle end, uploaded high-quality data fragments, and formed 550,000 high-value scenes, which were simulated and trained in the cloud data lake. The version update cycle only took 14 days.


Three core technologies in the new stage of NOA for winning trucks

Dr. Yang Ruigang, CTO of Hunche Technology, said that starting from the 50 million km milestone, the automatic driving technology of Hunche truck will accelerate the expansion of the capability boundary, especially: better national road performance, surpassing the higher cognition and smarter decision-making of old drivers, and supporting the OEM to realize more and faster vehicle adaptation. On the Science and Technology Day, Winch Technology comprehensively interpreted the three core technologies in the new stage of NOA of Winch Truck:

  • End-to-end network with security fenceEnd-to-end network can significantly improve the performance of autonomous driving, which is a general trend in the industry. However, the traditional end-to-end network is difficult to be applied to real scenes on a large scale because of its lack of interpretability and reliability and lack of security guarantee. Qiche innovatively put forward the "end-to-end network with security fence", which decomposes the traditional end-to-end network into several differentiable sub-networks, establishes an interpretable end-to-end network, and constructs a security fence to restrain it, so as to maximize the use of the intelligence of the end-to-end network and ensure the safety of autonomous driving. At the same time, the Occupancy Grid Map-OGM is used to represent in three-dimensional space, so as to realize the effective recognition of special-shaped objects and complex scenes. In addition, in view of the challenge of heavy truck’s long sensing distance to OGM’s computing power and memory consumption, we have developed an efficient OGM technology, which adopts adaptive granularity and sparse algorithm to reduce computing power consumption by 55% and memory consumption by 70%, and provide users with higher cost performance.

Dr. Yang Ruigang, Won Che Technology

  • Won the super driver.NOA, a winning truck, has approached the outstanding drivers of human beings in behavior at present, and even surpassed the outstanding drivers in several key dimensions such as fuel consumption. In order to continuously optimize the NOA performance of Won-Che truck, and achieve a comprehensive transcendence over the old human drivers in driving behavior, Win-Che Technology began to build a Win-Che super driver by combining the massive data obtained from commercial operation and the highly intelligent LLM model. Firstly, the driving behavior and scene data are atomized and subdivided in more than 300 dimensions, such as weather, road material, lighting, road structure, traffic flow, vehicle type and load, and naturally linguistized; At the same time, combining manual labeling and automatic labeling to form positive and negative driving behavior atomic sets, LLM model is fine-tuned, and a general intelligent big model TruckGPT focusing on truck automatic driving is customized. In view of the long tail problem that is difficult to deal with in the contemporary autonomous driving technology, the general intelligence of TruckGPT is used to optimize driving behavior, to build a super driver, and to strive to surpass the old driver in terms of fuel consumption, safety and driving comfort.


  • Ma che zhi Jia platform
  • In terms of hardware, Manche Technology has designed a new generation of ADCU computing platform for truck intelligent driving system. The new platform provides powerful AI and CPU computing power to meet the needs of trucks for remote sensing and fuel-saving algorithms. In view of the challenge of closed-loop data caused by long-distance weak network and changeable working conditions of trucks, the new platform provides large-capacity storage capacity and data management system, and ensures the success rate of high-value data return to 99.9% through technologies such as data compression and intelligent breakpoint continuous transmission. The new ADCU has also reached the functional safety level of ASIL-B and the information safety level of ISO 21434 certification, which fully meets the harsh operation and maintenance environment of trucks.
  • On the platform software level: Penche Technology has developed the core functions of vehicle hardware management, basic functions of system software, functional safety and information safety management, following the design concepts of integrity, universality and standardization. The platform software includes software development packages such as Vehicle Abstraction (VAL), Sensor Abstraction (SAL) and automatic code generation, which greatly improves the research and development efficiency and reduces the adaptation time of NOA, a brand-new truck, to 9-12 months.
  • In the aspect of truck EEA architecture: Hunche Nebula architecture has released a new generation of functions, providing more efficient and flexible solutions for OEM and Tier-1 partners. The new generation scheme uses the communication architecture of Gigabit Ethernet, which effectively solves the bandwidth bottleneck of traditional CAN/LIN bus. At the same time, the new generation of Hunche Nebula architecture also provides IASP standardized service library to meet the needs of rapid application of new models and high-performance transformation of old models at controllable cost. The overall scheme realizes full modular software and hardware decoupling, can be split and delivered in multiple dimensions, adapts to the differentiated electronic and electrical architecture of multiple OEMs, and efficiently supports the upgrade of truck EEA architecture.


Mache Technology signed purchase and strategic cooperation agreements with Shentong Express, Zhongtong Express and Debon Express.

At the site of this Science and Technology Day, Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and Shentong Express signed the first batch of 500 smart heavy trucks procurement and strategic cooperation agreements, China Heavy Duty Truck and Zhongtong Express signed the first batch of 200 smart heavy trucks procurement and strategic cooperation agreements, and Debon Express signed the smart heavy trucks strategic cooperation agreement.