Delivery exceeded 120,000! Ask M5 to lead the new trend of smart travel.

  "The M5 has delivered a total of 120,000 units, which is very popular among consumers." Recently, Yu Chengdong, chairman of BU, Huawei’s smart car solution, affirmed the popularity of M5. Such a high delivery result can not be separated from the support of the M5 "Double Smart Ceiling" title. Thanks to Huawei’s self-developed intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving system, smart cars have a smart brain, satisfy more daily car scenes and win the recognition of users.

  In the highly anticipated "2024 China Car of the Year" selection, Huawei HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit won the 2024 Travel Technology Award. The intelligent driving version, which brings users a ceiling-level intelligent travel experience, is equipped with HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, which meets the needs of drivers and passengers for intelligent interaction and pushes automobile intelligence to a new height.

  HUD height and rearview mirror can be automatically adjusted, which is convenient and safe.

  In daily driving, HUD, as an advanced on-board display system, can display the vehicle speed, navigation, fuel consumption and so on on on the front windshield in real time within the driver’s line of sight, thus reducing the actions such as turning your head or bowing your head while driving and ensuring driving safety.

  However, for families with multiple drivers switching to use, manual adjustment is needed every time they get on the bus, which is very inconvenient to use. It will not only affect the user experience, but also affect the driving safety. In order to let users really enjoy the convenient experience brought by the intelligent cockpit, the intelligent driving version of Wujie M5 is intimately equipped with adaptive adjustment of HUD height. After getting on the bus, the vehicle can automatically identify the driver’s eye position through visual algorithm within 0.5 seconds, and quickly adjust the HUD height to the best angle to ensure the clear display content.

  In addition, the automatic adjustment of rearview mirror is another major function of caring for users in the M5 Smart Driving Edition. Imagine that in the days when there is no automatic adjustment, you need to manually adjust the rearview mirror before getting on the bus, and it is very inconvenient to adjust the angle to the best position. With the automatic adjustment of rearview mirror, the exterior rearview mirror can be automatically adjusted to the best angle according to the driver’s body shape with a light brake, and there is no need for manual control in the whole process, so as to bid farewell to the problems of inaccurate adjustment, time-consuming and laborious work.

  If there are multiple drivers driving alternately during long-distance driving, the automatic adjustment of HUD height and rearview mirror can save the time and energy of adjustment, and make the whole journey more relaxed and comfortable.

  Space audio’s first "getting on the bus" and enjoying the comfortable time in the car

  After a busy week’s work, it’s time to turn on the music to relieve my tense nerves. However, facing the stereo with average sound quality and frequent sound in the car, it really makes people feel tired, but it adds a bit of fatigue. Having a good car stereo can not only create comfortable space for people in the car, but also make long-distance driving no longer boring.

  Wenjie M5 Smart Driving Edition supports the function of spatial audio, and realizes the first "boarding" of spatial audio. Compared with traditional car audio, Huawei space audio can restore many small details that ordinary music can’t hear, so that the sound can linger around users in all directions. In addition, the HUAWEI SOUND audio system is equipped with industry-leading professional-grade audio. With the help of 19 irregularly arranged high, medium and low speakers in the whole car, a balanced sound field is created, which is like a high-end recording studio, and the sound is more layered. After-work traffic jams, playing pop music, or film and television drama OST, you can get an immersive listening effect, with a stronger sense of atmosphere and a relaxed mood, which can also alleviate the fatigue caused by "moving bricks".

  In addition to the ultimate sound experience, HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit 3.0 also brings different entertainment scene experiences. Among them, HUAWEI MagLink magic suction car interface brings many conveniences. When a family travels, they can hang the tablet computer behind the seat. When the children are bored, parents can choose the appropriate video content for them to play from the car, so that the children can be completely immersed in the film. In addition, parents can also adjust the brightness, volume and other details of the back panel, and lock the interest screen to master the viewing time of the back screen. Children not only enjoy it, but also parents can manage everything more easily.

  In addition to the humanized smart car experience, in order to save more users’ car purchase costs, Wenjie M5 also introduced surprise benefits: it will be decided during the period from December 1 to December 31, and you can enjoy up to 42,000 yuan worth of matching rights, including 12,000 yuan worth of interior and exterior decoration matching rights, 15,000 yuan worth of technology comfort bags and 15,000 yuan worth of exclusive deduction of HUAWEI ADS2.0 urban smart driving bags.

  Nowadays, cars are no longer limited to travel tools. Users need it to be able to hold a holiday trip and easily cope with various complicated situations such as commuting to work. Wenjie M5 Smart Driving Edition is not only an intelligent vehicle, but also a smart space for running, bringing users a more intelligent, convenient, relaxed and pleasant travel experience. If you expect to have a car with excellent intelligent driving experience, the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is your best choice.

Attached to the Second Hospital, the introduction of "parking service" led the controversial hospital to seek solutions.

  Wenzhou Net News In order to alleviate the "parking difficulty", the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University introduced the "parking service" service, which was intended to make patients more convenient, but it attracted different voices. We welcome everyone to come up with "golden ideas" on how to go and stay in parking service and how to solve the problem of "parking difficulties" in hospitals and their surrounding areas.


  Every 40 yuan in parking service

  Serve more than 100 cars a day during busy hours.

  Parking service, which used to be the most common in hotels, guesthouses and other service places, has now appeared in hospitals. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw the "parking service" in the stop-and-go area of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University. More than 10 minutes before and after, more than a dozen car owners came to handle the "parking service" one after another, and each car paid 40 yuan.

  Mr. Chen, a citizen, hurried to pay the bill. He said that he brought his children to see a doctor. If he queued up for hospital parking, he would have to wait for at least an hour, and it would be convenient to park on his behalf. The reporter saw that the citizens got off at the stop-and-go area and the car was driven away by the parking agent; Before leaving the hospital, the citizens called the parking agent. After about 10 minutes, the parking agent drove the car to the hospital.

  A person in charge of wang xing at Daibo Point told the reporter that they are employees of Wenzhou Yangli Parking Management Co., Ltd. and entered the hospital in parking service in March this year with the consent of the hospital. From 6: 30 a.m. to 7: 00 p.m., each car costs 40 yuan, and the parking agent will park the car in the underground garage of Ruixia Apartment several hundred meters away.

  The reporter learned that parking outside the hospital or in the hospital is a "long-standing problem". Many people drive around and around without finding a parking space, which is really annoying. The resulting "parking service" has been welcomed by many citizens. According to incomplete statistics, during the peak period of medical treatment, more than 100 vehicles need to park on their behalf every day.


  Pilot introduction of substitute berthing

  I hope to ease the difficulty of parking.

  In the past few days, some netizens have raised two questions about this matter: Is the hospital involved in making profits? Why are the parking spaces in the hospital not open?

  The reporter learned from the party office of the hospital that alleviating the difficulty of parking for medical treatment has been promoted as an important work of the hospital. At this year’s monthly work meeting, the problem of parking difficulty was discussed five times. As early as 2013, the hospital moved the employee parking lot, and all the parking spaces in the hospital were given to the public, thus alleviating the "parking difficulty". However, there are about 140 parking spaces in the hospital, which can meet the parking demand of more than 1,000 trips a day at most. The daily average number of outpatient visits in the hospital is more than 14,000, and the resulting demand for medical parking is nearly 10,000 trips.

  In March this year, on the basis of previous visits to major hospitals in China to solve the problem of parking difficulties, the hospital introduced the "parking service" on a trial basis, allowing parking companies to park vehicles that voluntarily choose parking services in parking lots outside the hospital. According to the hospital, the parking service charging standard for trial operation was determined by the company according to the market price, and the price was clearly marked, and the hospital did not profit from it. As for why Yangli Parking Management Co., Ltd. was chosen, the hospital said that firstly, the company took the initiative to contact the hospital, and secondly, the company was qualified and more formal.

  During the trial period, at the request of the hospital, Wenzhou Yangli Parking Management Co., Ltd. made five commitments, including not forcing drivers to drive, not occupying hospital parking spaces by all drivers, and bearing all disputes caused by drivers.

  The hospital told the reporter that the original hospital has drawn up the bidding contract, ready to formally open tender. But at present, the hospital is prepared to listen to the opinions of the public. If most people suggest canceling the service, the hospital will stop this attempt.

  As for the announcement of the number of real-time parking spaces in the hospital, the hospital said that it has begun to carry out intelligent parking renovation, and it is expected that the rectification will be completed within two weeks. At that time, people who have been admitted to the hospital for parking can clearly understand the remaining parking spaces on the display screen at the entrance. In the absence of parking spaces, motorists can choose to stop and go, or go to the surrounding parking lots by themselves, or choose to park on their behalf.

  Views of all parties

  Parking is really convenient, but the price is a bit high.

  The reporter interviewed five citizens randomly at the parking spot, all of whom agreed to keep the parking service, but hoped that the price could be reduced.

  Ms. Hu, a citizen, said that the parking service has really opened the door for the citizens to see a doctor, especially in the case of taking children and the elderly to see a doctor, there is no need to consider parking. However, the original one or two hours to see a doctor, parking in and out of the hospital, the parking fee is about 10 yuan, and it takes 40 yuan to choose parking, which is a lot more expensive.

  Mr. Zhang, a member of the public, thinks that it is more reasonable to set the parking price around 20 yuan. Mr. Zhang said, after all, now that everyone comes to the hospital to see a doctor, they usually leave in an hour. The parking company may wish to lower the price and increase the parking volume, which will benefit both parties.

  The price is determined by supply and demand to see if most people benefit.

  Xie Ruixia, a representative of the Municipal People’s Congress, said that the fundamental problem of parking difficulties in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University is determined by its location. With the commissioning of Yaoxi Campus in 2020, the parking problem in the old campus will be solved. As far as the current situation is concerned, the hospital’s "parking service" service should be retained.

  Xie Ruixia told reporters that she went to the Second Affiliated Hospital to see a doctor last weekend, turned around in the hospital, and found no parking space. She saw that the hospital had dug up the remaining flower beds to increase parking spaces, which showed that the hospital had made every effort to give up all the public resources available for parking. "In the case that the parking demand cannot be met, the introduction of the market method to solve the problem reflects the responsibility and responsibility of the hospital." Xie Ruixia said that the parking service has solved the parking problem of a large number of people, especially those who drive from the county to see a doctor, providing more convenience than a little.

  As for the price of consignment, Xie Ruixia believes that the market price is determined by supply and demand. Some people think that the price is high, so they can choose not to use this service. This right of free choice just reflects the progress of society.

  It does not involve compulsory consumption, and it is reasonable because of the demand.

  Xu Xudong, a professor at Wenzhou University’s School of Law and Politics, said that the hospital has tried its best to provide 140 parking spaces when parking spaces are particularly tight. It is not possible to increase the number of parking spaces significantly, so it is a good way to solve the problem by market. As long as compulsory consumption is not involved, it is up to the hospital to decide whether to provide services in parking service. As for whether you are willing to spend 40 yuan to choose this service, it is entirely your own will. If there is market demand, it is reasonable to exist.

  However, Xu Xudong admits that neither increasing parking spaces nor introducing market methods can fundamentally solve the problem of "difficult parking". He believes that only when more and more people change their ideas and choose public travel for medical treatment can the parking problem be truly solved, and the cost of personal travel can be reduced.

  Source: Wenzhou Daily

  Reporter: Sun Dan Yu

BYD Auto: In February, 2023, Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition gained 25,363 orders in five days.

"You can buy a hybrid for 99,800 yuan". In 2023, BYD played the first trump card of Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition, which completely subverted the A-class fuel vehicle industry pattern and increased the pressure on the joint venture brand fuel sedan. According to the latest official data of BYD Auto,Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition has been listed for only 5 days, and it has already received 25,363 orders.Another explosion model is undoubtedly.

It is understood that BYD Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition has launched five models, including 55KM and 120KM endurance versions.Among them, the leading price of 55KM is as low as 99,800 yuan, which is the first time that the price of DM-i model has been lowered to less than 100,000 yuan.

How fragrant is it compared with the joint venture fuel vehicle at the same level? Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition Entry Edition has a 10.1-inch floating central control large screen and an 8.8-inch full LCD instrument panel, as well as reversing images, voice recognition, remote start, NFC Bluetooth key, automatic air conditioning, exterior mirror heating, etc., which has more advantages in configuration.

More importantly, Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition has lower fuel consumption and stronger power.In most cities, you don’t have to pay the purchase tax, and there is no restriction.

In addition, BYD has also made full preparations in terms of production capacity.All models, including 99,800 55KM leading models, have sufficient production capacity.

The appearance of BYD Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition will also make more consumers give up the determination of fuel vehicles such as Sylphy, Lei Ling and Corolla.

Ziqiao technology

"Slow hands" Xiaomi 14 mobile phone only sells for 4349 yuan, and the first purchase is reduced by 550 yuan!

"Slow hands" Xiaomi 14 mobile phone only sells for 4349 yuan, and the first purchase is reduced by 550 yuan!
Xiaomi 14 5G mobile phone is a flagship mobile phone with high performance. Now the JD.COM esports store is on sale. The original price of Xiaomi 14 is 4899 yuan, but now the first purchase is reduced from 550 yuan, and the actual price is only 4349 yuan. This phone is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor, which has strong performance and low power consumption. In addition, it also has a storage configuration of 16GB+1TB, which is enough to meet the various needs of users. Xiaomi 14 Cai …

In May, the sales volume of new energy reached a new high, and it was difficult for Xiaowei to get together.

A few days ago, new energy car companies and new forces released their sales data in May. From the data, BYD, Ai ‘an and Ideals continued to triumph, especially Ai ‘an and Ideals, which hit record highs. At the same time, the sales volume of Nezha, Zero Run and Krypton increased steadily compared with that of April, while Tucki and Weilai still failed to see improvement, and the gap between them and their ideals became wider and wider, so it was difficult for the former "Big Three" to get together.

BYD: 240,220 vehicles

Since the introduction of DM-i super-hybrid technology, BYD has ushered in a "rocket-riding" sales surge, and the growth momentum has almost always been doubled. Data show that BYD sold 240,220 vehicles in May, up 108.99% year-on-year, breaking the previous record of BYD selling 235,200 vehicles in December 2022, setting a monthly record high. Among them, the sales volume of passenger cars was 239,092, and the sales volume of and was 228,087. At the same time, Tengshi Automobile also handed over 11,005 vehicles in May, which exceeded 10,000 for three consecutive months, and the overall performance was good.

Ian: 45,003 vehicles

In the new energy market, Ai ‘an can be said to be the one who "made a fortune in silence". It hardly participated in the "saliva war", nor did it flaunt itself as the best model within 500,000 to 5 million yuan, and its outstanding market performance was "hard currency". In May, Ai ‘an delivered 45,003 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 114%, setting a record high. According to the previous annual sales target of 500,000 vehicles set by Aidan, the completion rate is 33.2% so far, and it needs to be further strengthened in the next seven months.

Ideal: 28,277 vehicles

The achievement of 25,681 vehicles in April has shocked many people. In May, LI delivered an even more amazing 28,277 vehicles, which once again set a new record for brand delivery in a single month, among which the ideal L7 delivered more than 10,000 vehicles for two consecutive months. I have to say, LI’s positioning is too precise. It doesn’t have the layout of power exchange like Weilai, nor does it have the smart driving assistance like Tucki. Instead, it focuses on the needs of home users, with luxurious space, comfortable ride, humanized details, and zero anxiety about fuel and electricity. In the peak season, the ideal is expected to achieve sales of 30,000 vehicles/month or even higher.

Nezha: 13,029 vehicles.

Like the ranking in April, Nezha Automobile still ranks behind BYD, Ai ‘an and Ideality, and in May, it slightly increased to 13,029 vehicles, of which 2,024 vehicles were sold overseas, and the overall performance was remarkable. From the market point of view, Nezha V, a subsidiary of Nezha Automobile, launched an activity with a total discount of 10,000 yuan, which stimulated product sales; At the same time, Nezha S enriched the entry-level models, and the new models improved the comprehensive cost performance of the products. However, compared with the high of 18,016 vehicles in October last year, there is still a certain gap, which also means that Nezha GT needs to continue to exert its strength, and 1,716 vehicles are far from enough.

Zero run: 12,058 vehicles

If we don’t calculate Tengshi separately, then Zero Run is the last new energy brand with a sales volume of over 10,000 in May. Among the 12,058 new cars sold, C11 delivered 7,100+and C series delivered 10,000+,accounting for more than 83%, which is the same as that in April. In other words, the main sales force of the brand has changed from the entry-level zero-run T03 to the middle and high-level zero-run C11, and it has become a stable trend, which shows that the pricing strategy and vehicle layout of the zero-run car have achieved results.

Extreme krypton: 8,678 vehicles

Compared with April, the achievement of 8,678 Krypton vehicles is only more than 500 vehicles, but this achievement is enough to win the title of luxury pure electric brand in China. In addition, Krypton X, which focuses on the young personalized market, will start large-scale delivery in June. Perhaps starting from June, Krypton X will return to the ranks of "10,000 clubs". As for 11,000, 13,000 or even 15,000, it depends on how much energy Krypton X has.

Tucki: 7506 vehicles.

From January to May, Xpeng Motors’s sales volume has been increasing, which is definitely a good phenomenon, but its growth rate is slightly mediocre in the market, and it has been hovering at the height of more than 7,000 vehicles for three months. According to the market feedback, Tucki P7i launched at the end of March, although its product strength has been upgraded to some extent, has not been translated into more actual sales. One of the main reasons is that many users think that its price is on the high side, and they can only expect that the following two new cars, Tucki G6 and new MPV Tucki X9, can help Tucki to make new breakthroughs in sales.

Deep blue: 7021 vehicles

Although compared with the 7,756 vehicles in April, there is a slight decrease from the previous month, there should be no pressure on the Deep Blue car, because the Deep Blue S7, which was booked by "520", gave a booking price of 169,900-239,900 yuan, even 2,000 yuan cheaper than the official price of Deep Blue SL03. Compared with the same model, Deep Blue S7 is sincere in price. Compared with the same model, Deep Blue S7 has certain advantages in performance, configuration, design and space. It is foreseeable that the official listing of Deep Blue S7 will have a positive impact on the sales of Deep Blue brand.

Weilai: 6,155 vehicles

Once the "Big Three" of the new forces, it is now difficult to get together again. Xpeng Motors is hovering around seven or eight thousand vehicles, but Weilai’s situation seems to be even worse. Since March, Weilai ET7 has failed to break through four digits for many months, Weilai ET5 has also dropped from more than 7,000 vehicles to 45,000 vehicles, and the sales of ES8 and EC7 are negligible, while the new ES6 has been replaced.

AITO boundary: 5629 vehicles

Thanks to Huawei’s empowerment, AITO Wenjie series completed the production of 100,000 vehicles in 15 months, becoming the fastest growing brand of new energy vehicles. However, since 2023, AITO’s pace seems to be a little slow. First, it may be affected by the "abuse of Huawei brand logo" incident in March. Second, in the face of more and more opponents, the competitiveness of M7 is somewhat weak, and the brand sales are almost supported only by M5. Perhaps, before the M9 goes on the market, the sales of AITO cars will remain at the level of 4,000-6,000 vehicles.

Lantu: 3,003 vehicles

Although there is a slight decline from April, the sales volume of Lantu Automobile itself is not large, and it is a good result to be able to stabilize at around 3,000 vehicles. In addition, Lantu Zhuiguang adjusted its selling price and rights in May, and may see a small increase after entering June.

The price is millions, look forward to U7 real car exposure! Headlights are exaggerated in design, with a maximum power of 960kW.

A few days ago, a group of photos of real cars looking up at U7 were exposed on the Internet. In the image, we can see that the side of the new car is very stretched and the rear of the car is full, which looks very imposing overall. The new car is positioned as a large car, which has been declared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is equipped with "Easy Sifang" technology. The motor power of the four wheels is 240kW/240kW/240kW/240kW, totaling 960kW, which is about 1305Ps. According to the previous news, I hope U7 has opened the reservation, and the price may be in the million level.

In terms of design, Wangwang U7 adopts the language of Wangwang brand "dimension door". The oversized C-shaped headlights and daytime running lights on the front face look vigorous and powerful, just like two huge eyes. With the penetrating air intake below, it looks more imposing as a whole.

Looking up at U7, the side lines look sharp and slender. The front end of the front door adopts a design similar to the shark fin shape, combined with the hidden door handle, which makes the whole look simple and sporty. The wheel hub of the vehicle adopts a forged five-star shape, and a large area of petal styles are available. The rear fender obviously protrudes from the body, which has a good sense of aerodynamics and design.

The rear of the car is relatively simple as a whole. The whole system comes standard with a foldable electric tail, and there are large-size penetrating taillights, with the logo embedded in the middle, and a diffuser under the rear of the car, which has a good overall sense of movement.

In the spy photos before, we saw that looking up at U7 basically continued the style of looking up at U8. The LCD screen was vertical, which was similar to looking up at U8. In addition, it was equipped with a large LCD instrument and a passenger entertainment screen.

In the key power part, the new car will be equipped with "Easy Sifang" four-motor technology. The maximum power of four-wheel motors is 240kW/240kW/240kW/240kW, totaling 960kW, or about 1305 HP. As a brand-looking model, it is expected that the Yunqi body control system will not be absent. The comprehensive endurance of the new car is expected to exceed 1000 kilometers. We will continue to pay attention to more news about the new car.

Chery Geely will enter the Taiwan Province market. Taiwanese media questioned its safety.

  People’s Daily Online, Hong Kong, March 13th Well-known automobile manufacturers Chery Automobile and Geely Automobile will enter the Taiwan Province market in the near future. The local media wrote that the cars made in mainland China have made remarkable progress, but the impact test results are not ideal and the safety is worrying.

  Chery Automobile will make its debut at the Taipei New Car Exhibition at the end of this year and enter the local market with the strategy of "low price". According to the agent, the price of Chery Automobile is still under accounting, and it is estimated that the price of Chery Automobile is 30% lower than that of similar cars. For example, Toyota ALTIS with a displacement of 1.8 liters, the local price in Taiwan Province is about 600,000 yuan (note: NTD, the same below) to 680,000 yuan; Chery A3 with the same displacement is expected to sell for only 450,000 yuan.

  Zhejiang Geely Automobile will also seize the Taiwan Province market. Its small cars with a displacement of less than 1500cc, such as America, Japan, Freedom Ship and King Kong, will be assembled and sold in Taiwan Province. The price of these cars in the mainland is between RMB 30,000 and RMB 50,000, and the price in Taiwan Province will be reduced to less than RMB 350,000.

  Taiwanese media wrote that Chery and other domestic cars have made remarkable progress in recent years, from the whole car to the engine, gearbox and key components, from design and development to engineering technology, trial production and process planning, but their impact test results in Germany, Russia and China are not satisfactory, and consumers are urged to pay attention to the performance and safety of cars, not just greedy for low prices. (LiHaiyuan)

Editor: Xu Guimei

On the hot search as soon as you shoot, Shanghai Meiying deserves to be the national team of China animation.

Special feature of 1905 film network The animated film is released.After a lapse of 38 years, this film officially met the audience in the cinema for the first time. Perhaps, the saying of "returning a movie ticket" has been redefined in this film.

And this is Shanghai Animation Film Studio (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Meiying") behind the film, the second film work handed over this year after Tyrannosaurus Tu Tu with Big Ears in Action in the National Day file.


The two seemingly independent works are actually a kind of "inheritance" of the film maker to some extent. Mr. Wang is the co-director of the film "The Story of Heaven". At the same time, he also participated in the art work of the first season of the drama series "Tu Tu with Big Ears".


From the "old" to the new, and then renovate and repair the "old". In the past few years, Shanghai Meiying has always presented its "treasures" to everyone in the best form.


The charm of Shanghai Meiying is not only on the big screen.As early as last year, the "China Animation Alliance" gathered and customized a promotional film for the Beijing Winter Olympics, saying, "My old grandson is coming!" Who’s feelings have been ignited?


When the "Zhu Rong" rover landed on Mars, Shanghai Meiying took out the concept film of the 4D sci-fi cartoon "Fluorescent Fire". After watching it, anyone who didn’t marvel at it was still online.


Inheritance of "repair"

The story of Shangmeiying is as wonderful as its cartoon characters, but this time, let’s start with "The Story of Heaven".


In 2019, the main visual poster of Shanghai International Film Festival designed by Huang Hai was released, which surprised everyone. And this poster is based on the animated film produced by Shanghai Meiying.

In that year’s screening list, Shanghai Meiying also released two restored works, one is the full version of "Make a scene in Heaven" and the other is the 2K restored version of "The Story of Heaven".After the invoice was issued, "Tian Shu Qi Tan" became one of the fastest sold-out films. This is somewhat unexpected. After all, in the past, most of the animated films mentioned by the audience were "Make a scene in Heaven".


Making a scene in Heaven was completed by Shanghai Meiying in 2011. It is precisely because of this achievement that Shanghai Meiying saw hope that "classics will never go out of date". As a result, in 2018, Shanghai Meiying restarted the restoration work of "Tian Shu Qi Tan".


This repair work is not easy.Because of the limitation of early technical conditions, the storage medium of the original film is film. The film itself is very fragile, even if it is well preserved, it will inevitably cause some damage. The director of Shanghai Meiying told us that the team invested a lot of manpower and energy to repair the sound and picture.


Behind the simple expression, there is actually a very complicated process technology. In the end, the basic restoration of the film was completed by Shanghai Film Technology Factory and Shanghai Meiying, which ensured the basic content of the work and realized the work of "glue revolution". It is reported that the film has been repaired in the 4K version. This also caused the film to finally meet the audience after two years after the screening of the last film festival.


For many viewers, this is a "youth return". Memories of the movies I saw when I was a child are all emerging one by one, and even the "sequel legend" about this movie is not broken.


For Suda, the release of this film has not only fulfilled his dream, but also completed the unfinished story of the predecessors of Shanghai Meiying.

Mr Yunda Qian, the co-director of this film, is her university teacher. At the Shanghai premiere of the film, the 93-year-old director Yunda Qian appeared. Facing the recognition of the audience, he also said humbly, "I feel that we have not done enough. If we can do it in the future, we will do more work."


However, what is the release of such a film to the audience?Suda doesn’t want to emphasize the box office. After all, the release of this animated work is difficult to demonstrate with the box office itself. "Going to the cinema is not just about paying for feelings."

In Suda’s view, this restoration can make the audience feel better about "The Wonder of Heaven" and break the previous cognition on the small screen. No matter the sound or the picture, more different details can be found.


The vitality of IP

Suda has been busy for the last two months. I was interviewed by various media for Action of Tyrannosaurus Tu Tu with Big Ears and 4K Commemorative Edition.


Although these two works are presented to the audience with a brand-new look, we can’t ignore the fact that it has been 38 years since "The Story of Heaven" and the drama series "Tu Tu with Big Ears" has been updated, but it has been more than 15 years since the first season. It seems that from the outside world, these two works are already "past tense".


Suda seems to have become accustomed to these discussions, and bluntly saying that economic benefits are definitely not the purpose. "I understand that everyone has such a voice, because in the past, we did not produce a large number of new films, and we also understand the expectations of the audience."

In fact, the restoration of "The Wonder of Heaven" is to use digital technology to make the film glow with new vitality.


On the basis of the original film’s 89 minutes, a special behind-the-scenes feature was specially added at the end of the film, including some creative materials, restoration process and interviews with old artists. This is a tribute to the older generation of animation artists, but also a kind of China animation inheritance.


At that time, there were many ingenious ideas of old artists in the creation of the film "The Wonder of Heaven", but now it seems a little clumsy.


For example, in the four words of the title, the blue-black background pattern presents a "special effect" of flowing fusion. It is the old artists who pour blue-black paint into a basin and add solvent to make the paint "flow", thus shooting this wonderful "special effect" scene.


The TV animation "Tu Tu with Big Ears" with more than 100 episodes grew up with the post-90s and post-00s, and it was created by Shanghai Meiying for the purpose of making original and high-quality cartoons to reflect the life of contemporary children.The image of "Tu Tu" unexpectedly became popular on the short video platform two years ago, which made everyone see the vitality of IP.

From the small screen to the big screen, the movie version of Tu Tu with Big Ears has been striving to integrate the spirit of the times into its works and track the topics of social concern. It involves filial piety culture and pension topics.


It seems to be a mature drama IP, but this creation is not easy for Suda. In this movie, there is no collision between justice and evil, just want children to watch it with relish and touch them with emotion.


It doesn’t matter if you have doubts, it also represents the expectations of the audience.For these IPS in their hands, Suda said, "The old IP, because it was already there, we will repair it and develop it, and maybe it will take less time; Then the new work needs a process of incubation, cultivation and creation. "


As for the excessive public opinion of "fried cold rice", the speed is also accepted according to the order. The hard work behind the classic repair is no easier than an original IP. Classic IP needs to maintain its vigorous vitality, which can not be presented by simple preservation. "We are not completely copying the past to sell tickets again, but to create in depth again."


Not only the restoration of movies, but also the IP image authorization of Shanghai Meiying from a very early age.Especially at the beginning of 2019, the collection of doll toys, in which "Tian Shu Qi Tan" cooperated with a fast food brand, even sold as high as 500 yuan on a second-hand trading platform.


This series of IP authorization, actually from another level, is also the activation of IP.Of course, in terms of IP authorization, Shangmeiying pays great attention to whether the cartoon image is suitable for the brand. "Every IP has its own personal design, and we also value the concept of communication that can be set by someone in the future brand communication."


The story continues

"Innovation and inheritance" is the brand concept written by official website of Shanghai Meiying.


Reasonable IP authorization and development, as well as the restoration of classic films, are the best footnotes made by Shanghai Film and Television. To combine "inheritance" and "innovation" organically, we have to mention Meiying’s ink animation.


As early as the 60th anniversary of Shanghai Film Festival, it was announced that it would restart ink animation and launch the first feature film of ink animation. At that time, the official also released a 2-minute trial film, which attracted a lot of attention once it was spread.


After a lapse of four years, what is the progress of this project?Suda told us that the film is scheduled to be completed by the end of next year and is scheduled to be released in 2023. The duration of the film will be about 90 minutes, with almost no dialogue, and the story will be promoted by music. "It can be said with great pride that this will be the first animated feature film in China and even the world."


The 3D version of the official announcement has also made progress. "We will make a bold attempt to break everyone’s previous understanding of the image of the Monkey King in" Big Sky "and make a brand new the Monkey King in a three-dimensional space, which will be more in line with the aesthetics of young people as a whole."


In addition, the new Snow Child, which was created by directors Lu Hengyu and Li Shujie, will also be produced accordingly. In the future production process of Shanghai Meiying, there will be more than a dozen works coming out one after another.

In the face of marketization, Suda said frankly, "Not blindly pursuing the click-through rate and the box office, how to make a good work that can stay is the first thing that our creators should consider, and don’t produce a pile of cultural garbage."


With the special promotional film of the Winter Olympics going off again, the outside world is increasingly looking forward to the progress of the "cartoon universe" of the American film. At the beginning of this year, they launched the drama "Beautiful Film Paradise", but this short drama did not leave much sound. Su Da told us not to worry. They really saw the concept of "movie universe" and are creating an animated film "Make a scene in cartoon city", which combines the IP of Shangmeiying with real life.


No matter from the outside world, Shanghai Meiying is slowing down or speeding up now; Is it being questioned "fried cold rice" or insisting on bringing forth the old and bringing forth the new? They are always carrying on the good memories of several generations with a pen.


As Suda said, Shanghai Meiying is the national team of animation in China, which shoulders great responsibilities. It cannot just pursue commercial animation, and it is one of the responsibilities to inherit and innovate the art of its predecessors.

For the first time, the M9 supports smart dessert, and the audio experience of Huawei music space is upgraded.

On December 26th, 2023, Huawei held a press conference on M9 and Huawei’s whole winter scene in Shenzhen. As the full-size flagship SUV of the leading generation of science and technology, the M9 supports the smart dessert spot for the first time, and intelligently senses the passenger position based on the industry-leading sound field matching algorithm. Listening to high-definition space audio songs through Huawei music in the cabin can adaptively adjust the listening area, so that users in each seat can enjoy a complete immersive listening experience and bring a heavy upgrade to the cabin space audio experience.

In April, 2023, Huawei Music realized the first boarding of high-definition space audio on the M5 version of the intelligent driving platform. Based on the Audio Vivid audio coding and decoding standard, it presented richer sound details in the intelligent cockpit, and made the sound linger around the users in all directions through virtual reconstruction of the spherical space. At the same time, under the deep integration and adjustment with HUAWEI SOUND, it brought the HarmonyOS cockpit users an immersive space audio listening experience with the main driver in the music center.

At the M9 conference released this time, HUAWEI SOUND created four dessert spots (main driver’s seat, boss’s seat, whole car and front row) through the Danish chief tuner, and all the positions were individually adjusted by Andhadhun. Combined with Huawei’s unique sound field matching algorithm and HarmonyOS 4, it can adaptively identify the position of boarding passengers and obtain tuning parameters efficiently, thus providing each passenger with the best listening dessert spot for spatial audio. At the same time, four sky channels will be added in the cockpit to form a 7.1.4-channel configuration. Through the industry-leading 25-unit professional-grade audio and the star-ring diffuser located in the center console, a wider and more uniform sound field will be brought, ensuring that passengers in any position in the car can experience music with a more sense of space, mobility and presence, and creating a special spatial audio listening sound field for each seat, so that users can sit in C position no matter where they sit.

Since the launch of the Space Audio Zone in 2022, Huawei Music has reached content cooperation with dozens of well-known record companies and labels at home and abroad, such as Taihe Music, Modern Sky, Sony Select, Street Sound and 2L, and has many popular singers’ space audio songs, including pop, classical, national style, jazz, rap, environmental sound and soundtrack of film and television dramas, as well as music based on. Open Huawei Music APP and click the "Space Audio" icon on the home page, and you can enter the special area to feel the wonderful charm of different types of songs given by space audio.

At present, Huawei Music has provided high-definition spatial audio content services for some models of Huawei mobile phones and tablets, as well as all models of AITO. In the future, it will continue to expand the content of terminal equipment and music library, so that listeners have more convenience and choice space to experience the enjoyment of "sound".

Tan Benhong, Aouita: I hope everyone can experience more and feel the performance of Huawei Smart Drive on different models.

On November 10th, Aouita 12, a brand-new model in Aouita, was officially launched. The price range of the new car is 300,800-400,800 yuan, and it is expected to be delivered in early December.

After Aouita 12 went public, Shell Finance reporter interviewed Tan Benhong, Chairman of Aouita Science and Technology. In view of the cooperation between Aouita and Huawei, the follow-up product layout and sales planning, Tan Benhong gave his thoughts.

Tan Benhong Map/Enterprise official website

The estimated sales volume in 2023 is 35,000 vehicles, and it will maintain long-term cooperation with Huawei and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.

Beijing News Shell Finance:What are your expectations for sales this year and next year? Will the user groups of Aouita 12 and 11 overlap?

Tan Benhong:It is estimated that the actual sales of 30,000 to 35,000 vehicles will be completed this year. The sales target given by the board of directors in 2024 must be a double-digit (10,000 units), and we must sprint. Because we sold 3,800 Aouita 11 vehicles last month, judging from the current performance, we are still confident. Earlier, we were worried that there would be a crowd of users between Aouita 11 and 12. Judging from the available data, we think Aouita 11 and 12 are ok.

This is because we took this into consideration at the beginning of product design. The high-pressure platform, intelligent driving and HarmonyOS cockpit of the two cars are relatively close, but they are quite different in shape, function and configuration.

Beijing News Shell Finance:Huawei has many partners. What are the leading points or differences in Aouita? Where is the core competitiveness?

Tan Benhong:I hope everyone can experience our products. Let’s look back at the mobile phone market for 10 years or more. At the earliest, everyone was Android, but many brands were produced on Android.

Huawei was originally based on Android, and later it had its own HarmonyOS. Huawei, vivo, Xiaomi and OPP are very different in product experience. We still have to have a worthy price when positioning our products.

At the same time, Aouita competes in the market based on the strategic cooperation of Changan Automobile, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and Huawei. The development of each enterprise or brand should be based on certain strategic coordination and resources. I personally think that Aouita’s CHN platform is our own core competitiveness. This is why we can go on steadily and steadily, do our own brand well and have the technical capabilities of three companies at the same time.

I think strategic coordination, strategic cooperation and mutual understanding are also core competitiveness.

Two new cars will be launched in 2024, with 500 channel contacts.

Beijing News Shell Finance:What are Aouita’s product plans for 2024?

Tan Benhong:We also have two models with code numbers 15 and 16, and these two products are all CHN models. Maybe I will meet you at the Beijing Auto Show next year.

Beijing News Shell Finance:What are your plans and thoughts on sales and channels?

Tan Benhong:Personally, I don’t think there is a perfect practice for new energy vehicles and high-end electric vehicles in the sales sector, and everyone is exploring. Direct marketing recruits people by itself, and he relies on others. Aouita’s current development mode is to operate directly and operate separately. We have a part of our own sales team, and we are also relying on many investors of Changan Automobile Group’s brands, including Changan, Ford and Mazda, to participate in the channel expansion in Aouita.

It is estimated that 350 layouts will be completed by the end of the year, and there will be about 500 contacts by next year. The pace of our development is not greedy, and it will certainly not work without it. I think the marketing rhythm should match the goal of its own development stage.

Beijing News Shell Finance Reporter Bai Haotian Zhang Bing Editor and Proofreader Zhai Yongjun