West Lake University Institute of Technology Fluid Intelligence and Informatization Laboratory Recruits Postdoctoral Students

research direction

Strengthen learning; robot

Background requirements

Computer, electronic engineering, control engineering, artificial intelligence, deep reinforcement learning.

The main research direction of the research group

The Laboratory of Fluid Intelligence and Informationization, School of Engineering, West Lake University has long carried out interdisciplinary research (fluid mechanics, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, environmental engineering, computer science and technology, etc.). The main research directions include:

1. Digitization of fluid of offshore engineering equipment;

2. Design and control of amphibious air-sea robot;

3. Application of metamaterials in large-scale air-sea deformation;

4. Intelligent fluid mechanics.

Recruitment direction 1: deep learning or reinforcement learning algorithm

job responsibilities

1. Research the physical-driven deep reinforcement learning algorithm, offline reinforcement learning, imitation learning and human-in-loop reinforcement learning.

2. Study the data efficiency of deep learning algorithm, including but not limited to small sample learning, transfer learning, continuous learning, hierarchical reinforcement learning, etc.

3. Other machine learning related directions.

Application conditions

1, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning and other related directions, master or excellent undergraduate (research assistant); Doctor (Doctor Hou).

2. Be enthusiastic about research work and have a good team spirit.

Recruitment direction 2: Robotics

job responsibilities

Engaged in bionic robot or underwater robot control decision-making, navigation planning, visual inspection, data processing and other related scientific research work.

Post requirements

1, computer, electronic engineering, mechanical control and other related professional direction, master or excellent undergraduate (research assistant); Doctor (doctor, assistant researcher).

2. background of underwater robot/manipulator development and research is preferred; Practical experience in robot control, planning and navigation is preferred.

3. Strong sense of responsibility, serious and responsible work, initiative and good team spirit.

Post treatment

According to the personal scientific research ability and the relevant provisions of the postdoctoral. The research group will provide a stable working environment and a first-class research platform, assist in applying for postdoctoral related projects, and support personal career development according to interests and needs. The China Postdoctoral Science Fund and the provincial-level postdoctoral research projects will be supported by 1:1 matching funds. If you leave the station to work in Hangzhou, Hangzhou will give you a living allowance of 400,000 yuan. Eligible personnel can apply for high-level talents in Hangzhou and other related policies.

Application material

Resume and other documents deemed necessary by the applicant.

proposal form

Submit your resume, HR will give priority to it and communicate with you online.