Returning to home after three years, Lei Wu leads the way in the harbor.

Reporter Cheng Shan reports. The slogan "Welcome home" was put up in the brand-new "White Jade Bowl" stands in Pudong. In the second round of the Super League in 2023, after a lapse of 1237 days, the Shanghai Harbour Team finally returned to its real home, beating Shenzhen 3-2, which only satisfied the harbour from the result.

SAIC Pudong Football Stadium was completed as early as 2021, but due to various factors, it has never hosted the Super League competition. As the first professional football field built in strict accordance with FIFA standards in China, the most surprising thing about this venue is that the first row of spectators is only 8.5 meters away from the stadium. Although the overall capacity of 33,765 fixed seats is not large, due to the excellent experience of watching the game and the limited number of people entering the stadium, it is still hard to get a ticket for the first home stadium of the new season in the harbor. On the opening day, it was basically "seconds". Many players’ families want tickets, but they can’t find them.

Although this is the first time that the Harbour Team has played a Super League match at SAIC Pudong Football Stadium, the team members already know the situation of the venue very well because the team has already played many warm-up matches here before. On the day before the game, coach Javier did not arrange the pre-game adaptation training in Pudong football field, but still chose to train in the club’s base in Century Park football field.

After defeating the defending champion Wuhan Sanzhen in the first round away, the goal of the seaport returning to Shanghai is more clear. "We must make a good start for the first time. We have no excuse to lose." Facing the Shenzhen team with young players as the team, the task given by the top management of the seaport before the game is very clear. Coach Javier has always said that he can’t wait to lead the players to make their debut at the new home. "This ball marks that football has returned to the normal track and is a very good thing for our team and fans. We look forward to playing in front of the fans and hope that everyone will play a wonderful level and finally achieve a good result. "

The Shenzhen team, which was plagued by unpaid wages, passed the admission at the last minute, but they were impressive in the first round of the season, defeating Qingdao Manatee 2-1, and even the powerful seaport dared not take it lightly. In the starting lineup, Haigang sent three foreign AIDS PK Shenzhen single foreign aid, Pingke, Oscar and Vargas started, and Achim Peng played in the starting lineup.

Although there is a big disparity in personnel strength, the Shenzhen team continued its good state in the first game. In the first half, Jiang Guangtai scored a goal in front of the harbor, which was also the first goal of the Super League in the new stadium. At half-time, the harbor was obviously superior to the opponent. However, in the second half, Jiang Guangtai was sent off for blocking Archimpen’s single-knife foul. Although Pinko’s next goal stabilized the morale of the army, the harbor was obviously in decline due to the ten-man battle. Shenzhen team Jiang Zhipeng scored a corner kick directly, and before the end of the second half, he assisted Archimpen to equalize the score in the away game.

For the first home draw, the seaport naturally couldn’t accept it. Javier changed into Li Ang, Wei Zhen, Li Shuai, Maiti River and paulinho. It was paulinho who sent an assist to Lei Wu in the 87th minute, and the latter made a quick forward attack and finally fixed the score at 3-2.

A game with great disparity in strength satisfied the seaport, and the process also made the fans on the scene feast their eyes. After the game, Jiang Zhipeng, a Shenzhen player, said frankly, "Even if the other team was missing one person, we still looked a little passive, and it was still a pity that the corner details were not handled well." For him, who played for the East Asian Football Club at the beginning of his career, he still has a lot of thanks to the Shanghai fans. After the game, Jiang Zhipeng not only thanked the Shenzhen fans who came from afar, but also bowed to the harbour fans and got a lot of praise.

At the last moment, Lei Wu, the hero, received the biggest cheers. In the stands of the major fan associations in the harbor, the red ocean that has not been seen for a long time was rendered. "This home atmosphere is great!" Lei Wu went to the sidelines to celebrate the victory with his teammates and fans. Compared with the previous home, the interaction here was closer. "I am very happy and enjoy it. Behind the goal are our fans. At this distance, when facing them, everyone will be very motivated."

Javier, the harbor coach, also thought that the game was rather ups and downs. "We created some troubles for ourselves, and most of the time we played with 10 people." Javier said, "The final result is satisfactory, but I feel that my heart can’t stand it."

It is worth mentioning that in the face of the difficulties in the scene, Javier was very frank. "I will take on all the problems in the game, and I am very happy that the team has not given up. Finally, I want to express my gratitude to the fans, who have played an important role in our winning game. We know that we need to give more excellent performance to the fans, and we will focus on the next game. "

This game is also the second consecutive start of the new aid Pingke, and he scored the first goal after joining the harbor. Regarding his performance, Javier said: "My evaluation of him is positive, he is slowly adapting, and his state will definitely get better and better with the deepening of the league. Pinko is a very good person and a very professional player. "

After winning this victory, Haigang is currently leading the Super League standings (tied with Yatai and leading Shenhua in goal difference). However, it is still worrying whether they can sit firmly in the top spot in the Super League. Next week, the harbor will experience a difficult week of doubles, in which they will go to the away game to challenge Cangzhou Lions on 26th, and then they will return to the home game to start the same city derby with Xinshenhua.

Potter: It’s been a very positive week for us. It’s very happy to win three consecutive victories.

# leicester city 1-3 Chelsea # [Potter: It’s a very positive week for us, and it’s very happy to win three consecutive victories] The 27th round of the Premier League has ended, and Chelsea beat leicester city 3-1 away to win three consecutive victories in all competitions. After the game, Chelsea coach Porter accepted an interview with the media after the game and talked about his views on the game.

About the team’s recent performance

"This is a very positive week for us. The three victories against Leeds United and Dortmund, today’s results say a lot about the development of the team. It was a tough game, as always, but in the end I think we should win. "

"This is a very good week. Three beautiful victories. Today’s result is really good for the players, because it is not easy. I am happy for the fans, they are great. "

About Chilwell and Wesley Fofana facing their old club.

"Chilwell answered this question in a perfect way. It was one of the difficult games for the home crowd, but they handled it well. This is not a straightforward game. leicester city has a chance and we have to suffer some hardships, but as we continue to move forward, the situation will get better. "

"Our defensive record has been very good in the Premier League, and the team has a strong mentality. They give everything, they want to keep the ball out of the net, and on the other side, we also have players who want to hit the ball in. "

"It is very gratifying to win three victories in a week at this level. Now we must win next weekend and then enter the international competition day. We will try to get three points against Everton, which is our goal. "

About the missed opportunity of the team

"We are only inches away from more goals. In the end, it was our performance that allowed us to score more goals. "

About Enzo’s performance

"He is an excellent player, a young player. I think he will get better and better when he is with us. You can see his ability. When he gets the ball, he passes it forward. He saw everything. "

On the unity performance of the team

"This is a week’s team performance. It takes time to continue to develop it, but our spirit is growing. I really like unity, fighting for the game and getting ready for fun. Cucurella has been away from the team for some time, but now he has had two excellent performances. It epitomizes what we are looking for. "

Messi attacks! All five opponents were stunned, and it took only 2 seconds to stop the ball with his right foot and volley with his left foot to watch him perform.

In the away game against brest, Grand Paris finally scored 3 points. In this campaign, the French giants beat their opponents 2-1 and continued to expand their advantage in the standings. After the Champions League and the French Cup went out one after another, this season, only the goal of winning the French Cup was left in Barley.

Being eliminated in the Champions League led to the great loneliness of the whole team in Bali, and the feeling of loss was also brought to Ligue 1. They were almost surprised by their opponents in this game, and the score was still 1-1 in stoppage time. Fortunately, at the critical moment, Messi and Mbappé teamed up to create a winner.

In the 91st minute, the Grand Paris counterattacked, and Messi sent a pick pass directly after catching the ball at halftime. Mbappé got the message, and he quickly threw off the defender at the first time, and then passed the goalkeeper and pushed an empty net to help the Grand Paris stage a winner.

In this attack, Messi and Mbappé complement each other, and their passing and running timing are just right, but if one of them hesitates a little, he may not be able to score. It is worth mentioning that this is also the 300th assist of Messi’s club career, and the plum ball king has created a record that is hard for future generations to reach.

Of course, what fans want to see most is Messi’s goal, but unfortunately his luck in this game is average. According to statistics, Messi scored four goals in this campaign, but unfortunately he only scored once and failed to score in the end.

In the 54th minute of the game, Messi’s closest chance to score appeared. His teammate sent a cross on the left, Messi stopped the ball with his right foot, and then volleyed with his left foot, but unfortunately he missed the post.

In this attack, Messi’s performance was really excellent. It took him only about 2 seconds to complete a series of actions of stopping the ball and adjusting the shot. At that time, there were five defensive players around Messi. As a result, they all froze and stayed where they were, watching Messi perform.

Although he is 35 years old, Messi’s explosive power and adjustment ability in an instant are still the top in the world. Opponent defenders can’t keep up with Messi’s rhythm at all, and they dare not rush to grab it, because Messi will break through at any time. Once Messi enters the restricted area, it will be in big trouble.

In this attack, Messi’s performance has reached the extreme. In a limited space and time, he relied on his personal skills and instinct to complete the shot. Although he didn’t score in the end, he believed that his opponents were surprised in a cold sweat. Maybe Messi is no longer young, but as long as he concentrates on attacking on the court, the plum ball king is still one of the most threatening players on the planet.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for Messi to stay in the frontcourt as he did in Argentina. Especially in the Champions League, the midfielders in Paris often pull their legs, which caused Messi to be distracted and retreat, which also greatly consumed his physical strength. If Gabriel wants to make a breakthrough in the Champions League, he must rebuild the midfield and let Messi have no worries in the frontcourt. I believe he will lead the team to success as he did in Argentina!

How much is a set of genuine photoshop? Download the ps software version and install the permanent version with one click.

Photoshop 2022 is the latest image processing software from Adobe. Compared with the previous version, Photoshop 2022 has added some functions and improvements. The following are some main features:

Panel organization and improvement: Photoshop 2022 has made some improvements in panel management, making the panel more simple and intuitive.

Style conversion: The new style conversion tool can convert an image into another style image, such as a photo into a cartoon image.

Artificial intelligence: Photoshop 2022 has also added some artificial intelligence functions, such as automatic selection, intelligent objects, etc., which can help users complete complex operations more quickly.

Design tools: Photoshop 2022 has also added some design tools, such as new brush tools and various gradients, which make it easier for users to draw and edit images.

Multi-device support: Photoshop 2022 now supports the simultaneous use of multiple devices, and users can easily switch and synchronize their work between different devices.

Photoshop 2023 has the functions of intelligent sharpening, intelligent increasing sampling, 3D scene panel, creating vignetting effect, retouching, watermarking, feathering and so on. Dahairj has brought great help to users in processing pictures. And the software adopts a brand-new startup interface, which makes the whole interface of the software look more concise and generous and keep pace with the times. Photoshop software from photo editing and composition to digital painting, animation and graphic design, first-class image processing and graphic design applications are the core of almost every creative project. With the powerful functions of Photoshop on the desktop, you can create anytime and anywhere when inspiration strikes.

First, the first step is to download the installation package of PS2022 and install it.

Open the downloaded installation package:

Step 5, enter the installation process and wait for the installation to be completed.

Step 7: After the installation, the software of PS2022 is already installed on the computer desktop. Double-click to open it and you can use it.

Magic Ranieri, the key adjustment at half-time helped the team stage a 4-goal reversal and tied the dusty 9-year record in one fell swoop.

4: 1 reversal! Cagliari beat ascoli at home, which is the fourth victory led by Ranieri. With this game, Ranieri ended the embarrassment of four consecutive draws. In addition, this score of 4: 1 is the biggest victory of Cagliari this season.

This season, the lack of offensive firepower has always been Cagliari’s biggest problem. In the previous 28 games, Cagliari scored only 30 goals, basically averaging 1 goal per game. Without enough fire support, it is too difficult for Cagliari to win! In the 18th round of the season, the former head coach Lee vilani was fired by the team because of his poor record. He led the team to play 18 league games and 2 cup games for more than five months, with a record of 6 wins, 7 draws and 7 losses, with a winning percentage of only 30%!

After Cagliari fired the head coach, he was very cautious in selecting the coach. After strict screening, he sent an invitation to Ranieri, who was at home, and finally the coach agreed to the invitation. In fact, it is not the first time for the two sides to cooperate. Ranieri coached Cagliari more than 30 years ago and took Cagliari to achieve the feat of upgrading from Serie C to Serie A within two years.

The contract between the two parties began on January 1, 2003 and was signed for two and a half years. However, after Ranieri took over Cagliari, he quickly recruited benetti, the assistant coach of the royal family. After more than 10 years of cooperation, they once created the myth of leicester city winning the championship in the Premier League!

The coach spent many years of experience in mending pots, giving priority to solving the morale problem, and then slightly adjusting the main lineup to maintain combat effectiveness as much as possible. And focus on defense, because there is still a chance to win if you lose less goals, at least you won’t lose. In fact, things developed as expected. Ranieri quickly solved the morale problem, first turning the tide with 2 wins and 1 draw, and scored 4 goals in 3 games, averaging 1.3 goals per game.

After entering February, Cagliari’s lack of firepower became more and more prominent, which has also been bothering Ranieri. On February 4, he lost the game against Modena because of the referee’s dispute. This was Ranieri’s first defeat and the only defeat at present. Subsequently, the defensive system created by Ranieri played a role, offsetting the side effects of insufficient firepower. From the 24th round to the 28th round, Cagliari scored 3 goals and lost 2 goals in 5 games. Although there are not many victories, we will not lose!

In this round of home game against ascoli, the team did not perform well in the first half. In the 19th minute, the opponent took the lead in breaking the deadlock, and in the 36th minute, Cagliari winger Lu Wenbo left the field injured, and Ranieri was forced to make the first substitution. Although there were continuous changes, fortunately, the team did not let the score open.

As soon as the second half started, the magical scene began. Ranieri made substitutions and even changed two people. After Paolo Archie and Pralech joined in the winter, Cagliari’s offensive effect came out quickly. In the 53rd minute, Mancosu made a penalty, and Guoqiang’s penalty was shot and scored, and the score became 1: 1! In the 61st minute, Lapadula reciprocated and assisted Mancosu to overtake the score 2-1! In the 81st minute, Paul Archie, who came off the bench, assisted Lapadula to the next city, 3-1! In the final stage, Zapa caught the opponent and it was a complete kill game, 4: 1!

It’s worth mentioning that four goals in the first half is an unprecedented performance of the team in recent years. The last time I scored four goals in the first half was in the 2014/15 season, which was on September 28th, 2014, when Cagliari beat Inter 4-1 away, and all four goals were scored in the first half. Now it’s been nine years! I didn’t expect Ranieri to open a long-lost goal record in this game!

The first experience of ChatGPT is not as powerful as the legend.

The media always likes to advocate new things, because it can get traffic and exposure, and then it will be silent after a period of time.

After I went to experience ChatGPT by myself, I felt that it was fun and easy to use. It was a machine for collecting and processing information. Compared with the artificial intelligence assistant that came with the mobile phone in the past, it seemed to be more powerful, but it only processed data and information. There was no so-called wisdom and creativity, so it was not so magical.

As for writing articles and copywriting, it is still exemplary writing according to previous human cases and samples, but the writing is good, but the repetition rate is still quite high. It is still a kind of manuscript washing and pseudo original, not a real creation. Because of the lack of originality, it is still repeating human work, but improving efficiency. It is a good tool for people.

Many people say that ChatGPT will change the world. At present, it is not so exaggerated. It is just a useful tool. It is not impossible for enterprises or entrepreneurs to make money by using it, but it is limited to certain industries. Just like blockchain technology, many people say that it will change the world and human life, and it may, but it is not so fast at present. As for 2023, it will not have a great impact on the specific daily life of human beings.

As for the fact that many people will lose their jobs, it is also an exaggeration. This is a fear of marketing psychology, because without innovation and wisdom, it is still impossible to beat human beings. At present, artificial intelligence can’t surpass human beings, because human beings have consciousness and wisdom. There is something in human brain called pineal gland. Without it, human beings can’t have wisdom and awakening.

ChatGPT is a useful tool, which may bring convenience to some people’s work, but its influence is still limited. Of course, what will happen to the further development of artificial intelligence in the future? It remains to be seen and experienced.

The so-called writing papers, novels, reports, etc. advocated by people are just plagiarism and imitation. Some universities have banned students from using them. Even if they do, it is not difficult to judge.

Is there a "signal light" in the cab of a high-speed train with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour?

In this year’s sci-fi movie Wandering Earth 2, the highly intelligent AI technology product MOSS, as a super quantum computer with artificial intelligence, has incomparably powerful computing power, and there are similar intelligent systems in the railway system to control the train to the second and accurately locate the train through powerful algorithms.

Frankfurt’s successful appeal allows fans to watch the Champions League away from home, while Naples is worried about riots among fans.

Live on March 12 th, Frankfurt Club successfully appealed, and fans can go to Naples to watch the Champions League away game. However, Naples officials said that this may lead to riots among fans.

During the first leg of the two teams, some Naples fans were beaten by Frankfurt fans in Germany. For safety reasons, the Interior Ministry of Naples announced that it is forbidden to sell tickets to visiting fans in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final match between Naples and Frankfurt at home next week. However, the Frankfurt Club immediately appealed this and successfully won the appeal, so Frankfurt fans can buy tickets and enter the stadium to watch the game.

The Napoli club issued an official statement saying: "Naples is deeply worried about the decision to allow German fans to enter the Champions League on March 15th. As previously emphasized by the Sports Events Analysis Committee of the Ministry of the Interior, our concern stems from the possibility of fan riots. The Campania Regional Administrative Court made this judgment, so they will be responsible for what may happen. "

MIT research shows that ChatGPT greatly improves productivity, and teachers are afraid of being affected

CBS News reported on March 8th that artificial intelligence (AI) researchers from Princeton University, Penn University and new york University found that the top five occupations most vulnerable to AI (including unemployment and integrating technology to assist certain job functions) were telephone salesmen, college English language and literature teachers, college foreign language and literature teachers, college history teachers and college law teachers.

In an exclusive interview with CBS MoneyWatch, Manav Raj, an assistant professor in the Department of Management at Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania, said that it is still unclear what new jobs will be created by emerging forms of AI, perhaps automation, or the salaried class will improve their work efficiency by using these technologies.

According to the research report released by three researchers, Ed Felten (Princeton University), Manav Raj (University of Pennsylvania) and Robert Seamans (University of new york) on March 1st, the improvement of language model technology mainly affects legal services, securities, commodities and investment industries.

Nikkei Asia Review reported on the 8th that Akihiko Kawano, chief information officer of Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd, expressed the hope that more employees can quickly get familiar with AI to improve productivity, instead of thinking that AI must be perfect before it can be used.

The Financial Times reported on February 15th that Allen & Overy launched an AI chat robot named Harvey to help its lawyers draft contracts.

OpenAI startup fund announced the first batch of investment list on December 1 last year, and Harvey AI was among them.

According to the working paper published by Shakked Noy and Whitney Zhang, Ph.D. candidates of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which has not passed the peer review, ChatGPT can greatly improve the average productivity and job satisfaction. The respondents indicated that they are willing to pay 0.5% salary every month to use this tool.

Shanghai Chongming gradually returns to life normal

With the gradual termination of the seal control management, the lives of the citizens of the Chongming District of Shanghai are returning to the normal state. At present, the staff of the party and government agencies at all levels of Chongming District will return in an orderly manner. The district administrative service center, the township community affairs acceptance service center and other government service windows restore offline services in stages. The 30 bus lines are put into trial operation, and the school is actively prepared to welcome the college candidates of the middle school entrance examination. It is reported that there are 35 government service halls in Chongming District have resumed offline window services, and a total of 97 windows are opened, including district administrative service centers, some township community affairs acceptance service centers and district departments. Tax registration, employment and entrepreneurship, marriage registration, medical and health, social security, etc. involved in the daily affairs of the masses. During the gradual opening of the service hall, the current restriction measures are taken to implement the preference for appointments. Citizens can go to the nearest business after making an appointment through the Internet.

In order to facilitate the travel of residents and restore the people’s lives as soon as possible. At present, Chongming District conducts comprehensive pressure testing for the number of bus classes, the information of the information, and the capacity of the transportation. At present, there are 30 bus lines in Chongming District to resume trial operations, and the townships have evacuated the roadblocks of the main roads. (Fu Xiaobo, a reporter from Science and Technology Daily)