Does running make people younger or older?

Some time ago, a runner left a message asking: Why do some people run younger and younger, while others run older and older? Are they running too much without oxygen?

This is indeed a question that many people like to discuss. When we write about some running characters, we often see similar messages, such as writing about running friends who lose weight. Some people will leave a message saying: How do you feel older after losing weight?

Not long ago, I wrote that the British 60-year-old grandfather broke the world record of 60-year-old half horse with 1:11:09:?

?Then a runner left a message saying: it looks too old, and the 70-year-old people who do farm work at home are not as old as him.

However, the same 60-year-old Japanese grandfather Iwanaga Yoshiji, who ran 33 minutes and 39 seconds in 10,000 meters, changed his message style.

Let’s look at the 70-year-old Shaoxing horse running out of 258 yellow wealth. If there are running friends, leave a message: My dad is 70 years old, and he looks at least 10 years younger than my dad.

Let’s take a look at this runner we interviewed before who lost 80 pounds by running:

Then a runner left a message to refute the saying that running will make people old:"Let’s look at the aging after running. This has changed from thirty or forty uncles to small meat."

Is it very confusing? Why do some people look younger after running and others look older after running?

Today we are going to talk about this topic.Whether running makes people old or young.


A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology in 2018 shows that running for a long time can make your body at least 10 years younger. this isBecause regular exercise all the year round will greatly improve the health of cardiovascular system, bones and muscles.

Dr. Scott Trappe, who is in charge of this study, said: Many people who are 75 years old but exercise regularly actually have the same level of cardiovascular health as middle-aged people aged 40-45.

In 2017, an American study also showed thatLong-term running can prolong life span by 7 years.

Even if your weekly exercise only reaches the minimum recommended to keep healthy, you can prolong your life. Research shows that you can live longer as long as you start exercising, regardless of your age, gender and health status.

If you have smoked, your life expectancy can be extended by 4.1 years after starting exercise; If you don’t smoke before, you can prolong your life by 3 years. Even if you smoke after you start exercising, you can prolong your life by 2.6 years.


With the increase of age, people will become more and more dull. But regular exercise will keep you agile.

In 2012, the research published in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review believed that regular exercise could resist the mental decline with age, such as selective attention, task switching and working memory.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina found that:Runners have younger brains.Because people who often take part in exercise, their brains will shrink slowly, because exercise will increase blood flow and deliver more oxygen to their brains.


With the increase of age, the bone mass of human body will gradually lose. Osteoporosis is a common disease of the elderly, and running can slow down the speed of bone mass loss.

It is often said that running is easy to hurt your knees. In fact, this is a very big misunderstanding. David Felson, a researcher at Boston University, said in an interview that,Running can make your knees healthier, not damage them.?

"We have learned from long-span studies that running does not hurt your knees." Felson said, "When we look at their knee arthritis, the difference between runners and non-runners is obvious. People who run regularly have a much lower probability of suffering from knee arthritis. "


Two days ago, the State Council released the Report on Nutrition and Chronic Diseases of China Residents (2020), which showed that more than half of the adult residents in China were overweight or obese.

butObesity is the root of all diseases.Metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea and elevated blood pressure are all related to it. The World Health Organization has officially regarded obesity as a disease, so there is no such thing as a healthy fat person!Obesity can reduce people’s life by 8 years on average.

Many chronic diseases, such as "three highs", are inseparable from the word "fat". And many people insist on running for a period of time, and when they go to the physical examination, they will find that these three indicators are normal.


As the saying goes: smile, ten years old. Many people go running when they are stressed or in a bad mood, and they will feel much more comfortable after running. This is because running produces an endogenous phenolic hormone.

In 2006, a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise showed that,Simply walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes can immediately improve your mood and get out of depression.

In modern society, the communication between people can be said to be less and less, and it becomes more and more "lonely". Many people pull a long face all day and have no vitality at all.

Persisting in running can relieve stress and improve mood. You can talk to yourself during running, reconcile yourself with yourself, and you will understand when you are running.

Moreover, running is a sport with strong social attributes. You can meet many like-minded friends through running.One person can run faster, and a group of people can run farther and happier!


Human aging is an irreversible natural phenomenon. This is because with the increase of age, the number of mitochondria in cells will decrease, and the decrease of mitochondria will make cells become less and less active, so the body will gradually age.

And the magic of running is thatCan repair mitochondria, which can make cells more energetic, which means the body is younger.?

A researcher at the University of Colorado said, "Running will make your muscles younger. If you increase mitochondria through running, then the young body will affect all aspects, such as reducing heart disease, reducing bone loss and reducing the risk of diabetes. "

In addition, running can also make the aorta more elastic, make the heart younger and reduce the occurrence of various diseases; Make your muscles and bones strong, which is also a necessary part of keeping you young.

Since scientific research shows that running can make people younger, thenWhy do you still get old??

This is because running too much or the intensity is too great.

After a lot of running, especially after taking part in the ultra-long marathon or cross-country race, people feel "getting old". this isBecause after a lot of exercise, the body produces excessive free radicals, which leads to low immunity.

free radical(Free radical, FRs), also called free radical, refers to a group, ion, atom or molecule whose outer orbit contains unpaired electrons; Free radicals are chemically active and have strong oxidation, which can take away electrons from normal cells and tissues, thus damaging cells and tissues.

If you don’t have enough time to recover, free radicals are produced too much or removed too slowly.Excess free radicals will attack life macromolecules and various organelles, causing various damages to the body at the molecular level, cellular level and tissue and organ level, thus causing various injuries to the body. If you go back and forth, people will "age".?

Excessive exercise and fatigue may also lead to neurosis, which will reduce your reaction ability, balance and muscle elasticity, and begin to feel such as dizziness, nausea, bad food, poor sleep, depression, general fatigue, listlessness and tiredness of running.


Last month, the World Health Organization published the Guide to Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior, which suggested that adults should do it at least once a week.150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise; Or 75-150 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise.; Or the equivalent combination of two kinds of physical activities, you can get great health benefits. This is the minimum amount of exercise.

For additional health benefits, you canDo moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for more than 300 minutes every week; Or more than 150 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise;And the equivalent combination of two kinds of physical activities.

Moderate intensity is generally considered as reaching 60% to 80% of the maximum heart rate, while reaching more than 80% is the intense intensity.

As far as running is concerned, 60% to 80% of the maximum heart rate is the intensity of aerobic jogging. Running for 60 minutes a day and five times a week is enough for health.

At the same time, it is also recommended to carry out moderate or high intensity for at least 2 days per week in the guide.Muscle strength training, including all large muscle groups; Limit the time of sitting still and moving less.

Strength training is essential. One of the reasons why 60-year-old Yan Yongyi is young is that he can use different equipment to train and recover strength.

The 70-year-old Huang Wealth once said in an interview that he would take a break every Monday and Friday to train the core strength of his legs and waist and abdomen. "In particular, I strengthened my strength training, and I didn’t feel tired when I ran behind, and I ran faster than the first half."

Academician Zhong Nanshan, on the other hand, takes three or four days a week to get up early for exercise, running for about 25 minutes first, and then doing some strength training for about an hour at a time.

So,Although exercise is good, it is necessary to control the amount and degree. It is best not to carry out a single exercise, and it is more beneficial to health to combine various exercise methods.

Coupled with reasonable intake of nutrition, daily attention to sun protection and other good living habits, people will be healthier, younger and more energetic, thus making your life more quality.

?interactionSo, how has running changed you? Do you look younger than your peers? Welcome to share your message.