Is the English stop announcement of Rail Transit Line 5 inaccurate? Teacher outside Sichuan gave the answer.

Recently, some netizens posted on the Internet that "there is something wrong with the rail transit station? Is this enthusiastic citizen’s reminder correct? " In the post, it is questioned that the grammar of English stop reporting and rolling subtitles in Shiqiaopu-Tiaoping section of rail transit line 5 is inaccurate.
Netizens posted questions.
The netizen "Looking at Bashu with Cold Eyes" posted a post on May 3rd, claiming that some Chongqing citizens complained that the English stop announcement and rolling subtitles of Shiqiaopu-Tiaodeng section of Rail Transit Line 5 were inaccurate, and listed three problems.
The first question, Shiqiaopu starting station. In-car broadcast: Welcome to Chongqing Rail Transit Line 5 Welcome to the Chongqing…… … Netizens think that the one is unnecessary, and it should be: Welcome to Chongqing …
The second question, in-car broadcast: the train will open The doors open on the right, and the right on the right is not pronounced correctly.
The third question, rolling subtitles in the carriage: This train is the Local train. Netizens think it should be: This train is a Local, or: This train is Local.
The rolling subtitles in the carriage photographed by the reporter are as the netizens said.
At noon today (7th), the reporter came to Shiqiaopu Station of Rail Transit Line 5, and took Line 5 from the starting station. As netizens said, the broadcast of the starting station was indeed "Welcome to the Chongqing…… …" Later, through the rolling subtitles in the carriage, the reporter also saw what netizens said, "This train is the Local" and other translations.
Whether there are grammatical problems in these English, the reporter contacted Mr. Li from the School of English, Sichuan International Studies University.
Teacher Li said that the netizen’s suggestion is reasonable.
Teacher Li gave a slightly detailed explanation. First of all, proper nouns should be preceded by zero articles, and definite articles cannot be added before Chongqing. In addition, this train is an ordinary train, which is a general term, and the indefinite article A, a local train is the train that stops at every station. As for whether the pronunciation of right in the second question is accurate, it is impossible to judge because I have not heard the specific content. Teacher Li also said that the usage of English articles is really complicated, and the suggestions of netizens are reasonable and accurate.
At present, the reporter has given feedback to Weibo, the official rail transit official.
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