"Star" fruit cherries witness the world opportunities brought by the opening of China.

Original title: "Star" fruit cherries, witnessing the world opportunities brought by opening China.
During the Spring Festival holiday this year, entries such as "Top-flow of adult cherries" and "Freedom of cherries" rushed to Weibo for hot search.
"The children at home like to eat cherries, which are red in color, sweet and delicious, and just listed during the Spring Festival, which means that they are red and hot, and now the price is not expensive, so I will buy more food." Ms. Chen, a resident of Chengjiaqiao Street in Changning District, Shanghai, expressed the feelings of many consumers.
As a "star" in imported fruits, cherries have become one of the popular consumer fruits in the Spring Festival this year. From Chile across the ocean to China, the trip to the cherry market proves that opening China is always an important opportunity for world development.
Open the map of the world, China and Chile are separated by oceans, with a linear distance of nearly 20,000 kilometers. Delicate and beautiful fruits come from mountains and rivers, with delicious flavor and good quality and low price. What’s the story behind this?
Imported goods flew into the homes of ordinary people, which witnessed the breadth of China’s high-level opening up. In recent years, from new varieties of apples and bananas to new faces such as durian and avocado, more and more special fruits from all over the world have been brought to the table of China people. From promoting the negotiation of FTA to hosting China International Import Expo(CIIE), to continuously optimizing the convenience of customs clearance, open China and welcome the good things from all over the world with open arms. In 2023, the Customs granted 146 kinds of sub-high quality agricultural and food products from 51 countries and regions to be exported to China, constantly meeting the diversified needs of domestic consumption and people’s yearning for a better life.
Taking cherries as an example, in 2008, China and Chile signed the Protocol on Quarantine of Chilean cherries and plums exported to China, and Chilean cherries were officially allowed to enter the China market; Since 2015, 97% of goods in China and Chile have achieved zero tariffs, and cherries are one of them. At present, China has signed 22 free trade agreements with 29 countries and regions.
Opening up market access is the first step, and the continuous domestic circulation has set up a high-speed passage to the people’s table for imported cherries. Although cherries are delicious, they are perishable and have a short shelf life, which requires high transportation and storage conditions. E-commerce channels continue to sink, logistics timeliness continues to improve, and refrigeration technology continues to improve. A more sound and efficient circulation system allows cherries to get off the branches and serve on the table, reaching consumers in the north and south of the country in a short time, detonating market demand and becoming the "new favorite" of national consumption.
On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, the "Chile-Tianjin Cherry Express Line" opened for the first time in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, with the fastest loading and unloading efficiency, the best customs clearance process and the shortest delivery time, achieved the coverage of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei fruit wholesale market in about 5 hours, showing the efficient coordination effect of China’s unified big market.
The constantly optimized business environment proves the depth of China’s opening up. The milk produced in foreign pastures on Monday can get on the plane on Tuesday and go straight to the dining table of consumers in China on Wednesday … This shows China’s attitude of constantly optimizing the business environment through system innovation and process improvement.
Not only is it bought in, but under the mutual promotion of domestic and international double circulation, China’s super-large-scale market is playing a huge advantage of "demand traction supply". Today, more than 92% of Chilean cherries are exported to China. The vitality of China market has created new opportunities for the development of Chilean cherry agriculture. In recent years, many Chilean fruit farmers have introduced new planting techniques to improve the precision of industrial management, the industrial assembly line has become more mature, and the industrial scale has been rising, which has driven the cost and price of cherries down.
A small cherry, riding the warm current of promoting high-level opening to the outside world, and riding the domestic and international double-cycle express train, not only sweetened the tip of China people’s tongue, but also beautified the life of the residents in the country of origin. In the new journey towards Chinese modernization, more than 1.4 billion China people’s yearning for a better life will release more surging market momentum, drive more imported goods to fly from the other side of the ocean to the homes of ordinary people, and the price will gradually change from expensive to "close to the people", and more "cherries" stories will be staged.
If the world is good, China will be good; If China is good, the world will be better. China has been the second largest importer in the world for many years in a row. Super-large-scale import has strongly supported domestic production and supply, improved people’s livelihood, and promoted the economic development of various exporting countries.
Source: People’s Daily client