Attached to the Second Hospital, the introduction of "parking service" led the controversial hospital to seek solutions.

  Wenzhou Net News In order to alleviate the "parking difficulty", the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University introduced the "parking service" service, which was intended to make patients more convenient, but it attracted different voices. We welcome everyone to come up with "golden ideas" on how to go and stay in parking service and how to solve the problem of "parking difficulties" in hospitals and their surrounding areas.


  Every 40 yuan in parking service

  Serve more than 100 cars a day during busy hours.

  Parking service, which used to be the most common in hotels, guesthouses and other service places, has now appeared in hospitals. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw the "parking service" in the stop-and-go area of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University. More than 10 minutes before and after, more than a dozen car owners came to handle the "parking service" one after another, and each car paid 40 yuan.

  Mr. Chen, a citizen, hurried to pay the bill. He said that he brought his children to see a doctor. If he queued up for hospital parking, he would have to wait for at least an hour, and it would be convenient to park on his behalf. The reporter saw that the citizens got off at the stop-and-go area and the car was driven away by the parking agent; Before leaving the hospital, the citizens called the parking agent. After about 10 minutes, the parking agent drove the car to the hospital.

  A person in charge of wang xing at Daibo Point told the reporter that they are employees of Wenzhou Yangli Parking Management Co., Ltd. and entered the hospital in parking service in March this year with the consent of the hospital. From 6: 30 a.m. to 7: 00 p.m., each car costs 40 yuan, and the parking agent will park the car in the underground garage of Ruixia Apartment several hundred meters away.

  The reporter learned that parking outside the hospital or in the hospital is a "long-standing problem". Many people drive around and around without finding a parking space, which is really annoying. The resulting "parking service" has been welcomed by many citizens. According to incomplete statistics, during the peak period of medical treatment, more than 100 vehicles need to park on their behalf every day.


  Pilot introduction of substitute berthing

  I hope to ease the difficulty of parking.

  In the past few days, some netizens have raised two questions about this matter: Is the hospital involved in making profits? Why are the parking spaces in the hospital not open?

  The reporter learned from the party office of the hospital that alleviating the difficulty of parking for medical treatment has been promoted as an important work of the hospital. At this year’s monthly work meeting, the problem of parking difficulty was discussed five times. As early as 2013, the hospital moved the employee parking lot, and all the parking spaces in the hospital were given to the public, thus alleviating the "parking difficulty". However, there are about 140 parking spaces in the hospital, which can meet the parking demand of more than 1,000 trips a day at most. The daily average number of outpatient visits in the hospital is more than 14,000, and the resulting demand for medical parking is nearly 10,000 trips.

  In March this year, on the basis of previous visits to major hospitals in China to solve the problem of parking difficulties, the hospital introduced the "parking service" on a trial basis, allowing parking companies to park vehicles that voluntarily choose parking services in parking lots outside the hospital. According to the hospital, the parking service charging standard for trial operation was determined by the company according to the market price, and the price was clearly marked, and the hospital did not profit from it. As for why Yangli Parking Management Co., Ltd. was chosen, the hospital said that firstly, the company took the initiative to contact the hospital, and secondly, the company was qualified and more formal.

  During the trial period, at the request of the hospital, Wenzhou Yangli Parking Management Co., Ltd. made five commitments, including not forcing drivers to drive, not occupying hospital parking spaces by all drivers, and bearing all disputes caused by drivers.

  The hospital told the reporter that the original hospital has drawn up the bidding contract, ready to formally open tender. But at present, the hospital is prepared to listen to the opinions of the public. If most people suggest canceling the service, the hospital will stop this attempt.

  As for the announcement of the number of real-time parking spaces in the hospital, the hospital said that it has begun to carry out intelligent parking renovation, and it is expected that the rectification will be completed within two weeks. At that time, people who have been admitted to the hospital for parking can clearly understand the remaining parking spaces on the display screen at the entrance. In the absence of parking spaces, motorists can choose to stop and go, or go to the surrounding parking lots by themselves, or choose to park on their behalf.

  Views of all parties

  Parking is really convenient, but the price is a bit high.

  The reporter interviewed five citizens randomly at the parking spot, all of whom agreed to keep the parking service, but hoped that the price could be reduced.

  Ms. Hu, a citizen, said that the parking service has really opened the door for the citizens to see a doctor, especially in the case of taking children and the elderly to see a doctor, there is no need to consider parking. However, the original one or two hours to see a doctor, parking in and out of the hospital, the parking fee is about 10 yuan, and it takes 40 yuan to choose parking, which is a lot more expensive.

  Mr. Zhang, a member of the public, thinks that it is more reasonable to set the parking price around 20 yuan. Mr. Zhang said, after all, now that everyone comes to the hospital to see a doctor, they usually leave in an hour. The parking company may wish to lower the price and increase the parking volume, which will benefit both parties.

  The price is determined by supply and demand to see if most people benefit.

  Xie Ruixia, a representative of the Municipal People’s Congress, said that the fundamental problem of parking difficulties in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University is determined by its location. With the commissioning of Yaoxi Campus in 2020, the parking problem in the old campus will be solved. As far as the current situation is concerned, the hospital’s "parking service" service should be retained.

  Xie Ruixia told reporters that she went to the Second Affiliated Hospital to see a doctor last weekend, turned around in the hospital, and found no parking space. She saw that the hospital had dug up the remaining flower beds to increase parking spaces, which showed that the hospital had made every effort to give up all the public resources available for parking. "In the case that the parking demand cannot be met, the introduction of the market method to solve the problem reflects the responsibility and responsibility of the hospital." Xie Ruixia said that the parking service has solved the parking problem of a large number of people, especially those who drive from the county to see a doctor, providing more convenience than a little.

  As for the price of consignment, Xie Ruixia believes that the market price is determined by supply and demand. Some people think that the price is high, so they can choose not to use this service. This right of free choice just reflects the progress of society.

  It does not involve compulsory consumption, and it is reasonable because of the demand.

  Xu Xudong, a professor at Wenzhou University’s School of Law and Politics, said that the hospital has tried its best to provide 140 parking spaces when parking spaces are particularly tight. It is not possible to increase the number of parking spaces significantly, so it is a good way to solve the problem by market. As long as compulsory consumption is not involved, it is up to the hospital to decide whether to provide services in parking service. As for whether you are willing to spend 40 yuan to choose this service, it is entirely your own will. If there is market demand, it is reasonable to exist.

  However, Xu Xudong admits that neither increasing parking spaces nor introducing market methods can fundamentally solve the problem of "difficult parking". He believes that only when more and more people change their ideas and choose public travel for medical treatment can the parking problem be truly solved, and the cost of personal travel can be reduced.

  Source: Wenzhou Daily

  Reporter: Sun Dan Yu