They brought spring into the ward.

Six nurses from one infected department and one infected group greeted the patients, starting from Li Yang, Zhang Huan, Yu Qiuping, Wu Zhimin, Zhang Zhen and Xiao Jie.

  A light rain brings new flowers, and a thunder begins to wake up. In the season of fright, the spring is bright and the cherry blossoms are blooming. This is the best time for Wuhan people to enjoy flowers in the spring outing, but COVID-19 patients in the "Red Zone" ward can’t feel the breath of spring.

  "If the patient can’t get out of the ward, we will bring spring into the ward." Six nurses, Wu Zhimin, Yu Qiuping, Zhang Zhen, Zhang Huan, Xiao Jie and Li Yang, from the First Affiliated Hospital of Army Medical University, were infected with tongji hospital in Wuhan Taikang. On weekdays, they take good care of patients like relatives, know the patient’s situation like the palm of their hand, and respond to the patient’s requirements.

  This time, they read the longing for spring and health from the eyes and conversations of many patients, and wondered together how to make the impenetrable ward spring and make the sick patients’ hearts full of sunshine.

  What should we do? Six people made a mistake, and the patients couldn’t enjoy the spring scenery. They also missed seeing it. Every day, hospitals and dormitories have two points and one line, high-intensity nursing work, and shifts are reversed day and night … … Even so, as long as they appear in front of patients, they all become energetic smiling angels.

  The ingenious angels quickly thought of a good way. Zhang Zhen, a nurse in plastic surgery, volunteered to be a painter and painted everyone’s favorite flowers on protective clothing. Team leader Wu Zhimin and nurse Zhang Huan also made "flowers" by hand using cotton swabs and shoe covers.

  "You brought spring!" "You are as beautiful as flowers!" As soon as the nursing team entered the ward, it immediately attracted the attention of patients and won everyone’s praise.

  An aunt in bed 47 has been moping for several days. At this moment, she is surrounded by six nurses together with several patients, guessing what flowers are on their protective clothing one by one.

  "This is cherry blossom, the most famous flower in Wuhan." The cherry blossoms on Zhang Zhen’s protective clothing were recognized at once. She said happily, "I wish everyone a speedy recovery and go to Wuhan University to enjoy the cherry blossoms."

  "This should be a lily. Do you like lilies?" In the face of the patient’s question, Yu Qiuping said with a smile: "Pure lilies have the meaning of unity and friendship. I believe that as long as we unite, we will definitely overcome the virus and tide over the difficulties."

  "Aunt, I have the best guess." Zhang Huan, who is always so happy as the name, took the patient Aunt Wang and said with a smile, "This is a sunflower. Sunflowers are born in the sun, and the virus is destroyed in the sun. I am here to help you eliminate the virus."

  Today, Zhang Huan looks happier than usual. Her husband, nurse Chen Lei of Huoshenshan Hospital, won the third-class merit. Husband and wife have been fighting the epidemic in Wuhan for 20 days, but they have only met once for 30 minutes. But this did not affect Zhang Huan’s working status at all. The husband and wife always encouraged each other in WeChat, "Fight side by side ‘ Epidemic ’ It is a battle slogan, and paying attention to safety is the most beautiful love story. "

  Li Yang, whose protective clothing was painted with roses, received the happiest task and sent three patients out of the hospital. "Roses not only symbolize love, but also have the meaning of bravery. You have bravely overcome your illness. No matter what difficulties you encounter in your future life, you should still face them bravely … …” At parting, Li Yang said to an elderly patient. "Although I have never seen your face, I will always remember you as beautiful as a rose." The patient said emotionally.

  Wu Zhimin specially prepared a "flower" for the patient Mr. Zhou and his wife. Mr. Zhou was immersed in grief because his father and brother died of illness. In order to make him happy, Wu Zhimin thought of many ways. A few days ago, I learned that Mr. Zhou’s wife was also being treated in the hospital. Wu Zhimin applied to transfer the husband and wife to the same ward.

  "Spring has come, and your illness has entered a recovery period. I believe you will be discharged soon." Wu Zhimin said while inserting "flowers" into the bedside. She found that Mr. Zhou’s frown had been stretched a lot … …

  After completing the nursing task and walking out of the "red zone", six nurses took off their protective clothes and were reluctant to throw them away. Xiao Jie, who is a geriatric nurse, took Zhang Zhen, a "soul painter", and said, "There are many elderly patients in our department, and you will help me draw magnolia next time. The old people will have a soothing effect."

  "Team leader, what’s the meaning of your lotus?" When everyone asked Wu Zhimin, Wu Zhimin said, "Lotus leaves the mud but is not stained. We should also ensure that ‘ Zero infection ’ , a peaceful triumph. "