Lepuoleqi is the leader in the field of early correction! Review of Nine Hot Words on the Internet; Co-construction of Lepuqi’s Early Orthodontics Discipline

As a leader in the field of early correction, in 2023, Lepuqi gave oral colleagues practical actions (emotional value, economic empowerment, positive companionship).

1. Far ahead

As a leader in the field of early correction in China, Lepuqi focuses on providing clinicians with a one-stop early correction solution with full cycle, multiple tools and combined treatment.

With the technical support of Lepu Medical, huge case database and one-stop service mode, Lepu Leqi will bring more innovative product systems and all-round quality services to the early correction industry in China.

2. Go in both directions

Original intention: refers to the parties concerned working together towards a common goal and getting close to each other. It is often used between people, expressing people’s good wishes of mutual love and closeness.

In August, 2023, Lepuqi and Dole went in two directions, joined forces, integrated resource advantages, opened a new chapter in strategic cooperation, and jointly launched the "Happy+"comprehensive systematic early correction suit, which was full of emotional value, economic empowerment and positive companionship.

This two-way trip not only shows the strength and determination of both sides, but also conveys the good wishes of mutual "love" and mutual closeness. The joint efforts of Lepuqi and Dole have injected new vitality into the development of early correction discipline.

3. Emotional value

Original intention: it is a marketing concept, which refers to the difference between emotional benefits and emotional costs perceived by customers. Emotional income is the positive emotional experience of customers, while emotional cost is the negative emotional experience.

In the process of early orthodontics discipline co-construction, this all-round service has brought positive emotional value and positive companionship to both doctors and patients, from consultation guidance, full consultation, scheme design, case accompanying counseling, risk control and perfect ending, and academic counseling.

Early correction is accompanied by children’s growth and development, which is unpredictable and difficult to standardize, and requires doctors to have accurate prediction. In clinic, many risks and problems will gradually appear, which is difficult to solve, resulting in the case can not be closed.

At the DTC Dental Exhibition in Shanghai, Lepuqi launched a case closing service with its own strength, which really solved the problems of doctors and patients in clinic and made the early correction industry have positive emotional value.

Positive emotional value can give people a good feeling and stimulate positive emotions, which is the service concept of happy correction of Lepuqi, so as to promote the development of the whole early orthodontic discipline.

* As of the date of publication, the early correction discipline has been promoted for only 100 days, which has brought positive emotional value to about 1,600 patients and doctors.

4. The wheel of fate begins to turn.

Original intention: "The wheel of fate begins to turn" means that the trajectory of life has undergone a major turning point at a certain moment, and since then, fate has been completely rewritten. But what makes people empathetic is never an illusory fate, but the efforts that have been made silently before, and it is also a brave and fearless life choice at key nodes!

As a leader in the field of early correction, Lepuqi created a platform for early correction knowledge sharing and deep learning — — #majoR Early Correction Academic Exchange Center.

There are many kinds of courses, which provide an all-round academic exchange platform for the majority of early orthodontists. 100 thousand early orthodontists resonate at the same frequency here, and the gear of fate begins to turn.

5, conspicuous bag

Original intention: "conspicuous bag" lies not only in its superficial "pushiness", but also in its internal vitality overflow, which is both cute and interesting and can create a happy atmosphere.

In order to bring happiness correction experience to doctors, Lepuqi launched the "Happiness Correction 365 Action". The following Lepuqi is either creating happiness or spreading happiness … … (# Le Pledge’s happiness correction is everywhere, conspicuous enough! )

6. Partner

Original intention: "partner" reflects a new social relationship model. Because of the similarities in one aspect or the same hobbies, "partners" spend a satisfactory and comfortable time together.

In November, 2023, the awarding ceremony of "MOST Early Orthodontics Discipline Co-construction" was held in Hefei Liangmei Stomatological Hospital, which meant that more early orthodontics "partners" joined the discipline co-construction circle.

The co-construction of early orthodontics focuses on "co-construction, co-education and symbiosis", focusing on how to break down the barriers in early orthodontics cooperation, open up the "Ren Du Er Mai" of talent training, and jointly promote standardized diagnosis and treatment in early orthodontics areas.

The goal of discipline co-construction is not only cooperation, but also common cultivation, common development and common endless life. Through the awarding ceremony of disciplines, early correction professionals will work together with Qi Xin to create a new benchmark for early correction and contribute wisdom and strength to the standardized development of early correction. Welcome more early correction partners to join!

7. Artificial intelligence

Original intention: In the field of artificial intelligence, large model refers to a machine learning model with super-large-scale parameters (usually more than one billion) and super computing resources, which can handle massive data and complete various complex tasks, such as natural language processing and image recognition.

As a closing ceremony, Leqiyun AI Visual Toothbrush and Leqiyun AI Oral Observation Instrument released by Lepu Leqi make full use of artificial intelligence technology, which can help you find potential oral problems in time and provide corresponding suggestions and treatment plans to patients through accurate analysis of the taken oral images.

8. Dopamine

Original intention: "Dopamine" is a chemical substance, which is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter and plays an important role in the human body. From the perspective of color psychology, bright and bright colors can stimulate dopamine secretion and make people feel happy.

In the process of promoting the co-construction of early orthodontics in China, Lepuqi has built many dopamine booths.

At the DTC Dental Exhibition in Shanghai and the 22nd National Orthodontics Conference, Lepuqi incorporated dopamine color into the booth design, conveying Lepuqi’s concept of happy correction in the co-construction of early orthodontic disciplines to doctors and patients in a more vivid way.

9. Princess/Prince, please get on the bus.

Original intention: This kind-sounding, but not greasy, sentence was derived from the creation in different scenes. For example, in the school cafeteria, banners were put up saying that "the princess is invited to have dinner" and "the princess is invited to help herself". Also, in order to take care of the mood of male students, there were words like "the prince is invited to have dinner" ~

The discipline of early orthodontics will be jointly established and promoted nationwide, and by promoting the standardization of early orthodontics standards, it will promote cross-regional discipline coordination, improve the training level of professional talents, and promote scientific research innovation.

In the process of joint construction and nationwide promotion of disciplines, Lepuqi is eager to meet and work together with more like-minded people. This is not only a process of co-construction of disciplines, but also a journey of unity, cooperation and common growth. Ladies and gentlemen, please get on the bus ~

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