The first experience of ChatGPT is not as powerful as the legend.

The media always likes to advocate new things, because it can get traffic and exposure, and then it will be silent after a period of time.

After I went to experience ChatGPT by myself, I felt that it was fun and easy to use. It was a machine for collecting and processing information. Compared with the artificial intelligence assistant that came with the mobile phone in the past, it seemed to be more powerful, but it only processed data and information. There was no so-called wisdom and creativity, so it was not so magical.

As for writing articles and copywriting, it is still exemplary writing according to previous human cases and samples, but the writing is good, but the repetition rate is still quite high. It is still a kind of manuscript washing and pseudo original, not a real creation. Because of the lack of originality, it is still repeating human work, but improving efficiency. It is a good tool for people.

Many people say that ChatGPT will change the world. At present, it is not so exaggerated. It is just a useful tool. It is not impossible for enterprises or entrepreneurs to make money by using it, but it is limited to certain industries. Just like blockchain technology, many people say that it will change the world and human life, and it may, but it is not so fast at present. As for 2023, it will not have a great impact on the specific daily life of human beings.

As for the fact that many people will lose their jobs, it is also an exaggeration. This is a fear of marketing psychology, because without innovation and wisdom, it is still impossible to beat human beings. At present, artificial intelligence can’t surpass human beings, because human beings have consciousness and wisdom. There is something in human brain called pineal gland. Without it, human beings can’t have wisdom and awakening.

ChatGPT is a useful tool, which may bring convenience to some people’s work, but its influence is still limited. Of course, what will happen to the further development of artificial intelligence in the future? It remains to be seen and experienced.

The so-called writing papers, novels, reports, etc. advocated by people are just plagiarism and imitation. Some universities have banned students from using them. Even if they do, it is not difficult to judge.