Inventory of world famous ski resorts

Intern reporter/Zhang Congzhi
Asia region:
1. NISEKO Ski Resort in Hokkaido, Japan
Ershigu Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Hokkaido, and it is also recognized as the most popular ski resort in Japan. It consists of four ski areas, namely, Birov, Dongshan, Anupuli and Huayuan, which are located in Anupuli Mountain. It has more than 60 ski trails and more than 30 cable car trails. The average annual snowfall here is 14 meters thick, and it is famous for its soft and delicate powder snow. It is praised as "powder snow paradise" by skiers, and it is also one of the top ten ski resorts in the world evaluated by Forbes travelers. Every year, the ski season will attract a large number of tourists.
2. Shigakogen Ski Resort in Japan
Shiga Plateau Ski Resort is located in Nagano Prefecture, a famous skiing county in Japan. After the Winter Olympic Games in 1998, Nagano became famous in the world for its ice and snow sports. Among the "Six Alpine Ski Resorts in Japan" selected by the Japanese, three of them are located in Nagano Prefecture (Nozawa, Shiga, and Bafangweigen), among which Shiga Plateau is better known at home and abroad. At that time, the main venue of alpine competition in the skiing event of the Winter Olympics was located here, and at that time, many of its snow trails reached the track standard.
At present, Shiga Plateau Ski Resort is divided into four ski areas: Maruchi, Central, Yokosuka and Ozhiga. There are 21 ski resorts, large and small, which are connected by more than 70 cableways. It is not only the largest ski resort in Japan, but also in Asia. The highest elevation of Shiga Plateau is 2,305 meters, and the lowest elevation is 1,340 meters, with a drop of 965 meters. There are five hills over 2,000 meters, which are ups and downs along the snowy slopes of the mountain, which are varied and suitable for skiers of all levels. Among the above four ski areas, Yokosuka Mountain area is the most difficult, which is more suitable for middle and advanced skiers, while Maruchi area is the least difficult, and most of the slides are suitable for beginners.
Due to the high altitude, the snow period in Shiga Plateau is long, and the snow quality is dry and thick. The skiing season can last from January to March every year. However, due to the low latitude, there is a problem of insufficient snow in some ski areas with low altitude at the beginning or end of the snow season.
3. Longpingdu Resort Ski Resort in Pyeongchang County, South Korea
Longping Ski Resort is located in Pyeongchang County, gangwon, South Korea. It was completed and opened in 1975 and is one of the ski resorts established earlier in South Korea. There are all kinds of modern ski facilities in the ski resort, which is called "Alpes of Korea", and it has witnessed the development of skiing in Korea. The 1998 World Cup Skiing Competition and the 1999 Gangwon Winter Asian Games were held at Longping Ski Resort. Alpine skiing events of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics will also be held here.
As the shooting place of the TV series "Love Song in Winter", Longping Ski Resort has attracted a large number of Asian fans, including Japanese and China, to make a pilgrimage here. There is the first-class ski equipment in Korea, including the Rainbow Ramp, which has 28 ski trails and 14 cable lanes including the cable car with a round trip of 7.4 kilometers. In addition, there are swimming pools, saunas and other ancillary facilities, as well as golf courses, mountain bike paths and other sports facilities in the snow resort.
4. Verbier ski resort, Switzerland
Weibull Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Switzerland, and is also praised by many skiers as one of the top ten ski resorts in the world. It is located between Zermatt and Mont Blanc and is formed by the merger of six ski resorts. The highest altitude is 3330 meters, the lowest altitude is 1500 meters, and the drop is 1830 meters. The total length of the slide is 400 kilometers, the longest slide is over 8 kilometers, and the shortest slide is 1 kilometer.
There are more than 90 cable cars in the ski resort, and a cable car line goes directly to the top of Ford Peak at an altitude of 3330 meters. Skiers can have a panoramic view of Matterhorn, Kompong and Mont Blanc at the top of the mountain.
Unlike ski resorts in Asia or New Zealand, Swiss ski resorts have few forests, spacious snow trails, wide horizons and many natural slides. The snow field in Weibier is rocky over 1000 meters, and the deep snow buried the rocks under it, creating a natural snow trail, also known as the "wild trail". Skiing is deeply loved by people in Switzerland, and Weibull Ski Resort is the important town of snow skateboarding in Switzerland. Many snow skateboarders choose to show their talents here. In order to meet the needs of skiers at all levels, Weibier divides the ski trails into five grades. Besides the primary, intermediate and advanced trails, there are two special routes, SkiTour and High Mountain Tour, which are specially designed for skiers and are a major feature of the ski resort.
5. Les 3 Vallées Ski Resort in France
The Three Gorges is the largest ski destination in France, located in the Rhone-Alpes region, deep in the embrace of the Alps. As the name implies, the Three Gorges Valley Snow Area is composed of three canyons, mainly the onion kernel valley, the beautiful bell valley and the Cosville valley. There are eight snow fields distributed in these three canyons, which are scattered at different heights.
After years of construction, the Three Gorges Valley has connected eight ski resorts with cable cars, and skiers can change to different ski resorts by cable cars. The total length of the Three Gorge Snow Resort is over 600 kilometers, and the wild snow resorts are all over the mountains. It is considered by many people to be the largest ski resort in the world. Every year, a large number of tourists come for vacation, which leads to the price level of the Three Gorge Snow Resort being among the best in France.
The highest altitude here is 3,230 meters, the lowest altitude is 1,338 meters, and the drop of ski trails can reach 1,892 meters. The terrain of the eight ski resorts is quite different, and the ski trails have their own characteristics, and the difficulty levels vary from low to high, which can meet the needs of skiers at all levels.
6. Kitzbüheler Ski Resort, Austria
Kitzbuhel Ski Resort is located in the depths of the mountains in southern Austria, between the 1712m Hahnenkamm Mountain and the 1996m Kitzbuhler Mountain, and is known as Monaco in the Alps. This is the birthplace of downhill skiing, with formidable and difficult trails. Skiresort.De, the world’s largest ski resort testing portal, rated Kitzbuhel as "the best ski resort in the world" for three consecutive years (2013 ~ 2015).
Kitzbuhel Ski Resort is well known and yearned for by skiers all over the world because of its superior geographical and climatic conditions and complete skiing facilities. There is a large amount of snowfall and excellent snow quality here, which can last up to 155 days, and you can ski from December to April of the following year. There are about 70 snow trails and 56 highly modern cable cars and ropeways in the ski resort, as well as a dynamic ski fun park and 170 kilometers of winter hiking trails. There is also a professional ski school, and various skiing competitions are held every year. In summer, the "Alpine Garden" on Kitzbuhel Mountain, with more than 120 kinds of colorful flowers, is a good place for hiking and cycling. You can also ride a horse to climb Hanankam Mountain and visit the cable car museum there.
North America:
7. Whistler Ski Resort in Canada
Whistler, about 120 kilometers north of Vancouver, is the largest ski resort in North America. From 1992 to 1995, Whistler was named "the first ski resort in North America" by Snow Country for four consecutive years.
Whistler has more than 200 high-quality ski trails and two towering magnificent peaks, namely Whistler Mountain at an altitude of 7,160 feet and Blackcomb Mountain at an altitude of 7,494 feet.
Among them, Whistler Mountain Ski Resort was opened in 1966, covering an area of 3,657 acres with an elevation of 1,530 meters, with more than 100 ski trails, making it the ski resort with the largest number of ski trails in Canada. There are three kinds of ski trails to choose from, of which 25% are professional ski trails, 55% are designed for intermediate skiers and 20% are suitable for beginners. The skiing season in Whistler starts in November every year and ends in May of the following year, and sometimes even extends to August.
The Black comb Mountain Ski Resort was opened in 1980, covering an area of 3,344 acres, with an elevation of 1,609 meters, ranking first in North America. There are two glaciers, Horstman and Blackcomb, on the top of the mountain. Skiers with high level can experience the pleasure of sliding down on the glaciers. In Horstman Glacier, you can also enjoy skiing in summer. Its ski run is wider than Whistler Mountain, but it has many slopes, which is not suitable for beginners. In 1994, a cable car was installed in Heishu Mountain, so that tourists could quickly climb to two different ski resorts on the mountain.
8. Jackson Hole Ski Resort, USA
Jackson Hole Ski Resort is located in the Teton Mountain Range in Wyoming, 440 kilometers north of Salt Lake City. It is the core of the desolate mountainous area in northwest Wyoming and the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. In Forbes’ 2015 Top Ten Ski Resort in North America, Jackson Hole topped the list.
Built in 1964, the ski resort is one of the few privately operated ski resorts in the United States, and its biggest feature is its diverse terrain. Its highest point is 3184 meters, the lowest point is 1923 meters, and the snow fall of more than 1200 meters provides skiers with a thrilling experience. There are two mountains in the snow resort-Rendezvous Mountain has the steepest underworld (advanced) and double black diamond snow trails, where the blue trail (intermediate) is equivalent to the underworld (advanced) elsewhere, and ApresVous Mountain is next to Rendezvous Mountain, which is relatively gentle and famous for its renovated intermediate trail and black SaratogaBow.
Jackson Hole Ski Resort ranks first in North America in the slidable height under the most distinctive Tram, and skiers can slide from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain by cable car. The snow period here is roughly from December to April, and the average snowfall in winter is 3 meters.
9. Queenstown Ski Resort, New Zealand
Queenstown is known as the "adventure capital" of New Zealand. There are about 220 kinds of activities and scenic spots operating all the year round, from bungee jumping to jet speedboats, from rafting to mountain biking, and outdoor explorers can be seen everywhere. In addition, there are many world-class ski resorts here.
Usually, skiers regard Queenstown as a whole with Lake Wanaka, which is not far away. There are four famous ski resorts in this area, namely Crown Peak Ski Resort and Zhuoyue Mountain Ski Resort in Queenstown, and Kadrona Ski Resort and Trickle Mountain Ski Resort in Lake Wanaka. These two ski resorts are more suitable for middle and advanced skiers. In addition, 35 kilometers away from Lake Wanaka, there is also a famous ice and snow park-the only commercial cross-country ski resort in New Zealand, with 50 kilometers of specially trimmed slides and day/night ski areas, suitable for people of all levels.
The ski resorts in Queenstown and Lake Wanaka are open from June to October every year, which is the winter in the southern hemisphere. The vertical elevation of these four ski resorts ranges from 400 meters to 700 meters, and there are various types of ski trails, such as downhill skiing and large-scale high-altitude skill ski track, which meet the standards of international snow leagues, and special ski devices and ski trails are also designed for children and beginners.