Hua Shao Yiyi leads Zhejiang Satellite TV’s famous mouth in many fields and does not forget to host it.

Hosting by Hua Shao will always be my main business.

??? As the first brother of Zhejiang Satellite TV, Hua Shao not only hosts ace programs such as The Voice of China and China Dream Show, but also works as a producer himself this year, presenting programs such as Ace Mission Impossible and Hua Shaoai Reading. In addition, Hua Shao is developing in an all-round way by writing songs, making records, making movies and performing stage plays.

??? Speaking of my progress in the past five years, Hua Shaoshao said that the biggest change is that I will be a little more calm when I am busy. "Five years ago, I was more nervous and more anxious. At that time, I just had "I love to remember lyrics", and I made some achievements, but I felt insecure. I was anxious when the ratings fluctuated a little. At that time, I was eager to prove myself. Now I am more calm. "

??? When talking about being a producer and doing programs, Hua said less, "I am a host and a presenter of collective wisdom. I especially want to know the thoughts of every member of the team, so that this wisdom can be better reflected in my presiding. It is complementary to each other. I have great respect for those who act well and guide, or guide well and act well. I hope to make a breakthrough in this area in the next five years. " In addition to hosting, Hua Shao gradually emerged in the performance industry. At the end of the year, the film "He Has No Two Wives" starring him will be released, and the stage play "Never Pay the Bill" will also be held on a national tour at the end of December.

??? No matter how many categories he is involved in, Hua said that his main business is hosting. "I think these attempts are very helpful for my hosting work. Just like a good voice, it is necessary to understand the categories of singers and music, so that when communicating with students, they will not be ridiculous and generous because of their lack of knowledge. "

Yi Yi’s natural affinity with the stage

??? At the age of 17, she entered the ground channel of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, and officially joined Zhejiang Satellite TV in 2010. Yiyi hosted programs such as I Love to Remember Lyrics, Chinese Stars Jump, Big Brands Meet Good Voices, and Good Voices of War. She said that she has a natural affinity with the stage.

??? Yi Yi said frankly that I was very scared when I first joined Zhejiang Satellite TV to host "I love to remember lyrics". There are too many aura of success on this platform, and I have a lot of glory. "I didn’t expect to be the host, and I was very scared when the opportunity came." Now that three years have passed, Yi Yi said that the sense of awe is still there. "It’s just that the fear has faded, and it has become a down-to-earth effort, and every step is firm and can’t be complacent."

??? Yi Yi began to learn Latin dance at the age of 12, and her dancing skills made her feel at home in hosting dance programs such as "More Jumping and More Beautiful", so she was awarded the title of "the best variety host who can dance". Yi Yi, a versatile woman, made her debut in the costume drama Phoenix Peony this year. Yiyi revealed that an idol drama will be started soon. She plays opposite Tian Liang. "I play an rhythmic gymnast, who is very energetic and can’t beat me. It is very similar to my personal growth. This is why I took this drama."

??? After hosting for so many years, Yi Yi said that the most fulfilling thing was hosting the China Television Audience Festival of Zhejiang Radio and Television last year. "Our group’s activities, such a big stage, I really enjoy this feeling and am very grateful for the power behind the stage. I have a natural affinity with the stage, and I am never too nervous to speak. This is my proudest place. I love the stage! "

Shen Tao News Anchor Transformation Emotional Mentor

??? Shen Tao is known as the "emotional tutor" of Zhejiang Satellite TV. He helps young men and women make friends and make blind dates in different programs. At first, he was a news anchor. His transformation is related to Xia Chen ‘an, director of Zhejiang Satellite TV. When he was still on the ground channel, Shen Tao hosted an internal get-together, which was recognized by Xia Chen An as suitable for hosting variety shows.

??? Shen Tao’s transformation was very successful. From Love Lianliankan to Turning to Meet TA, the image of "emotional mentor" was deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Shen Tao said: "What we convey is the positive energy of marriage and love values." What attracts Shen Tao most about the team of Zhejiang Satellite TV is that a group of young people do something with a goal. "In the Chinese blue team, we know which direction to go." Shen Tao said.

??? Shen Tao hopes that people who watch his programs can know what kind of people they are and what kind of people they need to find, and apply this knowledge to their lives. This is the success of the program for him.

Yali can only meet beauty if she has a good heart.

??? Yali joined Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue in early 2013, and changed from a news anchor to a variety show host, achieving a gorgeous turn. The excellent hostess in her mind should have the characteristics of calmness, atmosphere, wisdom and warmth. "I hope to grow up as soon as possible through my own efforts and the opportunities given by the channel." "China Dream Show" is an inspirational program that spreads truth, goodness and beauty and is full of positive energy. The concept conveyed by this program deeply infected Yali and made her realize that "if you have a good heart, you will definitely meet a good one."

??? In "Turning and Meeting TA" with Shen Tao, they interacted well. The program is launched in the form of talk show. Although there is a hand card, it depends more on the live performance of the host. Yali is glad that she met this opportunity to show the delicate characteristics of the hostess and let the audience know more about herself. Her self-evaluation is "because of grounding gas, she has confidence."

??? During the period of China Blue, Yali strongly felt the importance of the platform for the host. "The potential needs a good platform to support it, so that the host can be more confident to break through and create himself."

Chen Huan is the only "yuppie" host.

??? As a host, Chen Huan is a bit too fashionable. There is a slight image gap between his external image and the two columns "Chinese Dream Show" and "The First Time in Life" he presided over. If your knowledge of him only stays at the first impression, you may think that he is more suitable to create a fashion brand. In fact, he does have a personal brand. In addition to design, he also dabbled in stage plays and published books.

???? Chen Huan said with a smile that he was the host who went abroad the most in the channel, and was touched by the light of recording the program. Chen Huan had the opportunity to sit in the front row of Broadway and watch the stage play. The wonderful performance of Broadway gave him the impulse to create his own stage play. He stayed up all night that night and wrote the script of "Yuppie Talk Show" with Light Hotel’s post-it notes. At present, he has toured 14 times all over the country and donated all the box office income of 130,000 yuan.

???? Chen Huan’s image orientation is yuppie, and his books and stage plays are labeled as "yuppie", so the host image is rare on the screen at present. Chen Huan wants to be unique and show his personality. "China Blue was also suspected at the beginning of its implementation, but it was made. I know myself best and know what suits me, so I must persist until I succeed. "

70 years of experience, 70 years of quality | Celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Kouzi Wine Industry!

  Last week, today’s Morning Post reported the problem of Mr. Zhang, a Shanghai car owner, about BYD Qin, which attracted the attention of many BYD Qin car owners. After the report was published, the auto rights hotline of Morning Post also received different calls and heard different voices.

  In these calls from BYD Qin car owners, the problems reflected are not limited to the power system problems on the dashboard. Some car owners pointed out that the cruising range of BYD Qin Chuandian mode is inconsistent with the actual propaganda.

  In the face of outside doubts, BYD made an exclusive response when interviewed by Morning Post.

  On the highway

  Air conditioners, wipers, turn signals and headlights all failed.

  The first person who called the Morning Post reporter was Ms. Ma, the owner of BYD in Shanghai. The thrilling experience on the expressway two months ago still left her with a lingering fear.

  "Finally, someone pays attention to Qin’s problem. My experience is similar to that of Mr. Zhang, a Shanghai car owner, but mine is even worse. I had a narrow escape on the highway and had no way to complain after several times."

  What experience did Ms. Ma encounter that made her so angry?

  In an interview with the Morning Post reporter, I learned that Ms. Ma’s Qin was purchased from Shanghai Ledi 4S store in December 2014, and has opened more than 8,000 kilometers so far.

  "On April 6, it was the last day of the Qingming small holiday. It was raining. My family of five had a 4-year-old child in the car and drove BYD Qin back to Shanghai from Bengbu, Anhui."

  On the expressway from Anhui to Shanghai, the sky suddenly rained heavily, but to make matters worse than the weather, the car broke down.

  "The air conditioner, wiper, turn signal and headlights all failed. At that time, the rain was very heavy. I had to turn on the double jump, pull over urgently, and call BYD customer service at high speed to wait for rescue."

  Ms. Ma recalled, "At that time, the road was parked in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. As a result, Changzhou 4S shop said that they could not rescue it. Later, it was easy to say that after waiting for more than 40 minutes, two staff members came. However, the staff said that the reason was not detected, and the car could continue to move forward and told us to go back to Shanghai for maintenance. "

  However, just after Ms. Ma drove her car to Shanghai for less than 20 minutes, the car broke down again. "This time, the situation is the same as before. Air conditioners, wipers, turn signals and headlights all failed. In particular, the failure of the turn signal made me very scared, because at that time, the car was driving in the middle road, and the fog on the glass inside the car was too thick to see the outside. My wife had to wipe the windshield while looking at the car behind me. I only acted as an artificial turn signal, opened the right window, and waved my clothes as a turn signal before reaching the emergency lane. "

  Ms. Ma said: "Because on the last day of the small holiday, there were a lot of cars returning, and the traffic volume was also very large. The emergency lanes were all cars. We put up a tripod 50 meters away, and the tripod was crushed by the car and almost crashed. Fortunately, the car stopped in time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable."

  Before BYD’s rescue, Ms. Ma asked for help in a qq group of BYD Qin. "At that time, some riders said that he had encountered a similar situation, but the problem was not as serious as mine. It is suggested that we start the car after 20 minutes of power failure, and it will be normal. The power failure of the whole car means that the emergency lights can’t be used. We have to take risks, because there is no rescue and no way to stop at the emergency lane. Finally, my wife braved the rain and took an umbrella as a warning sign behind the car. "

  It was not until 1 am the next day that Ms. Ma’s family arrived in Shanghai safely. "In the early morning of April 7, we drove the car to the 4S shop for maintenance. After waiting for an hour and a half, the staff told me that there was no problem detected for the time being and asked me to go back and wait for news. I asked if it was the reason why the rain line leaked, and the mechanic said it was impossible. "

  On April 8, Ms. Ma received a phone call from the 4S shop saying that she went to pick up the car. The problem has been fixed, and the staff only mentioned lightly that "it was because a part at the rear of the car fell, which led to the system disorder, and now the template has been replaced".

  "It’s only about 7 thousand kilometers, and this kind of life-threatening problem appears. What should I do if I have this problem again in the future? Do I dare to get on the highway?" Ms Ma questioned the quality of Qin.

  Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Ma called the Morning Post reporter again. "Although the problem has not appeared again, I dare not drive far away, especially in rainy days. If I can’t open it, I won’t open it."

  What about the agreed 70 kilometers?

  Pure electric mode only drives 45 kilometers.

  Unlike the situation reflected by Ms. Ma, Mr. Wang, the owner of Fuzhou, Fujian, called the Morning Post reporter to reflect the cruising range.

  "The manufacturer promotes that the pure electric mode can reach 70 kilometers, but why have I tested it many times only about 45 kilometers?" Mr. Wang pointed the problem directly at Qin’s battery problem.

  According to public information, the charging capacity of Ferrous lithium phosphate power battery used by BYD Qin is 13kW·h, and 90% of the system uses pure electric mode in hybrid mode, and its comprehensive driving mileage can reach 70km.

  "I didn’t care much about BYD Qin’s cruising range before. After all, this car is a hybrid car. I can burn oil without electricity, but since May, I have begun to pay attention to this problem and found that the test results are far from the manufacturer’s 70 kilometers."

  Mr. Wang said that at first he thought his driving habits were not good, but after many tests, he found that the problem was not his own fault at all.

  "I am now working in the suburbs of Fuzhou, where the road conditions are very good, and I can basically maintain more than 60 km/h. In order to extend the cruising range, I didn’t even turn on the air conditioner or play music, but the test results are still not satisfactory, from 100% to 5%, I can only drive about 45 km." Mr. Wang told the Morning Post reporter.

  The reporter learned that at present, electric vehicles on the market are basically composed of three parts: motor, control system and battery, among which battery is still the biggest problem restricting the development of electric vehicles.

  According to industry insiders, Qin’s working principle is very simple to sum up. "A dual-clutch DCT gearbox, an inverter, an external power plug and an inverter constitute this power system. BYD Qin, on the other hand, mainly uses BYD’s lithium iron phosphate battery, adding some cobalt to the battery, which enhances the cycle efficiency of the whole battery. Therefore, many people call it lithium iron cobalt phosphate battery. "

  Previously, the Automobile Consumption Report conducted an actual measurement of Qin, and the test route was selected at Beijing-Shanghai Expressway: Wuning Road-Cao ‘an Highway-Beijing-Shanghai Expressway-Beijing Toll Station of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway in Putuo District, Shanghai.

  Before departure, the staff filled Qin’s battery (the battery showed 100%), and then filled the fuel tank from the nearby gas station to the automatic jump gun. Vehicles keep driving in EV (pure electric mode), from Wuning Road to Cao An Road, and get on the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway. Within 15 kilometers of Shanghai, the speed of the vehicle is 30 kilometers per hour, with a total mileage of 15 kilometers. Then, it enters the Shanghai section of the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, with a speed of 60-80 kilometers per hour. When the vehicle’s battery shows the remaining 15%, the vehicle travels another 25 kilometers.

  A staff member who participated in the test told the Morning Post reporter: "In order to test Qin’s pure electric mileage, we pressed the EV mode key for 5 seconds according to the vehicle instructions and forced to continue using the EV mode. When it reached the minimum 5% protection power set by the vehicle, it traveled another 5 kilometers. Therefore, in urban congestion and suburban comprehensive sections, Qin used 95% of electricity to drive a total of 45 kilometers. "

  An industry insider said, "There is no clear statement about Qin’s battery capacity so far. However, according to the price speculation, it should be a monomer of 60AH, which is connected in series together. Whether it is charging or discharging, the low voltage of a single battery will seriously affect the cycle life of the entire battery pack, which is beyond doubt. "

  BYD’s exclusive response

  There are two possibilities for Qin Chundian’s unsatisfactory mileage.

  Yesterday afternoon, BYD also gave the Morning Post an exclusive response to the owner’s question about the cruising range in pure electric mode.

  "There may be two situations in the consultation on the unsatisfactory mileage of Qin Chundian: 1. Whether the battery is fully charged. 2. The road use environment and driving habits are related. "

  BYD said, "The charging dissatisfaction is to protect the power battery. The total capacity of Qin Power Battery Pack is 13 kWh. In order to prevent the battery from over-charging and over-discharging, and ensure the service life and safety of the power battery, the power battery is designed with a part of reserved power that is not allowed to be released. This part of reserved power is greater than the current low power alarm display value to protect the battery from over-discharging. When the power battery is charged, the voltage and charging current of the single battery change dynamically, which will cause some errors in the SOC calculation of the battery management system. Vehicles with charging capacity above 10.5 degrees are normal. If the charging capacity deviation is too large, it is recommended to go to BYD authorized service stores for inspection. Fully charge and discharge more to ensure the activity of the battery. If the vehicle is stored for a long time, it is necessary to ensure that the power battery is fully charged, and it is best to fully charge the vehicle. "

  In addition, BYD also wants to remind car owners to pay attention to the charging operation through the Morning Post: "After the Qin battery is fully charged, charge it for a while to better balance the battery performance. If in doubt, please consult the local 4S shop or upgrade the balancing program. Upgrade the equalization program to optimize battery performance. "

  For balanced batteries, BYD’s explanation is that "power batteries are in series structure, and if the performance of individual batteries is inconsistent, it will affect the overall battery performance. Qin started the balancing program from full charging to unplugging the charging plug and after Qin started the power-on, balancing the performance of individual batteries to achieve consistency, thus optimizing the overall performance of batteries. "

  Mr. Wang, the owner of Fuzhou, Fujian, who was concerned by the Morning Post, was confused about the cruising range. BYD staff also said that they would contact the owner as soon as possible to test the car battery and solve the worries of the owner.

  If you have any problems with the car when you use it, you are welcome to get in touch with the Morning Post car rights hotline 18667120283.

Employment season, flying the dream of struggle.

  Figure ①: Lin Jiamin (right), a graduate of Shanghai Health Medical College, works in the community health service center of Xiaokunshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Ying photo

  图②:内蒙古机电职业技术学院毕业生计磊在一家电子材料企业生产线上工作。 王正摄(人民视觉)

  图③:扬州大学外国语学院毕业生李丽在贵州参加支教活动。 张运摄




  ——编 者










  If you choose resource exploration, you choose to be a partner with hard work. The magical ghost city, the changing mud volcano and the steep Dushanzi Grand Canyon all left the footprints of Ding Guiyang and his classmates. "Time and time again, I realized the hardships of geologists and the importance of grassroots work." Ding Guiyang said.

  Where will you go after graduation? Ding Guiyang initially planned to take the postgraduate entrance examination and then returned to Shandong for development. However, in the process of learning, his idea gradually changed: "Xinjiang is an important comprehensive energy base in the country with huge resources, and there is a broad space for development." Ding Guiyang wrote such a sentence in a circle of friends: "Pursuing the original ideal, choosing the right path, and continuing to struggle, the future can be expected."

  "Realizing the dream of a maritime power is the power that inspires us to keep moving forward."

  Person: Shark Wang, Ph.D. graduate of Mechanical Engineering College of Zhejiang University in 2020.

  Employment Choice: Institute of Deep Sea Science and Engineering, China Academy of Sciences.

  August 3, deep in the ocean. Shark Wang, a PhD graduate of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Zhejiang University in 2020, is on a mission at sea. The signal is not good, and the communication with reporters can only be intermittent.

  The 28-year-old boy will soon join the Institute of Deep Sea Science and Engineering of China Academy of Sciences, and devote himself to the research and development of deep-sea electromechanical equipment and manned submersible technology.

  Unlike some people who value high salary and comfortable conditions, Shark Wang was fascinated by the more than 150 days he spent on the experimental application voyage of Jiaolong and the biological exploration voyage of the Mariana Trench.

  The vast ocean has no shore, and the ship at the foot is the only "land". At first, you can eat vegetables with leaves. Later, you can only eat pasta and meat.

  What is even more frightening is the extreme bad weather. Shark Wang clearly remembers that he caught up with a typhoon on his first expedition, and the maximum wind force exceeded 17. Although we have escaped from the center of the typhoon at the fastest speed, the ship is still as small as a leaf above the ocean. In the stormy waves, the mother ship seemed to sit on a "roller coaster" and swung everything in the cabin to the ground. Shark Wang tried to fix himself on the bed in the cabin, and his ears were full of the sound of the sea hitting the hull.

  "After several days of high-intensity bumps, my body is extremely tired." Shark Wang said, but instead of being afraid, he was fascinated by the feeling of chopping waves.

  "Young people are often attracted by the prosperity in front of them. In fact, they should listen to their hearts and do what they think is meaningful." What Shark Wang is afraid of is not the danger and hardship in the deep sea, but the loss of the opportunity to fight for the great power. "If you give up, you may never have the opportunity to ride the ocean again."

  Wang Shuo once practiced in Qinshan nuclear power plant and other units, and he was deeply shocked by the efforts and dedication of the older generation of builders. After receiving the "baton", Shark Wang was very proud: "Our country is a big maritime country with a vast sea area. Caring for the ocean, understanding the ocean and managing the ocean is the mission of our generation of young people. Realizing the dream of a maritime power is the power that inspires us to keep moving forward! "

  "Let more children have the opportunity to see what I see"

  Character: Lili, a 2020 undergraduate graduate of Foreign Languages College of Yangzhou University.

  Employment Choice: Machang Town Central School, Zhenning Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Guizhou Province

  On the first weekend of August, I dialed Lili’s phone. She said she was watching a movie and we’d talk later.

  Later, the reporter learned that what Li Li said about "watching movies" was actually downloading movies to computers and showing them to students. "Besides teaching English, I want children to see a wider world." Li Li said.

  Lili, a 2020 graduate of English Teachers College of Foreign Languages, Yangzhou University. At the end of July, just graduated, she came to Zhenning Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Guizhou Province, surrounded by mountains, and taught at Machang Town Central School where she had taught.

  Lili’s hometown is in a small mountain village in Hezhang County, Bijie, Guizhou. She is no stranger to mountainous areas. However, when I first came to the teaching school a year ago, my mood was still a little heavy. "Compared with many developed regions, the hardware, teachers and educational concepts here are still relatively backward. Under the same blue sky, the educational resources enjoyed by children are still uneven. "

  That is, the teaching time planted seeds in Lili’s heart: to become a teacher and bring knowledge and hope to more children in the mountains.

  "When I left, the children all hoped that I could come back again. Coming back to work this time is like fulfilling a promise. " She said.

  Many people can’t imagine that as a post-95 English teacher, Li Li didn’t start learning 26 English letters until junior high school. "I haven’t had an English class in primary school. I still remember that in the first class of junior high school, the teacher asked who had never studied English, and I was the only one who raised my hand. This incident touched me a lot. "

  Lily doesn’t admit defeat, nor do the teachers give up. From never knowing ABC to choosing an English teacher major in a university, and now becoming an English teacher, Li Li has strengthened her ambition to devote herself to education: "The power of education is too great!"

  These days, Li Li is busy participating in the related work of dropping out of school. I heard that several children in remote local cottages have a tendency to drop out of school to work. Li Li signed up for a home visit before her luggage was packed. "Keep them. Stay and study, and there is hope. "

  Ahead, the mountains are connected with the mountains. By car to the foot of the mountain, it takes an hour or two to walk to the students’ home. This thin "post-95" girl walked along the mountain road. "I came out of the mountains. Today, I went back to the mountains to give more children a chance to see what I saw. " Li Li said.

  "Try again, and dream of being a soldier."

  Character: Xiong Pu, a 2020 undergraduate graduate of beijing university of chemical technology Institute of Information Science and Technology.

  Employment Choice: Sign up for enlistment.

  Like many young people, Xiong Pu, a 22-year-old boy, likes to brush short videos. On August 1st Army Day, he praised many short videos. Veterans salute, moved, like! Military knowledge, useful, like it!

  Xiong Pu loved watching movies and TV works with military themes since he was a child. "Bright Sword, My Brother’s Name is Shun Liu, Rushing out of Amazon and Red Star Shining on China … …” Bear spectrum is like a treasure. "I have admired and worshipped soldiers since I was a child and want to be a soldier."

  "I know that to be a qualified soldier, you must have amazing perseverance and must go through countless times of tempering … …” Xiong Pu still has an award-winning composition when he was 14 years old. White paper, slightly yellowed, has the mark of time.

  At the end of the college entrance examination, Xiong Pu thought about applying to the military school, but he didn’t sign up because he didn’t know enough about the army and himself at that time. During the freshman military training, the students asked the instructor what it was like to be a soldier. "The instructor said that if you really want to know, try it yourself!" Xiong Pu’s heart itches.

  Two years ago, Xiong Pu applied for registration for the first time. That summer, he participated in the propaganda activity of "Join the army with a pen and have no regrets about youth". "I like the white T-shirt and the red and white hat I wore that day very much, and I still cherish it at home." Unfortunately, that medical examination failed. "At that time, I decided not to give up, and I must sign up again in the year of graduation!"

  Time has come to 2020. In the graduation season, seeing the news of conscription, Xiong Pu signed up without hesitation. "If I can really join the army, it will be a dream for me!"

  When signing up for the recruitment network, Xiong Pu saw his photos in 2018. "I am very excited. I have seen my changes in the past two years and I have seen my persistence in my heart." Xiong Pu said.

  There is such a sentence in Xiong Pu’s circle of friends, which was written on the day of his graduation: Do not forget your initiative mind, forge ahead.

  How to understand this sentence? In the face of the reporter’s inquiry, Xiong Pu hesitated for a long time: "At first, I understood it as what I wanted to do from the beginning, which was the goal and direction. To forge ahead is to keep going, no matter how hard or difficult it is. If I can join the army this time, I will definitely practice my excellent skills and become a qualified soldier, so as to reassure the motherland and people. This is my initial heart and dream. "

  "Go where you need it."

  Person: Betty Wong, a graduate of the First Clinical Medical College of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 2020.

  Employment choice: apply for the post of medical talents in Tibet.

  I heard that Betty Wong signed up for a post in a medical and health institution in Tibet. Some students advised her: "Your home is in Qinghai, and you finally came to a big city. Why do you want to go back after graduation and go further away from Beijing?" There are also good students who ask, can you adapt after going?

  Betty Wong thought about all these questions. She comes from Golmud, Qinghai, and is a graduate of the excellent Chinese medicine training program of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. After studying for 8 years, Betty Wong also wants to find a favorite job. At first, she planned to travel to the south. However, when the teacher sent a message to work in Tibet, Betty Wong signed up.

  "I was born and raised in the northwest of the motherland, and I know that medical resources in the western region are still relatively short. For example, some diseases are not incurable diseases for hospitals in Beijing, but hospitals in relatively backward areas will advise patients to go to provincial hospitals or to Beijing, Shanghai and other places. " Betty Wong said, "When I graduate, I am willing to respond to the call of the country and sign up to work in Tibet. I want to help more people with what I have learned. "

  Betty Wong said frankly that the efforts of the people throughout the country to fight the epidemic have strengthened her confidence and motivation in clinical work. "Be a brave retrograde person and bring hope to more people!"

  "The country’s medical and health undertakings need talents, areas with weak medical resources need talents, and the majority of patients need talents." Betty Wong said softly, "Although many students choose to stay in the big city, I still feel that I should go to a place that is really needed, a place where I can better realize my own value."

  Will you regret it? In the face of a reporter’s question, Betty Wong was sure: "No.. My choice now is the same as choosing a major that I have to study for eight years at a time. Choose what you love, and if you choose it, you will go on firmly. "

  "Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain." This is Betty Wong’s signature on WeChat. In her opinion, a firm belief can make us not afraid of the wind and rain. (People’s Daily reporter Zhang Shuo Wu Yue)

A year-on-year increase of 50.4% Volvo sold 13,016 vehicles in Chinese mainland in February.

Transfer from: Huaibei News Network

A few days ago, Netcom learned from the official,Volvo Chinese mainland in Februarysales volume13,016 vehicles,An increase of 50.4% year-on-year,10.8% from the previous month. Among them,XC90A year-on-year increase of 108% to1,597 vehicles;S90A year-on-year increase of 74% to2,893 vehicles;XC60 increased by 61% year-on-year.Up to4,973 vehicles.

Besides,Volvo Asia-Pacific Software Integration CenterRecently completed and put into use in Shanghai,Accelerate the software development and update of the next generation brand-new native pure electric platform. According to the official,Currently Volvo has achievedOnline remote upgrade (OTA) function of all new cars,It aims to provide users with a more personalized and intelligent travel experience.

The picture on the left shows the EX30, a brand-new small pure electric SUV that will debut on June 15th.

On June 15 this year, Volvo will alsoLaunch a brand-new small pure electric SUV——EX30., and plans to put into production before the end of the year. Volvo said that the launch of this small car is to expand more young people in its future electrification product series, and to have more affordable prices for such people to accept. It is reported that it only provides front-wheel drive and will produce and provide different batteries in China.

Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo Cars, said, "EX30 will offer a’ very friendly price’ and will also be’ very safe’. Volvo’s age group is bigger than they expected. For electrification, Volvo CEO Jim Rowan added, "Once the charging infrastructure is in place, we will be able to use smaller batteries with lower cost and weight than the current large-capacity battery packs."

Attached to the Second Hospital, the introduction of "parking service" led the controversial hospital to seek solutions.

  Wenzhou Net News In order to alleviate the "parking difficulty", the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University introduced the "parking service" service, which was intended to make patients more convenient, but it attracted different voices. We welcome everyone to come up with "golden ideas" on how to go and stay in parking service and how to solve the problem of "parking difficulties" in hospitals and their surrounding areas.


  Every 40 yuan in parking service

  Serve more than 100 cars a day during busy hours.

  Parking service, which used to be the most common in hotels, guesthouses and other service places, has now appeared in hospitals. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw the "parking service" in the stop-and-go area of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University. More than 10 minutes before and after, more than a dozen car owners came to handle the "parking service" one after another, and each car paid 40 yuan.

  Mr. Chen, a citizen, hurried to pay the bill. He said that he brought his children to see a doctor. If he queued up for hospital parking, he would have to wait for at least an hour, and it would be convenient to park on his behalf. The reporter saw that the citizens got off at the stop-and-go area and the car was driven away by the parking agent; Before leaving the hospital, the citizens called the parking agent. After about 10 minutes, the parking agent drove the car to the hospital.

  A person in charge of wang xing at Daibo Point told the reporter that they are employees of Wenzhou Yangli Parking Management Co., Ltd. and entered the hospital in parking service in March this year with the consent of the hospital. From 6: 30 a.m. to 7: 00 p.m., each car costs 40 yuan, and the parking agent will park the car in the underground garage of Ruixia Apartment several hundred meters away.

  The reporter learned that parking outside the hospital or in the hospital is a "long-standing problem". Many people drive around and around without finding a parking space, which is really annoying. The resulting "parking service" has been welcomed by many citizens. According to incomplete statistics, during the peak period of medical treatment, more than 100 vehicles need to park on their behalf every day.


  Pilot introduction of substitute berthing

  I hope to ease the difficulty of parking.

  In the past few days, some netizens have raised two questions about this matter: Is the hospital involved in making profits? Why are the parking spaces in the hospital not open?

  The reporter learned from the party office of the hospital that alleviating the difficulty of parking for medical treatment has been promoted as an important work of the hospital. At this year’s monthly work meeting, the problem of parking difficulty was discussed five times. As early as 2013, the hospital moved the employee parking lot, and all the parking spaces in the hospital were given to the public, thus alleviating the "parking difficulty". However, there are about 140 parking spaces in the hospital, which can meet the parking demand of more than 1,000 trips a day at most. The daily average number of outpatient visits in the hospital is more than 14,000, and the resulting demand for medical parking is nearly 10,000 trips.

  In March this year, on the basis of previous visits to major hospitals in China to solve the problem of parking difficulties, the hospital introduced the "parking service" on a trial basis, allowing parking companies to park vehicles that voluntarily choose parking services in parking lots outside the hospital. According to the hospital, the parking service charging standard for trial operation was determined by the company according to the market price, and the price was clearly marked, and the hospital did not profit from it. As for why Yangli Parking Management Co., Ltd. was chosen, the hospital said that firstly, the company took the initiative to contact the hospital, and secondly, the company was qualified and more formal.

  During the trial period, at the request of the hospital, Wenzhou Yangli Parking Management Co., Ltd. made five commitments, including not forcing drivers to drive, not occupying hospital parking spaces by all drivers, and bearing all disputes caused by drivers.

  The hospital told the reporter that the original hospital has drawn up the bidding contract, ready to formally open tender. But at present, the hospital is prepared to listen to the opinions of the public. If most people suggest canceling the service, the hospital will stop this attempt.

  As for the announcement of the number of real-time parking spaces in the hospital, the hospital said that it has begun to carry out intelligent parking renovation, and it is expected that the rectification will be completed within two weeks. At that time, people who have been admitted to the hospital for parking can clearly understand the remaining parking spaces on the display screen at the entrance. In the absence of parking spaces, motorists can choose to stop and go, or go to the surrounding parking lots by themselves, or choose to park on their behalf.

  Views of all parties

  Parking is really convenient, but the price is a bit high.

  The reporter interviewed five citizens randomly at the parking spot, all of whom agreed to keep the parking service, but hoped that the price could be reduced.

  Ms. Hu, a citizen, said that the parking service has really opened the door for the citizens to see a doctor, especially in the case of taking children and the elderly to see a doctor, there is no need to consider parking. However, the original one or two hours to see a doctor, parking in and out of the hospital, the parking fee is about 10 yuan, and it takes 40 yuan to choose parking, which is a lot more expensive.

  Mr. Zhang, a member of the public, thinks that it is more reasonable to set the parking price around 20 yuan. Mr. Zhang said, after all, now that everyone comes to the hospital to see a doctor, they usually leave in an hour. The parking company may wish to lower the price and increase the parking volume, which will benefit both parties.

  The price is determined by supply and demand to see if most people benefit.

  Xie Ruixia, a representative of the Municipal People’s Congress, said that the fundamental problem of parking difficulties in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University is determined by its location. With the commissioning of Yaoxi Campus in 2020, the parking problem in the old campus will be solved. As far as the current situation is concerned, the hospital’s "parking service" service should be retained.

  Xie Ruixia told reporters that she went to the Second Affiliated Hospital to see a doctor last weekend, turned around in the hospital, and found no parking space. She saw that the hospital had dug up the remaining flower beds to increase parking spaces, which showed that the hospital had made every effort to give up all the public resources available for parking. "In the case that the parking demand cannot be met, the introduction of the market method to solve the problem reflects the responsibility and responsibility of the hospital." Xie Ruixia said that the parking service has solved the parking problem of a large number of people, especially those who drive from the county to see a doctor, providing more convenience than a little.

  As for the price of consignment, Xie Ruixia believes that the market price is determined by supply and demand. Some people think that the price is high, so they can choose not to use this service. This right of free choice just reflects the progress of society.

  It does not involve compulsory consumption, and it is reasonable because of the demand.

  Xu Xudong, a professor at Wenzhou University’s School of Law and Politics, said that the hospital has tried its best to provide 140 parking spaces when parking spaces are particularly tight. It is not possible to increase the number of parking spaces significantly, so it is a good way to solve the problem by market. As long as compulsory consumption is not involved, it is up to the hospital to decide whether to provide services in parking service. As for whether you are willing to spend 40 yuan to choose this service, it is entirely your own will. If there is market demand, it is reasonable to exist.

  However, Xu Xudong admits that neither increasing parking spaces nor introducing market methods can fundamentally solve the problem of "difficult parking". He believes that only when more and more people change their ideas and choose public travel for medical treatment can the parking problem be truly solved, and the cost of personal travel can be reduced.

  Source: Wenzhou Daily

  Reporter: Sun Dan Yu

"Slow hands" Xiaomi 14 mobile phone only sells for 4349 yuan, and the first purchase is reduced by 550 yuan!

"Slow hands" Xiaomi 14 mobile phone only sells for 4349 yuan, and the first purchase is reduced by 550 yuan!


Xiaomi 14 5G mobile phone is a flagship mobile phone with high performance. Now the JD.COM esports store is on sale. The original price of Xiaomi 14 is 4899 yuan, but now the first purchase is reduced from 550 yuan, and the actual price is only 4349 yuan. This phone is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor, which has strong performance and low power consumption. In addition, it also has a storage configuration of 16GB+1TB, which is enough to meet the various needs of users. Xiaomi 14 Cai …

In May, the sales volume of new energy reached a new high, and it was difficult for Xiaowei to get together.

A few days ago, new energy car companies and new forces released their sales data in May. From the data, BYD, Ai ‘an and Ideals continued to triumph, especially Ai ‘an and Ideals, which hit record highs. At the same time, the sales volume of Nezha, Zero Run and Krypton increased steadily compared with that of April, while Tucki and Weilai still failed to see improvement, and the gap between them and their ideals became wider and wider, so it was difficult for the former "Big Three" to get together.

BYD: 240,220 vehicles

Since the introduction of DM-i super-hybrid technology, BYD has ushered in a "rocket-riding" sales surge, and the growth momentum has almost always been doubled. Data show that BYD sold 240,220 vehicles in May, up 108.99% year-on-year, breaking the previous record of BYD selling 235,200 vehicles in December 2022, setting a monthly record high. Among them, the sales volume of passenger cars was 239,092, and the sales volume of Wangchao.com and Haiyang.com was 228,087. At the same time, Tengshi Automobile also handed over 11,005 vehicles in May, which exceeded 10,000 for three consecutive months, and the overall performance was good.

Ian: 45,003 vehicles

In the new energy market, Ai ‘an can be said to be the one who "made a fortune in silence". It hardly participated in the "saliva war", nor did it flaunt itself as the best model within 500,000 to 5 million yuan, and its outstanding market performance was "hard currency". In May, Ai ‘an delivered 45,003 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 114%, setting a record high. According to the previous annual sales target of 500,000 vehicles set by Aidan, the completion rate is 33.2% so far, and it needs to be further strengthened in the next seven months.

Ideal: 28,277 vehicles

The achievement of 25,681 vehicles in April has shocked many people. In May, LI delivered an even more amazing 28,277 vehicles, which once again set a new record for brand delivery in a single month, among which the ideal L7 delivered more than 10,000 vehicles for two consecutive months. I have to say, LI’s positioning is too precise. It doesn’t have the layout of power exchange like Weilai, nor does it have the smart driving assistance like Tucki. Instead, it focuses on the needs of home users, with luxurious space, comfortable ride, humanized details, and zero anxiety about fuel and electricity. In the peak season, the ideal is expected to achieve sales of 30,000 vehicles/month or even higher.

Nezha: 13,029 vehicles.

Like the ranking in April, Nezha Automobile still ranks behind BYD, Ai ‘an and Ideality, and in May, it slightly increased to 13,029 vehicles, of which 2,024 vehicles were sold overseas, and the overall performance was remarkable. From the market point of view, Nezha V, a subsidiary of Nezha Automobile, launched an activity with a total discount of 10,000 yuan, which stimulated product sales; At the same time, Nezha S enriched the entry-level models, and the new models improved the comprehensive cost performance of the products. However, compared with the high of 18,016 vehicles in October last year, there is still a certain gap, which also means that Nezha GT needs to continue to exert its strength, and 1,716 vehicles are far from enough.

Zero run: 12,058 vehicles

If we don’t calculate Tengshi separately, then Zero Run is the last new energy brand with a sales volume of over 10,000 in May. Among the 12,058 new cars sold, C11 delivered 7,100+and C series delivered 10,000+,accounting for more than 83%, which is the same as that in April. In other words, the main sales force of the brand has changed from the entry-level zero-run T03 to the middle and high-level zero-run C11, and it has become a stable trend, which shows that the pricing strategy and vehicle layout of the zero-run car have achieved results.

Extreme krypton: 8,678 vehicles

Compared with April, the achievement of 8,678 Krypton vehicles is only more than 500 vehicles, but this achievement is enough to win the title of luxury pure electric brand in China. In addition, Krypton X, which focuses on the young personalized market, will start large-scale delivery in June. Perhaps starting from June, Krypton X will return to the ranks of "10,000 clubs". As for 11,000, 13,000 or even 15,000, it depends on how much energy Krypton X has.

Tucki: 7506 vehicles.

From January to May, Xpeng Motors’s sales volume has been increasing, which is definitely a good phenomenon, but its growth rate is slightly mediocre in the market, and it has been hovering at the height of more than 7,000 vehicles for three months. According to the market feedback, Tucki P7i launched at the end of March, although its product strength has been upgraded to some extent, has not been translated into more actual sales. One of the main reasons is that many users think that its price is on the high side, and they can only expect that the following two new cars, Tucki G6 and new MPV Tucki X9, can help Tucki to make new breakthroughs in sales.

Deep blue: 7021 vehicles

Although compared with the 7,756 vehicles in April, there is a slight decrease from the previous month, there should be no pressure on the Deep Blue car, because the Deep Blue S7, which was booked by "520", gave a booking price of 169,900-239,900 yuan, even 2,000 yuan cheaper than the official price of Deep Blue SL03. Compared with the same model, Deep Blue S7 is sincere in price. Compared with the same model, Deep Blue S7 has certain advantages in performance, configuration, design and space. It is foreseeable that the official listing of Deep Blue S7 will have a positive impact on the sales of Deep Blue brand.

Weilai: 6,155 vehicles

Once the "Big Three" of the new forces, it is now difficult to get together again. Xpeng Motors is hovering around seven or eight thousand vehicles, but Weilai’s situation seems to be even worse. Since March, Weilai ET7 has failed to break through four digits for many months, Weilai ET5 has also dropped from more than 7,000 vehicles to 45,000 vehicles, and the sales of ES8 and EC7 are negligible, while the new ES6 has been replaced.

AITO boundary: 5629 vehicles

Thanks to Huawei’s empowerment, AITO Wenjie series completed the production of 100,000 vehicles in 15 months, becoming the fastest growing brand of new energy vehicles. However, since 2023, AITO’s pace seems to be a little slow. First, it may be affected by the "abuse of Huawei brand logo" incident in March. Second, in the face of more and more opponents, the competitiveness of M7 is somewhat weak, and the brand sales are almost supported only by M5. Perhaps, before the M9 goes on the market, the sales of AITO cars will remain at the level of 4,000-6,000 vehicles.

Lantu: 3,003 vehicles

Although there is a slight decline from April, the sales volume of Lantu Automobile itself is not large, and it is a good result to be able to stabilize at around 3,000 vehicles. In addition, Lantu Zhuiguang adjusted its selling price and rights in May, and may see a small increase after entering June.

Tan Benhong, Aouita: I hope everyone can experience more and feel the performance of Huawei Smart Drive on different models.

On November 10th, Aouita 12, a brand-new model in Aouita, was officially launched. The price range of the new car is 300,800-400,800 yuan, and it is expected to be delivered in early December.

After Aouita 12 went public, Shell Finance reporter interviewed Tan Benhong, Chairman of Aouita Science and Technology. In view of the cooperation between Aouita and Huawei, the follow-up product layout and sales planning, Tan Benhong gave his thoughts.

Tan Benhong Map/Enterprise official website

The estimated sales volume in 2023 is 35,000 vehicles, and it will maintain long-term cooperation with Huawei and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.

Beijing News Shell Finance:What are your expectations for sales this year and next year? Will the user groups of Aouita 12 and 11 overlap?

Tan Benhong:It is estimated that the actual sales of 30,000 to 35,000 vehicles will be completed this year. The sales target given by the board of directors in 2024 must be a double-digit (10,000 units), and we must sprint. Because we sold 3,800 Aouita 11 vehicles last month, judging from the current performance, we are still confident. Earlier, we were worried that there would be a crowd of users between Aouita 11 and 12. Judging from the available data, we think Aouita 11 and 12 are ok.

This is because we took this into consideration at the beginning of product design. The high-pressure platform, intelligent driving and HarmonyOS cockpit of the two cars are relatively close, but they are quite different in shape, function and configuration.

Beijing News Shell Finance:Huawei has many partners. What are the leading points or differences in Aouita? Where is the core competitiveness?

Tan Benhong:I hope everyone can experience our products. Let’s look back at the mobile phone market for 10 years or more. At the earliest, everyone was Android, but many brands were produced on Android.

Huawei was originally based on Android, and later it had its own HarmonyOS. Huawei, vivo, Xiaomi and OPP are very different in product experience. We still have to have a worthy price when positioning our products.

At the same time, Aouita competes in the market based on the strategic cooperation of Changan Automobile, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and Huawei. The development of each enterprise or brand should be based on certain strategic coordination and resources. I personally think that Aouita’s CHN platform is our own core competitiveness. This is why we can go on steadily and steadily, do our own brand well and have the technical capabilities of three companies at the same time.

I think strategic coordination, strategic cooperation and mutual understanding are also core competitiveness.

Two new cars will be launched in 2024, with 500 channel contacts.

Beijing News Shell Finance:What are Aouita’s product plans for 2024?

Tan Benhong:We also have two models with code numbers 15 and 16, and these two products are all CHN models. Maybe I will meet you at the Beijing Auto Show next year.

Beijing News Shell Finance:What are your plans and thoughts on sales and channels?

Tan Benhong:Personally, I don’t think there is a perfect practice for new energy vehicles and high-end electric vehicles in the sales sector, and everyone is exploring. Direct marketing recruits people by itself, and he relies on others. Aouita’s current development mode is to operate directly and operate separately. We have a part of our own sales team, and we are also relying on many investors of Changan Automobile Group’s brands, including Changan, Ford and Mazda, to participate in the channel expansion in Aouita.

It is estimated that 350 layouts will be completed by the end of the year, and there will be about 500 contacts by next year. The pace of our development is not greedy, and it will certainly not work without it. I think the marketing rhythm should match the goal of its own development stage.

Beijing News Shell Finance Reporter Bai Haotian Zhang Bing Editor and Proofreader Zhai Yongjun

AITO asks M5 EV to release a small art, which makes the car voice interaction more temperature.

On September 6th, 2022, at the autumn conference of Mate50 series and new products in the whole scene held by Huawei, the new pure electric vehicle AITO Wenjie M5 EV, which was deeply empowered by Huawei, was officially released. Thanks to the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, the intelligent level, endurance and comprehensive performance of the M5 EV have evolved in an all-round way, aiming to bring consumers the ultimate carefree smart travel experience. As a part of the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, Xiaoyi has also been upgraded again, bringing a new and more humanized voice interaction experience to car owners with continuous technological innovation and functional optimization.

Intimate service will be upgraded, and car xiaoyi will be a travel assistant who knows you better.

Traditional voice assistants often need users to send voice instructions in one direction before they can provide services. Xiaoyi, the intelligent assistant of AITO’s M5 EV, can not only actively provide services through wisdom perception, but also add five functions, from reminding to start the power-saving mode, charging reminder, charging station inquiry and screening to easy navigation and getting off at complex locations, providing car owners with all-round intimate services such as getting on, driving and getting off, making travel smarter and more enjoyable.

Super power saving mode reminderIn view of the emergency that may occur during driving, Xiaoyi has added the function of "Super Power Saving Mode Reminder", which is the first in the industry. Specifically, when the vehicle is in a low battery, Xiaoyi will take the initiative to broadcast "The battery is low, do you want to turn on the super power-saving mode?"; After the user agrees to turn it on, it will voice again to remind that "the torque and maximum speed of the vehicle will be limited after turning on the super power-saving mode. Are you sure to turn it on?" After getting the second confirmation from the user, Xiaoyi will switch the vehicle to the super power-saving mode to help the owner drive with peace of mind.

Voice charging serviceWhen you want to charge the car but can’t find a suitable charging station, the user can wake up Xiaoyi by voice to quickly query and filter. After the voice wakes up Xiaoyi, the user can say "Filter Fast Charge/Slow Charge", and Xiaoyi will filter out the list of nearby fast charge/slow charge charging stations according to the voice instruction, and the user can go directly to the charging station he wants to go according to the planned route of Xiaoyi. The whole process of inquiry and screening needs no hands-on, and the voice control skill is easily realized, which greatly improves the driving convenience.

Intelligent voice charging reminderFor users who often charge their cars in a fixed period of time, Xiaoyi can intelligently learn and remember the user’s habits, and when the user does not charge the car according to his habits, he will take the initiative to remind "I suggest you charge according to your charging habits" and respond quickly and actively; When the temperature drop may affect the car’s power, Xiaoyi will also perceive and broadcast the weather information in time to remind users to charge in advance-"The temperature will be low tomorrow, so it is recommended to charge today".

Easy navigation in commonly used complex placeswhenWhen the frequented places are too complicated and navigation is troublesome, clever and capable small arts can also help. It can select the destination information and plan the route to the destination according to the user’s historical preference-that is, after the user has visited a complex location for three times, Xiaoyi can directly locate the specific location when the user navigates to this address next time, avoiding the search for complex locations and easily improving the travel efficiency.

Xiaoyi reminded meAlways forget to bring the necessary items after getting off the bus. In order to avoid running back and forth in a hurry, the user can set the get-off reminder for Xiaoyi voice in advance. For example, when you get on the bus, you say "Xiao Yi Xiao Yi, remind me to take an umbrella in the trunk when you get off the bus". When you judge that the user gets off the bus according to the behavior intelligence such as hanging the P file and opening the door, Xiao Yi will remind you in time: Please remember to take an umbrella in the trunk.

In addition to these intimate functions, the car-mounted Xiaoyi can accurately judge and respond to voice commands from the main driver, the co-driver and the rear row through "four-tone zone recognition", communicate with the owner more smoothly and naturally through "full-duplex continuous dialogue", and operate the text, buttons and function options of the car interface at any time through "full-interface visual speaking". The smarter you use Xiaoyi, it is expected that through continuous function upgrade, it will bring users a more humanized car voice service experience and redefine the new way of smart travel.

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[Editor: Zhong Jingwen]

Yu Chengdong stepped down as CEO

Text | Technology Daily Push

The position of CEO did disappear, but he was promoted to chairman.

On September 21, the first financial news, Huawei officially issued a document, and adjusted the position of the automobile industry.

Jin Yuzhi, president of Huawei’s optical product line, took over the post of CEO of smart car solution BU from Yu Chengdong, and Yu Chengdong became the chairman of BU.

Huawei official website introduced that it has not been adjusted yet.

Ask the world about the new car launch in the future, and you can still hear "far ahead".

Huawei’s mobile phone returns, and Yu Chengdong needs to redo time management.

Regarding this operation, a senior industry insider said, "With the return of Huawei mobile phones, Yu Chengdong can focus more on mobile phones. 」

In the past few years, Huawei’s mobile phone sales have fallen sharply due to sanctions. To this end, Yu Chengdong took over the BU and promoted the smart car selection mode, hoping to make up for the lost mobile phone revenue by selling cars.

However, in the first half of this year, the situation ushered in a turning point, and many new machines such as P60 series and Mate X3 series helped Huawei’s mobile phones rise against the trend.

According to data released by IDC, in the domestic market in the second quarter, Huawei’s mobile phone shipments increased by 76.1% year-on-year, the fastest growth rate among all manufacturers, and tied for fifth place with Xiaomi’s mobile phone with a market share of 13.0%, up 5.7 percentage points over the same period last year.

And its momentum in the second half of the year will be even stronger.

On August 29th and September 8th, Huawei directly launched three models in official website: Mate 60 Pro/Pro+ and Mate X5. All three models are hard to find, which also makes the sales of Huawei mobile phones to a higher level.

According to the authoritative market research organization of the supply chain, in the 36th week of this year (9.4-9.10), Huawei mobile phones won the second place in the smart phone market in China with a market share of 17%, only 17.2% higher than the first, and 0.2% behind.

It is estimated that in the 37th week (9.11-9.17), Huawei is expected to achieve the first market share in sales volume.

At the same time, according to Caijing. com, many people close to Huawei confirmed that Huawei has launched a comprehensive plan to return to the global mobile phone market, with the domestic market first and the overseas market later.

On September 14th, Huawei held an overseas conference in Barcelona, bringing a variety of flagship products to the European market. After that, Huawei will continue to hold press conferences in China, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Re-attacking cities overseas requires a leader who can fight "tough battles", and Yu Chengdong is the best candidate.

In February this year, Yu Chengdong mentioned in an interview with the media that he spent his holiday time and evening time on car business besides working during the day. "Now my personal energy investment is relatively large, and I may spend 40% of my time in AITO."

Obviously, with the return of Huawei mobile phones, Yu Chengdong needs to do time management again. The outgoing car BU CEO was appointed as the chairman and put more energy into the mobile phone.

Yu Chengdong’s successor, the first show or the M9 conference in the world.

Yu Chengdong BU CEO was succeeded by Jin Yuzhi, president of Huawei Optical Product Line.

Huawei optical product line, also known as Huawei optical transmission and access product line, has jurisdiction over optical transmission, optical access, optical applications and other fields. Mainly to provide customers with high-value, high-reliability assisted driving, light display and light technology production solutions.

Prior to this, the intersection of optical product line and car BU was Huawei’s newly established intelligent car optical service in recent years, including AR HUD, intelligent car lights and light field screens.

Among them, Huawei’s AR HUD has been mass-produced on Feifan R7; Huawei’s smart car lights, light field screens and other products are expected to be carried on the follow-up models selected by Huawei, such as Wenjie M9.

If there are no accidents, the upcoming M9 will be Jin Yuzhi’s first show after taking office. I wonder if he will shout "Far ahead" ~

With the above changes, the current management structure of Che BU includes:

Huawei Terminal BG CEO, Chairman of Smart Car Solution BU, Yu Chengdong

President of Huawei Optical Product Line, BU CEO of Smart Car Solution, Jin Yuzhi

Huawei Smart Car Solution BU CSO, Wang Jun

President of Huawei’s intelligent driving solution product line and general manager of intelligent driving field, Li Wenguang


For Jin Yuzhi, Huawei Car BU CEO is a very challenging position.

Since its establishment, the business unit has invested more than 3 billion US dollars (about 20.6 billion yuan) in research and development, but its revenue in 2022 was only 2.1 billion yuan, and in the first half of 2023 it was only 1 billion yuan, making it the only loss-making business of Huawei.

At present, Huawei BU has three business models, one is to sell standardized auto parts; The second is the Huawei Inside mode (HI mode) that provides full-stack smart car solutions; The third is to deeply participate in product and vehicle design, as well as the intelligent car selection mode that provides sales network channels.

HI mode and intelligent car selection mode are not developing smoothly.

The monthly sales of Changan Aouita and Beiqi Polar Fox, which adopt HI mode, are hovering around one or two thousand units, far less than expected. Guangzhou automobile directly gave up the HI mode.

The intellectual car selection model was very strong when it first came out last year, and its delivery volume exceeded 10,000 for four consecutive months, becoming the biggest dark horse of the new forces. However, this year, the situation has turned sharply, and there is no good news that the monthly delivery volume has exceeded 10,000.

Last week, the redesigned M7 went on the market, which ushered in a big sale through "upgrade+price reduction". Before we could celebrate, this week’s redesigned G9 in Tucki came and stole many users.

The good news is that Jin Yuzhi and Huawei BU have more intersections with the auto parts model, and the development in this direction is relatively good.

Huawei’s annual report last year showed that by the end of 2022, it had shipped nearly 2 million sets of components, including intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, intelligent electric, intelligent Che Yun, millimeter-wave radar, camera, gateway, lidar, computing platform, AR HUD, T-Box and other products and solutions.

In recent days, it has been reported through the grapevine that Huawei and BYD signed a cooperation agreement to provide Kirin car chips for each other. If it is true, it will be a big business.

Yu Chengdong has publicly stated that Huawei BU will be profitable in 2025.

We will wait and see what kind of plan Jin Yuzhi will come up with in the face of the goals set by the leaders before.