Beijing men’s football team won the silver medal in the whole game, creating the team’s best result in 10 years.

Beijing team players took a group photo after the game. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo
The Beijing News (Reporter Liu Chen) The rugby sevens competition of the National Games ended today. The Beijing men’s team lost to Shandong 7-26 in the final and won the silver medal, which was the best result of the National Games.
The Beijing Men’s Rugby Team was established in early 2011, and won the bronze medal in Liaoning National Games in 2013. After a lapse of eight years, the Beijing team won the final stage seat with the fifth place in the qualifying round, and defeated the traditional strong teams such as Tianjin and Jiangsu in Xi ‘an, reaching the final of the National Games for the first time.
Players from both sides are in the game. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo
In the face of the powerful Shandong team, the Beijing team took the lead in touchdown by Huang Aoqi and led 7-0 through additional shots. However, the opponent then completed four touchdowns, including three additional shots, and the Beijing team failed to find the opportunity to chase points.
Head coach Wang Zhongyi said after the game that the Shandong men’s team is the strongest in China, and the Beijing team showed the spirit of daring to fight and fight. However, due to the rainy day, it made some mistakes and eventually lost to its opponents. Huang Aoqi, the only one who scored for the Beijing team, also bluntly regretted after the game.
Wang Zhongyi revealed that the whole team didn’t think about reaching the finals before and after the game. However, in the process of preparing for the war, the Beijing team went to Xi ‘an with a better appearance through personnel and state adjustment. It won three group matches and narrowly beat the host country 14-12 in the semi-final, achieving the best result in the 10 years since the team was established. Wang Chongyi believes that every game is a tough battle, and all the players put it together. Wang Chongyi introduced that this is the last National Games of four dad players in the team, and naturally he very much hopes to win the gold medal.
The Beijing team dared to fight and fight in the competition. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo
Wang Zhongyi himself has been one of the team members since the team was established, and now he has a new identity. With the team going through 10 years of ups and downs and tasting the final of the National Games, he admitted that he was still a little excited to finally wait until this moment. "We should regroup, rearrange the layout, sum up the good aspects and make good plans for the next National Games." Wang Zhongyu said.
Beijing News reporter Liu Chen editor Xiao Wanli