WU GANG shows the textbook-level acting "Secretary Dakang" expression pack hot network.

  "WU GANG’s acting is so good, why is it not red?" The audience who once asked questions on the Internet should be very pleased now: WU GANG became an expression pack overnight with the role of "Secretary Dakang" in the anti-corruption drama in the name of people. When interviewed by reporter WeChat yesterday, the strength faction mentioned that the enthusiasm of netizens was both surprised and happy: "Nowadays, netizens are really amazing, especially thanks to netizens."

  "Secretary Dakang" teaches you to act.

  After "in the name of people" became popular, a group of officials in Handong Province became the favorite "Handong Boys" of the audience, and the most popular among the "Handong Boys" belonged to Dakang Li, secretary of the Jingzhou Municipal Party Committee played by WU GANG. At first, he was guessed as a bad guy by some viewers. After ten episodes, everyone found that he had a wife’s pit inside, subordinates’ secrets outside, debts left by his predecessor, and colleagues’ stepping on him. He was also devoted to the GDP of Jingzhou, which was simply a tragic "back-pot man" and made everyone feel bad. The audience was also divided into two groups: "Secretary Dakang" and "Secretary Yuliang", and they started a fan war in a serious way, turning Secretary Dakang and his expression pack into a hot search — — Who would have thought that anti-corruption drama had such a way of looking after it?

  In fact, Dakang Li didn’t play an important role in the original work. Most of the credit for the popularity of "Secretary Dakang" lies in WU GANG’s interpretation and play. WU GANG said frankly: "It’s also quite uneasy to take on this play, playing a party secretary. We have never seen this person. I will search Baidu for many videos of leaders at all levels. If people’s gestures may help me, I will keep them in mind and may be useful in filming. " He grasped the details to shape the characters. "I hope the audience will say that I know this person, just like the people next door to our house, and he has a sense of closeness." First of all, I think this character has to be human. He has worldly desires, so he has to eat. When he is hungry, he has to poke wildly. When he is in a hurry, he also swears. In fact, people are like this. "

  The most important point is to recite the lines. "The biggest secret is to read the script well. When the script is very familiar, you will know what the other party is and what you want to do. I must be familiar with this level, so that when you say your lines, it is vivid and subconscious. " Remember the undercover documentary of Hengdian written by screenwriter Song Fangjin not long ago? Young actors, learn.

  Thanks to netizens for making emoticons.

  Lu Qiaoshan in Latent and Lu Zilin &hellip in White Deer Plain; … Like every role in the past, WU GANG did his part as an actor, but the popularity of "Secretary Dakang" was beyond his expectation. "I never thought of this character, and this Dakang Li could become online celebrity." He responded to the concerns of netizens one by one. "In fact, they are not right, it should be three eyelids! My parents gave it to me. This can’t be changed. Everyone says this hand looks good, but I didn’t find it. Later, they took screenshots and saw, hey, I think it’s not bad, thanks to my parents. "

  He thanked the netizens for their emoticons. "Nowadays, netizens are really amazing, and their tastes are extremely high. I’m especially grateful to these netizens. They really made great efforts to cut this photo frame by frame and put all the expressions of Dakang Li together on the Internet. Everyone enjoys this character together, and I think this is the greatest compliment to a person. In fact, I think everyone likes him because of his openness, persistence and simplicity. " Reporter Wang Huichun